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									SHAB 3/17/09
Wilson Middle School

Members present: Sandy Neff, Ginny Newman, Ron Abernathy, Eric Bond, Marc shields, Bob Gunther,
Christine Appl-Walsh

After a nutritious school lunch in the WMS cafeteria the Augusta County School Health Advisory began
it’s meeting.

Bob Gunther chaired the meeting in the absence of the regular chairs. Introductions were made. Maria
McKenzie was introduced. She is a senior at Mary Baldwin college where she is doing a senior project
analyzing the success of the AMC school wellness program.

Corrections were made to the minutes.

School Nutrition Program
Sandy Neff noted the addition of blueberries and catfish to the school lunch menus from the Federal
commodities list.

Sandy also provided handouts that highlighted the changes in the school cafeterias in the last three

She pointed out that they are continuing to focus on buying fresh and local. Suggestions were made to
check at the farmers market at the government center on Wednesday.

4 schools have received Governor’s Score Card awards. Ron Abernathy reported that completing the
Governors Score Card information is part of the end of the year check out for principals.

Mary Albert shared that the Nutritional Analysis information was focusing on providing carbohydrate
counting tool for the school nurses to assist diabetics in their dietary monitoring.

Drivers Safety
Marc Shields introduced a special guest involved in teen driver safety issues. Doris Brown, from Partners
for Safe Teen Driving, provided an overview of a free parent component of a driver education program
that she had helped sponsor. She volunteered to be of any assistance necessary to get the program
started in the county. Ron Abernathy will look over the material provided. The SHAB may want to
recommend to the school board to preview the program.

Meeting was adjourned.

Chris Appl-Walsh acting secretary

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