Communicable_Diseases by xiaohuicaicai


									     Communicable Diseases

            Chapter 8, Lesson 2

Journal #5: Choose three of the vocabulary words on
page D50. Create one sentence for each word. You
may not use the sentences that are in the book.
     About Communicable
• They are all contagious.
  – Contagious: spread by direct or
    indirect contact.
• The degree to which they are
  contagious depends on two things:
  – Conditions in which its pathogens can
  – Methods which it could be transmitted
   Common Communicable
• Vary in their causes, symptoms,
  duration, and diagnosis.
• Treatment depends on the
  pathogen that causes the disease.
• Antibiotics are substances that kills or
  slows the growth of bacteria.
• Antibiotics cannot treat infections
  caused by viruses.
                 Viral Infections
 Disease         Symptoms              Diagnosis Treatment
    Cold          Scratchy or sore     Most people      OTC drugs can
                throat, runny nose,     diagnose           treat the
                 sneezing, cough,      themselves       symptoms. You
                                                        should rest and
                  headache, etc
                                                          drink fluids.
  Influenza      High fever, chills,   Some people      Should rest and
                headache, loss of        diagnose         drink fluids.
                     appetite,          themselves.      Medicine can
                tiredness, nausea,      Others go to      help relieve
                     weakness          the doctor for     symptoms.
                                           a test.
Mononucleosis   Tiredness, fever,         Doctors          Rest, take
                   sore throat,          diagnose       ibuprofen, and
                enlarged spleen,         based on        avoid rigorous
                    weakness,          symptoms and         physical
                 nausea, severe         a blood test     activities for a
                   headache                               month or so
               Bacterial Infections
Disease         Symptoms             Diagnosis           Treatment
Strep Throat       Painful throat   A rapid strep test    Typically take
                  inflammation,        or a throat         antibiotics.
                fever, chills, body      culture
                 aches, red and
                  swollen tonsils

Tuberculosis    Few symptoms at       Skin tests and     3 or 4 medicines
                   first. Fever,     chest xrays are          taken in
                   weight loss,           used.            combination.
                 coughing up of                             Some cases
                       blood                                   require
    Interpreting Information (D52-
•    Using the chart on    2. Which of the
     D52 and 53, answer       diseases shown on
     the following            this page is the least
     questions on the         serious condition
     worksheet.               and why?
1.   Which of the          3. Which type of
     diseases can be          hepatitis is most likely
     treated with             to become a
     antibiotics? Why         permanent
     are antibiotics not      condition?
     used for the other    4. Which types can be
     diseases?                prevented with a
  Preventing Communicable
• Wash your hands
• Keep fingers away from your eyes,
  nose, and mouth
• Cover your mouth with a tissue when
  you cough or sneeze
• Do not share personal items
• Cover all sores or cuts with
  Preventing Communicable
• Do not use illegal drugs
• Practice abstinence
• Do not share needles
• Keep your food away from animals –
  such as pests or insects
• Use insect repellent

• With a partner, you will create a
  poster illustrating one of the 13 ways
  to prevent communicable diseases.
• You will be assigned one of the ways
  on page D54-D55.

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