Venus by panniuniu



               I am going to tell you about Venus. There are many other types of Venus’. But I am going
to tell you about the planet Venus. Venus is earth’s twin planet. Venus the and earth are almost the
same size.

                    What is the weather like on Venus?

Venus is very hot and cloudy. Venus’ clouds have acid in them. So Venus rains acid a lot. Venus’ climate
is almost the same every day. It has very, very, hot nights.

                    Why does Venus look yellow?

Venus is covered with a thick layer of clouds that are made of sulfuric acid. The acid makes the clouds
look yellow. The clouds cover Venus so it looks yellow. Venus is not really yellow. It is orange and red.
                   Why is Venus dry?

On Venus it is very hot. Volcano’s erupted and the lava dried. That makes Venus dry. Everything on
Venus is dry. Even on the mountains!


If you landed your ship on Venus, your ship would blow up. Even though Venus is earth’s twin, it would
take months to get there. Venus has no moons. Venus is the third planet closest to the sun. Thank you
for reading my research paper.

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