Dorothy Lamberton Busy with books by Nzumanowakchukma

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         Summer 2009

Vol. 14 Number 4

Dorothy Lamberton: Busy with books                                                                  Inside...
by Judy Schuster
                                                                                                    Travel Report
Dorothy Lamberton has taken classes of-                                                             page 3
fered by the Great Books Foundation for                                                             Because you asked
nearly half a century, yet her love for books                                                       page 4
and her enthusiasm for those who share her                                                          Thanks
interest haven’t dimmed.                                                                            page 6
    A petite ball of energy, Dorothy first                                                          Summer Courses
became interested in books while grow-                                                              page 8
ing up in Young America, Minnesota. She                                                             Summer SIGs
joined the Foundation’s Junior Great Books                                                          page 10
Program when her children were young
enough to be involved. Later, she and her late
husband Richard, a professor in the English       “I look at myself as a leader,
Department at the University of Minnesota,
enrolled in a Great Books Foundation course.      not a teacher. My role is to ask
Participants formed a follow-up study group
                                                  insightful questions that provoke
that still meets monthly.
    Soon after OLLI was formed, Dorothy           discussion . . .”
agreed to organize a Great Books course.
She’s been doing it ever since, with the excep-
tion of this past fall when, she says, “I took    rent events. Members bring in other books
OLLI off!” But she expects to be back leading     and newspaper articles. It helps them con-
another group of 15 members in the fall of        tinue their intellectual stimulation long after
2009.                                             retirement.”
    “I look at myself as a leader, not a               When she isn’t busy with books, Dorothy
teacher,” Dorothy explains. “My role is to ask    organizes OLLI’s weekly course, Tuesdays
insightful questions that provoke discussion      with a Scholar at the Southdale Library. She
and to address issues of ambiguity.               contacts weekly speakers, gets their biogra-      Financial expert Ruth Hayden spoke
                                                                                                    to OLLI members and guests about
    “It takes intense concentration to            phies, and arranges for any additional needs
                                                                                                    weathering the current economic
enjoy this kind of reading, get your argu-        such as audio-video equipment. She’s been         climate at the Spring Information
ments ready and begin the dialog,” she says.      helping our OLLI in this way for several years,   Fair in March.
“Regardless of what selections we read, we        too. And the good news is that she plans to
almost always find things that refer to cur-      continue.
The President’s Column
Reflections on OLLI changes
By Merritt Marquardt

                       In 1790, writing       teer activity that has been the hallmark     butions of special note, and their work is
                       from his vantage       of our OLLI in the past.                     very much appreciated by all.
                       point in England,           One thing is certain: We must not            As most of you know, Jerry Mundt
                       Edmund Burke           embark on a course either of financial       passed away this January. Jerry was the
                       offered to the world   change or of a change in the philosophy      quintessential OLLI volunteer mem-
                       his Reflections        of what gives our OLLI its underlying        ber with his long service on the Board
                       on the Revolution      strength without a vigorous debate on        of Directors and as a course leader in
                       in France. Times       the likely long-term outcome.                his beloved field of paleontology. He is
were turbulent, and his ideas reflected            As we discuss these things among        greatly missed.
the view that things would never be the       ourselves in the days ahead, we must not          Howard Guthmann will step down
same.                                         lose the vision of our founders, for that    as Finance Officer at the end of June.
     Our vantage point to the changes         vision is as sound today as when it first    Howard has held this elected position
occurring in the world today does not         motivated them to organize this enter-       since the very beginning of our OLLI,
afford the luxury of being quite as de-       prise. It is, and must remain, what every    a period of 14 years exemplified by a
tached as Burke. We are in the midst of       OLLI member believes in and what moti-       commitment to excellence in managing
change ourselves, even down to the level      vates us all. As Gandhi phrased it, “Learn   the financial affairs of the organiza-
of our own OLLI operations and plan-          as if you were to live forever.”             tion that is truly outstanding. We will
ning. How we react to and manage the               As we near the end of another OLLI      miss Howard, and wish him well as he
broader changing trends will determine        academic year, it is right and proper to     may now find the time to take a favorite
what OLLI becomes in the years ahead.         pay tribute to our many members who          course among his many other interests.
     In times of economic change,             give so generously of their time and         Thank you, Howard.
organizations such as OLLI tend to react      energy to make it all work. The members
by changing the very structure of who         of the board, the chairs of our commit-
they are and why they exist. Some of our
members would argue for a major adjust-
                                              tees, and the committee members who
                                              contribute their ideas and make their
                                                                                            Fall Preview
ment in our membership fee. Others            committees a functioning whole are all
                                                                                            Ancient Egyptian Civilization
would say it is time to invade the princi-    vital to making it possible for everyone
                                                                                            Behind the Scenes at the
pal of our endowment funds rather than        to experience that favorite course or two
                                                                                                    Science Museum
tighten our belts and find ways to live       each term. They all deserve our thanks
                                                                                            Creative Writing: Poetry
within our means.                             and appreciation.
                                                                                            Flicks on Friday
     Another change of great significance          Of special note this year are several
for OLLI would be a totally new way of        who led their committees through a            Genes, the Environment, and Us
looking at membership growth. A con-          time of particular change and growth.         Great Books
certed effort to recruit a large number       I have singled them out because each          Great Decisions
of new members might solve a host of          has either stepped down from serving as       A History of Atheism
financial problems, but it would also         chair during the year or will do so at the    Nobel Conference: Water
create a new dimension of planning for        end of this term. They are Barb Whiting
                                                                                            The Presidents: Part 6
more class locations, more course lead-       of the Communication Committee, Anne
                                                                                            The Roaring ‘20s
ers, and more paid staff to handle the        Mason of Membership and Marketing,
                                                                                            What’s in Your Attic?
workload. It would also require another       Geri Burns of Curriculum, and Peter
                                                                                                    Discovering Antiques
level of support from the membership to       Sammond of Finance. They made contri-
provide the same commitment to volun-

page 2
                                                                                                        Insights Summer 2009

Travel Report
Second OLLI Travel Expo on May 8
by Billie Young

Share your dreams and ideas about             of Minnesota’s Iron Range, will lead the
future travel at the second annual OLLI       group.
Travel Expo on Friday, May 8, at 1666              As a follow-up to the winter OLLI
Coffman in St. Paul. Enjoy wine and           course on Southeast Asia, a trip to the
cheese, swap travel stories, get informa-     countries of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,
tion about upcoming trips, and tell Travel    Thailand, and Myanmar is scheduled for
Committee members where you would             November. You need not have taken the
like to go. The Expo begins with a 1 p.m.     fall course to enroll. Participants will
program and ends at about 2 p.m.              visit all five countries over a three-week
     Leaders of upcoming trips will have      period. Additional information will be
brochures, information, and maps to           available at the Expo.
help whet your appetite for travel already         OLLI trips require months of advance
planned.                                      planning. We invite you to share ideas
     Scheduled for this summer, July          with fellow travel enthusiasts and mem-
21–28, is an eight-day excursion to Santa     bers of the Travel Committee. They are
Fe, New Mexico, led by Ramsis Gobran.         eager to hear about your travel ideas.
Visitors will tour Georgia O’Keeffe’s              Look for travel information in the
home as well as museums featuring her         OLLI Up-to-Dater e-newsletter. To sub-          On a recent OLLI cruise to Puerto Rico and the
art; attend a cooking demonstration and       scribe to the UTD, send an e-mail with          Caribbean Islands, traveler Audrey Grote won
                                                                                              a drawing for a portrait by the photographer
dance performance; and visit Pueblo cliff     “Subscribe to UTD” in the subject line to
                                                                                              on board. Audrey convinced the photographer
dwellings.                                                         to shoot the entire OLLI group. OLLI mem-
     “Minnesota Prairie: Then and Now,”            For more information on OLLI travel        bers pictured (in alphabetical order): Susan
will leave the Twin Cities on September       opportunities, call committee chair             Adamek, Audrey Grote, Gretchen Johnson,
14 and take travelers inside a wind           Ramsis Gobran 651-484-5632, rgobran@            Marta Kaplan, Sylvia Kerr, Dorothy Linse, Nita
                                                                                              Lussenhop, Gerry Mooers, Ginny Morse, Mary
turbine and an ethanol plant. Ron Tabar,
                                                                                              Oelke, Sharon Sechrist, Judy Solmonson, Gail
who organized an earlier successful tour                                                      Stremel, Anne Marie Templin, Dick Thomas,
                                                                                              Constance Van Valkenburg, Connie Waterous,
                                                                                              Rita Welch, Mary Wilson, and Billie Young.

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                                                                                                                                    page 3
Because you asked . . .
OLLI financial facts
In an effort to reach as many OLLI           our OLLI has grown, so has the need for      •	 The true strength of our OLLI lies
members as possible, a letter from OLLI      increasing financial resources and their        in the volunteerism of its members.
president Merritt Marquardt, published       prudent management. Your help in this           We encourage those who can
in a recent Up-to-Dater and previously       endeavor will bring greater transparency        more easily give of their time to
e-mailed to all OLLI Board members, is       to OLLI fiscal management and is much           consider volunteering for any of
reprinted below to inform members of         appreciated. It will serve to make all          the OLLI standing committees,
OLLI’s current financial situation. For      OLLI participants better informed and           to help occasionally in the OLLI
a summary of “Financial Facts” as read       realistic about our goals and objectives        office, or, most importantly,
by members of the Board of Directors         for the coming year.                            to lead or assist a course.
in as many courses as possible in the
first week of the Spring Session, see the    Financial Facts 2009–10                         Please contact the OLLI office with
middle column.                               Like most investments, over the past year   questions or comments at 612-624-7847,
                                             the Osher Endowment Fund has realized
Letter to Board Members                      a market loss of approximately 25%. This
     The Executive Committee, at its         means that the earned interest income
meeting on March 5, 2009, engaged            from the endowment principal, which         Insights is a publication of the Osher Lifelong
in significant debate concerning the         we use to calculate OLLI annual revenue,    Learning Institute of the University of
financial affairs of OLLI and how best to    will also result in a 25% reduction of      Minnesota, providing learning opportunities
address anticipated shortfalls in revenue    our required budget revenue stream.         under the guidance of its members.
for the coming fiscal year. Past president     •	 In order to maintain the current       Editor: John Cardle
Joanne Kendall presented a recommen-              cost of the OLLI annual membership
                                                                                         Managing Editor: JoAnne Makela
dation that Board members take a few              fee, we need to rely on the loyalty
                                                                                         Photo Editor: Charles Turpin
minutes preceding the first meeting of            of current members to renew their
                                                                                         Copy Editors: Cathy Coult, Arden Durham,
each of their spring session courses to           memberships and continue our
                                                                                         Marlyce Helm
speak to class members about the finan-           efforts to recruit new members.
                                                                                         Reporters: Dan Lutenegger, Ginny Morse,
cial condition of OLLI and what plans are      •	 The Board is committed to              Judy Schuster
being made to provide the best possible           prudent management of OLLI
                                                                                         Contributors: Kate Anderson, Steve Benson,
fiscal management and governance of               resources. While we are trying to
                                                                                         Merritt Marquardt, Anne Morrow, Billie Young
our organization.                                 eliminate unnecessary costs, we
                                                                                         Photos: Charlie Turpin
     Toward that end, I am asking that            are also dedicated to maintaining
                                                                                         Design: S. Johnson Creative
each of you make a brief presentation to          our high standards of quality
                                                                                         Layout: JoAnne Makela
your OLLI classmates using the attached           for OLLI course offerings.
fact sheet as your resource. This presen-      •	 We encourage those who are able        Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
tation is not intended to be a detailed           to consider making a donation to       250 McNamara Alumni Center
discussion of financial affairs, but it is        the Miriam Seltzer Scholarship         200 Oak Street SE
rather an opportunity to bring greater            fund or to the general fund. As        Minneapolis, MN 55455
awareness of OLLI finances and near-              no one is turned down from OLLI        612-624-7847
term prospects for the most effective use         membership for inability to pay,
of Osher Endowment money and OLLI                 the scholarship fund may find
membership fees.                                  itself particularly stressed in the
     OLLI’s greatest strength lies in the         current economic situation.            This publication is available in alternative
dedication of our members and their sup-                                                 formats upon request to the OLLI office at
port of OLLI courses and activities. As                                                  612-624-7847,

page 4
                                                                                                            Insights Summer 2009

From the Executive Director
A savvy mind and a sharp pencil
by Steve Benson

                       This summer issue      accounting, Howard founded the OLLI                unique. Throughout the past 14 years,
                       is traditionally a     investment group Elderwise, which even in          hundreds of OLLI members have given
                       time to reflect on     the choppy waters of the current economy           back in so many ways from leading
                       the achievements       has steered a successful and profitable            courses, as course assistants, serving
                       of the last year and   course for its members.                            on committees, guiding OLLI through
                       acknowledge OLLI             Howard has dedicated his time and            membership on the Board of Directors,
                       volunteers who         considerable expertise to OLLI while               helping out at special events, producing
                       make our learning      maintaining a full professional and civic          Insights and other OLLI publications, and
community possible. In this column            life (he has worked for the same prominent         contributing financially.
I can reflect on not only the achieve-        firm, Wilkerson Associates since the early             Read through the long lists of acknow
ments of this year but also on those of       1940s). Howard is now stepping down as             ledgements for this year and marvel with
the past 14 years. I feel it important and    OLLI’s financial officer but has promised          me at the ongoing commitment and
imperative to acknowledge Howard              to stay on the Finance Committee and,              dedication of so many to our OLLI learn-
Guthmann, a volunteer present at the          along with his wife Betsey, remain active          ing community. If you have not already
birth of ELI/OLLI and who has served          in OLLI.                                           been a volunteer, consider looking for an
as our financial officer since that heady           Howard’s commitment to the volun-            opportunity and add your name to next
summer of 1995 with a savvy mind and          teer spirit of OLLI is exemplary but not           year’s honor roll.
a sharp pencil.
     Howard (one of the youngest CPAs
in the state of Minnesota at the start
of his career) has been involved in a
variety of educational and civic
organizations since he graduated from
the University of Minnesota at the end
of WWII. He has been chair of the St.
Paul School Board and on the boards
of a distinguished list of institutions
such as the St. Paul libraries, the Boy
Scouts of America, and the Minnesota
Humanities Commission as well as
Rotary, Regions Hospital, and his
     During his watch, OLLI has grown
from 200 members at the end of the
first year to over 1,000. Our budget
resources have grown from a seed
grant from the University of Minnesota
to a $2 million endowment from the
Bernard Osher Foundation.                         OLLIs and prospective members gathered at the Spring Information Fair at Incarnation Lutheran
     Apart from mentoring and educat-             Church to find out about upcoming programs and hear financial expert Ruth Hayden speak.
                                                  The Membership and Marketing Committee organizes this annual event with help from volun-
ing me and a host of OLLI volunteers
                                                  teers on the Arrangements Committee.
in the labyrinthine ways of finance and

                                                                                                                                        page 5
                    Thank you, OLLI Volunteers!
Without volunteers, we would have no OLLI. They allow us to offer a wide variety of courses and activities. So, as
this fiscal year draws to a close, we thank our board members, course leaders, class assistants, and many volun-
teers who have helped make our events and programs a success. We especially thank our generous donors.

Course leaders (*OLLI Scholars)                                  Course assistants, board members,
Esam Aal, Mike Amidon, J. B. Andersen, George Anderson,          committee members, SIG leaders
Neil Anderson, Verne Anderson, Steven Antenucci, Marcia          Kay Abbott, Kay Acton, Barbara Amram, Grace Anderson,
Aubineau, Olive Jean Bailey, Edward J. Bardon, Carrie Bassett,   Joyce Anderson, Karen Anderson, Kate Anderson, Loretta
Sarah Bellamy, Steve Benson, Odelle Bjerkness, Joyce Black,      Anderson, Sonja Anderson, Woody Andrews, Barb Aune,
Bain Boehlke, Jeannine Bohlmeyer, Irwin Boris, Geraldine         Tom Bagott, Gene Bard, Val Barlau, Mary Beagan, Nell Bean,
Braden, Jean Brookins, Donald Christensen, Curtis Dahlin,        Jeanne Bearmon, Elaine Bellew, Margit Berg, Judy Berland,
Kathie Dahlquist, Joan Davies, *Abigail Davis, Leni De Mik,      Shirley Bierma, Mike Bosanko, Sally Bosanko, Helen Bowlin,
Joan Delich, Liz Dodson, Roy Dorn, *Benjamin Arda Doty,          Jean Brookins, Helen Brooks, Ann Buran, David Buran,
Knowles Dougherty, Rachel Dubke, Jim Dunn, Margretta             Barb Burleigh, Geri Burns, Tom Burt, Andrea Canter, Carol
Dwyer, Osman Elhadary, Bob Erickson, Lois Farag, Lawrence        Carberry, John Cardle, Dean Carlson, Louise Carpentier, Jean
Farrar, Ed Ferlauto, David Ferrens, *Heather Flowers, Robert     Conklin, Kay Cooper, Nancy Copeland, Cathy Coult, Carole J.
Foy, Richard Fuller, Stephen Gasiorowicz, Caroline Gilbert,      Cranbrook, Lyn Culbert, Lou Culbert, Phil Dahlen, Peggy Dale,
Gary Gilson, Marie Goblirsch, Ramsis Gobran, Pat Greene,         Carol Daly, Alice de Meurisse, Joan Delich, Emily Dennison,
Ted Greenfield, Chuck Grimsrud, *Kimberly Ohmyo Gross,           Judith Devine, Liz Dodson, Mari Donaldson, Knowles
Manuel Guerrero, *Amy L. Gunty, Seymour Handler, Alice           Dougherty, Bridget Doyle, Mary Eggen, Marian Eisner, Osman
Hanson, Gary Hanson, *Samuel Hintz, David Hopper, Sue            Elhadary, Alice Evenson, Joan Fearing, Watson Fearing, Ed
Jewell, Dave Johnson, Earl Johnson, Judith Johnson, Roger        Ferlauto, David Ferrens, Ruth Fingerson, Alfred Fish, Enrica
Jones, Alan Kagan, Alan Kahn, Richard Kain, Badal Kariye,        Fish, Larry Flaskerud, Christine Garner, Caroline Gilbert,
Apeckchya Karki, Joanne Kendall, Sylvia Kerr, David Kopf,        Marie Goblirsch, Norma Gobran, Ramsis Gobran, Pat Greene,
*Miriam Krause, Patricia Kridler, Karin Krull, Vinnie Kutty,     Georgia Gustafson, Howard Guthmann, Dolores Gutierrez,
Dorothy Lamberton, Greg Lecker, Rhoda Lewin, Megan               Bill Halloran, Jeannie Hanson, JoAnn Hanson, Grace Harkness,
Lewis, Michael Lupu, Nancy Martin, Jamie McBride, *Kelly         Jack Harkness, John Harris, Shawn Hartfeldt, Marlyce Helm,
McDonough, Jean McElvain, Kimberly D. Miesten, *Matthew          Molly Henke, Peggy Henrickson, Nita Huseby, Marge Hutton,
Mihalka, *Chris Miller, Todd Miller, Shirley Moore, Bill         Mildred James, Robert Jansen, Sue Jewell, Barry Johnson,
Morton, Charles Mundale, Susan Mundale, Marc Nagel, Iric         David Johnson, Earl L. Johnson, Gini Johnson, Harriet Johnson,
Nathanson, Charlotte Neill, Bonnie Nelson, Charles Nelson,       Janice Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Roger Johnson, Sylvia Johnson,
Connie Nelson, John Nugent, Tom O’Dea, Silvia Ontaneda,          Terry Johnson, Bob Jones, Carolyn Jones, Alan Kahn, Joanne
Thomas O’Toole, Carolyn Papke, *Joshua Plocher, Sally Polk,      Kendall, Rich Kessler, Elaine Knoft, Eleanore Kolar, Gayle
Mary Quinlivan, Marguerite Ragnow, *Julia Rauchfuss, Dan         Kollitz, Ray Kreps, Ruth Kreps, Gretchen Kreuter, Janet Krofta,
Reddan, Corey Rieck, Robert Roman, Andreas Rosenberg,            Corinne Kroonblawd, Diane Ladenson, David Larson, Judith
Elisabeth Rosenberg, Peter Rosko, Carol Rudie, Daniela           Larson, Marcia Larson, Pat Larson, Shelly Lausch, Del Leaf,
Ruggiero, Peter Sammond, Neala Schleuning, *Sara Schmelzer,      Lorrie Leaf, Nancy Lockard, Nita Lussenhop, Dan Lutenegger,
Ed Schwartzbauer, Rick Shiomi, *Johanna Shreve, Lonni            Ginny Mahlum, Merritt Marquardt, Carole Martin, Nancy R.
Skrentner, *Edward Snyder, Bob Solotaroff, Allen Starkey,        Martin, Anne Mason, Sue McCloskey, Donn McLellan, Peggy
Vivian Steblay, Jack Stuart, Marghe Tabar, Ron Tabar, Ed         Meyer, Gerry Mooers, Monica Morin, Anne Morrow, Ginny
Tang, Albert Trostel, Parker Trostel, Charles Turpin, Bonnie     Morse, Ilse Mortensen, William Morton, Susan Mundale,
Turrentine, Doug Wallace, Stephanie Lein Walseth, Che Wang,      Jerry Mundt, Mary Negri, Linda Nelson, Eleonora Nikonova,
Gil Ward, David Wark, Bill Weir, Gerhard Weiss, Mark Welter,     Diane Nimmer, Warren Nordley, Linda North, Kathleen Olson,
Winifred Winkleman, Donald Winters, Pat Wuest, Billie Young      Angie O’Neill, Diane Ondrey, Sally Onstad, Carolyn Papke,

page 6
                                                                                                 Insights Summer 2009

Robert Papke, Kathy Patton, Perry Plank, Sharon Pleimling, Al             Special thanks to the
Potter, Kathy Potter, Charlotte Prentice, Ginny Quattlebaum,
Audray Rees, JoAnn Rice, Ken Rich, Charles Roach, Virgina             Bernard Osher Foundation
Roach, Betty Rohmann, Elisabeth Rosenberg, Ivan Ross,
Marilyn Rushenberg, Noel Ryan, Lesley Rylander, Peter
Sammond, Paula Sanan, Betty Schlotthauer, Judy Schuck, Jan
Schultz, Judy Schuster, Eliot Schweitzer, Janet Sheldon, Bonnie
Skelton, Leanne Skjervold, Ellen Sovik, Elaine Spiegel, Gail
Stalpes, Olga Staneslow, Allen Starkey, Vivian Steblay, Burt      Donors
Sundquist, Tom Swain, Jill Swiler, Marghe Tabar, Ron Tabar,       Bernard Osher Foundation, 3M Foundation, Inc., Colonial
Morgan Tamsky, Susan Tanner, Renee Tasaka, Dick Thomas,           Acres Homes, Inc., General Mills Foundation, Margaret
Marilyn Thorne, Dwight Townes, Shirley Trossen, Al Trostel,       Alldredge, Valeria Barlau, Donna Lee Barnett, Steve Benson,
Charlie Turpin, Susan Verrett, Betty Wallien, David Wark,         Florence Bogle, Frank & Gail Brendemuchl, Geraldine
Connie Waterous, Bill Weir, Barb Whiting, Rick Whiting,           Burns, Beverly Christensen, Kirsten Dawson, Leni DeMik,
Karl Willson, Mary Wilson, Marian Wolters, Pat Wuest, Billie      Ann Ellwood, Alice Evans, Charles Grimsrud & Penny Bond,
Young, Elizabeth Young, Marge Young, Sue Zuriff                   Howard Guthmann, Marguerite Harbison, Joanne Kendall,
                                                                  Sylvia Kerr, Joseph Kuznik, Sharon Lovo, Merritt & Betty
Classroom and Event Sites                                         Marquardt, Ann Merz, Geraldine Mooers & Dick Thomas,
1666 Coffman, American Swedish Institute, The Bakken              Diane Mundt, Paul O’Connor, Frances Paulu, Gordon Peterson,
Museum, Becketwood, Eastcliff, Edina Senior Center, Eloise        Nancy L. Peterson, Mary Quinlivan, Allen Starkey, Dorothy
Butler Wildflower Garden, Ferguson Hall, Good Shepherd            Swanson, Ron & Margaret Tabar, Marilyn & Morgan Tamsky,
Lutheran Church, Guthrie Theater, Hennepin County Library–        Renee Tasaka, Alice Thompson, Bonnie Turrentine,
Ridgedale, Hennepin County Library–Southdale, James               Robert Ulstrom, Mary Waibel, Richard & Barbara Whiting,
Ford Bell Library, The Kenwood, Lakewood Cemetary, Lenox          Kay Williams
Community Center, Main Street Village, McNamara Alumni
Center, McNeal Hall, Market BBQ, Mayflower Congregational
Church, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis Parks &
Recreation, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Minnetonka
Community Center, Mount Zion Temple, Mu Performing Arts,
Murzyn Hall, North Como Presbyterian, Penumbra Theatre,

                                                                  OLLI Annual Meeting and
Plymouth Congregational Church, Richfield Community
Center, The Museum of Russian Art, Saint Mary’s Coptic

                                                                  Ice Cream Social, June 4
Orthodox Church, Saint Paul Jewish Community Center, Tai-
Chi-Chuan Studio, Temple Israel, Theater in the Round, Unity
Unitarian Church, Vision Loss Resources, Walker Art Center,
Washburn Public Library, West 7th Community Center                The OLLI Annual Meeting and Ice Cream Social will be held on
                                                                  Thursday, June 4, 1–4 p.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church,
                                                                  8600 Fremont Avenue South, Bloomington.
                                                                      Join us for refreshments and entertainment as we bring
                                                                  OLLI members together for this final event of the fiscal year.
                    In Memoriam                                   Help us celebrate OLLI accomplishments from the 2008–09
        Robert Bugenstein, Duane Elvin,                           year and welcome the Board of Directors for 2009–10.
                                                                      Please let us know that you are coming by May 27 at
          Jerry Mundt, Carole Murphy,                             612-627-7847 or
        Joanna Nordseth, Beth Oschwald

                                                                                                                         page 7
Summer 2009 Courses
Short summer courses are a great way to stay involved as well           1911 Introduction to Great Books Using the unique reading
as to introduce a friend to OLLI. You may take as many courses          and discussion techniques of the Great Books Foundation of
as you like. Non-members may try-out OLLI and participate in            Chicago, we will read from the anthology Introduction to Great
summer courses for only $50, which will be deducted from the            Books (first series, $13.95 from the Great Books Foundation
annual $195 membership fee if they join OLLI by March 1, 2010.          800-222-5870). Beginning with “Why War” by Sigmund Freud,
Call or e-mail the OLLI office for more information.                    we will then read “The Melian Dialogue” by Thucydides, and
     Register online by May 30 at, or              “Everything That Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Conner.
mail in the registration form to arrive at least one week before        Please order the anthology as soon as possible and read “Why
the start date of a class as listed in its description (i.e. if class   War” before the first class. Limit: 20
begins June 16, you have until June 9 to mail in the form). This        David Mesenbourg, Great Books course leader, OLLI member
course schedule is subject to change.                                   3 sessions: Thursdays, June 11–25           12:30–2 p.m.
                                                                        Edina Senior Center, 5280 Grandview Square, Edina
Courses listed by start date
1908 Monarch Butterflies: Minnesota to Mexico View the                  1912 Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad “The brown current
extraordinary odyssey of these remarkable butterflies,                  ran swiftly out of the heart of darkness towards the sea.” In
from their summer hatching grounds in North America to                  this four-session course we will focus on a close textual exami-
their wintering sites in the mountains of central Mexico.               nation of Conrad’s journey into the human psyche. Read Part I
We will review local efforts to improve Minnesota habitats,             for the first session. Limit: 20
including planting butterfly friendly gardens. Limit: 50                Bonnie Nelson, retired teacher, OLLI member
Steve Benson, nature enthusiast, OLLI Executive Director                4 sessions: Mondays, June 15–July 6        12:30–2 p.m.
One session: Monday, June 1                10 a.m.–12 noon              The Kenwood, 825 Summit Ave, Mpls
Richfield Community Center, 7000 Nicollet Ave S, Richfield
                                                                        1913 Arty Experiences: A Mixed Bag Join us for three intrigu-
1909 The Best of Contemporary Scandinavian Film This four-              ing, diverse art experiences. Visit Groveland Gallery to hear
week series will feature favorite films from the last two years         about the history of a unique gallery housed in a wonderful old
of this popular course. Watch how contemporary filmmakers               mansion in Kenwood as well as Groveland’s annual summer
capture and comment on their societies and broad human                  group exhibition; get a close-up look at works in the Walker
issues with wit, insight, and humor. Films include: As it is            Art Center’s Sculpture Garden with a veteran docent; and
in Heaven, how music restores the spirit of a small Swedish             attend a discussion and slide show about public art presented
town; Kitchen Stories, a droll film from Norway about bachelor          by Jack Becker, founder and executive director of Forecast
farmers; House of Angels, how a seemingly idyllic community is          Public Artworks, publisher of the public art journal, Public Art
shaken up by a ghost from the past; and one new film. Limit: 50         Review ( Limit: 20
Steve Benson, film buff, OLLI Executive Director                        Vivian Steblay and Carol Daly, art mavens, OLLI members
4 sessions: Tuesdays, June 2–23            9:30a.m.–noon                3 sessions: Tuesdays, June 16–30           12:30–2 p.m.
235 McNamara Alumni Center, U of M East Bank Campus                     1st class: Groveland Gallery, 25 Groveland Terrace, Mpls

1910 History Hodgepodge Join us for lectures on immigration             1914 Botany for Gardeners A basic understanding of botany is
including a slide show of Ellis Island; on the ages of man; and         an essential tool for gardeners. Where better to learn about the
on medical history from the early 1900s. Class members are              basics of botany than at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden?
invited to lunch, at their expense, at a local restaurant follow-       With over 500 plant species in the 15-acre Golden Valley
ing class. Limit: 50                                                    reserve, this living, outdoor classroom is perfect for hands-on
J. B. Andersen, educator, curator, writer                               exploration. Join us for this three-week series and dig into the
4 sessions: Wednesdays, June 3–24           10–11:30 a.m.               delights of botany. Geared toward the layperson, each class
1666 Coffman (enter on Larpenteur) across from U golf course            will consist of field study and classroom discussions. Limit: 8

page 8
                                                                                                   Insights Summer 2009

Course fee: $15 due at registration                               1917 Summer Discoveries Metro area parks and nature cen-
Diana Thottungal, former botany instructor at City University     ters are beckoning. Join us as we visit three: Woodlake Nature
of New York, interpretive naturalist at Eloise Butler             Center, 6710 Lake Shore Drive, Richfield; Lebanon Hills Visitor
3 sessions: Tuesdays, June 16–30           1–3 p.m.               Center, 860 Cliff Road, Eagan; and Richardson Nature Center,
Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, Mpls                             8737 E. Bush Lake Road, Bloomington. We’ll hear briefly from
                                                                  a staff naturalist, check out exhibits, hike the trails, and listen
1915 Minnesota Historical Society: Generations Camp               for summer birds. Bring a lunch and we will end our visits with
A week long summer camp for middle school aged English            a picnic. Limit: 25
Language Learner students and Minnesotan seniors will be          Molly Henke and Karen Bowen, OLLI members, conveners
held the week of June 22, at the Minnesota History Center and     3 sessions: Tuesdays, July 14–28            10 a.m.–1 p.m.
the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT), both in Saint        1st class: Woodlake Nature Center, Richfield
Paul. Over the course of the week, seniors and students will
enjoy hands-on history classes, museum exhibits, and a            1918 OLLI Online Registration Have you experienced frustra-
variety of art activities as they work together to create art     tion at navigating the OLLI/CCE online registration system?
work based on the theme: “being Minnesotan.” Senior partici-      Or have you never attempted it? This workshop will walk you
pants should be able to commit to a full day on Tuesday, June     through the procedures for registering from the OLLI Web site,
23; lunch on Wednesday, June 24; and attend an afternoon          showing you exactly what your computer screen should look
session on Thursday, June 25.. Seniors are also invited to (and   like and what to expect once you have successfully registered
strongly encourage to attend) a showing of all the paintings      for courses. You may bring your own laptop for hands-on ex-
on the afternoon of Friday, June 26 at the Minnesota History      perience. A limited number of laptops will be available for the
Center. Limit: 10                                                 class. Limit: 25
Aleah Vinick, program associate, Minnesota Historical Society     JoAnne Makela, OLLI office manager
David Feinberg, associate professor of art, director of under-    Monday, August 10                         12:30–2:30 p.m.
graduate studies, U of M                                          235 McNamara Alumni Center, U of M East Bank Campus
4 sessions: Tuesday–Friday, June 23–26, schedule varies by day
CHAT (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent) 995 University Ave,       1919 Minnesota Centennial Showboat: Is There a Doctor
Suite 220. St. Paul                                               in the House? Join fellow OLLI members and the U of M
Minnesota History Center, 345 Kellogg Blvd W, St. Paul            Showboat Players on board the Minnesota Centennial
                                                                  Showboat. Based on The Imaginary Invalid by Molière, the sto-
1916 Flower Drum Song Mu Performing Arts will present a           ry centers on Argan, a hypochondriac obsessed with his health
new version of an old favorite, Flower Drum Song. Tony award-     and determined to follow his physician’s advice. A comedy of
winner David Henry Hwang has rewritten the book to update         misdirection, mistaken identities, and misdiagnosis, the pro-
the story, but most of the famous and beloved Rodgers and         duction will fill your prescription for musical entertainment.
Hammerstein songs remain intact. This lovely new version of       Go to for more information. Limit: 30
an American classic blends American razzmatazz with styl-         Ticket fee: $18 due at registration
ized Chinese opera traditions to create a beautiful theatrical    Tuesday, August 11, boarding at 1:30, curtain at 2:30
tapestry. The play opens June 26 at the Ordway Center for the     Minnesota Centennial Showboat, Harriet Island, St. Paul
Performing Arts, St. Paul. For tickets call the Ordway box of-
fice, 651-224-4222, or go to the Ordway Web site, www.ordway.
org. See the play before the class. Limit: 50
Rick Shiomi, Artistic Director, Mu Performing Arts
Tuesday, June 30                            12:30–2 p.m.
235 McNamara Alumni Center, U of M East Bank Campus

                                                                                                                             page 9
Special Interest
                                             Fiction/Nonfiction/Arden Hills: 3rd          NEW YORKER READING GROUP:
                                             Wednesday, 1 p.m. Davanni’s party room, Thursday, 2 p.m. Washburn Library,

                                             3673 N. Lexington. Marcia Larson, 651-       5244 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls. Peggy Dale,
                                             484-9387, 952-896-1878,
                                             Nonfiction/Mpls.: 2nd Friday, 1 p.m.
OLLI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet     Franklin Avenue Library, 1314 E.             PLAY READING: 2nd Friday, 10:30
regularly to provide enriching opportu-      Franklin Ave. Kate Anderson, 651-488-        a.m. Franklin Avenue Library, 1314 E.
nities beyond the OLLI classroom. To bet-    9061,; Ivan             Franklin Ave.. Mpls. Elizabeth Young,
ter serve all OLLI members, we need SIGs     Ross, 952-546-6312,       612-870-5659,; Sue
in more neighborhoods. For guidelines        Nonfiction/St. Paul: 3rd Thursday, 1 p.m. Zuriff, 612-332-2011,
on starting one in your area, contact the    St. Paul Jewish Community Center,           w!
co-chairs: Kate Anderson, 651-488-9061,      1375 St. Paul Ave. Connie Waterous,       Ne RENEWING AMERICA: 1st & 3rd Fridays, or Anne Morrow,         651-291-1610,         1:30 p.m. in St. Louis Park. Continuation
612-669-4940, anne.morrow@hotmail.           Nonfiction/Bloomington: Last Monday,         of discussion from winter ’09 course. Bill
com. This list is of SIGs active for the     1 p.m. Creekside Community Center,           Weir, 763-568-7022,
summer. Contact the coordinator listed       9801 Penn Ave. S. Osman Elhadary,
for more details about each SIG.             952-831-0511,            SCRABBLE™: Thursday, 1 p.m. Edina
                                                                                          Senior Center. Scoring points is second to
ARTS/The OLLI Arts Exhibitionists: The       BRIDGE–East Metro: 2nd & 4th Tuesday, having fun. Marlyce Helm, 612-926-8178,
group arranges four or five exhibits a       6 p.m. Coffee Grounds, Falcon Heights.
year. The Edina Senior Center (952-833-      Kate Anderson, 651-488-9061,
9570) features 47 works by OLLI artists                        SPANISH LANGUAGE CONVERSATION:
through May 29. Ed Ferlauto, 612-929-                                                     Friday, 10 a.m. St. Louis Park. For ad-
1004,                    BRIDGE–West Metro: 1st & 3rd Monday, vanced beginners and intermediate
                                             3 p.m. at Perkins, Hwy. 394 at Louisiana     Spanish speakers. Jeanne Bearmon, 952-
BIKING/The OLLI Questers:                    Ave, St. Louis Park. June–August, once a     920-6388,
Wednesday, April–September. Nita             month, location/time TBA. Rich Kessler,
Lussenhop, 763-546-6641, femnat@             952-884-3282,;       TALETELLERS: Wednesday, 12:30 p.m.,; Gerry Mooers, 952-939-          Ginny Morse, 612-288-9121, 88virginia@       St. Louis Park. In response to trigger
8095,                                      questions drawn by participants in each
                                                                                          session, we will recall and share our
BIRDING AND NATURE: Visits nature            DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: 1st & 3rd               memories. Jeanne Bearmon, 952-920-
centers, state and regional parks            Monday, 2 p.m. Loretta Gagnon room,          6388,
throughout the year. Eliot Schweitzer,       Black Bear Crossings, 1360 N. Lexington
952-835-7591,               Pkwy., St. Paul. Phil Dahlen, 952-937-       WEDNESDAY EVENING DISCUSSION:
                                             1856,                 1st Wednesday, 7 p.m. Minnetonka
BOOK CLUBS (6 groups)                                                                     Community Center, 14600 Minnetonka
Fiction/Mpls.: 3rd Friday, 10:30 a.m.        JAZZ APPRECIATION/The OLLI Cats:             Blvd. A wide-ranging discussion of vari-
Temple Israel, 24th and Hennepin. Lesley     4th Friday, 1 p.m. Temple Israel, 24th and ous topics. All viewpoints and opinions
Rylander, 952-431-7181, cvrylander@aol.      Hennepin. Joan Delich, 763-574-0409,         welcome. Allen Starkey, 952-475-2977,
Fiction/St. Paul: 3rd Friday, 10:30 a.m.                                                  w!
                                                                                       Ne WOMEN IN TRANSITION: 3rd Thursday,
St. Paul Jewish Community Center, 1375       KNITTING: 2nd Wednesday, noon. Party
St. Paul Ave. Judith DeVine, 651-731-1404,   room at 6085 Lincoln Dr., Edina. All         6:30 p.m. Join other women for discussion                     levels welcome. Vivian Steblay, 952-938-     and encouragement during retirement
                                             8477,                    transition. Marian Eisner, 952-884-3282,

page 10
page 10
                                                                                                     Insights Summer 2009

Summer 2009 Registration Form
Register online starting May 4 at Mail in by one week before the start of a course.

To register by mail for OLLI Summer 2009 Courses: Fill in this form completely and mail back to the OLLI office. You must
include payment for any materials/ticket/tour fees. You may pay by credit card or check for the exact amount due payable to:
University of Minnesota. PLEASE mail back this ENTIRE FORM. You will receive registration confirmation by mail. If a course
you register for does not appear on your confirmation, it has either been filled or cancelled.
To register online: Go to and click on the link “Click here to go to online registration.” You will be redi-
rected to a different site with instructions on how to register. Because the online instructions are generic, some items do not apply
to OLLI members (for instance, on the page that asks for a “mail code,” there is no such number on this mailing—skip that page).
Courses that are full or cancelled will not appear on the course selection list. You will receive immediate confirmation of your
registration on the last page of online registration and by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within one hour of
registering, please call the OLLI office.
Non-OLLI Members: You may register for Summer Session 2009 by noting on this form that you are a guest-member and include
payment for $50. If you decide to join OLLI before March 1, 2010, we will deduct $50 from the $195 annual membership fee.
Registration is not final until all fees are paid. This course schedule is subject to change.

Name                                                                Please register me for the following SUMMER courses
                                                                    (check only those you are sure to attend):
Address                                                              1908 Monarch Butterflies: Minnesota to Mexico
                                                                     1909 The Best of Contemporary Scandinavian Film
City                     State             Zip                       1910 History Hodgepodge
                                                                     1911 Introduction to Great Books
Day phone                                                            1912 Heart of Darkness
                                                                     1913 Arty Experiences: A Mixed Bag
E-mail                                                               1914 Botany for Gardeners
                                                                     1915 Generations Camp
OLLI ID# (optional)                                                  1916 Flower Drum Song
                                                                     1917 Summer Discoveries
$195 Annual Membership                                               1918 OLLI Online Registration
 New  Renewal  Current               Guest ($50)                 1919 Showboat: Is There a Doctor in the House?
Make checks payable to: University of Minnesota
                                                                     Please add my e-mail address to the Up-to-Dater newsletter.
I authorize the University of Minnesota to charge my credit card:    I would like to assist course #
 Visa  MasterCard  Discover  American Express                    I would like to volunteer; please call me.
                                                                     Please omit my name from the OLLI Membership directory.
Card#                                                                Please omit my name from course lists.

Expiration Date                                                     Mail to: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
                                                                    250 McNamara Alumni Center               Call: 612-624-7847
Signature                                                           200 Oak St. SE                           E-mail:
                                                                    Minneapolis, MN 55455          

Office use only:      CCC                    Key
Rec’d                 CHK #                  Conf
Ent                   ID

                                                                                                                             page 11
                                                                                                          First Class Mail
                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
                                                                                                          Minneapolis, MN
             University of Minnesota                                                                      Permit No. 155
             250 McNamara Alumni Center
             200 Oak Street SE
             Minneapolis, MN 55455

                                                 Important dates Summer 2009
                                                 Annual Meeting & Ice Cream Social: June 4, 1 p.m.
                                                                             @ Christ the King Lutheran Church, Bloomington

                                                 Travel Expo: May 8, 1 p.m., 1666 Coffman St., St. Paul

                                                 Fall Session 2009: September 21–November 13

                                                 Register for summer courses (page 11).
OLLI members are welcomed at Eastcliff. The
home of the U of M president hosts a reception
for new members every spring.

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