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									Academic Policies

       ABAC 1000
         Academic Policies
• If you want to be successful at ABAC, you
  should be familiar with the college’s
  academic policies.
• The most reliable source for academic
  policy information is the college catalog.
• You are responsible for knowing and
  understanding the information contained in
  the catalog.
Three Areas of Academic Policy
• Grade Point Average (GPA)
• Academic Standing
• Graduation requirements
       Grade/Quality Points
•   A=4          • To determine your
•   B=3            GPA, you need to
                   know the point
•   C=2            value of each grade.
•   D=1          • These are the only
•   F=0            grades that
                   influence GPA.
•   WF = 0
       Grade/Quality Points
• These grades have no effect on any GPA:
  – W (Withdrawal)
  – I (Incomplete)
  – IP (In Progress)
• A grade of W is assigned when you
  withdraw from a course before the mid-term
• If the term is almost over and a circumstance arises that
  keeps you from finishing a course, you may be able to
  receive an Incomplete. You will need to discuss this with
  your individual instructors, and if they agree, you will need
  to make up the work at a later time.
• If you receive an I, there are two things you need to
   – First, do NOT sign up for the class in the next term; you
      will make up the work and your instructor will send in a
      grade change.
   – Second, you must make up the work within an
      academic year or your “I” will automatically change to
      an “F.”
              In Progress
• An IP will be assigned usually in a Learning
  Support class. This means you have not
  failed the course, but you have not met the
  requirements to exit the class.
  Determining Quality Points
• The quality points earned in a particular
  class are determined by:
   – Hours Credit X Grade Quality Points
• EXAMPLE: C in ENGL 1101(3 hrs. credit)
  3 hrs. X 2 pts. (C) = 6 Quality Points
• EXAMPLE: B in PHED 1106 (1 hr. credit)
  1 hr. X 3 pts. (B) = 3 Quality Points
          GPA Calculation
• GPA is calculated using the following

  Total Quality Points Earned divided by
   the Total Number of Hours Attempted
               Sample GPA
  Course      Grade Credit X Points = Quality
                    Hours    Value    Points
ENGL 1101       B     3    X   3    =   9
MATH 1111       C        3    X   2   =   6
HIST 2112       D        3    X   1   =   3
ABAC 1000       A        1    X   4   =   4
PHED 1100       A        2    X   4   =   8
TOTALS                   12               30
30 pts./12 hrs. = 2.5 GPA
Grade Point Averages

  A student can have as many as
       four different GPAs
            Types of GPAs
• 1. INSTITUTIONAL GPA - calculated by
  using the grades from all classes, including
  Learning Support. If a course is repeated,
  only the MOST RECENT grade is used. If
  you earn a lower grade on the latest attempt,
  it will still be the grade used.
  – This GPA is used to determine Academic
          Types of GPAs

• 2. REGENTS’ GPA - calculated
  using all grades for courses numbered
  1000 or higher. If you repeat a course,
  it includes ALL attempts.
   – This GPA is used by many receiving
     institutions for transfer students
             Types of GPAs
• 3. GRADUATION GPA - This GPA includes
  only the grades earned in courses satisfying degree
   – If a course is repeated, only the MOST
     RECENT grade is used.
   – You must have at least a 2.0 Graduation GPA
     in order to graduate from ABAC. It is possible
     that your institutional GPA is a 2.0 or higher
     but your graduation GPA is below a 2.0. Your
     graduation GPA will also be the GPA used to
     determine your graduation honors.
           Types of GPAs

• 4. HOPE GPA - This GPA includes
  all post-secondary grades, including
  transfer grades.
    If a course is repeated, all attempts
  Academic Standing: Levels

 – Academic Standing is based on each student’s
   cumulative Institutional GPA
         Academic Standing
• Academic Standing is based on the
  Institutional GPA relative to the number of
  credit hours attempted.
• As total hours attempted increase, the
  minimum IGPA for Probation and
  Suspension increases accordingly
       Academic Probation

• Total Hrs. Attempted   • Min. Cum. IGPA
•       0 - 12           •       1.5
•      13 - 24           •       1.6
•      25 - 36           •       1.7
•      37 - 48           •       1.8
•      49 - 60           •       1.9
•      60+               •       2.0
 Conditions of Academic Probation
• Enrollment limited to 14 hrs. maximum
• Required to seek assistance through the
  Academic Intervention Management (AIM)
  – In the AIM program, you will be assigned to an
    AIM advisor with whom you will meet to
    discuss your academic progress.
• Students on Academic Probation may be in
  jeopardy of losing financial aid
      Academic Suspension
Total Hrs. Attempted   Min. Cum. IGPA
•       0 - 24         •     No minimum
•      25 - 36         •      1.5
•      37 - 48         •      1.6
•      49 - 60         •      1.7
•      60+             •      1.8
        Academic Suspension
• The minimum cumulative GPA for academic
  suspension also increases as the number of
  attempted hours increase.
• The first time you are suspended you will have to
  sit out one term.
• The second or subsequent time you will have to sit
  out one academic year, which is three terms.
• You should be aware of the fact that if you are
  suspended from ABAC, you will not be allowed to
  enter any other University System of Georgia
   Graduation Requirements
• Graduation papers should be completed and turned in
  to the Registrar’s Office during the first weeks of the
  term you plan to graduate. Follow
  20process.cfm for graduation application instructions.
• All graduation requirements can be found in the college
  catalog. Consult Banner Web or your advisor to
  determine your appropriate catalog term for your
  graduation requirements.
• Each major has different course requirements.
• With a few exceptions, there are some graduation
  requirements that apply to all students. These
  requirements are…
      Additional Graduation
• PHED 1100 Health & Wellness (except
  Nursing majors)
• 2 Activity PE’s
• Computer Competency
• Speech Competency
• Regents’ Exam
                   Regents’ Test
• All transfer programs require the Regents’ Test
• Several of the career-technological programs at ABAC require
  Regents’ Test
• You should take the Regents’ Exam while enrolled in ENGL
  1102 or as soon as possible after earning a C or better in ENGL
• If you fail any or both parts of the exam, you will be required to
  take the appropriate remediation course before attempting the
  exam again.

• Don’t wait until your last term to take this exam; if you fail,
  you will not be able to graduate as planned.
      If you have a question…
• Any time you have a question, research it until
  you find the answer. The college catalog is an
  excellent source of information.
• Your advisor can help you and there are several
  offices all over the main campus that can assist
  you as well.
• Ultimately, you are the one that will determine
  whether or not you are successful.

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