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                 How to Transfer iPad Files to Computer?

With iPad, you can take fun photos in Photo Booth, surf the web, check email, watch
movies, play games, listen to music, read, write, and more, so every iPad fan must get
something excellent saved in iPad. If you need to copy files from iPad to computer for
back up or playback, you are in the right page!

To save complicated steps and more time to transfer iPad files to computer, you only
need to free download the iPad Files Transfer through the following link, then read
the tutorial on how to transfer files from iPad to computer.

 (Note: If you need to sync iPad files to Mac, here is the iPad to Mac Transfer.)

Step-by-step Guide:

Now, begin

Before you run the iPad Files Transfer, please make sure you have installed iTunes on your
computer, and you can manage your iPad device without any problem. DO NOT Lauch
iTunes when you are using transfer. To make sure your iTunes music won't be deleted, this
software will close your iTunes automatically.

Step 1: Launch the Application

Connect your iPad to computer, then start the iPad to Computer Transfer. Normally, the
program will search iPad and display the iPad information by itself.
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Step 2: Choose the List for Export

Click "File", you will find the option you need to choose for transferring. Besides, you can
export iPad books to PC, stream videos from iPad to computer, and so on at this step.

Step 3: Transfer iPad Files to Computer

Press the "Export" button, and then choose "Export to Disk Only" to save files from iPad to

This iPad to Computer Transfer is your desired solution to transfer iPad files to computer, yes?
Now go ahead to free download it for a better try!

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