JUNE 2008 NEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT WML by Nzumanowakchukma


									               JUNE 2008 NEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT WML

Advances in applied microbiology. Volume 63.
Edited by Allen I. Laskin / Chem QR1.A38 v.63 2008

Advances in quantum chemistry. Volume 55.
Edited by John R. Sabin / Chem QD453.A28 v.55 2008

American Society for Microbiology. Abstracts: 108th General Meeting.
Chem QR1.A47A22 2008

Annual review of physical chemistry. Volume 59.
Edited by Stephen R. Leone / Chem QD1.A55 v.59 2008

Bacterial pathogenesis: methods and protocols.
Edited by Frank R. DeLeo / Chem QR201.B34B35 2008

Bioactive natural products: detection, isolation, and structural determination.
2nd ed.
Edited by Steven M. Colegate / Chem QD415.B45 2008

Biochemistry of signal transduction and regulation. 4th ed.
Gerhard Krauss / Chem QP517.C45K73 2008

Bioconjugate techniques. 2nd ed.
Greg T. Hermanson / Chem QP517.B49H47 2008

Biological monitoring: theory & applications: bioindicators and biomarkers for
environmental quality and human exposure assessment.
Edited by Marcelo E. Conti / Chem QH541.15.M64B563 2008

Biological thermodynamics. 2nd ed.
Donald T. Haynie / Chem QP517.T48H395

Biophysical analysis of membrane proteins: investigating structure and
Edited by Eva Pebay-Peyroula / Chem QP552.M44B56 2008

Coordination compounds: bonding, structure and nomenclature.
Ramanee D. Wijesekera / Chem QD474.W55 2008

Crafting immunity: working histories of clinical immunology.
Edited by Kenton Kroker / Chem QR182.C72 2008

A dictionary of chemistry. 6th ed.
Edited by John Daintith / Chem REF QD5.D4985 2008
Environmental genomics.
Edited by C. Cristofre Martin / Chem QH447.E58 2008

Fundamentals of genetics.
Gurbachan S. Miglani / Chem QH430.M54 2008

High-pressure sulfidation of hydrotreating catalysts: genesis and properties
of the active phase.
Achim I. Dugulan / Chem 505.D84 2008

Hormones and behaviour: a psychological approach.
Nick Neave / Chem QP356.45.N43 2008

Key experiments in practical developmental biology.
Edited by Manuel Mari-Beffa / Chem QH491.K485 2005

The limits of dream: a scientific exploration of the mind/brain interface.
James F. Pagel / Chem QP426.P34 2008

Macromolecules. Volume 3: Physical structures and properties.
Hans-Georg Elias / Chem QD381.E4413 2005 v.3

Mathematics for physical chemistry.
Donald A. McQuarrie / Chem QD453.3.M3M385 2008

Metabolism and functions of bioactive ether lipids in the brain.
Akhlaq A. Farooqui / Chem QP751.F37 2008

Microcomputer modeling of growth processes of single-crystal sheets and
Thomas F. George / Chem QD921.M534 2007

Mirroring people: the new science of how we connect with others.
Marco Iacoboni / Chem QP363.I23 2008

The mycobacterial cell envelope.
Edited by Mamadou Daffe / Chem QR82.M8M938 2008

New cell differentiation research topics.
Edited by Hitoshi Saitama / Chem QH607.N49 2007

Organophosphorus reagents: a practical approach in chemistry.
Edited by Patrick J. Murphy / Chem QD305.P46O74 2004

Physical chemistry. 3rd ed.
Robert G. Mortimer / Chem QD453.2.M67 2008
Plant-pathogen interactions: methods and protocols.
Edited by Pamela C. Ronald / Chem SB732.7.P53 2007

Phytochemicals: aging and health.
Edited by Mark S. Meskin / Chem QP801.P636i58 2006

Plant bioinformatics: methods and protocols.
Edited by David Edwards / Chem TP248.27.P55P55 2007

Plant metabolomics. (Biotechnology in agriculture and forestry, no. 57)
Edited by Kazuki Saito / Chem QK881.P536 2006

Plant virus evolution.
Edited by Marilyn J. Roossinck / Chem QR351.P53 2008

Progress in medicinal chemistry. Volume 46.
Edited by G. Lawton / Chem RM30.P7 v.46 2008

RNA and DNA editing: molecular mechanisms and their integration into
biological systems.
Edited by Harold C. Smith / Chem QH450.25.R57 2008

RNAi: design and application.
Edited by Sailen Barik / Chem QP623.5.S63R63 2008

Signal transduction in the retina. Book + CDRom.
Edited by Steven J. Fliesler / Chem QP479.S59 2008

State estimation in chemometrics: the Kalman filter and beyond.
Pierre Thijssen / Chem QD75.4.C45T5 2008

Surface science: foundations of catalysis and nanoscience. 2nd ed.
Kurt W. Kolasinski / Chem QD506.K587 2008

Tall tales about the mind and brain: separating fact from fiction.
Edited by Sergio Della Sala / Chem QP376.T354 2007

Theories of molecular reaction dynamics: the microscopic foundation of
chemical kinetics.
Niels E. Henriksen / Chem QP517.M65L46 2008

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