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					                          Dry Creek 4-H Horse Show 4/2/2011
               Silver Rose Ranch, 11233 North Newmark Ave. Clovis, Ca
          Registration opens @ 7:30 a.m. Classes begin @ 8:30 a.m. be ready to start.
           **Community Service Activity: bring can food item with each entry. **
                    **Donation will be given to a community food bank***

             English                            Western                         Gymkhana
      Classes begin @ 8:30               After English classes         Will begin no later than 4:00
 1. English Showmanship –Sr        (12:30?) 1st yr & Green western    could start earlier depending on
 2. English Showmanship-Jr         may begin while jumping classes         how show progresses
 51 English Showmanship-Green      finish.                           33. Single Stake – Sr
 3. English Showmanship – 1st yr   55. Showmanship-Green             34. Single Stake – Jr
 4. English Pleasure – open to all 17. Showmanship-1 yr              35. Single Stake –1st Yr/Green
 walk/trot warm up class           18. Showmanship-Jr                36. Washington Pole BendingSr
 5. English Pleasure-Senior        19. Showmanship-Sr                37. W Pole Bending – Jr
 6. English Pleasure-Junior        20.Western Pleasure open to all   38. W Pole Bending 1styr/Green
 52 English Pleasure-Green         walk/jog warm up class            39. Speed Barrels – Sr
 7. English Pleasure -1st yr.      56. Western Pleasure-Green        40. Speed Barrels – Jr
 8. English Equitation-Senior      21. Western Pleasure 1 yr         41. Speed Barrels 1st yr/Green
 9. English Equitation-Junior      22.Western Pleasure-Jr            42. Cloverleaf Barrels – Sr
 53 English Equitation-Green       23.Western Pleasure-Sr            43. Cloverleaf Barrels – Jr
 10. English Equitation-1st yr     57. Western Equitation-Green      44 Cloverleaf Barrels1styr/Green
 11. Ground poles open walk/trot   24. Western Equitation-1st        45. Bi-Rangle – Senior
 54. Ground poles-Green            25. Western Equitation-Jr.        46. Bi-Rangle – Junior
 12. Ground poles 1st year         26. Western Equitation Sr.        47. Bi-Rangle – 1st yr/Green
 13. Cross Rails – Open/Canter     58. Horsemanship-Green            48. Quadrangle – Senior
 14. Hunter Hack-Sr,               27. Horsemanship-1st yr           49. Quadrangle – Junior
 15. Hunter Hack-Jr                28. Horsemanship Jr.              50. Quadrangle – 1st yr/Green
 16. Equitation over fences        29. Horsemanship-Sr.
 Vertical 2-2’3”-Open/Canter       59. Trail-Green
                                   30. Trail – 1st
                                   31. Trail – Jr
                                   32. Trail – Sr
This is a club sponsored horse show not a qualifying horse show. Horses can be shared but not
in the same division. Class placing first-sixth place. High Point awarded. Open walk/trot &
open walk/jog are warm up classes open to any division these classes do not count for highpoint.
Green Horse – Fresno Co 4H clarification of Green Horse. Any age horse that has never been shown
at a lope or canter. Horses five years and under in first year of showing; must be shown in a bosal
or snaffle bit; never to have been shown in a bridle. In order to show a Green Horse, a member
must have shown at least two years and complete a survey with their horse leader which will be
reviewed by the Horse Resource Leader. The Horse Resource Leader will make the determination
if the rider is qualified to show a Green Horse and if the horse in question will be considered
Management may combine classes due to lack of entries. Classes will not be held more than three
minutes while riders are completing other classes.

No Dogs allowed no horses in barn, round pen, bridge, or on grass around barn and arena. Clean
up after your horse. You can ride your horse around the track.
Any question of whether show will be held due to wet weather check Dry Creek 4H web site
day of show. Questions: Cindy Schueler evenings or weekends @ 559-696-6484, e-mail @ fax entries 559-297-0961or Karen Amendt 559-779-3181.

Attire: All riders will wear Fresno County 4-H horse project attire, to consist of long-sleeve white,
button-up collar shirt, 4-H emblem scarf or tie, English breeches, blue or black jeans, boots (no
athletic shoes), belt and riding helmet approved & properly fitting. Gloves are optional. No
western chaps, English jackets, or vests (protective vests are acceptable). Jackets and or sweat shirts
are allowed due to cold weather entry number will be clearly visible.

Training aids are not allowed during classes and may result in rider not being placed in the class.
Training aids include, but are not limited to: running or standing martingales, dropped, flash or
figure eight nosebands, or draw reins. A noseband and tie down is acceptable in gymkhana classes.
Western horses under the age of 6 may be shown in a snaffle bit or bosal.

Out of County Riders: Are responsible for reading the ATTIRE section of this entry and dressing
accordingly. If horse leader is not @ the show, entry form should include phone number of Horse
Project Leader if there is need to contact Leader.

Rules: The show will follow the rules for the Fresno County 4-H Horse Project, 4-H State Classic
Horse Show and the US Equestrian Rulebook. Any protests must be brought directly to the show
manager within 15 minutes of the end of a class. All decisions of the show manager will be final.
No one approaches the Judge with comments or problems.

                      Fresno County Club Horse Show Management Rules
Show Manager: Oversees the operation and management of the 4-H Club Horse Show.
Manager has authority for final decision on any question relating to the Show.
Their decisions will be respected. The Manager can excuse anyone from the Show.
The Manager will document the incident and turn into the Fresno County 4-H Office by the
following week.
                                  Designated Club Horse Project Leader
Each club participating at a Show must designate one Club Horse Project Leader.
This Leader will check in with the Manager at start of show, sign in, and introduce self.
The Designated Club Horse Project Leader is the only leader that can sign the entries for their club
for that Show. If there is no Designated Club Horse Project Leader at the Show from a club,
members from that club will not show. The Designated Club Horse Project Leader is the only
person from the club that can talk to the Show Manager. Parents, members, and other leaders are
not to talk to the Manager. They should talk with their Designated Club Horse Project Leader.
Entry #_____________                                              Open Check_______

                    April 2, 2011 Dry Creek 4-H Horse Show Entry Form
                   One horse/rider combination per form fees due @ show
   E-mail entry to, fax 559-297-0961mail 2876 Nees Ave, Clovis, 93611

NAME: ________________________________________Phone #______________

CLUB: ____________________________________                County______________________

HORSE’S NAME: _______________________________________________________

DIVISIONS (age as of 1/2011):

Senior (14 & up), Junior (13 & under), 1st Yr –first yr showing, Green Horse

Classes (circle or cross through classes, cannot cross divisions such as showing 1st yr & Jr.)

Division                                English       Western        Gymkhana
Senior                                  1 5 8 14      19 23 26 29 32 33 36 39 42 45 48
Junior                                  2 6 9 15      18 22 25 28 31 34 37 40 43 46 49
Open canter (Sr, Jr only)               13 16
Open walk trot (Sr, Jr Green, 1st yr)   4    11       20
Green Horse                             51 52 53 54   55 56 57 58 59
1st yr.                                 3 7 10 12     17 21 24 27 30
1st yr/Green walk/trot gymkhana                                          35 38 41 44 47 50

#Classes________ X $4.99                                           Total____________
Fresno County Fee                                                        $1.00
Can food donation (community service)                             **______________**

Total of all classes & Fresno Co Fee                                Total
“I am a member in good standing of my club’s horse project. I will follow all Fresno Co 4-H rules
while competing at this show and additional rules stated on this form”. Riding helmet required,
penalty for not wearing helmet is immediate loss of entries & fees. I understand that Silver Rose
Ranch is in no way responsible or liable for me, my property, or my animal at this 4-H event.

*4-Her signature                                   *Parent/Legal Guardian signature

*Project Leader signature                          * Leader’s phone number day of show

____cash ____check ______check number ___*Medical Release if guardian absent

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