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Climb or Die Comparison by panniuniu


									 Climb or Die
Battling Everest

Comparison Activities
                  Activity 1
•   Go to this website:
•   -Follow the directions and prompts to create a
    Venn diagram that compares the climb of Jake
    and Danielle in “Climb or Die” to the climb of
    Hillary and Norgay in “Battling Everest”.
•   - Be sure to include 3 details in each section of
    your Venn diagram
•   - When your diagram is complete, you may
    print it ONE TME ONLY . . . So make sure it’s
    exactly how you want it.
                             Activity 2
• Use Microsoft Word to complete
  a problem-solution chart for these
  two stories. Your chart should be        Story   Problem   Solution
  similar to the one you see here.
  You should include at least 2
  problems/solutions from each
  story but you are not limited to
  that! The more work you put
  forth, the better grade you will

• When finished, save your
  document-make sure your name
  and your partner’s name (first or
  last is ok) are part of the title. For
  example, if Mrs. Dawes and Mrs.
  Moore were partners, our
  document would be titled:
  DawesMoore CD-BE
                     Activity 3
• Answer the following questions in your Word document
  from Activity 2. Be sure to restate the question in your
  1. On pg 90, the article is introduced by this statement:
  ”Could the two climbers conquer the killer mountain?“
  Using details from the selection, support the author’s
  decision to describe Mount Everest as a “killer
  2. Why do you think Hillary and Norgay were willing to
  risk their lives to make the climb? Use details from the
  selection to support your answer.
  3. In “Battling Everest”, the author says “They had
  reached the roof of the world”. Explain what that
  statement means and explain which clues from the
  passage helped you figure out the meaning.

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