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					Roei, Kyle, and Anita love to visit their
                                                                           Find the opposites in the story.
                                                      Circle all           1. dislike
My favorite place is my grandmother’s house
                                                      that are true        2. a few
because I like my grandmother. Near the
                                                                           3. sour
house in my grandmother’s village, they have
                                                    Roei likes:            4. hate
a lot of strawberries, which have a sweet taste.
                                                    Flowers                5. part
In the village I have a lot of friends. I like my
                                                    Trees                  6. front
friends. I like the flowers in the garden. My
                                                    Strawberries           7. worst
grandmother has 3 dogs. Their names are:
                                                    Grapes                 8. big
Nathasa, Falkor, and Max. I love them and I
                                                                           9. enemies
love this place. By Roei, Israel
                                                                           10. sad
My grandparent's house is in Key Largo. It is
                                                      Circle all           Find the word or words that
awesome. It is made out of concrete because
                                                      that are true        mean:
they have to protect themselves against
hurricanes. In their house they have 4
                                                    Key Largo              1. content
bedrooms so they can have our whole family
                                                    has:                   2. next to
visit. They have two garages. One is for cars
                                                    Hurricanes             3. colleagues
and one is for golf carts. They also have a
                                                    Tornadoes              4. flavor
screen porch on the back with a great pool that
                                                    Golf carts             5. balcony
has tropical looking rocks and also flowers,
                                                    Racing                 6. assist
but the best thing is the waterfall. Golf carts
are the main transportation there, and you only
                                                                           Answer the questions.
have to be 12 and 4' 9" to get a license. By
                                                                           1. Name the countries in our
Kyle, USA
                                                     Circle all            story. ___________________
                                                     that are true         2. ______ grandmother has 3
My favorite place is my grandparent’s home
and backyard in one small village in Bosnia.
                                                    At Anita’s             3. The house is made of
There are many vegetables around the house.
                                                    grandparents           concrete because of the
My grandma and granddad grow cattle. I help
                                                    there are:             ___________.
them when I go there in summer. I love that
                                                    Strawberries           4. Anita’s grandma has _____
place because I have many friends there. I like
                                                    Vegetables             dog.
to go to the village Bebrina. I go there on
weekends and play with my friends. I am             Flowers
always happy when I go to Bebrina. We play          Friends              Catch the mistakes. Circle the wrong
different games. My grandma has a dog; he is        Cattle               word and write the correct one.
my friend, too. By Anita, Croatia                   Cats

                                                                      My grandmother have strawberries
You can see how to write an interesting                               _________________.
paragraph about your grandparent’s home or                            Anita’s grandparents plant cattle.
another place you visit all the time. It is now                       _________________.
your turn. Write about                                                Roei likes the friends in the garden
some place you know well,                                             ________________.
so you can describe it with                                           Kyle thinks the bestest thing is the
interest and excitement!                                              waterfall _____________.

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