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                                                  The Liquid of Life
                                      How 8 Glasses a Day Keeps Throat Tickle Away

Incredible as it may seem, water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in recovering and maintaining you
natural voice. Although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true ‘magic potion’ for voice care.

Life without water would last about 7          Will You have to Move into             throat clearing at first, especially
days. Every form of life on earth              the Bathroom?                          when you have a bad cold.
depends on water.                                                                     Nevertheless, you can learn to sniff-
                                               Not if you drink as                    swallow. Practicing the ‘sniff-
Adequate water is essential for the            prescribed.    Follow     this         swallow’ could help you break a
human body to perform at its peak.             schedule:                              damaging habit.
Like the earth, the human body is 70               - Morning: 1 litre (4
percent water. A loss of 10 percent                     glasses) consumed             The Sniff-Swallow
body water would be critical. More                      over a period of 30
than that might prove fatal.                            minutes                       If you feel mucus in your throat take
                                                   - Noon:         1    litre         an exaggerated and sudden sniff. This
How Does the Body Use Water?                            consumed over a               should dislodge any mucus on your
                                                        period of 30 minutes          vocal chords, which you can then
Water makes breathing possible. It                 - Evening: 1 litre                 swallow. (You’ll find that having
moistens the harsh dry air. We exhale                   consumed between 5            mucus is normal. Healthy people
about 20 percent of our water intake.                   and 6 o’clock                 swallow quarts of mucus every day!)

(The digestive system uses several             Other Hints for Hydration              A simple swallow goes a long way to
gallons of water daily to process food.                                               soothing a tickle as well. It gives your
Digestive enzymes are made almost              Purchase a special water               voice box a bit of a massage and
entirely of water.)                            bottle or glass just for your          maybe that’s all the relief you needed.
                                               water. This way you’ll know            Try throat clearing only after you try
Water Helps to Maintain Proper                 how much it holds and                  a swallow or a sniff-swallow.
Muscle Tone                                    therefore how many times
                                               you need to empty it.                  What about bottled mineral water?
It gives muscles their natural ability
to contract and it keeps them from             WATER AND THROAT                       They’re fine. But how many of us can
becoming dehydrated. The vocal                 CLEARING                               drink 3 quarts of Perrier a day? Buy
mechanism involves many muscles.                                                      bottled water if tap water has an
                                               The habit of throat clearing is        unpleasant taste. If that’s not
Even if you are not suffering from a           unfortunately             self-        convenient, try chilling the tap water
cold or flu, a dry vocal tract can             perpetuating: for clearing the         thoroughly, with a few thin slices of
prevent you from sounding your best.           throat to get rid of mucus             lemon added to the pitcher. One
Most of us need to drink more fluids           irritates the vocal chords,            lemon slice to a glass of water gives it
at all times: for without adequate             causing tissues to exude               a nice fresh flavour. This works well
hydration, our voices are strained and         more.                                  for travellers who may run into
flat.                                                                                 unpleasant-tasting water. A fresh
                                               When the body gets the water           lemon is easy to carry with you.
How Much Water is Enough?                      it    needs     to   function
                                               optimally, its fluids are              Make it a Habit
On the average, a person should drink          perfectly balanced. When this
8 (8-ounce) glasses every day. That’s          happens, you notice that you           It takes time to form a habit. At first
about 2 litres. However, if you                don’t have to work as hard to          you’ll need to plan for this new
demand high performance from your              clear your throat.                     behaviour. Later it will be automatic
vocal instrument you should increase                                                  and your body will let you know it
that. The amount you drink also                The thick glue like throat             wants the water. Stick with it. You’ll
should be increased if you exercise            mucus      has    become   a           notice the benefits.
briskly or if the weather is hot and           lubricating velvety fluid.
dry.                                                                                  Source unknown.
                                               It may seem impossible to
                                               refrain completely from

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