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					Key learning area/s: Mathematics                         Grade: 2                Date:07.11.08
Stage: 1                                    Strand: Space & Geometry Sub Strand: Three-

dimensional space

Outcome: SGS1.1: Sorts, describes and represents three dimensional objects, including cones,

cubes, cylinders, spheres and recognizes them in pictures and the environment

SGS1.2: Manipulates sorts, represents, describes, explores various two-dimensional shapes

Lesson focus:

To revise knowledge of three dimensional shapes and their properties, show representations of

these shapes in a variety of contexts.

Links with previous learning: Children have nearly completed stage 1 so content should be familiar.

Links to my previous two lessons on 2D & 3D shapes

Specific indicators of learning                  Assessment strategies

Expected to be achieved in this lesson           List two to three strategies to be used to assess

                                                 the learning in this lesson.

The students will:

    1. Using the term faces, corners &               1. Listening to the language used by

       edges to describe 3D objects                      students, their response to questions

    2. Describing features of 2D Shapes,             2. evidence of mathematically thinking ,

       using terms like sides, corners,                  reasoning, strategies

       parallel sides                                3. Models

    3. representing 3D shapes by making

       simple models

    4. identifying and naming 3D objects

       including cones, cubes, cylinders,

       spheres and prisms from a

       collection of everyday objects
Sequence of teaching/learning experiences                          Time:     Resources

                                                                   45 mins

Teacher                                     Students


Hold up everyday 2D & 3D shapes and get     Sitting on floor       5 min     3D Shapes

children to identify and give properties    Children responding              2D Shapes

for each: Check for correct terminology:

faces, edges and corners.

Main Body
Play Celebrity heads with 2D and 3D         Sitting on floor       35        2D & 3D shapes

shapes                                                                       cards

Instruct children how to play

If game is working get children to form     Working in groups

groups and play.

When playing ensure children are using

correct terminology: Yes / No responses

till they can guess the correct shape

Go through the Making a Dice procedure                                       Dice Procedure

worksheet with whole class                  Sitting on floor                 worksheet A3 size

Organise children to make cubes             Working at desks and             Templates

                                            wet area                         Scissors



Time permitting a few more games of         Children sitting on    5 min

celebrity head                              floor
Critical Reflection/Evaluation:
I felt this lesson went really well; mostly all of the children were very responsive to introduction,

seemed to be a good way to consolidate their knowledge both on 3D & 2D shapes

Celebrity heads was fun, most had played the gamed and I think it succeeded in cementing their

knowledge about the properties of shapes.

Children were really engaged in the dice/cube making activity, worked on their fine motor skills,

Jarred seemed to really enjoy it, and even asked for an extra template so he could make one at

home. All students completed task with some assistance glueing/sticking it all together.

Instantly playing started playing games with their dice. Summed up lesson by listing all properties of

a cube: I really enjoyed this lesson

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