Horror Horror Books by Nzumanowakchukma


									    Horror Books
                                                  Scare Up a Good Read!
                                 Author                      Title
                                 Anderson, M. T.             Thirsty
                                 Andrews, V. C.              Flowers in the Attic
                                 Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia      In the Forests
                                                               of the Night
                                 Bellairs, John              The Letter, the
                                                             Witch, and the Ring

                                 Bird, Isobel                Circle of Three Series
                                 Bradbury, Ray               Something Wicked
                                                             this way Comes
                                 Cormier, Robert             Fade
                                 Cusick, Ritchie             The Harvest (Buffy
                                                             the Vampire Slayer)
                                 Duncan, Lois                I Know What You did
                                                             Last Summer
                                                             Gallows Hill
                                                             Killing Mr. Griffin
                                 Hamilton, Laurell K.        Guilty Pleasures
                                 King, Stephen               The Shining
                                 Klause, Annette Curtis      The Silver Kiss
                                                             Blood and Chocolate
                                 Koontz, Dean                A Voice in the Night
                                 Pike, Christopher           Die Softly
                                 Pullman, Phillip            Clockwork
                                                             Ruby in the Smoke
                                 Scott, Michael              October Moon
                                 Shan, Darren                Cirque Du Freak
                                 Sleator, William            The Spirit House
                                 Stine, R. L.                Fear Street Series
                                 Rice, Anne                  Interview with a
                                 Vande Velde, Vivian         Companions of the
                                 Werlin, Nancy               The Killer’s Cousin
                                 Zindel, Paul                The Doom Stone

                                 Irving, Washington          The Legend of Sleepy
Artwork by Hertz Alegrio, 2006
                                 Poe, Edgar Allen            The Raven and
                                                             Other Stories
                                 Shelley, Mary               Frankenstein
                                 Stoker, Bram                Dracula

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