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Resume JESSICA M SMOTHERS 6572 Waverly Park Morrow by panniuniu


									JESSICA M. SMOTHERS                                                                    6572 Waverly Park
                                                                                      Morrow, OH 45152
                                                                                          (513) 226-8153

Objective:    To obtain intern experiences in various schools and to pursue a college degree in
              teacher education.

Education:    Little Miami High School    College Preparatory      Morrow, Ohio
              Warren County Career Center Teacher Academy          Lebanon, Ohio
              Teacher Academy- Provided many intern experiences in various education settings.

              Dates                    Name of School            Grade Level      Intern Hours
              TBD                      -                         -                -
              TBD                      -                         -                -
              TBD                      -                         -                -
              TBD                      -                         -                -

              GPA: 2.5                 ACT Score:                Graduation: May 2012

Academics:    Art Fundamentals, Communication Arts l-ll, Drama, Music Fundamentals, Geometry,
              Physical Sciences l-ll, Spanish l-ll, Woods Applications, World History l-ll, Algebra l-ll,
              American History l-ll, American Literature l-ll, Biology of Genetics, Cell Biology, Health,
              Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, English l-lll, Pre-Calc, Calculus, Sociology

Skills:       Microsoft Word 2010, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Glogster, E-mail, Movie

Activities:   Little Miami High school soccer (2008-2011), FEA

Experience:   2-Putters Bar & Tavern         Maineville, OH           April 2012-June2012
              Hostess- Greet and sit costumers, wash dishes, clean restaurant.

              Childcare for Lindsey Family  Maineville, OH            May 2011-Present
              Cook, Clean, Swimming, and Safety of 5 year-old twin girls and 7 year-old boy.

              Childcare for Schooley Family Maineville, OH            April 2010-Present
              Cook, Swimming, Biking, and Safety of 11 year-old twin girls and 5 year-old girl.

                                      *References upon request

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