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                                     Black or White?

Which iPhone Color is better?

        White and black have been
symbolic of the desultory binary
opposition. For whatever these colors
typify, the metaphors that go with
the association have also been
imbibed      in     our      collective
consciousness. In fact, these hues are
included in the study of archetypes.
White symbolizes light, innocence,
and     goodness whereas black
represents darkness, chaos, and evil.

        I know these connotations are purely irrational, but in a world where too much
information bludgeons the mind, it is necessary to make generalizations and fundamental

        And this is what happens on the minds of the iPhone 4S buyers: Black or White? Which
is the better color for my iPhone?

       Actually, the white and black iPhone 4S are identical if the carriers they work on are put
into consideration. They are also identical in storage capacities, and every physical detail except
its complexion.

        Nonetheless, there are things left that need careful consideration.


        White is distracting for some people.
       The TV set, which usually comes in black, serves a good purpose. When you watch, you
want the television to virtually disappear so you can enjoy the viewing without an eye-catching
rim surrounding it.

       And it is applicable to the iPhone 4S. A handset that has a white faceplate is distracting
when watching movies or playing games. Others are more meticulous when it comes to
aesthetics. They don’t want the contrast of black and white especially when the iPhone is off.
They say it ‘so looks panda’.

       It is also a little bit thicker than the black iPhone 4S. It is also not true that white iPhones
tend to run into discoloration over time.


         There is not much fuss about the black iPhone 4S. But the classic problem is that it is
difficult to spot especially when you are looking for it in your bag while you are in a dark place
say, in a theater. It is also hard to find if it is accidentally misplaced.

       Also, black is the most common color of the iPhone. White iPhones come in less
quantity thus giving the owner some sense of exclusivity.

Which is which?

        Of course, your decision will still prevail. What you are conceiving about any of the two
colors are pure anxiety and reluctance. Imagine that you are holding an iPhone. What color is
       That’s it. Buy the iPhone 4S in that color.

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