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                Top Tips for Getting a Good Price on a
                Laptop Computer

                                                                              The other number that is easy to compare on dif-
                                                                              ferent laptops is the hard drive size. The larger
                Top Tips for Getting a Good Price on a Laptop                 the hard drive, the better off you are. When you
                Computer                                                      have more memory you’re able to fit more stuff
                                                                              on your computer and your computer is able to
                                                                              access it faster. Anything above 320 gigs is going to
                                                                              be more than enough. Also keep in mind the speed
                                                                              of the hard drive. If it’s advertised as 7200 RPM then
                                                                              you’re golden. Any other laptop listed that doesn’t
                                                                              have an RPM rating in it is going to have an RPM
                                                                              speed of 5400. This is the average laptop hard drive
                                                                              speed and is suitable, but not as fast as the 7200 RPM
                                                                              versions. The faster and larger the hard drive, the
                                                                              better off you are.

                Laptops are expensive, everyone knows that. They              See Also:
                are a large investment for many people and getting
                the best deal on any laptop is important. After all,
                everyone wants the best bang for their buck. Here
                are some tips for getting a good price on a laptop.

                First off you need to know exactly what a laptop
                is comprised of and what means what. The first
                and most commonly advertised thing is the CPU
                speed and how many cores the CPU has. A laptop
                processor can have anywhere from 1 to 4 cores.
                In general, having more cores is better. However,
                the more important number is the clock speed on
                the core. You want as large of number as possible.
                Anything above 2.4 GHz is going to be more than
                fast enough for anyone who is reading this and lear-

                ning. Compare these numbers with laptops in the
                same price range and you’ll know if you’re getting
                a good deal.
                                                                              Last but most certainly not least is the manufactu-
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                                                                              rer of the laptop. There are certain brands that are


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                                                                                                                           26/10/2011 04:52

                Top Tips for Getting a Good Price on a Laptop Computer

                much more highly respected among the internet
                community due to their reliability and excellent
                customer service. Do your research and look online
                for consumer reports. The manufacturer of the lap-
                top is probably the single most important aspect.
                If you’ve had good luck with a computer company
                in the past chances are you’ll continue to have a
                good experience. If you’ve had issues you’re going
                to continue to have issues. Don’t be afraid to try a
                new manufacturer.

                When it comes to finding the best place to actually
                buy the laptop online is almost always the best way
                to go. When you shop online you’re shopping lite-
                rally thousands of different stores all at the same
                time. There are many internet tools out there that
                will help you find the laptop you need at the price
                you want. There are entire websites dedicated to
                finding good deals. Going from store to store to find
                a laptop is costly because it takes both your time
                and your gas. If you’re browsing at home you’re
                spending quite a bit less time and it’s almost hassle
                free. There are no salesmen there that have a vested
                interest in selling you their product.

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