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   What is your text type and communication? What specifically are
    you linking to in Maus? What major idea/message are you trying to
    get across to your readers through your piece? What do you want
    your readers to think, feel, and understand through reading your
Example: My piece is a satire, a form of mass communication, that
  links to Lord of the Flies by William Golding by highlighting the
  need for civilization through satirizing that savagery is a form of
  survival of the fittest and is the best way for mankind to survive. I
  want my readers to understand that having compassion, morals
  and adhering to laws are what make the human race superior to
  other animals and is what will make life more enjoyable.
   In order to achieve your purpose (the above) what tone or mood did you
    create? Provide some examples from your piece. Explain how these
    examples create this mood and the intended affect on the reader.
   IF the mood or tone shifts be sure to have a second and discuss it.

Example: The mood I created is merciless and vile. Jack my main character
   says ‘I will hunt you and kill you because I am a survivor and a better man
   than you.” He also chants, “hunt the child and cut his throat” to
   emphasize that children are vulnerable and reveal the savageness and
   selfishness of the human race.
   Discuss your word choice. Choose 3-4 words
    and discuss their purpose. What connotations
    do these words have? What affect do you
    want to have on your audience by using these
   Discuss at least one more device. IF this is
    poetic communication focus on imagery
    (simile, metaphor, personification, symbol,
    etc…) if this is mass communication discuss
    the use of another device (anaphora,
    narration, subjective vs. objective, statistics,
    testimony, etc…)
   Why is this text type the most effective way
    for you to communicate your purpose?
   What have you learned through writing this

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