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					       Rework and Repair of CO2 Laser Optics
                   Mark Wilkinson

Stratton Park ,
Dunton Lane,
Biggleswade, Beds                    WWW.LBP.CO.UK
SG19 2DR
Tel +44-1767-600877
    Reworking..Technically sound?
• Will meet original spec’ for
  flatness, %R, phase shift,
  diameter, //’ism etc, or good
  industry norms
• Defence contractors use
  Return to Vendor, (RTV), for
  optical component repair
• New optics are reworked
  during manufacture, e.g after
  a “failed” coating run
• Traceability ensures you get
  your optic back, it’s not an
  “exchange” service.
        Reworking..not just cost
• Some OEMS see optics as a
  “golden goose”
• Some OEMS stop support
• Some OEMs simply go bust
• Not all parts can be reverse
  engineered, the “GD&Ts” are
• “End of life management” is
  coming, let alone being “Green”
                  What we do with reworks

   Blank                 Inspect        Smooth/Lap   Polish


                        Machine face,
                        tap threads,
                         re-chamfer                  Inspect

Identify Return                                      Customer

      Standard Production route          RTV route
            Buy new or rework ?

• Copper    • >50 dia 10 thick, water cooled, odd
              dimension, square, curved, holes,
              dowels etc. Rework
            • All Moly mirrors make sense to rework
• “Moly”
            • Often chips and cracks, >60mm dia and
• Silicon
              good quantities. Rework
            • Often chips, cracks or gets “stressed”.
• ZnSe        Speak to ULO optics. Will rework lenses
              >38mm dia in good quantities, and with
              long lead times.
         What can’t we rework…
• Dented, leaking, melted
• Adaptive mirrors (some)
• Built into mounts
• Aspherics (some)
• Where the value is in
  the coating not the
• Where diamond
  machining is needed
• Beryllium
• Dental, Medical waste
                    European customer
• Hello Mark:The last
  mirrors that you
  rework, they worked
  perfectly. We talk with
  people of VW and they                      These mirrors are 800 Euro each,
                                             Rework cost 160 Euro
  said that they work
  better than the new
  ones. Nov 2010
•   Not as daft as it seems. The originals
    were uncoated copper that rapidly
    lost reflectivity with atmospheric
    exposure (they are near the coast).
    We reworked them, and Gold coated

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Description: The Powerpoint slides from our presentation at the AILU job shop conference 2011 at Trumpf Service Centre Luton UK. AILU = Association of Industrial Laser Users, a UK trade body for the advancement of laser cutting, welding, and material processing.