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The Shepherd's Voice


									                   Jesus said ““I am the good shepherd. The sheep hear the
                   shepherd’s voice and he leads them. They follow him
                   because they know his voice.”

                                                                John 10:11,3-4

                   The Shepherd’s Voice
                                                                                  Inside this edition
Worship with us on Sundays
                                                                                  Lent and Easter Preparation                  2
2 Worship Services        Church School        Adult Forums                       In our Congregation                      3-4
  of Holy Communion      for children age 3 &   at 9:45 AM
   8:15 and 11:00 AM                                                              Making a Difference                      5-7
                           older at 9:30 AM
                                                                                  Study-Discuss-Learn                          8
                 Childcare offered all morning
                                                                                  Gathering and Supporting                     9
   March 7        Girl Scout Sunday—see page 11                                   Families and Young People                 10
   March 14       Prayers for Healing during worship
                                                                                  Youth Ministry                            11
   March 21       Grace Alive!
                                                                                  Church Family                             12
   March 28       Palm Sunday—See page 3
                                                                                  Worship Stewards                          13
                  Holy Week and Easter—See page 3
                                                                                  Calendar                                  14
                     Spread with the word!!                                                                  WORSHIP
                  Hope for Haiti Concert                                                                    the fifth of our
                 Saturday, March 13 ~7:30 PM                                                                faith practices!
                  right here at Good Shepherd                                    “O come, let us worship and bow down, let
                                                                                 us kneel before the Lord, our maker.”
                                       HAITI                                                                         Psalm 96:6
                                      Earthquake                                 As disciples, we are called to do the things
                                                                                 that enrich our journey with Jesus. We all
   Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity will be holding a benefit
                                                                                 need to nurture regular worship in our
            concert for Haiti. More details on page 6                            families. Step away from the patterns and
                                                                                 stresses of daily life to intentionally love
Highlights in this issue:                                                        and find peace through God.
Continuing your Lenten Journey and Prepare for Easter on page 2                  Worship brings us into God’s presence
                                                                                      and calls us to prayer and praise.
New Guidelines for Youth Special Event Funding on page 3                         Worship refreshes us through Baptism and
Changes in Summer Worship Schedule on page 3                                          Holy Communion
                                                                                 Worship energizes us through God’s Spirit
Thrivent Choice—giving back a new way on page 5
                                                                                      to live lifestyles that are Christ’s style!
Updates on Souper Sunday and Pancake Breakfast on page 5                         Worship within our church community
First Communion Class on page 10                                                      allows us to share and grow together.
                                                                                 Worship can be public or private, indoors
Women’s Retreat April 23-24 on page 8                                                 or outdoors, upbeat or reflective.
                                                                                 Worship can be formal or informal, with
              Reminder: Set your clocks ahead one hour on
                                                                                      music or with word alone, as drama or
              Saturday night, March 13.                                               with crafts.
                                                                                 Worship has to do with an attitude of
  Mission Statement:                                                                  reverence for God and genuine
    Forgiven by God’s grace and led by God’s love, We are:                            expressions of love, thanksgiving and
          + Gathered to worship and learn                                             devotion.
             + Strengthened to follow Christ; and                                “Let us give thanks, by which we offer to
                + Equipped to serve                                              God an acceptable worship with reverence
                                     For the sake of the world                   and awe.”                      Hebrews 12:28b
Continue your Lenten Journey                                   Preparing for Easter                            Page 2

                                                              Easter Flowers and Memorials
Tuesdays—12:00 Noon
                                                              In celebration of Christ’s resurrection
Parables and Prayers
Bring Your Own Lunch. We’ll provide                           For Easter lilies or tulips to decorate the
coffee and tea and a round table discussion of one of         church, please use the white “Flowers and
Jesus’ parables found in the Gospel of Luke.                  Plants” envelopes available in the pew racks and Wel-
                                                              come Center to designate how you would like your gift
                                                              used. Cost: $8.
Wednesdays, February 24, March 3, 10, 17 and 24
                                                              For monetary gifts to the Memorial Fund, please use
   7:00 Soup & Bread Supper
                                                              the green “Memorial Gifts” envelopes.
   7:30 Prayers & Proddings
Come enjoy homemade soup, wonderful bread and                 If you need an envelope mailed to you, please contact the
cookies. Then stay to view a 15-minute Nooma video by         church office. You may mail your gift to the office.
Rob Bell and join in the discussion and devotions that        Deadline is Sunday, March 21.
follow. These thought-provoking videos give a presen-
tation of various Christian faith tenets that we all try to   An opportunity to help
live by in daily life, but find at times we struggle to do    Individuals may sign up for specific Worship Steward
what is faithful.                                             duties during our Easter services. Please see the kiosk
                                                              to sign up at whichever service you plan to attend
Come whenever you can, for each Wednesday evening             Easter Day.
is a complete topic of discussion and not a series.
                                                              We will “fill in the blanks” by assigning individuals
                                                              based on their availability. We’ll send you a reminder
Adult Forums, Sunday Mornings at 9:45
                                                              of what you’ve committed to in March as we draw
“The Return of the Prodigal Son” Explore this gospel
                                                              closer to Easter. Thanks in advance!
through literature, art, music and film.
   March 7 – The Elder Son                                    We need hard-boiled eggs…
   March 14 – The Father                                      Messy Faith is the theme for our 2010 youth ministry
   March 21 – A Story of Forgiveness                          events for youth in grades 6, 7 & 8 (page 11). Their
                                                              “Messy Faith” servant project for April is coloring eggs
                                                              for our morning refreshments and egg hunt on Easter
Sunday, March 14, 7:00 PM—Book                                Sunday.
Discussion—“Prodigal God” – by Timothy Keller.
Uncover the essential message of Jesus locked inside          Please bring a dozen hard cooked eggs to church on
this most familiar parable, ‘The Prodigal Son’. Books         Sunday, March 28 – Friday, April 1, and put the eggs
are available to purchase for $15.00.                         in the church kitchen refrigerator off Luther Hall.

                                                              Holy Week and Easter
                           Saturday, March 20                 Look for a special mailing in the coming weeks with
                         Cross and the M.U.D                  more information.
                         Movie Under Discussion               April 1, Maundy Thursday
                         “My Sister’s Keeper”                   7:30 PM       Worship
      6:00 PM      Dinner                                     April 2, Good Friday
      6:45 PM      Movie and discussion                         10:00 AM Brief informal service
Explore the role of unconditional parental love within a        3:00 PM       Cross-Generational Experience
family when challenging medical issues collide with                           The Day Jesus Died
emerging teenage independence.                                  7:30 PM       Tenebrae Service
                                                              April 4, Easter Sunday
                                                                7:00 AM Sunrise
On-Line—weekly Reflections on Gospel Lessons. at
                                                                9:00 AM Family Worship followed by Egg Hunt
                                                                11:00 AM Festival Worship
IN OUR CONGREGATION                                                                                             Page 3

               Our Congregation Council at its
               February 9 Meeting …
•     received letters of thanks from the Somerset Home
      for Temporarily Displaced Children and Raritan Val-
      ley Habitat for Humanity for our financial support.
                                                                              Worship will remain at
•     reviewed draft letter to Pastor Jorge of the Chris-
                                                                               8:15 & 11:00 AM
      tian Center of Somerset County, confirming our
      agreement that the Christian Center will be in an-
                                                              Why the change? After reviewing studies related to
      other facility by September 1, 2010.
                                                              reaching out to newcomers, the Worship Planning Team
•     reviewed the positives/negatives of the Congrega-       proposed to Council the need to keep worship service
      tional Financial meeting of January 31.                 times consistent throughout the entire year. This was
•     approved the Day Care’s hiring of Kelly Carvajal        also thoroughly discussed at the Annual Congregational
      and Judy Pfister as teachers’ aides.                    meeting on January 31.
•     asked for volunteers to attend the Synod Assembly
      to be held in East Brunswick, NJ on May 7-8,            Visitors, unfamiliar with the change of worship times
      2010. Dorsey Finn and Nancy Waltermire tenta-           during the summer, often arrive at 8:15 or 11:00 AM
      tively volunteered.                                     only to discover there is one service at 9:30 AM; they
•     discussed council and committee chair positions         often do not return for a second visit and an opportunity
      that will become open this June and the Nominat-        to welcome visitors is lost. Also, when visitors attend a
      ing Committee tasks necessary to fill them.             worship service where the seating in the back is totally
•     learned that Pastor Bruce Davidson accepted Pas-        filled (even though there are seats available in front),
      tor Chris’ invitation to facilitate the process in-     they sense there is no room for them. Summer worship
      volved in taking the next steps to discern the direc-   at 9:30 AM is almost totally filled in the back and con-
      tion that the council and congregation should take.     veys the message: “No room for you.”
•     learned that the glass panel in the memorial garden
      door will be replaced and its controls programmed                   Continued on “Why the Change” on page 4
      to be open when appropriate.

Children and Youth Ministry Team                              washes, dinners, etc will be free will offerings/
Special Event Funding Policy                                  donations only, rather than the sale of goods and ser-
Approved by the Congregation Council, December 2009           vices.

    Children and Youth Ministry Team Guidelines for           All youth of the appropriate age for the designated
              Youth Special Event Funding                     event will be encouraged to participate in the funding
All requests for Special Event Funding will be sub-
mitted to and approved by the Children and Youth              The opportunity to participate in special funding events
Ministry Team.                                                enables our youth to gain sweat equity, increase self-
                                                              esteem, and build community.
Youth events eligible for Special Event Funding have
registration and travel costs that exceed $200 per youth.     The Children and Youth Ministry Team will designate
The first 10% of the total dollars received/earned will be    distribution of special event funds. Funds can be used to
reserved for the offering at the event or designated by       cover either group expenses such as hotel rooms, van
the group for charitable giving.                              rentals, etc. or no more that 50 % of individual costs.

In line with our Theology of Stewardship, any funding         See articles: Sr. High Service Projects—Page 5
events organized to support our youth such as car                          Youth Ministry—Page 11
IN OUR CONGREGATION                                                                                           Page 4

Property Work Day                                          Why the change? (continued from page 3)
What a workday it was!
                                                           We also discovered we have church members who do
Thank you to all those who gave of
                                                           not worship during the summer months because the
their time and talents on January 23.                      9:30 AM service is too late in the morning, while others
With our 30 stalwart volunteers we                         find 9:30 AM too early due to medical needs.
were able to strip wallpaper and begin painting in Lu-
ther Hall, paint the new banner closet, spackle & paint    Council supports and promotes keeping worship service
the blue Daycare bathroom, spackle, tape & paint the       times consistent throughout the year. Members who
ceiling of the pink Daycare bathroom, caulk windows        attended the annual meeting on January 31 voted their
throughout the church, repair & install insulation in      support by approving the 2010 Spending Plan which
Room 9, and clean out & paint in closets.                  included additional funding required to compensate the
There is still a lot more to do! We are looking for vol-   organist for playing at two services throughout the en-
unteers for the following tasks:                           tire year.
•   Paint the pink Daycare bathroom (the tape is still
    up and the ceiling is done!)                           We look forward to giving thanks and praise to God each
•   Paint Luther Hall on March 5 & 6                       Sunday throughout the year at 8:15 and 11:00 AM!
•   Cut back grasses and bushes on Sunday, March 21
    after the second service
•   Put a second coat of paint on the banner closets       Spring Cleaning?
•   Put a second coat of paint on the SCS bookshelves
                                                           Think of our
    by the Sunday School office
                                                           Daycare Program
•   Finish stripping the wallpaper in Luther Hall
Ideally, we would like to have all of this done before     The aftercare program (3-6 PM)
Easter. If you are available for any of these tasks,       for our Daycare is in need of some items to enhance and
please sign up on the Kiosk or email or call Judy Pfis-    expand their program. If you have any of the following
ter at or 908-874-7796. All          items, please bring them in and leave in the Narthex by
supplies are ready!                                        the oval table marked “For Daycare”.

     Future dates to be put on your 2010 calendar          See page 10 for a list of items needed.
    April 10 ~ August 21 ~ October 23

Outdoor Landscaping                                        LET US KNOW!
Volunteers Needed!                                         If any of your contact information changes, please be
                                                           sure to notify the church office 908-685-1660 or
We are in need of outdoor landscap-
ing volunteers for Mowing and
                                                           It’s very important that we have your current informa-
Weeding from April to the end of June. The Time &
                                                           tion on file so we can communicate with you. And
Talent sheets done in the Spring are not available for
                                                           don’t forget, if your email address changes, please be
scheduling until the end of June and of course the
                                                           sure to let us know that as well, since we send impor-
grass cutting and weeding won’t wait once the weather
                                                           tant notices via email quite often. Thank you!
starts warming up. Opportunities to serve include
mowing with the John Deere riding mower or self pro-
pelled push mower, trimming grass edges, or weeding                              Articles for the next issue are
all the gardens. We would like enough volunteers to                              due Sunday, March 14
cover 11 weeks through the end of June. Please sign
                                                                This issue will cover April 5 through May 1.
up on the kiosk. Any questions, see Judy Pfister.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE                                                                                        Page 5

Thank You!!!                                                Thrivent Choice
349 Cans of Soup were collected and donated to the          Touch lives. Warm hearts. Your way.
Somerville Food Bank. Thanks to your efforts this year,
more lives have been changed and the entire community       Launching in spring 2010, Thrivent Choice is a
has seen the good that happens when we all work to-         new giving program that lets members help choose
gether to help those in need.                               where Thrivent Financial gives back. Thrivent
Nationally, the 2010 Souper Bowl of Caring:                 Choice will replace the GivingPlus® and Care in
Total Raised $7,351,869                                     Congregation® programs available in past years.
Pounds of Food Collected 3,894,810
Participating Groups 8,079                                  Thrivent members can participate in one or two
Participating Youth 187,120                                 ways:

Senior High Servant Projects                                Voting: All benefit and associate members will be
                “Share God’s Love”                          eligible to "vote" to distribute a portion of Thrivent
                Pancake Brunch                              Financial's charitable funds among a short list of na-
                                                            tional charities (Lutheran and non-Lutheran), one to
Fourteen High School youth with the help of seven           two times per year. The first Voting Event will be
adults hosted a Pancake Brunch for the congregation         this April and members can vote via a business reply
Sunday, February 14. Several of our young people            card in the Thrivent magazine.
shared their recent experiences at the NJ Synod Winter
Youth Assembly including having everyone join in            Choice Dollars: Approximately 30% of benefit
singing their favorite song – Build Up.                     members will be able to direct Thrivent Choice Dol-
A free will offering totaling $610 received at the brunch   lars to thousands of Lutheran nonprofit organiza-
will help offset the expenses for our youth attending the   tions, including Lutheran congregations.
ELCA North East Regional Gathering in July 2010. In         (Approximately 75% of past participants in the Giv-
accordance with our new Youth Special Event Policy          ingPlus® program will be eligible to direct Choice
(page 3), our youth will donate the first 10% or $61 to     Dollars.) Eligibility for Choice Dollars is based on a
the ELCA NE Regional Gathering offering in July.            benefit member's insurance premiums, account val-
                                                            ues and volunteer leadership. Most eligible benefit
          Paper Bag Campaign
                                                            members will be able to direct between $25 and
          Our Senior High Youth joined with the NJ          $100, and some may be able to direct as much as
          Anti-Hunger Coalition to highlight the impor-     $500.
          tance of Child Nutrition programs.
On Sundays February 7 and 14, youth advocated for           If you're interested in learning more about the pro-
continuing and improving food programs that will al-        gram, sign up for the monthly Thrivent Choice Infor-
low more children to have access to healthy food that       mation Update eNewsletter at
will help them learn and grown to their full potential!
The congregation was asked to decorate brown lunch
bags with messages to show elected officials just how
                                                            Copies of the monthly newsletter are also posted on
many of their constituents care about childhood hunger
                                                            the Thrivent bulletin board in the hallway outside
and nutrition.
                                                            Room B.
In total, the youth collected over 75 bags that will be
displayed during a press event at the State House and       If you are a Thrivent member, Benefit or Associate,
then given to congressional Representatives.                please stop by the small table in the Narthex on Sun-
                                                            days during March to confirm that we have your cor-
Thank you for helping us make a difference.
                                                            rect contact information.
                         See Page 11 for Youth Ministry
MAKING A DIFFERENCE                                                                                         Page 6

Food Baskets
I was hungry and you fed me.                                                               HAITI
                         Matthew 25:35                                                     Earthquake

Each year we help 15 needy families
within the church and community by providing a           Hope for Haiti Concert
week's supply of food and household necessities at       Saturday, March 13 ~7:30 PM at Good Shepherd
Easter. How can you help ~
                                                         Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity will be holding a
DONATE FOOD –Take grocery bags with a list of            benefit concert for Haiti. A free will offering will be
the items needed and bring it back filled!               taken at the performance. All proceeds will be going to
                                                         Habitat for Humanity International in Haiti to provide
DONATE MONEY –monetary gifts are used to
                                                         temporary shelter kits and aid in the rebuilding process.
purchase turkeys and other perishables. Please use
the Blue “Outreach/Extra Mile Giving” envelopes          •   Performances by the Bonnie Brae Knight Drum
available in the pews and Welcome Center. Speci-             Corps, who performed at the presidential inaugural
ficy Use as “Food Baskets”. Make checks payable              parade
to GSLC. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans sup-           •   Music from “The Ten”, an all male a cappella
ported.                                                      group who have their roots in the 125 voices of the
HELP ASSEMBLE THE BASKETS – on Satur-                        University Glee Club of New York City.
day, March 27 at 9:00 AM. Sign up on the kiosk.          •   Displays will be set up throughout the Narthex, ex-
If you are willing to deliver a basket, but can’t come       plaining Habitat’s involvement in Haiti.
that morning - note it on the sign-up.                   •   Refreshments will follow the performance.

                                                         If you would like to provide a baked good for refresh-
             World Day of Prayer                         ments for this event, please sign up on the kiosk.
             Saturday, March 6 at 2:00 PM
                                                               Invite your friends—come with a crowd.
             First Baptist Church, Somerville
            The World Day of Prayer is a world-wide
ecumenical movement of women of many faith tradi-        Interfaith Hospitality Network—IHN
tions who come together to observe a common day          A Ministry to the Homeless
of prayer each year.
                                                              We will host IHN guests the week of
Arbor Glen Worship                                                           March 7—13
March 14, 1:15 PM                                              Check the kiosk for opportunities to help.

We gather in the Holly Center to share                   IHN provides shelter, meals, and support services to
the Word, praise and prayer.                             families without homes through a cost-efficient and ef-
                    Come join us.                        fective community response to family homelessness.
         Volunteer sign-up in the Narthex.               Coordinator—Bill Jonat
Coordinators: Janice Reinhardt and Sandy Alexander
                                                         Looking Ahead:
Community Groups                                         Biloxi Mission Trip
Meeting at Good Shepherd                                 September 27—October 2, 2010
                                                         Thrivent Builds
AA on Mondays, 8:00–9:00 PM
ESL (English as a Second Language) on                    Consider participating with a group from
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30–11:30 AM                    Good Shepherd.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE                                                                                            Page 7

                                                                     Caring for God’s Earth — Be the Solution
Military Support
                                                                      A message from the Environmental Team
A letter from Pastor Rick
Former Associate Pastor 1991-1995                           So, how are you doing with making those small sus-
                                                            tainable changes in your daily life to help improve the
Hello friends at Good Shepherd:                             quality of our environment? Our suggestions don’t
I am back in the United States now.                         seem to pertain to you? Well this month we are fo-
                                                            cusing on the Bathroom – something that pertains to
It has been a challenging year: sometimes frightening,      all of us. Water is a very precious commodity and
often frustrating, always with an undercurrent of ten-      something that we, in the United States, take for
sion from life in a war zone. Over the course of the        granted as it flows clean and fresh at the turn of a tap.
deployment, we lost four of our own soldiers and nu-
merous others in our area of southern Iraq. In the sta-     Bathroom:
tistical report for the whole of Iraq, soldier suicides     • Retrofit your old toilet with a water saving device
outnumbered combat-related deaths. Clearly the ongo-          or place 1 or 2 weighted bottles in the tank being
ing nature of this conflict is taking its toll.               sure they do not interfere with operation.
                                                            • Replace your old toilet with ultra low flush models.
As our Minnesota National Guard soldiers transition           This can save up to 17,500 gallons a year.
back to civilian life, many will go to college. Others      • Fix all leaks - (toilets, faucets, washers, outside fau-
will return to civilian jobs. Forty percent will be unem-     cets, showers)
ployed. All will come back to communities that have         • Report tap leaks and faulty toilets in public places to
learned to get along without them. Studies show that it       management so they can be fixed.
takes about a year for soldiers to recover from the op-     • Take shorter showers by turning off water in the
erational stress of a deployment. For some, the re-           shower while lathering up
integration is with those soldiers who seek additional      • Install a water control valve on your showerhead,
help, both in my role as an Army Chaplain and as a            this keeps the hot and cold water mixed while shut
therapist at Lutheran Social Service.                         off—you don’t have to run water to get the mix.
We all bear the burden of decisions made on the inter-      • Turn off the water while brushing teeth or shaving
national stage. I encourage you to continue to pray and     • Install water savings devices if your fixtures are
act thoughtfully for peace, and to care for the soldiers      non-conserving. Faucet aerators and low flow
who return to your own community in New Jersey.               regulators can reduce water output by 40-50%.
Thank you for your interest in my ministry, for your        • Avoid using your toilet as a wastebasket
support for our soldiers, and for your prayers and good     • Buy a cloth shower curtain that will outlast plastic
thoughts.                                                     ones. Hemp resists mildew and is machine wash-
God’s peace to you all,                                     • Use a strainer on all drains to catch hair and pre-
Chaplain (CPT) Rick Rittmaster                                vent clogs. If you get a clog use a snake not drain
34th Infantry Division Family Life Chaplain                   cleaner to unclog it. Fix slow drains using ½ a cup
                   ~       ~       ~                          of baking soda followed by ½ a cup of white vine-
Join us on                                                    gar. Let sit for 20 minutes then pour 2 quarts of
Saturday, March 13,                                           boiling water down the drain.
                                                            • Turn your soap scraps into usable shavings. Grate
at 10:00 AM
to continue planning for how                                  them with a cheese grater and put in a bowl next to
we might “Welcome Home”                                       the sink. Tale a pinch, add water and lather.
our veterans and support their
STUDY—DISCUSS—LEARN                                                                                       Page 8

Sunday                                                                    “Unfurl New Wings”
                                                                         Good Shepherd’s Women’s Retreat
9:45– 10:45 AM
                                                                              Begins Friday, April 23
(childcare available)
                                                                               Pre-session at 3:00 PM
Lenten focused discussions—See page 3                                            Dinner at 6:30 PM
                                                                         Ends Saturday, April 24 at 3:30 PM
Bible Studies                                                                  America’s Keswick
    Two Opportunities                                                      Conference Retreat Center
    All Are Welcome                                     Whiting, NJ (near Garden State Parkway Exit #77)
                                                    Wonderful things happen when we get together with
Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-2:00 at church
                                                    other women and share our struggles, our joys, our con-
Drop in when you can—Come as you are—
                                                    cerns, and our love. We can find people who will be-
Currently studying Genesis
                                                    lieve for us when we are unable to believe in God’s love
Coordinators: Joan Grace and Jan Schnitzlein
                                                    and power. We can have people pray for us when we
Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM                       are unable to pray for ourselves. And we can know
Currently studying Deuteronomy                      God’s love as he loves us through our sisters.
   March 4       - Mary Khoury’s home               We’ll have time for Bible study, devotions and prayer, fun
   March 11      - Lynn Wirth’s home
                                                    and fellowship, quiet walks and lively talks. Bring a friend
   March 18      - Evelyn Kruck’s home
                                                    or neighbor to join us at this wonderful retreat center. They
   March 25      - Jeanne Locke’s home
Coordinator: Jeanne Locke                           have two lakes with walking trails, a modern activity center
                                                    with heated pool and Jacuzzi and delicious meals. We will
                                                    be in our own building with motel style rooms and a com-
                                                    fortable meeting room with fireplace.
                                                               COME AND FIND YOUR WINGS

           Mission and Ministry
          Across the Generations
Saturday, March 20, 8:00-3:30                       An ongoing 12-course study of 5 sessions in a
Steinert High School, Hamilton Square, NJ           small group setting.
Keynote Speaker: Kristen Glass                      A recent graduate said, “diakonia has provided me the
Director for Youth & Young Adult Ministry Voca-     spiritual nourishment I have been seeking.”
tion Education Unit, ELCA
                                                    Next Course:
•   Dozens of workshops encompassing Children,        Lutheran Faith in the American Context
                                                      Taught by Rev. Mark Summer
    Youth, Family, Service, Mission and Ministry,
    Justice and Peace                               Class will meet: Thursdays, March 18 and 25 and
•   Join in Worship                                 April 8, 22 and 29, 7:00-10:00 PM
•   Visit Displays                                  Enrollment is open. Info on the kiosk. Contact the
Be sure to check the KIOSK for more information     church office or Joan Grace if you wish to participate.
and registration forms, or talk to Linda Walker.    “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for build-
Register by March 10.                               ing up the body of Christ” (Ephesian 4:12)
GATHERING AND SUPPORTING                                                                                      Page 9

Women Meet
Sisters of Ruth
Monday, March 22 at 1:00 PM at church
This month we will be preparing health kits for Lutheran World Relief. Coordinator: Sandy Alexander

Daughters of Eve Informal gathering with a focus on women’s issues and outreach projects.
Tuesday, March 2, 7:30 PM at church — Armchair Travelers
Come and join us as we see photos and learn about Marisa Lohse and Nancy Davis’ adventures in Egypt.

       Looking Ahead: Saturday, April 17, the WELCA Thank Offering Service will be at Good Shepherd.
       More information to follow next month.

Prayer Shawl Ministry                    Shepherd Stitchers                       Crafteers

Saturday, March 6 at 10:00 AM            Mondays at 6:30 PM                       Meets Wednesdays at 9:30 AM
                                           March 1 and 15
Our prayer shawl ministry knits or                                                Create mementos celebrating
                                         Tuesdays at 1:00 PM
crochets shawls that are given to the                                             events in our church family.
                                           March 2 and 16
sick, grieving and homebound as a
                                                                                  Join us on Wednesday mornings
tangible symbol of our prayers, love     Creating quilts and other projects to
and concern.                             share with others around the world.
                                                                                  If you enjoy doing needlework at
Come join the fellowship while you                                                home, we have kits available to
work.                                                                             create at your leisure.
                          All are welcome to participate in any or all of these groups.
                                          No experience necessary.
                                      Supplies and instruction provided.

                                                                Lutheran Men in Mission
60 +’ers                                                        Saturday, March 6 & 20
Wednesday, March 10, 1:00 PM                                    7:30 AM in Luther Hall
Join us for good fellowship, interesting programs               All men are welcome to join us in Luther Hall for
and refreshments on the 2nd Wednesday of the                    breakfast and interesting discussions on the 1st and
month.          Coordinator: Marilyn Mountjoy                   3rd Saturday of the month.

                                                                Norm Smith, former member now residing in Kan-
                                                                sas, is the current LMM national president. He is
“Hope in Times of Trouble”                                      involved with piloting a course, “Building Men for
March 11 and 25, 7:30 PM                                        Christ”, which will be offered regionally around
                                                                the U.S.
Support, fellowship and prayer while providing some                                        Coordinator: Dean Levin
networking among those gathered? For those who
have lost your job or if you have a job.                      Care for the Caregiver
                                                              March 14, 9:45 AM
The intent is to gather on every other Thursday of            Support for those caring for a family member with a
each month. The facilitator is Jeff Davis.                    long-term illness? . Meets the 2nd Sunday of the
            Coordinators: Jeff Davis and Carl Schulz          month. Led by Brenda Linton.
FAMILIES AND YOUNG PEOPLE                                                                               Page 10

                    Christian Day Care and               Little Lights
                                                         For Young Children (ages 0-6) and
                                                         Their Caregivers
                      NAEYC Accredited
                                                         Thursdays March 4, 11, 18, and 25
•    We celebrated Dental Health Month with a            10:00 AM—Play and Fellowship
     dentist coming to visit all of the classes and
     focusing on community helpers.                      Friday, March 19, 6:00-8:30 PM
                                                         Pajama Dinner Party!
•    During Lent, the children are learning how to
                                                         We'll each bring fun finger foods for dinner to
     take care of the world God gave us. They are        share! Wear your PJ's and bring your blanket and
     learning about the people who followed Jesus        pillow for a 'pretend' Pajama Party! You can also
     and the miracles Jesus performed.                   bring a favorite music CD and/or game to play!
•    This month we are planning a school wide trip
     to the Circus near the Patriot Stadium.             For more information or to “sign up” contact
•    The Center will be preparing for and              
     participating in The Week Of The Young                  In God's Love, Heather Gliot, Coordinator
     Child in April with special activities for the
     children. If you would like to help or             First Holy Communion
     participate in any way, please contact Pat.        Classes for 3rd Graders
                                                        All third graders and their parents are
We are opening summer and fall registrations to         invited to attend a two-part series of
the general public as of March 1. For information,      classes to help the children prepare to receive their
        please call Pat at 908-704-0080 or              first Holy Communion on Palm Sunday, March 28.
                                                        Classes will be on Sundays:
                                                           March 14 and March 21
Cleaning for Spring?
                                                           12:15-2:00 PM in Luther Hall
Think of our Daycare Program                                •   Pasta luncheon will be served
Continued from page 4                                       •   Each session will include some Bible study
                                                                and fun activities, too!
If you have any of the following items to enhance
our 3-6 PM aftercare program, please bring them         Each student’s parents should have received a letter
in and leave in the Narthex by the oval table           from Pastor Chris that outlines expectations and class
marked “For Daycare”:                                   schedule. Questions? Please contact either Pastor
                                                        Chris or Lynda Pullis, Director of Children & Youth,
•   Small containers of latex paint in various colors   at the church office by phone or email.
•   Children’s songs on tapes or CD’s for ages 2-5
•   Glitter and glitter glue
•   Small foam shapes (usually come in buckets)         Good Friday April 2, 3:00 PM
•   Old Valentine cards                                 For all ages
•   Games Hi Ho Cherrio & Chutes and Ladders                   Cross-Generational Worship Service
•   Lots of Dominos – Doesn't need to be a full set                   The Day Jesus Died
•   Wooden train track and trains (Thomas the Tank
    Engine or look alike)                               We will remember God’s loving, sacrificial act on be-
•   Age appropriate (2-5) computer games for            half of broken humanity by gathering around a Lenten
    Windows 98 or higher                                table of learning, sharing and nourishment. Through
                                                        story, song, and drama we will remember that Jesus
Thank you, Miss Judy & Miss Kelly
                                                        died for us.
YOUTH MINISTRY                                                                                         Page 11

 See Page 3 for information on Children and Youth Ministry Team - Special Event Funding Policy

March 7—Girl Scout Sunday
Calling all Daisys, Brownies, Junior, Cadettes and
Senior Girl Scouts.
Help us celebrate 98 years of Girl Scouting in America
at the 8:15 and 11:00 services.
Scouts will be ushering, do readings and serving re-
freshments. Bring cookies, a cake or brownies to share.            ELCA NORTHEAST REGION
Wear your VEST or UNIFORM.                                          YOUTH GATHERING 2010
                                                                           July 22-25, 2010
Sign up on the kiosk or contact Emily Schwiederek.             West Chester University, West Chester, PA

                                                          To be eligible youth must be 14 years old or older
 Junior High Ministry
                                                          or have completed 8th up through 12th grade by
 Messy Faith
                                                          June 2010.
 For youth in grades 6,7,8 and friends
                                                          Registration opened February 1.
   Sunday, March 21, 6:00-8:00 PM                         Cost: $325 (Financial assistance is available)
       Pajama Movie Night
        Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board outside
        Room B/C                                          Senior High Ministry Night
 April –
   Saturday, April 3, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM                   Sunday, 7:00-8:30 PM
       Easter Egg Hung Prep and Egg Coloring              February 28 and
       See Page 2 for info on hard-boiled eggs            March 14
   Sunday, April 4 -
       Help with Easter Egg Hunt
   Saturday, April 17 - Sunday, April 18
                                                          Senior High updates
       Hunger Awareness Lock-in
                                                          Thanks to all who participated
 May –
                                                          See Page 5 for an updates on
   Sunday, May 16, 12:30-2:30 PM
       Tie Dye T-shirts & Picnic
                                                          Share God’s Love Pancake Breakfast
   Monday, June 28, 8:00 AM-11:00 PM
                                                          Paper Bag Campaign
       Lutheran Day at Great Adventure

Serving With a Grateful Heart
Junior High Servant Trip—Washington, DC                   Confirmation Classes
June 29—July 3                                            Thursday, March 4, 11, 18 and 25
Five days of                                              7:00 PM-8:00 PM in Room D
    making new friends
    serving others – often in shelters and soup kitch-    Looking Ahead:
    ens                                                          The Rite of Confirmation will be on
    seeing the sites of Washington, DC                                    Pentecost Sunday
    praising God!                                             May 23, 2010, at the 11:00 AM Service
                                   OUR CHURCH FAMILY                                                   Page 12

                              I N O UR T HOUGHTS         AND PRAYERS

 Stephanie Davis                       Lynn Wirth and family, grieving Homebound Members
 Loretta Grace                         the death of Ralph Salvesen,       Louise Baldwin
 Hanna Jacobson                        Lynn’s father                      Emily Blenderman
 Gail Jorgensen                        Christian Schaeffer                Frieda Connor
 April Newton-on disability            Ron Throndson                      Ruth Lombardy
                                       Amy Wacker                         Andrew Martiny
                                                                          Nancy Mastrianni
                                                                          Arlean Meck

        P LEASE P RAY         FOR OUR     C HURCH F AMILY          ON THEIR      B IRTHDAYS

3/1   Ed Gould                          3/8    Dennis McCullough           3/19 Dorothy Morris
      Ruth-Ann Ingram                          Dan Groth                        Paul Cirillo
      Susan Soldivieri                         Bob Day                     3/20 Chris Jaworski
      Jimmy Shimalla                           Katie Lee                   3/21 Andrew Martinez
      Bailey Klemm                             Luke Calder                      Sabrina Eilers
      Emily Baxter-Green                       Nicholas Dubinsky           3/23 Amy Zambrano
3/2   Ted Jermansen                     3/9    Jeff Ingram                      Michelle Behling
      Lauren Shotwell                          Justin Sapiezynski          3/24 Richard Alagona
      Gail Velcheck                            Emma Grace                  3/25 Elizabeth Gyeski
3/3   Diane Taylor                      3/10   Karl Anderson               3/26 Karen McCullough
      Jessica Thieme                    3/12   Jo Slavin                        Terese Hatch
      Michael Thieme                           David Rochow                     Jim Paterno
      Emily Parker                             Ben Fieselmann              3/27 Mike Engebretson
      Emily Helm                               Christopher DeMarco         3/28 Evan Ngo
3/4   Suzanne Westberg                  3/13   Zachary Orlowski            3/29 Marilyn Kerr
      Steve Fenyar                      3/14   Charlene Walker                  John Hauschild
      Michele Letko                     3/15   Maureen DeMarco                  Linda Yang
3/5   Pat Whitehead                            Garrett Laws                     Rob Andrews
      Matthew DeMarco                          Aubrie Pillsbury                 Kyle Lee
      Connor Dunne                             Brian Turck                 3/30 Ben Parker
      Gianna Garofolo                   3/16   Alma Donlay                      Joshua Fuller
3/6   Rich Lee                                 Lauren Marchese             3/31 Laurie LaMonica
3/7   Alice Cotton                      3/17   Dot Rack                         Nancy Martinez
      Kyle Mountney                            Alyse Lynch                      Peter Throndson
      Jason Smith                              Cassie Mountney                  Emilie Kassis
                                        3/18   Doug Allen
                                               Eric Westberg

      If your March birthday is incorrect or not listed here, please call the church office. Thanks.

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