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					                                                                                           Homecoming 2011
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Event               Powder Puff (A flag football tournament played by all female teams)

Date                Monday, October 3, 2011
Time                6:00PM until complete
Location            Sherman Field (Rain Location: SDC Multi Purpose Room)

Point System
1st                 25     points
2nd                 20     points
3rd                 15     points
Participation       5      points

Classes B & C are only eligible for participation
Class C must have ALL female players
Class C may participate in Powder Puff or Cheer, but not both.

Teams are allowed a maximum of 10 players on the field at a time and a minimum of 5.

If none of registered team members are present at the start time of an event, they earn a single
foul and lose 5 points.

If none of the group members are present 15 minutes after the start time, they are considered a
no-show for the event. The team will earn -30 points and forfeit that game in the completion

Rules & Requirements
Toss of the Coin
1. A coin toss determines the first possession.
2. The team that wins the toss may choose to be on offense or defense.
3. After the coin toss, the ball will be placed at the 10 yard line and play will begin.

1. The fields will run across Sherman Field and will be 25 yards wide and 50 yards long.

1. Games will consist of two eight minute halves.
2. The clock will remain running with no stopping for whistles or penalties.
3. Games cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.
4. If the score is tied at the end of regulation of any game besides the finals, teams move
  directly into a “throw off”, which will decide the winner.
5. If the score is tied at the end of regulation in the finals, teams move directly into overtime.
  A coin toss determines the first possession. The first team to score in overtime wins.
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  However, overtime will have a maximum time limit of eight minutes. If the score is still tied
  at the end of eight minutes, then a “throw off” will decide the winner (the determining factor
  is where the ball lands not where it rolls to).

1. Touchdown = 6 points
2. Extra point = 1 point (passed/ran in from 10-yd line)

1. The offense must have a minimum of two women on the line of scrimmage.
2. The offense has four downs to advance the ball half way up the field. At this point, the
   offense will have four additional downs to score. These downs will not be renewed more
   than once. (This rule is the same as Michigan Tech’s IM rules)
3. A player without the ball that steps out of bounds on her own is ineligible to re-enter during
that play.
4. The quarterback can run with the ball after the count of five “homecoming” spoken by the
defensive end.
5. The ball is spotted where the ball carrier’s feet are when the flag is pulled, not where the ball
is dropped.

1. No tackling allowed. Ball carriers are “tackled”/down when a defensive player pulls the
2. The defensive player must try to elude the ball carrier rather than creating contact.
3. A defensive player may not intentionally hold, block, trip, or push the ball carrier out of
   bounds to stop the play.
4. Defensive players may not physically stop a runner before the flag is pulled.
5. Excessive/aggressive blocking will not be tolerated.
6. Once the ball has been handed off, all defensive players are eligible to rush.

1. No kick-offs are allowed. If the offense fails to score, the other team takes possession where
  the opposing team left off.
2. The ball will be placed at the 10-yard line to begin play after the opposing team has scored.
3. No safeties are allowed. If the returning team’s player’s flag is pulled in the end zone, the
  ball will be placed on the 10-yard line.

1. Defensive players must count five “homecoming” at a normal rate before rushing the
2. Interceptions change the possession of the ball at the point of the interception.
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3. If a player intercepts the ball in the end zone, the player may return it out of the end zone. If
  the player is deflagged while running in the end zone, it is a touchback. At this point, the
  other team takes possession at the 10-yard line.
4. Incomplete passes return to the line of scrimmage.

1. All players are eligible to receive passes (including quarterback if the ball has been handed
  off behind the line of scrimmage).
2. A player must have at least one foot inbounds when making a reception.
3. For a legal catch, the player must maintain control of the ball before hitting the ground

Dead Balls
1. Play is ruled “dead” when:
      a. Ball carrier is deflagged
      b. Ball carrier steps out of bounds
      c. Touchdown is scored
      d. A penalty is called (offside penalties will result in a “do over” or “redo,” defensive
          penalties will be marked at the point of the infraction).

Foul play will not be tolerated. Any unsportswoman-like act can include any acts of
intentionally tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, flagrant actions, or any act intending to cause
harm or an unfair advantage will result in a MAX foul (loss of 20 points) and a ten-yard penalty
per act.

If trash-talking occurs, the referee will give one warning and will earn your group a double foul
of -10 points. If it continues, the player(s) will be ejected from the game.

Any player involved in a fight during the game will be immediately ejected from the game and
will result in a MAX foul (loss of 20 points). The individual will be referred to the Director of
Student Judicial Affairs.

All members participating must sign and adhere to the Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability

All participants will receive eyeblacks from the Homecoming Committee.

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