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Lesson Plan 8_ judgments_ Unit 5_ story 1_ March 16_ 2011 upload by xiaohuicaicai


									                                                   Lesson Plan
Title: Unit 5, Story 1, Flight, The Story of Charles Lindbergh    Content   Area/s: judgments, reading groups
Grade level: 3                                Time Frame: 1 hr 30 minutes           Date: March 16, 2011
SOL: : Oral Language
3.1 The student will use effective communication skills in group activities.
a) Listen attentively by making eye contact, facing the speaker, asking questions, and
summarizing what is said.
b) Ask and respond to questions from teachers and other group members.
c) Explain what has been learned.

3.10 The student will write stories, letters, simple explanations, and short reports across all content
a) Use a variety of planning strategies.
b) Organize information according to the type of writing.
c) Identify the intended audience.
d) Revise writing for specific vocabulary and information.
e) Use available technology.

Related SOLs:

Technology SOLs:
Lesson Objectives: The student will identify and               Resources (Text & Technology):
explain a “judgment” using the “Flight, A Story of             Reading books
Charles Lindbergh,” grammar worksheets, and                    W.B. pg. 53 judgments
centers activities.                                            Vocab journals
                                                               Notebook paper
The student will:                                              Grammar worksheet pg. 78 adjective
Instructional Procedures:
(Number steps beginning with Initial Activity and ending with Closing Activity.)

Comprehension: Groups and centers

Initial activity: Review “making judgments” with students.
Write centers activities on board and review with students:

On whiteboard writer assignments: 1) Write spelling words in ABC order
                                  2) Finish vocabulary journals
                                  3) W.B, pg. 53- judgments –put in reading basket
                                   4) Complete grammar worksheet page 78 adjectives
                                  4) Computer center: Charles Lindbergh’s plane
                                  5) Read “Flight, A Story of Charles Lindbergh,” to a classmate
                                  5) AR read

Oral language: Discuss “judgments” in groups


Blue group (10:20 a.m.-10:50 a.m.) Have students take turns reading aloud. Stop every two pages to ask
questions. (pg. 152:1, 2&3)
(pg. 154:4& 6) (pg. 156: 7&8) (pg. 160: 11) (pg. 162: 14 & 15) (pg.164: 16 & 17) (pg. 166: 19).

Red group ( 10:50 am-11-10 am.)- Have students take turns reading aloud. Stop to ask questions on every page.

Green group (11:10 am-11:30 a.m.)- Discuss the questions only:

Grammar: Grammar worksheet pg. 78 and collect for assessment
Instructional procedures Cont’

Assessment/s:                                  Extension Activities/
                                               Interdisciplinary Links:
Questions posed and answered by students
Vocabulary journals.
Workbook pages

                                               Differentiation Strategies/Activities:

                                               Whole group instruction
                                               Small group instruction
                                               Independent work
                                               Buddy reading

Observations/Recommendations for Future Use:

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