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DECEMBER 18, 2010 –             CONTACT US
                      Dear Friends,

                      Welcome to another exciting,
@FriscoCommunity      informative issue of The Frisco
  @ErikaLafata        Community Newsletter, now in
  @MattLafata         our 9th year with 41,000
                      weekly readers. In 2001, I
                      started the newsletter before I
                      was elected to the Frisco City
                      Council as a comprehensive
   Matt Lafata        grass-roots initiative to let
   Erika Lafata       people know what was going
                      on in the city, and for me to be
                      able to communicate my
                      thoughts about various issues.
                      After being termed out after 6
   Matt Lafata        years on council in May 2008,
   Erika Lafata       my wife Erika and I chose to
                      continue the weekly newsletter
   OTHER LINKS        to be able to especially assist
The Lafata Family's   area non-profits, schools and
     Website          places of worship to get the
                      word out about their
   Erika’s Blog       organizations and events.
   Matt’s Blog
                      We invite you to visit our
The Puzzling World    website to find out how to
 of HR Technology     submit your FREE community
       Blog           listing. Our readers are the
                      key. This newsletter couldn‟t
                      happen without your eyes and
                        ears letting us know what‟s
                        going on with your respective
                        schools and organizations.

                        We also want to make sure
                        that we connect with you on as
                        many levels as possible to
                        keep you informed of what‟s
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This Frisco             contact information if you‟d
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amazing things in
this newsletter, as      The holidays are around the
there are every         corner, so be sure that Dr.
week. Please SHARE      Kathryn Wood‟s Dermalase in
this newsletter with    Frisco is on your shopping list!
all your friends and    They‟re proud to offer 3
neighbors and           different specials to help be
encourage them to       your best you for all the
sign up to receive it   upcoming parties and family
themselves. They’ll     gatherings. Dr. Wood is also
                        very pleased to offer Fraxel
greatly appreciate        Dual, a new laser procedure
you for it, as no         with no wound care and very
citizen should be         little social downtime. Meet Dr.
without this              Wood‟s Dermalase Team and
important                 read more about Fraxel Dual
information at their      below.
                          We encourage you to visit our
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                          Erika and Matt Lafata
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Quotes of the Week:

“Only a fool tests the
depth of water with
both feet” - African

“In the confrontation
between the stream
                              The Dermalase Team in
and the rock, the
stream always wins –
not through strength,
but through
                            After having undergone
persistence.” - Buddha
                            extensive training and
                            certifications, Dr. Kathryn
“Setting an example is
                            Wood's practice offers her
not the main means of
                            patients the very latest
influencing others, it is
                            medical skin care advances
the only means.” –
                            available in the country at her
Albert Einstein
                            aesthetic center,
                            Dermalase. At Dermalase,
Dr. Kathryn Wood’s          patients experience a safe
Dermalase in Frisco         approach to anti-aging
 Introduces Fraxel     aesthetic services as they
   Duel Laser: 2       discover a variety of lasers
NEW - Frisco ISD A-    designed to treat facial lines,
   List Week: 4        wrinkles, age (sun) spots,
                       spider veins, acne, unwanted
NEW - Frisco Square    hair, body contouring, skin
 Christmas in the      tightening, and melasma or
  Square Special       pigment irregularities. They
Weekend Events: 4      offer a wide variety of skin
  NEW – Tornado        care products for all skin types
  Hockey Back in       and concerns.
    Action This
   Weekend: 5
    NEW – Frisco       What is Fraxel Dual?
      Education        Fraxel Dual is the newest laser
     Foundation        resurfacing treatment on the
   Fundraiser: 10      market. This two-in-one
  Tornado Hockey       laser offers a wavelength for
  Tickets for Just     collagen building plus another
       $40!!! 5        that is best for reducing
                       unwanted pigment from
 Start January off
                       photoaging and melasma.
 with a brand new
                       More pigment is removed in
       job! 6
                       fewer sessions with beautiful,
UPDATED - Give the     noticeable results after just
  Perfect Gift this    one treatment! It is relatively
Holiday Season THIS    quick (about 15 minutes for
     Saturday: 6       the face). It will cause the
   “A Christmas        skin to darken over the first 3
     Blessing”         days and then peel. There is
  Performance: 6       no wound care. The patient‟s
                       social downtime is about 3-5
Non-profit Education
Organization Seeks      days.
Candidates for Free
   Tutoring: 7           Be your best you this holiday
                        season! Dermalase is offering
 Win a Super Bowl              these specials:
   Package and
 Support CASA of               * $99 Photofacial
 Collin County: 7        * Buy 1 get 1 Free Chemical
     Frisco Area                     Peels
 Children's Theater         * New Fraxel Dual $900
(FACT) presents the      includes post procedure care
  classic Christmas         products ($1200 value)
 story, "The Littlest
      Angel": 7         About Kathryn Wood, M.D.,
 Dallas Children’s
 Advocacy Center
Needs Your Help: 7
 Medicare’s Annual
    Window of
Opportunity is Here:
         8                      Dr. Kathryn Wood
 Discovery Camps
                        Longtime Frisco physician Dr.
during the Holidays
                        Kathryn Wood is board
– Dec 21-23 & Dec
                        certified in Obstetrics and
     28-30: 9
                        Gynecology. Since 1990, Dr.
  NEW – Take the        Wood focuses on gynecology,
 Plunge to benefit      preventive medicine, hormonal
 the Scott Sullivan     disorders, and aesthetics. She
Scholarship Fund: 9     offers comprehensive
NEW - City of Frisco    approaches to care that
 Municipal Parking      include exams, testing, and
                        confidential clinical
Garage Now Open to     conversations to identify all
   the Public: 10      emotional concerns for a
 NEW - Fantastic       complete treatment plan.
Frisco Girl's Soccer
                       Integral to Dr. Wood‟s practice
     Team: 10
                       is her aesthetics center,
  NEW - The Plano      Dermalase, where patients
Symphony Orchestra     experience a safe approach to
presents “Gone With    anti-aging aesthetic services,
the Winds,” January    helping patients improve their
30, 2011; Sponsored    skin‟s appearance, restoring
    by Target: 11      confidence. Dr. Wood‟s office is
 NEW - LANDSCAPE       committed to improving the
  DESIGN/DETAIL        health and well-being of each
(Mid-December): 12     patient. Visit Dr. Wood at
                       Dermalase at:
   NEW - Frisco
 RoughRiders and       5575 Warren Parkway, Ste 208
Round Rock Express            Frisco, TX 75034
Set to Play "Future            972-769-9663
Rangers Game": 13       Online at
NEW – Casting Call:
 ArtCentre Theater
presents “Give Me A
     Break” 14
NEW - City of Frisco   NEW - Frisco ISD A-List
Closings/Hours for     Week:
Christmas and New
 Year's Holiday: 15    Dec 13-Dec 19 you can save
NEW – Frisco Police    50-90%OFF your holiday
 Department urges      shopping and 33% of the
 residents to help     proceeds go directly to the
                       Frisco Education Foundation!
  protect against
thefts of packages     To take advantage of the
 delivered to their    savings see:
homes this holiday     http://www.premiumpassport.
    season: 15         com/alist/FISD.html
NEW – TAAF Winter
 Games Coming To       Don‟t miss out on this
  Frisco Soon: 16      opportunity to save money
                       AND give back while doing it!
NEW - Internet and
   School Safety
Seminar to be held
  at Liberty High
    School: 17
NEW - AEIS Public      NEW - Frisco Square
Hearing Scheduled      Christmas in the Square
for January 10: 17     Special Weekend Events:
NEW - Photos with
  Santa & Raffle
 Benefiting Frisco     Frisco Square and NBC
Humane Society: 17     Channel 5 announce special
                       weekend events, for Saturday,
NEW – The Winter       December 18th in the heart of
Games of Texas: 18     Frisco Square, located at Main
 NEW – FISD Given      Street and Coleman Boulevard.
Five-Star Rating: 18   Due to last weekend‟s high
 NEW – Wakeland        winds, the management at
  Tennis Coach         Frisco Square changed the
   Honored: 19         dates for the annual Christmas
                       in the Square Hot Air Balloon
   NEW – Growth        Glow and parachuting Santa.
Projections Indicate
 More Schools May      The new date is Saturday
   Be Needed: 19         December 18th between 5:15
 UPDATED - Frisco        – 5:20pm when Santa and two
 Police Blotter: 19      elves will parachute into Frisco
                         Square. At 5:30pm until 7:30
                         pm the RE/MAX sponsored Hot
                         Air Balloon Glow will be held.
                         The Parachuting Santa is
For advertising          sponsored by Babe‟s Chicken
opportunities for        Dinner House. The Light
your business,           Extravaganza is sponsored by:
please contact Erika     Mike Chandler Electric, CoServ
Lafata. While I          Electric, and Cinemark. The
continue to handle       Snow Machine is sponsored by:
the content of the       Neighbors Go, FC Dallas, and
newsletter (the bulk     Frisco Style. The
of the newsletter        choreographed music is
that is non-paid         sponsored by: Grande
announcements/non        Communications.
-profit events), Erika
handles the              SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18,
business commercial      2010 (5:30 – 10 pm)
opportunities,             - Parachuting Santa (One
including the
                             time Special Event 5:15 –
Sponsorship and
Spotlight features as        5:20pm), sponsored by
well as other                Babe‟s Chicken Dinner
marketing requests.
                           - Balloon Glow (One time
We pride ourselves           Special Event 5:30 –
in not being a               7:30pm), sponsored by
“business directory”         RE/MAX
but rather a place
where YOUR                 - 3 Lane Inner-tube
business can be               Snowslide sponsored by
showcased and not             WinStar Casino
dwarfed with an
overflow of                 - Dusty Bottoms
advertising from
                            - Inflatables/Characters
your competitors.
Your business will          - Santa Claus, sponsored by
SHINE in this                 ThyssenKrupp Elevators
                            - Cars on Display,
You can find an               sponsored by David
overview and media            McDavid Honda of Frisco
kit of the newsletter
here                        - Train Display

                            - Carriage Rides, sponsored
                              by Collin Bank and Coserv
The Frisco                    Gas $6pp
                            - Trackless Train sponsored
Newsletter Staff and
Contributors                  by Fidelity $2pp

Matt Lafata –
Founder – 972-639-

Erika Lafata – Sales
                          NEW – Tornado Hockey
and Marketing
                          Back in Action This

Kaleigh Lafata – Junior   The Texas Tornado are back in
Reporter for the Texas    Frisco on Saturday, December
Tornado Hockey Team     18th for a home game against
                        the Corpus Christi IceRays at
Glenn Kopanski –        7:30pm. Saturday night is
Landscape Design        More the Merrier Night. Fans
                        can get 10 tickets for just $40
                        and the offer includes a $50
This Day in History –   discount certificate to Ashley
December 18, 1620:      Furniture with every 10 pack
Mayflower               purchase. Saturday night is
Passengers Come         also the annual Teddy Bear
Ashore at Plymouth      Toss. All fans are asked to
Harbor                  being a teddy bear or stuffed
                        animal to the game to throw
From the History        onto the ice after the first
Channel…                Tornado goal. Prior to the
                        game on Saturday, there will
On December 18,         be a Tornado Tailgate Party
1620, passengers on     beginning at 4pm in the South
the British ship        parking lot D between the
Mayflower come          parking garage and the
ashore at modern-day    baseball stadium. The tailgate
Plymouth,               party is open to all fans, free
Massachusetts, to       and hot dogs will be served.
begin their new         Fans are asked to bring their
settlement, Plymouth    own beverages. Following the
Colony.                 game, there will be a Post-
                        Game Tornado Party for fans
The famous Mayflower    at the Aloft Hotel in Frisco.
story began in 1606,    The Tickets for Saturday's
when a group of         game are available by calling
reform-minded           the Tornado office at 972-335-
Puritans in             9800 or online at the Tornado
Nottinghamshire,        website at
England, founded their
own church, separate
from the state-
sanctioned Church of
England. Accused of
treason, they were
forced to leave the
country and settle in    NEW – Frisco Education
the more tolerant        Foundation Fundraiser: 10
Netherlands. After 12    Tornado Hockey Tickets for
years of struggling to   Just $40!!!
adapt and make a
decent living, the       Presented by Ashley Furniture
group sought financial
backing from some        For only $40 you can receive
London merchants to      10 tickets in the Premium or
set up a colony in       Fan Zone levels for the
America. On              Tornado home game this
September 6, 1620,       Saturday, December 18th.
102 passengers--         You‟ll also receive a $50
dubbed Pilgrims by       discount certificate to any DFW
William Bradford, a      area Ashley Furniture
passenger who would      Homestore
become the first
governor of Plymouth     (Ticket availability on a first
Colony--crowded on       come – first served basis.)
the Mayflower to begin
the long, hard journey   $1 from every ticket benefits
to a new life in the     the Frisco Education
New World.               Foundation.

On November 11,          Call 972.335.9800 for more
1620, the Mayflower
anchored at what is       info or
now Provincetown
Harbor, Cape Cod.
Before going ashore,      TEDDY BEAR TOSS: Bring a
41 male passengers--      stuffed animal to the game and
heads of families,        when the Tornado score their
single men and three      first goal toss it onto the ice.
male servants--signed     All soft toys that are collected
the famous Mayflower      will be donated to local no-
Compact, agreeing to      profit organizations
submit to a
government chosen by
common consent and
to obey all laws made
for the good of the
colony. Over the next
month, several small      Start January off with a
scouting groups were      brand new job!
sent ashore to collect
firewood and scout out
a good place to build a
settlement. Around
December 10, one of
these groups found a
harbor they liked on
the western side of
Cape Cod Bay. They
returned to the
Mayflower to tell the
other passengers, but
bad weather prevented
them reaching the
harbor until December     DeBonair Custom Cleaning is
16. Two days later, the   growing and is hiring new
first group of Pilgrims   cleaning associates! Part time
went ashore. After        and full time positions are
exploring the region,     available as well as positions
the settlers chose a      on our Initials Team working
cleared area previously   two days a week handling new
occupied by members       client cleans.
of a local Native
American tribe, the       DeBonair‟s niche‟ is stay at
Wampanoag. The tribe      home moms who love to clean
had abandoned the         and who are looking to make
village several years     extra money for their families.
earlier, after an         No experience is necessary
outbreak of European      and all supplies and training
disease. That winter of   are provided. Applicants must
1620-21 was brutal, as    speak and write in English,
the Pilgrims struggled    have dependable
to build their            transportation, daily access to
settlement, find food     email, a clean background
and ward off sickness.    check and a flexible schedule
By spring, 50 of the        Those interested in applying
original 102 Mayflower    should contact General
passengers were dead.     Manager, Jeani Newman.
The remaining settlers
made contact with
returning members of
the Wampanoag tribe
and in March they         UPDATED - Give the Perfect
signed a peace treaty     Gift this Holiday Season
with a tribal chief,      THIS Saturday:
Massasoit. Aided by
the Wampanoag,
especially the English-   The Frisco Athletic Center will
speaking Squanto, the      be hosting a Blood Drive for
Pilgrims were able to      the American Red Cross THIS
plant crops--especially    Saturday, December 18 from 8
corn and beans--that       a.m. to Noon. Those who wish
were vital to their        to donate may schedule an
survival. The              appointment in advance by
Mayflower and its crew     calling 1-800-RED CROSS or
left Plymouth to return    online at
to England on April 5, Use
1621.                      sponsor code: friscoathletic.

Over the next several      The blood bank community is
decades, more and          prepared to support the
more settlers made the     military's blood needs when
trek across the Atlantic   and if it is called upon. In
to Plymouth, which         order to ensure in advance
gradually grew into a      that patients are protected
prosperous                 with a safe and adequate
shipbuilding and           supply, they urge the public to
fishing center. In         help by donating blood as
1691, Plymouth was         frequently as every eight
incorporated into the      weeks. It is the blood on the
new Massachusetts          shelves today that saves lives.
Bay Association,
ending its history as an   Text givelife to 42227 to join
independent colony.        the Red Cross Blood texting
For advertising
opportunities,             Frisco Athletic Center, 5828
please contact Erika       Nancy Jane Lane, Frisco - 972-
at                         292-6600
Erika.Lafata@FriscoC or
                          “A Christmas Blessing”
All the opinions,
endorsements or
recommendations in        Join us for a free Christmas
this newsletter are       performance at C3
mine and Erika‟s alone    (Cornerstone Community
and they do not           Church) in Frisco as we
necessarily reflect the   present "A Christmas
opinions or views of      Blessing." Enjoy a fun and
any organization or       heartfelt performance with
group with whom I am      friends and family - it's
affiliated, or the        absolutely FREE and
individuals who are a     refreshments will be served.
part of such
organizations and         Three performance times -
groups. You should        Saturday, Dec. 18th at 6:00
not rely on any           & 8:00 p.m. and Sunday,
statement made in this    Dec. 19th at 10:30 a.m.
newsletter as             (located at 7700 Main St.,
evidenced of how I        Suite B in Frisco between
may act as a member       Prosper Bank & Frisco Resale)
of any organization or
group. Inclusion of       **We will be accepting new
news, events and          unwrapped toys for the
other information in      Genesis House Women &
this newsletter does      Children's Shelter**
not imply
an endorsement; it
merely serves as my
effort to be of service
to the readers.
                          Non-profit Education
                          Organization Seeks
                          Candidates for Free
All About Frisco

                          Access!, a nonprofit education
Clubs, Groups and         organization serving the
Organizations in and      students of Dallas, Denton and
around Frisco:            Collin counties, seeks
                          candidates for its free tutoring
Frisco is home to a       services. Applicants for K-12
very diverse and          spots must meet income
numerous set of clubs,    levels. University and college
groups and                level students must be the first
organizations. If your    person in their family to attend
group or organization     an institution of higher
is missing, and you       education. Volunteers are also
would like to get it      needed. Please visit the
listed, please send us    website for more information,
an email so we can list   email organization founder
it and continue to        Tonya Whitaker or call her at
maintain the most         469-247-5478.
comprehensive list

AARP – 972-335-2478
                          Win a Super Bowl Package
Access! – Non-profit      and Support CASA of Collin
education organization    County:
– 469-547-5478
                           Win a FAN-TASTIC Super Bowl
Adopt A Pet – 972-         package Raffle benefiting CASA
668-4311                   (Court Appointed Special
                           Advocates) of Collin County!
Al-Anon Family Groups
                           Purchase raffle tickets for
For Friends and
                           chances to win a Super Bowl
Families of Alcoholics –
                           package including 2 VIP
                           tickets, 2 VIP parties and 2
Alcoholics Anonymous       dinners! Drawing for winner
-- Frisco Chapter –        will be January 15, 2011.
214-394-0130               Raffle tickets are $50 each or 3
                           for $100. Find us on Facebook
Alcoholics Anonymous       and Twitter @CASACollin or
Frisco Group –             visit our website.

Autism Spectrum
Parent Group
                           Frisco Area Children's
American Cancer            Theater (FACT) presents
Society of Collin          the classic Christmas story,
County – 214-819-          "The Littlest Angel":
                           Frisco Area Children's Theater
American Legion Post
                           (FACT) presents the classic
                           Christmas story, "The Littlest
American Red Cross of      Angel" just in time for the
North Texas – 972-         holidays. The show is based on
542-5642                   the timeless children's book by
                           Charles Tazewell, adapted and
Angel Food Ministries –    directed for the stage by FACT
214-282-5576              Artistic Director Jesse Nichols.
                          The show is suitable for
AroundTown Kids           audiences of all ages.
                          Performances are Dec. 17 and
Arts of Collin County
                          18 at 7 p.m. as well as a
Association of Frisco     matinee on Dec. 18 at 2 p.m.
Retired School            All performances are at the
Personnel – 972-335-      new Frisco Black Box Theater,
3040                      8004 N Dallas Parkway in
                          Frisco. Tickets are $10 for
Boy Scouts of America     general admission and $5 for
– 214-902-6754            children and seniors.
                          Concessions are available for
Boys and Girls Club       $1.
C.A.K.E. – Crimes
Against Kids
Eliminated! Inc. – 972-
                          Dallas Children’s Advocacy
CASA of Collin County     Center Needs Your Help:
– 972-529-2272

Celebrate Recovery –      Needed Immediately! Donors
214-282-5576              for Holiday Store for 50 low-
                          income students at Dallas
Centennial Touchdown      Children's Advocacy Center.
Club (Centennial High     DCAC serves severly abused
School Football)          and physically neglected
Chamber of Commerce       children in Dallas County.
                          What is involved: Donate $75
Christian Community       gift cards for children
Action – 972-436-4357     elementary age and younger
                          and $100 gift cards for youth
Chronic Hugs: Chronic     in middle and high school, plus
Pain Support Group –      2 age appropriate toys per
214-726-9060              child. The gift cards can be
                          from Walmart, Target,
City of Frisco – 972-     JCPenney. To donate or for
292-5000                  more information, please
                          contact Shari Markey at
Anonymous Men's
                          mailing address is 3611 Swiss
Group of Frisco – 214-
                          Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75034.
                          The donations are tax-
Collin County – 972-      deductible.
                          Please forward to friends and
Collin County             civic organizations. Thank
Association of Realtors   you! Maria Flores, Family
– 214-618-3800            Advocate, DCAC
Collin County Central
Appraisal District

Collin County
Community College         Medicare’s Annual Window
                          of Opportunity is Here:
Collin County
Community College
Education Foundation

Collin County
Connection – 214-544-

Collin County Early
Childhood PTA – 972-
                          It's almost that time of year -
Collin County Event       Medicare's Annual Enrollment
Professionals – 214-      Period. This year, there will
542-1317                  only be one 6 week period in
                          which you can change
Collin County Gay and
                          Advantage Plans or
Lesbian Alliance – 214-
                          prescription drug plans -
                          November 15th through
Collin County             December 31st.
Genealogy Association
– 972-231-4190            There will be fewer Advantage
                          Plans available in the coming
Collin County             year. In Collin county, for
Republican Party          example, there are 26 plans
                          with drug coverage and only 8
Collin County             plans without drug coverage,
Songwriters               instead of the 50+ that were
Association               offered last year. This is
Dallas Athletic Rugby     because most companies are
Club                      now offering fewer plan
                          choices and some companies
Daughters of the          have stopped offering these
American Revolution –     plans altogether. Stand-alone
972-307-5906              drug plans have changed as
                          well, and there are important
Democratic Party of       new rules affecting people who
Collin County             reach the coverage gap.
Denton County
                          Medicare has eliminated some
Denton County Central     of the supplemental plans that
Appraisal District        existed last year and has
                          introduced two new plans in
Downtown Advisory         their place - Plans M and N.
Board – 972-292-5108
                          Advantage Plans are still very
Downtown Merchants        popular because of their low
Association – 972-292-    cost, but all of the plans in our
5108                      area now have physician
                          networks - which means your
                          choice of doctors will be
FC Dallas                 limited. Supplemental plans
                          allow you to go to any doctor
Frisco A&M Club –         that accepts Medicare, but
972-897-7765              they cost more and require
                          you to have a separate drug
Frisco American           plan.
Business Women‟s
Association (ABWA)        I would encourage you to seek
Frisco Al-Anon Family     professional guidance when
Group – 972-978-8757      navigating the treacherous
                          waters of Medicare health and
Frisco-Allen Texas Area   drug plans. An independent
Alumnae Panhellenic       Medicare expert who
                          represents all of the plans
Frisco Aquatics Swim      available to you can make sure
Team                      the plan you choose is the plan
                          that fits you best.
Frisco Area Children‟s
Theater – 972-377-
                          The author, Jim Merriman, is a
                          Medicare specialist whose
Frisco Area Republican    company Medicare & More
Women                     offers full service Medicare
                          solutions. He is available to
Frisco Association For    answer questions during
                          normal business hours & can
the Arts                   be reached at (214) 284-8929
                           or at
Frisco Athletic Network
Frisco Bar Association

Frisco Baseball/Softball
Organization – 972-
                           Discovery Camps during the
Frisco Business and
                           Holidays – Dec 21-23 & Dec
Professional Women –

Frisco Cares – 214-        Sci-Tech Discovery Center
705-8200                   offers exciting Discovery
                           Camps in the areas of science,
Frisco Chamber of
                           math and technology through
                           the upcoming November and
Frisco Chorale – 972-      December holiday seasons,
335-4380 x104              allowing campers a dynamic,
                           hands-on experience complete
Frisco Citizens on         with activities, games, and
Patrol (C.O.P.s)           themed demonstrations.

Frisco Community           Designed to spark the curiosity
Band – 972-668-5315        of children, the Discovery
Frisco Community           Camps cover a wide variety of
Theatre – 972-370-         topics, including subjects such
2266                       as Math Midway, Pirate
                           Science, and Medieval Science,
Frisco Convention and      just to name a few. The camps
Visitors Bureau            themselves will be offered
                           December 21st through         December 23rd, and December
                         28th through December 30th
Frisco Cycling Club      and are two hours in length.
                         Children ages pre-K to 5th
Frisco Democratic
                         grade are invited to attend,
                         and each camp is only
Frisco Dog Park          $15/child for Sci Tech
                         Discovery members and
Frisco Ducks Unlimited   $20/child for non-members.
– 972-712-5049           Children are encouraged to
                         bring a sack lunch and stay all
Frisco Economic          day for multiple camps. Sci
Development              Tech Discovery Staff will lunch
Corporation – 972-       with campers.

Frisco Education         “Sci-Tech Discovery Center is
Foundation – 469-633-    excited to offer Discovery
6860                     Camps to the Metroplex over
                         the upcoming holiday season,”
Frisco Family Services   explains Erica Yaeger,
Center – 972-335-        Executive Director, Sci-Tech
9495                     Discovery Center. “Having
                         recently reopened our newly
Frisco Family YMCA –     remodeled facility this fall, we
972-335-3222             are thrilled to continue our
                         mission to deliver inspiring,
Frisco Fire Department
                         challenging programs to our
– 972-335-5525
                         children, helping to equip them
Frisco Football League   to learn new concepts while
– 972-712-0558           having mind stretching fun.”

Frisco Garden Club –     Sci-Tech Discovery Center's
                         website at

Frisco Gymnastics
Center – 972-377-
                         NEW – Take the Plunge to
Frisco Housing           benefit the Scott Sullivan
Authority                Scholarship Fund:

Frisco Humane Society
– 972-498-8980           Brave the icy cold waters of
                         Meadow Hill Estates Pool and
Frisco Independent       make a splash benefiting the
School District – 469-   Scott Sullivan Scholarship
633-6000                 Fund for Underprivileged Youth
Frisco Kiwanis Club
                         Founded in memory of Scott
Frisco Lacrosse
                         Sullivan who passed away
                         January 1, 2009. Scott was a
Frisco Lion‟s Club –     man of dedication; dedicated
972-335-2487             to his family, his friends,
                         youth, and sports. Fueled by
Frisco Music Teachers    his dedication, Scott was
Association              passionate about ensuring
                         anyone who played on a team
Frisco Neighborhood      he coached or on one of his
Watch                    children‟s teams was able to
Frisco Pack 142          play. He would not allow
                         financial hardship to come in
Frisco Parents of        between a player and his/her
Multiples                sport. It is with this spirit,
                         Scott‟s spirit, that the Scott
Frisco Police            Sullivan Fund was created.
Department – 972-         Scott left this physical world
292-6000                  much too soon but his spirit of
                          dedication to children and
Frisco Police Officers‟   sports continues.
Wives Association
                          In 2010, over $3,000 in
Frisco Post Office –
                          scholarships were awarded to
                          several student athletes
Frisco Pride              through various organizations
                          such as The Frisco Football
Frisco Public Library     League, The Miracle League of
                          Frisco, and Frisco
Frisco Quilt Guild        Baseball/Softball Association.
Frisco Republican         Please help us continue to
Men‟s Club                support these young athletes.

Frisco Republicans –      Our Website is under
972-335-9176              construction! For additional
                          information please email us at
Frisco Residents of
Color                     or on Facebook at Scott
                          Sullivan Scholarship Fund.
Frisco Rotary Club –
                             New Year‟s Day 2011 @
Frisco RoughRiders            11:00am
                             Come take the Plunge at
Frisco Soccer                 Meadow Hill Estates
Association – 972-712-        Swimming Pool 7400
4625                          Fisher Dr. Frisco, TX
Frisco Square                Ask friends, neighbors,
Frisco Sunrise Rotary         and family members to
                              sponsor you to take the
Frisco Swim Team              plunge into the pool or
                              you can make a $25
Frisco Thunder                donation
Professional Football        Bring your donations, a
                              towel, and a warm cover
Frisco Veterans of
Foreign Wars Post
                             To mail a donation: Scott
#8273 – 972-712-
                              Sullivan Scholarship Fund,
                              7548 Preston Rd #141-
Frisco Women‟s                264, Frisco, TX 75034
League – 972-712-

Frisco/Plano Christian
Women‟s Club – 972-
                          NEW - City of Frisco
                          Municipal Parking Garage
Frisco Youth Volleyball   Now Open to the Public:
                          Frisco residents and visitors
Hall Office Park
                          coming to City Hall and the
Heritage Association of   Frisco Public Library will find
Frisco – 972-292-5657     parking near the building much
                          easier now. The municipal
Heroes for Children –     center parking garage opened
214-256-5824              this past Tuesday morning
                          approximately one year after
Inside Collin County      the prior parking lot was closed
Business                  to allow for construction of a
KittiCo Cat Rescue –      five-story garage.
                          “We want to thank library
Labrador Retriever        patrons and those who visited
Rescue of North Texas    Frisco City Hall and Frisco
                         Square businesses for their
Legacy Christian         patience while the garage was
Academy                  under construction,” said Ron
                         Patterson, Assistant City
Lewisville Independent
                         Manager. “We believe the
School District
                         convenience of having
Meals on Wheels –        quadrupled the parking space
972-562-6996             next to the building makes up
                         for some of the growing pains
Miracle League of        experienced during the
Frisco                   construction process.”
MOMS Club of Frisco –    Parking is free in the municipal
East Central Chapter –   center parking garage, which
972-712-1789             houses 504 parking spaces.
MOMS Club of Frisco –    Adjacent surface lots provide
South Chapter – 214-     an additional 70 parking spots.
336-8001                 The prior parking lot had 141
                         parking spaces. The first and
MOMS Club of Frisco –    second floors of the garage are
SE Chapter – 214-227-    reserved for the public. The
2418                     public is allowed to park
                         anywhere in the structure if
MOMS Club of Frisco –    parking is not available on the
SW Chapter – 469-        first two levels. Handicap
384-8002                 parking is available on all five
                         levels as well as an additional
MOMS Club of Frisco –
                         eight spaces in the front of the
West Central Chapter
                         George Purefoy Municipal
MOMS Club of Frisco –    Center.
West Chapter – 214-
                         The driveway behind City Hall
504-9223                   and Frisco Public Library will
                           also returned to two-way            traffic flow allowing vehicle
                           access from the east and west
Mothers of
                           to the after-hours drop boxes
Preschoolers (MOPS) –
                           for utility payments and library
National Alliance on
Mental Illness of Collin
County – 214-509-
                           NEW - Fantastic Frisco
Newcomer Friends of
                           Girl's Soccer Team:
Greater Plano

North Collin County        The Frisco Dynamos, U16 Girls
Habitat for Humanity       recreational soccer team was
ReStore – 972-548-         established in 2000. The team
9112                       is made up of players
                           representing 6 Frisco High
North Dallas
                           Schools, Celina and Plano Sr.
Newcomers and

North Texas Tollway        On December 4th and 5th the
Authority – 214-461-       Dynamos represented the
2000                       Frisco Soccer Association in the
                           2010 Tournament of
OU Club of Collin          Champions (TOC). Held every
County – 972-797-          December the TOC is the State
9708                       Tournament for recreational
                           teams which are the
Overeaters Anonymous       champions of their local
                           associations. The Dynamos
– 972-832-5263            playing in their third straight
                          TOC, representing Frisco
Play Pals – 972-839-      Soccer Association, went
0312                      undefeated en route to a 1-0
                          championship match victory
PRAYERville –
                          and were crowned this year‟s U
Women‟s Prayer
                          16 girls Division 1 State
Prosper Independent
School District           Over the past few years the
                          Dynamos have represented
Senior Center at Frisco   Frisco Soccer with
Square – 972-292-         distinguished
6550                      accomplishments:
SPCA of Texas – 972-         2008 U14 TOC Quarter-
Speak Up – Frisco
                             Spring 2009 U14 Spring
Toastmasters Group –
972-881-9989                  Kick Classic Finalists

Stonewall Democrats          Spring 2009 U14 Plano
of Collin County              Youth Soccer Champions

Texas Democratic             2009 U16 McKinney Fall
Women of Collin               Classic Champions
                             2009 U16 TOC Semi-
Texas Tornado Hockey          Finalist            Spring 2010 U16 Plano
                              Youth Soccer Champions
Toastmasters Club of
                             2010 U16 Spring Kick
Frisco – 972-712-4611        Classic Champions

Visual Arts Guild of        Fall 2010 U16 Plano Youth
Frisco                       Soccer Champions
Volunteer Center of         2010 U16 Division 1 State
North Texas                  Champions
Voter Registration
Information – Collin     The Dynamos have created a
County                   mini dynasty culminating in
                         the fact that they have been
Voter Registration
                         defeated only once in their last
Information – Denton
                         52 games (and that was at the
                         2009 TOC Semi-final game
Women Encouraging        when they were a U15 Team
Business – 972-335-      playing against U16 girls)
                         Congratulations to the 2010
Word of Mouth            U16 State Champion Frisco
Productions              Dynamos! “A team is not just
                         what‟s inside the white lines”
WOVI-Frisco: Women
of Visionary Influence   “A group of young woman from
– 469-252-4528           different schools that together
                         does extraordinary things.
Young Life Frisco –
                          Their hearts for each other on
                         and off the pitch is

Churches and other
Places of Worship in
and around Frisco

One of the wonderful
things about Frisco is
the many diverse
religions you can find.
If your Church is not
listed, please contact
us so we can list it and
continue to maintain
the most
comprehensive list

Apostolic Temple –         Back Row L to R
972-712-5673               Coach Gordon Pavich / McKall
                           Peterson / Jillian Schneider /
Alter Church of Frisco     Megan Termini / McKenna
– 214-733-3069             Snetzer / Coach Mike Korbuly /
Assembly of God            Coach John Coker
Community Church –         Middle Row L to R
972-335-4704               Megan Cestari / Frances
                           Adams (C) / Kayleigh Bearden
C3 TrueNORTH Church        / Larissa Pavich (C) / Mariah
– 469-287-5063             Terry / Alison Baez (C)

Celebration Covenant       Front Row L to R
– 214-387-9833             Stephanie Swetlik / Erica
                           Coker (C) / Madison Miller /
Central Christian
                           Hannah Hoffman / Courtney
Church – 972-377-         Crooks

Church of God in Christ
– 972-377-3649
                          NEW - The Plano Symphony
Church of Living          Orchestra presents “Gone
Stones – 972-335-         With the Winds,” January
3499                      30, 2011; Sponsored by
Community Christian
Fellowship – 469-252-
0583                      The Plano Symphony Orchestra
                          proudly presents the
Compass Christian         continuation of the Family
Church – 972-335-         Symphony Sundays Series,
7546                      “Gone With the Winds.” The
                          January 30, 2011 concert
Cornerstone Baptist       begins at 3:00 p.m. at the
Church – 972-335-         Courtyard Theatre, 1509
1974                      Avenue H, in historic
                          downtown Plano, and will
Cornerstone Christian
                          feature the woodwind section
Reformed Church –
                          of the Plano Symphony
Community Assembly        The Family Symphony Sundays
– 972-335-4704            Series are fun, interactive
                          concerts designed for children
Cornerstone               aged 4-12 and their families.
Community Church –        “The Gone With the Winds”
972-335-4704              concert will introduce patrons
                          to the flute, oboe, bassoon,
Crossroads Community      clarinet, and other wind
Church – 972-712-         instruments, and will explain
0582                      their function and importance
                          to the orchestra in a fun and
Crosswalk Community       care-free way. Deb Fabian,
Church                    principal clarinetist for the
                          Plano Symphony Orchestra,
Destiny‟s Place
                          says that her favorite part of
Ministries – 972-712-
                          the concert is when she plays
                          her “clear clarinet, the kids are
Faithbridge               fascinated by the fact that the
Presbyterian – 972-       instrument is see-through.”
377-9560                  Deb says that every year “I
                          pretend to forget to put the
Fellowship of Frisco –    reed in, which makes a
972-335-1700              horrible noise. Then when the
                          kids ask what is wrong with
First Baptist Church of   the instrument I get to tell
Frisco – 972-335-9830     them all about how the reed
First Pentecostal         works within the instrument.
Church – 972-292-         By pretending to be forgetful I
3174                      get to teach the audience.”
                          Pre-concert lobby activities
First United Methodist    begin at 2:00 p.m. and include
– 972-335-4380            the Instrument Petting Zoo
                          and arts and crafts.
Four Corners Church –
972-867-3000              Tickets for the event range
                          from $7 - $11. To make a
Frisco Bible Church –
                          reservation, call the Plano
                          Symphony Ticket Office at
Frisco Church of Christ   972-473-7262. Tickets may
– 972-335-2118            be purchased online by visiting
Frisco Community
Bible Church – 469-        The final concert in the Family
362-5588                   Fun Sundays Series will be
                           “Brass-a-Palooza” on February
Frisco Community           20.
Fellowship – 972-668-

Frisco Masjid – 972-
                           NEW - LANDSCAPE
Frisco Trails Fellowship   DESIGN/DETAIL (Mid-
Bible Church – 972-        December):
                           By: Glenn Everett Kopanski,
Genesis Metro – 469-       United States Navy (Ret)

Grace Avenue United
Methodist – 972-335-

Grace Church – 469-

Grace Pointe – 972-                Glenn Kopanski

Hamilton Chapel            Dear Friends,
Baptist Church – 972-
377-3348                   As we enter the Winter months
                           on December 21st our work
Harvest Church             outdoors is over and you
International – 214-       should just enjoy family and
                           friends this holiday season.
632-4581                 However, I have prepared
                         some Winter tips and also I
Higher Dimensions –      wanted first to touch on our
214-551-3078             Lawns and the type of Turf
                         available for you to look at and
Hope Fellowship –
                         keep and consider if you want
                         a different type of Lawn. So,
Iglesia Buenas Nuevas    the name of the Turf is to the
– 972-712-0946           left with a brief description
                         what it can do for you and
Kingdom Life Christian   your lawn.
Center – 214-618-
1500                     1./ Common Bermuda - Fine
                         Texture grass dark green in
Lebanon Baptist          color yellow in the colder
Church – 972-377-        months. Planted by Seed/Sod
3348                     or Plugs. Expensive for larger
Legacy Presbyterian      lots if planted by Sod. Poor
Church – 972-464-        shade tolerance, High sun Turf.
8765                     2./ Hybrid Bermuda - Very
                         fine textured. Total Sun
Liberty Baptist Church   required and not usually
– 972-625-3546           recommended for Homes.
                         Common use is for Golf
Life-Changing Faith      courses. Save your money if
Christian Fellowship –   considering this type of
214-387-8040             Bermuda.
                         3./ Centipede - Slower
Life Fellowship of
                         growing Turf. Sod/Plugs and
Frisco – 214-886-7810
                         Seed to get started. Great for
Living Waters Family     Insect/Disease resistence.
Worship Center – 214-    Finer leaf texture than St
                         Augustine. If you own a home
387-9602                 that has little traffic and need
                         a maintenance free lawn this is
Living Word Baptist      the one for you. Very
Church – 469-362-        expensive but great for looks.
9010                     4./ St Augustine - Rich green
                         wide bladed grass. Planted
Lone Star Baptist
                         from Plugs/Sod Squares or by
Church – 469-358-
                         Seed. Best pick for part shade
                         or filtered sunlight. Suspect to
Newstart Church of the   Chinch bugs brown patch or
Nazarene – 214-282-      poor coarse texture. Don't let
5576                     that fool you this is a great
                         Turf I highly recommend to
Northstar Church –       anyone living in Texas. Best
972-712-8282             choice here!!
                         5./ Zoysia - Dark Green in
Parkway Hills Baptist    color this stands out. Takes
Church – 972-403-        cold tolerance than others.
1010                     Slower establishment rates
Praise Fellowship        though. Has a medium to high
Worship Center – 214-    rate for yearly maintenance.
387-9397                 Emerald & El-Toro varieties are
                         available. This Turf stays
Preston Ridge Baptist    Greener year round yet needs
Church – 972-712-        no mowing at all during the
7007                     colder months.

Preston Trail            Those are the types of Turf to
Community Church –       use in the State of Texas.
972-668-1244             Fescue is good for lawns that
                         have 100% Shade but can only
Primera Iglesia
                         take so much heat and drought
Bautista De Frisco –
                         whereas the Turf above can
214-872-3788              tolerate more frequent
                          Drought and Heating periods
Providence Church –       we get here. Keep in mind
469-362-1240              when we are talking Turf
                          consider the best for your area
Rejoice Lutheran
                          and take into account we will
Church – 972-540-
                          likely see more frequent
                          drought periods in this part of
Revolution Ministries –   the State as has been the case
214-649-0623              since 1999. Mowing higher
                          when it is hot and dry can save
Rock Hill Church of       your lawn, keep that in mind
Christ – 972-346-2710     at all times during the mowing
                          months. If you have a Lawn
Shawnee Trail Church      service ensure they know this
of Christ – 972-377-      because they are not
9106                      Landscapers at all they mow
St. Francis of Assisi     per their contractor 10-20
Catholic Church – 972-    lawns a day and it is about
712-2645                  money not the overall care of
                          your lawn. One other frequent
St. Philips Episcopal     thing I see contract mowing
Church – 214-387-         companies doing is nicking
4700                      your Tree trunk bases, if that
                          occurs disease and insect
Stonebriar Church of      infestation becomes more
Christ – 972-712-9264     likely and can kill a younger
                          Tree, why I mention to walk
Stonebriar Community
                          around your property once a
Church – 469-252-
                          week from March - November.

Stonebridge United        (Click HERE to continue
                          reading Glenn Kopanski’s
Methodist Church –      article)

Stonebrook Church of
Christ – 214-705-9968

The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day    NEW - Frisco RoughRiders
Saints – 972-377-4724   and Round Rock Express
                        Set to Play "Future Rangers
The Journey – 214-      Game":

The Shawnee Trail       The ‘Riders will host the
Church of Christ –      Rangers’ new Triple-A affiliate
972-377-9106            at Dr Pepper Ballpark on April
                        3rd at 4:00pm.
Turning Point CMA
Church – 469-733-
3196                    North Texas baseball fans will
                        have the opportunity to see
United Pentecostal
                        the future Texas Rangers play
Church – 972-712-
                        against each other on Sunday,
                        April 3, 2011 when the Frisco
Water‟s Edge Lutheran   RoughRiders host the Triple-A
Church – 972-712-       Round Rock Express. First
7377                    pitch is scheduled for 4:00pm.

Frisco                  This marks the first time the
Neighborhoods and       RoughRiders have hosted a
Homeowner               pre-season exhibition game
Associations:           versus another Rangers‟ minor
                        league affiliate. In addition to
                        the game at Dr Pepper
                          Ballpark in Frisco, the „Riders
If your HOA or            and Express will play on
neighborhood is not       Tuesday, April 5th at Dell
listed, please contact    Diamond in Round Rock, TX
us so we can list it      with first pitch scheduled for
and continue to           6:30pm.
maintain the most
comprehensive list        Current Rangers Ian Kinsler,
available. For a map of   Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, and
where each HOA is         C.J. Wilson are just some of
located, along with       the names that spent time in
contact information for   Double-A Frisco before making
each HOA, visit the       their way to Arlington.
City of Frisco HOA        Because the „Riders and
Directory                 Express boast some of the top
                          prospects in the Texas farm
Autumn Park
                          system, this is the perfect
Bella Casa                opportunity to see the future
                          stars of the Texas Rangers
Chapel Creek              before they reach the major
Cheyenne Crossing

Country Club Ridge        Tickets for the game in Frisco
                          may be purchased as part of a
Coventry Oaks             season ticket package for as
                          low as $45.00. Season ticket
Creekside at Preston      packages are available at
Creekside at
                          For ticket information for the
Crestview                 game scheduled to be played
                          in Round Rock, contact the
                          Express Ticket Office at (512)
Crown Ridge             255-2255.

Custer Creek Farms      About the RoughRiders
                        The Frisco RoughRiders are the
Cypress Creek
                        Double-A Affiliate of the Texas
Dominion at Panther     Rangers and play their games
Creek                   at Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco,
                        Texas. The team has finished
Eldorado Fairways       first in all of Double-A Baseball
                        in attendance in each season
Estates on Legacy       from 2005 – 2010. The
Fairfield Estates       RoughRiders are also owned by
                        Mandalay Sports
Frisco Fairways         Entertainment, winners of the
                        “Baseball Organization of the
Frisco Heights          Year” in 2008 by Ballpark
                        Digest. For more information
Frisco Square
                        on Mandalay Baseball
Golden Gate Village     Properties, the Frisco
                        RoughRiders and Dr Pepper
Grayhawk                Ballpark, contact Aaron
                        Goldsmith at (972) 334-1976
Griffin Parc            or via email at
Heather Ridge Estates
Heritage Green

Heritage Lakes

Heritage Village
                        NEW – Casting Call:
Hickory Springs         ArtCentre Theater presents
                        “Give Me A Break”
Hickory Street Village
                         A New, Rocking Musical by
Hillcrest Estates        Laurie Windham and Barbara
Hillcrest Highlands

Hillcrest                It's 1979 in Dallas, Texas.
Lebanon/Cecile Place      Rock & roll band, Pulsar5,
                         aches to be discovered -- to
Hillcrest                rise above the local nightclub
Lebanon/Hillcrest        scene, to perform their original
Meadows                  songs, to be rock stars. When
                         they finally get an opportunity
Hillcrest                to audition, and subsequently
Lebanon/Smith Estates    get an offer from a "big-time"
Hunters Creek            agent, the band members
                         realize their respective
Kings Garden             definitions of success are
                         irreconcilably different. But all
Kings Ridge              is not lost, as each character --
                         at last -- becomes clear on
Lakes on Legacy -
                         what they want from their
                         music, their relationships and
Lakes on Legacy – The    their futures.
                         READ ABOUT THE SHOW:
Lakes on Legacy – The    http://givemeabreakthesynops

Lakes of Preston         LISTEN TO THE SONGS:
Lonestar Ranch           meabreak_themusical

                         Contact: Barbara McMillen,
Meadow Hill Estates      Musical
                         Director barbe@drippingtalentp
Oakbrook Park
                         WHERE: ArtCentre Theater,
Panther Creek Estates    5220 Village Creek, 75093 ,
                         Dallas, Tx
Parkside Estates         http://www.artcentretheatre.c
Pearson Farms            Saturday, December 18, 11 AM
Plantation Estates       - 3 PM
                         Callbacks Sunday, December
Plantation Resort        19, 11 AM - 3 PM

Plantation Resort 2      ** Seeking a Director **
Plantation Springs
                         Cast of Characters can be
Prestmont                found here.
                         ALL ROLES ARE AVAILABLE
Preston Estates          EXCEPT LOUIE
                         The role of Tek and Cocha may
Preston Gables           be double cast.
Preston Glen
                         Two-act musical is designed
Preston Highlands        for a cast of 7 actors, two
                         women and five men,
Preston Lakes/Lakes of   comprising five principal
Hillcrest                characters, and 5 minor roles.
Preston Manor

Preston Oaks             PERFORMANCE DATES:
                         March 18-20, 24-27, 2011 -
                         Thursday, Friday, and
Preston Ridge           Saturday evenings and
                        Saturday afternoons -- day
Preston Trace Estates   dates, ArtCentre Theater, 5220
                        Village Creek in Dallas.
Preston Vineyards
                        REHEARSALS BEGIN: January
Preston Vineyards IV    8 with music rehearsals

Quail Meadow Village    REQUIREMENTS:
                        ·      Please bring one up-
Queen‟s Gate            tempo, and one ballad pop or
Red Bud Estates         rock songs
                        ·      Headshot and resume
Russwood Acres          ·      You must accompany
                        yourself on the instrument
Saddlebrook Village     your character plays.
                        ·      A “plus” if you can play
Shaddock Creek
                        your characters instrument.
Shenandoah              ·      Equity and non-equity
Village/Villages of     roles available
Stonebriar Park         ·      Audition appointment
Shepherds Hill
                        Auditioners are asked to come
Starwood                prepared to sing, play an
Sterling Ranch          instrument and also be
                        prepared to read cold from the
Stewart Creek Estates   script at the audition. Each
                        auditioner should plan to
Stonebriar              spend about five to ten
                        minutes auditioning for the
Stonebriar Country
                        Producers. A call back audition
                        will be held the following week.
Club Estates            Those auditioners who the
                        Producers wish to see further
Stonebriar Creek        will be invited to the call back
Estates                 audition which may last up to
                        three hours time.
Stonebriar Village

Stonelake Estates       TECHNICAL POSITIONS TO
                        FILL: SET DESIGN, PROP
Stonelake Estates       DESIGN, SOUND AND LIGHT
West                    DESIGN, BOARD OPP, STAGE
                        MANAGER, & CREW.
Stonebrook Estates

The Chase at            FOR AN APPOINTMENT: EMAIL
Stonebriar              barbe@drippingtalentproductio
The Creeks on Coit

The Enclave at
Stonebriar Creek
                        NEW - City of Frisco
The Trails of West      Closings/Hours for
Frisco                  Christmas and New Year's
The Village at Frisco
                        In observance of Christmas,
The Villas/Lakes on     the City of Frisco government
Legacy                  offices will be closed on
                        Thursday, December 23, and
The Vintage/Lakes on    Friday, December 24. Regular
Legacy                  hours will resume Monday,
                        December 27. City of Frisco
Townhomes of Tuscany
                        government offices will also
Square                   close on Friday, December 31
                         for the New Year‟s holiday.
Turnbridge Manor         Please see the list below for
                         closings or special hours for
Tuscany Meadows
                         other city facilities and
Villages of Hillcrest    services.

Villages of Lake Brook   CITY HALL & OTHER
Farms                    ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES
                         December 23 & 24 & 31 –
Villages of Stonebriar   CLOSED

Villages of Willow Bay   FRISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY
                         December 22: closing at 5
Waterford Falls          p.m.
                         December 23 to 26 – CLOSED
Westfalls Village        December 31 to January 2 –
Willow Pond

Windsor Place            FRISCO MUNICIPAL COURT
                         December 23, 24 & December
Woodstream Hills         31 – CLOSED

                         FRISCO ATHLETIC CENTER
                         December 23 to 25, & January
About Matt Lafata:       1 – CLOSED

Matt Lafata and his      December 31:
wife Erika share six     General Facility Hours: 5 a.m.
children between the     to 5 p.m.
two of them. In          Activity Pool & Warm Water
January 1999, Mr.        Pool: 5 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Lafata moved to Frisco   Play Pool: 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
from Gloucester, MA.      Fun Club: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Matt has helped build     The Zone: 8 a.m. - noon
several successful        No Group Exercise Classes
businesses for more
than 20 years. A long-    SENIOR CENTER AT FRISCO
time business             SQUARE
consultant,               December 23 to 25, December
entrepreneur and          31 & January 1 – CLOSED
human resources
professional, he is the   FRISCO HERITAGE MUSEUM
Vice-President of Sales   December 23 to December 25,
& Marketing with the      December 31 & January 1 –
Frisco-based HR           CLOSED
strategy and
technology consulting     TRASH COLLECTION –
firm HRchitect.           CURBSIDE RECYCLING
Previously, Matt was      Trash & recycling services
an Executive Vice-        happen as scheduled the week
President of a            of December 20 –
computer software         24 & December 27 – 31, since
company where he          Christmas and New Year‟s fall
was responsible for       on a Saturday.
development,              ENVIRONMENTAL COLLECTION
marketing, sales,         CENTER
product development       December 23 to 25, December
and more. He studied      31 & January 1 – CLOSED
finance and business
management at Salem
State College in Salem,
Massachusetts.            NEW – Frisco Police
                          Department urges residents
Matt Lafata has been      to help protect against
involved in numerous      thefts of packages
organizations             delivered to their homes
throughout Frisco in      this holiday season:
the last 11 years. As a
former two-term Frisco
                          FPD urges residents to help
City Council Member,
                          protect against thefts of
he is or has been
                          packages delivered to their
involved in the
                          homes this holiday season.
                          With the recently publicized
                          thefts of packages from front
   Former Deputy
                          doorsteps in surrounding
    Mayor Pro Tem on
                          communities, the Frisco Police
    the Frisco City
                          Department would like to
                          remind its citizens to help
   Former Planning &
                          prevent the consequences of
                          theft. With holiday shopping
                          now including a large amount
   Graduate of
                          of online purchases, packages
    Leadership Frisco
                          are routinely left on front
   2005 recipient of
                          doorsteps by delivery
    the “21 Leaders of
                          companies. Sometimes, these
    the 21st Century”
                          packages may be targeted by
    by Inside Collin
                          thieves and taken before the
    County Business
                          rightful owner even has a
                          chance to bring it inside.
   Graduate of the
    Frisco Citizen‟s
                          Frisco police recommend that if
    Police Academy
                          you order something online
   Youth sports
                          that will be delivered to your
                          house, take a few small steps
   Past board
    member for the       to ensure that you do not
    Frisco Family        become a victim of theft.
    Services Center      Obtain tracking information
   St. Francis of       from the online seller in order
    Assisi Knights of    to track your order and
    Columbus Member      estimate its arrival. If you are
   Member of the        not going to be home when the
    Frisco Heritage      package is to be delivered, ask
    Association          a neighbor or friend to be
   Member of the        available. Or even leave a
    Frisco Area          note or provide directions to
    Children‟s Theatre   the delivery company on where
   Member of the        to place the item if you are not
    Frisco Association   going to be home to receive it.
    for the Arts
   Member of the        Most importantly, be a good
    Frisco Community     neighbor and report suspicious
    Theatre              persons or vehicles in your
   Community            neighborhood that look out of
    Advisory Board       place. If you feel as though
    member for the       someone is targeting delivered
    Frisco Women‟s       packages, call the police
    League               department‟s non-emergency
   Friends of the       number at 972-292-6010 and
    Frisco Public        ask an officer to respond and
    Library Member       investigate.
   Board member for
    the Frisco Square    The Frisco Police Department
    Municipal            wishes you and your family a
    Management           safe holiday season.
   City of Frisco
     City of Frisco         NEW – TAAF Winter Games
      Budget and Audit       Coming To Frisco Soon:
     Tax Increment          YOU'RE INVITED TO
      Finance board          PARTICIPATE IN THE 2011
      member                 WINTER GAMES OF TEXAS!
     Co-Director of the
      Mrs. Texas United      The City of Frisco Parks &
      States Pageant         Recreation Department and
     Honorary Chair for     the Frisco Convention &
      World AIDS Day         Visitors Bureau would like to
      2007 in Collin         invite you to participate in
      County                 the Sixth Annual TAAF
     PR Committee for       Winter Games of Texas taking
      the 2008 Boys and      place in Frisco on January 14 -
      Girls Club of Collin   17, 2011. More information is
      County Gala            included below or go to
                    and register
Since 2001, Matt has         yourself or your team in any of
produced this very           our 11 exciting events and find
popular e-newsletter         more information. Don't miss
that goes out every          this chance to be involved in
week to over 41,000          something big! See you in
people and businesses        Frisco in January!
and keeps the Frisco
community in touch           DATES: January 14 - 17 2011
with local events and
businesses. There has        TOURNAMENT SITES: Venues
never been nor will          throughout Frisco and Plano
ever be a fee
charged to schools        SPORTS:    Basketball (January
or non-profit groups      15-16)
to run in the                         Bowling - Special
newsletter.               Needs (January 15)
                                      Fencing (January
                          Skating (January 16)
How to “Whitelist”                    Flag Football: 5 on
this Frisco               5 (January 15); 8 on 8 and
Community                 Youth (January 16)
Newsletter in Your                    Gymnastics
Spam Filter:              (January 15-16)
With the advent of        Hockey (January 15-17)
outrageous volumes of                 Soccer (January
unwanted email these      14-16)
days, of which we get                 Swimming: Ages
a ton, it‟s unfortunate   17 & under (Jan. 15); Ages
that legitimate email     18+ & Masters (Jan. 16)
publications like this                Table Tennis
are not being seen by     (January 15)
some of the readers                   Tae Kwon Do
who enjoy those           (January 16)
publications. There is
much fear today that      CONTACT: Frisco Convention
the email                 & Visitors Bureau
industry is in serious
trouble, due to                        972-963-5250 or
mistakes in filtering     1-877-GoFrisco
when legitimate email
is erroneously tagged     REGISTRATION: Please visit
as unwanted email. for registration
                          and specific details regarding
While we applaud the      each sport.
anti-spam industry for
removing the plethora     AWARDS:
of unwanted email         Winners of each division will
from many of our          receive medals for 1st, 2nd
mailboxes, from time      and 3rd place.
to time, some
legitimate email
publications are
mistaken as unwanted.
                          NEW - Internet and School
Sometimes, this           Safety Seminar to be held
results in our mailings   at Liberty High School:
bouncing back, with
requests for us to
respond to                The FISD Guidance and
challenge/response        Counseling Department is
messages to prevent       sponsoring a family-friendly
future filtering.         Internet and School Safety
However, due to the       Seminar from 6 to 8 p.m. on
size of our list, it‟s    January 24, 2011 at Liberty
nearly impossible for     High School, 15250 Rolater
us handle the volume      Road.
of such requests.
                          Parents and students may
To that end, please       choose from three
realize that we want      simultaneous sessions, which
our readers to always     include:
anticipate and enjoy
the valuable                 Keep Your Kids Safe On-
information that this
community newsletter            line – Sgt. Chris Meehan
                               The Morris Brothers –
If you currently use an         Children‟s entertainment
anti-spam program or            duo with a strong safety
service, we ask that            message
you take just a minute
or two to add this             Netsmartz for Teens –
newsletter to your              safety tips for teens
“safe” or permitted
email sender list.
This usually involves       The event is free and open to
simply adding our           the public. Other safety
sending address to          information about today‟s
your whitelist, safelist,   various concerns – substance
or list of privileged       abuse, eating disorders,
senders. This is            health, fire, etc. will also be
commonly known as           available. This seminar was
whitelisting a              originally planned for another
publication. Simply add     campus - please note that it is
the email addresses of      now at Liberty High School.,        LHS is located east of        Independence and west of
t,                          Custer Road.
Matt.Lafata@FriscoCo, and
                            NEW - AEIS Public Hearing
                            Scheduled for January 10:
   If you wish to be
 removed from this
                            The Frisco Independent School
 newsletter, please
send an email or visit   District will conduct a Public
www.FriscoCommunity      Hearing for the 2009-2010
        .com             Annual Academic Excellence
                         Indicator System (AEIS)
                         Report on January 10, 2011.
                         The hearing will be held during
                         the regularly scheduled
                         meeting of the Frisco ISD
                         Board of Trustees at 7:30 p.m.
                         in the Maple Street Complex
                         Board Room, 6928 Maple
                         Street, Frisco, Texas 75034.

                         Texas Education Code ß39.053
                         requires each district‟s board
                         of trustees to publish an
                         annual report that includes the
                         AEIS report; campus
                         performance objectives; a
                         report of violent or criminal
                         incidents; and, information
                         received under the Texas
                         Education Code ß51.403(e)
                         from the Texas Higher
                         Education Coordinating Board.

                         NEW - Photos with Santa &
                         Raffle Benefiting Frisco
                         Humane Society:
Please join us at Frisco
PetSmart for the following

Spin the Wheel for a GIFT
CARD - Here's your
opportunity to get a great deal
on a gift card (they make great
Christmas gifts) and also help
out Frisco Humane Society.
On Saturday, December 18th
at PetsMart in Frisco you can
spin the wheel of prizes for
only a $5 donation and receive
a gift card valued anywhere
from $5-$30!!! Gift cards
include Blue Mesa, Gloria's,
Luigi's, Auto Splash Car Wash
and Sonic, just to name a few.
Hurry in! The spinning
starts at noon and will
continue only while supplies

We will be taking PHOTOS
WITH SANTA from 11:00 a.m.
to 4:00 p.m. on both Saturday
18th and Sunday 19th. The
cost is just $9.95 (with
PetPerks card) and Frisco
Humane will receive a $5
donation from PetSmart
Charities for every packet
purchased. We would love to
see your dogs and cats sitting
on Santa's lap!

Our GRAND RAFFLE winning
ticket for two SWA airline
tickets will be drawn at 4:00
p.m. on Saturday. You need
not be present to win - the
lucky winner will be notified by
telephone and/or email! You
can still purchase raffle tickets
on Saturday up to drawing

We would like to thank all of
you for your support
throughout 2010 - it means
everything to our rescued dogs
and cats. Our adoption fees do
not cover our medical
expenses which means we
have to rely on fundraising to
sustain our organization (all
donations are tax-deductible).

Seasons Greetings to you and
all your furry friends,

Your Friends at Frisco Humane
Society -
NEW – The Winter Games of

The Winter Games of Texas is
an Olympic-style event that
help recreational, amateur and
Olympic hopeful athletes reach
the next level of their athletic
ability. As the largest multi-
sport event in North Texas,
The Winter Games of Texas,
held each year in January over
the MLK Holiday weekend, has
translated into economic
benefits over the years
estimated to be $6M dollars
with hotel rooms sold, dining
facilities filled to the brim and
participants and families taking
advantage of 8 million square
feet of shopping, based on a
field study by the University of
North Texas. Since 2006,
Frisco residents have also
provided more than 3,000
hours of volunteer support.

Martial Arts is the newest sport
added to the line-up of
basketball, Miracle League
bowling, fencing, figure
skating, flag football,
gymnastics, ice hockey,
soccer, swimming and table
tennis. The event is organized
by the Texas Amateur Athletic
Federation (TAAF), The Frisco
Convention & Visitors Bureau
(CVB) and Frisco Parks &
Recreation. The Winter Games
of Texas happens January 14-
16, 2011 at various venues in
Frisco, except for gymnastics
in Plano. For more info visit the

NEW – FISD Given Five-Star

State Comptroller Susan
Combs announced this month
results of a state-wide study in
a report named Connecting the
Dots: School Spending and
Student Progress, listing Frisco
ISD as one of 43 districts to
receive the top five-star rating
for its continued high student
performance and responsible
spending. The 2009 Legislature
directed the Comptroller's
office to develop a method to
compare school districts on a
level playing field, and to
determine school districts and
campuses allocate financial
resources in a manner
contributing to high academic
achievement and cost effective
operations. To see the results
of the report go to for more

NEW – Wakeland Tennis
Coach Honored:

Steve Schkade , Tennis Coach
at Wakeland High School, was
honored by the Frisco School
Board at its December 13th
meeting. Scott was named
Coach of the Year by the state
Tennis Coaches Association. He
has led students to state
competition two years during
since Wakeland opened in
NEW – Growth Projections
Indicate More Schools May
Be Needed:

Demographic growth
projections indicate that three
new elementary schools may
be needed to open in 2012,
according to Richard Wilkinson,
Deputy Superintendent of
Business and Operations, in
addition to a middle school. At
the December board meeting,
he presented the board with a
five to six year projection of
potential needs for additions to
current high schools, new
elementary and middle
schools, and a possible
seventh high school.
Construction on the 13th
middle school will begin in
early 2011, he said. Wilkinson
showed areas that may need
more elementary schools or
middle schools in coming years
but told the board that the
further out he goes, the
numbers are pure projection.
Any proposed new schools will
be based on projections but
also actual enrollment
numbers, he said. He said it is
estimated that FISD will
continue to grow by
approximately 3,500 students
annually for the next five years
or more.

UPDATED - Frisco Police

The Frisco Police maintain
Arrest reports and Incident
reports on their web site for
those citizens who like to keep
up with what is going on
around the city from the police
point of view. These reports
cover the period of December
6 – December 12. Public
Safety has always been a huge
focus of mine and it takes all of
us to keep our city safe. If you
ever see something that just
doesn‟t look right, please don‟t
look the other way. Please
contact our fantastic Police
department. Even if it turns
out to be nothing, they would
rather you contact them and
let them make that

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