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Riverside March 8_ 2011 - BOD Minutes_Draft


                           Board Meeting Minutes
                                March 8, 2011
                      City of Oviedo Memorial Building

Board Members Present: Joe Daulerio, Steve Freund, Oliver Vanacour, and Tony Velez

Also present: Stephanie Hemenway and Kyle Nesbitt from LPI

Call To Order: Joe called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Review and Approval of January Minutes: Oliver moved to approve the February
minutes as presented. Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Homeowner’s Forum: Concern was expressed again about the bears. They have killed a
duck in the community and left the remains on a resident’s front lawn. A request was
made again that LPI contact animal control to see what can be done with them.
Additional concern was expressed about the lack of landscaping/flowers throughout the
community. It was discussed that major landscaping work is going to be done during the
April/May time frame, but that something could be done to brighten up the area until
then. Oliver moved to place $500.00 worth of colorful landscaping throughout the
community. Tony seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. Victor will be
contacted to have this completed.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie presented the financial report through February.
Current Funds are as follows:
       Operating Cash:        $57,630.53
       Reserves:              $28,995.30
       Other Reserves:        $ 4,698.08 – Morgan Keegan Account

Total Cash on Hand Thru 2/28/2011 $86,625.83

Current aged receivables $56,923.12. Approximately 250 statements have been mailed to
residents with delinquent balances notifying them they have 14 days to clear their balance
before further collection actions will be taken. Stephanie informed the board that the
intent of this letter is to get residents to either pay their past due balance or to contact the
office to establish some type of payment arrangement to clear their balance. It was
agreed by the board that anyone wishing to make payment arrangements be approved.
LPI will provide a payment arrangement letter to the resident for signature and such letter
once signed by resident will be presented to the board at the next meeting.

Oliver moved to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Steve seconded the motion.
The motion passed unanimously.
Management Report: Kyle reported that the electrical system has been reviewed and
that further discussion needs to take place. A further review needs to take place. LPI,
Joe and Tony will be meeting this week in order to get a full detail of what needs to be
done and if needed additional bids will be obtained. A call log has been included in the
Board packets it was expressed by Oliver that this is a great report and wishes for LPI to
continue to provide this report at each meeting.

Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee – The ARC committee is scheduled to meet every
month before the Board meeting. This did not happen this month. Only one ARC
representative was present. Joe has drafted a letter to be sent to the ARC committee
members reminding them of this meeting and their role as an ARC committee member.

Newsletter – The newsletter is ready to be sent with the annual meeting notice package.
The board wishes to thank SARA for all her work in getting this put together.

Landscape – LPI reported that the new landscaping work is being held off until April in
order to avoid any unexpected March freezes that have happened in the past. Discussion
took place that the landscaping work needs to be put on hold until the electrical issues
have been fully addressed. Discussion took place regarding the removing of the trees. A
bid has been requested and LPI will follow-up on the status of that Bid. Discussion also
took place on the need to paint the knee wall at the west entrance. There is a long stretch
on the top of the wall that has markings along it, possibly from kids bikes and/or
skateboard. Tony will paint the wall; the approximate cost will be $100.00.

Recreation – At this time it looks as if the need for a representative to take on this
committee is needed. The annual meeting/picnic will be held on April 16th. Notices will
be going out in the mail this week. LPI will be providing the hamburgers, hotdogs, buns,
condiments and drinks; residents are asked to bring their favorite dish to share.

Website – All is going good. Steve has posted the annual meeting notice along with the
proxy, intent to be candidate form and ballots. Discussion took place on how can we get
the word out about the web site.

Unfinished Business:

Landscaping – Expected start date will be in April or May depending on the outcome of
the electrical issue.

Annual Meeting/Cookout – Annual meeting notices along with proxy, letter of intent to
be candidate, newsletter and cookout information will be mailed to residents by end the
week. A few changes were made to the proxy.
New Business

Concern was expressed about some of the light poles not working or flickering
throughout the community. LPI will conduct a night drive and make a list of those not
working correctly and report them to FPL.

Adjournment – Oliver moved to adjourn the meeting. Tony seconded the motion.
Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. The next board meeting is
scheduled for April 12, 2011
                            ARC Meeting Minutes
                               February 8, 2011
                      City of Oviedo Memorial Building

The ARC committee opened at 6:32pm. At this time there were no applications requiring

Discussion took place on the exact process that LPI needs to be doing when receiving
ARC applications. The process is as follows:

   1. Application is received at LPI
   2. LPI forwards application to one of the three ARC members – Rotating members
   3. ARC member reviews application. Contacts other members if there are questions
      otherwise approve or disapprove application
   4. ARC member will return approved/disapproved application to LPI
   5. LPI will contact resident with outcome of application
   6. LPI will file original application in resident file.

It was also discussed that the ARC committee meet to come up with and review the
current guidelines making and necessary changes or recommendations to the board for
their approval. One specific area to address is driveways, should they be allowed to be
painted and if so what approved colors.

Adjournment: The committee meeting adjourned at 6:59pm

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