PROPERTY INFORMATION: Superheroes by ProQuest


On the outside John Walsh, president of San Diego-based DataQuick, looks the part of a mortgage tech stereotype. But Walsh, who has spent the past 20 years managing companies in the financial industry, is more than your typical tech executive. The first clue is his office. DataQuick, too, is more than what appears on the surface. The company has grown from a small regional housing-data provider to become one of the nations largest property information, data analytics and settlement services firms. It provides comprehensive, customized solutions to satisfy the data analysis and business-decision needs of lenders. Yet, despite its growth, the company still delivers a unique level of close personal service and is dedicated to solving the unique problems of its clients. DataQuick has spent years developing the next generation of valuation and validation tools. One of the niches DataQuick has been able to fill is the ability to provide data to lenders of all sizes.

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