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					Use of copper cabling on 10Gb Ethernet ports for NetBackup Appliances

Symantec NetBackup 5200, 5020 and 5220 appliances support 10Gb Ethernet connectivity in the
majority of models available. However, some customers do not have a 10Gb infrastructure, and are
desirous of using 1Gb copper connections to the 10Gb Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) on these
appliances. To enable 1Gb links over copper requires RJ 45 termination on the cabling. This can be
                                                               accomplished by removing the Small Form-
                                                               factor Pluggable + (SFP+) modules from the
                                                               10Gb NIC on the appliance and replacing
                                                               them with Finisar model FCLF8522P2BTL
                                                               SFP+ modules. These modules(shown at
                                                               left) have an RJ45 connector that will
                            interface with the copper cable (shown above) and the NIC will auto
                         negotiate to the 1Gb data rate. The user should save the optical SFP+ modules
                      removed as they will be useful when the user updates their network to 10Gb

Another use of copper cabling is to actually run traffic at 10Gb, but use copper rather than optical
cabling. This is supported by specification for up to 10 meter length cables. These cables, as shown at
                         left, are typically used as a short run from an Ethernet switch to the appliance.
                         As in the previous example, the optical SFP+ modules are removed from the
                         NIC. The cable assembly is built with ‘Twin ax” cable and terminated with SFP+
                         compliant connectors as seen the picture. The cable is then used as the run
                         from the switch’s SFP+ port to the 10Gb NIC on the appliance and the traffic
                         runs at 10Gb/s. These are good solutions for short runs where the switch and
                         appliance are co-located. The table below notes cables that are specification
compliant and should work well for this implementation.

Supplier                            Type                                Part Numbers
Molex                               1m - Twin-ax cable                  74752-1101
Molex                               3m - Twin-ax cable                  74752-2301
Molex                               5m - Twin-ax cable                  74752-3501
Molex                               10m - Twin-ax cable                 74752-9004
Tyco                                1m - Twin-ax cable                  2032237-2
Tyco                                3m - Twin-ax cable                  2032237-4
Tyco                                5m - Twin-ax cable                  2032237-6
Tyco                                10m - Twin-ax cable                 1-2032237-1

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