; How to Scale up Your SEO Productivitas
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How to Scale up Your SEO Productivitas


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									How to Scale up Your SEO Productivity With
SEnuke X
By SEO Daddy in SE Optimization

                   Hello Peeps!

It been some time since I have written an article here at SiteProNews.com; I’ve been a busy boy!
Since documenting in a case study the meteoric rise of Rik Pennington Photography, for the
generic and geo-located search terms ‘wedding photographer’ and ‘wedding photographer
London’, I have received a steady stream of inquiries from potential clients. I now work for
several photographers in the UK, and I am spreading my wings around the globe, so watch out
America, here I come!

Just to let you know – I do have a draft of the final installment in the Rik Pennington story and
promise it will be out soon!

We have launched a new dedicated website for photographers across the planet who are looking
to employ an SEO firm with an outstanding record for its clients in the photography search
market online – http://ww.photographersseo.com. At present any photographer who has
employed me as their SEO’er has reached ‘Google Summit’ for the term ‘wedding photographer
+ their location’ within 3 months, some quicker! That means a Google top 3 listing for that term,
bolstered by a myriad of other related and targeted keywords from the marketing plan.

So, on to my dilemma; it’s not only photographers I work for but a total mix of small to medium
sized businesses in the UK, from different market verticals. All desire a Google page one listing
or more for the agreed targeted keywords for their business. As I said, I’ve been a busy boy and
now have a small dedicated team working for me, but the workload is large and time consuming.
We use a variety of SEO tools and solutions to achieve the ranking goals for our clients. We
never put all our eggs in one basket. We approach a new client campaign with an arsenal of SEO
Tools and strategies accordingly. In an article I wrote about the Rik Pennington Case Study, I
talked about bringing out the ‘Big Guns’ to play, well I think we may have discovered a WMD
(Weapon of Mass Destruction). We are always looking for new tools, software solutions to test
drive and put through their paces and see if the results are tangible against cost and time
investment. The SEO market seems fluid and it’s wise in my opinion to use a variety of possible
solutions available to SEOs.
Whenever I review an SEO solution, I deal in facts, hard results, not fluffy pie in the sky claims
and affiliate jargon designed to make you click and buy! Cha-ching! Thank you very much! I
have no commercial relationship with this supplier, or an affiliate one. This is my honest and
impartial opinion, backed up with some hard facts for you all to see.

For the last couple of months we have been testing the new boy on the block, well, not new but
definitely a savvy reincarnation of an existing product that I have never used before, SEnuke X.
This is a powerful beast and I believe it will take the SEO market by storm. The noise levels are
elevated, Google is awash with reviews and affiliates pushing it in the market place. So, the
question is what’s all the fuss about, what can it do for you? We are busy, very busy and like all
SEOs we need to build links fast, and good ones! There are only so many hours in the day and by
6:00pm the pub is often calling. With an increased client base and subsequently a heavier work
load, our tried and tested ‘SEO Big Guns’ are good but we are in need of a highly efficient and
effective SEO WMD, and boy I reckon with have found it with SEnuke X.

SEnuke X is a serious bit of kit to say the least, and it can be a little daunting after you have
pressed the install button, but that’s not a bad thing! Let’s be honest, you don’t want to part with
your hard earned cash only to find you have been duped by the razzmatazz, resulting in
purchasing just another lightweight SEO application that was well marketed, but in reality
doesn’t deliver the goods. That definitely is NOT the case with SEnuke X. Areeb Bajwa and his
team have provided detailed step by step videos to take you through the application and how to
use it to your advantage. Good job Lads!

Ok, so let’s explore what it does and how. SEnuke X provides a modular approach to your
SEO/Marketing strategy. Well that sounds all very simple but the really clever part is the link
integration of the modules, which can be spread out over time providing sustained and relentless
link building from just about every corner of the internet. Well not every, but definitely the
important ones that will assist you to build a targeted backlink portfolio for your SEO
campaigns. To achieve this level of link building integration by hand would take you weeks if
not months to achieve. All you have to do here is get your content ready, follow the step by step
wizard, schedule the duration of your campaign, press the button and allow SEnuke X to take
over on auto-drive. This means getting to the pub at 6:00pm is now looking a lot more realistic
for me, safe in knowledge that Papa-Nuke is looking after my clients SEO campaigns!

SEnuke X provides you with an automated SEO link building solution. Generating a variety of
interlinked Articles, Press Releases, Web 2.0 pages and Videos that can be cleverly bookmarked
from hundreds of social accounts, pinged and submitted for indexing, all on the fly. Sit back and
enjoy the ride!

Still sounds daunting? Well the simple to use step by step wizard takes you through the process,
you can create your own campaign strategy with the link diagram, use a pre-installed one or find
the latest hot ones on the SEnuke X’s dedicated forum. The modules can be chained, so one
starts when another finishes, or spread out over multiple days or both, it’s really up to you. Once
you press the button, all this happens in the background for you, whilst you get on with putting
together more campaigns or running your SEO business. As the URLs are propagated they can
be pinged on the fly and using the built-in Xindexer can be submitted for indexing to the search
engines. I have never come across anything else on the market offering this level of complexity
and penetration. Interlinked link generation across such a vast array of potential one-way link
opportunities all eventually funnelling back to your money site for your desired keywords is
what we hunger.

What’s the end result? Well, see below!

We have used SEnuke X on a few client projects with great success and I’d like to share the
results we achieved for one of my photography clients, -Lorenzo Ali -,

The SEnuke X campaign was targeted for the keywords, ‘children’s portrait photographer’ and
‘children’s portrait photographer London’. Lorenzo was languishing on page 2/3 of Google for
these terms, 3 weeks later Lorenzo now hold’s the following rankings in Google.

1. For the generic search term ‘children’s portrait photographer’ Lorenzo is now ranked – #No.3
in Google.co.uk – #No.9 in Google.com

2. For the geo-location search term ‘children’s portrait photographer London’. Lorenzo is now
ranked #No.2 in Google.co.uk & #No.2 Google.com

I reckon that’s proof enough that SEnuke X is here to stay and may well rewrite the SEO
landscape over the next year! Let’s see what happens.?

It’s truly an SEO Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Till next time peeps!

SEO Daddy

The SEO Daddy is a very successful professional SEO Consultant. He runs
http://www.photographersseo.com an SEO Company in the UK providing extraordinary SEO for
photographers across the planet. He covers every industry online and specializes in Wedding
Business SEO. Follow the SEO Daddy on Twitter. This article covered the use of SEnuke X on
Lorenzo Ali’s rise and sustaining his presence at to the top of Google for the generic term
‘Children’s Portrait Photographer’.

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