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									                                                                         FAQs: Payroll

Payroll Question:                                            Answer:

On the General Deductions page, will the 'Take on all     The checkbox will appear on the page, but there is no functionality
paygroups' checkbox be used?                              behind that field.
Who will be performing the Substantial Presence Test? The Substantial Presence Test will be used by agencies who hire
                                                          non resident aliens.
Would central payroll handle United Way and other         Yes, central payroll will handle United Way and other deductions
deductions like DCAP?                                     like DCAP.
Are examples of paychecks going to be provided to         There will be payroll 'stuffers' that will go out with the first paycheck
agencies?                                                 explaining the different fields on the paycheck.
When setting up the Deduction for a Savings Bond, can Yes, same practice as today if employee only wants a 50 cent
agency payroll deduct less than the total allowed for a   deduction per pay period it will accumulate .50 per pay period until
specific bond purchase per pay period? In other words, the purchase price is met.
if an employee wants to purchase a specific bond
denomination, they are instructed to set up a deduction
for half the value of the bond. Can agency payroll setup
a deduction for a portion of the bond purchase price, for
example $5.00 deducted per pay period to eventually
purchase a $100 bond?
Will Garnishment Judgments be kept at Central Payroll Central Payroll
or sent to the specific Agency Payroll department?

Will an error report be generated if you do not click Ok     The post production team will be generating a payroll query that will
to Pay in the Additional Pay procedure?                      go to central payroll only and someone from central payroll will
                                                             contact the agency to question payments that the ok to pay box is
                                                             not checked.
Will payroll staff be able to generate a report that lists   Yes the deduction register.
individual employees in their agency along with their
associated deductions prior to checks being printed
each pay period?

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                                                                       FAQs: Payroll

After setting up a Direct Deposit for an employee that    Yes, they will have to go back thru pre-note.
deposits their paycheck into their checking account, the
employee wants to direct their paycheck to their savings
account. The Direct deposit had already gone through
pre-notification. If the savings account is with the same
bank as the checking, will this change force another pre-

Is there a way to set up a twice a year payment in the    Not on one record only - they could however setup 2 effective dated
Additional Pay function on just one record?               rows.

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