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					              4-H Record Keeping Guidelines/Comment Sheet
                         Record keeping forms and example record books are available from club leaders,
                              at the Boone County ISU Extension Office or can be downloaded from:

                    Member Guidelines                                            Leader Comments
Boone County 4-H Participation Summary (3 years)
   Write small, neatly and be brief.
   Include a summary of everything you did in 4-H from
September of last year through state fair of this year.
   For help with your records see "4-H Record Keeping Terms
Ideas for Citizenship, Communication Leadership"
   Use pages 2 – 3 (and supplement if needed) to briefly
summarize what you did in all your 4-H projects this year and to
apply for project awards.
   Behind the Participation Summary include photos and clippings
that relate to overall 4-H participation and for any projects for
which you do not do a separate project record.
  Behind current year include past year’ summaries.

4-H Basic (juniors), Experienced or Advanced
Project Records – 4-H 96 A, B, or C
    Do one of the above project records for at least one project,
but to be considered for outstanding member and special county
awards, a project record for most projects is recommended
    All project records should include your goals for the project,
what you did and learned, an evaluation of what you liked, what
you would change, and plans for the future in this project.
    Remember that a 4-H project is what you do all year long and a
fair exhibit is the part you take to fair.
    Experienced and Advanced project records (recommended for
intermediates and seniors) include income and expenses,
communication, citizenship and leadership for that project.

Project Worksheets are required for market or breeding
beef, sheep, swine, meat goat, dog, dairy cow, dairy goat, and
crop production in addition to basic, exp., or adv. project records.
Bucket bottle calf, pen of 3, cat, horse, rabbit, poultry, small pets
have all information on one worksheet so is the only form needed.

Or Project Guides can be included in place of a project
record if it is a workbook format (has places for you to write.)
   Add additional sheets of paper to record other activities in the
project such as goals, citizenship, exhibits, income, expenses.
   Most project guides are designed for more than one year so the
guide does not need to be completely finished.

Support Materials
   Include fair exhibit write up (goals, what you did and learned,
future plans) with the project record or guide if applicable.
   Include action photos taken before and during project work.
Write captions for photos. Underline your name in news articles.

   Title page, tabbed dividers between projects, 3-ring binders,
current year's records in front of previous years make your records
more organized but are not the only way!
   Because they are too bulky, please do not include ribbons,
programs, and judge’s comment sheets. Keep these separately.             S/4-H Youth/4-H Record Books/Member Mentor/Guidelines Comments

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