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					    ENGINE                                                  BODY                                                     EXHAUSTS
o   3.4 litre Straight Six Jaguar XK Engine.            o  Aluminium body OR                                      o Exhaust route fully heat shielded.
o   Twin SU carburettors.                               o  Hand Laid GRP finished in Metallic Aston Racing        o Tubular exhaust system in stainless steel.
o   Custom Alloy radiator and header tank. Twin            Green.                                                     Exhaust Options
    Fans.                                               o Alloy panelled interior, engine bay and boot.          o    Headers-Polished /
o   Twin fuel pump system.                              o Plexiglas Windscreen and Side screens.                      Ceramic coated /
o   Custom Alloy fuel tank with 3 ½ inch Aston filler   o Concealed Double Latch Burst-proof catches on               Wrapped.
    cap.                                                   Doors, Boot and Bonnet closures.
    Engine options                                      o Bespoke polished Cast Alloy Bonnet and Boot                 WHEELS
o   Jaguar XK engine with 3.8l/4.2l displacement.          handles.                                              o    16” Wire Wheels fitted with period Dunlop Road
o   Aston Martin engine.                                 o Tubular polished Alloy Grille.                             Sport RS5 tyres.(Cross-ply)
o   Triple Weber Carburettors.                           o Painted Side Louvers.                                 o    Octagonal ‘knock on’ spinners.
o   Club sport engine package.                              Body Options                                              Wheel Options
o   Thermostatic Engine Oil Cooler.                     o     Aluminium bonnet, boot and doors fitted to GRP     o    Radial tyres.
o   Oil Pressure Accumulator System.                          body shell.                                        o    Chromed wheels.
o   Gas flow head.                                      o     Race nose highlight (lip around grille).           o    Two or Three Eared Chromed ‘Knock on’ Spinners.
o   Choice of cylinder head colours.                    o     Racing numbers / roundels.
o   Polished rocker covers.                             o     DBR1 racing body modifications (vents etc).             INTERIOR
o   Custom air filter plenum chamber.                                                                            o    Smiths Instruments.
                                                              SUSPENSION                                         o    Alloy Panelling to passenger compartment.
    TRANSMISSION                                        o     Front - Fully Rose Jointed Suspension with         o    Seats and Headrest trimmed with leather.
o Hydraulic Clutch.                                           unequal length double wishbones.                   o    Four point Sabelt harnesses.
o Cosworth Limited Slip Differential, up rated          o     Rear- De Dion tube axle with Watts Linkage.        o    Machined alloy gear knob.
  drive shafts.                                         o     Avo adjustable dampers front and rear.                  Interior Options
    Transmission Options                                                                                         o    Alloy transmission tunnel part trimmed.
o   Gearboxes fitted according to engine                      STEERING                                           o    Laser cut Replica “H” gate gearstick housing,
    specification -                                     o     Rack and Pinion steering with collapsible               finished in Chrome or Stainless steel.
o   Borg Warner                                               column.                                            o    Bespoke weatherproof Le Mans material trim.
o   Getrag                                              o     Moto-Lita Wood Rim Steering Wheel with             o    Half-Zip Tonneau cover.
o   Tremec                                                    removable Boss.                                    o    Door pockets.
o   Supra                                                                                                        o    Extra auxiliary instrumentation.
o   Moss.                                                     BRAKES
                                                        o     Wilwood Alloy Four Pot Vented Discs at the       Cars built to customer specification.
    CHASSIS                                                   front.                                           .
o Custom perimeter frame tubular chassis.               o     Disc brakes at the rear.                         From £45,000 ex. VAT
o Shot blasted and powder coated in the original        o     Braided Hoses.
  chassis colour.                                       o     Non Assisted Twin Circuit brakes.
o Seat, foot-well, pedal and steering locations to      o     Cable run handbrake.
  individual design.                                          Braking Options
                                                        o     Grooved and cross drilled front discs.
                                                        o     Vented rear discs.

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