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					Title                                                songbook
500 Miles                                                x
A horse with no name                                   1984
A little bit of heaven, shure they call it Ireland       x
A thing called love                                      x
Abilene                                                  x
All the gold in California                               x
Almost persuaded                                         x
Amanda                                                 1984
Angel flying too close to the ground                     x
Annie;s song                                             x
anniversary song                                         x
another place, another time                              x
Back home again                                          x
Bad bad Leroy Brown                                      x
Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes                          x
Bed of roses                                             x
Bicycle built for two                                    x
Birmingham jail                                          x
Blue eyes crying in the rain                             x
Blue tail fly                                            x
Bridge over troubled water                               x
Catfish John                                             x
Chattanooga shoe shine boy                               x
Cool, clear water                                        x
Could I have this dance                                  x
Coward of the county                                     x
Cowpatty                                                 x
Daddy Frank                                            1984
Daddy Sang Bass                                        1984
Danny Boy                                                x
Deep in the heart of Texas                               x
Delta dawn                                               x
Devil Woman                                              x
Distant drums                                            x
Do you know you are my sunshine                          x
Don't fence me in                                        x
Don't think twice                                        x
Down by the old mill stream                              x
Du du liegst mir im herzen                               x
Each night at nine                                       x
eight days a week                                      1984
El Paso                                                  x
Eleanor Rigby                                          1984
Elvira                                                 1984
Far away places                                          x
Five foot two, eyes of blue                              x
Follow me                                                x
Folsom prison blues                                      x
For baby (for Bobbie)                                    x
for the good times                                       x
Forty shades of green                                    x
Four strong winds                         x
Four walls                                x
Fraulein                                  x
Freckles                                  x
Galway Bay                                x
Ghost riders in the sky                   x
Good day, sunshine                      1984
Good -hearted woman                     1984
good night Irene                          x
Green, green grass of home                x
Heart of gold                           1984
Heart of my heart                         x
He'll have to go                          x
Here, there and everywhere              1984
Hey, Jude                               1984
Holding the bag                           x
Honky tonk angels                         x
I need someone to hold me when I cry    1984
I still miss someone                      x
I walk the line                           x
I want a girl just like the girl          x
I won't go hunting with you Jake          x
If you're a Roths, somebody loves you     x
I'll go to my grave loving you            x
I'll take you home again Kathleen         x
I'm Gonna Hire a Wino                   1984
I'm so lonesome I could cry               x
In my life                              1984
In the evening                            x
In the good old summertime                x
In the shade of the old apple tree        x
Is anybody going to San Antone            x
It ain't me, Babe                       1984
It's only love                          1984
It's only make-believe                    x
Jackson                                   x
Jamaica farewell                          x
Jesus take the wheel
Just because                              x
Kawliga                                   x
King of the Road                          x
Kiss an angel good morning                x
Knock three times                         x
Last letter                               x
Last letter's answer                      x
Lay, lady, lay                          1984
Let it be                               1984
Little brown church in the vale           x
Little old wine drinker me                x
Lodi                                    1984
Lonely people                           1984
Love is a rose                          1984
Love's all around you                                   x
Lovin her is easier than anythin I'll ever do again   1984
Lucille                                                 x
Lucky old sun                                           x
Make the world go away                                  x
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys       x
Mama's hungry eyes                                      x
Me and Bobby McGee                                      x
Me and Paul                                           1984
Miller's Cave                                           x
Monday morning secretary                                x
Morning has broken                                    1984
Mountain dew                                            x
Mr. Bojangles                                         1984
Mr. Tambourine Man                                    1984
Mrs. Robinson                                         1984
My bestest friend                                     1984
My blue heaven                                          x
My elusive dreams                                       x
My favorite memories                                  1984
My heroes have always been cowboys                    1984
My own kind of hat                                      x
New York City                                           x
Nobody's darlin but mine                              1984
Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown)                  1984
Oh, very young                                        1984
Okie from Muskogee                                      x
Old dogs and children and watermelon wine               x
Old man river                                           x
Old Shep                                                x
Older women are beautiful lovers                      1984
On the road again
One tin soldier                                         x
Paper roses                                             x
Pennsylvania Polka                                      x
Pictures                                                x
Pistol-packin' mama                                     x
Please don't tell me how the story ends               1984
Please mister please (B-17)                             x
Please release me                                       x
Proud Mary                                            1984
Punky's dilemma                                       1984
Ramblin Man                                           1984
Red sails in the sunset                                 x
Remember the good times                               1984
Rocky mountain high                                   1984
Rodeo romeo                                           1984
Rollin with the flow                                  1984
Romona                                                  x
rose garden                                             x
Saginaw Michigan                                        x
Saint Louis Woman                                       x
San Antonio Rose                                        x
Serenade of the Bells                                   x
Should I?                                               x
Side by side                                            x
Silver haired daddy of mine                             x
Silver medals and sweet memories                        x
Silver threads and golden needles                       x
Silver wings                                            x
Sloop John B                                            x
Snowbird                                                x
some days are diamonds - some days are stone          1984
Something                                             1984
Song sung blue                                        1984
Stewball                                                x
Sunday morning coming down                              x
Sweet Caroline                                        1984
Sweet Memories                                          x
Take it easy                                          1984
Take me home country roads                              x
Take the ribbon from her hair                           x
Tavern in the town                                      x
Tennessee bird walk                                     x
Thank God I'm a country boy                           1984
That's an Irish lullaby                                 x
That's my weakness now                                  x
the band played on                                      x
The class of '57                                        x
The cruel war                                           x
The fugitive                                            x
The gambler                                             x
the glory of love                                       x
The Missouri Waltz                                      x
The pilgrim: chapter 33                               1984
The rose                                              1984
The times they are a changin                          1984
the way I am                                            x
There's a gold mine in the sky                          x
There's an empty cot in the bunk house                  x
There's nothin more desperate than an old desperado   1984
Thirty-nine and holding                                 x
Ticket to ride                                        1984
Tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree                 x
Till I can gain control again                         1984
Today                                                   x
Too old to play cowboy                                  x
Wastin' away again in Margaritavill                   1984
Weary hobo                                              x
What now my love                                        x
When the works all done this fall                       x
when you and I were young, Maggie                       x
Whiskey River                                         1984
Wreck of the old '97                                    x
Y'all come back saloon              1984
Yellow Bird                           x
Yellow submarine                    1984
Yesterday                           1984
Yesterday's Wine                    1984
You are my sunshine                   x
Your cheating heart                   x
You've got to hide your love away   1984

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