Questionnaire by xiaohuicaicai


									                                LAPHUMILANGA LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME
    All applicants are required to complete the questionnaire below, as part of the application process.
                 Please indicate (with X) the response with which you most strongly agree.

                                          Statement                                           Response    Response
                                                                                                 (a)         (b)
1     The government should have the right to ban a newspaper.                                 Yes         No
2     Riots break out. The police must have the right to detain rioters until the situation    Yes         No
      has calmed.
3     Nationalising the mines will transfer the mineral wealth of the nation to the poor.      Yes         No
4     Most South Africans find it offensive for men to be openly gay. Being openly gay         Yes         No
      should not be allowed.
5     The Public Protector’s criticisms of cabinet ministers must be fully investigated by     Yes         No
      the President before taking action on them.
6     The courts should consult with government before issuing judgments that will             Yes         No
      embarrass any Minister or Department.
7     The wages of first-time employees must be subsidised by the government.                  Yes         No
8     The death penalty must be reinstated.                                                    Yes         No
9     South Africans should not be allowed to join the Communist Party. This will              Yes         No
      ensure that Communism, which has failed worldwide, will die out in our country.
10    Able-bodied prisoners should be put to work.                                             Yes         No
11    The Freedom Charter was signed in 1955 – forty years before the Constitution. It         Yes         No
      deserves the same respect as the Constitution.
12    Muslim women should not be allowed to wear a burkha (covering her face), since           Yes         No
      this can be a security risk.
13    Every sport must have racial quotas for its national teams.                              Yes         No
14    A married woman employed within the Public Service should get a lower housing            Yes         No
      subsidy than a man.
15    I have a right to dump my waste anywhere, as long as it is out of sight.                 Yes         No

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16   Prisoners must not be allowed to vote.                                                           Yes   No
17   Street children have made their choice to leave home and to leave school. They deserve           Yes   No
     what they get.
18   South Africa must source the scarce skills it does not have from overseas.                       Yes   No
19   All government decision-making must be centralised. For example, a decision by a Mayor           Yes   No
     must be condoned by a Minister before it can be implemented.
20   The government must decide which businesses are in the national interest. It must not grant      Yes   No
     permission to operate in any other sectors.
21   Parents must lose their child care grants unless they meet specified conditions, such as         Yes   No
     ensuring their child is in school.
22   The ANC celebrates its centenary in 2012. It is the governing party, and has the right to fund   Yes   No
     its celebrations from government coffers.
23   Women can only be empowered through a law requiring that at least 50% of all positions in        Yes   No
     business and the public sector must go to women.
24   Afrikaans is a language of Apartheid. It should not be taught in schools.                        Yes   No
25   Everyone is entitled to have a flush toilet in their house.                                      Yes   No
26   White South Africans must achieve higher marks in Grade 12 to be able to enter university        Yes   No
     than Black South Africans.
27   If the President is satisfied that his Cabinet Ministers are performing well, we should not      Yes   No
     question his judgment. We should accept that he is in charge.
28   The government is directly responsible for creating jobs.                                        Yes   No
29   A farmer can only have one farm. If he has more than one, he should willingly transfer the       Yes   No
     other(s) to emerging Black farmers.
30   Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that lobby against government policy must be               Yes   No


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