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									ART 1110                 Foundation: 2-D                      Fall 2007
Lecture Hours: 2 Lab Hours: 2 Credit Hours: 3
Class Time: 9:00- 11:50 a.m. Days: T & TH              Room: VA 116
Instructor: Nancy Madura
Instructor's Contact Information: if you cannot meet during office hours, leave message
on voice mail or email
Office Phone: 268-2507
Email: nmadura@caspercollege.edu
Office Hours: M-TH 8:30- 9:00 a.m. & 1:15- 2:00 p.m.

Course Description:
Studies and sequential exercises in the basic elements of design: shape, line, and value,
color and texture. Exploration of the relationships of these elements with emphasis on

Statement of Prerequisites: None

Students will be shown how to recognize pictorial organization through the study of
composition and principals of organic unity.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of pictorial organization by designing
compositional projects using the elements of line, value, shape, color, and texture.

Studio instruction including critiques, lectures, demonstrations, brainstorming sessions
and group discussions will be used to introduce and review course material. Critiques will
be conducted as open, informal forums where you discuss and comment upon other
students work in a constructive, critical and intelligent manner. There will be final
critiques of finished work for all projects, as well as group critiques for concepts and
thumbnails sketches. I expect you to openly question your fellow students on their
decisions in regard to concept, design and presentation. Be prepared to answer for your
work for no decision is made arbitrarily. I want you to be aware of why you created a
specific design and be able to explain why you think your design is effective and
appropriate to your concept. Group critiques are designed to improve your presentation
skills and to develop a professional attitude about your work. Under no circumstances
will aggressive, disrespectful or inappropriate comments or behavior be tolerated in class.
No exceptions. Attendance during critique is crucial. I expect everyone to have their
work finished and ready for display at the beginning of class on critique days. Projects
not on display for critique will automatically drop 5pts. Late assignments drop 10pts for
each missed day. This is a hands-on studio class so I expect students to bring all materials
necessary to work in class. You will not be excused from class to purchase supplies. You
must wait until break to retrieve forgotten materials. It is impossible to repeat a lecture or
redo a demonstration for one student. If you miss a lecture or demonstration it is your
responsibility to get notes from a classmate before the next class so that you are prepared.
Evaluation Criteria:
Final grades are based on the TOTAL number of points earned for the semester. Consider
this as a job and you get paid in points. For example: daily attendance is worth 25 pts. If
you are late or if you leave early - you get docked in points (-10pts). Absences the class
before and/or directly following a vacation or break count double (-50 pts unless you
bring in a signed doctor excuse or a printed obituary). Each project is worth 75pts,
concept sketches and thumbnails are worth 50pts, vocabulary tests are worth 50pts and
your participation in critiques will be considered as part of attitude and effort is worth
250 pts for the semester. You will be given a sample grade card that lists all the projects
so that you can fill it in and keep track of your point summary. The percentage point cut-
offs for an A is 92%, a B is 84%, a C is 76%, a D is 68%, anything below 68% is an F.
Please keep in mind, a majority of the information for this course is received in class,
therefore after 3 absences you will receive an attendance alert and after 5 absences you
will have missed a significant amount of information and will fail this course.
Attendance is mandatory for the college scheduled final exam. (Do not make flight
reservations during finals week - this not excused - you will fail the course.)

Class Policies:
Last date to change to Audit Status or to withdraw with a W Grade: Nov. 3, 2006
Missed vocabulary tests (worth 50pts) can be taken the next class period (dropped to
35pts). Students are expected to complete all assignments. I do not accept additional
projects for extra credit. I encourage the student to concentrate on one excellent project -
quantity does not equate or guarantee quality. A student is welcome to submit two
completed two projects for any assignment; I will grade both projects and add the higher
grade into the total. Any project may be reworked and resubmitted for reconsideration if
the project met the original deadline and is resubmitted within two weeks after the graded
project is returned to the student.

Student Rights and Responsibilities:
 Please refer to the Casper College Student Conduct and Judicial Code for information
concerning your rights and responsibilities as a Casper College Student.
Chain of Command:
If you have any problems with this class, you should first contact the instructor in order
to solve the problem. If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by the instructor,
you should then take your problem through the appropriate chain of command starting
with the department head, then the division chair, and lastly the vice president for
academic affairs.
Academic Dishonesty - Cheating & Plagiarism:
Casper College demands intellectual honesty. Proven plagiarism or any form of
dishonesty associated with the academic process can result in the offender failing the
course in which the offense was committed or expulsion from school. See the Casper
College Student Code of Conduct.

ADA Accommodations Policy:
It is the policy of Casper College to provide appropriate accommodations to any student
with a documented disability. If you have a need for accommodation in this course,
please make an appointment to see me at your earliest convenience.

Required supplies: (approximate cost $150- $175)

These will be needed almost every class, bring with you to every class.
~14x17 or similar size of good drawing paper
~ Several sheets of black construction paper
~ Glue stick or glue roll
~ metal ruler with cork or rubber back
~ exato knife- & 1 pack of #16 blades for cutting paper
~ good scissors
~ soft lead (2B to 6B) pencils
~ erasers (kneaded erasers)
~ utility knife for cutting mount board
~ black or gray mount board
~ roll of clear .001 polyester or mylar
~ 1 can of BESTEST rubber cement- and BESTINE rubber cement thinner
~ rubber cement pickup
~ masking tape
~ roll of yellow tracing paper
~ double end Sharpie
~ various pen points & drawing ink
~ 1 tube or bottle each of black and white acrylic paint
~ 4-golden synthetic bristle: #2, #6 round brushes & #4, #8 flat brushes
(absolutely no camel or squirrel hair brushes)
~wide bottom water container for rinsing brushes
~15X20 (or 1/4 sheet) all media illustration broad
~ 9x12 sheet of scratchboard (can be un-inked)
~ scratchboard knife points and holder
~ bottle of acrylic matte medium
2-D Design Project Calendar

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