how to sale ad space by dwikiiyaru


									Here’s no shortage of people trying to get-rich-quick through online
opportunities. The blogosphere is ablaze with individuals trying to turn
a profit, but it doesn’t work in every instance. People start blogs for
many reasons, but if you want to make money with your site, then you
should consider some of the options. Probably the best way to go about
generating an income from your blog is through the sales of ad space, but
there are steps that are involved.

There are a few different options that you can consider when choosing to
sell ad space. You can do banner ads or text links. Both have the same
effect it’s just different packaging. Banner ads don’t really detract
from the content, and they just usually hang on the top or side of a
page. People can interact with them if they want. Text links are usually
on the side or worked into an article or other various content that may
appear on your site. Much of this probably sounds very familiar because
you’ve seen all of these before. Basically, the idea is to get people to
interact or view the ads, whether this is through online surveys or
display ads. But before you can do that, you have to get followers.

You can’t just start a site and expect that marketing companies and
advertisers are going to throw money at you. In order to get their
attention, you have to first show that you can bring something to the
table, and that something is all in the numbers. The more people you have
coming to your site the more someone is going to pay you for your ad
space. If you don’t generate any hits or have a decent user base,
companies are not going to give you anything.

Determining pricing is done in a couple different ways, and there’s not
single way that’s better than any other. One method is charging a flat
rate per month regardless of how many hits the ads generate. Another
method is by charging per one thousand impressions. This is determined by
the number of times that a banner is displayed. This is usually reserved
for those blogs that generate multiple thousand hits every single day.
There are other payment options, but you’d have to work that out with any
potential clients. Sometimes advertisers are just fine with you providing
a link to their site, but other times they’ll want you to provide them
with a custom link so they can keep track of the clicks that come in from
your site.

If you already have several hundred or thousand hits every day, then
you’ve already done most of the work. Once all of this is done, then you
can talk with advertisers and set up a PayPal subscription so the billing
is taken care of each month. Now this is considered income so you’ll have
to define any money you receive as earnings so don’t think that it’s free
money. If you want to advertise, but you don’t have the numbers necessary
to make it worthwhile, then look into ways you can increase your online
traffic. Selling ad space can be very lucrative; it just takes the right

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