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									                                      Winston-Salem Street School
                                           Financial Policy

The Winston-Salem Street School is a non-profit ministry that provides a quality education to
enable at-risk youth to become productive citizens in the community. In order to maintain a
standard of excellence, students and their families contribute financially through tuition. The tuition
structure is based upon the following sliding fee scale:

        Gross Annual Family Income                                    Fee

        $7,000 - 12,000                                               $25/month
        $12,000-20,000                                                $50/month
        $20,001-35,000                                                $75/month
        $35,001-50,000                                                $100/month
        $50,001-65,000                                                $125/month
        $65,001-75,000                                                $250/month
        $75,000-85,000                                                $350/month
        $85,000-95,000                                                $450/month
        $95,000-105,000                                               $550/month
        $105,000 and above                                            $650/month
        Students sponsored by an organization or the state            $220/month

                        Tuition is due on the 1st school day of each month.

Acceptable forms to validate income are one of the following:
    W-2 form from the previous year
    Prior year tax return
    Paycheck stubs from the 3 most current pay periods

Yes, I understand and agree to the above financial policy. Any questions or concerns should be
addressed in person with the Director, David Morgan.

Student Signature       _______________________________                    Date___________

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________                      Date __________

Director ________________________                                          Date___________

              The Winston-Salem Street School believes that financial responsibility is a valid part
                           of a student’s education and preparation for the future.

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