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Meetings are held at the Roselea Community Centre Pennant Hills Road Carlingford (opposite
the BP service station between the M2 and North Rocks Road). Doors open at 7.30pm for an
8.00pm start.

There are raffles, a lucky door prize, a free supper and the cheapest refreshments in town

December 10th:           "Have-a-Chat Night"-end of the Calendar Year
A chance for the members to ask questions, boast and brag, check your line. We will have the
line strength tester at the club. With braid requiring different knots to gain maximum
strength, let’s try and hone in on these skills. Got a question, got a story, got an inspiration,
got an idea, come along and share the company.

January 28th 2011 “ 1st meeting of the year” -Todd Young – Moonie Moonie
Todd is going to tell us about Little Mooney Creek Fishing Resort,
The Ultimate Australian Eco Fishing Adventure
A putt putt course where clubs and balls are replaced with fishing rods & casting plugs.
A fish tank the size of a semi trailer where a professional instructor will give you a birds eye
view of what does actually goes on under the water.
Their main beautiful fishing lake is stocked with over 1,300 Australian Bass.

February 11th         TBC - Kevin Savas
He catches flathead, Mulloway, knows lures, plastics and Blades and has heaps to offer
This will be a top night learning from one who does better than most!

February 25th - Laurie Brown
This speaker is Our Club recorder and will provide insight into what the competitions are
How ANSA claims are made and processed
How Club claims are made and processed
The Brag Board

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Committee meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Check with the Secretary
for location. Outing reports, stories and articles are always required for the Propeller magazine,
preferable forwarded by email. Please contact the Editor Michael Markich ph (02) 9639 6043 or

 All correspondence to be addressed to: The Secretary, P.O. Box 2498 Carlingford NSW 2118.

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        Visitors are very welcome to attend indoor meetings or programmed outings.
     For further information about the Sea Bees please contact the Secretary, Ken Martin
     ph 0412 464 249 or contact us through the Club web site

New Members - Welcome
A very warm welcome to new members, - we welcome you and your family to the Sea Bees.

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                        Propeller Talk

Hi all ,well having just returned from our annual pilgrimage to north Queensland to catch
BIG BARRA , just goes to show what an unpredictable force mother nature is. The last
few years our destinations, Lake Awoonga and Lake Monduran have had low water lev-
els, not this year, both dams were near 100% (From levels of around 26%) This made the
fishing very hard, but that’s why they call it fishing not catching. Well we didn’t miss
much when we were away, the weather and fishing back home was crappy.
Last month we had our first Beach Fishing Outing for some time and congratulations to
Tom Connelly for pushing this event and although the weather was bad, a good roll up of
members, and visitors competed, and had a social BBQ to finish, good one Tom. We will
be having another in February so have a go next time (Note only 2 per year.)
Disappointing to see smaller numbers attending club meetings of late ( the problem of
some members spending to much time fishing and no time to socialise with their mates.
Your committee needs some feed back as to what we can do to improve, and we have a
few ideas which over the next few weeks, we will try to talk over.
Man what a great article( If not somewhat lengthy- just kidding ) by Todd Moeser last
magazine, I can so relate, bloody freshwater gets into your head.
Members be aware of the new lifejacket laws that came into effect in November, if not
sure what they are look up the Maritime website. Also be aware of changes to fishing li-
cence rules also.
Just came back from the last ANSA event for the year the South Sydney interclub 246
comp, and good to see a good roll up of SeaBees to the event, mind you the majority of
the guys were the freshwater fishos , what happened to all the saltwater guys. No excuses
the weather was perfect and the fishing great.
 With Xmas upon us and with it the holiday season (or silly season ) its time to be extra
careful on both the roads and the water ,so all the best to all CBs and their families and
have a healthy and happy holiday. See you all in the new year . As always tight lines .
                                             EDDIE SCHMIDT President.

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                                       Seafood Recipes
This book of favourite selected recipes has been compiled with the help of the members of the
club. To those who have contributed their tried and successful recipes, we are truly grateful
and hope that the members who use this book will have as much success as the donors.
These recipes are reprinted from the Sea Bees Bi-Centenary Cook Book

                                 FIRST, CATCH YOUR FISH
Seafood and Vegetables on Lettuce:
250g Green King Prawns           3 Green Shallots                 ¼ Teaspoon Sugar
250g Scallops                     1 Carrot (Sliced)               1 Teaspoon Cornflour
250g Squid                       1 Cup Chicken Stock               2 X 425g Can Young Corn
1 Teaspoon Sesame Oil            1 Cup Oil                               ( Drained )
2 Teaspoon Oyster Sauce          150g Can Champignons             1 Small Lettuce (Shredded)

Shell & devein prawns; clean squid & cut in half. Spread out flat with the inside facing up. Mark out a
diamond pattern with a sharp knife & cut into diagonal pieces. Combine prawns, scallops & squid
with sugar & cornflour. Slice corn in half lengthwise, cut shallots into 4cm lengths. Combine corn,
champignons, carrot & stock in pan, bring to boiling point for 2 minutes. Drain vegetables, reserve stock.
Heat oil in wok, add seafood & stir-fry until just tender. Drain oil from wok except for 1 tablespoon, heat.
Combine oyster sauce and sesame oil with 2 tablespoons of reserved stock. Add seafood, prepared
vegetables & shallots, stir-fry 1min. Add sesame oil & stir-fry 'til mixture boils & thickens. Turn seafood
mixture onto lettuce & serve.
Sweet & Sour Fish Cocktails: (Microwave)
INGREDIANTS                                                       SAUCE
500g Fish Fillets Of Your Choice                               1 Cup Hot Water
1 Red Pepper (Chopped)                                         ½ Cup Sugar:
1 Onion                                                        ½ Cup White Vinegar:
3 Green challots                                               1 Table-spoon
Cornflour:                                                     1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce.
Combine pepper & onion in shallow bowl, cover & cook on high 2 mins.
Add fish & sauce, cover & cook on high for 5 mins.
Add shallots, cook on high 1 minute.
Sauce: combine water & sugar in bowl, stir until sugar is dissolved. Stir in cornflour blended with vinegar &
soy sauce. Cook on high 2 minutes or until sauce boils & thickens.
Serve after 1 minute.
Serves 4 hungry people.                                         Joanne Sheppard. CB 45½

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                  Specialising in: Yamaha Sales & Spares, Service & Repairs

                                              Joe Sultana
       Ph: (02) 9672 1922                                                Fax: (02) 9672 1076
                                     Fishing Reports
Berowra October 17th
I Went down to Berowra today as Saturdays weather was too wild to make a weekend at Green-
mans but today (Sunday) was perfect. Arrived on the water with my mate Matthew at 6.30 am
and by 7.30 am i We had bagged Two nice Flattys one 63cm and the other 49cm. The whole
                                                         morning was active with small bream,
                                                         tailer, small flattys and a shovel nosed
                                                         shark. At 9.30am my rod started scream-
                                                         ing with the line pealing off 100mph. It
                                                         kept going in a straight line across the
                                                         other side of the river and at the same time
                                                         a boat was coming up the river straight at
                                                         my line which was pulled tight and right in
                                                         line of his path. I started waving at him
                                                         with a few nice swear words mixed in with
                                                         the arm shaking. He didn't see me and at
                                                         the last minute i opened the bail arm and
                                                         dropped my rod tip in the water. lucky he
must of just missed it by inches. I flipped the bail arm back over and proceeded to fight the fish.
After about a ten minute battle of which i though was probably a sting ray, to my supprise a nice
Jewfish came up from the deep. After a couple of last minute runs we finally netted him. He went
22lbs and was exactly 1mtr long. Within 10 seconds of landing him, My friend Matthews rod
buckled over. So i had a Big jewy flapping around at my feet and was hanging over the side
ready to net the next fish. it was chaos. after about 5mins we landed Matthews fish, a nice fat
flatty at 73cm going 7.5lbs. I hour latter we landed another nice flatty at 53cms. After that it got a
bit quiet so at 2.00pm we called it quits
and trolled back to the ramp only to
land another flatty at 51cms. I put the
scales on the keeper bag and all up it
weighed in at 39lbs and only 6 fish. it
was a great day and when we got back
to the ramp to clean the fish we had a
crowd of people at the cleaning table
asking us questions on where and how
we caught our fish. All i told them was
that we caught them around the corner
and there is a quite a few corners in
       Michael Markich CB118
October midweek outing
Trev and Laurie fished the October midweek outing for a total of 14 bonito and one undersized
kingie. The harbour is full of small bonnies and kings at the moment with salmon schools inside
and out. We saw a lot of birds working outside but it was a little too rough for a tinnie. The school
did come inside for a few minutes but they must have been eating eyes, or something not like
our lures. The bonito were feasting on small whitebait and one spewed up a pillie. We caught
enough for a feed, threw the rest back and left them biting.
       Laurie CB142
                          BARRA TRIP TO QUEENSLAND
With our sites at Monduran and Awoonga booked from Sunday 16th October and numbers down
on previous years, the roll up was Eddie Schmidt, Paul Tanti, Dave Gerard, Bob Burges, his mate
Wayne and ex members Dave and Maurine Wilson. With few days to go I could not wait any
                                           longer so decided to head north to first fish Lake Glen-
                                           bawn first for a few days. But on arrival at Scone the
                                           weather was crappy. (pouring with rain on the coast and
                                           cold and miserable, so decided to keep driving till the
                                           weather improved. Arrived in Guyra and looked at my
                                           fishing book and saw Glenlyon at Tenterfield. So rang up,
                                           Brian the main man said the weather was fine and made
                                           a booking and although I would be late they would keep
                                           an eye out for me. It was dark when I arrived and Brian
                                           turned up and showed me my site and as I had my
Postie Van I was already set up. Morning came I saw what a great spot this dam was, wildlife
scenery and a very friendly and popular spot. Went fishing for a while but no luck ( Todd the purple
stuckey did not work its magic) So had to make the trip into Tenterfield to stock up on local lures
( $200 later)Tried fishing again this time managed a Yella so off to good start. Next day was rain-
ing so spent time around the camp talking to other fishos, Mark from Ballina another guy from Bris-
bane and a few guys from Casino. The Next day still raining so decided to pull up stumps and
head north till weather improved. Was planning for Sommerset but with rain pouring on the coast
and in the area so i ended up at Monduran a day early. Pommey Dave and Maurine were already
there with their new motor home a converted Scania tourist coach decked out like you would not
believe. They had just finished it two weeks previous and it was a journey that started on our last
barra trip when they went home early,to buy this bus in Victoria. After living the last 9 months in a
tent at Medowie , and working 7 days a week on the bus, although it was in a bus conversion com-
pany ( I could not quite work that one out, but those of you who know Pommey Dave , would not
be surprised. ) Next to roll up was Paul and Dave who spent the night at Nanego in a flooded cara-
van park. Later in the afternoon Bob and Wayne turned up. After all setting up we all went for a
quick look at the dam, man what a difference an extra 70% makes. The fishing was bloody hard
and were not able to land a Barra between us. Most had given up on Barra and concentrating on
Bass ( Very big Bass up to 560 mm ) using live shrimp and yabbies, but all we could catch was
catfish and Eels
Our week was up so we moved up to Lake Awoonga
about 160 kms north. The fishing there was hard but
people were catching the odd Barra. Final result Bob
Burgess one at 103cm Dave Gerard caught his first
metre plus Barra at 104cm and Wayne caught two both
just under a metre. That made up for last year when
Wayne could not manage a fish. Bananas was getting
frustrated and with his elder Daughter heading OS to
live on Wednesday . We decided to have a fish at
Glenlyon for a few days on the way home, so we left a
day early. We arrived at Glenlyon set up and in the
morning and set off for a fish. We all caught Yellas I think Bob and Wayne caught 14 to 540mm
Paul and Dave caught 6 and I did about the same, too easy. The next day the weather cooled and
the fishing did also. We all caught a few and this ended our fishing. All that was left was to travel
home safely. Paul being Paul found us a shortcut home and I followed them. (Paul what part of
don’t go over the dam wall don’t you understand.) Result we lost about an hour but Bob who was
going through Tenterfield lost about 3 hours. Paul will have no testicles on his next visit to Bob’s.
The final washup, fishing was not the best but in terms of having a good time with mates doing
what they love, it was a great success and I cannot wait for our next trip.
           Beach Outing-November 6th, 2010-Killcare Beach
What a fantastic day! A significant number of members jumped at the chance to hit the beach
at Killcare.
With only an extra twenty minutes more in travelling
time than the closest Sydney beach, it proved ex-
tremely worthwhile for all in a variety of ways.
Standing on the beach in front of the new Killcare Surf
Club-great amenities-kiosk, clean toilets and a mag-
nificent welcome by the life savers, who informed us
of the rips (great to cast into), the members had a
beaut six hours of fishing and great company-even
though it began with heavy rain, but concluded with
an extremely lovely late morning.
Mick caught a cracker salmon of 615mm followed by
a 250mm bream- this added a real contrast to what
the beach offers! The salmon "buckled over my rod
before landing it." It was great to see what an Alvey outfit can still do!!!!
Jamie brought in a healthy looking swallowtail dart of 250mm. His comment of "being happy turning
up on this lovely morning-rain came and went but the morning was very enjoyable and thanks for
the company. I really enjoyed myself." Jamie brought the BBQ from his home at Umina, which eve-
ryone was extremely grateful for. Thanks a billion mate-always thinking outside the square!
                                         Swallowtail dart had Steve hopping around a little-a good
                                         specimen of 265mm. Being the man of action, his only com-
                                         ment was: "catching a dart beats not catching anything at all."
                                         Steve did well traversing the sand with the difficulty he's had!
                                         Great job Steve!
                                         Jim Raiss had a great day-he had trouble recalling his last
                                         beach outing and put the whole exercise down to a beaut
                                         learning experience! We all appreciated Jim's effort in bringing
                                         the food for the sausage sizzle-well done mate!
                                         Tom busied himself in supplying the berley (and nippers) for
                                         all as well as squashing pilchards,
held in a keeper net at the water's edge for the extra sweetener for the
fish! Killcare is his favourite beach-it improves as the weather gets
warmer-great bream, salmon, Flathead and dart! He managed to score
three fish-two bream to 310mm and a tiger Flathead of 345mm!
One of the enjoyable things about beach fishing is the passing traffic of
good-looking athletic people who are so willing to engage you in conver-
sation! Ah-it's really good for the soul to have the opportunity to share
your passion for your sport! ( mmmmmm!) Those freshwater guys don't
know what they're missing!!!!-At least it's good to know you've still got it!
(If you know what we mean!).
Towards midday, we called it quits, cleaned the fish and set up the BBQ-
great company! It's a shame that beach fishing has been taken out of the
main competition regime-so much to offer to families (even though the day began poorly weather-
wise, it improved magnificently from about eight onwards)-one member commented that it is like a
mini weekend away, but still with time to catch up with other weekend activities!

                                       A very worthwhile morning for many and varied

                                                             Tom CB56.
                              ANSA INTERCLUB 2 4 6
Well Friday morning saw the weather not looking very promising so Steve Beristov rang me to see
what we were doing, the decision was made to head down to South Sydney anyway , if we could not
fished we could always have a few drinks. One last look at the Seabreeze website and the forecast
was excellent for both Saturday and Sunday, so off we went. Friday night the wind was blowing but
the forecast seemed optimistic, But come Saturday morning the gale force winds were gone and the
water not bad.

The CB ‘s roll call Eddie and
Steve Berisdov, Paul Tanti and
Jim Raiss, Barry Mainsbridge and
his mate Joe and also Barrys sis-
ter inlaw Gail (and new CB mem-
ber ) with her son Jack. Reg and
Rob Sinclair with son Patrick,
also Reg’s other son Mitchell
also turned upon Saturday for a
while. Ron Abdilla came and
went a few times. (Seems he
was working around the corner)
He fished with Dean on Sunday.
Dean and Dave Gerard came down from the Hunter Valley for the Weekend. Peter and Ethan Mal-
laby turned up as well . Our treasurer Billy Loughland turned up also ( To see if we could turn a
profit from the event ) That made 19 members of the CB’s good numbers. The result was that al-
though we are an ANSA club not many of us fish line class (Not sure how the Sinclairs went but I
think young Patrick caught a good fish on light line ( Maybe not for the comp but ANSA yearly ) But
in the All tackle class Steve caught the biggest Salmon( and second biggest fish) Eddie caught the
biggest Tailor, Dean Gerard caught the second biggest Flathead ( just nudging out Barry Mains-
bridge ) What part of leave the gill and guts in don’t you understand Bazza ) Dave Gerard would
have taken out the biggest Snapper but did not present to weigh in. Apart from these fish we all
managed to catch a heap of flathead so all members came home with a feed. Paul Tanti christened
his new boat, and it is a beaut, has got every conceivable gadget even an electric winch.

                                                           Great event and thanks to South Sydney
                                                          for their hospitality especially Joe Garufi
                                                          see you all next year. Also one other thing
                                                          to emerge was that with the absence of
                                                          Max Castle, the weather seemed to im-
                                                          prove, so Max sad to say you are not wel-
                                                          come any more (just kidding )

                                                           EDDIE SCHMIDT CB30
                  Hawkesbury Classic Weekend – November
The Hawkesbury Classic this
Year was great with perfect
Weather and plenty of members
and friends to fish with. Members                                                                       in-
cluded Tom Connelly, Todd Moe-
ser, Matt Prigmore, Kelly Markich
and myself. We all Started off
fishing at Approx 6.00pm Friday
night with all of us fishing in sight                                                                   of
each other at a Secret Spot
Called “ Markavichie’s “ (named                                                                         af-
ter my Father By Numerous Fish-
erman Taking the Piss out of our
Surname). The Spot is renowned                                                                          for
Big Jewfish so most of us had
planned to sit the whole competi-
tion at this spot hoping for a big
one. By 9.00 PM I had caught at
least 25 jewfish up to 750mm and the others had simular catches of Jewfish with all of them re-
leased except the largest ones (plenty of soapies around, Next Year should be a good Year). By
10.00pm things Changed and it was pike eel after pike eel and the odd stinger but still better than
sitting there doing nothing. After midnight it went pretty dead and not much happened until morning
where we got some nice flatties. At lunchtime I switched fishing partners and headed back out with
my Brother inlaw, Chris. It was so Hot and Muggy so we fished in the shade of Calabash bay under
the cliffs. Later on we all went back to the jewie spot and met up with some other friends from work
and some relo’s. I knew everyone within sight of the spot and we kept in contact with our radio’s but
it was a completely different night for fishing with bearly any bights and only the tiniest off jewfish
where caught (12cm) and one nice flattie. Todd got some live fantail Mullet for bait and threw them
out. Within 20mins he landed a giant Flattie at 75cms and around 8.5lbs. 30 mins later he had an-
other big hit on the mullet but didn’t hook up. The mullet came back into the boat scaled, indicating
that it was probably a big Jewie or Flathead. We called it quits about 2.00 am Sunday morning, had
a nights sleep and went to the weigh at lunchtime Sunday. For the first Hour I was winning biggest
fish and largest jewfish and my wife was winning first and second in the woman’s until right at
the end when we got wiped off the board with some late comers. I took a picture of the
board with our names on it and sms’ed it to Friends to stir them up. The final wash up was
                                                                    Todd got the second big-
                                                                    gest flathead, my wife
                                                                    won the mystery fish
                                                                    weight and got a
                                                                    $200.00 rod reel combo
                                                                    and I got about 6th or 7th
                                                                    biggest jewfish and we
                                                                    also learnt to sleep with
                                                                    our eyes open!!!!!!
                                                                    Can’t wait till next

                                                                                 Michael Markich
                                     Lake St Clair Report

Hi guys,
I took a trip to St Clair yesterday afternoon (Nov
12th). I Caught 12 Bass with the biggest being
44cm. I Landed 3 bass on poppers.
Awesome fun on light gear as I got busted of big
time on a popper.
Water is around 28 degrees Celsius and the bass
are on fire

Dave Gerard CB78

                                 Tunks Park, Sun 28th October

Launched at Tunks Park at 5.00am and headed along the Nth Side of middle harbour and in-
side the north side of the heads to no avail. The Sinclair's joined us a little later trolling for
Salmon. (No luck).
 My deckie noticed bird activity off Nth Head. About a km off the heads, the birds were active
and the water was boiling. With 2 Salmon on board (4.5kg) and 2 bonito, numerous hook ups,
lost lures, straightened trebles, it was one excellent hour - the type you dream of. They went off
the boils as quick as they started.
    Weather was 10 - 15knots, which increased around noon. No rain. There was a 1.5 - 2 me-
tre swell with a 1m mess on top. Around the Nth side of the heads, it was calm in close.

Well members, it was a great outing but very low on the club support.

 On cleaning the boat, I retrieved my rods for washing and noted my rod tip was at a 90o angle.
The deckie has big feet.
   Off to Victor at Compleat Angler with the bent rod in hand. No problems there, Victor ar-
ranged a new rod, no charge. Thank you Silstar Fishing Rods, thank you Complete Angler, It is
nice to see our sponsors looking after the Sea Bee members.

CB 24, Ken Martin

Centennial Park Ladies and Children's day— 13th February 2011
 Just spoke with Centennial Park co-ordinator for these private fishing sessions who happens to
be Tony Steiner from South Sydney club. He said that these are great days and he will person-
ally look after us and be our guide. He has pencilled us in for the Sunday 13th February as per
our Calendar.

Arrangements will be something like:

* Start what ever time we like but as it is likely to be warm, so say, 8:30am start - Tony will get
down early and burley up the fish for us!
* bring own rods
* he will have bait and special barbless hooks
* he also has Pre Test line available in case the kids are looking for Masters fish
* Kids typically catch fish in the 2 - 7kg range although biggest carp caught in the ponds has
been a whopping 23kg!
* bring our own BBQ for lunch                              STAY TUNED
Rob Sinclair, CB 72
                         ANSA NSW CALENDAR 2011
                                        Issue 1 – 21 October 2010

January       Happy New Year                             July

Febuary                                                  August            27 ANSA NSW AGM, Delegates
               18/19/20 – Nowra Convention Hosted                             Meeting and Presentation
                   By Nowra Sportfishing Club
               Contact: Glen Edwards 4421 2304 or
                  Faye Hanson: (02) 4443 9748

March              4/5/6 – Narooma Convention            September       14/15/16 – Glenbawn Convention
                Hosted By Narooma Sport & Game-                          Hosted By Newcastle Sportfishing
                            fishing Club                                               Club
                Contact: Barry Robertson 4476 5202                      Contact: Greg McFarlane 4951 3274
                                                                        Or Contact: Eddie Sitarz 4951 2065

                1/2/3 – Sydney Sportfishing Tourna-
April                          ment                      October         15/16/17 – Talbingo Convention
                                                                        Hosted By Wagga Wagga Boat Club
                Hosted by South Sydney Amateur                                       Anglers
                 Fishing Association & St George                          Contact: Robert 0404 842 782
                         Sportfishing Club
               Contact: Stan Konstantaras 0407 131

                      24 Happy Easter Sunday

May                     29/30 April/ 1 May –             November          4/5/6 – Burrinjuck Convention
                                                                          Hosted By Canberra Fisherman’s
                      Lake Lyell Convention                                    Club - Contact TBA

                 Hosted by Sea Bees Boating                                  19/20 – 2/4/6 Competition
                            Club                                          Hosted By South Sydney Amateur
                   Contact: Peter Mallaby                                       Fishing Association
                        0418 425 755                                      Contact: Joe Garufi 0417 491 868

                                                                                    Merry Christmas
June                                                     December

             Go Fish !                            Fishing Boating Camping
          Fishing                                                   Boating
          Shimano Rods & Reels                                      Safety Gear, Electrical, Anchors
          Quality Okuma reels with lifetime warranty                Ropes, Water Sports
          Alvey , Silstar & Abu Garcia reels                        Canoes, Kayaks & Dinghys
          Wilson Live Fibre Rods
          Strudwick & Snyder Glass Rods                             Camping
          Silstar Power Tip Rods – Worlds Strongest!                Coleman, Primus, DMH
          Shakespeare, Daiwa                                        Sports Gazebos
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          Rapala, Storm, Williamson, Black Magic                    Sleeping Bags, Cookers, Lights
          Halco, RMG, Berkley, Squidgies, River2 Sea                Lights & More

   Mon – Fri : 8am - 6pm, Thurs : Till 8pm, Sat : 8am – 5pm, Sun : 9am – 4pm
                           OUTDOOR PROGRAM
Members are reminded to submit the correct score sheet to the outing coordinator
and don’t forget the 9 o’clock rule. Note: Only one midweek per month. Fish
caught at other times and locations will be scored in the yearly competition
  DATE        OUTING           COMP        LAUNCH          TIME        PRE-      CO-           PHONE
                               NO                                      SENT      ORDINATOR
  Wed         Midweek          12          Tunks Park      5.00 am     1.00pm    Laurie        96170650
  Dec 8th                                                                        Hamilton
  Fri-Sun     St Clair         11          On site         12 noon     12 noon                 96882038
  Dec 10th-                                                Friday      Sunday    Ron Abdilla

  Saturday    MERRY            XMAS
  Dec -

  Sunday      HAPPY            NEW         YEAR
  Jan- 1 st
  Wed         Midweek          12          Tunks           5.00am      1.00pm    Laurie        96170650
  Jan -12th                                Park                                  Hamilton
  Fri-Sun     Freshwater       11          On Site         12          12        Paul Tanti    96268864
  Jan         Windemere                                    Noon        Noon
  21st-23rd                                                Friday      Sunday
  Sun         Botany           8,9 &10     Botany          5.00am      2.00pm    Eddie         0408791154
  Jan 30th    Bay                          Bay                                   Schmidt
  Sat         Sydney           8,9 &10     Tunks           5.00am      2.00pm    Ken           0412464249
  5th Feb     Harbour                      Park                                  Martin

  Wed         Midweek          12          Parsley         6.00am      2.00pm    Bill          98949572
  9th Feb                                  Bay                                   Loughland
  Sunday      Ladies &         1,2,3 &7    Centennial      TBA         TBA       Rob           88503578
  13th Feb    Childrens                    Park                                  Sinclair

  Sat         Beach            20          Killcare        5.00am      1.00pm    Tom           9680 2146
  19th Feb    Outing                                                             Connelly

  Fri-Sun     Nowra            14          TBA             Noon        Noon      TBA
  18th-20th   ANSA                                         Friday      Sunday
  Sat-Sun     Lockstock        11          On Site         TBA                   Dean          49907813
  26th-27th   Dam                                                                Gerard

                 PACIFIC WEST Corporation Pty Ltd
                    BOAT WINDOWS…. Clear / Grey Tint / Bronze Tint / Green Tint

                             (made to order)
                             Eg. Instrument Housing & Electronics Facia Panel

Largest range of boats, outboards &
  accessories in the Hawkesbury &
          Penrith Districts
    4577 6699         4577 6699

      Your one stop boating shop               Cnr Mulgrave & Windsor Rds,
                                               McGraths Hill 2756
             5 minutes from Windsor
9873 3322                                     9873 3322
 Your friendly neighbourhood Fishing Tackle Store for all your
 fishing needs, advice and help.
 Daiwa Tournament, G. Loomis Pro, Nitro Rods
 We stock all major brands of:
  Hooks                 Mono Lines                 Reels
  Rods                  Braided Lines              Lures
       Terminal Tackle              Spotters Sunglasses
Custom rod building and rod and reel repairs carried out in
house. Large range of rod building materials always available.
Specialist fishing knives and knife sharpening
    Stockist of Nirey knife sharpeners
                   Opening Hours:
Monday       9:00am to 6:00pm   Friday            9:00am to 6:00pm
Tuesday      9:00am to 6:00pm   Saturday          9:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday    9:00am to 6:00pm   Sunday            9:00am to 3:00pm
Thursday     9:00am to 8:00pm   Public Holidays   9:00am to 3:00pm

       Compleat Angler North Rocks
                 1 Lawndale Avenue, North Rocks


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