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                                          Matthew D. Wendling

                                          Independent Soloist

                                           To obtain a position as an
                                          in the field of (military exhibition rifle drill/drum and bugle
                                          corps/marching band).

                                                 Illinois State University
                                          University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

                                                  Matt has performed as a professional military
                                          exhibition rifle driller in a multitude of prestigious venues
                                          and competitions. In 2009 and 2011, Matt captured the
                                          World Championship title in solo exhibition drill.
                                          Additionally, he established and coached the drill team
                                          program at Illinois State University and has been involved
                                          as a clinician for hire.

 Drill          2006-Present   Independent Exhibition Driller                  Soloist
 Affiliations   2008-Present   International Assn. of Exhibition Drillers      Competitor’s Guild
                2007-2009      The Illinois Crew Professional Drill Team       Co-Founder, Soloist
                2003-2006      IL-961 AFJROTC Armed Drill Team                 Commander, Soloist
                2002-2006      Lincoln-Way Central AFJROTC                     Cadet
                2008-Present   Illinois State University Army ROTC             Drill Team Instructor

       Performance 2011 – World Drill Championships – 1st Place Solo
       Experience 2010 – World Drill Championships – Tandem Competitor
                         - Pro-America Drill Championships – Solo Competitor
                   2009 - World Drill Championships -- 1st Place Solo, 3rd Place Tandem
                   2008 - Pro-America Drill Championships -- 3rd Place Tandem
                        - World Drill Championships -- 2nd Place Solo, 3nd Place Tandem
                   2007 - World Drill Championships -- 6th Place Solo
                   2006 - National HS Drill Team Championships -- 2nd Place Alt. Solo
                        - Air Force Assn. Regional Championships -- 1st Place Solo/Team Ex.
                   2004 - Air Force Assn. Regional Championships -- 1st Place Team Ex.
                                   Bill Owen

                                   Competitive Outcomes [http:/]

                                   Objective: To continue training the best drill units throughout
                                   the world by providing the best curriculum and most
                                   experienced drill trainers from around the globe.

                                   Education: 2009 University of North Florida | Associates Degree

                                                2011 University of Central Florida | B.A. Criminal Justice

                                                2011 Federal Institute of Emergency Management

                                   Background: Bill is the co-founder and executive director of
                                    Competitive Outcomes, the world’s largest and finest drill
                                    team/honor guard training organization. Competitive Outcomes
annually trains over 5000 drillers worldwide.

Nationals Judging Experience:

       2011 Navy Nationals Athletic, Academic, & Drill Championships

       2011 National High School Drill Team Championships

Performance Experience:

       2008 Pro America

       2008 Isis World Drill Championships

       2007 Pro America

       2007 National High School Drill Team Championships

       2007 Navy Nationals Athletic, Academic, & Drill Championships

       2006 Navy Nationals Athletic, Academic, & Drill Championships

Other Affiliations:

       International Association of Exhibition Drillers | Governor

       Nationals Drill Camp | Instructor

       Sports Network International | Event Supervisor | Board of Directors
                                                       Andrea Bryant

                                                       Independent Soloist []

                                                       Objective: To grow and develop the
                                                       performance and competitive art of drill all
                                                       over the world through the training of high
                                                       school and collegiate teams, the creation of a
                                                       tangible and marketable drill culture in fashion
                                                       and media, the establishing of local, national
                                                       and international drill competitions and the
                                                       education of competition directors and judges.


       Norwich University - B.A.: Business Administration - Management


       11 years drill experience.

Performance Experience:

       2010 - World Drill Championship (Daytona Beach, FL) -- Competitor
       2009 - World Drill Championship (Daytona Beach, FL) -- Competitor
       2003 - West Coast National Drill Championship (Redondo Beach, CA) -- 1st Place Solo
       2002 - National Invitational Drill Meet (US Air Force Academy) -- 3rd Place Solo

Other Affiliations:

       2007 - Present | Independent | Soloist
       2008 | For the Art Clothing | Owner and Founder
       2003 - 2007 | Norwich University Drill Team | Assistant Drill Master, Soloist
       1999 - 2003 | Moreno Valley HS Armed Drill Team | Co-Commander, Special Exhibition, Soloist

Teaching Experience:
       2010 - Present | Norco High School | Coach - Armed Drill Team
       2008 - 2009 | Knights Templar Organization | Marching Movement Instructor
       2006 - 2007 | Norwich University Drill Camp | Founder, Master Instructor

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