Preparing for an earthquake Preparing for an earthquake

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					Preparing for an earthquake                                                    Preparing for an earthquake
                                                                                                                                          beatrice aispuro
emergency supplies                                                                                                                 art center
                                                                                •utility valves:   Show each family member
                                                                                                                                   package design
 water: minimum 1 gal. per person per day                                         how and when to turn off the water, gas,
   for drinking, food preparation, and hygiene                                    and electricity.
   –rotate every 6 months–                                                      •home hazard hunt: Prepare your home
 •food: store foods high in calories, water,                                      by securing objects; look for things that
   and vitamins; low in fat –sufficient for a                                     could fall and think of ways to secure them.
                                                                                  For example: bolting bookcases, china
   week for each member–
                                                                                  cabinets, and other tall furniture to wall
 •first aid: see lists on back panel                                              studs, Installing strong latches on cupboards,
                                                                                  Strapping the water heater to wall studs
                                                                                  –Velcro for securing heavy items.
discuss with family members
                                                                                •pick two places to meet:
 •phone list: Post a list of emergency phone
                                                                                  –Right outside your home in case of
 numbers by the phone and teach children                                          sudden emergency.
 how and when to call for help.                                                   –Outside your neighborhood in case you
                                                                                  can't return home.
 •out of state contact:       Ask an out-of-state                                 –Inform babysitters and caregivers of
 friend to be your "family contact." After a                                      your plan.
 disaster, it's often easier to call long distance.                             •other preparations: Take a Red Cross
 Other family members should know contact's                                       first aid & CPR class. Plan how to take
 phone number and should call this person to                                      care of your pets.
 tell them where they are.

If you're indoors, get under a table, desk,                                                   in case of serious accidents
  bed or brace yourself in a strong doorway.
  Watch for falling, flying and sliding objects.                               • Check the scene for safety. Check
                                                      during an earthquake

  Stay away from windows.                                                         victim for consciousness, breathing,
If you're outdoors, move to an open area                                          pulse, and severe bleeding.
  away from buildings, power poles, and
  brick or block walls that could fall.
                                                                               • Call 911 or local emergency number
If you're in a high rise building, get under                                   • CARE for victim:
  a desk until the shaking stops. Do not
                                                                               Restore breathing by giving CPR:
  use the elevator to evacuate. Wait for
  instructions from the building authorities.                                     Two slow breathes, check pulse for
If you're in a store, get under a table, or any                                   5-10 seconds, two slow breathes,
  sturdy object, or in a doorway. Avoid stopping                                  check pulse 5-10 seconds. Continue
  under anything that could fall. Do not dash                                     until victim begins breathing or until
  for the exit. Choose your exit carefully.                                       help arrives.
                   water purification                                          Stop bleeding: Apply direct pressure
 • Boil for 5-10 min.                                                             and elevate limb above heart. Apply
 • Add 10 drops of household bleach solution per                                  bandage to protect wounds.
  gallon of water, mix well and let stand for 30                               Wrap victim in emergency blanket to
  min. A slight smell or taste of chlorine indicates
                                                                                  help prevent shock.
  water is good to drink.
 • Add household tincture of iodine in the same                                       In all cases, move victim only if
  manner as bleach above                                                                     absolutely necessary
 • Use commercial purification tablets such as
  Halazone or Globaline.
                                                                                                         Check, Call, Care

  sterile adhesive bandages                                                     radio (extra batteries)
  cleansing agent/soap                                                          matches and money in waterproof container
  latex gloves                                                                  large plastic bags
                                                                                   (for trash, waste, water protection)
                                                      first aid kit supplies

  2" sterile gauze pads
  4" sterile gauze pads                                                         liquid bleach (for water disinfectant)
  triangular bandages                                                           toilet paper
  2" sterile roller bandages                                                    disposable cooking utensils/plates
  3" sterile roller bandages                                                    pocket knife
  scissors & tweezers                                                           manual can opener
  needle & thread                                                               adjustable wrench (for turning off gas/water)
  safety pins in assorted sizes                                                 fire extinguisher (ABC type)
  moistened towelettes                                                          pen and paper
  antiseptic                                                                    hygiene supplies
  thermometer                                                                   baby formula
  tongue blades                                                                 extra eyeglasses
  petroleum jelly or other lubricant                                            sunglasses
  first aid/cpr manual                                                          sunscreen
  flashlight (extra batteries & bulb)                                           hat & gloves
  Non-Prescription & Prescription Drugs                                         comfortable clothes
  aspirin or nonaspirin pain reliever                                           sturdy shoes
  anti-diarrhea medication                                                      portable stove (such as butane or charcoal)
  Alka Seltzer (for stomach upset)                                                 note: do not use stove or light matches until
  any needed prescription medications                                              you are sure there is no gas leak nearby.

                                                                                                   other first aid supplies

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