And Then We Masked by panniuniu


									                                  “And Then We Masked”

You are cordially invited to attend Lord Capulet’s ball. In order to enter, you must wear an
original mask that you created. You have three options when considering the kind of mask to

       1. Your mask can represent something about you. It should not require too much
       explanation. We should be able to understand your character and personality based
       on your mask.

       2. Your mask can represent a character in the play. Think carefully about each
       character’s personality traits. It should be evident to us which character you
       have chosen to portray.

       3. Your mask can represent a theme from the play. For example, there are many
       references to light and dark. Your mask could reflect the significance of such a
       theme. Again, we should be able to understand your representation.

EVERYTHING on the mask must be original – you may not buy a mask and simply glue things
on it. Do not feel the need to buy things from a craft store, but use what your parents
already have around the house (ask permission first, of course).

Here are some suggestions for mask materials:

cardboard                     stickers                       magazine pictures
markers                       hardware supplies              construction paper
ribbon                        macaroni                       sequins
aluminum foil                 fabric scraps                  coins
feathers                      glitter                        model kit supplies
crayons                       kite supplies                  felt
                              tissue paper                   paint

                   This assignment is due Tuesday, October 11, 2011
                               “And Then We Masked” Rubric


 Category             A               B                C               D               F
 Creativity    Superb           Above           Average          Below           Complete
    and        creativity is    average         creativity is    average         lack of
 Originality   evident.         creativity is   evident. Few     creativity is   creativity
   (30%)       Unique use of    evident.        unique           evident.        and
               materials.       Many unique     materials        Minimal         originality.
               Mask is          materials       making           attempt to
               unlike any       used. Few       leaving mask     make mask
               other            masks are       to appear        original.
               students’        similar.        average.
   Mask        Your mask        Your mask       Your mask        Your mask       Your mask
Representati   design and       design and      design and       design and      makes no
     on        decoration       decoration      decoration is    decoration is   connection
   (50%)       fully            represent       very simple in   below           to your
               represent        your chosen     representatio    average. We     explanation,
               your chosen      theme or        n. You have to   have a hard     theme, or
               theme or         character       explain your     time            character.
               character.       well. Your      mask to          understandin
               Your mask        mask            peers. Your      g how your
               requires no      requires        representatio    mask
               explanation.     little          n is average.    represents
               Your             explanation.                     your theme
               representati     Your                             or character.
               on is “out of    representati                     Your
               the box”.        on is above                      representati
                                average.                         on is below
 Neatness      Your mask is     Your mask is    Your mask is     Your mask is    Your mask
  (20%)        carefully and    put together    less neat        put together    is a mess.
               meticulously     neatly with     and/or messy.    sloppily.       Appearance
               constructed.     few flaws.      Very average     Appearance      is
               Superior         Above           appearance.      is below        unacceptabl
               appearance.      average                          average.        e.

Overall Score: _____________________________

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