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Test-takers will be assessed for their mathematical abilities by questions asked from math of the
level of grades six and seven and there will be questions based on the first part of Algebra as per
the state standards.
Test Content: The questions asked will be from five major subject areas or strands:

   1.   Probability and Statistics
   2.   Number Sense
   3.   Algebra and Functions
   4.   Measurement and Geometry
   5.   Algebra I

Questions: There will be 92 multiple-choice questions. 12 questions out of these will be
unscored test items.

What are the Policies for Retaking CAHSEE?

CAHSEE has to be taken by all grade ten students during the census administrations conducted
in the months of February or March. Retesting of parts not passed by you can be taken in
consecutive administrations. The following conditions apply if you have not been able to pass
either one or both parts of CAHSEE:

   o    Parts that have not been passed by you can be taken up to two times per school year if
        you are in grade eleven.
   o    If you are in grade twelve, then you can take the CAHSEE parts not passed by you up to
        five times per school year.
   o    Adult education students who have yet to pass parts of CAHSEE can take the parts up to
        three times per school year.
   o    You can meet the CAHSEE requirement by passing the two parts of CAHSEE separately
        in two different administrations.
   o    You cannot retake the CAHSEE to improve your performance if you have already passed
        it once.
   o    If you have not been able to pass CAHSEE until the end of grade twelve, then you will be
        provided with additional coaching and instructions by the school districts so as to
        improve your abilities to the level required for passing CAHSEE. The facility of
        undergoing such training can be availed by the students for up to two consecutive
        academic years after the end of grade twelve.

What does the CAHSEE Score Report Contain?

Two copies of the CAHSEE Student and Parent Report for each test-taker is received by the
school districts after about seven weeks from the date on which the test was taken. The school
districts hand over one copy to the parents of the student who took CAHSEE and the second
copy is filed with the student’s permanent record in school. This report contains information
about how the test-taker has performed in the most recent CAHSEE test administration taken by
him. The total scores as reflected in the score report are scale scores. The raw scores are
converted to scale scores so that the performance of students over the years can be compared
despite the different editions of CAHSEE. The scale scores for both the parts of CAHSEE range
from 275 to 450. You will need a minimum scale score of 350 in each of the CAHSEE parts in
order to pass that particular part of CAHSEE.
The score report will contain the following:

   o   General information about the student
   o   Total test scores for ELA and Mathematics
   o   Performance of the student in each of the subject areas or strands being assessed by each
       part of CAHSEE.
   o   Status: This will be marked as a ‘Passed’ in the score report if the student has scored a
       total of 350 or higher and has passed CAHSEE or else it will be marked with a ‘Not
       Passed’. ‘Satisfied Requirement’ will be displayed if the student has taken one CAHSEE
       part in a previous administration and has passed it.
   o   The score for the Writing Applications part of ELA, which ranges from 1 to 4. The essay
       will be evaluated by two readers and will receive two scores which will be averaged
       before being reported. Students will earn a NS (non-scorable) score in any of the
       following cases:

          1.   Matter written is not sufficient to be scored
          2.   Essay has been written on a theme which is not related to the given topic
          3.   Writing is illegible
          4.   Essay has not been written in English

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