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                     F e b r u a r y   2 0 0 9

                      All Historical Registry Documents Now Available !
                Service New Brunswick is pleased to announce the scanning of the Registry Book records for
    MAJOR       Westmorland County has been completed. This exciting milestone marks the completion of the
IMPROVEMENTS    Historical Documents Scanning Project for the province and historical registry documents for
                ALL 15 counties in the province of New Brunswick are now available in PLANET.
                Converting over 200 years worth of Historical Documents to a digital format was a massive un-
    ONLINE      dertaking and required the effort and cooperation of both Land Registry staff and clients across
LAND REGISTRY   the province. Each image passed a quality control and validation process prior to being loaded
                to the PLANET system. Further, all documents have been archived to new digital microfilm and
                optical media to ensure multiple backup formats.

                Service New Brunswick would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Land Registry cli-
                ents for your patience, understanding and cooperation throughout this initiative and we hope
                you enjoy the ease of accessing this treasure trove of historical online information in the future.

                PLEASE NOTE: All Registry Document books scanned as part of this project have been placed
                in boxes and stored based on a Retention Schedule as agreed to by SNB and the Provincial
                Archives. Per the provisions of the Retention Schedule, all of the bound Registry Books (1784
                to 1930 +-) and associated Grantor/Grantee Indices will be moved to the Provincial Archives.
                The remainder of the Registry Document books will be disposed of on a per-county basis once
                they have been online for a period of at least 1 full year, based on the schedule below:

                                                  County            Disposition Date
                                                 Madawaska               09-Apr
                                                  Victoria               09-Apr
                                                  Carleton               09-Apr
                                            Northumberland               09-Apr
                                                  Charlotte              09-Apr
                                                   Kings                 09-Apr
                                             Restigouche                 09-Apr
                                                    Kent                 09-Apr
                                                 Gloucester              09-Apr
                                                 Saint John              09-Jul
                                                  Sunbury                09-Jul
                                                  Queens                 09-Jul
                                                    York                 09-Jul
                                                   Albert                09-Dec
                                             Westmorland                 09-Dec
                 The Grantor/Grantee Indices from 1930 ± to current will be stored at a SNB facility for internal use
                 as required.

                 For more information, feel free to call us at
                 1 888 832-2762 or email us at rpiis.comments@snb.ca.

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