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					Week 21 – Idioms – Using Head
Day One
  a. mine teacher ms rogers said jeff couldnt make heads or tails out of the book
     because its to hard for he
  b. me and jeff put our heads together but the book it still didnt make no sense

Day Two
  a. prof h g brent feeled like him were up to his neck in work at the dow laboratory
     in midland michigan
  b. him worked on saturdays and sundays just too keep him head above water with
     the knew experiments

Day Three
  a. when sally mine bestest friend telled me a secret i promised she my lips was
  b. when you dew something wrong said dad youve got to swallow your pride and
     admit that you was wrong

Day Four
  a. carol didnt no the answer to the math problem but she telled the teacher its on
     the tip of my tongue
  b. ms joseph couldnt keep a straight face when carol telled she that and she
     laughed and laughed

Day Five
  a. the man playing the trumpet at the chicago jazz festival in september blowed
     him horn until he were blue in the face
  b. the art show at wealthy school were at 700 pm and I just maked it by the skin of
     mine teeth

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