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Black Rice Very Useful


Black Rice Very Useful.

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									Black Rice Useful
Brown rice had a stout health benefits for our bodies. Similarly, black rice is known to
prevent and cure various diseases. Black rice can only be found in Asia, and not
experience the grinding process many times as you would on regular white rice.
Formerly at the time of ancient China, black rice is limited in the palace.
Research in China, black rice had higher levels of vitamins, mikroelemen, and amino
acids that are higher than all the rice that we usually encounter.
Black color indicates this rice has a high pigment. These pigments contain aleurone and
endospermia that can produce anthocyanins are useful as anticarcinogenic agent, increase
the levels of platelets and has a high antioxidant.
These pigments are also rich in flavonoids substances that can prevent hardening of the
arteries. Levels of flavonoid substances contained in the black rice five times higher than
flavonoid substances contained in the plain white rice.
Black rice are high in fiber. Ayang consumes rice and black will feel full longer.
Rice is believed to have various benefits, including:
• Increase endurance.
• Improve liver cell damage dalamkasus hepatitis and cirrhosis (hardening of the liver).
• Prevents kidney function.
• Prevent cancer and tumors.
• natural antiaging.
• As an antioxidant.
• Clean the cholesterol in the blood.
• Prevents anemia.
• Preventing dengue fever that can lead to decrease in blood platelets.

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