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									                    TWIN RIVERS BASSMASTERS
                        COLUMBUS, OHIO
                     CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS
                       REVISED March 2010


                                 Section 1: Name

This Chapter shall be called Twin Rivers Bassmasters, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio.

                               Section 2: Purpose

To; stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major recreational pursuit; to
offer the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Ohio, the Recreation
and Parks Department of the City of Columbus, Ohio, and any other like minded
and purposed organizations, our organized support, both moral and public, and
any other encouragement in the promotion and maintenance of our sport; to
promote full adherence to all codes of conservation and to demand adequate
water standards along with equal resources use; to detect and report any polluter
and to call public and political attention to their crime; to improve our skills as
bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of expert bass catching
techniques; to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great
recreational pursuit; to function as a dynamic and effective link with other
Chapters of the Ohio Bass Federation Nation that embrace and support the
principles and purpose of the B.A.S.S. and ESPN Inc.

                     ARTICLE II – MEMBERSHIP

                         Section 1: Number of Members

Active Chapter membership shall not exceed thirty eight (38) members in the
general membership.

                         Section 2: Type of Membership

The membership of this Chapter shall consist of Active and such Probationary
Chapter Members as are necessary to conform to these By-Laws.

   1. Active Chapter Membership shall consist of all members who have
      progressed through all pre-membership initiation phases and have met all
      of the requirements for full membership. These requirements include
      participation in the Chapter Tournament Program and so indicate a desire
      to be placed on the Rolls of Active Membership.
   2. Probationary Chapter Membership shall consist of all those
      prospective Chapter Members who are in the pre-membership initiation
      phase of Chapter Membership. Probationary members may not stay in
      this membership category in excess of a one year (1) period of time. Only
      Active Chapter Members may qualify for Regional/State/National
      Federation competition.
   3. Weekend Angler Chapter Membership shall consist of members
      who have met all requirement for active Chapter Membership but who
      have elected not to participate in any Chapter Tournament
      Programs. This membership category was installed to address the new
      B.A.S.S. rule on insurance. B.A.S.S. rules state that any non-B.A.S.S
      member may only fish one (1) B.A.S.S. tournament per year without being
      a member of B.A.S.S and be covered by B.A.S.S insurance. This type
      membership must be voted on annually.

                    Section 3: Requirement for Membership

To become a Chapter Member a person shall:
   1. Voluntarily express a genuine interest in membership.
   2. Be a member of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America.
   3. Be recommended by two (2) Active Chapter Members at a regular monthly
      meeting. Prospective member must have attended two (2) recognized
      junctions of the Chapter prior to this recommendation.
   4. Draw from the membership the names of two (2) members of whom
      either, or both, shall grant a fishing date with the prospective /
      probationary member prior to the next monthly meeting.
   5. Draw(s) to give testimony as to the new member’s bass fishing prowess
      and sportsmanship.
   6. Be voted on by the membership, in secret ballot with unanimous
      affirmation. After affirmation the new member may chose his/her
      membership status and be granted that membership.
   7. All applicants for membership must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

                         Sub-Section 3A: Past Members

Past members requesting to rejoin the Twin Rivers Bassmasters Club must
receive the following:

   1. A motion from an existing member to waive membership requirements as
      listed in Article II Section 3.
   2. A second to the above motion.
   3. 100% approval of said motion from those Club members in attendance.

If the above three requirements are not met, said past member must meet all
previous requirements for membership as described in Article II Section 3.

                          Section 4: Membership Dues

All Chapter Members dues shall be equal to the cost of annual dues for the state
and National BASS programs.

All Chapter Members dues will be due, and payable, at the September meeting of
each year. The Club will allow monthly payments from September to December
provided the dues are paid by December 31st of said year.

Weekend Angler Members dues shall be equal to the state and national dues from
the state and national BASS programs. Payment of these dues will follow the
wording for Active Chapter Members dues. The money covers the cost of annual
dues for the State & National programs.


                       Section 1: Officers and Their Duties

The officers of the Chapter shall consist of:

   1. President – shall preside over all meetings and direct all official business,
      appoint, and be an ex-officio member of all committees. Supervise all
      Chapter functions and attend, or send a member, to mandatory
      regional/state meetings.
   2. Vice-President/Treasurer – shall act as the program chairman, assist the
      President in his duties, and preside in absence of the President. Collect all
      monies and disburse as necessary or directed. Maintain accurate financial
      records and present a current balance report at each regular monthly
      meeting. Prepare an annual audit for review by the Board of Directors.
      The Treasurer, and any other Officer handling Chapter funds, should be
      bonded at the earliest opportunity with funs permitting.
   3. Secretary – shall maintain accurate minutes of all regular monthly chapter
      meeting and special meetings as called or approved by the chapter
      President. Maintain regular contact between the chapter and the B.A.S.S.
      National Federation, and the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America,
      Inc. Maintain the chapter roster in an up to date condition notifying
      B.A.S.S., both Society and Federation, in a timely manner of all changes.
      Periodic updates shall also be provided to the general membership. The
      responsibilities for the publication, and disbursement, of the master roster
      and any chapter news to the membership on a quarterly basis will fall
      under this office.
   4. Tournament Director – shall direct the chapter tournament program,
      serve as the Chair of the Tournament committee, rule on all protests which
      have been properly filed, act on all violations of any tournament
      rules/regulations as contained in these By-Laws, or standing rules, which
      may come to his/her immediate attention with and without protest. This
      office shall cause the membership to be informed of all pending changes,
      or status, of all tournaments and / or standings.

                                Section 2: Elections

Elections to the office of the President, Vice-President/Treasurer, Secretary and
Tournament Director shall be held at a regular meeting during the month of
December. Nominations shall be made from the floor in the month of November
and December. Elections shall be b y a simple majority of members present and
voting. Election for each office shall be held separately.

                            Section 3: Eligibility to Vote

Each Active Chapter member is eligible to vote. Proxy votes are prohibited.
                            Section 4: Vacancies

In the event of an office becoming vacant nominations shall be asked and an
election held to fill the unexpired term of the individual that is vacating the office.
Both the B.A.S.S. national Federation and Society headquarters shall be notified
immediately of any changes in the ranks of the officers of this chapter.

                      Section 5: Eligibility for Holding Office

To be eligible for Office a member must:

   1. Have been an Active member for at least six (6) months.
   2. Have attended at least three fourths (3/4) of the chapter meetings and
      functions for that period.
   3. Have shown an interest in all chapter functions.

                           Section 6: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of all officers as noted in Section 1 of this
Article as well as the immediate past president, and any other past Presidents
who may indicate a desire to continue to serve. The board may, upon the call of
the President, direct any chapter business between meetings. The board should
meet, in person, at least once per annum. The President shall preside at all
meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall record the minutes of
these meetings. The board will decide all protests and rule on all violations of the
Tournament rules, regulations, by-laws of the chapter, or any other items of note.
The Board of Directors may develop the agenda for the meetings.


All standing committees will serve for one (1) year or until a new committee is
appointed with the exception of the tournament committee, which shall serve for
two (2) years. The term of office of all committee members shall coincide with
that of the committee chair as appointed by the President with the advice and
consent of the board.

   1. Youth Committee – shall plan, organize, and implement a chapter youth
      project to introduce the goals of B.A.S.S. to youth and to give them a
      respect for our national heritage as well as an appreciation of the basic
      rules of honesty, integrity, fair play, good sportsmanship, and the sheer
      joys of fishing in general.
   2. Environmental Committee – shall, in purpose, protect our natural
      environment from harmful change, documenting and reporting to local
      authorities’ violations of local, state, or federal anti-pollution laws,
      statutes, regulations, ordinances, and any other regulatory devices. To
      take political action to improve the overall environment. To take legal
      action where appropriate. To undertake informational and educational
      programs to bring public awareness to threats to our environment. To
      take leadership in repairing the harm that has already been done to the life
      cycle of our waters.
   3. Tournament Committee –These duties would include, but are not limited

            Choice of lakes for each tournament.
            Ramp choice for the lakes.
            Length of tournament.
            One/two day tournament designation.
            Dates of tournaments.

      This tournament committee would be comprised of the following five (5)

            Current President of the club.
            Current Tournament Director of the club.
            Three (3) dues paid club members chosen by the “Board of
             Directors”. These three members will serve a two (2) year term. If
             any committee member vacates his/her position another dues paid
             club member will be appointed b y the “Board of Directors”.

      The tournament committee will meet at the end of each year and select the
      lakes/dates for the following year. The tournament schedule will be
      announced at the February meeting.


      A member shall be dropped from the membership roster for any or all of
      the following:

          1. Failure to pay dues and/or tournament fees as previously agreed to.
          2. Any action which would reflect dishonor or disgrace upon the

                     ARTICLE VI – AFFILIATION
                     Section 1: Requirements for Affiliation

Approval of the chapter by the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.
Continuing updates of the membership roster as required elsewhere in this
document. Updates to B.A.S.S. regarding changes to the office of President or
Secretary. The submittals of new members names, addresses, dues, and BASS
numbers to B.A.S.S. as they occur. The maintenance of 100% of the active
membership as members of B.A.S.S. Any additional requirements that the state
federation may establish which are not in conflict with this document.


This constitution and by-laws may be amended at any regular monthly meeting
by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present provided, however, that
written notice of the proposed amendment(s) has been presented to the board of
the membership at least one regular monthly meeting prior to the vote and duly

                       Section 1: Proposal and Adoption

Standing rules shall consist of such rules and regulations, and other such
procedures that influence the conduct of this chapters members and any other
area deemed so eligible for inclusion herein by the board. Proposal and
subsequent adoption of such rules shall require two thirds (2/3) majority vote of
those members present and voting at a regular monthly meeting if no notice has
been posted to the general membership. If prior notice has been posted, then
such rule, or rule change, may be adopted by a simple majority of those members
present and voting at a regular monthly meeting.

                         STANDING RULE #1
                     AGENDA – ORDER OF BUSINESS
                        REVISED January 2008

For the purposes of conducting the official business of the chapter a general
membership meeting will be held on at least a monthly basis at a site, and time, in
consonance with these By-Laws and presided over by the Officers of this Chapter.
Nothing in this section shall preclude the re-scheduling of a monthly meeting to allow
for holiday considerations.

Meetings will be conducted in a general businesslike manner. Lewd or foul
language will not be tolerated during the course of business. Chapter
meetings are held to conduct the business of this chapter and therefore the
membership will conduct themselves in a manner befitting the family
atmosphere and brotherhood espoused by B.A.S.S.

   a) Call to Order
   b) Roll call of members
   c) Recognition of guests
   d) Prospective members
   e) Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting
   f) Nominations/Elections of Officers
   g) Treasurer’s Report
   h) Tournament Director’s Report
   i) Program(s)
   j) Recess
   k) Fishing Reports
   l) Old business
   m) Committee Reports
   n) New business
   o) Members sick or in distress
   p) Good of the Chapter

                                  STANDING RULE #2
                               REVISED January 2008
TYPES: The chapter offers two types of tournaments; Regular Chapter Tournaments and the
Weekend Anglers Series which are held in conjunction with (at the same time as) the regular
weekend chapter tournaments.

ELIGIBILITY FOR PARTICIPATION: Only those chapter members who have paid
tournament fees are eligible to compete for chapter point standing which will also make them
eligible to compete for regional, state, and national federation’s competition. Chapter
members, at their option, may compete in the “pot” side of the chapter tournaments (Weekend
Angler Series) with the payment of the designated pot amount. Non-members of the chapter
may also compete in the Weekend Anglers Series, either on a partnered basis (with a Chapter
member) or as an invited participant with a partner. Non-members will abide by all listed
rules as well as the additional requirements listed herein for non-members. It is chapter policy
to provide pot tournaments as a means to interest others in the tournament side of bass fishing
as well as to provide an opportunity for others to share in the chapter competition with
“buddies”. Nothing in these rules shall preclude the ability of chapter member’s families from
enjoying tournament fishing. Payment of required fees shall only be applicable if the
participant is sixteen years of age or older. Participants under age sixteen may, at their own
choice, elect to participate with the payment of any required fee(s).

FEES: Chapter tournament fees are as follows:

      Active Member $35.00 per tournament season.
      Weekend Angler no fee required.

All fees are due, and payable, in conjunction with the yearly dues. Tournament Fees may be
paid at the club meeting immediately prior to the first tournament of the year.

BOAT AND MOTOR REQUIREMENTS: For chapter level competition motor size cannot
exceed the manufacturer’s recommended horsepower ratings. Livewells, capable of sustaining
catches in good condition, are mandatory. Operable kill switches are mandatory.

LIABILITY: No liability, expressed or implied, is, nor shall be, assumed by Twin Rivers
Bassmasters of Columbus, Ohio, its members therein, its officers, agent’s or any other party so
associated, for participation in any level, in any tournament, function or event sponsored
wholly, or in part, by such entities described herein, either separate or in part.

INSURANCE: Members who are classed as boat owners and who participate in chapter
tournaments must maintain marine liability insurance in a minimum amount of
$300,000.00 for the duration of the tournament season. Members classed as non-
boaters, or occasional boater, are not exempt from this requirement if they fish in a boater’s
status. Such riders to “others” insurance policies will not meet the requirements of this rule.
Proof of liability insurance standing must be forwarded to the tournament director by the start
of the tournament season and / or tournament competition. Proof shall mean either
photocopied liability face sheets or letters from the members insurance carrier, attesting to the
amount, durations of coverage and the type of coverage. Due to time constraints, members
who have qualified for Regional berths may be required to submit proof of insurance prior to
the foregoing time limits.

SAFETY: Safe boating conduct should be observed at all times. Each competitor should
wear a properly fastened and Coast Guard approved, chest type, personal floatation device
(PFD) whenever the internal combustion engine is “on”. Kill switches should be attached to
the boat operator as recommended by the manufacturer. Two-way radios, cell phones, or other
methods of communication, are to be used for emergency purposes only. Use of such
equipment for the transmission of fishing information is strictly prohibited.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Competitors are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship
and courtesy at all times. Unsportsmanlike behavior, conduct or violations will not be
tolerated. Violations of any of these rules, posted lake rules, specific waterways codes, etc.,
even if not properly witnessed or charged by enforcement officials, will be subject to action
upon proper protest by any entrant or member. Penalty(s) for these or any other violations
contained within these rules and regulations shall be at the option of the chapter tournament
director and may include suspension / disqualification from the tournament or any following
tournaments, as well as forfeiture of any or all chapter points standing or, in the case of a non-
member, forfeiture of present and future participation.

STARTS: All boats will start from a pre-designated start point and direction. In the case of
blast off, or ooze off starts, all boats must be in as close to a straight line as possible. No
competitors shall advance their position prior to the start, or in any no-wake zone, to the
detriment of another competitor. Competitors wishing to fish locations immediately behind,
adjacent to, or at the start point, must first pass the start point in the indicated start direction
prior to turning to or about. No competitor shall cause a change in direction of their boat to
the detriment of approaching or upcoming craft. Turning maneuvers can only be
accomplished by decreasing speed to such an extent as to allow passage of other boats and then
safely accomplishing the maneuver.

BOAT OPERATION: As a matter of course, each competitor shall have the right to fish from
the front of the boat, operating the trolling motor, and selecting the fishing waters for one-half
of the tournament time. In no event shall either participant position the boat in such a manner
as to unfairly handicap their partners fishing chances.

TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used. Spray attractants are
authorized. Moldable, injectable, or other lure compounds which contain, as a part of their
manufacturing process, fish or other body parts, are prohibited. Pork type baits are specifically
exempted. Only one rod shall be in use at any one time and it must remain in body contact
utilizing conventional angling techniques. Rod lengths shall not exceed eight (8) feet,
measured butt to tip. Mechanically assisted reels, spring or electric, are prohibited unless used
in conjunction with a medically documented disability. All bass must be taken alive via
conventional angling methods. Intentionally foul hooking a bass is strictly prohibited.

PARTNERS: Typically, chapter members may fish with whomever they so desire, however, it
is chapter policy that all members, boater and non-boater, deserve to fish any tournament if
space is available in any non-partnered boats. Selections, in these cases, will either be
voluntary or by “draw”. Etc. Members fishing with a non-member, be it friend or relative, are
advised that the non-member must enter the pot side of the tournament unless they are under
the age of sixteen (16) in which case their participation is optional As of May 2004 B.A.S.S.
requires that all competitors be a member of B.A.S.S. for insurance purposes. A guest may
fish one (1) tournament per year and not be required to join B.A.S.S.

GENERAL RULES: Any rules listed below are subject to the tournament rules of B.A.S.S.
No trolling or dragging. Only largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass measuring twelve (12)
inches or more in length, with mouth closed, shall be eligible for weight. (Tail may be brushed;
lengths and limits are subject to lake site rule) All waterways codes and requirements shall be
strictly adhered to. The use of landing nets is discouraged, but allowed. Use of chemical
compounds is recommended. No more than two participants per boat unless specifically
waived by the tournament director. Only chapter members may fish single. Chapter
members, on a pre-paid basis, may start after the designated start time.
Participants may terminate at any time, however, in the case of chapter
members who have chosen to start late, you must check-in with a tournament
committee member or director if you wish to receive show-up points. A no refund
policy will be in effect if participation is cancelled after the designated pre-start time.
Cancelled participant funds will be placed into the fish-off pot. Short fish, 3/8ths of an inch or
shorter, will receive a four (4) ounce penalty against the remaining catch. Dead fish will
receive a four (4) ounce penalty, per fish, against remaining catch. Late penalty, three (3)
ounces per minute, automatically disqualified after five (5) minutes from that days
competition. Any catch that appears to have been mauled, mashed, mangled or otherwise
altered will be weighed only at the discretion of the Tournament Director. After initial launch
no angling activities will be permitted prior to, or at the close of, the designated tournament
hours. Angling activities include the use of rods, reels or boat movement to shoreward
locations with on-board electronics. Competitors catch must be easily discernable as to whose
catch is whose. Competitors must declare their catch prior to weigh-in. Total weights are
based on individual catches. Participant trust is expected. Tournament length will be no less
than eight (8) hours. Exceptions to be, as decided by the Tournament Director, due to
inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Number of fish limit per tournament
will be five with exceptions to be decided by state law or at the discretion of the tournament

PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Fishing shall be permitted anywhere within the
designated fishing waters except in a marked or controlled zone wherein boating or fishing is
specifically prohibited and in such a manner as to restrict access to any public facilities.
Competitors must leave and return to the official start/checkpoint via boat. Boats at anchor
and trolling motor up, angling in such a manner as to maintain control of a specific area,
points, tubes, coves, feeder creeks, etc., shall be given a 50 yard right-of-way. Boats must
remain in tournament waters during tournament hours. Removal for non-emergency reasons
shall cause forfeiture of that days catch. Non-chapter members shall not depart their boat
during tournament hours unless such non-chapter member is partnered with a chapter
member. Partners, both chapter and non-chapter, must remain in sight of each other and each
other’s catch at all times.

ETIQUETTE: Certain practices are considered universal in club fishing. As an aide to new
members, or unsure members, the following represents commonly accepted practices:

   EXPENSES: Affects non-boaters primarily and includes a frank discussion by the boater as
   to what is expected of the non-boater in the way of shared expenses which typically includes
   such things as entry fees, vehicle/boat gas, oil, and any other associated costs. In the
   absence of pre-discussion, no expense liability will be shared by the non-boater.

   WINNINGS: Normally “place” winnings are split by partners unless previous discussions
   are held to the contrary. An exception to this is the Big Bass Pot and Fish-Off winnings.

   Protests: All protests may be made verbally to the Tournament Director, his designee, or
   any other member of the Tournament Committee, as long as it has been done prior to the
   completion of the weigh-in. Any competitor(s) making such or any protest, must then,
   within thirty (30) minutes of the close of the weigh-in, submit such protest in writing
   noting the subject of the protest and any witnesses or substantiating information in support
   of the protest. All protests must be attested to by his / her signature(s) as to the validity of
   the protest. The Tournament Director shall then immediately render a decision in regards
   to this protest. The decision of the Tournament Director shall be binding unless an appeal
   is filed. If such appeal is filed the Tournament Director shall carry this appeal to the Board
   of Directors of Twin Rivers Bassmasters whose decision shall be binding on all parties and
   from which there will be no recourse. Hearsay, or any other activities related to the
   supposed violation of these rules and regulations, which are directed to the detriment of
   another member, and not in protest form shall not be tolerated. Members will follow the
   formal procedures outlined herein as the only recourse to any prohibited activity or

SCORING: Chapter tournament standings shall be determined based on the following
place/point system.

       First place:          50 Points
       Second place:         49 Points
       Third place:          48 Points.
       Fourth place:         47 Points
       Fifth place:          46 Points
       Big Bass:             2 points

Remaining point totals will continue decreasing in 2 point increments down to the number of
participants involved in the tournament (ex. 80 points for 11th place, etc.)

All members who participate but do not weight a fish will be awarded points equal to the place
points only of the last member to weigh a fish minus 5 points.

All anglers shall drop their two lowest tournament scores. This will allow for conflicting fish
offs, tournament circuits, etc.

Ties: Ties will be broken by:
   1. First by the total number of fish weighed.
   2. Second by the total number of live fish weighed

If all things are equal the “tied” place, as well as the next place, (or places in the case of three or
more tied places), points shall be combined and split equally between the participants or as
determined by the tournament director.

Bonus Points: in determining chapter final points standings for the fishing season,
additional points will be awarded to chapter members based on their participation levels to
date and earned by:

      Regular meeting attendance credits – 2 bonus points per meeting.
      Other chapter events that are eligible for points include any “Major” events, open
       tournaments, youth events and environmental projects – 2 points per event

For purposes of awarding bonus points the Secretary’s attendance roster will
serve as the source of points awarded.

Weekend Anglers Series entry fees will be $20.00 per individual which shall be split 70-30.
$14.00 per individual entry to be paid back for that day’s event to the first, second and third
place finishers in the percentage of the payout as noted below, while $6.00 will be held in the
club account (identified and reserved separately) and paid out at the Fish-Off. Late fees,
which shall amount to $5.00, may be assessed for any entry not received prior to
the scheduled start time of the tournament. Late fees will be credited to the Fish-
Off pot.


                             First Place    50% of Pot          4 points
                             Second Place 30% of Pot            3 points
                            Third Place      20% of Pot         2 points
                      Catch, no place or show 0% of pot         1 point
                              Show up        0% of pot          1/2 point

Fish-Off qualification will equal the total points a participant would accumulate if they
participated in all events plus an additional ½ point which would require the participant to
catch a fish in at least one of the events. (i.e. 5 points in a 9 tournament season)

Twenty percent (20%) of the total reserve amount shall be awarded to the
weekend anglers top point person prior to disbursement of the remainder.

The Tournament Director shall administer all facets of the Weekend Anglers Series. The
Tournament Director must, on a mutually agreeable basis, remit all Fish-Off monies to the
control of the Chapter Treasurer for proper accounting and reporting.

Ties: Ties will be broken by:
   3. First by the total number of fish weighed.
   4. Second by the total number of live fish weighed

If all things are equal the “tied” place, as well as the next places, (or places in the case of three
or more tied places), points shall be combined and split equally between the participants or as
determined by the tournament director.

                            STANDING RULE #3
                      TWIN RIVERS BASSMASTERS, INC.
                     REGIONALS – SQT – CLASSIC – FINALS
                          TOURNAMENT POLICIES
                           REVISED January 2008

Participation in the six man team event will be determined by point standings from the
previous fishing season. Six man team members who fail to appear or fail to participate, will
forfeit their six man team event eligibility for the upcoming season.

Club Angler of the Year will be the top point person in the chapter. Once named, it is expected
that the AOY and the second place finisher will compete in the classic. Failure to do so, once
registered, will cause forfeiture of all honors, etc., to the next highest ranked individual, and so

Six man team assignments will be based on the following:

   The top three finishers as described above will be boaters and the next three non-boaters. If
   any of the top three finishers do not wish to be a boater they will become a non-boater and
   the next top finisher in line (current non-boater) will move into the boater position. If any
   of the top six finishers do not wish to participate, the number seven finisher will move in
   and so on.

Internal disputes, if any, will be addressed by the board.

Each chapter member is responsible for their attendance, conduct, actions, and compliance
with the OBFN Tournament Rules and Regulations.

The Tournament Director, at the six man event level of competition, shall conduct at least one
at site meeting of all participants. Members shall share all information they have received,
heard, or participated in. It is chapter policy that all six man team participants will fish to
benefit the chapter as a whole, never to the individual benefit or the detriment of another

Chapter policy, as it relates to the six man team event, shall be that each member shall share
information among themselves. Individual participation in the OBFN Trail or Ohio Classis is
different and individuals, at their own option, may share information.

Distribution of funds as an allowance for any chapter events will be determined by the board.

       Certified to be a true and correct copy of Twin Rivers Bassmasters of Columbus
       Ohio, Inc. constitution and by-laws as of my ending day in office and as an
       officer of this chapter.

       Andy Levin Secretary Signature / date


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