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									                     A Look at the Book of Revelation

Introduction: Revelation is impossible to summarize in one message. For many it is the most
fascinating book of the Bible. There is a reason for Revelation being the last book of the Bible.
Without a firm knowledge of the books leading up to Revelation it is impossible to put it in
context. Many have taken the vision of Revelation and gotten off doctrinally.

        Revelation is saturated with Old Testament references – about 550. It shows the
culmination of God’s program through the ages. His final dealings with the Gentile nations,
working of Satan, planet earth, the nation of Israel, the Messianic prophecies, and the righteous
saints of all ages. “I have read the back of the book, we win!”

         Revelation has 22 chapters, 404 verses, 12,000 words. It was written by John from the
Isle of Patmos around AD 95. There is a blessing to them that read it (1:3) as well as a curse to
those who tamper with it (22:19)

Outline of the Book
Vision of Jesus amidst the Churches (1-3)

Vision of Judgment on the Wicked (4-20)

1.     Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, Seven Vials

Vision of the New Jerusalem (21-22)

The Letters to the Seven Churches
The letters to the seven churches show us that Christ is in the midst of His churches. He knows
their works, suffering, and purity. The seven churches were located in cities in Asia Minor
(modern day Turkey). Though they were actually historical churches with unique problems,
they present to us a view of the spiritual battles all churches face throughout the centuries.
They also parallel seven periods in church history from the time of the apostles to us today. To
each church Jesus gives a promise to overcomers.

1.     Ephesus, the church that left it’s first love (2:1-7) -Apostolic Period (1-2nd
       century)(gradual falling away)
2.     Smyrna, the church in Suffering (2:8-11) -Rome Persecutes the Church (2-4th
       century)(persecution of Caesars)

3.     Pergamos, the church tolerating false teachers (2:12-17) -Rome accepts the church (4-
       7th century)(Christianity the state religion)

4.     Thyatira, the church tolerating immorality (2:18-29) -Rome controls the church (7-16th
       century)(the Papal era, dark ages)

5.     Sardis, the church that was dead (3:1-6) -Church pulls out of Rome (16-18th century)(the
       growth of Protestantism)

6.     Philadelphia, the church faithful to Christ (3:7-13) -Revival and Mission Movement (18-
       19th century)(Great Awakenings)

7.     Laodicea, the church of lukewarm believers (3:14-22) -Modernism and Mega churches
       (19th century to present)

Three Purposes of the Tribulation
1. To Prepare Israel for the Kingdom (Jeremiah 30:7)

2. To Judge the Wickedness of Man (Psalm 2)

3. To End Gentile World Powers (Daniel 7:9)

The Seven Seals (4-6)
The opening of the Seven Seals takes place after the church is removed from the earth. Notice
the word “after” in Revelation 4:1. John sees Jesus Christ is seen as a Lamb (through His
sacrifice He provides eternal salvation). He is the only one worthy to open the seven seals. The
judgments seem to be that which man brings upon the earth through violence and war.
Multitudes of Gentiles who turn to God after the tribulation will not fit into the fabric of the
New World Order and are killed.

       1. The political conquering of the Anti-Christ (6:1-2)

       2. War (6:3-4)

       3. Famine (6:5-6)
       4. Death (6:7-8)

       5. God’s servants killed (6:9-11)

       6. Great Earthquake and fear of the nations (6:12-17)

The Seven Trumpets (7-11)
The Seven Trumpet Judgments take place after the 144,000 thousand are sealed by God. These
are male Jewish evangelists who preach the gospel of the kingdom. Two witness also show up,
probably Moses and Elijah and have a miraculous ministry. The scene in Heaven shows Christ as
the High Priest. The gentiles killed in the beginning are now surrounding the throne praising
the risen Lamb. These judgments are catastrophic and supernatural in origin.

       1. Third of plant life destroyed (8:7)

       2. Third of sea life destroyed (8:8-9)

       3. Third of fresh water destroyed (8:10-11)

       4. Third of sun darkened (8:12-13)

       5. Locusts from the pit (9:1-12)

       6. Third of people die (9:13-21)

       7. Earthquake and anger of the nations (11:15-19)

The Seven Vials (15-16)
The seven vials come after we see the persecution of Israel by the Satan and world- wide
deception of the Anti-Christ and false prophet. The 144,000 are seen standing with Christ on
Mt. Sion. The judgments seem to focus on the kingdom of the Anti-Christ. There is a parallel to
the Judgments on Pharaoh’s kingdom in the book of Exodus.

       1. Grievous sores (16:2)

       2. Sea turned to blood (16:3)

       3. Fresh water turned to blood (16:4-7)

       4. Heat from the Sun (16:8-9)
        5. Darkness (16:10-11)

        6. Euphrates dried up (16:12)

        7. Great Earthquake and blaspheme of the nations (16:17-21)

Observations about the Tribulation
1.      The Book of Revelation shows scenes in Heaven and earth. God decrees it in Heaven
        then it is done on earth.

2.      The judgments do not cause sinners to repent (9:21)

3.      The earth is going to be trashed

4.      Each series of judgments ends with an earthquake (6:12, 11:19, 16:18)

5.      There will be a good kingdom witness

6.      The church is not mentioned

A Look at Babylon (Rev 14:8, 16:19, 17:5, 18:2)
Babylon or Babel is a reoccurring theme in the Scripture beginning in Genesis 11. It represents
religious perversion, human wisdom, and rebellion against God. Before Christ brings in His
Millennial kingdom the gentile world government must be destroyed and their leader

     The Three Forms of Babylon

1.      Political Babylon (Kingdom of the Beast)(Rev 16)

2.      Religious Babylon (The Great Whore)(Rev 17)

3.      Commercial Babylon (The Great City)(Rev 18)
     Destruction of Religious Babylon (Rev 17)

1.      Religious Babylon is very wealthy (vs 4)

        1.     Wealth of the Roman Catholic Church

2.      Religious Babylon is the Mother of all false religion (vs 5)

        1.     Read paper on Babylon Mystery Religion

3.      Religious Babylon is responsible for murdering the saints

4.      The Antichrist is the Beast upon whom the woman rides (vs 8)

        1.     It seems that the Antichrist uses the woman to gain power

5.      The seven heads are the seven historical kingdoms (vs 9-11)

        1.     Five are fallen (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece)

        2.     One is (Rome)

        3.     The other is not yet come (Revived Rome)

        4.     The eighth is the Antichrist who actually heads up the seventh

6.      The ten horns are ten kings who reign with the beast (vs 12-14)

        1.     The European common market or United Nations?

7.      The woman rules over many people (vs 15)

8.      She will be destroyed by the kings of the earth (vs 16-17)

        1.     God makes them destroy religious Babylon

        2.     The religion was only used by the beast to gain power

        3.     The kings of the earth want her wealth

9.      Babylon is Rome (vs 18)

        1.     In Rev_14:8; Rev_16:19; Rev_17:5; Rev_18:2, “Babylon” is supposed to mean
               Rome . . . “The literal Babylon was the beginner and supporter of tyranny and
               idolatry... This city and its whole empire were taken by the Persians under Cyrus;
               the Persians were subdued by the Macedonians, and the Macedonians by the
               Romans; so that Rome succeeded to the power of old Babylon. And it was her
               method to adopt the worship of the false deities she had conquered; so that by
               her own act she became the heiress and successor of all the Babylonian idolatry,
               and of all that was introduced into it by the immediate successors of Babylon,
               and consequently of all the idolatry of the earth.” Rome, or “mystical Babylon,”
               is “that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth” (Rev_17:18).
               Easton’s Bible Handbook

The Millennial Reign (Revelation 20)
The millennial reign will be the literal fulfillment of “peace on earth good will to men”. Many
Old Testament promises will be fulfilled in the Millennial Reign. Right now we are partakers of
a spiritual kingdom in Christ. In the Millennial Reign, our faith will become sight, and we will
live and prosper in a literal physical kingdom on earth with Christ as the Head.

*Notice eleven facts about the Millennial Reign

1.     Satan is bound (Rev 20:1-3)

2.     Nations are judged (Mat 25:31-34)

3.     The kingdom is restored to Israel (Zach 8:6-8)

4.     Jesus is enthroned (Luke 1:31-33)

5.     The saved are reigning (2 Tim 2:12-13)

6.     The Law is taught (Isaiah 2:2-3)

7.     World peace is established (Isa 2:4)

8.     The curse is removed (Isa 11:6-9)

9.     Longevity is restored (Isa 65:19-25)

10.    Temple is constructed (Ez 40-44)

11.    Perfect justice is given (Isa 9:6-7)
Revelation at a Glance

Vision of Jesus Amidst the Churches

Introduction, John’s vision of the glorified Christ (1)

Letters to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira (2)

Letters to Sardis, Philidelphia, Laodicea (3)

Vision of Judgment on the Wicked

The throne room of God (4)

The Lamb opens the seven sealed book (5)

The seals one to six are open: conqueror, war, famine, death, martyrs, earthquake (6)

The sealing of the 144,000, the saved Gentile multitude (7)

The seven trumpet judgments: destruction of plant life, sea, fresh water, sun light (8)

Trumpets continued: creatures from the bottomless pit, army from the Euphrates (9)

The mighty angel and the little book (10)

The ministry of the two witnesses, the seventh trumpet (11)
Satan wars against Israel (12)

The beast and the false prophet, the mark of the beast (13)

The vision of the 144,000 before God, the angels announce fall of Armageddon (14)

The sign of the seven last plagues (15)

The seven vials = sores, blood, more blood, heat, darkness, Euphrates dried, earthquake (16)

Destruction of religious Babylon, kings of earth give power to the Beast (17)

Destruction of commercial Babylon (18)

Glorious return of Christ, Battle of Armageddon, doom of Beast and false prophet (19)
Satan bound, the millennial reign, Satan loosed, final battle, great white throne judgment (20)

Vision of New Jerusalem

The new heavens and earth, description of the New Jerusalem (21)

The throne of God, final warnings, conclusion (22)

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