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					As one of the highest paying advertising programs on the internet which
you can make money online from your blog, Adsense is fantastic. But what
about those picky visitors that refuse to click on Adsense ads. You know
who they are, the ones that are just too savvy to be lured into clicking
on a well written Adsense advertisement. It’s not their fault. Different
people respond to different types of advertisements, and Adsense won’t
satisfy them all. Therefore you should employ several different means to
monetize your website or blog.
Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are almost a necessity when it comes to monetizing
your website. There is a misconception that affiliate programs will make
your site look garish because you are forced to plaster banners all over
your site. Well, the good news is that it’s not the 90s anymore and there
are other options. Instead of those ugly banners, just put your affiliate
link within your text. They don’t look like advertisements and the
average reader will not think twice about clicking on them. This way you
can use affiliate programs without those ugly banner ads.
Search Related Ads

Adsense focuses primarily on content related advertisements. This opens
the door for you to throw in some search related ads if the style of your
website warrants it. These ads will target whatever your visitors last
typed into a search engine. While the ads may not be related to your
site, you can reap the benefits by having ads targeted specifically to
that visitor’s tastes. One program that offers this service is Chitika.
Text Ads

You won’t make a ton of money with text ads, and they should never be
used as a primary source of income. They can, however, be used as a
secondary source. Online programs like Infolinks and Kontera will put
text ads on your website.These ads will highlight a keyword at random and
provide an advertisement to a corresponding advertisement whenever
someone hovers over the link. The problem with this is that the ads may
or may not be relevant to what your visitors are looking for. You won’t
earn a ton of money this way, but every little bit counts.
Sell Advertising Space

If you have a decent amount of monthly traffic, you may be able to sell
some advertising space on your website. The easiest way to do this is to
charge a flat fee. Your customer will buy some ad space for a specific
price per month, and will pay you regardless of the results. You can also
charge by views or clicks. Some advertisers will only want to pay if your
site delivers, and this can be a good option for them. Once your website
becomes popular enough, selling advertising space can significantly
increase your monthly income.

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Referral Programs
Referral programs are similar to affiliate programs in the sense that
they are delivered to your customers in the same way. You can put them up
as a banner or a text link. The difference from affiliate advertising is
that you will only earn residuals based on a percentage of what your
referral earns. When you set up a referral program on your site, you
should try to teach your visitors how to earn money from that site. This
way you can increase your referral revenue. If they are successful, they
will become repeat customers to your site because you helped them.
Paid Polls

You can actually get paid to host polls on your website. Advertisers are
willing to pay for a service like this to get demographic information.
Think about it as a quick survey on your site. This can actually enhance
the attractiveness of your site. People love to participate in polls.

Sometimes if you ask, people will give. If your site is really helpful,
people may feel obligated to repay you for your help. You can add an
unobtrusive donation widget to your site, just in case someone feels
inclined to offer you money. Don’t expect a lot though.

There are more ways to monetize your website, but you really don’t want
to overdo it. If you have too many advertisements littering your website
it can drive visitors away, or worse, anger Google. It is important to
focus on maintaining the integrity of your site as you advertise. You
should also pay close attention to the Adsense terms of service. You
don’t want to get your account suspended for trying something new. If you
can do this, your visitors will grow and your site will steadily increase
its profitability.

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