First Annual Gala by alicejenny


									A Monthly Workers’ Comp. Update for PCN members and affiliates. December 2007– January 2008, Volume 1, Issue 1

First Annual Gala!
P     atients’ Choice Network celebrated the
      success of its first three months in
operation recently at its First Annual
                                                the industry, including California Healthcare
                                                Networks (see story below).
                                                “PCN will be the Network of choice for all
Membership Appreciation Gala at the             medical and legal professionals in California
Renaissance Long Beach.                         who are committed to building successful
“The Gala was a chance for PCN to show          practices through Workers’ Compensation
its appreciation to some of the first           and personal injury,” said Master of
members of the Network for their trust and      Ceremonies and PCN Board Chairman Dr.
commitment to the program,” said PCN            Steven Brockel.
President Anne Gelvin. “This trust has paid     PCN’s Academic Director Sana U. Khan,
off because PCN is averaging more than          MD, PhD, said though the Network was in
500 quality referrals a month from              its infancy stages, it had still managed to
multi-media advertising and Workers’            attract the interest of influential professionals
Compensation attorneys.”                        in the industry such as AMA Guides
The event began with a “Meet and Greet”         Executive Editor Linda Cocchiarella, who
Mixer, which gave PCN members the               recently held a workshop exclusively for
chance to Network with key Workers’             PCN members.
Compensation professionals across               “Some of the most influential professionals
California. The Mixer was followed by a sit-    in the industry want to be associated with
down dinner and formal program, where           Patients’ Choice Network because they
PCN Board Members unveiled a Strategic          realize that PCN is the Network of the
Plan for 2008, including a carefully mapped     future,” Dr. Khan told the crowd of 100.
expansion into San Diego, San Francisco,        The Member Appreciation Gala also
Sacramento and other prime areas of             included an awards ceremony, which
California. PCN’s strategic plan also           recognized PCN members and other Dr. Sana Khan, M.D., Ph D. was one of many top
included a push to attract personal injury      professionals for their commitment to the medical professionals honored at PCN’s Member
referrals to the Network, as well as plans to   Network.                                          Appreciation Gala, which was held on Saturday,
                                                                                                   November 10, 2007 at the Renaissance Long Beach.
align the Network with dominant groups in                    See complete awards list on page 2.                   More photos inside on page 2!

      INSIDE THIS ISSUE                         A New Beginning… PCN Joins CHN!
Member Appreciation Gala …………2
                                                 I   n an effort to expand and improve its
                                                     services, Patients’ Choice Network has
                                                 teamed up with California Healthcare Net-
                                                                                                     Executive Officer. “We also customize
                                                                                                     MPN’s for state and local municipalities as
                                                                                                     mandated by SB 899.”
WIN Marketing Draws A
Crowd of Consumers! …………...…..2                  works, a premier network of physicians,             CHN is owned by the Prospice Group
                                                 service providers, ancillary care providers,        Corporation, a family of companies which
California Healthcare Networks …….3              and in/out care facilities throughout the           uniquely brings together best-of-breed
                                                 state of California.                                medical providers, claims administration,
A Message from PCN’s Board………..3                 “CHN is a state wide medical provider               case management, bill utilization, investiga-
                                                 network in California, which customizes             tions, Third Party Administration (TPA),
Calendar of Events
JANUARY 2008….......………………...4                   MPN’s for employers, insurance companies            insurance and other workers' compensation
                                                 and third party administrators,” said Samuel        related solutions, says Mr. Vidaurreta.
Advertise in PCN’s Newsletter…...…..4            T. Vidaurreta, Founder/Chairman/Chief                                         (Continued on page 3)
Page 2                                Patients’ Choice Network Newsletter                                                              Volume 1, Issue 1

             PCN Honors its Members
 “The Gala was a chance for PCN to
show its appreciation to some of the first
 members of the Network for their trust
   and commitment to the program.”
                               Anne Gelvin
                              PCN President

  Certification of Completion for
  ACOEM and AMA Training:
Robbrey Rattray, Rod Melvin, Martha Garcia,
Vincent Manfre, Andrew Enos, Donna Meeks,
  Mark Johnson, Dr. Lindsey, John Conca,
  Wayne Collins, Robert Masrour, Raymond
 Salvatore, Brian Carrico, Lorraine Giliberto,
Steven Brockel, Edgar Chang, David Soloway,
       Thomas Hall, Elizabeth Skillen,
      David Bennette, Patrick Patterson

Highest Conversion Ratio Award:
Better Back & Bodies (Dr. Patrick Patterson)

      Most Supportive Award:
               Rafael Salinas                    First Row (from left): 1. Academic Director Sana Khan addresses the crowd. 2. Dr. Syd Shaber receives the Trainer’s
                                                 Award from Customer Service Manager Maria Cervantes (right) and VP of Sales Carol Ornelas. 3. Master of Ceremonies
                                                 Dr. Steven Brockel addresses the audience.
           Trainer’s Award:                      Second Row (from left): 1. President Anne Gelvin (right) receives the award for Outstanding Service and Dedication from
           Syd Shaber, Sana Khan                 event organizer Afthan Singh. 2. A crowd of more than 100 packs the Renaissance Long Beach ballroom for the PCN Gala.
                                                 3. Mrs. and Dr. Jeffrey Knowles take the dance floor.
                                                 Third Row (from left): Board Member Rafael Salinas (right) and PCN Member Dr. Edgar Chang. 2. Board Members
Outstanding Service & Dedication                 Sana Khan (center) and Dr. Brian Padveen (right) listens intently as Samuel Vidaurreta address the attendees. 3. Orthopaedic
                Anne Gelvin                      Surgeon Henry Edington shares a friendly conversation with Sana Khan.

WIN Marketing Draws a Crowd of Consumers
                  D                                                      ozens came out recently to
                                                                         support PCN’s marketing
                                                                   event designed to draw consumers to
                                                                                                                     one seemed interested in the
                                                                                                                     information that we presented about
                                                                                                                     the program,” said WIN Event
                                                                   one of its medical professionals. The             Coordinator Alma Gavia. “We had a
                                                                   event was held on November 20th in                doctor and attorney who gave free
                                                                   Baldwin Park and featured a live                  consultations to accident victims and
                                                                   lunchtime remote broadcast of                     they were both able to sign up
                                                                   popular Spanish radio station Oye                 patients right then and there.”
                                                                   97.5.                                             The event was one of many
                                                                   Nearly 50 people packed the parking               opportunities offered to PCN
                                                                   lot of PCN doctor Stephen Svastits                doctors* to augment marketing
                                                                   to play games, eat tacos, participate             efforts in those areas where call
                                                                   in raffle giveaways and receive free              volume is lowest.
                                                                   consultations and advice for their                Ms. Gavia says because of the
                                                                   accidents or injuries.                            successful turnout, WIN has decided
                                                                   The event was coordinated by Work                 to include live remote broadcasts as a
                                                                   Injury Network, which provides a                  permanent part of the PCN
                                                                   multi-media advertising campaign to               marketing program for its doctors.
                                                                   accident victims on behalf of PCN
                                                                                                                     For more information on PCN/WIN’s live remote
                                                                   doctors.                                          broadcasts or to participate in an event, contact Event
                                                                   “We had a great turnout and every-                Coordinator Alma Gavia at 626-332-5275.
                                                                                                                      *additional for live remotes fees apply.
Page 3                                   Patients’ Choice Network Newsletter                                                             Volume 1, Issue 1

       PCN Partners
        with CHN
                                                                    `xáátzx yÜÉÅ à{x UÉtÜw
(Continued from page 1)
                                                             O     n September 1, 2007, Patients’ Choice Network partnered with Work Injury
                                                                   Network to launch a multi-media advertising campaign and to market its
                                                             doctors to Workers’ Compensation attorneys. Now three months later, the Network is
“When PCN members join CHN they will                         averaging more than 500 quality referrals a month for its members — and this is only
get a tremendous amount of benefits under the                the first phase of the program! Additionally, the Network has built a positive
Prospice Group umbrella. The partnership                     reputation for itself within the industry, with a series of influential professionals
opens the door to fair pay, more patients, less              expressing interest in partnering with or acquiring membership in the Network. Not
                                                             one to rest on our laurels, PCN is committed to expanding even further, with many
paperwork, a more effective process, and a                   positive changes ahead as we move into 2008.
company that supports its doctors.”                          One of them is the introduction of this newsletter, designed as a vehicle to keep
                           Samuel T. Vidaurreta
                       Founder/Chairman/CEO                  members informed and up-to-date with developments at PCN, to inform all
                                                             professionals within California’s Workers’ Compensation system of current laws and
                                                             their effect on the industry, and to provide opportunities and incentives for medical
CHN BENEFITS                                                 and legal professionals to become involved with Patients’ Choice Network.
More Patients. PCN members will now receive                  Regular features will include Workers’ Comp. news briefs & law updates, PCN policies
patient referrals from all entities under the                and updates, and a PCN activities calendar. Other features will include essays and
Prospice umbrella. “We have a lot of patients                practice strategies from key players in California’s Workers’ Compensation system,
coming in from unions, PPA, insurance                        including AMA Guides Editor Linda Cocchiarella and Workers’ Comp. Attorney
companies, attorney referrals, personal injury               Barry Hinden. As a member or affiliate of Patients’ Choice Network, not only do you
and PPO, says Mr. Vidaurreta.                                get the benefits of this informative newsletter, but you can also use it to your
24-Hour Call Center. CHN has a 24-hour, 7-                   advantage by suggesting and submitting articles for publication. Just contact our
day a week call center with bilingual nurses and             marketing department at 626-332-5275 to take part. Thank you for your continued
support staff who will answer and process the                support of Patients’ Choice Network, and here’s to a prosperous 2008!
calls generated from PCN’s marketing
campaign. “This means that PCN members will                                           Patients’ Choice Network Board of Directors:
no longer miss calls that are generated outside                               Steven Brockel (Chairman), Brian Padveen, Rafael Salinas, Michael Barri,
of work hours.” says Mr. Vidauretta.                                                    Anne Gelvin, Samuel T. Vidaurreta & John Larson.
“Additionally, all calls will now be routed
appropriately. For instance, if a consumer is
calling with an eye injury, he will no longer be
directly connected to a chiropractor who may
not be able to help him. This greatly reduces the
chances of junk calls making their way to PCN
Sponsorship. CHN’s vendors are committed to
sponsoring several attorney mixers, special
events and functions coordinated by PCN. By
relieving PCN of this financial burden, the
Network can now concentrate its dollars on
direct marketing for patients.
Growth & Expansion. CHN currently has
about 2,500 doctors in the Los Angeles area and
more than 18,000 statewide. This includes more
than 675 chiropractors. CHN DCs will be
encouraged to join Patients’ Choice Network
and participate in its multi-media advertising
campaign. This will dramatically increase the
marketing dollars for PCN’s advertising cam-
paign, thereby establishing PCN as a dominant
force in the minds of injured consumers.

Patients’ Choice Network will soon require all
its members to obtain membership and
credentialing from California Healthcare
Networks. Mr. Vidaurreta says the process
should take approximately 30 days or sooner.
This means by January of 2008, PCN members
will be maximizing the benefits of both CHN
and PCN — Truly a New Beginning!
For more information on California Healthcare Networks and
its parent company, the Prospice Group, visit For more information on PCN’s
partnership with CHN, contact 626-332-5275.
January 9
9 a.m.—12 p.m.
Introduction to PCN Seminar
Location TBA in Corona                         SUN           MON            TUE             WED            THU      FRI        SAT
January 10
9 a.m.—2 p.m.                                                               1               2              3        4          5
PCN Member Training
12 p.m.—2 p.m.
Introduction to PCN Seminar
Holiday Inn, 1617 First Ave.,
San Diego, CA 92101
                                               6             7              8                                       11         12
January 17
9 a.m.—2 p.m.
PCN Member Training
12 p.m.—2 p.m.
Introduction to PCN Seminar
5200 Irwindale Ave., Ste. 215                  13            14             15              16                      18         19
Irwindale, CA 91706
January 22
PCN Attorney Mixer
Staples Center, LA Time: TBA                   20            21                             23
January 24-26
PCN hosts an exhibitor’s booth at the
CAAA 2008 Winter Convention.
Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage.
                                               27            28             29              30
January 31
9 a.m.—12 p.m.
Introduction to PCN Seminar
TrueMRI, 9500 East Artesia Blvd.
Bellflower, CA

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