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					  The Outsiders Anti-Gang/Violence
     Essay and Poster Campaign
As one of the main characters from the novel, The Outsiders, it is your
celebrity responsibility to promote peace. Using the events of your life,
as chronicled in the novel, you must create a 3-5 paragraph essay
pursuading your audience to avoid the pitfalls of gang membership and
violence that you yourself were unable to avoid. You must also create a
neat, eye-catching poster to be displayed in Room 306 that has a
celebrity quote/endorsement for your anti-gang/violence campaign.

It is important that you use transition words /conjunctive adverbs to
clearly describe the events from the novel in their proper chronological
order. In addition, you must use commas to maintain clarity throughout
your writing and vary your sentence structure to keep your writing
interesting. You are trying to convey to your reader the dangers of gang
life by using specific examples from your chosen character’s own life.

What do you need to do:

  1. Assume the role of one of four main characters from the novel:
     Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, or Cherry
  2. Write 3-5 paragraphs where you describe the events in the novel
     that reflect poorly on gangs/gang violence
     (ex. Johnny killing a Soc)
  3. Create an anti-gang/violence slogan and quote your character
     (ex. “Gangs are lame! – Ponyboy)
  4. Create an 8 ½ x 11’’ poster complete with your slogan and
     celebrity endorsement
  5. Read over the Rubric on the back to make sure you know how you
     will be graded

The essay & poster are due by Friday, Oct. 21st
The Outsiders Anti-Gang/Violence                 – Essay/Poster Rubric

 Points        Persuasive                      Poster                Style/Grammar
            Contains actual events       Poster is neat and          Tightly focused; logical;
            from the novel to            colorful with an            strong control of Simple
            support the anti-gang        obvious and catchy          Expectations; 6-8
            persuasive position;         anti-gang/violence          commas used correctly;
 3.5-4.0    Essay is 3-5 paragraphs      slogan; character           4-6 conjunctive adverbs
            long and contains a          endorsement is              used correctly
            clear introduction,          obvious
            body, and conclusion
            Contains a few events        Poster is relatively neat   Focused; logical; control
            from the novel but is        and colorful; Slogan is     of Simple Expectations is
            missing some key             present, but is not         strong throughout for the
            scenes; Essay is 3-5         catchy or creative;         most part; 3-5 commas
3.0-3.49    paragraphs long but          character endorsement       used correctly; 2-3
            does not contain a clear     is not obvious              conjunctive adverbs used
            introduction, body, and                                  correctly
            Contains very few            Poster is not neat          Poorly focused; may lack
            actual events from the       and/or colorful; Slogan     organization; Occasional
            novel; Essay is less than    is missing or               errors that interfere with
            3 paragraphs or has no       uncreative; character       the reader’s
 2.0-2.9    clear structure to it        endorsement is not          understanding; 1-2
                                         present                     commas used correctly; 1
                                                                     conjunctive adverb used
            No events from the           Poster is missing or        Focus is unclear;
            novel are referenced;        completely                  disorganized; many
            the essay is significantly   unpresentable; slogan       errors that interfere with
            less than 3 paragraphs       is missing; character       the reader’s
 1.0-1.5                                 endorsement is missing      understanding; no
                                                                     commas used correctly;
                                                                     no conjunctive adverbs
                                                                     used correctly
            Your Score:                  Your Score:                 Your Score:

            Teacher Score:               Teacher Score:              Teacher Score:

                                                                     Overall Score:

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