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					                                              to college and earned my Master’s degree
       Tiger Team                             in Reading. I later went back to
                                              school…again …and earned my gifted
       Newsletter                             endorsement and added on middle school
         November 10, 2010                    certification! I am currently working on my
                                              leadership degree at Albany State
                                              University! I have three beautiful children,
                                              well 4 if you include Jody, my husband!
                                              Their names and ages are Marley 10, Drew
                                              7, and Eden 2. Yes you’re right… I am an
                                              extremely busy woman!!! In my free time
                                              (what’s that???) I enjoy exercising such as
            Don’t Forget!                     running and aerobics, photography, and
November 11     Veteran’s Day Assembly        just relaxing!!! Most importantly I love
November 15     Donuts 4 Mom & Dad            being a mommy and I’m so thankful to have
                                              the best job in the world!
ALL 7th grade students have a math project
                                                      Thanks so much for giving me the
due on Monday, November 15th.
                                              opportunity to teach your child! I look
November 17        Spelling Bee               forward to the rest of the year and many
Nov. 22-26         Thanksgiving Break         more to come!
November 29      Science Fair Projects due    Mrs. Singletary
December 6         PTO/Band Concert
Dec.8-10           Georgia Studies’ Trip
December 14        Best Christmas Pageant
Dec. 13-17         Post-tests/Benchmarks
                                                            7th Grade
                      TEACHER                               Social Studies
                                              For the 2nd 9 weeks, 7th Grade social studies
                      Spotlight:              focuses on Southern and Eastern Asia (India,
                      Mrs. Michael            China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, North and
                                              South Korea). We are studying the
                      Singletary              geography, government, religions, economy,
                        Hi! Mrs. Singletary   and history of these countries. You can view
here!!!  I can’t stress enough how excited   the Georgia Standards on this area on the
I am to become a part of the Tiger Team!!!    web at .
I have enjoyed every second here at WMS!
        I attended college at Thomas (English)
University where I earned my Bachelor’s (science)
degree in Early Childhood Education. (reading)
During my first year teaching I went back (math)
      7th Grade Science                                                    7th Grade
7th Grade Tiger team students are beginning
their study of genetics. We are learning how
certain traits are passed down through                                   The 7th grade had a
generations. We will create baby pets to                                 blast finishing up the
show how dominate and recessive genes are           Outsiders! We ended the book with a bank
passed on. We will look at adaptations and          by having an “Outsiders Day” where we
mutations to understand how and why change          watched the movie and even dressed up like
occurs.                                             our favorite characters!!! We are currently
                                                    working on our “Hero Project” which will give
            7th Grade English                       students the opportunity to analyze
              The power of persuasion is abuzz      character traits of a hero while having loads
              as students practice using various    of fun in the process. This activity will
  persuasive strategies in writing, speaking,       incorporate technology as well as media.
 and viewing. Persuasive / opinion essays are       (ELA7R1) Throughout the rest of the nine
     being written and commercials will be          week period we will be focusing on
 developed to enhance these important skills.       accelerated and highly suspenseful short
     (ELAW1,2,4) Grammatically, we are              stories as we take a closer look at irony,
exploring the world of phrases (prepositional,      foreshadow, symbolism, tone, and mood just
 participial, gerund, infinitive, and appositive)   to name a few!!! (ELA8R1)
   and will soon begin clauses (independent,
  subordinate, adjective, adverb, and noun).
 (ELAC1a,b,f) Knowledge of these is helping
                                                          7th Grade Math
     students become more effective and
    polished writers and speakers. As we            We have completed our unit on “Rational
  develop public speaking skills, sixth grade       Reasoning”. Some students may need to
students are reciting “The New Colossus” by         continue to practice online through VMath.
    Emma Lazarus, and eighth graders are            The students have their user name and
 presenting “This Sceptred Isle” by William         passwords. I have assigned lessons to
  Shakespeare. Seventh grade, your turn is          complete. They may access it by going to
   coming! (ELALSV1) Twenty new journal    We will be working on
   topics have been assigned and are in the         the continuation of understanding
 English Folder / Journal. Parents, please be       expressions and equations as we look into 8th
 aware that much of this writing is supposed        grade math standards this week: combining
   to be done at home along with grammar,           like terms, distributive property, and solving
  spelling/vocabulary, and other homework.          for one variable in terms of another. We will
  THERE IS SOME ENGLISH HOMEWORK                    then move into Unit 4 “Flip, Slide, and Turn”.
 TO BE DONE MOST EVERY NIGHT! Please                With geometric figures and transformations.
help keep your child focused to complete the        Students need to make sure they are keeping
               assignments on time!                 up with their homework.

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