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BPL key reference titles 2004-2006

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									Key Blackwell Reference Titles - 01-Jan-2004 to 31-Dec-2006
ISBN         Name    Name    Name     Title                                                                                Imprint D
                                                                                                 Sub Title Edition Series Descriptio

                      LANG BEREL, JOCELYN, MARY,
                               EGBU CHARLES,
                                        Edges of                                                              and     New Interventions
                                                                                                 Orientalism 001 Visual CultureBlackwell
1405130350            Shea Stephen, Introduction to Kant's Aesthetics
                               Morgan Trefor,
             Wenzel H Christian,                                                                              001
                                                                                                 Core Concepts and Problems    Blackwell
0631228683            Z ZOYA,PRIOR LINDSAY,Contemporary Art since 1985
             KOCUR LEUNG S SIMON,       Theory in                                                             001              Blackwell
1405108401            MARTINNATIVEL CORINNE,
             COLE W. MICHAEL,    RON, Sixteenth-Century Italian Art                                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Antholog
1405122404              REBECCA M., Asian Art DME,
                               Osterhaus Albert
             BROWNAnderson J Larry, HUTTON DEBORAH S.,                                                        001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Antholog
1405111518            PHILLIPS CERI,Envisioning STEPHANIE,
             Smiles Sam,                  Paul,
                               Thomas MOSER S the Past                                                        001      Image Blackwell
                                                                                                 Archaeology and theNew Interventions
1405107944            WilliamsGRIFFIN STUART, to Contemporary Art since 1945
             JONES A AMELIA,     Paul, Companion                                                              001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Compan
1405111534            D DEBBIE,Thomas Paul,
             LEWER PHILLIPS CERI,Post-Impressionism to World War II                                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Antholog
0631232834            LOS      RESTIVO
             Butt Gavin, L BETTELOU, SAL,
                                        After Criticism                                                       001     New Interventions
                                                                                                 New Responses to Art and Performanc
1405134607            Olby Natasha, Psychoanalysis and the Image
             POLLOCK F.S. GRISELDA,Bruce,                                                                      Sexual Difference, and Ae
                                                                                                 Subjectivity,001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      New Interventions
1405102861            SIEMENS G.
             RUDOLPH CONRAD,RAY,
                               UNSWORTH JOHN, Medieval Art
                                        Companion to                                                          001     Blackwell Compan
                                                                                                 Romanesque and Gothic in Northern E
1405102578            SMITH MIKE, Architectural Theory
                               HOWELLS KEVIN,
             MALLGRAVE HARRY FRANCIS,                                                                         001              Vitruvius
                                                                                                 Volume I: An Anthology from Blackwell t
1405115300            Harper David, ROWE C,
                               STEWART WArchitecture and Design in Europe and America, 1750-2000
             HARRISON-MOORE ABIGAIL,C. DOROTHY,                                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Antholog
1405108398            WilliamsGRIFFIN STUART, to Museum Studies
             Macdonald Sharon,   Paul, Companion                                                              001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Compan
1405105585            McMillenUNSWORTH Museum Theory and Practice
             MARSTINE J JANET,   Daniel,New JOHN,                                                             001
                                                                                                 An Introduction               Blackwell
1405106794              NICHOLAS,
                               Leonid, YU JIYUAN,
                                        Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy
             BUNNINPopov E Koneva P Svetlana,                                                                 001              Blackwell
1405125233            WRIGHT T WHITE Like
             LAWRENCE MATT,TONY, A Splinter in Your Mind                                                      001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilo
1405141808            ANTHONY,CHRISTOPHER,
                                C       Illustrated Brief
             KENNY COWANBOECKX C CEDRIC, History of Western Philosophy                                        002              Blackwell
1405110929            SILLIMAN W STEPHEN, WRATHALL A. MARK,
                               UNSWORTH JOHN,
             DREYFUS L. HUBERT, Companion to Heidegger                                                        001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Compan
1557868808            RYAN MBOECKX C CEDRIC,
             Schroeder R William,       Continental Philosophy                                                001
                                                                                                 A Critical Approach           Blackwell
1405112050            KennedyGRIFFIN STUART,
             Atkins Kim,         P Lynn,Self and Subjectivity                                                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Reading
1405132175            Blackwood Laura,  Twentieth-century French Philosophy
             Schrift D. Alan, Jefferson Bruce,                                                                001
                                                                                                 Key Themes and Thinkers Blackwell
1405110775            HARVEY NIGEL, WRATHALL Phenomenology and Existentialism
                               UNSWORTH JOHN,
             DREYFUS L. HUBERT, Companion to A. MARK,                                                         001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Compan
0631217983             JOHN, STARBUCK H. WILLIAM,
             GRECO Long H Michael, Ernest Sosa and His Critics                                                001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Philosophers and t
1405107383            HARVEY NIGEL,
                               UNSWORTH Contemporary
             Sosa Ernest, Steup Matthias, JOHN, Debates in Epistemology                                       001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Contemporary Deb
1405115491            Jose, DAVID, Truth
             Medina WOOD Hall Pauline,                                                                        001     Blackwell Reading
                                                                                                 Engagements across Philosophical Tra
1405127635            GRECO Davenport S Elizabeth,
             BERNECKER SVEN,    LIDIA, Reading Epistemology                                                   001     Reading Blackwell
                                                                                                 Selected Texts with Interactive Comme
0631186948            Starkey Kenneth,
             Macdonald Cynthia,         Varieties of Things                                                   001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 Foundations of Contemporary Metaphy
140510239X              MATTHEW,
                               HOWELLS KEVIN,
             KIERAN SEAGER JONI, Contemporary Debates in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Contemporary Deb
1405118075            White Charles,Arun,
                               Kilara Reading Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
             JANAWAY CHRISTOPHER,                                                                             001     Reading Blackwell
                                                                                                 Selected Texts with Interactive Comme
140511441X            WEBSTER Andrew, CURRAN Film
             Wartenberg Thomas,         Philosophy
                               PRIOR LINDSAY, of ANGELA,                                                       Text
                                                                                                 Introductory001 and Readings  Blackwell
1405120266                     Bush L Jinhee,
             CARROLL NOËL, Choi Ruth,
                      Quagrainie Kwamena,
                                        Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures                   An Anthology 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Philosop
1405105836              PETER, RENATA,   Gary,
             SINGERSINGERPowell EMoral of the Story                                                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 An Anthology of Ethics Through Literatu
1405101784              JAMES, SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,
                                        Contemporary Debates in Moral Theory
             DREIERBRATT PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS,                                                                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Contemporary Deb
1405115475             Andrew,A Sallie, CINDI,
                                WELLMAN HEATH CHRISTOPHER,
             Cohen I.Marston KATZ C Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics                                    001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Contemporary Deb
1405120207            RICHARD,   John, Blackwell Guide to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
             KRAUT AlbarranKilara Arun,                                                                       001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Guides t
1405119489            Henry, E Jesse,   Leean,
             West R. EdwardsMorrow Blackwell Guide to Mill's Utilitarianism                                   001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Guides t
0631235949            BRATT PAULSTON C CHRISTINE,
                                        Morality Matters
             TRIGG ROGER,SHERMAN J. DOUGLAS,                                                                  001              Blackwell
1405111550              JULIA, Jacob, Ethics
             DRIVERGeorge Hall Pauline,                                                                       001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 The Fundamentals Fundamentals of P
1405152400            Baron-Esquivias The Challenge of Human Rights
             MAHONEY JACK,               Gonzalo,
                               Blanc Jean-Jacques,                                                            001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 Their Origin, Development and Significa
1405119403              PETER, Callans In Defense of Animals
             SINGERLiebich Hans-Georg,  David,                                                   The Second001 Wave            Blackwell
1405123893            Wilkinson J
                               White Stephan,Eugenics
             AGAR NICHOLAS, Michael,    Liberal                                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 In Defence of Human Enhancement
1405116625            LEBLANC DONALD,   Business Ethics and the Natural Environment
             Newton H. Lisa, LANTZ S MARILYN,                                                                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Foundations of Bu
0631214720             Norman, MIALL HUGH,
                                        Management Ethics
             Bowie E.BERG ALBAN, Werhane H. Patricia,                                                         001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Foundations of Bu
1405130393            Raiti Paul,
                               Serruys Conscience
             GOODPASTER E. KENNETH, W., and Corporate Culture                                                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Foundations of Bu
140512377X            Shea Stephen, SYSE of War
                               Morgan Ethics BEGBY
             REICHBERG M GREGORY, HENRIK, ENDRE,                                                              Contemporary Readings
                                                                                                 Classic and 001               Blackwell
1405125772            Zavestoski Stephen,
                               WHITE Good
             BELSHAW CHRISTOPHER, Questions About Life and Death                                              001              Blackwell
0631231412            HANLEY RICHARD,   Blackwell Guide
             Devitt Michael, RUBIN RACHEL LEE, to the Philosophy of Language                                  001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Philosop
1405126744            El Nemr Wetzler M Lee, Ernie,
             Cappelen Herman,            Lepore
                                Ahmed,Insensitive Semantics                                                   001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 A Defense of Semantic Minimalism and
1405124849             Jennifer,
                               Jordon Reading Philosophy of Language
             Hornsby Longworth Guy, Anna,                                                                     001     Reading Blackwell
                                                                                                 Selected Texts with Interactive Comme
1405136545            ANTHONY,
             KENNY Hajek Peter,         Wittgenstein
                               McRobbie Hayden,                                                               001              Blackwell
0631228314            BOLI JOHN, EDMUNDSON A. WILLIAM,
             Golding P. Martin,         Blackwell
                               PRIOR LINDSAY,Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory                  001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Philosop
1405129468            Liu Guy Shaojia,Philosophy of Law
             Murphy C. Mark, Jacobs D Claus,                                                                  001              Blackwell
                                                                                                 The Fundamentals Fundamentals of P
1405113049            ELLIS ROBERT,Contemporary Debates in Cognitive Science
             STAINTON ROBERT, CHARLES,                                                                        001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Contemporary Deb
063122128X            GOLDBERG KOBAYASHI AUDREY,
                                        Blackwell Guide
             MANN E. WILLIAM, DT DAVID THEO, to the Philosophy of Religion                                    001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Philosop
0631211519            RAY LARRY, Philosophical Theology and Christian Doctrine
             OUTHWAITEJWILLIAM,HUGH,                                                                          001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Exploring the Philo
0631236090            WELLS Koneva P Svetlana, Philosophy of Science
             GUTTING GARY,     SAMUEL,  Continental                                                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Reading
1405130334            Lepore Ernie, M Lee,
             Lange Marc,       Wetzler Philosophy of Science                                     An Anthology 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Philosop
1405111623             VAL, MORRIS S,   Philosophy of
             DUSEK ILARDI STEPHENMEAGHAN, Technology: An Introduction                                         001
                                                                                                 An Introduction               Blackwell
0631197656            WELLMAN HEATH CHRISTOPHER,
             MILTON-EDWARDS BEVERLEY,and His Critics                                                          001     Philosophers and t
                                                                                                 With Replies by Dworkin       Blackwell
1405130644            Pettit Philip,
             Goodin E. Robert,          Contemporary Political Philosophy                                     002     BlackwellBlackwell
                                                                                                 An Anthology. Second Edition Philosop
1405135301            REIDY DAVID, Rawls's Law of Peoples
             Martin Rex,       Shanahan Fergus,                                                               001
                                                                                                 A Realistic Utopia            Blackwell
1405116609            Ann,     LEE AGNES,
                                        Feminist Theory
             Cudd E. Ridpath F Julia, Andreasen O. Robin,                                                     001     Blackwell Philosop
                                                                                                 A Philosophical Anthology Blackwell
1405116218            R. JOHN, Paul, MARGOLIS JOSEPH,
             SHOOK Honess Hall Pauline, Companion to Pragmatism                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                      Blackwell Compan
1405129492            MEYERHOFF MIRIAM,
             Liu JeeLoo,                 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy
                               Jacobs D Claus,                                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                           From Ancient Philosophy to Chinese Bu
063121061X            Scott Alan, PELLEGRIN
                               MIALL Companion to Ancient Philosophy
             GILL MARY LOUISE, HUGH, PIERRE,                                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405108630            WilliamsGRIFFIN STUART, to Socrates
                                Paul, Companion
             AHBEL-RAPPE SARA, KAMTEKAR RACHANA,                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405115211            Baker Cara,
             BENSON H HUGH, Mark,        Companion to Plato                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405108614            KennedyGRIFFIN
                                 P       Retrieving the
             ROOCHNIK DAVID,Lynn, STUART, Ancients                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                           An Introduction to Greek Philosophy
1405115637            ROBERTS MARY,
                               EGBU Blackwell
             SANTAS GERASIMOS, CHARLES,Guide to Plato's Republic                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Guides t
140510029X            Thompson SHERMAN J. Political Thought
             BALOT K. RYAN, G R, GreekDOUGLAS,                                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Ancient Cultures
0631233474            ERNI JOHN NGUYET,
                               Hiscock Augustine
             MATTHEWS B. GARETH,Peter,                                                                  001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Great Mi
140511875X            WARD BEN, JBlackwell
             GAUKROGER STEPHEN,William, Guide to Descartes' Meditations                                 001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Guides t
1405111976            KAMTEKAR RACHANA,  Companion
             Bird H. Graham, GRIFFIN STUART, to Kant                                                    001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405109092            KAMTEKAR RACHANA,  Companion
             NELSON ALAN, GRIFFIN STUART, to Rationalism                                                001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631232818            HANLEY RICHARD,    Kant
             Wood W. Allen, RUBIN RACHEL LEE,                                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Great Mi
1405115084            Baker Teo
             Traiger Saul, Cara, Mark,   Blackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Guides t
1405116226            Marston KATZ CINDI,
                               A Sallie,
             Ansell Pearson Keith, C Companion to Nietzsche                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631230629            WEBSTER Andrew,
                               PRIOR Introduction
             HOULGATE STEPHEN, LINDSAY, to Hegel                                                        002
                                                                                           Freedom, Truth and History Blackwell
0631226532            LARGE PRIOR LINDSAY, Reader
             Ansell Pearson Keith,       Nietzsche                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Readers
1405106239            GREGORY DEREK,Cynthia,
                               Macdonald Allan,
             Macdonald G F, WilliamsMcDowell and His Critics                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Philosophers and t
1405125705            Clack Jenny, In Kant's
             ROCKMORE TATOM, Stephan, Wake                                                              001               Blackwell
                                                                                           Philosophy in the Twentieth Century
1405106999            GUPTA AKHIL, M ANTHONY, C. Grant,
                                 LUDWIG, Typescript: TS A.E.
             WITTGENSTEINEVANS LUCKHARDT AUE213 MAXIMILIAN,                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                           German-English Scholars' Edition
1405101768   Hacker P M S, Baker G P,    Wittgenstein: Understanding and Meaning                         an               Blackwell
                                                                                           Volume 1 of002 Analytical Commentary
140511987X            Olby Natasha, Wittgenstein: Understanding And Meaning
             Hacker P M S, Baker G P, Bruce,
                               Jefferson                                                                 an
                                                                                           Volume 1 of002 Analytical Commentary
1405135832             ANTHONY,
             KENNY DIANI MARIO, Wittgenstein Reader                                                     002
                                                                                           Second Edition                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Readers
1405118997            Leñn R Fisher Westby,
             Muers Rachel, Angel, GKeeping God's Silence                                                001      Challenges Comm
                                                                                           Towards a Theological Ethics of in Con
1405117338            WARD BEN,Weiner William,
             LEVERING MATTHEW, JScripture and Metaphysics                                               001      Challenges in Con
                                                                                           Aquinas and the Renewal of Trinitarian
140512556X            Paul ALISTER,
                               Davenport S Elizabeth,
             McGRATH E. Elizabeth, Order of Things                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                           Explorations in Scientific Theology
1405112204            Foa Robin,         Rewritten Theology: Aquinas After His Readers
             Jordan D. Mark, Smith P Owen,                                                              001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Challenges in Con
063120685X            FINCHAM D. FRANK,  Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology
             Jones Gareth, FOSTER JONATHAN,                                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405119748            Fervenza C Fernando, Desert
             Jasper David, Goldsmith D David,                                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                           Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture
1405132957            Touquet R Robin,   Trial of
             DeHart J. Paul, Hebert Karen, the Witnesses                                                001      Challenges in Con
                                                                                           The Rise and Decline of Postliberal The
1405135093            Hansell MMuller L Nestor,
             D'COSTA GAVIN, David, Theology in the Public Square                                        001      Challenges
                                                                                           Church, Academy, and Nation in Con
063123506X            YU STANLEY, P Svetlana,
                               Koneva Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics
             HAUERWASJIYUAN, WELLS SAMUEL,                                                              001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631216340            Hendry F David, Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics
             SCHWEIKER WILLIAM,HUGH,                                                                    001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405113448            LANG BEREL, Theological
             SCHWEIKER WILLIAM,CHARLES, Ethics and Global Dynamics                                      of Many Worlds Blackwell
                                                                                           In the Time 001
1405120134             SAMUEL, Morgan Trefor,
             WELLS Shea Stephen, God's Companions                                                       001      Challenges in Con
                                                                                           Reimagining Christian Ethics Blackwell
1405119586             P PAUL,Helen, ENDRE, Seel Benjamin,
                                 Woodhead Linda,
             HEELASRoberts BEGBY Spiritual Revolution                                                   001      Religion Blackwell
                                                                                                                          and Spiritu
                                                                                           Why Religion is Giving Way to Spiritual
1405102470            SEAGER JONI, Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality
             HOLDER ARTHUR,    HOWELLS KEVIN,                                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405102764            INGRASSIA CATHERINE, Muers Rachel,
             FORD DF DAVIDHOWELLS KEVIN, Modern Theologians                                             003      The Great Theolog
                                                                                           An Introduction to Christian Theology s
1405153571            Gladders Peter, Christian
             McGRATH E. ALISTER, O. Albert, Theology Reader                                             003               Blackwell
0631235175            LANGA Hiscock Peter,
             LINDBERG CARTER, Pietist Theologians                                                       001      The Great Theolog
                                                                                           An Introduction to Theology in the Seve
140511424X            Tattersall Hazel, KARIN,
             McGRATH E. ALISTER, Theology: The Basics                                                   001               Blackwell
0631222510            GOLDBERG DT DAVID THEO, the Centuries
             GUNN DAVID M,               Judges Through
                               KOBAYASHI AUDREY,                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Bible Co
140513349X            Cohen ,Mobley Postcolonial Biblical Reader
             SUGIRTHARAJAH R.S., ,                                                                      001               Blackwell
063123523X            Hall C. Michael, M Allan,
             LANGSTON M. SCOTT, Exodus Through the Centuries                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Bible Co
1405111755            George Hall Pauline,
                               Jacob, TUCKETT CHRISTOPHER,
             ROWLAND CHRISTOPHER, of New Testament Theology                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                           Essays in Honour of Robert Morgan
1405108452            Margaret,Paul, Word Made
             Miles R. WilliamsGRIFFIN STUART, Flesh                                                     Christian Thought
                                                                                           A History of 001               Blackwell
0631215220            Hendry MIALL Interpreting Christian History
             Eden Benjamin,F David, HUGH,                                                               001               Blackwell
                                                                                           The Challenge of the Churches' Past
1405121661            WARD PAT,
             STRENSKI IVAN,               Joseph,
                               Brooker Thinking about Religion: A Reader                                001               Blackwell
0631232168            Croissant Jennifer,Blackwell
             Segal A Robert, RESTIVO SAL, Companion to the Study of Religion                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405120118            Luikart Gordon, Thinking about Religion
             STRENSKI IVAN,    HALLAUER ARNEL R,                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                           An Historical Introduction to Theories o
140512170X            Warren P
             BURRELL DAVID,James,
                               Carter Ruth, and Freedom
                                         Faith                                                           Perspective
                                                                                           An Interfaith001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Challenges in Con
1405101369            CULLENHOWELLS KEVIN,
             SAWYER JOHN, JIM, Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405117478            WARD Weiner William,
             Lynch Gordon, BEN, JUnderstanding Theology and Popular Culture                             001               Blackwell
0631236031            BRATT BRONISLAW, CHRISTINE,
                               SHERMAN C Technology
             SZERSZYNSKI PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS, and the Sacred                                            001               and Spiritu
                                                                                                                 Religion Blackwell
1405121408            GLICK Rudman A. Laurie,
             Ward Graham, PETER, Christ and Culture                                                     001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Challenges in Con
1405136839            Hajek Peter,
             MILBANK JOHN,               Theology and
                               McRobbie Hayden, Social Theory                                           002
                                                                                           Beyond Secular Reason          Blackwell
1405112220             MARTIN E, Pauline, Faiths
                               Hall      When
             MARTY TUCKETT CHRISTOPHER, Collide                                                         001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Manifest
1405136898            Fulford KWM Bill,David,
             LEVERING MATTHEW, Sacrifice and Community                                                  001      Christian Eucharis
                                                                                           Jewish Offering and Illuminations: Theo
1405121041             FIONA, John, Anthropology of Religion
             BOWIE AlbarranKilara Arun,                                                                 002               Blackwell
1405118911              MICHAEL,John, Black
             BATTLEAlbarranKilara Arun, Church in America                                               001      Religious Life in Am
                                                                                           African American Christian Spirituality
1405118652            AlbarranKilara Arun,
             Brackney H William,John, Baptists in North America                                         001      Religious Life in Am
                                                                                           An Historical Perspective      Blackwell
140512539X            BrandonSidwell Dawkins' God
                                S Peter,
             McGRATH E. ALISTER, Tony,                                                                  001               Blackwell
                                                                                           Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Lif
1405109017            KennedyGRIFFIN STUART,
                                 P Lynn,
             McGRATH E. ALISTER, Christianity                                                           002
                                                                                           An Introduction                Blackwell
1405117524            ANDREW,   Stephen, Blackwell
             RIPPIN Stayer ARussell A Isobel, Companion to the Qur'an                                   001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405121742            HendersonABATE Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought
             Abu-Rabi Ibrahim, E James,  RENE,                                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405109025            Kennedy P Lynn,    Brief History
             Sonn Tamara, GRIFFIN STUART, of Islam                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Brief His
0745632408            Leñn
             LEVI PRIMO,R Angel, GBlack Hole of Auschwitz
                               Fisher Westby,                                                           001               Blackwell
1405103213            Morstein-Marx Companion UNSWORTH
                               HOWELLS KEVIN, to Digital Humanities
             SCHREIBMAN SUSAN,Robert, SIEMENS G. RAY, JOHN,                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405107359           WRATHALL A. Companion to
             BUSHNELL REBECCA,MARK, JOHN, Tragedy                                                        001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405115653           Popov STEPHEN, Payne Michael,
                               Leonid, Greenblatt
             GREENBLATT E Koneva P Svetlana,Reader                                                       001              Blackwell
1405113936           Rhodes STEWART W C, Places
             WALLACE DAVID,    B,       Premodern                                                        001              Blackwell
                                                                                            Calais to Surinam, Chaucer to Aphra B
0631232001           KNAPP A. BERNARD, of
             HABIB M.A.R., BLAIR KARINA, Literary Criticism                                              001
                                                                                            From Plato to the Present Blackwell
1405114762             JAMES,  Walker L Richard, to Narrative Theory
             PHELANMaclachlan N James, RABINOWITZ J. PETER,                                              001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405106956           URIAGEREKA J LiteraryRYAN
                                        JUAN, Theory
             RIVKIN J JULIE, BOECKX C CEDRIC, M MICHAEL,                                    An Anthology 002              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Antholog
1405107731           MARTINNATIVEL CORINNE,
             HALE DOROTHYRON, Novel                                                                      001              Blackwell
                                                                                            An Anthology of Criticism and Theory 1
1405115793           Tattersall Hazel, How to Do Theory
             ISER WOLFGANG,    ARNOLD KARIN,                                                             001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 How to Study Liter
140512475X                     White Stephan,of Environmental Criticism
                     Hasegawa M Paul,   Future                                                           001      and Literary Imag
                                                                                            Environmental CrisisBlackwell Manifest
1405112360            Wayne,Smith Rhetoric
             Booth C.Foa Robin, P Owen, of RHETORIC                                                      001     Blackwell Manifest
                                                                                            The Quest for Effective Communication
1405122846           Thelin IAN,
                               Wilcox Literature
             LITTLEWOOD Anders, Duncan, Student's Survival Kit                              What Every001                  Know
                                                                                                          Reader Needs toBlackwell
1405113758           Zammit J Jean, Companion to the British and Irish Novel 1945-2000
             SHAFFER W. BRIAN, STEWART W C,                                                              001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405117060           Fitzpatrick M
                               McAninch English Novel
             EAGLETON TERRY, John, W Jack,                                                               001
                                                                                            An Introduction               Blackwell
0631200495           RYAN MBOECKX C CEDRIC,
             Schroeder R William,       Gothic & Gender                                                  001
                                                                                            An Introduction               Blackwell
1405122285           Riviere E Jim, Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama
             Luckhurst Mary, Webb I Alistair,                                               1880-2005 001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631225536           Elston A PRIOR LINDSAY,
             Cook Jon,         Mary, Poetry in Theory                                                    001     Blackwell Antholog
                                                                                            An Anthology 1900-2000        Blackwell
0631195297           WELLMAN HEATH CHRISTOPHER,
             Frey Ray,                  Life of Daniel Defoe                                             001              Blackwell
                                                                                            A Critical Biography Blackwell Critical B
0631235027           WELLS SAMUEL,      Companion
             McTURK RORY,Koneva P Svetlana, to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture                001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631234853           ERNI JOHN Hiscock Old English Literature
             Donoghue Daniel, NGUYET,    Peter,                                                          001              Blackwell
                                                                                            A Short Introduction Blackwell Introduct
1405114835           Breathnach H Neil,
                               Cox      Inside
             WALMSLEY JOHN, M Stephen, Old English                                                       001              Blackwell
                                                                                            Essays in Honour of Bruce Mitchell
1405117087           Gerhard-HermanBook of Middle English
             BURROW J A, Jaff R Michael, TURVILLE-PETRE THORLAC,                            Third Edition003              Blackwell
1405114819           ATWAL ANITA, Medieval Lyric
             HIRSH JOHN C,Teo Mark,                                                                      001              Blackwell
                                                                                            Middle English Lyrics, Ballads, and Car
0631232893           DUBINSKY S STANLEY,
                               RESTIVO SAL,
             DALRYMPLE ROGER, Middle English Literature                                                  001              Blackwell
                                                                                            A Guide to Criticism Blackwell Guides t
0631231714           KNAPP BLAIR KARINA,
                               A. THORLAC,
             TURVILLE-PETRE BERNARD, Middle English Literature                                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Introduct
0631232710           DUBINSKY S STANLEY,
                               RESTIVO SAL,
             SAUNDERS CORINNE, Companion to Romance                                                      001     Blackwell Compan
                                                                                            From Classical to ContemporaryBlackwell
1405113871           Rhodes STEWART W C,
             SAUNDERS CORINNE, Concise Companion to Chaucer                                              001              Companio
                                                                                                                 Concise Blackwell
063122629X           ROSENZWEIG ROY, Renaissance Drama
             WOMACK PETER,              English
                               PRIOR LINDSAY,                                                            001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Guides t
1405100443           BRATT PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS,
                               SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,
             HATTAWAY MICHAEL, Renaissance and Reformations                                              001     Blackwell Introduct
                                                                                            An Introduction to Early Modern English
1405111046           WHATELEY EG MICHAEL, WORTHEN B W,
                               EVANS Companion to
             HODGDON BARBARA, M ANTHONY, Shakespeare and Performance                                     001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405115106           ELLIS ROBERT,Concise Companion to Shakespeare on Screen
             HENDERSON E.EGBU CHARLES,                                                                   001              Companio
                                                                                                                 Concise Blackwell
1405101156           CULLENHOWELLS KEVIN,
             BRADEN GORDON,      JIM, Sixteenth-century Poetry                                           001     Blackwell Annotate
                                                                                            An Annotated Anthology        Blackwell
1405101172           CULLEN JIM, Concise Companion to the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
             Wall Cynthia, HOWELLS KEVIN,                                                                001              Companio
                                                                                                                 Concise Blackwell
1405101571           SEAGER JONI, Companion CATHERINE,
                               HOWELLS KEVIN,
             Backscheider R Paula, INGRASSIAto the Eighteenth-Century English Novel and Culture          001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405110392           PHILLIPS  Thomas Paul,
             Ferber K. Michael, CERI,Companion to European Romanticism                                   001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631234357           YU FRANCIS, P Svetlana,
             O'GORMAN JIYUAN,  Koneva Victorian Poetry                                                   001     Blackwell Annotate
                                                                                            An Annotated Anthology        Blackwell
1405103191           HARVEY NIGEL,
                               UNSWORTH JOHN,
             O'GORMAN FRANCIS, Concise Companion to the Victorian Novel                                  001              Companio
                                                                                                                 Concise Blackwell
0631226273           LOUIS, PRIOR LINDSAY,
             JAMES ROSENZWEIG ROY,      Victorian Novel                                                  001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Guides t
1405112182           Honess Paul, Companion to Science Fiction
             SEED DAVID, Hall Pauline,                                                                   001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
140510113X           CULLENHOWELLS KEVIN, Novel in English 1950-2000
             SHAFFER W. BRIAN,   JIM, Reading the                                                        001              the Novel
                                                                                                                 Reading Blackwell
0631204350           Fudeman A Kirsten, DETTMAR Modernist Literature and Culture
             BRADSHAW DAVID,            Companion to L,
                               MAZNEVSKI MARTHAJ.H. KEVIN,                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631226214           HAUGERUD ANGELIQUE,
                               PRIOR Reading the
             SCHWARZ DANIEL R, LINDSAY, Modern British and Irish Novel 1890-1930                         001              the Novel
                                                                                                                 Reading Blackwell
1405121068             CHARLES,
             ALTIERIZimmerman Jeffrey,of Twentieth-Century American Poetry
                               DAllaire Art
                                         Sylvie,                                                         and
                                                                                            Modernism 001 After           Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Introduct
1405120002           Laroque HALLAUER ARNEL R,
             ENGLISH F. JAMES,  Guy, Concise Companion to Contemporary British Fiction                   001              Companio
                                                                                                                 Concise Blackwell
1405120932           CASSIDY TOM,Duncan,
             KUMMINGS D. DONALD,Companion to Walt Whitman                                                001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631224041           WATKINS X BEVERLY XAVIERA,
                               HARRISON JEFF,
             ROBINSON OWEN, Gray Richard, to the Literature and Culture of the American South            001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631234225           DUBINSKY SRESTIVO SAL,
             SAMUELS SHIRLEY, STANLEY,  Companion to American Fiction 1780-1865                          001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405108657           Kennedy P Lynn,    Latin American Fiction
             Swanson Philip, GRIFFIN STUART,                                                             001              Blackwell
                                                                                            A Short Introduction Blackwell Introduct
1405118067           Fitzpatrick M John, W Jack, Walt Whitman
             FOLSOM ED, Price M. Kenneth,
                                        Re-Scripting                                                     001     Blackwell Work
                                                                                            An Introduction to His Life and Introduct
1405112913           North Diana, Joanne,
                               Angus Companion IVY,
             CASTILLO SUSAN, SCHWEITZER to the Literatures of Colonial America                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405100648           BRATT SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,
                               PAUL, Companion to American Fiction 1865-1914
             LAMB ROBERTPAULSTON J. DOUGLAS, Thompson G R,                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405122315           BUDD LOUIS, Companion to Herman
             Kelley Wyn, J Sackner-Bernstein Jonathan, Melville                                          001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405123796           RAO ANUPAMA, BUDD J LOUIS, Twain
             MESSENT PETER,             Companion to Mark
                               Sackner-Bernstein Jonathan,                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405110880           Foa Robin, P Owen,
             KRASNER DAVID,    Smith Companion to Twentieth-Century American Drama                       001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
1405120029           Laroque HALLAUER ARNEL R,
             Fredman Stephen,   Guy, Concise Companion to Twentieth-Century American Poetry              001              Companio
                                                                                                                 Concise Blackwell
140512086X           CASSIDY   Wilcox American
             KRASNER DAVID,TOM,Duncan, Drama 1945-2000                                                   001
                                                                                            An Introduction               Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Introduct
1405115416           SHEPHERD  LANTZ S MARILYN,
             KROEBER KARL, J JILL,      Native American Storytelling                        A Reader of001                Blackwell
                                                                                                          Myths and Legends
1405124792           Warren P James,
             REDMOND JOHN,              How
                               Carter Ruth, to Write a Poem                                              001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 How to Study Liter
1405110430           GUPTA EVANS Gladiator
             WINKLER MARTIN M, M ANTHONY,                                                                001
                                                                                            Film and History              Blackwell
0631231323           Caldwell Powell Gary,
                               L. Melissa,
             Rutherford B Richard, EClassical Literature                                                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                            A Concise History Blackwell Introduct
0631235140           ERNI JOHN Hiscock Ancient
             HABINEK THOMAS, NGUYET, Rhetoric and Oratory                                                001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Introduct
1405106573           HARVEY NIGEL,
                               UNSWORTH JOHN,
             HEDRICK W. CHARLES, Ancient History                                                          and    Blackwell Introduct
                                                                                            Monuments001 Documents Blackwell
1405105240           JOHN, UNSWORTH JOHN, Ancient Epic
             FOLEY Smith David,         Companion to                                                     001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631232478            ERIC, RESTIVO SAL,Theories
             CSAPO DUBINSKY S STANLEY, of Mythology                                                      001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Ancient Cultures
1405102144           HIGGS PAUL, ALLANDOUGLAS,Greek Drama
             Storey C. Ian,             Guide ARLENE,
                               SHERMAN J. to Ancient                                                     001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Guides t
1405107707           WilliamsGRIFFIN STUART,
             GREGORY JUSTINA, Companion to Greek Tragedy                                                 001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631235299            J. Stephen,
                               SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,
                                        Companion to Latin
             HarrisonBRATT PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS, Literature                                               001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Blackwell Compan
0631235507           HILL SHAUN, Peter,
             Wilkins M John, Hiscock Food in the Ancient World                                           001              Blackwell
                                                                                                                 Ancient Cultures
0631232222            KNAPP BLAIR KARINA,
                               A.      Ancient
             MIKALSON D. JON,BERNARD, Greek Religion                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Ancient R
1405115688   FUTRELL ALISON,
                      ROWE C. DOROTHY, C,
                               STEWART W Games
                                       Roman                                                    001       Translation
                                                                                   Historical Sources inBlackwell Sourceb
0631229701            SCHWOCH JAMES,    Gary,
             Kyle G. Donald, Powell ESport and Spectacle in the Ancient World                   001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Ancient Cultures
0631232338            DUBINSKY RESTIVO SAL,
             Skinner B Marilyn, S STANLEY, in Greek and Roman Culture                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Ancient Cultures
1405113715            Honess Hall
                               Paul, War
             Spalinger J Anthony, Pauline, in Ancient Egypt                                     001               Blackwell
                                                                                   The New Kingdom Ancient World at W
1405110732            PHILLIPS CERI,Osiris
             MOJSOV BOJANA,    Thomas Paul,                                                     001
                                                                                   Death and Afterlife of a God Blackwell
0631232931            Croissant Jennifer,
                                       Companion to the Ancient Near East
             Snell C Daniel, RESTIVO SAL,                                                       001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
0631235809            BRATT PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS,
                               SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,
             CHAVALAS W. MARK, Ancient Near East                                                001       Translation
                                                                                   Historical Sources inBlackwell Sourceb
1405126590            MIEROOP MARC, JENNIFER,
                               JENKINS J
             VAN DE Slater Rachel, King Hammurabi of Babylon                       A Biography001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Ancient L
0631226079            LARGE PRIOR LINDSAY, Hellenistic World
             Chaniotis Angelos,        War
                               DUNCAN, in the                                                   001      Ancient Blackwell
                                                                                   A Social and Cultural HistoryWorld at W
1405111291             David, Thomas Paul,
             Young CPHILLIPS CERI,Brief History of the Olympic Games                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Brief Histories of th
0631225641            P J,     PRIOR LINDSAY,
             Rhodes ROSENZWEIG ROY, of the Classical Greek World                   478-323 BC001                  Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell History o
1405112107              WALDEMAR, Who's Who
                               Hall Pauline,
             HECKELTUCKETT CHRISTOPHER, in the Age of Alexander the Great                       001               Blackwell
                                                                                   Prosopography of Alexander's Empire
0631230149            GIRALDEAUPRIOR LINDSAY,
             KINZL H. KONRAD, LUC-ALAIN, to the Classical Greek World                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
0631226443            ROSENZWEIG ROY,
             POTTER DAVID,             Companion
                               PRIOR LINDSAY, to the Roman Empire                               001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
1405102179            Muers Rachel, Morstein-Marx the Roman Republic
                               HOWELLS KEVIN,
             ROSENSTEIN NATHAN,Companion to Robert,                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
1405110848            Marcel, LE BOHEC Y YANN,
             Le Glay VOISIN J JEAN-LOUIS, of Rome                                               003               Blackwell
1405115289            Gerhard-HermanTiberius
             Seager Robin, Jaff R Michael,                                                      002               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Ancient L
1405100605            WELLS Koneva Social Struggles in Archaic Rome
             RAAFLAUB A. KURT, P Svetlana,                                                      002               Blackwell
                                                                                   New Perspectives on the Conflict of the
1405106557            James, UNSWORTH  Religion in the
             Rives B. WRATHALL A. MARK, JOHN, Roman Empire                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Ancient R
1405121777             JÜRGEN,
             MALITZ Thelin Anders, Duncan,
                               Wilcox Nero                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Ancient L
1405108576   MITCHELL STEPHEN, History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284–641
                               GRIFFIN STUART,
                      ABRAHAM CHARLES,                                                          001      of the Ancient Wor
                                                                                   The Transformation Blackwell History o
0631235124            E. Timothy,
                               SAMUEL, History of Byzantium
             Gregory WELLS Koneva P Svetlana,                                                   001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell History o
1405125985            KRIEGER JOEL,
             WYKE MARIA, Wunsche Anita,Julius Caesar in Western Culture                         001               Blackwell
1405131462            Cleal C, Chan Otto,
                                       Classics and F Richard,
             MARTINDALEJ F. CHARLES, Thomas the Uses of Reception                               001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Classical Receptio
1405131829            Day J Michael, Troy
             WINKLER MARTIN M, A Neil,                                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                   From Homer's Iliad to Hollywood Epic
1405116838              MONICA SILVEIRA,
                               Weiner William,
             CYRINOWARD BEN, JBig Screen Rome                                                   001               Blackwell
0631230319             H HEIDI,
                               Powell EEnglish Words
                                        Gary,                                                   Introduction Language Libr
                                                                                   A Linguistic 001      The      Blackwell
1405114851             Martin, BLAIR KARINA, ROB GOEDEMANS Assoc Editor,
                                       Blackwell RIEMSDIJK HC HENK,
             EveraertDipaolo-Loren Diana, VANCompanion to Syntax, volumes I-V                   001               Blackwell
0631233016            W WILLIAM D, Grammar
                               RESTIVO DUBINSKY S STANLEY,
             DAVIES Croissant Jennifer, SAL, of Raising and Control                A Course in001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                 Syntactic Argumentation
063119987X             HOWARD, BOECKX C CEDRIC, JUAN,
                                       Course in J
             LASNIK Pettit Philip, URIAGEREKAMinimalist Syntax                                  001      Generative Syntax
                                                                                   Foundations and Prospects Blackwell
                      DUBINSKY S
                               RESTIVO SAL, Syntax
                                       Minimalist                                               001
                                                                                   The Essential Readings         Blackwell
                                                                                                         Linguistics: The Es
1405118520            Leñn R Angel,
                               Fisher Westby,
             HAEGEMAN LILIANE, GThinking Syntactically                                          001      Blackwell Analysis
                                                                                   A Guide to Argumentation and Textbook
1405112131            WOOD Hall Pauline, Treatment
                               DAVID, HAMM
             VAN LAMBALGEN M MICHIEL, F FRITZ, of Events                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Explorations in Sem
1405109173            Kennedy P Lynn,  What is Meaning?
             Portner H Paul, GRIFFIN STUART,                                                    001      Fundamentals
                                                                                   Fundamentals of Formal Semanticsof L
1405119322            A ALAN,  Weiner JOptimality Theory
             PRINCEWARD BEN, Smolensky Paul,                                                    001               Blackwell
                                                                                   Constraint Interaction in Generative Gra
140512458X            Saunders Peter, Vowels
             LADEFOGED P PETER,HUGH, and Consonants, Second Edition                             002               Blackwell
1405108711            Kennedy P Lynn,  Applied English Phonology
             Yavas Mehmet, GRIFFIN STUART,                                                      001               Blackwell
0631234632            YU JIYUAN,
             ROGERS H HENRY,   Koneva P Svetlana,
                                       Writing Systems                                          Approach
                                                                                   A Linguistic 001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Textbook
1405103159            Croissant Jennifer, SAL,
             FORTSON IV BW BENJAMIN W, Indo-European Language and Culture                       001
                                                                                   An Introduction                Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Textbook
063123344X            LASNIK RESTIVO SAL,
                                 Ans, Handbook of the History
             van Kemenade A.HOWARD, LOS L BETTELOU, of English                                  001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Handboo
0631229272            GIRALDEAU EHandbook of Speech Perception
                               Powell Gary,
             PISONI D B DAVID B.,LUC-ALAIN, REMEZ R E ROBERT E.,                                001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Handboo
1405112492            J MARTIN Sallie, CINDI,
                               A J.,
             BALL M Marston KATZ C Clinical Sociolinguistics                                    001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Language in Socie
1405112654   WOLFRAM WALT,
                      Overdahl James, SCHILLING-ESTES NATALIE,
                               MAZNEVSKI MARTHA L,
                                       American English                                         002
                                                                                   Dialects and Variation         Blackwell
                                                                                                         Language in Socie
0631236120            TODMAN   SHERMAN Multilingualism in
             EDWARDS V VIV, JOHN, J. DOUGLAS, the English-speaking World                        Nations The Language Libr
                                                                                   Pedigree of 001                Blackwell
1405114975            ROWE C. DOROTHY, C,
                               STEWART W
             RICENTO T THOMAS, Introduction to Language Policy                                  Method Language and Soc
                                                                                   Theory and 001                 Blackwell
1405121084            Zenati A Weiner JAmerican Voices
             WOLFRAM WALT,              William,
                               Marco, WARD BEN,                                                 001               Blackwell
                                                                                   How Dialects Differ from Coast to Coas
0631234519            YU H.G.,
             Widdowson JIYUAN, Koneva P Svetlana,
                                       Text, Context, Pretext                                   001      Language in Socie
                                                                                   Critical Issues in Discourse Analysis
1405117583            Hollier LH
                               Weiner William,
             HOLMES JANET, Larry, JGendered Talk at Work                                        001      Language and Soc
                                                                                   Constructing Social Identity Through W
0631235434            Scott F.,SHERMAN J. DOUGLAS,
                                        BRATT PAULSTON C CHRISTINE,
             Kiesling Rogers Alasdair,Intercultural Discourse and Communication                 001
                                                                                   The Essential Readings         Blackwell
                                                                                                         Linguistics: The Es
0631219366            BERZONSKYSTARBUCK H. WILLIAM,
             LAFOLLETTE H Hugh,D. Multiple Voices                                               001
                                                                                   An Introduction to BilingualismBlackwell
1405111852            MARTÍNEZ
                                       Handbook of World Englishes
                               MARSOOBIAN T. ARMEN, NELSON                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Handboo
1405113820            BAS, Dear McMAHON of English Linguistics
                                       Handbook APRIL,
             AARTS Keilty Michael,Frances,                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Handboo
1405123877            Waxman Jonathan, RICHARD,
                               McAninchHistory and
             Southern R W, BARTLETTW Jack, Historians                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                   Selected Papers of R. W. Southern
0631226958              FRANCIS,
             OAKLEYBOLI JOHN,          Kingship
                               PRIOR LINDSAY,                                                    of Enchantment Blackwell
                                                                                   The Politics 001      New Perspectives
1405146958            Overdahl James,
                               MAZNEVSKI MARTHA L,
             LIVI-BACCI M MASSIMO,A Concise History of World Population                         004               Blackwell
1405111887            Godwin Dear
                               Alice, Contesting the Crusades
             HOUSLEY NORMAN, Frances,                                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Contesting the Pas
1405106492             M T, MAZNEVSKI MARTHA Rulers: 1066-1307
                                       England and its
             Clanchy SCHILLING-ESTES NATALIE, L,                                                003               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Classic H
0631166556   Hacker P M S,             Times of Bede, 625-865                                   001               Blackwell
                                                                                   Studies in Early English Christian Socie
0631181857   COLLINS ROGER,            Visigothic Spain 409-711                                 001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         A History of Spain
063123618X            WELLS Koneva P Svetlana, to Tudor Britain
             TITTLER ROBERT,           Companion
                               SAMUEL, JONES N NORMAN,                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
0631152318   Hacker P M S,             Taxation under the early Tudors 1485-1547                001               Blackwell
0631228926            Taylor Karen, LINDSAY,
             COLLINS JAMES B,  PRIOR Early Modern Europe                                        001
                                                                                   Issues and Interpretations Blackwell
0631205993            Chris, MAZNEVSKI MARTHA
                                       Spanish Inquisition
             Pierson SCHILLING-ESTES NATALIE, L,                                                001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Historical Associat
1405119543                             History of Florence 1200–1575
                      Vertigans Stephen,
             Najemy M. John, Kilara Arun,                                                       001               Blackwell
063122579X            LARGE PRIOR LINDSAY, to Nineteenth-Century Britain
             WILLIAMS CHRIS,   DUNCAN, Companion                                                001               Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
1405113200            George Hall
                               Jacob, Companion to Nineteenth-Century Europe
             BERGER STEFAN, Pauline,                                               1789-1914 001                  Blackwell
                                                                                                         Blackwell Compan
1405100400                               History of Modern
                       BRATT PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS, Germany 1800–2000
             KITCHEN MARTIN,    SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,                                                 001                 Blackwell
0631228446             CURRAN ANGELA,
                                PRIOR Companion
             PURSELL C CARROLL, LINDSAY, to American Technology                                      001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
0631215514   Ford Lacy,         DUNCAN,  Companion
                       LARGE PRIOR LINDSAY, to the Civil War and Reconstruction                      001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
0631209638              J. WILLIAM, TOM,
                                MIALL Making
             HARRISWOODHOUSE HUGH, of the American South                                             001        Problems in Ameri
                                                                                        A Short History, 1500-1877 Blackwell
0631220402             FREEMAN  HARRISON JEFF, to Contemporary
             ADDISON PAUL, R.EDWARD, JONES HARRIET, Britain                             1939-2000 001                    Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
1405106646             SILLIMAN W
                                UNSWORTH JOHN, Europe 1900-1945
             MARTEL GORDON, STEPHEN,     Companion to                                                001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
1405113995             Simone, EGBU Holocaust
             Gigliotti LANG BEREL, CHARLES,                                             A Reader 001                     Blackwell
063122162X             WATKINS X BEVERLY XAVIERA, Peace
             Buchanan Tom, HARRISON JEFF,Europe's Troubled                              1945-2000 001                    Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell History o
0745631762             Meurier E Clency, MARILYN, Third Reich
             Hutton C M,        LANTZ S  Race and the                                                001                 Blackwell
0631230661             Jr. Alton,
                                Powell ECompanion
             Hornsby BERNBECK REINHARD, to African American History                                  001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
0631228438             Taylor PRIOR Companion
             UEDA REED, Karen, LINDSAY, to American Immigration                                      001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
1405106905             SMITH HOWELLS KEVIN,
                                LYDE, Civil War Era
             CULLEN-SIZER MIKE, CULLEN JIM,                                                          001
                                                                                        An Anthology of Sources          Blackwell
1557868603             URIAGEREKA J Persians
             Mead R Richard, BOECKX C CEDRIC,                                                        001                  of Asia
                                                                                                                Peoples Blackwell
1405106816             WRATHALL A. MARK, JOHN, the History of the Middle East
             CHOUEIRI M. YOUSSEF,        Companion to                                                001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
1405120428              CHRISTOPHER,
                                Wilcox Future of
             COKER Thelin Anders, Duncan, War                                                        001        Blackwell Manifest
                                                                                                                          in the Twe
                                                                                        The Re-enchantment of War Blackwell
1405114266             Rhodes B,         America's
             Cohen I Warren, STEWART W C, Failing Empire                                             001        America's Recent
                                                                                                                          the Cold
                                                                                        U.S. Foreign Relations since BlackwellW
0631205659             SCHILLING-ESTES Farmers
                                MAZNEVSKI MARTHA
             BELLWOOD PETER, FirstNATALIE, L,                                                         of Agricultural Societies
                                                                                        The Origins 001                  Blackwell
0631234004             Popov HELAINE,Andean Archaeology
             SILVERMAN H E Koneva P Svetlana,                                                        001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Studies i
1405100907             Smith Michael, Desert Peoples
             Veth Peter,        Hiscock Peter,                                                       001
                                                                                        Archaeological Perspectives Blackwell
1405136170             Hajek Peter,
             MESKELL M LYNN,             Archaeologies of Materiality
                                McRobbie Hayden,                                                     001                 Blackwell
0631235736             Paterson Alistair, Peter,
             Balme Jane,        Hiscock Archaeology in Practice                                      001                 Blackwell
                                                                                        A Student Guide to Archaeological Ana
1405118857              BARBARA ANN,Archaeologist's Fieldwork Companion
                                MCALLISTER PATRICK,
             KIPFER Wise J Darla,                                                                    001                 Blackwell
140511259X              Jean, B, Zammit Jean,
                                         Origins of
             Guilaine Rhodes STEWART JW C, War                                                       001
                                                                                        Violence in Prehistory           Blackwell
0631232672             COLLIER J STEPHEN J,
                                         Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory
             BLAKE EMMA, BLAIR KARINA, KNAPP A. BERNARD,                                             001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Studies i
1405107502             WRATHALL A. MARK, SILLIMAN W STEPHEN,
             HALL MARTIN, UNSWORTH JOHN, Historical Archaeology                                      001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Studies i
0631231838              R Timothy,BERNARD,American Archaeology
             PauketatKNAPP BLAIR KARINA, North Dipaolo-Loren Diana,                                  001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Studies i
0631230009             SCHWOCH  Powell EArchaeologies of REINHARD,
             POLLOCK SUSAN, JAMES, BERNBECK the Middle East                                          001                 Blackwell
                                                                                        Critical PerspectivesBlackwell Studies i
1405101555             WELLS Koneva African Archaeology
             STAHL ANN BROWER, P Svetlana,                                                           001
                                                                                        A Critical Introduction          Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Studies i
1405102128             Miriam, HOWELLS KEVIN, of Asia
             Stark T. Morstein-Marx Robert,                                                          001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Studies i
0631230823             MITCHELL DEREK,
             Lilley Ian,        BLAIR KARINA,
                                         Archaeology of Oceania                                      001        Blackwell Studies i
                                                                                        Australia and the Pacific IslandsBlackwell
0631225781             Elston A PRIOR LINDSAY, to Social Archaeology
             MESKELL M LYNN,             Companion
                                Mary, PREUCEL W. ROBERT,                                             001                 Blackwell
0631229140             Henrietta,
                                PRIOR H, Sanders in Theory
             Moore L KIM SH SEUNG LINDSAY, Todd,                                                     001
                                                                                        Issues in Epistemology           Blackwell
1405115327             Hogan Padraig, MARTÍNEZ IGNACIO,
                                MARSOOBIAN T. ARMEN,
             ARSUAGA JL JUAN LUIS,       Chosen Species                                              001
                                                                                        The Long March of Human EvolutionBlackwell
0631229558             VINCENT J JOAN,
             ROBERTSON JENNIFER,          Gary,
                                Powell ECompanion to the Anthropology of Japan                       001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
0631231757             Hanrahan NancyGlobal Assemblages
             ONG A AIHWA, BLAIR KARINA, COLLIER J STEPHEN J,                            Technology,001                   Blackwell
                                                                                                       Politics, and Ethics as Ant
0631232990             DUBINSKY S STANLEY, Cultures and Sexualities
             ROBERTSON JENNIFER, SAL,    Same-Sex                                                    001        Blackwell Readers
                                                                                        An Anthropological Reader Blackwell
1405101083             GREGORY DEREK,     M Allan,
             NASH JUNE, WilliamsSocial Movements                                                     001        Blackwell Readers
                                                                                        An Anthropological Reader Blackwell
1405102276             S SALLY G. RAY,
                                UNSWORTH JOHN,
             MOORESIEMENS FALK, Law and Anthropology                                    A Reader 001                     Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Antholog
0631228268             WEBSTER Andrew,
                                PRIOR LINDSAY,
             INDA JONATHAN XAVIER,       Anthropologies of Modernity                                 001                 Blackwell
                                                                                        Foucault, Governmentality, and Life Po
1405116021              GP G.P.,VOSKUIJL O in the
             MAKRISAnderson Neil, IslamOLGA,Middle East                                              001
                                                                                        A Living Tradition               Blackwell
0631229728             BERNBECK REINHARD, VINCENT J JOAN,
             NUGENT DAVID,                Gary,
                                Powell ECompanion to the Anthropology of Politics                    001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
1405114673             WORTHEN B W,Anthropology
                                EVANS GUPTA AKHIL,
             SHARMA ARADHANA, M ANTHONY,of the State                                    A Reader 001                     Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Readers
1405101954             CULLEN JIM, Feminist Anthropology
             LEWIN ELLEN, HOWELLS KEVIN,                                                A Reader 001                     Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Antholog
1405105615             Thompson G
                                SHERMAN J. DOUGLAS,
                                         PERKINS MORGAN,
             MORPHY HOWARD, R, Anthropology of Art                                      A Reader 001                     Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Antholog
0631225978             CONERLY,
             CASEY SINGERPowell ECompanion to Psychological Anthropology
                                 RENATA, Edgerton R Robert B,
                                          Gary,                                                      001        Blackwell Compan
                                                                                        Modernity and Psychocultural Change
0631230920             Edgerton Powell ECultural Politics Melissa,
             Watson L. James, R Robert B, Caldwell L. of Food and Eating                A Reader 001                     Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Readers
1405114703             Maclachlan N L Richard,
                                Walker Death,
             Robben CGM Antonius,James, Mourning, and Burial                                         001        The      Blackwell
                                                                                        A Cross-Cultural Reader Human Lifecy
0631228799    ,        HAUGERUD ANGELIQUE, of Development and Globalization
                                PRIOR LINDSAY,
                                         Anthropology                                                001        Blackwell Antholog
                                                                                        From Classical Political Economy to Co
1405127376              RONALD, Wetzler A Lee,
             NIEZEN Lyczak B Jeffery,M World Beyond Difference                                       001                  Globaliza
                                                                                        Cultural Identity in the Age of Blackwell
1405112425             Gorse Chris, AGNES,
             INDA JONATHAN XAVIER,       Targeting Immigrants                                        001                 Blackwell
                                                                                        Government, Technology, and Ethics
1405105712             F. EMILIO, Daniel,People and Nature
             MORAN McMillenUNSWORTH JOHN,                                                            001        Primers in Anthrop
                                                                                        An Introduction to Human Ecological R
0631226869                      PRIOR Companion
                       Taylor Karen, LINDSAY, to the Anthropology of American Indians                001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
1405116048             Anderson Neil, World of Others' Words
             BAUMAN RICHARD,    VOSKUIJL O OLGA,                                                     001                 Blackwell
                                                                                        Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Intertex
1405127236             Liu      Shaojia,Social Policy in the Modern World
             Hill Michael, Guy Jacobs D Claus,                                                       001
                                                                                        A Comparative Text               Blackwell
1405124334              GEORGE, Cano M Pilar,
             RITZER Jumaa Mansour,Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology                                001                 Blackwell
0745632300             ULRICH,  Kilara Arun,
             BECK U Vertigans Stephen,   POWER IN THE GLOBAL AGE                                     001
                                                                                        A New Global Political Economy   Blackwell
0631231854             KNAPP BLAIR Future of
                                A. BERNARD,
             OUTHWAITE WILLIAM,KARINA, Society                                                       001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Manifest
0631232095             VAN Wenda, GOEDEMANS Croissant Jennifer,
                                ROB       HC HENK, Assoc Editor, RESTIVO SAL,
             Bauchspies KRIEMSDIJKScience, Technology, and Society                                   001
                                                                                        A Sociological Approach          Blackwell
0745632572   BROWNE KEN,                 Introduction to Sociology                                   003                 Blackwell
1405133015             Hansell Muller L Nestor,
                                M ROSS,
             STOLZENBERGM David, Sociological Methodology, Volume 34                                 001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Sociological Metho
0631230483             JANET R  Powell EEssentials
             RUANE REMEZ M,E ROBERT E., of Research Methods                                          001                 Blackwell
                                                                                        A Guide to Social Science Research
0631214895             ROSENZWEIG LINDSAY,
                                PRIOR Max
             KALBERG STEPHEN, ROY,Weber                                                              001        Modernity Modern
                                                                                        Readings and Commentary on and Soc
063121111X             RAY LARRY, Social
             OUTHWAITEJWILLIAM,HUGH, Theory and Postcommunism                                        001                 Blackwell
0631228969             AUSTIN,  PRIOR LINDSAY,
             SARAT RAENGO ALESSANDRA, Companion to Law and Society                                   001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                Blackwell Compan
0745632327             Albarran John, Vertigans Stephen,
                                         Resurgent Islam
             Sutton W Philip, Kilara Arun,                                                           001
                                                                                        A Sociological Approach          Blackwell
0631231811             Hanrahan NancyScience
                                BLAIR KARINA,
             KLEINMAN DANIEL LEE, Weiss, and Technology in Society                                   001        to the Internet
                                                                                        From Biotechnology Key Themes in So
0631220348             WATKINS X
                                HARRISON JEFF,
                                         Gender, Race and                               An Overview  001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                21st Century Socio
0631231544            MITCHELL BLAIR KARINA, Companion to
             ROMERO MARY, DEREK, MARGOLIS ERIC, Social Inequalities                                       001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
1405101245            HIGGS PAUL, Sociology of Gender
             WHARTON AMY S,    SHERMAN J. DOUGLAS,                                                        001      Key Themes in So
                                                                                             An Introduction to Theory and Researc
1405102314            INGRASSIAHOWELLS KEVIN,
                                        Cities and
             Kleniewski Nancy, CATHERINE, Society                                                         001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Readers
0631223622            GOLDBERG DT DAVID THEO,
             Bills B David,             Sociology of Education and Work
                               KOBAYASHI AUDREY,                                                          001               Blackwell
0745632491            WOODHOUSE HUGH,
             Grint Keith,               Sociology of Work
                               MIALL TOM,                                                                 003               Blackwell
0631226761            BOLI JOHN,
             LECHNER FRANK J,           World Culture
                               PRIOR LINDSAY,                                                              Consequences Blackwell
                                                                                             Origins and 001
1405116129            LEBLANC DONALD, Movements
             MCDONALD KEVIN,            Global
                               LANTZ S MARILYN,                                                           001               Blackwell
1405118253            EdwardsMorrow Leean,
                                E Jesse,
             ANDELSON ROBERT V,Critics of Henry George, Volume 1                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Studies in Econom
140511830X            EdwardsMorrow Leean,
                                E Jesse,
             ANDELSON ROBERT V,Critics of Henry George, Volume 2                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Studies in Econom
1405133066            Platt WG Leyn Celebrating John,
                               De        Ingrid,
             Dimand W Robert,Andy, GeanakoplosIrving Fisher: The Legacy of a Great Economist              001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Economics and So
0631231749            MARGOLIS ERIC, Hanrahan Nancy Weiss,
             Jacobs D. Mark, BLAIR KARINA, Companion to the Sociology of Culture                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
0631236236            Chua SiewHiscock Internationalizing Cultural
             ABBAS A ACKBAR, Keng,Peter, JOHN NGUYET, Studies                                An Anthology 001               Blackwell
0631224378             Pepi, MORRIS MEAGHAN,
             Leistyna WARD G GREGORY, Studies                                                             001
                                                                                             From Theory to Action          Blackwell
0631225684             Tony, KOBAYASHI Keywords MORRIS Lawrence,
                                        New AUDREY,
             Bennett GOLDBERG DT DAVID THEO, Grossberg MEAGHAN,                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                             A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and S
0631229779            MIMI, Powell EQuestions of Method JAMES,
             WHITE REMEZ R E ROBERT E., SCHWOCH in Cultural Studies                                       001               Blackwell
0631223053                     MORRIS S,Aesthetics of
                      ILARDI STEPHENMEAGHAN,Cultural Studies                                              001               Blackwell
1405122447             Joke, Sackner-Bernstein Jonathan,
             Hermes Harris John,        Re-reading Popular Culture                                        001               Blackwell
0631235167            GREGORY DEREK, GORDON JANE ANNA,
                                        M Allan,
             Gordon R. Lewis,WilliamsCompanion to African-American Studies                                001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
1405115947            ROBERTS MARY,
             Ono A. Kent,               Companion
                               EGBU CHARLES, to Asian American Studies                                    001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
1405115963            ROBERTS MARY,
             Ono A. Kent,               Asian American Studies After Critical Mass
                               EGBU CHARLES,                                                              001               Blackwell
0631234314            SMITH E JUDITH,
             RUDNICK P. LOIS,           American Identities
                               RUBIN RACHEL LEE,                                                          001
                                                                                             An Introductory Textbook       Blackwell
1405114657            Ayers AB Brian, Looking for America
             CAMERON A ARDIS,  English Bryan,                                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                             The Visual Production of Nation and Pe
1405120169            Kostera M Monika,
                               KOZMINSKIMaking Sense of
             BERGER AA ARTHUR ASA, K ANDRZEJ,Media                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                             Key Texts in Media and Cultural Studie
0745632424            Leñn R Angel, GComparative Media History
             CHAPMAN JANE,     Fisher Westby,                                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                             An Introduction: 1789 to the Present
063123621X            ERNI JOHN
             HARDT H HANNO, NGUYET, for the Masses
                               Hiscock Myths
                                         Peter,                                                           001      Blackwell Manifest
                                                                                             An Essay on Mass Communication Blackwell
1405116064             M CAROLYN M., KARIN,
                               ARNOLD   Women and KAREN,
             BYERLYMCBRIDE ANDREW, ROSS Media                                                             001
                                                                                             A Critical Introduction        Blackwell
1405101474            GORDON   Williams M Allan,
             HARTLEY J JOHN, JANECreative Industries                                                      001               Blackwell
0631234985            Smith Michael, Asian Media Studies
                               Hiscock Peter,
             ERNI JOHN NGUYET, Chua Siew Keng,                                                            001               Blackwell
063123053X             ROBERT, PRIOR LINDSAY, to Literature
             STAM RTaylor Karen, RAENGO ALESSANDRA, and Film                                              001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
0631230548             ROBERT, PRIOR LINDSAY,
             STAM RRAENGO ALESSANDRA, and Film                                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                             A Guide to the Theory and Practice of F
140510287X             ROBERT, PRIOR LINDSAY,
             STAM RRAENGO ALESSANDRA, Through Film                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                             Realism, Magic, and the Art of Adaptat
1405139641            Soldo S T,        From Shane to
             McGee Patrick, BRADBURY PHYLLIS, Kill Bill                                                   001      New      Blackwell
                                                                                             Rethinking the Western Approaches t
140510094X              JANET,SHERMAN C CHRISTINE,
                                        Companion to Television
             WASKO BRATT PAULSTON J. DOUGLAS,                                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
0631215433             DAVID, MIALL Thompson in the Antenna Age
             MARC DWeinman John,HUGH,   Television J. Robert,                                             001
                                                                                             A CONCISE HISTORY              Blackwell
0631221093            PHILOMENA, CompanionKOBAYASHI DAVID THEO,
                               HARRISON JEFF, to Gender Studies
             ESSED KELLNER M. DOUGLAS, GOLDBERG DTAUDREY,                                                 001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Compan
0745631584            Tattersall Hazel, AIDS in Africa
             POKU NANA, ARNOLD KARIN,                                                                     001
                                                                                             How the Poor are Dying         Blackwell
0745632033              ALAN, Giza CC Israel/Palestine
             DOWTYDUFOUR FRANCOIS,      Christopher,                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                    GLOBAL POLITIC
1405116781            Rhodes STEWART W Trade Governance and Developing Countries
             Kufuor Kofi Oteng,B,       World C,                                                          001      Chatham House P
                                                                                             The GATT/WTO Code Committee SysBlackwell
1405126442             STEPHEN,Shaojia,Exit the
             GREEN Liu Guy Jacobs D Claus, Dragon?                                                          and    Chatham in China
                                                                                             Privatization001 State ControlHouse P
0745632122            FINCHAM D. FRANK, WOODHOUSE Resolution
                               OLIVER,  Contemporary MIALL HUGH,
             RAMSBOTHAM FOSTER JONATHAN, ConflictTOM,                                                     002
                                                                                             Second edition                 Blackwell
1577180895            SCHILLING-ESTES NATALIE, L,
             WOLFRAM WALT,              Colonial Present
                               MAZNEVSKI MARTHA                                                           001
                                                                                             Afghanistan. Palestine. Iraq Blackwell
0631219536            BERZONSKY D. Understanding Biological Psychology
             CORR PHILIP, STARBUCK H. WILLIAM,                                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Basic Psychology
1405110627            MARTIN RON, Genes and Behavior
             Rutter Michael, NATIVEL CORINNE,                                                             001               Blackwell
                                                                                             Nature-Nurture Interplay Explained
1405106220            HARVEY NIGEL,
                               UNSWORTH Frith Uta,
                                        Learning Brain
             BLAKEMORE SARAH-JAYNE, JOHN,                                                                  Education
                                                                                             Lessons for 001                Blackwell
1405130741            RW Michael, HANS-WERNER,
             Dawson Portes Richard, Connectionism                                                         001
                                                                                             A Hands-On Approach            Blackwell
1405131020              KEITH,Wetzler M Lee, JENKINS J
                                        Understanding Emotions
             OATLEYLepore Ernie, KELTNER DACHER,JENNIFER,                                                 002
                                                                                             Second Edition                 Blackwell
1405107464            McMillen Daniel,Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making
                                        HARVEY NIGEL,
             Koehler J Derek, UNSWORTH JOHN,                                                              001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Handboo
1405139811            OHTA NOBUO,       Memory A L AMY L.,
             UTTL B BOB, NSIEGENTHALERand Emotion                                                         001      New Perspectives
                                                                                             Interdisciplinary PerspectivesBlackwell
1405112611            Gorse Chris,
             BAUM WILLIAMLEE AGNES,     Understanding Behaviorism                                         002               Blackwell
                                                                                             Behavior, Culture, and Evolution
0631222618             DouglasHARRISON JEFF, of Research Methods in Developmental Science
                                M.,     Handbook
             Teti D MWATKINS X BEVERLY XAVIERA,                                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Handboo
1405120738            Breathnach M Stephen, PHILLIPS A DEBORAH,
                               Cox H Neil,
             MCCARTNEY KATHLEEN,        Blackwell Handbook of Early Childhood Development                 001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Handboo
063118757X            Starkey Kenneth,
             MORTON JOHN,               Understanding Developmental Disorders                             001
                                                                                             A Causal Modelling Approach    Blackwell
0631233350            MITCHELL DEREK,
             BLAIR JAMES, BLAIR KARINA, Psychopath                                                        001
                                                                                             Emotion and the Brain          Blackwell
1405132043   Böcker D Dirk, L Lars, DAVIS F STEPHEN F.,
                      Eckardt Breithardt Gunter, of the Teaching of Psychology                            001               Blackwell
0631214410            SOSA MIALL HUGH, Psychology
             KAPTEIN AD, DAVID, Weinman John,                                                             001               BPS Black
1405126116            Clack A Jenny, Stephan,of Psychology in Letters
                               White History
             BENJAMIN, JR. L T LUDY T.,                                                                   002               Blackwell
1405132051            PILNICKHebert Karen,
                                 T LUDY T.,
             BENJAMIN, JR. LA ALISON, History of Modern Psychology                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                   Blackwell Brief His
1405108177            OCKLEFORD M Testing People at Work
             SMITH MIKE, HOWELLS KEVIN, SMITH MIKE, Smith Pam,                                            001               BPS Black
                                                                                             Competencies in Psychometric Testing
1405131071             Dave, Philip, M Lee,
             Bartram Burnard WetzlerLINDLEY PAT,Testing: The BPS Occupational Test Administration Open001                   BPS
                                                                                                           Learning Programme Black
1405112166              Paul, Jacob, Inventing Intelligence
             PrivateerGeorge Hall Pauline,                                                                001
                                                                                             A Social History of Smart      Blackwell
1405133570            Raiti Paul, CAPALDI E J,
                               Serruys Patrick W.,
             PROCTOR W. ROBERT, Why Science Matters                                                       001               Blackwell
                                                                                             Understanding the Methods of Psychol
1405100230            PERKINS MORGAN, DOUGLAS,
                                        Experimental Design and
             SANI FABIO, SHERMAN J. TODMAN JOHN, Statistics for Psychology                                001
                                                                                             A First Course                 Blackwell
1405120746            CASSIDY TOM,Duncan, Research Methods in Psychology
             DUNBAR GEORGE,    Wilcox Evaluating                                                          001
                                                                                             A Case Study Approach          BPS Black
1405127503            GLICK PETER, On Laurie,
             DOVIDIO F JOHN,   Rudman A. the Nature of Prejudice                                          001
                                                                                             Fifty Years after Allport      Blackwell
140511486X            Kennedy P Lynn,   Teaching &
             FOX RICHARD, GRIFFIN STUART, Learning                                                        001
                                                                                             Lessons from Psychology Blackwell
1405118318             David, Giza CC Territory
             Delaney DUFOUR FRANCOIS,   Christopher,                                                      001               Blackwell
                                                                                             A Short Introduction Short Introductions
140512637X            Wills
             Hale Angela, Jane,Jacobs D Claus, of Labour
                                        Threads                                                           001      AntipodeBlackwell
                                                                                                                             Book Ser
                                                                                             Garment Industry Supply Chains from t
1405102659            SIEMENS
             ROBBINS PAUL, G. RAY,
                               UNSWORTH JOHN,
                                         Political Ecology                                                    001
                                                                                                A Critical Introduction          Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Critical Introduction
0631235094            Noel, WilliamsDavid
             Castree GREGORY DEREK, HarveyM Allan,                                                            001                 Book Ser
                                                                                                A Critical Reader AntipodeBlackwell
1405101911            Noel, Williams M Allan, SHERMAN J.
                                          ANNA, Rogers Alasdair,
             Castree GORDON JANEQuestioning GeographyDOUGLAS,                                                 001
                                                                                                Fundamental Debates              Blackwell
1405116390            WORTHEN B W,Form
                               EVANS M ANTHONY,
             CUTHBERT R ALEXANDER, of Cities                                                                  001                 Design
                                                                                                Political Economy and UrbanBlackwell
1405116366            SIEMENS G. RAY, Smith David,
             LEE ROGER, UNSWORTH JOHN, and Moralities                                                         001      RGS-IBGDevelopm
                                                                                                                                   Book Se
                                                                                                International Perspectives onBlackwell
1405125209            GRECO Davenport S the Three
             DUNFORD MICHAEL, AfterElizabeth, Italies                                                         001      RGS-IBG Book Se
                                                                                                Wealth, Inequality and Industrial Chang
0631233318            MITCHELL
             ZOOK MATTHEW, DEREK,
                               BLAIR KARINA,
                                         Geography of the Internet Industry                                   001      Information Age Se
                                                                                                Venture Capital, Dot-coms, and Local K
1405107855              PETER,PHILIP,Putting Workfare in Place
                                           MARTIN RON,
             SUNLEYDEWE PUNSWORTH JOHN, NATIVEL CORINNE,                                                      001      RGS-IBG Book Se
                                                                                                Local Labour Markets and the New Dea
0631214526             D DAVID,MIALL Geopolitics and the Post-colonial
             SLATERWeinman John,HUGH,                                                                         001
                                                                                                Rethinking North-South Relations Blackwell
1405101865            CULLENHOWELLS KEVIN, to Feminist Geography
             Nelson Lise,                Companion
                                 JIM, SEAGER JONI,                                                            001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Blackwell Compan
0631235647            HILL     Hiscock Companion to M Allan,
                                          Peter, Williams
             LEW ALAN A,SHAUN, Hall C. Michael, Tourism                                                       001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Blackwell Compan
1405115742             Stephen,EGBU Cities, War,
             Graham LANG BEREL, CHARLES, and Terrorism                                          Towards an001          Studies inBlackwell
                                                                                                              Urban Geopolitics Urban a
1405121335             Yuri, KOZMINSKI ANDRZEJ,
             KazepovKostera M Monika, K of Europe                                                             001      Local Arrangemen
                                                                                                Changing Contexts, Studies in Urban a
1405126973             Romain, SINN HANS-WERNER,
             GarbayePortes Richard, Getting Into Local Power                                                  of Ethnic MinoritiesUrban a
                                                                                                The Politics 001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Studies in in Britis
1405111267            JEAN, FOSTER JONATHAN, Economics and Business
             SOPER FINCHAM D. FRANK,     Mathematics for                                                      002
                                                                                                An Interactive Introduction Blackwell
1405113553            MARTÍNEZ IGNACIO, T. ARMEN,
                               MARSOOBIAN and Cooperation                                                     and                Blackwell
                                                                                                Institutional 001 Behavioral Economics
1405121386            WATERS J HALLAUER ARNEL the
                                         Finance and
             Demange Gabrielle, R, Laroque Guy,R, Economics of Uncertainty                                    001                Blackwell
0631215654            Hendry MIALL Course
             Eden Benjamin,F David, HUGH, in Monetary Economics                                               001                Blackwell
                                                                                                Sequential Trade, Money, and Uncerta
1405120622            Nudds Osterhaus Albert DME,
                                         Handbook of International Trade, Volume II
             Choi E Kwan, John, Hartigan C James,                                                             001       Analyses of Trade
                                                                                                Economic and LegalBlackwell Handboo
0631211616            RAY      MIALL HUGH,
                                         Handbook of International Trade, Volume I
             Choi E Kwan,J LARRY, Harrigan James,                                                             001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Blackwell Handboo
1405106298            Smith David,
                               UNSWORTH Daniel,
                                         Companion to
             ARNOTT RICHARD, McMillen JOHN, Urban Economics                                                   001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Blackwell Compan
1405124520   PITT JOSEPH C,
                      SALEHI-ISFAHANI DJAVAD, and Diffusion of Public Choice Political Economy
                               ECKEL The Production
                                         DOUGLAS,                                                             001      Economics Blackwell
                                                                                                Reflections on the VPI Center and So
1405101709             R. Stafford,
                               Williams M Allan,
             JohnsonGORDON JANEBond Evaluation, Selection, and Management                                     001                Blackwell
1405112484            TUCKETT CHRISTOPHER,
                                         Security Analysis and Investment Strategy
             Poitras Geoffrey,Hall Pauline,                                                                   001                Blackwell
1405126760            CASSIDY  Wilcox Credit Derivatives
             Meissner Gunter, TOM,Duncan,                                                                     Pricing, and RiskBlackwell
                                                                                                Application, 001                  Managem
0631233172            Werhane H.
                               MIALL HUGH, STARBUCK H. WILLIAM, of Management
                                         12 Volume Blackwell Encyclopedia
             COOPER C CARY L,Patricia, ARGYRIS C CHRIS,                                                       002                Blackwell
1405119985            Robert, FOSTER JONATHAN, Strategy Analysis
             Grant M FINCHAM D. FRANK,   Contemporary                                                         005                Blackwell
1405116145             Haridimos,
                               LANTZ S MARILYN, Future
             TsoukasSHEPHERD J JILL,     Managing the                                                         the
                                                                                                Foresight in001 Knowledge EconomyBlackwell
1405124717            Zavestoski
                               WHITE The MICHAEL,
             BROMILEY PHILIP,Stephen, Behavioral Foundations of Strategic Management                          001                 of Strateg
1405116234            AMY L, LANTZ S MARILYN, M MANSOUR,
                                         Mergers and
             PABLO SHEPHERD J JILL, JAVIDAN Acquisitions                                                      001      StrategicBlackwell
                                                                                                Creating Integrative Knowledge    Managem
1405118490            RICHARD, L Ruth,
                               Bush      Strategy
             BETTIS Quagrainie Kwamena, in Transition                                                         001                 Managem
1405126019   Cool O Karel,
                      Zimmerman Jeffrey, Henderson E James,
                               DAllaire Restructuring Strategy
                                          Sylvie, ABATE RENE,                                                 001      StrategicBlackwell
                                                                                                New Networks and Industry Challenges
1405129395            Steven, Kinne Joerg, Jacobs D Claus,
             Floyd W King Sue, ROOS JOHAN, Strategy Processes                                                 001                 Managem
140511701X            Makris Michael, David,
             GROSSE R ROBERT, Future of Global Financial Services                                             001                Blackwell
1405124326            COWANBOECKX C CEDRIC, GINTER of W JACK,
                                E,       Strategic Management PETER M,
             SWAYNE LINDA C CHRISTOPHER, DUNCAN WJHealth Care Organizations                                   005                Blackwell
1405116579            AlbarranKilara Arun,
             Child John,        John, Organization                                                            001                 Practice
                                                                                                Contemporary Principles andBlackwell
1405125594            Riviere E Jim, Organizational Knowledge
             GHERARDI S SILVIA, I Alistair,                                                                    of      Organization and
                                                                                                The Texture001Workplace Learning S
1405127422            Paul Elizabeth, Blackwell Handbook of Mediation
             HERRMAN S MARGARET, S Elizabeth,                                                                 001      Blackwell Handboo
                                                                                                Bridging Theory, Research and Practic
1405125578            Clack A Jenny, Stephan, e-Business?
             Li F Feng,        White What is                                                                  001                 Organizat
                                                                                                How the Internet Transforms Blackwell
1405124105            Warren Carter Ruth, Chains and Total Product Systems
             RHODES E ED, P James,       Supply                                                 A Reader 001                     Blackwell
1405118504            SOSA MIALL Managing Human Resources
             Bach Stephen, DAVID, HUGH,                                                                       004                Blackwell
                                                                                                Personnel Management in Transition
1405129816            Kennedy EUGENE,
                                 P Lynn, Learning and
             SADLER-SMITH GRIFFIN STUART, Development for Managers                                            001                and Pract
                                                                                                Perspectives from Research Blackwell
1405117028            Lemon Stanley, Anderson Handbook of Personnel Selection
                                         Blackwell Neil,
             EVERS A ARNE,Zuckerman Arie, VOSKUIJL O OLGA,                                                    001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Blackwell Handboo
1405124628            SALAMAN
             STOREY J JOHN, GRAEME,
                               White Stephan, of Innovation
                                         Managers                                                              Making Management, Orga
                                                                                                Insights into001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Innovation Happen
1405122595            MARY M   KOZMINSKI ANDRZEJ,
             HATCH KosteraJO,Monika, K Faces of Leadership                                                    001
                                                                                                Manager, Artist, Priest          Blackwell
1405132469             JAMES,  Jefferson Bruce,
             MARCH WEIL THIERRY,On Leadership                                                                 001                Blackwell
0632064978            Leung Gilsdorf J   Occupational Health Law
             Kloss Diana, Joseph W, Michael,                                                                  004                Blackwell
1874545944   Frohne D,         Spong Catherine,
                      Wood Mark, Pfander HJ, Plants                                                           002                Manson P
                                                                                                A Handbook for Pharmacists, Doctors,
1840760508              D,     Samani Colour Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
             BlancardCanet MA Sarah,J Nilesh,                                                                 001                Manson P
1840760516            David, Spong Fruit Pests
             Alford V Wood Mark, Catherine,                                                                   002                Manson P
1405129778            Scanes Luther
             Meyer Peter, G Colin,, Plant Epigenetics                                                         001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Annual Plant Revie
1405123761            Thomas A Philip,Endogenous Plant Rhythms
                                          McWatters G.
             Hall JW Anthony,GRAYSON ANDREW, Harriet,                                                         001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Annual Plant Revie
1405122374            Zelniker White Stephan, Jfrom GM Plants
             Poppy Guy,                  Wilkinson
                                Tamar, Gene Flow Michael,                                                     001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Biological Science
1405122382            Matthew, White Stephan,
                                         Plant Abiotic Stress
             Jenks A Wilkinson J Michael, Hasegawa M Paul,                                                    001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Biological Science
1405125543            Karl,    Wetzler Plasmodesmata
             Oparka Lyczak B Jeffery,M Lee,                                                                   001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Annual Plant Revie
140513268X   RiedererFan Xuetong, Müller Caroline, Plant Cuticle
                       Markus,           Biology
                               Pines Jesse, of the                                                            001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Annual Plant Revie
1405130962            William, GRAYSON ANDREW,
                                         Control of Primary Metabolism in Plants
             Plaxton McWatters G. Harriet, McManus T Michael,                                                 001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Annual Plant Revie
1405138874            Peter, CHRISTOPHER, Thomas G. Stephen,
             Hedden WINCH French Peter,Hormone Signaling                                                      001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Annual Plant Revie
1405125292             Nicholas,
                               Wetzler Antioxidants and Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants
             Smirnoff Lyczak B Jeffery,M Lee,                                                                 001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       Biological Science
1891276239                      NOBUO, LEEDALE AMY L., BRADBURY PHYLLIS,
                                         Illustrated Guide to the F,
             Lee J J,OHTA NSIEGENTHALER A L GORDON Protozoa, Second Edition                                   001                Blackwell
1405111186            Koppel Reeves Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems
             MANN Kenneth,Ivan, LAZIER R N John,                                                              003                Blackwell
                                                                                                Biological-Physical Interactions in the O
0632047941            Carter P.,
                               Daniels The Lakes Handbook
             O'SULLIVAN E. Yvonne H, REYNOLDS S. C., (2 vol set)                                              001                Blackwell
063204795X            Hammick  Reeves The Lakes Handbook
             O'SULLIVAN E. P., Marilyn, REYNOLDS S. C., (Vol 2)                                               001                Blackwell
                                                                                                Lake Restoration and Rehabilitation
1405101873             A. Barbara,
                               HOWELLS KEVIN, Earth
             KennedyMorstein-Marx Robert,Inventing the                                                        001                Blackwell
                                                                                                Ideas on Landscape Development Sinc
1405126515            HEMPHILL LESLEY, Leclair Susan, VII
                                         Fluvial Sedimentology
             Blum D Michael, Misbah Siraj,Marriott Suzanne, (SP 35)                                           001                Blackwell
                                                                                                                       International Assoc
1405151218            Baron-Esquivias Braided Rivers Jim,
                               H. Greg, Gonzalo, Best
             Sambrook Smith Blanc Jean-Jacques, Bristow S. Charlie,                                           001      International Assoc
                                                                                                Process, Deposits, Ecology and Manag
1405100184             Peter, Sylvester JT,
             Knight GWard Jeremy, Glacier Science and Environmental Change                                    001                Blackwell
1405103035            Killops Vanessa,PaleoBase: Deep Sea Benthic Foraminifera
                               Robson Alistair,
             Holbourn Ann, Macleod N,    Henderson S Andrew,                                                    001                 Blackwell
0632064285             N,      Robson PaleoBase: Macrofossils Part 3 (Site Licence)
             MacleodHenderson S Andrew, Alistair,                                                               001                 Blackwell
0901702978   PURNELL A MARK,
                      Liebich Hans-Georg, Donoghue in Palaeontology No 73
                               Callans Special Papers Philip,
                                        David,                                                                  001       Special Papers in
                                                                                                   Conodont Biology and Phylogeny: InterP
0901702714            HANLEY RICHARD, Popov E Leonid,
                                        Special Papers in Palaeontology No
             Holmer Lars E, RUBIN RACHEL LEE, Koneva P Svetlana, 65                                             early     Special brachiopod
                                                                                                   Cambrian - 001 Ordovician Papers in P
1405125047            Jacobs WHITE MICHAEL,
                                        Levin W Ira,
             Bhargava Rohit, Michael, Spectrochemical Analysis Using Infrared Multichannel Detectors            001                 Blackwell
140513156X            Jensen R Anne-Lise Riis, AIDA TAKASHI,
                               Jordon Cyclic
             SILVESTON L PETER, Anna, Separating Reactors                                                       001                 Blackwell
1405123575            Warren P James,
             HEARD E DWAYNE,            Analytical Techniques for Atmospheric Measurement
                               Carter Ruth,                                                                     001                 Blackwell
1405129344            H El Sayed,
                               Wetzler M Lee,
                                        Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Nitrogen Heterocycles from Carbohydrates
             El Ashry LINDLEY PAT, El Nemr Ahmed,                                                               001                 Blackwell
1405118709            Smolensky Paul,Preparative Enantioselective Chromatography
             Cox Geoff,        Weiner J William,                                                                001                 Blackwell
1405125616            Lyczak Wetzler Organofluorine Chemistry
             Uneyama Kenji,B Jeffery,M Lee,                                                                     001                 Blackwell
0813808480            Lyczak Wetzler Skin Delivery Systems
             Wille J John, B Jeffery,M Lee,                                                                     001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                   Transdermals, Dermatologicals, and Co
1405121033             A KATHERINE, Process
             BAKEEVCASSIDY TOM,Duncan, Analytical Technology                                                    001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                   Spectroscopic tools and implementatio
1405121130            CASSIDY TOM,Duncan, and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation
             VAN HERK M ALEX,  Wilcox Chemistry                                                                 001                 Blackwell
1405126965            Slater Rachel, Chemistry and Technology of Surfactants
             FARN J RICHARD,   JENKINS J JENNIFER,                                                              001                 Blackwell
1405114509            PHILLIPS A DEBORAH,
             Rowe David,                Chemistry and Technology of Flavors and Fragrances
                               Cox H Neil,                                                                      001                 Blackwell
0813821096            Heinrichs ,
             Minko Sergiy, Luther , Responsive Polymer Materials                                                Applications
                                                                                                   Design and 001                   Ames (Bla
140513402X            McMullen Helen,Green
             Mikami Koichi, Grealy Julia, Reaction Media in Organic Synthesis                                   001                 Blackwell
0813819814                     Marcouiller W David, Cano M Pilar, Processing
                                        Handbook of Fruits and Fruit
             Hui Y H,Claudio S Virginia, Barta Josef,                                                           001                 Ames (Bla
0813801877                      ROLLAND, Corke Harold,
                                        Bakery Products
             Hui Y H,MUNROCarey Susan, De Leyn Ingrid,                                                          001
                                                                                                   Science and Technology           Ames (Bla
0813800188            Blanc Jean-Jacques,
             Hutkins W Robert,           Michele,
                               Brignole Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods                          001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                                          Institute of Food Te
0813808847            Service Katrina, Preharvest and Postharvest Food Safety
                                        Pillai D Suresh,
             Beier C Ross, Bush L Ruth, Phillips D Timothy,                                                     001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                                          Institute of Food Te
0813816394            Doug, Wilcox Preventing Foreign Material Contamination of Foods
             Peariso Thelin Anders, Duncan,                                                                     001                 Ames (Bla
0813816327            Tyrl Ronald
                               Marwick Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development
                                         Thomas H., RESURRECCION ANNA,
             Moskowitz R Howard,J, Beckley H Jacqueline,                                                        001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                                          Institute of Food Te
1405125055                     Davenport S Dictionary
             IFIS , Paul Elizabeth, IFIS Elizabeth, of Food Science and Technology                              001                 Blackwell
0813808820            HOWARD JEAN, Fan Xuetong,
                               Pines Jesse,
             Sommers H Christopher, Food Irradiation Research and Technology                                    001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                                          Institute of Food Te
0632059877            Hodges Gorman Food, Fermentation and Micro-organisms
             Bamforth CW, A Norman, Sean,                                                                       001                 Blackwell
0632063815            Harris Stephen, Paul, Williams Anthony,
             Bell Chris,                Food Microbiology and Laboratory Practice
                               Ashton Neaves Paul,                                                              001                 Blackwell
0813803780   Hui Y H,Fagre Dan,          Michele,
                               Brignole Food Biochemistry and Food Processing                                   001                 Ames (Bla
0813823048            Waxman Jonathan, White Kilara Arun, Fermented Milks
             Chandan C Ramesh,          Manufacturing Yogurt
                               McAninch W Jack, Charles, and                                                    001                 Ames (Bla
0813819423            Scott, Hearing Food H,
             Smith J Dege Nicholas, Hui Y Processing                                                            001
                                                                                                   Principles and Applications Ames (Bla
0813825709            AlbarranKilara Arun,
             Blech Zushe Yosef, John, Kosher Food Production                                                    001                 ISUP
0813806313            Burnard Philip, Managing Food Industry Waste
             Zall R Robert, Wetzler M Lee,                                                                      001
                                                                                                   Common Sense Methods for Ames Pro Food (Bla
081380437X            Scanes G Colin,, Dietary Supplement Labeling Compliance Review CD-ROM
             Summers L James,  Luther                                                                           003                 ISUP
0813804264            Kralik Debbie, Anna, Supplement Labeling Compliance Review
             Summers L James,  Jordon Dietary                                                                   003                 ISUP
1405105305            R,       GARBETT J,
                                        Wine Flavour Chemistry
             Clarke J Manley Kim, BakkerROB,                                                                    001                 Blackwell
1405115815            Blanc Jean-Jacques,
             SHEWARD ERICA,              Michele,
                               Brignole Aviation Food Safety                                                    001                 Blackwell
0813811112                     T,       Sensory Discrimination Tests and Measurements
             Bi Jian, Soldo S BRADBURY PHYLLIS,                                                                 001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                   Statistical Principles, Procedures, and T
1405116277            Andrew, McAninch W Roberts Deborah,
                                        Flavor Perception
             Taylor J SOETANTO ROBBY,Jack,                                                                      001                 Blackwell
0813811120            Soldo S BRADBURY PHYLLIS, for Sensory Science
                               T, Best John,
             Rayner John Charles Wi,NonparametricsBrockhoff Per Bruun,                                          001
                                                                                                   A More Informative ApproachAmes (Bla
0813820510            Holt David, Haenlein F George,
             Park W Young, Jefferson Bruce, of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals                                       001                 Ames (Bla
1405124601             A Y,    WHITE Brined
             Tamime Zavestoski Stephen, Cheeses                                                                 001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                          Society of Dairy Te
0632064587             A Y,    Robson Fermented Milks
             Tamime Summerell A Brett,  Alistair,                                                               001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                          Society of Dairy Te
1405121246             A Y,    Wilcox Probiotic
             Tamime CASSIDY TOM,Duncan, Dairy Products                                                          001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                          Society of Dairy Te
1405134348            H L,     Grealy Julia,
             Mitchell McMullen Helen,Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology                       001                 Blackwell
1405118024            Beech Roger, Emulsifiers in Food Technology
                               MCALLISTER PATRICK,
             Whitehurst J Robert,                                                                               001                 Blackwell
0632055324            Moffat David, Technology of Reduced Additive Foods
             Smith Jim,        Strandness D Eugene,                                                             002                 Blackwell
0813807689            Karima Mamdouh, Rupert, Kristinsson Processing and Packaging of Fish
             Otwell W Steven,           Modified Atmospheric Hordur,
                               Shepherd Balaban Murat,                                                          001                 Ames & R
                                                                                                   Filtered Smokes, Carbon Monoxide(Bla
140512038X            Boissy Raymond, Dege Nicholas,
             Senior Dorothy,EHearing Technology of Bottled Water                                                002                 Blackwell
1405134356             David, Grealy Julia,
                                         Ashurst R Soft Drinks - Formulation and Manufacture
             Steen P.McMullen Helen,CarbonatedPhilip,                                                           001                 Blackwell
1405122862            Brandon S Peter,Chemistry and Technology of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices
             Ashurst R Philip, Sidwell Tony,                                                                    002                 Blackwell
1405125039            Levin    Ira,     MICHAEL,
             Kirwan Mark, W WHITE Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology                                     001                 Blackwell
1405119063            J Peter, Bush L Ruth,
             Gregory Quagrainie Kwamena,Roots                                                                   001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                   Growth, function and interactions with t
1840760753            Steven, Bristow S. Peter,
                                        Colour Handbook of Albert,
             Koike T. Best Jim, GladdersCharlie, Paulus O. Vegetable Diseases                                   001                 Manson P
0813806887            Fagre Dan, EVENSON for Agriculture
                               Brignole Michele,
             HUFFMAN WALLACE E,ScienceROBERT E,                                                                 002
                                                                                                   A Long Term Perspective          Ames (Bla
0813800102              Nina, FITZPATRICK ES JOHNSON NAN,
                                        Critical Issues in Rural
             GlasgowQuinn PJ, MORTON LOIS, WRIGHT, Health                                                       001                 Ames (Bla
0813804531            Hodges Gorman CommunitySteven,
                                        P Deller C Policy Analysis Modeling
             Otto M Daniel, A Norman, Sean, Johnson G Thomas,                                                   001                 Ames (Bla
0813802326            Pfander HJ,       Forages Volume 2
             Barnes F Robert,Spong Catherine,                                                                   006                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                   The Science of Grassland Agriculture
0813812488            Blanc Brignole National Parks and
             Prato Tony, Jean-Jacques, Fagre Dan, Protected Areas                                               001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                   Management Strategies for Balancing S
0813828244            St Jean Steiner Adrian, HALLAUER ARNEL R,
             Lamkey R Kendall,          Plant Breeding
                               Guy, Lee Michael,                                                                001                 Ames (Bla
                                                                                                   The Arnel R. Hallauer International Sym
063205476X            Allen    Strandness D Eugene,
             James Glyn, R John,        Sugarcane                                                               002                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                          World Agriculture S
1405130911            Cherry Deborah,Pesticides
             Matthews Graham,  Chan Otto,                                                                       001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                   health, safety and the environment
0813804906            O'Bryen Patricia,Nancy, Luther
                                         Heinrichs Integrated Pest Management
             Norton George, Marcus Globalizing , ,                                                              001                 Ames (Bla
0813819199            Lawrenson Ross,Alistair,
                                         Summerell A Brett,
             Leslie F John, Robson Fusarium Laboratory Manual                                                   001                 Ames (Bla
140511911X            SYSE HENRIK, Sugar Beet
             DRAYCOTT PHILIP,  BEGBY ENDRE,                                                                     001                 Blackwell
                                                                                                                          World Agriculture S
0632057246            MARGETTS BMM BARRIE M, Farrell Graham, Technology Volume 2
             HODGES J RICK,             Crop Post-Harvest:
                               KEARNEY JMK JOHN M, Science and                                     Durables 001                     Blackwell
0813801893             Craig, CARRILLO PATRICIA, in Cool-Season Grasses
                                        Neotyphodium Spiers Donald,
             Roberts EGBU CHARLES, West P Charles,                                                              001                 Blackwell
1405105291            Alain, GARBETT ROB, Sown Grasses
             Peeters Manley Kim,        Wild and                                                                 temperate species selectio
                                                                                                   Profiles of a001                 Blackwell
1405124482             Barta Josef, MWhittemore's Science and Practice of Pig Production
                                Cano      Pilar,
             KYRIAZAKIS ILIAS, Whittemore Colin,                                                                003              Blackwell
0632054999             Moffat David, Livestock Biodiversity
             Hall JG Stephen, Strandness D Eugene,                                                              001              Blackwell
                                                                                                   Genetic Resources for the Farming of t
0813800668             West P Charles,Donald, Marcus Nancy,
             Lee Cheng-Sheng,             Copepods in Aquaculture
                                Spiers O'Bryen Patricia,                                                        001              Ames (Bla
0813818443             A Gregory, Alison, Tina,
             Lewbart Thomas Bradley Invertebrate Medicine                                                       001              Ames (Bla
0813805392             SALEHI-ISFAHANI DJAVAD,Biosecurity
                                          DOUGLAS, Lee Cheng-Sheng,
             Scarfe David, ECKEL Aquaculture O'Bryen Patricia,                                                  Control and Eradication(Bla
                                                                                                   Prevention, 001               Ames of
0813816041             Carole, Bush L Ruth,
                                          Aquaculture Marketing Handbook
             Engle R Lin H Peter, Quagrainie Kwamena,                                                           001              Ames (Bla
1405101679             WestranCooper P,
             Pillay T V R,                Richard,
                                  Roger Aquaculture and the Environment                                         002              Fishing Ne
1405126574             ROOS Jacobs Lobsters:
             Phillips Bruce, JOHAN, D Claus, Biology, Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries                     001              Blackwell
0852382766             Lopes Tito, Raj, OLSEN Y,
                                Naik      Culture of
             Moksness Erlend, KJORSVIK E, Cold-water Marine Fish                                                001              Fishing Ne
1405108428             Dege Nicholas, Cage Aquaculture
             Beveridge Malcolm, Hearing Vincent,                                                                003              Blackwell
1405111194             Ahmad Tariq, M,
                                Collier Jane, Blankenship H L,
                                          Stock SHUICHI,
             LEBER K M KENNETHKITADA Enhancement and Sea Ranching                                               002              Blackwell
                                                                                                   Developments, Pitfalls and Opportunitie
0632060484             Shiu       Yee, Rodhouse Paul,
             Boyle Peter, KinJohnston Sebastian L,                                                              001
                                                                                                   Ecology and Fisheries         Blackwell
0632059265             Tanner Blenkinsopp Flatfishes
             Gibson N Robin,D.A. David, John,                                                                   Exploitation andBlackwell
                                                                                                   Biology and 001       Fish     Aquatic R
0632054883             Spitz    El Habbal Magdi, for Study
             Eleftheriou A, Lewis, McIntyre D Alasdair, of Marine Benthos                                       003              Blackwell
063205994X             Breathnach H Neil, Fisheries Acoustics
             Simmonds John,CoxM Stephen, MacLennan David N,                                                     Practice Fish andBlackwell
                                                                                                   Theory and 002                 Aquatic R
0852382804             Gaskell GASKELL Klaus,
             Gabriel Otto,                Fish J, Dahm E,
                                R, Lange C Catching Methods of the World                                        004              Fishing Ne
1405106174             PATEL Hughes JM, Rogers of Shared Fish Stocks
                                           O Brien Carl,
             Payne Andrew, PRADIP,Management Stuart,                                                            001              Blackwell
0632058099             Beeching Nick, Hartman G Forestry
             Northcote T G, Pober Barbara,and F,                                                                001              Blackwell
                                                                                                   Worldwide Watershed Interactions and
1840760818              William, Patrick, Equine Johanna,
             Bernard Serruys Lev Michael, Paediatric Medicine                                                   001              Manson P
0813828597              Eileen Dear Frances,
             Wheeler DENNY Fabian, Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design                                         001              Ames (Bla
0813813492              L Arthur,
                                Osterhaus E Jim, of FARAD I Alistair,
             CraigmillLaw E. John, RiviereAlbert DME, WebbComparative and Veterinary Pharmacokinetic Data       001              Ames (Bla
0813824486             EdwardsMorrow Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff
             Miller Lila,        E Jesse, Leean,                                                                001              Ames (Bla
0813807484              Donald, A ALISON, Plumb's
             Plumb CPILNICKHebert Karen, Veterinary Drug Handbook: Pocket                                       005              Ames (Bla
081380518X              Donald, A ALISON, Plumb's
             Plumb CPILNICKHebert Karen, Veterinary Drug Handbook: Desk                                         005              Ames (Bla
3899930053             Paul Elizabeth, Veterinary Reproductive Ultrasonography
             Kahn Wolfgang, Davenport S Elizabeth,                                                              001              Manson P
1405131942             Touquet Hebert Karen,
                                 R Robin, The
             Maddison Jill, Papich G Mark,Year in Small Animal Medicine                                         001              Blackwell
0813818982             Jan,      Gary, Small
             Bellows Conboy Meyer Jean, Animal Dental Equipment, Materials and Techniques A Primer 001                           ISUP
0781755565             Smith, Smith A Dale,
                                          5-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline CDROM Inst User
             Tilley P Larry, Jr. W Francis,                                                                     003              Lippincott
140510032X             Chinn Miller Gaskell R,
                                          Feline GASKELL C J,
             Chandler E A , David J,Martin R,Medicine & Therapeutics                                            003              Blackwell
0905214749             DAVIS STEPHEN F., Olby
                                          BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Neurology
             Platt Simon, FBreithardt Gunter, Natasha,                                                          003              BSAVA
0781740401             Smith, Smith, Jr. W5-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline Text/CDROM pkg
             Tilley P Larry, Jr. W Francis, Francis,                                                            003              Lippincott
0781748356             Smith, Smith, Jr. W5-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline Text PDA pkg
             Tilley P Larry, Jr. W Francis, Francis,                                                            003              Lippincott
0905214730                      R, SimpsonJohn, Williams David,
                                          W Jimmy,
             Hall Ed, Chitty J Gregory BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology                       002              BSAVA
0905214722                                 F., Peterson
                                 ThomasPatrick Manual of Canine and Feline Endocrinology
             Mooney Lüscher Serruys BSAVA W., E Mark,
                       Carmel T,                                                                                003              BSAVA
0905214811              John, Jefferson Bruce,Manual of Canine and Feline Abdominal Surgery
             WilliamsOlby Natasha, Niles Jacqui,                                                                001              BSAVA
090521482X             BlackwoodJefferson Holt David,
             Brockman Daniel, Laura, Bruce,Manual of Canine and Feline Head, Neck and Thoracic Surgery 001                       BSAVA
3877066356             PARRY TAYLOR R Nose, Throat and Tracheobronchial Diseases in Dogs and Cats
                                 JANE, Ear,
             Venker Van Haagen J Anjop,REBECCA,                                                                 001              Manson P
0905214765             Donaldson D C BSAVA Chitty R,
                                Gregory W John,
             Harcourt-Brown Nigel, Malcolm, ManualJof Psittacine Birds                                          002              BSAVA
389993007X              Ulrich, JENKINS J JENNIFER, Falcon Medicine
                                          Colour Atlas of
             WernerySlater Rachel, Renate Wernery,Kinne Joerg,                                                  001              Manson P
1405108894             Cassidy Lorraine, Wilkinson Roger, of
                                          Medicine and Surgery
             McArthur Stuart, Blenkinsopp John, Meyer Jean, Tortoises and Turtles                               001              Blackwell
0813803195             McMAHON APRIL,
                                Dear Frances, Dissection A Ileana,
             Constantinescu M Gheorghe,ConstantinescuGuide for Large Animals                                    002
                                                                                                   Horse and Large Ruminants ISUP
0813809193             LOMBARDI PATRIZIA, Steele Hbovis Infection in Animals and Humans
                                          Mycobacterium James,
             Thoen Charles, Sylvester JT, Gilsdorf J Michael,                                                   002              Ames (Bla
0813804787             Sagar, LEE AGNES, Bovine
             Goyal M Gorse Chris, Ridpath F Julia, Viral Diarrhea Virus                                         001               Control
                                                                                                   Diagnosis, Management and Ames (Bla
3899930002             Canet MA Sarah,JHabel E Wunsche Anita,
                                Samani Bovine Anatomy
             Budras Klaus Dieter,          Nilesh, Robert,                                                      001
                                                                                                   An Illustrated Text           Manson P
1840760494             Canet Samani Sheep Medicine
             Scott R Philip, MA Sarah,J Nilesh,                                                                 001              Manson P
0813817633             Law E. John,       Diseases of Swine CD-Rom
             Straw E Barbara,Osterhaus Albert DME,                                                              009              Ames (Bla
081381703X             ZIMMERMAN Duncan, DAllaire Jeffrey,
                                          Diseases of Swine
             Straw E Barbara,WilcoxDEAN, ZimmermanSylvie,                                                       009              Ames (Bla
0781753856              Christopher, A Dale, Smith, Joseph,
                                Smith 5-Minute Veterinary Consult:
             Brown MSmith, Jr. W Francis, Bertone Jr. W Francis, Equine for PDA Bundle                          001              Lippincott
3899930037             Thoen Charles, Sack JOHN, the Horse
                                PRESCOTT W O, Rock Sabine,
             Budras Klaus-Dieter,         Anatomy of                                               4th Edition 004               Manson P
0813806763              Murray, A ALISON, Mikota K Susan,
             Fowler EPILNICKHebert Karen, Medicine and Surgery of Elephants                                     001              Ames (Bla
0905214757             Peterson E
                                Serruys Patrick Manual of Reptiles
                                           Raiti Paul,
             Girling Justin Simon,Mark,BSAVA W.,                                                                002              BSAVA
3794521013   König E Horst, Callans Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals
                       Marchlinski E Francis, Liebich Hans-Georg,                                               001              Manson P
0632064528             Conboy Meyer Ihrke J Walder J Emily, Dog and Cat
             Gross Thelma Lee,            Skin Peter,
                                 Gary, Jean, Diseases of the                                                    Histopathologic Diagnosis
                                                                                                   Clinical and 002              Blackwell
1405131969             Touquet R Robin, Foster P Aiden,
                                          Advances in Veterinary Dermatology vol.5
             Hillier Andrew, Hebert Karen, Kwochka W Kenneth,                                                   005              Blackwell
0781757991             Baker C Lassen E. Duane, of Clinical Cases for Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry
             Thrall Mary Anna,  Dale, Supplement                                                                001              Lippincott
0813828430              Rodney, E Jesse,  Leean,
             Bagley SEdwardsMorrow Fundamentals of Veterinary Clincial Neurology                                001              Ames (Bla
090521479X             Niles Jacqui, Blackwood Manual of Clinical Pathology
             Villiers Elizabeth,          BSAVA
                                Jefferson Bruce, Laura,                                                         002              BSAVA
0813828260             Lawrenson Ross,Alistair,
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0813829399             Edwards E Jesse, ThoenPRESCOTT JOHN,
                                          Leean, Charles,
             Gyles L Carlton, Morrow Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals                            003              Ames (Bla
0813803799             ROWE STEWART W C, Walker Richard,
                                          Veterinary Microbiology
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1840760168             Cattlin Nigel D, Barbara,
             Martin Charles L,  Pober Ophthalmic Disease in Veterinary Medicine                                 001              Manson P
0813817536             Law      Osterhaus Albert DME,
             Coyne C. P.,E. John,         Comparative Diagnostic Pharmacology                                   Research Applications in L
                                                                                                   Clinical and 001              Ames (Bla
1840760567             Harry, Forbes A Neil, Orthopaedics
             Scott W Frye L Fredric, McLAUGHLIN RON,                                                            001              Manson P
3899930088             Brooks NORMARK STAFFAN,
                                          Atlas of Radiology
             Morgan P Joe, Adrian, Wolvekamp Pim, of the Traumatized Dog and Cat                                002
                                                                                                   Second Edition                Manson P
081380678X              Noel,     MARY, Veterinary Laser Surgery
                                          Eeg H
             Berger ASHAW ELEE AGNES, Peter,                                                                    001
                                                                                                   A Practical Guide             Ames (Bla
0632063971             MacLennan H Neil,
             Thrusfield Michael, David N, Veterinary Epidemiology                                               003              Blackwell
1405122137             Makris Michael, Advanced M John, Jack,
                                Lillicrap David, McAninch W
             Hohenfellner Rudolph, Fitzpatrick Urologic Surgery                                                 003              Blackwell
1405107529               Winsor, Sylvester JT,
                                          Challenges in
             BowsherWard Jeremy, Carter Adam, Prostate Cancer                                                   002               Blackwell
1405106212               Kerry, Cooper Occupational Hygiene
             GardinerSMITH JUDY, Harrington J M,                                                                003               Blackwell
1405104449   Avram M,            White Management of Comorbidities in Kidney Disease in the 21st Century: Anemia, Bone Disease, Maln
                       Clack A Jenny, Stephan,                                                                  001               Blackwell
0727918699             Elliott Trisha, Marek, Bate Innovations in Health Service Organisations: a systematic literature review Blackwell
                                 Smieja Diffusion of P. Paul,
             Greenhalgh T. J Elizabeth, Robert B Glenn,                                                         001
1405122897              Robert,Hatton C, Rabe F Klaus,
                                          Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
             StockleyBorley Neil, Rennard I Steve,                                                              001
                                                                                                   A Practical Guide to ManagementBlackwell
072791605X             Elliott Smieja Marek,
             Gibson Peter, J Elizabeth,   Evidence-based Respiratory Medicine                                   001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                         Evidence-Based M
1405123931             Pamphilon Derwood, L,
                                  M,      Sleep
             Shneerson John Blankenship HMedicine: A Guide to Sleep and its Disorders                           002               Blackwell
1405122013             H Stephen,Plotnick D Gary, Spire C Jean-Paul,
                                          Diagnosis in Sleep
             Sheldon Camm A. John, Jacobsen H John, Medicine                                                    001
                                                                                                   A Case Based Approach          Blackwell
0632064935             Baillie Kirby Roger, Miller
                                          Lung Function
             Cotes John E, John, Chinn David J, Martin R,                                                       Measurement and Applicat
                                                                                                   Physiology, 006                Blackwell
1405122048             Michael,Spire C Jean-Paul, Ernst Armin,
                                          Thoracic Endoscopy
             Simoff J Jacobsen H John, Sterman H Daniel,                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                   Advances in Interventional Pulmonolog
1405122633               Danilo, Beck
             JankovicStein Mike, J K,     Regional Nerve Blocks & Infiltration Therapy                          003
                                                                                                   Textbook and color atlas       Blackwell
1405120606             DUFOUR FRANCOIS, Stayer Russell A Isobel,
                                 Giza CC Christopher, A Stephen,
             Andropoulos DB Dean, Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease                                       001               Blackwell
1405126957             Lee Cheng-Sheng, Lüscher Thomas F.,
                                           Patricia, Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine
             Camm A. John, O'Bryen The ESC Serruys Patrick W.,                                                  001               Blackwell
1405131551             Boquet NORMARK STAFFAN,
                                          Clinical S Daniel,
             Germano Guido,Patrice, Berman Gated Cardiac SPECT                                                  002               Blackwell
1840760524             Habel E Robert,Erling, P
                                 Falk E Shah
             De Feyter J Pim, Wunsche Anita, K, Heart Disease                                                   001               Manson P
1405122072              Blair, Bush L Ruth,
                                          Syncope: Mechanisms and Management
             Grubb P Quagrainie Kwamena, Olshansky Brian,                                                       002               Blackwell
1405122129              S Brooks,Morrow Pathology of E Jesse,
             EdwardsSatterthwaite Julian, EdwardsSudden Cardiac Death                                           001
                                                                                                   An Illustrated Guide           Blackwell
1405103612              M Arthur,AUE C.Heart Failure: Pharmacologic Management
             FeldmanLUCKHARDTA.E.Grant,     MAXIMILIAN,                                                         001               Blackwell
1840760583             Montville J Thomas,Valvular Heart Disease
             Andrus Bruce, Chan Otto, Baldwin John,                                                             001               Manson P
1405131314             Naccarelli Gerald, Kramer Marwick Thomas H.,
                                           Michael, M Christopher,
             Bax J Jeroen, Rosen RCardiovascular Imaging                                                        001      European Society
                                                                                                   A Handbook for Clinical Practice
1405124474              Vasken,  Brooker Cardiac CT, PET M MR
             Dilsizian WETTSTEIN HOWARD K, PohostandGerald,                                                     001               Blackwell
072791796X              Jan,      John, Skarvan Karl,
                                            Vieda,                                                              002
             Poelaert O'Grady SkultansTransoesophageal Echocardiography in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine 2nd Edn        Blackwell
1405119608             McilwainPlotnick D Gary, Electrocardiography
             Malik Marek,                 Dynamic
                                  F Elizabeth, Camm A. John,                                                    001               Blackwell
140511732X             Barry, Kilara Diagnosis and Management of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
             Maron J White Charles,Arun,                                                                        001               Blackwell
1405118881             SCHWEITZER IVY, Haïssaguerre M Michel,
                                          Thoracic Vein Arrhythmias:
             Chen Shih-Ann, Angus Joanne, Zipes P Douglas, Mechanisms and Treatment                             001               Blackwell
1405127783             GRECO Davenport S Brugada Syndrome
             Antzelevitch Charles,LIDIA, The Elizabeth,                                                         001
                                                                                                   From Bench to Bedside          Blackwell
1405119039             Johnsrude L Christopher, Mcilwain F Elizabeth,
                                          Handbook of D Gary,
             Kerut E Kenneth,Buck H Scott, PlotnickEcho-Doppler Interpretation                                  002               Blackwell
1405132930             WEIL Jefferson Naccarelli Gerald,
                                             Bruce, Rosen Technologies
             Wang J Paul, THIERRY,New Arrhythmia R Michael,                                                     001               Blackwell
1405118385             Grenier WEATHERBEE Long QT Yap Yee
                                          Acquired Marek,
             Camm A. John, K. Jennifer, MalikD. SCOTT,Syndrome Guan,                                            001               Blackwell
1405142820             WITKIN S. STEVEN, Hayes Auricchio Angelo,
                                          Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
             Yu Cheuk-Man, Kristinsson Hordur, DL David L,                                                      001               Blackwell
1840760796             Shetty Lev Michael, Interventional Cardiology
             Hoye Angela, Sanjay, Serruys Patrick,                                                              001               Manson P
1405122005             Camm A. John, D Gary, Catheterization in Congenital Heart Disease
             Mullins CE Charles, Plotnick Cardiac                                                               001
                                                                                                   Pediatric and Adult            Blackwell
1405131284             Beckley RESURRECCION ANNA, Srivastava Deepak,
                                          Cardiovascular Development                                            001
             Artman Michael, H Jacqueline, Benson D Woodrow, and Congenital Malformations Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms        Blackwell
1405122110             Johnsrude L Christopher, Function and Blood Flow in Congenital Heart Disease
             Fogel A Mark, Buck H Scott,  Ventricular                                                           001               Blackwell
140512489X             WRIGHT T  WHITE Hybrid Vascular Procedures
             Branchereau Alain, TONY, Jacobs Michael,                                                           001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                         European Vascula
1405103825             PHILLIPS A H Neil, Jaff Gerhard-Herman Marie, Diagnosis
                                          Essentials of Vascular Laboratory
             Mohler ER Emile,CoxDEBORAH, R Michael,                                                             001               Blackwell
1405122153             Grundy David, Gerhard-Herman Marie,
                                           Louis, Jaff R Michael,
             Mohler ER Emile,Emmerij Essentials of Vascular Laboratory Diagnosis CD ROM                         001               Blackwell
1405124237                                  H Peter,
                       Leñn R Angel, GEndovascular L Ruth,
             Lumsden B Alan,FisherLinWestby, BushTherapy                                                        001               Blackwell
                                                                                                   Principles of Peripheral Interventions
1405122056             Johnsrude L Christopher,
             Hakaim G Albert,Buck H Scott, Endovascular Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms                 001               Blackwell
0632064293             Rennard I Steve, Rook's Textbook of Dermatology
                                           Breathnach Neil,
             Burns DA Tony, Rabe F Klaus, Cox HM Stephen,                                                       007               Blackwell
1405110465             John, Gilsdorf J Oranje PProse N S Dermatology
                                          Textbook Arnold,
             Harper I Leung Joseph W, Michael,of Pediatric Neil,                                                002               Blackwell
1405131306             BYERLY M CAROLYN M., Cox H Neil,
                                          Rook's Textbook of Dermatology
             Burns DA Tony, ARNOLD KARIN, Breathnach M Stephen,CD ROM                                           007               Blackwell
1405120347             Dancaster Dietz H William, Hearing Raymond,
                                          The Pigmentary Vincent,
             Nordlund J James, Christopher, Boissy E System                                                     002
                                                                                                   Physiology and Pathophysiology Blackwell
1405113766             Lorenzo, E Erik, Gatter Kevin, Guide
                                          An Illustrated
             Cerroni BerntorpHoots Keith, Kerl Helmut, to Skin Lymphoma                                         002               Blackwell
1405107790             Attwood Saade R. George, Robson Alistair,
             MacDonald Donald,            Dermatopathology
                                 K Teresa, Ben-Gashir Mohamed,                                                  001               Blackwell
1840760540             Greene DW ADHYA Photodermatology
             Ferguson James, John,         SANKAR,                                                              001               Manson P
1405126558              Charles,GRAHAM DRUMMOND, Brown Endocrinology
                                           Clayton E Peter,
             Brook G MALE STEVEN, Brook's Clinical PediatricS Rosalind,                                         005               Blackwell
1405122331             Joseph, Brown S Practical Endocrinology and
                                           Rosalind, D C Malcolm,
             Raine E Clayton E Peter, DonaldsonGregory W John, Diabetes in Children                             002               Blackwell
1405116722             Kyriakides Alec, Clinical Obesity
                                          Caterson Ian,
             Kopelman Peter,Rogers Stuart, Dietz H William,                                                     002
                                                                                                   in Adults and Children         Blackwell
1405126183              G Gareth, Pickup C John,
                                 Wilcox CD-ROM
             WilliamsThelin Anders, Duncan, Slide Atlas of Diabetes                                             001               Blackwell
1405127406             Pierre T. Richard, Baillie John, Gallbladder and Bile Ducts
             Clavien Corlett Alain, Roger,Diseases of the                                                       002
                                                                                                   Diagnosis and Treatment        Blackwell
072791751X             Hill D John,
                                 Cramp Paul, Feagan G Brian,
                                          Evidence-based Gastroenterology & Hepatology
             McDonald WSuzanne, Burroughs K Andrew,                                                             002               Blackwell
                                                                                                                         Evidence-Based M
1405118040             Achan Vinod,Peter, Rodés Juan, Dysfunction in Liver Disease
             Ginès Pere,         Rae Arroyo Vicente,
                                          Ascites and Renal                                                     002               Blackwell
1405130326             Yik Francis,
                                 Blenkinsopp John,
                                          Medical Care of the
             Killenberg Paul G, Clavien Pierre Alain, Liver Transplant Patient                                  003               Blackwell
1405120797              Peter, Gilsdorf J Michael, Digestive
             Cotton BRollin Bernard, Leung Joseph W, Endoscopy - ERCP                                           001               Blackwell
1405122765             EdwardsMorrow Enrique,Pancreatology for Practising Gastroenterologists and Surgeons 001
                                  E Juan Clinical
             Dominguez-Munoz Jesse,       Leean,                                                                                  Blackwell
1405127864              Prateek, Beck J K,Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
             Sharma Stein Mike, Sampliner Richard E,                                                            002               Blackwell
1405139404             Benson Srivastava Deepak,
             de Franchis Roberto,         Portal                                                                001
                                 D Woodrow, Hypertension IV - Proceedings from the 4th Baveno International Consensus Workshop    Blackwell
1405123613             Boyce James, Pathophysiology
                                           Louis,                                                               001
             Spiller Robin, K EmmerijGrundy David, of the Enteric Nervous System: a basis for understanding functional diseases   Blackwell
1405133767             B. John, R Robin,
             Furness Touquet Hebert Karen,The Enteric Nervous System                                            001               Blackwell
1405130059             C Howard, NatarajaViral Hepatitis
                                            Ram, Zuckerman Arie,
             Thomas Alkurdi Rola, Lemon Stanley,                                                                003               Blackwell
1405112921              Geoffrey,NELSON CL CECIL, Hall Pauline,
                                          Fatty George Jacob,
             Farrell CKACHRU Y YAMUNA, Liver Disease: NASH and related disorders                                001               Blackwell
0813818036              J Kelley,Wilcox Duncan,
                                          Agricultural Medicine
             DonhamThompson M Louis, Thelin Anders,                                                             001               Ames (Bla
                                                                                                   Occupational and Environmental Health
1840760699             Balaban Kristinsson Hordur, Infections
                                  Murat, Vulvo-Vaginal
             LEDGER J. WILLIAM, WITKIN S. STEVEN,                                                               001               Manson P
0727917315             Skarvan Karl, Connolly Jim, Otto,
                                            Vieda, Chan
             Brooks Adam, SkultansUltrasound in Emergency Care                                                  001               Blackwell
0632064544             Ihrke     Walder JMollison's Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine
             Klein Harvey, J Peter, Anstee J David,                                                             011               Blackwell
1405108215             Horton Edward, Postgraduate Haematology
                                          Andrea, Catovsky Daniel,
             Hoffbrand Victor,Rockall Tuddenham GD Edward,                                                      005               Blackwell
1405127694             Gribben G John, Berntorp of Hemophilia
                                           Tina, Hoots Keith,
             Lee A Christine, Bradley TextbookE Erik,                                                             001               Blackwell
1405112557             HUSSEY JULIETTE, Gribben G John,
             Provan Drew, Bradley Molecular Hematology                                                            002               Blackwell
140511844X             Michael, SHUICHI, Pamphilon Derwood,
             Murphy KITADA Blankenship H L, Transfusion Medicine                                                  002               Blackwell
1405107804               Peter, Bradley Tina,
             HoffmanOkpala Iheanyi, Practical Management of Haemoglobinopathies                                   001               Blackwell
140513030X             EVENSON ROBERT E, Makris Michael,
                                  Brignole Michele, Lillicrap David,
             O'Shaughnessy Denise, Practical Hemostasis and Thrombosis                                            001               Blackwell
1405135166             Whelan Peter, Haemoglobinopathy Diagnosis
             Bain J. Barbara, Kirby Roger,                                                                        002               Blackwell
0727916912   Loeb Mark,           Feagan G Brian, Smieja Marek, Diseases
                                           Evidence-based Infectious
                       Burroughs K Andrew, Smaill Fiona,                                                          001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                           Evidence-Based M
1405130318             Henderson E James, AndersonRespiratory DME,
             Peiris Malik,                 RENE, Acute J Larry,
                                  ABATE Severe Osterhaus Albert Syndrome                                          001
                                                                                                     A Clinical Guide               Blackwell
0632060468                Simon,Jones Howard, Dodsonof Epilepsy
                                           The Treatment W E,
              ShorvonSinger Albert, Fish David,                                                                   002               Blackwell
1405117672             Zorumski C.F.ANGELA,
             David R.B. Ronald,            Child
                                  LEE Charles,and Adolescent Neurology                                            002      Access Blackwell
                                                                                                     Blackwell's Neurology and Psychiatry A
1405126191              Stewart, H Daniel, Lang Anthony,
                                           Drug Induced William,
             Factor AStermanErnst Armin, Weiner JMovement Disorders                                               002               Blackwell
1405117664             Gatter Kevin,Helmut, Neurology
                                  Kerl     Adult
             Ryan Melody, Robinson Singleton J., Corey-Bloom Jody, Sabet Arman,                                   002      Access Blackwell
                                                                                                     Blackwell's Neurology and Psychiatry A
1405120592             Stayer ARussell Transient Ischemic
                                   Stephen, Levine
             Chaturvedi Seemant, A Isobel, R Steven, Attacks                                                      001               Blackwell
1405130296             Scanes G Colin,
             Schwartzman J. Robert, , Neurologic Examination                                                      001               Blackwell
1405116463              Raymond,  Weiner J William,
             Sawaya Smolensky Paul,Intracranial Metastases: Current Management Strategies                         001               Blackwell
1405131373             Aronson James, The Cervix
                                           Singer Albert,
             Jordan Joseph, KEARNEY JMK JOHN M, Jones Howard,                                                     002               Blackwell
0632054190             Murphy KATE, Peter, Tito, Raj,
             Monaghan John,Darke Lopes NaikGynaecological Surgery                                                 010               Blackwell
0632046325             Clunie Kaye JA, Belfort Michael,
                                           Critical Care R. George,
             Dildy III A. Gary,GordonAndrew, SaadeObstetrics                                                      004               Blackwell
072791779X             Greenhalgh T. Trisha, Lee R William,
             Sehu Weng K, SkultansOphthalmic Pathology                                                            001               Blackwell
                                                                                                     An Illustrated Guide for Clinicians
0727917463              Virginia, Smieja Marek,
                                           Evidence-based Pediatrics and Child Health
             Moyer A Badenoch Douglas, Elliott J Elizabeth,                                                       002               Blackwell
                                                                                                                           Evidence-Based M
187454526X             Albert K Richard, Spitz Lewis,
                                           David, El Habbal Magdi,
             Strobel Stephan,Fielding Great Ormond Street Colour Handbook of Paediatrics and Child Health 001                       Manson P
0727918400              John, SkultansThe Textbook
             Griffin P Mays Nicholas, O'Grady John, of Pharmaceutical Medicine                                    005               Blackwell
1405117699             AOUAD LEE   GHASSAN, Zorumski C.F. Charles,
             Rubin E.H. Eugene, ANGELA,    Adult Psychiatry                                                       002      Access Blackwell
                                                                                                     Blackwell's Neurology and Psychiatry A
0865428808             Johnson Elizabeth, Taylor Eric,
             Rutter Michael, WilliamsChild and Adolescent Psychiatry                                              004               Blackwell
1405117680             Zorumski C.F.ANGELA,
                                  LEE Charles,and Adolescent Psychiatry
             Sexson S.B. Sandra, Wilkaitis MD John,                                                               002      Access Blackwell
                                                                                                     Blackwell's Neurology and Psychiatry A
1405130172              W.J. William, Otto, Endocrine System in Sports and Exercise
                                  Chan The
             KraemerNancarrow Susan, Rogol A.D. Alan,                                                             001      The Encyclopaedia
                                                                                                     Olympic Encyclopaedia of Sports Medic
1405122021             Lang Anthony, JVascular Surgery
             White Rodney, WeinerHollier LH Larry,                                                                002               Blackwell
                                                                                                     Basic Science and Clinical Correlations
1405134704             Ashurst R Philip,Julia,
             Branchereau Alain,            Jacobs Michael,
                                  Grealy Unexpected Challenges in Vascular Surgery                                001               Blackwell
                                                                                                                           European Vascula
0632044586             Pickup CAUGHLEY LH Larry,
                                           Haimovici's Vascular Surgery
             Ascher Enrico, C John, HollierGRAEME, Strandness D Eugene,                                           005               Blackwell
0879934271             Appleby Frost Marion,
             Little G Alex,        Frances,Complications in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Avoidance & Treatment         001               Blackwell
1405120371             Lister Sara,         David,
             Dougherty Lisa, WilliamsRoyal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures                 006               Blackwell
1405101652             Oranje PProse N Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing
             Storch Jill,                  S Neil,
                                   Arnold, Rice Jan,                                                              001               Blackwell
                                                                                                     Clinical Management and Wound Care
0813808812             Kralik Jordon Clinical
             Shafie Hamid, Debbie, Anna, and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures                            001               Ames (Bla
1405129948             Scanes G Colin,, Bone Grafting Techniques for Maxillary Implants
             KAHNBERG KARL-ERIK,  Luther                                                                          001               Blackwell
0813807522              Edward,Lopez Gretchen,
             Wright FZirkel Sabrina, E Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders                                      001               Blackwell
0632064781             Ward Sylvester JT,
             Ball George, Jeremy, Vitamins                                                                        001
                                                                                                     Their Role in the Human Body   Blackwell
0632064463             Ben-Gashir Mohamed,
             Bamforth CW, Robson Beer      Alistair,                                                              001
                                                                                                     Health and Nutrition           Blackwell
1405110406             Dancaster Christopher,
             Reilly Conor,                 Nutritional
                                  Dietz H William, Trace Metals                                                   001               Blackwell
0632059362             Tanner D.A.Blenkinsopp John,Methods for Energy in Buildings
             Underwood Chris, David, Yik Francis,                                                                 001               Blackwell
1405120312              G,        ABATE FIDIC
             Bunni NHenderson E James, Forms of Contract                                                          003               Blackwell
1405112972             NEIL F, B,          The JCT
             JONES Rhodes STEWART W C, Major Project Form                                                         001               Blackwell
140511763X             HARDING    MCMAHON CHRISTINE, Claims JOHN
                                           Building Contract SIMS
             CHAPPELL DAVID,JOAN, POWELL-SMITH VINCENT, H M,                                                      004               Blackwell
1405106352               John, Graham,ConstructionChristopher,
             Riches LLennox Dietz H William,Dancaster Adjudication                                                002               Blackwell
1405140496             DOUGLAS    Harper LThe
             CHAPPELL DAVID, JAMES, JCT Intermediate Building Contracts 2005                                      003               Blackwell
1405124504             WATKINS CRAIG, LEIRINGER ROINE,
             LOWE DAVID, WHITE Commercial Management of Projects                                                  discipline
                                                                                                     defining the 001               Blackwell
1405107863             Bogle James, Kirkham Richard,
             BOUSSABAINE SCHMIDWhole Life-Cycle Costing                                                           001
                                                                                                     Risk and Risk Responses Blackwell
1405121505             Haeney Mansel, Sustainable Development Policy Directory
             STRONG ALAN,Misbah Siraj,     HEMPHILL LESLEY,                                                       001               Blackwell
1405124229                        Jordon Anna, Sidwell Tony,
                                           Smart S Peter,
             Yang J, Kralik Debbie, Brandon& Sustainable Built Environments                                       001               Blackwell
0632056126               W G, Dahm E, Beck J K,
             CURTINLange Klaus, SHAW GERRY,Structural Masonry Designers' Manual                                   003               Blackwell
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   640   Hardback Handed over to production
                                  13-Feb-2006   £85.00   QA   ART HISTORY & THEORY   QA0440    Medieval Art
   616   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 13-Jul-2005   £70.00   QB   ARCHITECTURE           QB0200    Architectural Theory
   544   Printed Case HardBack to production
                   Handed over 23-Feb-2006      £65.00   QB   ARCHITECTURE           QB0200    Architectural Theory
   608   Hardback Handed over to production
                                  10-Feb-2006   £85.00   QE   APPLIED ARTS           QE0400    Museum Studies
   352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 18-Aug-2005   £55.00   QE   APPLIED ARTS           QE0400    Museum Studies
   776   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  26-Aug-2004   £90.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0100    Philosophy General
   232   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  04-Jun-2004   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0100    Philosophy General
   400   Hardback Handed over to production
                                  18-May-2006   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0200    Introductions to Philosophy
   560   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  17-Dec-2004   £90.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0300    Continental Philosophy
   480   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  23-Sep-2004   £65.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0300    Continental Philosophy
   336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 06-Dec-2004   £55.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0300    Continental Philosophy
   320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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   616   Hardback Handed over to production
                                  26-Jan-2006   £85.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0320    Phenomenology
   360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 02-Aug-2004   £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0500    Epistemology
   360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   640   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  16-Dec-2004   £65.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0800    Ethics
   352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005   £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0800    Ethics
   360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   192   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  23-Jun-2004   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0800    Ethics
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                   Handed over 01-Sep-2006      £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0800    Ethics
   224   Hardback Handed over to production
                                  11-Sep-2006   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0800    Ethics
   264   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  04-Jul-2005   £55.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0810    Applied ethics
   216   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  08-Oct-2004   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0820    Bioethics, Genethics & Medical
   280   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 07-Dec-2004   £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0840    Business ethics
   168   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   640   Printed Case HardBack to production
                   Handed over 28-Feb-2006      £55.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0880    Political ethics
   192   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  08-Apr-2005   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA0900    Applied Philosophy
   456   Printed Case HardBack to production
                   Handed over 31-Mar-2006      £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA1300    Philosophy of Language
   232   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   368   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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   352   Printed Case HardBack to production
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   352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 18-May-2004   £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA1900    Philosophy of Religion
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   344   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 01-Dec-2004   £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA2000    Philosophy of Science
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   256   Printed Case HardBack to production
                   Handed over 25-Jan-2006      £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA2100    Philosophy of Technology
   440   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  02-Aug-2004   £65.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA2300    Political philosophy
   760   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 01-Nov-2005   £65.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA2300    Political philosophy
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   448   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                   Available (i.e 18-Nov-2004   £65.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA2510    Feminist Philosophy
   448   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                  06-Dec-2005   £75.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY             RA2630    American Philosophy
 288   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 10-Apr-2006      £55.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2640   Chinese Philosophy
 664   Hardback Handed over to production
                                05-Jan-2006   £85.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2710   Ancient Philosophy
 552   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Dec-2005   £85.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2710   Ancient Philosophy
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 160   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Dec-2005   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2730   Modern Philosophy
 576   Hardback Handed over to production
                                25-Sep-2006   £85.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2740   17th and 18th century Philosoph
 512   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 624   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 336   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 608   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 208   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 18-Jan-2006   £50.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2760   20th century Philosophy
1056   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                29-Jul-2005   £85.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2790   Wittgenstein
 424   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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                 Available (i.e 03-Nov-2005   £60.00   RA   PHILOSOPHY           RA2790   Wittgenstein
 256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 17-Sep-2004   £65.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0110   Systematic Theology
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 224   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 608   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                06-Jan-2004   £90.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0120   Contemporary Theology
 232   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 528   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                06-Jan-2004   £90.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0150   Moral Theology / Christian Ethic
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 224   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Nov-2004   £55.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0180   Postmodern Theology
 576   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2005   £85.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0190   Spirituality
 832   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Jul-2005   £75.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0200   Introductions to theology
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 324   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 336   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 28-Feb-2006      £55.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0320   New Testament
 464   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 20-Oct-2004   £65.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0400   History of Religion and the Chu
 292   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 268   Printed Case HardBack to production
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 492   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 208   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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                                28-Feb-2006   £50.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB05B0   Religion in America
 256   Hardback Handed over to production
                                11-Apr-2006   £50.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB05B0   Religion in America
 208   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                18-Oct-2004   £50.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB05D0   Religion and Science
 396   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 20-Dec-2005      £65.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0622   Christianity
 512   Hardback Handed over to production
                                19-Apr-2006   £85.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0625   Islam
 640   Hardback Handed over to production
                                02-Jun-2006   £85.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0625   Islam
 224   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                22-Apr-2004   £50.00   RB   THEOLOGY AND RELIGIONRB0625   Islam
 240   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                06-Nov-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE           RC0100   Literature General
 640   Hardback Reprinting      10-Nov-2004   £99.99   RC   LITERATURE           RC0300   Literary and Cultural Theory
 568   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Apr-2005   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0300   Literary and Cultural Theory
 328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 352   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 848   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                25-Aug-2005   £95.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0340   History of Literary Criticism
 592   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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1336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 208   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 224   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                13-Sep-2004   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0400   Literary Criticism and History
 312   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                23-Dec-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0400   Literary Criticism and History
 608   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Nov-2004   £90.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0410   The Novel
 376   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                23-Jul-2004   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0410   The Novel
 232   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 18-Jun-2004   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0410   The Novel
 624   Hardback Handed over to production
                                06-Sep-2006   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0420   Drama
 664   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 18-Jun-2004   £70.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0430   Poetry
 424   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Dec-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0450   Literary Biography
 584   Hardback Reprinting      17-Dec-2004   £99.99   RC   LITERATURE          RC0470   Oral Literature, Folk Literature,
 160   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                25-Mar-2004   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0610   Old English Literature
 320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                12-Jan-2006   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0610   Old English Literature
 432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Sep-2004   £65.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0620   Middle English Literature
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 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 18-Jun-2004   £65.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0630   Medieval English Literature
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 584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Sep-2004   £90.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0631   Romance
 304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 23-Dec-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0640   Chaucer
 296   Hardback Handed over to production
                                27-Apr-2006   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0650   Renaissance
 264   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                06-Dec-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0650   Renaissance
 704   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2005   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0670   Shakespeare
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0670   Shakespeare
 608   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Nov-2004   £70.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0680   16th Century English Literature
 296   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Dec-2004   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0690   17th Century English Literature
 576   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                10-Nov-2005   £95.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06A0   18th Century English Literature
 600   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                22-Nov-2005   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06B1   Romanticism
 736   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 05-May-2004   £75.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06B2   Victorian Literature
 304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
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 272   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 632   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Aug-2005   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06C0   20th Century English Literature
 256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Aug-2005   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06C0   20th Century English Literature
 616   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Dec-2005   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06C1   Modernism
 312   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Sep-2004   £60.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06C1   Modernism
 264   Hardback Handed over to production
                                13-Dec-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06C1   Modernism
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Dec-2005   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC06C3   Contemporary English Literatur
 624   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Dec-2005   £95.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0800   American Literature
 672   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                29-Apr-2004   £90.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0800   American Literature
 488   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Sep-2004   £90.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0800   American Literature
 168   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Oct-2004   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0800   American Literature
 176   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                08-Jul-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0800   American Literature
 624   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                28-Sep-2005   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0820   Colonial American Literature
 640   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Nov-2005   £95.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0830   19th Century American Literatu
 576   Hardback Handed over to production
                                03-Jul-2006   £95.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0830   19th Century American Literatu
 592   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
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 600   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Nov-2004   £85.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0840   20th Century American Literatu
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 18-Apr-2005   £55.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0870   American Poetry
 200   Hardback Handed over to production
                                10-Apr-2006   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0880   American Drama
 144   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Jun-2004   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC0890   Native American Literature
 168   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Jul-2005   £50.00   RC   LITERATURE          RC1030   Creative Writing
 256   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Mar-2004   £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0100   Classical Studies General
 368   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                30-Jun-2004   £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0200   Introductions to Classical Studie
 144   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 29-Sep-2004   £50.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0200   Introductions to Classical Studie
 192   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Dec-2005   £50.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0200   Introductions to Classical Studie
 696   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                26-Jul-2005   £85.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0910   Epic Poetry
 352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Nov-2004   £65.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0940   Classical Mythology
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Dec-2004   £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0952   Greek Poetry
 576   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                09-Aug-2005   £85.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0953   Greek Tragedy
 472   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                02-Dec-2004   £90.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD0960   Latin Literature
 320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                13-Dec-2005   £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES   RD1000   Ancient Culture
 240   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Jun-2004    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1010   Classical Greek Culture
 272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Dec-2005    £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1020   Roman Culture
 416   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 02-Aug-2006       £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1100   Ancient History
 376   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                09-Dec-2004    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1100   Ancient History
 312   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                09-Dec-2004    £65.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1110   Ancient Egyptian History
 176   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                04-Oct-2005    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1110   Ancient Egyptian History
 528   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                09-Dec-2004    £90.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1120   Ancient Near Eastern History
 544   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 08-Mar-2006       £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1120   Ancient Near Eastern History
 184   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Sep-2004    £50.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1120   Ancient Near Eastern History
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Dec-2004    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1130   Ancient Greek History
 200   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                11-Jun-2004    £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1130   Ancient Greek History
 424   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Aug-2005    £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1130   Ancient Greek History
 416   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                22-Dec-2005    £50.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1130   Ancient Greek History
 648   Hardback Handed over to production
                                28-Apr-2006    £65.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1140   Classical Greek and Hellenistic
 800   Hardback Handed over to production
                                31-Mar-2006    £95.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 104   Hardback Handed over to production
                                12-Jun-2006    £85.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 624   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 30-Jun-2004    £70.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 336   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                02-Dec-2004    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 448   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 288   Hardback Handed over to production
                                26-Apr-2006    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 192   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                13-Jul-2005    £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1150   Roman History
 464   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 14-Jul-2006       £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1160   Late Antiquity
 400   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 07-Jan-2005    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1170   Byzantine History
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Jan-2006    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1200   Reception of the Ancient World
 336   Hardback Handed over to production
                                04-Jul-2006    £60.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1200   Reception of the Ancient World
 256   Hardback Handed over to production
                                01-Jun-2006    £55.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1220   Reception of the Ancient World
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 11-Oct-2005    £50.00   RD   CLASSICAL STUDIES    RD1220   Reception of the Ancient World
 304   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 13-Feb-2006       £50.00   RE                        RE0500
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Introductions to Linguistics
3285   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                23-Dec-2005   £499.99   RE                        RE0610
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Syntax
 400   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Jul-2004    £65.00   RE                        RE0610
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Syntax
 312   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Dec-2004    £60.00   RE                        RE0610
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Syntax
 464   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 26-Jun-2006       £60.00   RE                        RE0610
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Syntax
 400   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 19-Aug-2005    £55.00   RE                        RE0610
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Syntax
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 29-Nov-2004    £60.00   RE                        RE0620
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Semantics
 248   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 10-Dec-2004    £55.00   RE                        RE0620
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Semantics
 304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Aug-2004    £65.00   RE                        RE0630
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Phonology
 224   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 23-Nov-2004    £60.00   RE                        RE0630
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Phonology
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Jul-2005    £55.00   RE                        RE0630
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Phonology
 344   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 11-Jun-2004    £70.00   RE                        RE0660
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Writing, Palaeography
 488   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Sep-2004    £70.00   RE                        RE06A0
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Historical Linguistics
 800   Hardback Handed over to production
                                13-Feb-2006    £99.99   RE                        RE06A1
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      History of English Language
 704   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Dec-2004   £105.00   RE                        RE0830
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Speech Science
 360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 19-Jul-2005    £60.00   RE                        RE0830
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Speech Science
 472   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 07-Jul-2005    £60.00   RE                        RE0870
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Sociolinguistics
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Aug-2004    £55.00   RE                        RE0870
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Sociolinguistics
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 26-Aug-2005    £55.00   RE                        RE0870
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Sociolinguistics
 288   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                31-Aug-2005    £55.00   RE                        RE0870
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Sociolinguistics
 200   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Sep-2004    £55.00   RE                        RE0880
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Discourse Analysis
 272   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 26-Apr-2006       £50.00   RE                        RE0881
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Language and Gender
 352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Aug-2004    £65.00   RE                        RE0882
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Intercultural Communication
 472   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Jun-2005    £60.00   RE                        RE0920
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      Bilingualism
 752   Hardback Handed over to production
                                05-Jun-2006    £95.00   RE                        RE1000
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      English Language
 800   Hardback Handed over to production
                                13-Mar-2006    £95.00   RE                        RE1000
                                                             LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS      English Language
 288   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Aug-2004    £50.00   SA   HISTORY              SA0300   Historiography, Theory, Philoso
 208   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Jan-2006    £50.00   SA   HISTORY              SA0300   Historiography, Theory, Philoso
 264   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 09-Nov-2006       £55.00   SA   HISTORY              SA0600   Demographic History
 216   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Jan-2006    £50.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1200   Medieval History 500-1500
 368   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 16-Nov-2005       £60.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1210   British Medieval History
 288   Hardback Handed over to production
                                03-Apr-2006    £50.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1210   British Medieval History
 272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 26-Mar-2004    £55.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1220   European Medieval History
 608   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                23-Jul-2004    £90.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1310   Early Modern British History
 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Sep-2004    £70.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1310   Early Modern British History
 480   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 26-Aug-2005    £60.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1320   Early Modern European History
 192   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Apr-2005    £50.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1320   Early Modern European History
 448   Hardback Handed over to production
                                08-Sep-2006    £50.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1410   European Renaissance History
 624   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                10-May-2004    £90.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1510   Modern British History
 560   Hardback Handed over to production
                                27-Jan-2006    £85.00   SA   HISTORY              SA1520   Modern European History
 448   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005    £60.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1520   Modern European History
 480   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2004    £99.99   SA   HISTORY               SA1540   Modern United States History
 528   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2004    £90.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1540   Modern United States History
 312   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 06-Dec-2005    £55.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1540   Modern United States History
 600   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                06-Apr-2005    £85.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1610   20th Century British History
 584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2005    £85.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1620   20th Century European History
 488   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 25-Nov-2004    £65.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1620   20th Century European History
 360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Nov-2005    £60.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1620   20th Century European History
 256   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Jul-2005    £55.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1620   20th Century European History
 584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Dec-2004    £99.99   SA   HISTORY               SA1900   General North American History
 584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                22-Dec-2005    £95.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1900   General North American History
 464   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2004    £65.00   SA   HISTORY               SA1900   General North American History
 336   Hardback Reprinting      05-Nov-2004    £55.00   SA   HISTORY               SA2100   General Asian History
 624   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                09-Aug-2005    £85.00   SA   HISTORY               SA2400   General Middle East History
 176   Hardback Reprinting      02-Sep-2004    £55.00   SA   HISTORY               SA2900   Military History / War & Peace S
 216   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Jul-2005    £55.00   SA   HISTORY               SA3550   Twentieth Century Diplomatic H
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 05-Oct-2004    £65.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0100   Archaeology General
 360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Apr-2004    £65.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0100   Archaeology General
 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 10-Nov-2004    £65.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0100   Archaeology General
 240   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Nov-2005    £50.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0100   Archaeology General
 464   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 04-Nov-2005    £55.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0300   Archaeological Methods and Th
 304   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 07-Jun-2006       £55.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0300   Archaeological Methods and Th
 296   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Nov-2004    £65.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0400   Prehistoric Archaeology
 352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 17-Dec-2004    £65.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0440   Prehistoric Middle & Near Easte
 360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Dec-2005    £55.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0500   Historical Archaeology
 416   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 05-Nov-2004    £65.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0540   North American Archaeology
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Nov-2004    £60.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0560   Middle & Near Eastern Archaeo
 512   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Aug-2004    £70.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0570   African Archaeology
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 19-Jul-2005    £60.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0580   Asian Archaeology
 416   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005    £60.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB05A0   Australasian Archaeology
 448   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                02-Sep-2004    £75.00   SB   ARCHAEOLOGY           SB0700   Social Archaeology
 680   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Aug-2005    £60.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0300   Anthropological Theory and Me
 296   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                05-Aug-2005    £60.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0410   Human Evolution
 544   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                26-May-2005    £85.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0500   Social & Cultural Anthropology
 512   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 31-Aug-2004    £65.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0500   Social & Cultural Anthropology
 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 23-Jul-2004    £65.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0500   Social & Cultural Anthropology
 360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 08-Oct-2004    £65.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0500   Social & Cultural Anthropology
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Aug-2004    £65.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0500   Social & Cultural Anthropology
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Jul-2005    £55.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0500   Social & Cultural Anthropology
 336   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 10-Jul-2006       £55.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0530   Anthropology of Religion
 528   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                07-May-2004    £90.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0540   Political & Legal Anthropology
 424   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 06-Dec-2005    £60.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0540   Political & Legal Anthropology
 480   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Dec-2005    £60.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0561   Feminist Anthropology
 576   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Dec-2005    £60.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0570   Anthropology of Art
 552   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                09-Dec-2004    £90.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0590   Psychological Anthropology
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Nov-2004    £65.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD05E0   Food & Culture
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 29-Nov-2004    £65.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD05F0   Anthropology of Aging & the Life
 416   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 24-Nov-2004    £70.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD05K0   Anthropology of Globalization/T
 240   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                20-Oct-2004    £55.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD05K0   Anthropology of Globalization/T
 224   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                20-Oct-2005    £50.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD05M0   Anthropology of Race, Ethnicity
 232   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Dec-2005    £50.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD05N0   Environmental Anthropology
 584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Nov-2004    £90.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0780   North American Anthropology
 200   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Jun-2004    £55.00   SD   ANTHROPOLOGY          SD0900   Linguistic Anthropology
 312   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 10-May-2006       £60.00   SF                         SF0100
                                                             SOCIAL POLICY & WELFARE        Social Policy General
6000   Hardback Handed over to production
                                03-Aug-2006   £995.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0100   Sociology General
 352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Dec-2005    £60.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0100   Sociology General
 184   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Dec-2005    £50.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0100   Sociology General
 168   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 25-Aug-2005    £50.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0100   Sociology General
 488   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                02-Mar-2005    £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0200   Introductions to Sociology
 400   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                05-Apr-2005    £64.95   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0400   Research Methodologies
 256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Jul-2004    £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0400   Research Methodologies
 432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2004    £60.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0500   Social Theory
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2004    £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0500   Social Theory
 688   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                29-Mar-2004   £105.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0600   Sociology of Law
 248   Hardback Handed over to production
                                15-Jul-2005    £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH0800   Sociology of Religion
 192   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Aug-2005    £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH1400   Sociology of Science and Techn
 168   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Dec-2005    £50.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY             SH1500   Social Identity
592   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               16-Aug-2005   £85.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH1510     Class & Stratification
280   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 11-Jun-2004   £60.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH1530     Gender and Sexuality
352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 03-Nov-2004   £65.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH1700     Urban Sociology
264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 29-Jul-2004   £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2000     Sociology of Education
400   Hardback Handed over to production
                               15-Apr-2005   £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2300     Sociology of Organizations, Occ
280   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 13-Apr-2005   £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2400     Globalization
264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 12-Jan-2006   £55.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2400     Globalization
320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               01-Jan-2004   £65.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2500     Economic Sociology
  0   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               03-Jun-2004   £65.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2500     Economic Sociology
320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               03-Mar-2005   £65.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2500     Economic Sociology
520   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               02-Dec-2004   £90.00   SH   SOCIOLOGY              SH2800     Sociology of Culture
720   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 15-Sep-2004   £70.00   SI   CULTURAL STUDIES       SI0100     Cultural Studies General
600   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 19-Aug-2004   £65.00   SI   CULTURAL STUDIES       SI0100     Cultural Studies General
456   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 01-Apr-2005   £60.00   SI   CULTURAL STUDIES       SI0100     Cultural Studies General
336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 13-Dec-2005   £60.00   SI   CULTURAL STUDIES       SI0100     Cultural Studies General
216   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 17-Aug-2004   £55.00   SI   CULTURAL STUDIES       SI0100     Cultural Studies General
192   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               08-Aug-2005   £55.00   SI   CULTURAL STUDIES       SI0410     Popular Culture
704   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               23-Dec-2005   £85.00   SJ                          SJ0300
                                                           RACE & ETHNICITY STUDIES          African/African-American Studie
400   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               27-Oct-2004   £75.00   SJ                          SJ0400
                                                           RACE & ETHNICITY STUDIES          Asian/Asian-American Studies
224   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 03-Nov-2004   £55.00   SJ                          SJ0400
                                                           RACE & ETHNICITY STUDIES          Asian/Asian-American Studies
448   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 15-Aug-2005   £60.00   SK   AMERICAN STUDIES       SK0100     American Studies General
408   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 10-Nov-2004   £60.00   SK   AMERICAN STUDIES       SK0200     Introductions to American Studi
208   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               06-Aug-2004   £50.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0100       Communication & Media Studie
320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               15-May-2005   £55.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0200       Introductions to Communication
168   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               29-Apr-2004   £50.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0300       Communication Studies
304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 06-Dec-2005   £50.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0370       Feminist Communication
432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 01-Dec-2004   £65.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0400       Media Studies
272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 15-Sep-2004   £60.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0400       Media Studies
480   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               13-Sep-2004   £90.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0420       Film Studies
376   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 09-Sep-2004   £60.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0420       Film Studies
408   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 09-Sep-2004   £55.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0420       Film Studies
288   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 30-Mar-2006      £50.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0420       Film Studies
648   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               15-Apr-2005   £85.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0440       TV and Radio
152   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               25-Oct-2004   £55.00   SM                           STUDIES
                                                           COMMUNICATION & MEDIASM0440       TV and Radio
576   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               19-Aug-2004   £90.00   SN   GENDER STUDIES         SN0100     Gender Studies General
240   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               15-Jan-2006   £50.00   SP                          SP0470
                                                           POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE    African Politics
256   Hardback Handed over to production
                               20-Apr-2005   £50.00   SP                          SP0490
                                                           POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE    Middle Eastern Politics
128   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 05-May-2004   £50.00   SP                          SP0580
                                                           POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE    Politics of Poverty
256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 15-Feb-2005   £50.00   SP                          SP0600
                                                           POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE    Policy Studies
320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               30-Sep-2005   £55.00   SP                          SP0800
                                                           POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE    International Relations
392   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               04-Jun-2004   £55.00   SP                          SP0830
                                                           POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE    Global Politics
568   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 27-Apr-2006      £60.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0400     Brain & Behavior
272   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               13-Dec-2005   £50.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0400     Brain & Behavior
224   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               29-Apr-2005   £50.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0420     Cognitive Neuroscience
208   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               02-Mar-2005   £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0421     Cognitive Science
536   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 10-Jan-2006   £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0423     Emotion
680   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               08-Sep-2004   £90.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0740     Judgement and Decision-makin
312   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 19-Jun-2006      £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0760     Memory
328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 05-Jul-2004   £60.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ0810     Animal Behavior
584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               21-Sep-2004   £90.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1000     Developmental Psychology
640   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               22-Dec-2005   £85.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1060     Infancy & Childhood - Developm
320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 30-Nov-2004   £60.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1064     Cognitive Development
216   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               26-Jul-2005   £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1070     Developmental Disorders
376   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 21-Sep-2005   £60.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1130     Learning and Teaching
440   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 11-Jun-2004   £70.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1600     Health Psychology
264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005   £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1700     History of Psychology
272   Hardback Handed over to production
                               11-May-2006   £50.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1700     History of Psychology
440   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 17-Dec-2004   £75.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1860     Selection, Assessment & Traini
112   Paperback Handed over to production
                               10-Mar-2006   £50.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ1860     Selection, Assessment & Traini
280   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               16-Dec-2005   £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ2020     Intelligence
248   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005   £55.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ2500     Research Methods & Experime
240   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005   £50.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ2500     Research Methods & Experime
200   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 03-May-2005   £50.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ2500     Research Methods & Experime
488   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 29-Apr-2005   £65.00   SQ   PSYCHOLOGY             SQ2600     Social Psychology
312   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 28-Oct-2004   £60.00   SR   EDUCATION              SR1600     Teaching
176   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 01-Aug-2005   £55.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY              SS0700     Human Geography
288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 20-Sep-2005   £55.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY              SS0700     Human Geography
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 11-Jun-2004      £60.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS0710  Introductions to Human Geogra
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Jan-2006      £55.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS0710  Introductions to Human Geogra
 328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 20-Sep-2005      £50.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS0730  History of Geographic Thought
 328   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 27-Feb-2006         £55.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS0740  Urban Geography
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Sep-2004      £60.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS0750  Cultural & Social Geography
 376   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Nov-2005      £55.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS07D0 Economic & Industrial Geograp
 216   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Mar-2005      £50.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS07D0 Economic & Industrial Geograp
 256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005      £50.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS07D0 Economic & Industrial Geograp
 296   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Oct-2004      £60.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS07H0 Political Geography
 640   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Nov-2004      £90.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS07L0  Gender and Geography
 640   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                05-Apr-2004      £90.00   SS   GEOGRAPHY             SS07P0 Geography of Leisure & Tourism
 416   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 05-Oct-2004      £60.00   ST   URBAN STUDIES         ST0400  Urban Sociology
 368   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Dec-2004      £60.00   ST   URBAN STUDIES         ST0400  Urban Sociology
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Nov-2005      £55.00   ST   URBAN STUDIES         ST1000  Urban Politics
 432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Mar-2004      £55.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA0400  Mathematical Economics
 360   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Apr-2004      £55.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA0600  Economic Theory
 288   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Nov-2005      £50.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA0740  Information and Uncertainty
 424   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 06-Aug-2004      £65.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA0800  Macroeconomics
 592   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 05-Nov-2004      £90.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA0860  International Trade
 576   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 11-Jun-2004      £90.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA0860  International Trade
 568   Hardback Handed over to production
                                29-May-2006      £85.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA2100  Urban, Rural, and Regional Eco
 280   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                12-Mar-2004      £65.00   TA   ECONOMICS             TA2400  Sociology of Economics
 664   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                25-Feb-2004      £65.00   TB   BANKING AND FINANCE TB1000    Investment and Securities
 680   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 08-Oct-2004      £55.00   TB   BANKING AND FINANCE TB1000    Investment and Securities
 248   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2004      £50.00   TB   BANKING AND FINANCE TB1120    Other Derivatives
4224   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Dec-2004   £1,250.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0100  Business & Management Gene
 560   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Dec-2004      £70.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 240   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                18-May-2004      £65.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 160   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                02-Nov-2004      £55.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 288   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                05-Apr-2004      £50.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                24-Nov-2004      £50.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 312   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Dec-2004      £50.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 296   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                14-Dec-2004      £50.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD0500  Business Policy & Strategic Ma
 240   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 26-May-2004      £65.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD1200  International Business & Manag
 896   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Aug-2005      £75.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD1500  Health Care Management
 440   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                21-Dec-2004      £65.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD2300  Organizational Behaviour
 288   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2005      £50.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD2300  Organizational Behaviour
 472   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Nov-2005      £70.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD2400  Organizational Communication
 256   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 29-Jun-2005         £55.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD2900  Technology & Innovation Manag
 504   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 18-Nov-2005      £65.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3021  Logistics & Distribution
 480   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 07-Oct-2005      £60.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3300  Human Resource Management
 488   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Dec-2005      £60.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3300  Human Resource Management
 552   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Jul-2005      £75.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3320  Selection and Assessment
 208   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Oct-2004      £60.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3400  Management Education & Deve
 184   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                27-Oct-2004      £55.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3500  Leadership & Teamwork
 144   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                05-Aug-2005      £50.00   TD   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT TD3500  Leadership & Teamwork
 432   Hardback Reprinting      07-Feb-2005      £67.50   UA   LAW                   UA1400 Labour law
 450   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                25-Jul-2005      £80.00   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB0100  Plant Science General
 376   Hardback Handed over to production
                                31-Dec-2005      £95.00   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB0600  Plant Pathology
 480   Hardback Handed over to production
                                13-Mar-2006      £80.00   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB0600  Plant Pathology
 304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Sep-2005      £99.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB0900  Plant Molecular Biology
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 04-Jan-2006      £99.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB0900  Plant Molecular Biology
 256   Printed Case HardBack 09-Aug-2005
                 Reprinting                      £89.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB0900  Plant Molecular Biology
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Jun-2005      £99.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB1000  Plant Development
 328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 06-Jun-2005      £99.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB1200  Plant Cell Biology
 456   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 27-Mar-2006        £125.00   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB1300  Plant Biochemistry
 408   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 27-Mar-2006        £109.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB1300  Plant Biochemistry
 320   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 01-Nov-2006        £109.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB1300  Plant Biochemistry
 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Jun-2005      £99.95   VB   PLANT SCIENCE         VB1300  Plant Biochemistry
   0   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 23-Mar-2005      £70.00   VG   MICROBIOLOGY          VG0100 Microbiology General
 512   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                22-Nov-2005      £50.00   VH   ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE VH0900 Oceanography
 528   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Jan-2005     £225.00   VH   ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE VH1200 Environmental Management
 568   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Dec-2004     £130.00   VH   ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE VH1200 Environmental Management
 176   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-Dec-2005      £50.00   VI                         VI0200  Introductions to Earth Science &
                                                               EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
 600   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Feb-2005      £75.00   VI                         VI1000  Sedimentology & Stratigraphy
                                                               EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
 368   Paperback Handed over to production
                                09-May-2006      £75.00   VI                         VI1000  Sedimentology & Stratigraphy
                                                               EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
 608   Hardback Handed over to production
                                28-Apr-2006     £125.00   VI                         VI1400  Quaternary Science
                                                               EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
100   Compact Disc
                Handed over to production
                               24-Feb-2006   £200.00   VI                         VI1500  Palaeontology & Palaeobiology
                                                            EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
  0   Compact Disc
                Handed over to production
                               01-Jun-2005   £150.00   VI                         VI1500  Palaeontology & Palaeobiology
                                                            EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
218   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               04-Apr-2005    £66.00   VI                         VI1500  Palaeontology & Palaeobiology
                                                            EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
180   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               24-May-2004    £65.00   VI                         VI1500  Palaeontology & Palaeobiology
                                                            EARTH SCIENCES & PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 22-Nov-2005   £110.00   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK0300  Analytical Chemistry
400   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 28-Sep-2005   £110.00   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK0600  Chemical Engineering & Biotec
528   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 29-Mar-2006       £99.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK0700  Environmental Chemistry
464   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 16-Mar-2005   £119.00   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1200  Organic & Pharmaceutical Chem
344   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 11-May-2005   £110.00   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1200  Organic & Pharmaceutical Chem
352   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 25-Apr-2006       £89.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1200  Organic & Pharmaceutical Chem
392   Hardback Handed over to production
                               30-Jun-2006    £99.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1300  Perfume & Cosmetic Science
472   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 30-Aug-2005   £109.00   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1400  Physical Chemistry & Spectrosc
328   Printed Case HardBack 02-Sep-2005
                Reprinting                    £99.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1500  Polymers
336   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 01-Mar-2006       £99.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1800  Surface Science, Surfactants &
352   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 26-Oct-2004    £99.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1900  Applied & Industrial Chemistry
304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 03-Mar-2006    £99.50   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1900  Applied & Industrial Chemistry
200   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 20-Sep-2005    £85.00   VK   CHEMISTRY             VK1900  Applied & Industrial Chemistry
712   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 03-Mar-2006   £129.95   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
448   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 19-Jun-2006      £110.00   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
384   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 23-Aug-2006       £95.00   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
480   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 10-May-2004    £95.00   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 16-Jan-2006    £95.00   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
336   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 24-Jul-2006       £95.00   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
424   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 06-Jul-2005    £75.00   VL                         VL0100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Science & Technology Ge
368   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 22-Aug-2006       £95.00   VL                         VL0200
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Microbiology, Food Safety & Se
232   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 20-Sep-2005    £95.00   VL                         VL0200
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Microbiology, Food Safety & Se
336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 20-Jan-2005    £85.00   VL                         VL0200
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Microbiology, Food Safety & Se
784   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 19-Apr-2006      £145.00   VL                         VL0300
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Processing, Production &
376   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 29-Mar-2006       £99.50   VL                         VL0300
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Processing, Production &
528   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 16-Aug-2004    £95.00   VL                         VL0300
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Processing, Production &
608   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 26-Jan-2005    £79.50   VL                         VL0300
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Processing, Production &
200   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 31-Aug-2004    £59.50   VL                         VL0300
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Processing, Production &
  0   Compact Disc
                Available (i.e Delivered)
                               17-Aug-2004   £110.00   VL                         VL0400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Legislation
232   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 30-Jun-2004    £99.50   VL                         VL0400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Legislation
336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 13-Aug-2004    £90.00   VL                         VL0820
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Chemistry
408   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 17-Oct-2005    £99.50   VL                         VL0860
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Quality Assurance
320   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               04-Jan-2006   £110.00   VL                         VL0870
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Sensory Science
304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 15-Jun-2004   £105.00   VL                         VL0870
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Sensory Science
192   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 20-Jun-2005       £75.00   VL                         VL0870
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Sensory Science
472   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 16-Mar-2006      £110.00   VL                         VL1100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Dairy Food
320   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 04-Aug-2006       £99.00   VL                         VL1100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Dairy Food
256   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 19-May-2006       £99.00   VL                         VL1100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Dairy Food
232   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 04-Jan-2006    £95.00   VL                         VL1100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Dairy Food
320   Hardback Handed over to production
                               11-May-2006   £119.95   VL                         VL1400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Ingredients
264   Printed Case HardBack 03-Aug-2004
                Reprinting                   £105.00   VL                         VL1400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Ingredients
240   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 11-May-2004    £90.00   VL                         VL1400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Ingredients
244   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 16-Aug-2006       £95.00   VL                         VL2000
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Meat, Fish and Poultry
432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 25-Nov-2004   £135.00   VL                         VL2400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Fermented Foods & Beverages
320   Hardback Handed over to production
                               14-Jun-2006   £129.95   VL                         VL2400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Fermented Foods & Beverages
392   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 01-Dec-2004   £125.00   VL                         VL2400
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Fermented Foods & Beverages
456   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 09-Aug-2005   £119.50   VL                         VL3100
                                                            FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     Food Packaging
328   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 31-Mar-2006       £99.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0100 Agriculture General
300   Hardback Handed over to production
                               30-Jun-2006    £75.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0100 Agriculture General
328   Blocked Cloth
                Available (i.e Delivered)
                               03-Mar-2006    £69.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0100 Agriculture General
320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 19-Jun-2004    £65.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0100 Agriculture General
308   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                               03-Mar-2006    £59.95   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0100 Agriculture General
784   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 14-Nov-2006       £59.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0100 Agriculture General
456   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 15-Jun-2005       £69.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0300 Natural Resources
392   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 03-Jun-2006       £79.95   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0600 Botany/Horticulture
224   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 11-May-2004    £72.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA0800 Tropical Agriculture
240   Printed Case HardBack to production
                Handed over 16-Jun-2006       £79.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1600 Pest, Diseases and Weed
364   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 08-Apr-2005    £79.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1600 Pest, Diseases and Weed
300   Paperback Handed over to production
                               01-Jul-2006    £69.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1600 Pest, Diseases and Weed
496   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 09-Jan-2006   £125.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1900 Crops
288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 21-Oct-2004   £105.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1900 Crops
400   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 31-Mar-2005    £79.50   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1900 Crops
256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                Available (i.e 15-Sep-2004    £72.00   WA   AGRICULTURE & FORESTRYWA1900 Crops
 704   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 04-Jan-2006    £99.50   WA                        WA2200 Animal Agriculture
                                                             AGRICULTURE & FORESTRY
 280   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Nov-2004    £61.50   WA                        WA2200 Animal Agriculture
                                                             AGRICULTURE & FORESTRY
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Jun-2005    £79.95   WB                        WB0100 Aquaculture
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 356   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 24-May-2006       £75.00   WB                        WB0100 Aquaculture
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 196   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 20-Feb-2006    £69.50   WB                        WB0100 Aquaculture
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 288   Paperback Handed over to production
                                29-Mar-2006    £59.50   WB                        WB0100 Aquaculture
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 208   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 29-Sep-2004    £51.50   WB                        WB0100 Aquaculture
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 560   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 23-Jun-2006       £99.50   WB                        WB0120 Shellfish:
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE Crustacean and Mollu
 544   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Jan-2004   £105.00   WB                        WB0130 Fish Aquaculture
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 376   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                17-Sep-2004    £61.50   WB                        WB0140 Aquacultural Equipment
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 584   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                07-Jul-2004   £105.00   WB                        WB0200 Fisheries
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 464   Printed Case HardBack 13-Apr-2005
                 Reprinting                    £89.50   WB                        WB0220 Shellfish:
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE Crustacean and Mollu
 416   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 24-Feb-2005    £95.00   WB                        WB0230 Fish & Fisheries
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 440   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Aug-2005    £79.50   WB                        WB0230 Fish & Fisheries
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 456   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 02-Aug-2005    £99.50   WB                        WB0270 Fisheries
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE Methods
 536   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Jul-2005    £99.50   WB                        WB0270 Fisheries
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE Methods
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Jan-2004    £90.00   WB                        WB0280 Fisheries
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE Management
 800   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 19-Mar-2004   £130.00   WB                        WB0320 Fish & Environment
                                                             AQUACULTURE, FISHERIES & FISH SCIENCE
 352   Hardback Handed over to production
                                31-Aug-2005    £95.00   WC   EQUINE               WC0100 Equine General
 324   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Mar-2006    £75.00   WC   EQUINE               WC0100 Equine General
1952   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Mar-2006   £150.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0100 Veterinary Medicine General
 488   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                10-Jul-2004    £59.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0100 Veterinary Medicine General
1368   Blocked Cloth
                 Reprinting     04-Mar-2005    £55.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0100 Veterinary Medicine General
 896   Blocked Cloth
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                07-Mar-2005    £55.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0100 Veterinary Medicine General
   0   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                22-Mar-2004    £55.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0100 Veterinary Medicine General
 284   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Feb-2005    £80.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0200 Small Animal Medicine
 432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 30-Sep-2004    £65.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0200 Small Animal Medicine
   4   Compact Disc
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Mar-2004   £350.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 736   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Jan-2004   £105.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 350   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Nov-2004    £85.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
   4   Pack      Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Mar-2004    £79.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
1472   Pack      Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Jun-2004    £79.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 320   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Apr-2005    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 248   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Apr-2004    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 200   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Jun-2005    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 240   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                08-Nov-2005    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 240   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                29-Aug-2005    £71.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0210 Small Animal Medicine - Dog &
 320   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Apr-2005    £78.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0220 Small Animal Medicine - Avian
 160   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                07-Jun-2004    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0220 Small Animal Medicine - Avian
 600   Hardback Reprinting      11-Feb-2004   £145.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0230 Small Animal Medicine - Exotic
 450   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Jan-2004    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0300 Farm Animal Medicine General
 352   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 17-May-2006       £69.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0300 Farm Animal Medicine General
 272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 31-Oct-2005    £69.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0310 Farm Animal Medicine - Cattle
   0   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Mar-2004    £66.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0310 Farm Animal Medicine - Cattle
 300   Hardback Handed over to production
                                13-Mar-2006    £75.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0320 Farm Animal Medicine - Sheep
   4   Compact Disc
                 Handed over to production
                                30-Dec-2005   £149.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0330 Farm Animal Medicine - Pigs
1172   Blocked Cloth
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                03-Mar-2006   £125.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0330 Farm Animal Medicine - Pigs
   4   Pack      Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Jan-2004    £80.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0400 Equine Medicine
   0   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                05-Jan-2004    £66.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0400 Equine Medicine
 576   Blocked Cloth
                 Handed over to production
                                15-Sep-2006    £99.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0600 Zoo & Wildlife Medicine
 350   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-May-2004    £89.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD0600 Zoo & Wildlife Medicine
   0   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                14-Mar-2005   £195.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD1100 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiolog
 944   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 20-Jul-2005   £149.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD1400 Veterinary Dermatology
 408   Hardback Reprinting      31-Aug-2005    £95.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD1400 Veterinary Dermatology
 100   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Nov-2005    £50.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD1700 Veterinary Haematology
 584   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Oct-2005    £69.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD1900 Veterinary Internal Medicine
 300   Paperback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Apr-2005    £90.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2000 Veterinary Pathology
 544   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 20-Apr-2004    £65.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2000 Veterinary Pathology
 480   Printed Case HardBack 04-Aug-2004
                 Reprinting                    £59.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2100 Veterinary Microbiology, Infectio
 552   Paperback Reprinting     30-Sep-2004    £55.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2100 Veterinary Microbiology, Infectio
 512   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                13-Sep-2004    £95.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2200 Veterinary Ophthalmology
 960   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                20-Feb-2006   £199.95   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2300 Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxic
 384   Hardback Handed over to production
                                26-Feb-2006    £95.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2500 Veterinary Surgery, Orthopaedi
 568   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                11-Apr-2005    £80.00   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2500 Veterinary Surgery, Orthopaedi
 256   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 09-Jun-2006       £59.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2500 Veterinary Surgery, Orthopaedi
 600   Printed Case HardBack 25-Aug-2005
                 Reprinting                    £79.50   WD   VETERINARY MEDICINE WD2800 Veterinary Epidemiology, Public
 528   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Dec-2005   £149.50   X2   UROLOGY              X20100    Urology General
 288   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 31-Mar-2006       £75.00   X2   UROLOGY               X20100   Urology General
 520   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 17-May-2005    £89.50   X5                         X50900   General, Internal and Emergenc
                                                             UK MEDICAL STUDENT/JUNIOR DOCTOR
 200   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                07-Jan-2004    £55.00   X5                         X50900   General, Internal and Emergenc
                                                             UK MEDICAL STUDENT/JUNIOR DOCTOR
 328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Jun-2005    £75.00   X8                         X80100   Medical
                                                             MEDICAL RESEARCH, WRITING & CAREERS Research
 848   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 04-Sep-2006      £149.95   XA                         XA0200   Respiratory Medicine
                                                             ALLERGY, CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
 608   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Nov-2005    £99.95   XA                         XA0200   Respiratory Medicine
                                                             ALLERGY, CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Jul-2005    £65.00   XA                         XA0200   Respiratory Medicine
                                                             ALLERGY, CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
 288   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 07-Feb-2006       £62.50   XA                         XA0200   Respiratory Medicine
                                                             ALLERGY, CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
 648   Hardback Handed over to production
                                22-Feb-2006   £125.00   XA                         XA0210   Malignant Lung Disease
                                                             ALLERGY, CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
 400   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 15-Jun-2006       £80.00   XA                         XA0240   Pulmonology
                                                             ALLERGY, CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE
 448   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Sep-2004   £137.50   XB                         XB0100   Anesthesia
                                                             ANESTHESIA INTENSIVE CARE & PAIN MEDICINE
 512   Printed Case HardBack 15-Dec-2004
                 Reprinting                   £132.50   XB                         XB0100   Anesthesia
                                                             ANESTHESIA INTENSIVE CARE & PAIN MEDICINE
1136   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 17-Jan-2006   £150.00   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 352   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 04-Sep-2006       £99.50   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 272   Hardback Handed over to production
                                29-Mar-2006    £75.00   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 384   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Jun-2005    £69.50   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 264   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Dec-2005    £59.95   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 304   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 10-Apr-2006       £55.00   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 160   Hardback Handed over to production
                                25-Jan-2006    £50.00   XD                         XD0100 Cardiology General
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 312   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Sep-2005    £59.95   XD                         XD0200 Imaging
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 264   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 07-Apr-2006       £70.00   XD                         XD0210 Nuclear Cardiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 364   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 26-Jul-2004    £99.50   XD                         XD0220 Echocardiography
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 664   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Feb-2004    £99.50   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 528   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Feb-2004    £99.50   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 368   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 30-Jun-2004    £80.00   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 248   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Feb-2005    £75.00   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 416   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Jan-2004    £70.00   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 304   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Sep-2005    £69.95   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 208   Blocked Cloth
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                01-Dec-2004    £55.00   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 344   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 10-Apr-2006       £55.00   XD                         XD0300 Electrophysiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 224   Hardback Handed over to production
                                24-Aug-2006    £50.00   XD                         XD0400 Interventional Cardiology
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 944   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Dec-2005   £125.00   XD                         XD0700 Congenital Heart Disease
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 320   Printed Case HardBack 16-May-2005
                 Reprinting                    £69.50   XD                         XD0700 Congenital Heart Disease
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 392   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 16-May-2005    £59.50   XD                         XD0700 Congenital Heart Disease
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 14-Apr-2004    £99.50   XD                         XD0800 Vascular Medicine
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Aug-2005    £80.00   XD                         XD0800 Vascular Medicine
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
   4   Compact Disc
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Sep-2005    £55.00   XD                         XD0800 Vascular Medicine
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 312   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 17-Jan-2006    £65.00   XD                         XD0900 Endovascular Medicine
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Nov-2005    £59.95   XD                         XD0900 Endovascular Medicine
                                                             CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
4568   Blocked Cloth
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                13-Aug-2004   £475.00   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0100   Dermatology General
2272   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                31-Oct-2005   £350.00   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0100   Dermatology General
4568   Compact Disc
                 Handed over to production
                                13-May-2006   £350.00   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0100   Dermatology General
1240   Hardback Handed over to production
                                14-Apr-2006   £195.00   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0100   Dermatology General
 192   Printed Case HardBack 22-Jun-2004
                 Reprinting                    £90.00   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0300   Dermatopathology
 528   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 04-Oct-2006       £89.50   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0300   Dermatopathology
 160   Hardback Handed over to production
                                18-Jan-2006    £50.00   XE   DERMATOLOGY           XE0300   Dermatopathology
 608   Blocked Cloth
                 Reprinting     02-Sep-2005   £165.00   XG   ENDOCRINOLOGY         XG0100 Endocrinology General
 256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 13-Jan-2006    £55.00   XG   ENDOCRINOLOGY         XG0100 Endocrinology General
 504   Printed Case HardBack 01-Jul-2005
                 Reprinting                   £110.00   XG   ENDOCRINOLOGY         XG0200 Diabetes
   0   Compact Disc
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                28-Oct-2004   £105.00   XG   ENDOCRINOLOGY         XG0200 Diabetes
 448   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 14-Jun-2006      £135.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 640   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 10-Nov-2004   £132.50   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 464   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Jul-2005    £99.50   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 464   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 16-Mar-2006       £89.50   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 432   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 03-Nov-2005    £89.50   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 544   Printed Case HardBack 10-Dec-2004
                 Reprinting                    £80.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 352   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 05-May-2006       £79.50   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 424   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 20-Jan-2006       £75.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 272   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Oct-2004    £70.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 17-Nov-2005    £55.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0100   Gastroenterology
 896   Quarter Bound
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                12-Jul-2005   £145.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0300   Hepatology
 336   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 28-Oct-2004    £90.00   XJ   GASTROENTEROLOGY      XJ0300   Hepatology
 448   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 26-Jun-2006       £55.00   XK                          EMERGENCY MEDICINE
                                                             GENERAL, INTERNAL AND XK0100   General & Internal Medicine
 160   Hardback Handed over to production
                                05-Jun-2006    £50.00   XK                          EMERGENCY MEDICINE
                                                             GENERAL, INTERNAL AND XK0100   General & Internal Medicine
 176   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 10-Nov-2004    £55.00   XK                          EMERGENCY MEDICINE
                                                             GENERAL, INTERNAL AND XK0200   Emergency Medicine
 912   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 08-Dec-2005   £110.00   XN   HEMATOLOGY            XN0100 Blood Transfusion
1080   Printed Case HardBack 30-Mar-2005
                 Reprinting                   £149.95   XN   HEMATOLOGY            XN0200 Hematology
 416   Printed Case HardBack 12-Jan-2005
                 Reprinting                   £132.50   XN   HEMATOLOGY             XN0200 Hematology
 344   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Jan-2005   £105.00   XN   HEMATOLOGY             XN0200 Hematology
 488   Printed Case HardBack 16-May-2005
                 Reprinting                    £69.50   XN   HEMATOLOGY             XN0200 Hematology
 256   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Sep-2004    £65.00   XN   HEMATOLOGY             XN0200 Hematology
 224   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 12-Jul-2005    £65.00   XN   HEMATOLOGY             XN0200 Hematology
 328   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 29-Nov-2005    £64.95   XN   HEMATOLOGY             XN0200 Hematology
 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 01-Jul-2004    £75.00   XO                          XO0200 Infectious Disease
                                                             INFECTIOUS DISEASE & MICROBIOLOGY
 280   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 22-Aug-2005    £69.50   XO                          XO0200 Infectious Disease
                                                             INFECTIOUS DISEASE & MICROBIOLOGY
 913   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 21-Jan-2004   £157.50   XP                          XP0100
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE        Neurology
 664   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Sep-2005    £79.50   XP                          XP0100
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE        Neurology
 480   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 07-Apr-2005    £72.50   XP                          XP0100
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE        Neurology
 456   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Sep-2005    £69.50   XP                          XP0100
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE        Neurology
 480   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Nov-2004    £65.00   XP                          XP0100
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE        Neurology
 272   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 28-Mar-2006       £55.00   XP                          XP0100
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE        Neurology
 512   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 15-Apr-2004    £99.50   XP                          XP01C0 Neurosurgery
                                                             NEUROLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE
 600   Hardback Handed over to production
                                14-Aug-2006   £150.00   XQ   OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGYXQ0400 Gynecology
 320   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 06-Oct-2004    £75.00   XQ   OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGYXQ0400 Gynecology
 704   Blocked Cloth
                 Available (i.e Delivered)
                                16-Jan-2004    £95.00   XQ   OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGYXQ0600 Obstetrics
 288   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 09-Sep-2005   £125.00   XS                          XS0200
                                                             OPHTHALMOLOGY & OPTOMETRY Ophthalmology
 544   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 30-May-2004    £95.00   XT   PEDIATRICS             XT0100   Pediatrics General
 576   Printed Case HardBack to production
                 Handed over 22-Mar-2006       £69.95   XT   PEDIATRICS             XT0100   Pediatrics General
 880   Hardback Available (i.e Delivered)
                                15-Dec-2005    £99.50   XU   PHARMACOLOGY           XU0300 Clinical Pharmacology & Therap
 512   Printed Case HardBack Delivered)
                 Available (i.e 27-Sep-2005    £75.00   XV   PSYCHIATRY             XV0100   Psychiatry
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                                                             SURGERY AND SURGICAL XZ0150     Vascular Surgery
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                                                             SURGERY AND SURGICAL XZ0150     Vascular Surgery
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                                                             SURGERY AND SURGICAL XZ0160     Cardiac Surgery
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Format      Readership         Author DescriptionSpecial Features           Main Blurb Short Blurb

229 x 152                                                                      Edges postcolonial studies courses The American International Uni
                                                                                              Edges of at Richmond,
                                                      Offers Professor of Art History and history and legacy timely reassessment of the history
                                Jocelyn Hackforth-Jones is a Art, museum and of of theProvostEmpire is a of Orientalist art and visual culture
            upper-division volume for students in Orientalisttimely reassessment Empire focuses on the intersection between modernization
229 x 152                                             Discusses and demystifies Critique An Introduction JudgmentAesthetics,the work ofautho
                                                                               Kant‘s at the Critique of the of to Kant‘s is one in connects itKant
                                                                                               National Chi Nan University in Taiwan. He is the to K
                                Christian Helmut Wenzel is Associate ProfessorKant‘s orart history, and anyone interestedand Christian Wenze
            students and scholars of Kant‘s aesthetics in departments of philosophy In of the Power Power of Judgment of the most importan
244 x 172                                               in art history, visual Theory in Contemporary Art the Department of 1985 is Art Professio
                                                                                              Theory Contemporary is education, American studi
                                Zoya Kocur studentsProvides scholar and adjunct faculty andmuseum studies,Art a groundbreaking antholog
            undergraduate and graduates is an independentthe first truly comprehensivemember of since 1985artsince Art and in contempora
                                                                                and cultural studies, ininternational anthology of theory a groundbrea
246 x 171                                             A stellar Professor in 23 classic and department is aItalian and of Pennsylvania. and t
                                                                                              Sixteenth-Century University architecture of this is
                                Michael W. students studying Italian Renaissance Art. recent essays thethe artcollection of 23 classicHe ofre
            Undergraduates and graduateCole is Assistant collection ofSixteenth-Century Italian Artat onstellarArt is a first-rate collectionfasc
                                                                                 the Art History
246 x 171                                                                                         first visual culture anthology and key other to the
                                                                               Asian historyAsian Art is courses, from the eighteenth century discip
            First-year undergraduates and Brown studying Asian art within artArt is theAsiancomprehensivedocumentsof important primary d
                                                      The Independent Scholar of South of important primaryas well as students ofcontemporar
                                Rebecca M. above is an first comprehensive anthologyand theory the first comprehensive anthology of import
229 x 152                                                                       the Universityconstruction together archaeologists, art Image is a m
                                                                                                     Plymouth. He is the author of and
                                Sam Smiles is Professor history, visual culture, on theEnvisioning the Past: ArchaeologyThe Image of Antiquit
            undergraduate and graduate students in artof Art History atEnvisioning theofstudies, anthropology, and archaeologyhistorians, an
                                                      Provides new perspectives museumPast bringsof knowledge concerning the antiquity of g
244 x 172                        readers; students studying contemporary art history, Artreference workContemporary Art She has curated ma
                                                      Features a grand survey of the historical, social, to charts theory
                                                                               This ambitious Companionand visual the issuesSince 1945 is an am
                                                                                              A at culture, and of Manchester. relevant movemen
            interested generalAmelia Jones is Pilkington Professor in the History of visual the University aestheticmajor works andto the deve
244 x 172                                               studying 19th and 20th century art in Glasgow. departments.
                                                                                the University on art World War II published II anthology of antho
                                                                                              Post-Impressionism Post-Impressionism to the mid-20
                                Debbie Lewer is Lecturer in the most atPost-Impressionism history She has is an Waressays exciting writin
            undergraduates and graduate studentsCollectsArt Historyimportant writingsof art tohistory fromto Worldexciting is anin Dada Zurich
229 x 152                                             Addresses the changing nature performance studies, and cultural is spectatorship in ha
                                                                               It has recentlyart book apparent that criticism studies
                                                                                                become explores contemporary in trouble. which int
                                Gavin Butt teaches art history, art theory, visual at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His researchcom
            undergraduates and postgraduates in in the Unit of Visual Cultures arts,ofThisproduction, interpretation, and approachesEithercont
229 x 152                       Griselda Pollock is Professor of Social and Cultural Historyhistorian Griselda PollockAn exciting and innovative
                                                      Edited by internationally renowned art culture. the brings Image brings together an influe
                                                                                history andvisual of Art at and the together an influential team of
            Advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students in artPsychoanalysis and the Image University of Leeds, where she is also
244 x 172                                             Brings together cutting-edge scholarship devoted brings together cutting-edge scholarsh
                                                                                              A Companion to Medieval Art brings together cutting-ed
            all students and scholars of medieval art history and theory A Companion to Medieval Artto the Romanesque and Gothic tradition
244 x 172                                               in is history and History andof architectural thought theschool developments l996 book
                                                                                overview architects in professional major to 1870 is a landmark th
                                Harry Francis Mallgraveart Professor ofarchitecture; Theory at the surveys from antiquity to the present trends
            undergraduates and graduate studentsVolume 1 of the first This landmark anthologyIllinois Institute of Technology. Hisandday;an
                                                                                              Architectural Theory: Vitruvius
246 x 171                                             Provides an overview of the history of European UniversityinAmerica, where she is 1750-2
                                                                                                                             Leeds, 1750-2000 is an u
                                 art, architecture, and on Program Director in the School Design in Europe andofEurope and America, alsoun
            undergraduates inAbigail Harrison-Moore isdesign courses Architecture and of Fine Art, and American architecture and design,a
                                                                                              Architecture and Design
244 x 172                                             Captures the SocialA Companion to Museum Studies captures a ofcaptures the and sig
            an ideal referenceSharon Macdonald is Professor ofmultidisciplinary approaches to thetoat the University fresh, multidisciplinary
                                                                                Anthropology and art historians, of museum curators She is aut
                                                                                              A Companion Museum Studies Sheffield.
                                 for upper-level students of museum studies and art history, Sociologystudyandthe development, roles, multidis
229 x 152                                                                      New Museum and College and theoretical training 12 original essay
                                                                                                Theory and Practice theory.Contains
                                                        students; museum professionalsNew Museum Theory and original collection of collecti
                                Janet Marstine is an Presents the first comprehensive studyvisitors museum is an Washington originalessays
            advanced undergraduate and graduateart historian who has taught at Bowdoinof new withoutCentralPractice is anUniversity. She
244 x 172                                                                      The of western philosophy. Dictionarymajor branchesof Oxford. aphil
                                                                                              The Blackwell Spans all of Western a of western co
                                                      Covers the whole history Project, Institute for of Western Philosophy isPhilosophy is He is
                                Nicholas Bunnin is Director of the Philosophy Blackwell Dictionary Chinese Studies, University concise referenc
            students and scholars of philosophy; general readers
229 x 152                                             Offers way into of It‘s  Philosophy atLike a Splinterus.What is real?How of you know what m
                                Matt Lawrence Matrix fans; general readers the questions that drive films. Covers leads readers through the is
            beginning students of philosophy; is AssociateaProfessor philosophy through theBeach CityYour Mind thirteen do the biggest philos
                                                                                                Long Matrix in College.
246 x 171                                             "The 22 philosophy;This is a readers for revised edition of Kenny's College, Oxford an
                                Sir philosophy and history of chapters of this history are lucidly written and Master of BalliolBrief History, with i
            beginning students ofAnthony Kenny was formerly Pro-Vice-Chancellor at OxfordaUniversity, with enough humour in them to che
                                                                                general proposal
244 x 172                                                                      the in the Graduate School is aHeidegger, Heidegger most and thou
                                                                                                to Blackwell at complete one to the work Berkeley
                                Hubert L. Dreyfus Professor of Philosophy work and TheHeidegger Companion toguideof the is a complete g
            students and scholars of Heidegger is A complete guide to A Companionthought of Martinthe University of California atinfluentia
244 x 172                       William R. Schroeder is Associate Professor of Philosophy at thetoPhilosophy: A Criticala lucid and is a lucid an
                                                      Offers a continental Continental and critical A the
                                                                               philosophy Philosophy: Universityfigures and Urbana-Champaign.
                                                                                              Continental Critical of Illinois at Approach wide-rangi
            undergraduate students and general readers in lucid and wide-ranging introductiontheory key Approach is philosophical movemeH
244 x 172                                             Features excerpts the seminal texts and Subjectivity of Her work has seminal essays J
                                                                               Self and Subjectivity is in history of aseminal of appeared in Desc
                                Kim Atkins is a lecturer in philosophy atfromUniversity Self on self collectionisphilosophyessays with from the w
            Graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academics and general readers a and subjectivity including materialcommenta
                                                                                              of Tasmania, Australia. collection
229 x 152                       Alan D. Schrift is Professor of PhilosophyTo understand neo-Kantianism,addresses trends such both the 20th-
                                                      Addresses French philosophy, and theunique book recent French philosophy in
                                                                                 and vitalism, in evolution College Center for the Humanities.philos
                                                                                               of the Grinnell of of European thought, as vitalism, ne
            Undergraduates and general readers interested intrends such asDirectorThis central strainsexistentialism, Marxism and feminism          He is
246 x 171                                             Professor of Philosophy in the Graduate philosophy, or nineteenth-Californiacomplete gu
                                                                               phenomenology Phenomenology and Existentialism twentieth-centur
                                                                                              A Companion at the University of and is a at Berkeley
                                Hubert L. Dreyfus phenomenology, existentialism, continental existentialism, two of the and Existentialism is
            upper level students and scholars of is A complete guide to A Companion to andSchool to Phenomenologydominant movementsa
244 x 172                                             academics in at Fordham twentieth-century philosophy or metaphysics of Ernest the m
                                                                               This the workThis is devotedbook of the most influential one Place
                                                                                                 book is first one work of the work
                                John Greco is Associate Professor devoted to is University. Hethe Sosa,to theof PuttingErnest Sosa, contempora
            upper-level students, researchers and The first book epistemology,the firstof Ernest the author devoted toSkeptics in Their of Sosa
244 x 172                       Matthias Steup is Professortogether fresh at St.generalState of the of newly commissionedoriginal essays on
                                                      Brings of academics and CloudEleven pairsphilosophy
                                                                               Contemporary readers in Epistemology features the author ofoff on
                                                                                                 Debates in most Minnesota. He is essays face An In
            graduate and advanced undergraduate students, Philosophy debates on eleven University in controversial issues in epistemologys
244 x 172                                             Focuses on the value or normativity of truth in philosophy selection of Speaking from diffe
                                                                               Setting the Vanderbilt University.from Nietzsche readings from rea
                                                                                              Setting the stage He
                                José Medina is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at stage with selectionsexposing the of and James, thisElse
            Graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academics, and general readers throughwith a is authordialogues betweenimpo
246 x 171                       Sven of the theory of knowledge; readers who have had little or no exposure little or no exposure to exposure
                                                      Designed for general readers for Designed for have and PrivatdozentlittlePhilosophy at t
                                                                               Designed       readers who readers who have had for or no of knowl
            undergraduate studentsBernecker is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Manchesterhad to contemporary theorycontempo
229 x 152                       Cynthia Macdonald is Professor Philosophy at we Things: Foundations of Contemporary Metaphysics explo
                                                      A book about             Varieties of University in Canterbury, New Zealand. She is Associate
                                                                                              Varieties Things: Foundations of Contemporary Meta
            upper level students and scholars of metaphysics ofthe things that the encounter of everyday experience.Contains a thorough a
244 x 172                       Matthew Kieran is Senior Lecturer infresh debates on eleven of the general He and the PhilosophyEthics: deba
                                                      Brings together Philosophy at theContemporary Debates is author of and aesthetics an
                                                                               ContemporaryUniversity in most controversial issues in the Philosoph
                                                                                                 Debates of Leeds. readers interested in of Art A Ph
            intermediate to advanced undergraduates and early graduates in aesthetics courses; Aesthetics in AestheticsMediacurrent featu
244 x 172                                             A concise anthology Designed University artfor no the philosophy of publications include
                                                                                of key at for Designed
                                                                                              readers with readers with no or little prior the subject,
                                Christopher philosophy Professor of Philosophyphilosophy or of Southampton. His knowledge ofknowledge oft
            students of aesthetics and the Janaway is of art in departments of texts in aesthetics and or little prior recentart.Designed for read
244 x 172                       Thomas E. Wartenberg is Professor interested in at philosophy around philosophy,philosophic questions abo
                                                       general thorough selection of readings Holyoke College, researching the intersection bet
                                                                               The Philosophy of drawn from a series of philosophy, film studies,
                                                                                              Organized of film
            undergraduate and graduate students, Providesreadersof PhilosophytheMountFilm draws readings fromfilm studies, and film criti
244 x 172                                             Presents key selections from the Designed of classroom in film studies from theAesthet
                                                                               This authoritative anthology presents use, author of Beyond feature
                                                                                               at Temple University and philosophy
                                Noël Carroll is the Mellon philosophy the Humanitiesbest contemporary work key selectionsof filmThebest co
            undergraduates and postgraduates studyingProfessor ofof film within departments forphilosophy orthe this authoritative antholog
244 x 172                                                 vivid montage of literature levels; students a andCenter of Human subjects Princeton U
                                                                               In at all that In The University scholarsPeter andValues, and theme
                                                                                               at the on divided Story, ethical Renata Singer draw
                                Peter applied Ira W. DeCamp philosophy a society increasingly of of the range moral values, general to refle
            students and scholars ofSinger is ethicsAand moral Professor of BioethicstouchesMoral broad aboutforof literature; we needreaders
244 x 172                                             Brings together fresh debates onin Debates work general readersTheory Analysis,pairs d
                                                                               at students the most controversial issues a in Noûs, of new The M
                                                                                              Contemporary Debates in is in interested in current
                                James undergraduates and Philosophy Contemporary ethics courses; has appeared collectionfeaturesessays
            Intermediate to advancedDreier is Professor of early graduate Brown University. His in Moral TheoryMoralmoral theoryQuestionso
244 x 172                       Andrew I. Cohen is Associate Director of Contemporary Debates in most controversialethics courses; general
                                                      Brings together freshthe Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for in Applied Ethics features eleve
                                                                                 debates on eleven moral issues Ethics features original essays on
                                                                                              Contemporary Debates Ethics issues in applied Depa
            intermediate to advanced undergraduates and early graduates in contemporaryof the Applied or applied and teaches in theethics
246 x 171                                             Features postgraduates Classics, andBlackwell widely studied textsMorrison Professor
                                                                                and studying The the most Greek philosophy, Ethics consists of si
                                                                                                Guide to Aristotle‘s to Aristotle‘s in history of of ethi
                                Richard Kraut is Professor of sixteen new essays on one of the Charles E. Nicomacheanthe the history Ethics
            intermediate and advanced undergraduates andPhilosophy The Blackwellethics, ancientGuideand Emma H.Nicomacheanphilosoi
244 x 172                                             An ideal commentary for studying ethics, Utilitarianism.Contains for students on Mill‘s U
                                                                               This Blackwellon Blackwell Guide to Mill‘s Utilitarianism volume is In
                                                                                                 College, history Minnesota. the the author of philo
                                Henry R. undergraduates and postgraduates studentsTheMill‘sis St Paul, commentary nineteenth-centuryof an
            intermediate and advanced West is Professor of Philosophy at Macalester Guidethean ideal of ethics andHe iscomplete text AnUt
229 x 152                                              moral Philosophy the University thinking, in the Western morality Chairman of Writte
                                Roger Trigg is Professor of philosophy atDoes to moral of matterfocusing on why world today?What isTrigg,Br
            general readers; beginning students ofAn accessible introduction morality stillWarwick and was the Founding still matters.the bas
                                                                                              Morality still matters, argues philosopher Roger the in
229 x 152                                             Introduces students Dartmouth College. The is author of to ethics, including moral relativ
                                Julia Driver is Professor of Philosophy Is different philosophical approaches Uneasy Virtue makes one actio
            undergraduate students of ethics and moral philosophy at to there such Ethics: Sheright and wrong? If so, what(2001) as well as
                                                                                               a thing as Fundamentals explores such questions as w
229 x 152                                                                       theology law programs. offers 20 years, and core element Profe
                                Jack Mahoney taught moral and pastoralBackground: This volumeHuman rights is now volume of unparalled
            Students of human rights in philospohy, politics, religious studeis andat Heythrop College foran accessible awas appointedthe inc
229 x 152                                             Exciting specialists in Defense controversial philosopher Peterbyrights who Princeton U
                                                                               In Bioethics at the University new essaysbrings together the anima
                                                                                               Animals: The Second Wave
                                Peter Singer is Ira W. DeCamp Professor ofedited ethics; general readers and animalSinger, campaignersactiv
            Advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, andnew collectionapplied byofBringing togetherCenter for Human Values, madebest c
                                                                                                                                   philosophers and
229 x 152                                             A provocative Victoria University of Wellington. His book, technology Nicholas Agar def
                                                                               Public debate that parents should be allowed to enhance their childre
                                                                                                about the use of or society and include Life‘s reader
                                Nicholas Agar philosophy, bioethics, biotechnology, ethics and genetics, previous booksethics; generalIntrinsic
            students or researchers of moral is Senior Lecturer atdefence of the idea In this provocativegeneticphilosopher is dominated by fe
229 x 152                                             •Examines present status of relations Program in and the Natural examines the the Prog
                                                                               Business of Business readers interested in and Director of present
                                                                                              the between today‘s corporate enterprise and and the
                                Lisa H. Newton is Professor of Philosophy, Director and general EthicsApplied Ethics, business ethicsthe natur
            intermediate and advanced undergraduates, graduates, researchers,Ethics and the Natural Environment Environment examines
229 x 152                                                                      ManagementManagementindispensable and management concise
                                                                                                readers an Ethics the University and guide the are
                                Norman E. Bowie is Offers L. highly accessibleingeneralEthics is in businessis a issues accessible and studies
            graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academics and and conciseResponsibility at ethicsresourceproblems into the is
                                                      Elmer a Andersen Chair Corporate introduction to key highly and of Minnesota.Patric
229 x 152                                                                      To what ethical standards at the audience of St. Thomas. Enron's
                                                      Identifies the common patterns among Ethics can we hold corporations? In thethe constr
            educators in the field of business ethics, practicingEndowed Chair in Businessmonumental corporate scandals such as past few
                                                                                               educated general University
                                Kenneth E. Goodpaster is Koch corporate executives,Conscience and Corporate Culture advances His resear
246 x 171                                                                                      War is a seminal of PRIO, the International history of
                                                      A is ENI Programme Leader and Senior of much-needed anthology issues about of essa
                                Gregory M. Reichberg wholly unique one-volume compilation Researcheris anaddressingaddressingPeace Re
                                                                               The Ethics ofThe Ethics of Wartexts indispensable ethics, issues bo
            undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars interested in moral philosophy, applied ethics, religiouscollection the nat
229 x 152                       Christopher Belshaw philosophy LecturerWhat matters?and Staff have meaning? theand and deathWritten is t
                                                        is a Senior             in Philosophy Does many of usabout Life life Death Is it bad toin
                                                                                              10 Good Questions ask about Open University. us di
            general readers; beginning students ofAddresses the fundamental questions thatlife Tutor (Arts) with Is life sacred?makes He thin
246 x 171                       Michael Devitt is a Distinguished essays written language. Blackwell Guideato Philosophy of University of a co
                                                      Twenty new Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate scholarsSurveys central issues in
                                                                               Philosophy ofThelanguage renowned pivotal the in philosophy. is New
            Undergraduates and graduate students studying the philosophy of by internationally occupies Center of role City Language It is at o
229 x 152                                              Associate Professor wide-ranging overviews College and theoverview ofof language surr
                                                                                              Insensitive of the central University Oslo. He
                                 and scholars in philosophy of language and semantics at VassarSemantics is anphilosophy ofargumentshas
            graduate studentsHerman Cappelen isProvides detailed andof Philosophyof the nineteenth century,positions and and contribution
                                                                               Since the end
244 x 172                                              in departments of philosophy forEnglish studies
                                                                               of at texts Designed for readers of London. subject, Reading Lang
                                Jennifer of languageA concise collection Designed or inreaders new to of subject, Ideal for readers new to th
            students of the philosophy Hornsby is Professor of PhilosophykeyBirkbeckthe philosophythelanguageReading Philosophy ofPhilo
                                                                                                 College, University new to the Reading Philosophy: S
229 x 152                                             A revised edition of Sir Anthony at Oxford University, of Sir to Wittgenstein.Widely to an
                                                                               First published in 1973, Sir of mind Kenny‘sBalliol College, Oxford W
                                                                                              This revised edition Master of classic language
                                Sir Anthony Kenny was formerly Pro-Vice-ChancellorKenny‘s classic introductionAnthony Kenny‘s classicpraise
            students of Wittgenstein, twentieth-century philosophy, analytic philosophy, philosophy Anthony or philosophy of introduction work
244 x 172                       Martin P. Golding is Professor of Philosophy and by anWritten Law at Duke University, where ofphilosophers ph
                                                      Written by a philosophy, political philosophy, law, of scholarsComprised hescience,the an
                                                                               Written Professor assembly legal philosophy, political critical discuss
                                                                                               international international assembly of directs politi
            undergraduate and postgraduate students of moral distinguished international of by an assembly of distinguished distinguished joi
229 x 152                                             Introduces Philosophy at the lowertheUniversity, ofsimple works in moral,is law?‖broad-r
                                                                               Beginning with to intermediate Law
                                                                                              The deceptively issues in philosophy
                                Mark C. Murphy is of law and jurisprudenceat Georgetown Philosophy where he a broad-reachinglawA that gui    text The P
            undergradutates studying philosophy Professor of readers to basic analytical and normativelevel.isquestion ―Whatofpolitical, and l
246 x 171                       Robert J. Stainton is Brings together science, philosophy ofof Western Ontario.central issues in cognitive progr
                                                       Associate ProfessorThis volume introduces issuesand philosophy published some such to
                                                                                 debates on the volume introduces Hecognitive science by 40 arti
                                                                                              This psychology issues in has of mind. Masters scien
            upper level undergraduate students studying cognitive fresh at the Universitycentral central in cognitive scienceAddressesmeans
244 x 172                       William E. Mann is Marsh Professor of Intellectual andThe Blackwell PhilosophyLeftow, Gareth B. Matthews, W
                                                      Contributors include The Blackwell readers McCann, Brian ofPhilosophy of Religion featu
                                                                               Linda Zabzeski, Hugh in the philosophy of religion Vermont. He has
                                                                                                Guide to the Guide to the Religion
            graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academics and general Moral Philosophy at the University offeatures 14 new e
229 x 152                                               students, academics and College, Cambridge. Christianand Christian Doctrine surveys C
                                                                               PhilosophicalPhilosophical philosophers concerning are doctrines of
                                                                                                readers by Among Doctrine surveys Evil,
                                Brian undergraduateis a Life Fellow of Queens‘generalTheology andTheologyhis publications the and assesses
            graduate and advanced Hebblethwaite •Offers incisive commentary on recent workinterested in the philosophy of religion Sufferin
244 x 172                                             Offers an academics Philosophy twentieth-century French and German guide to philos
                                                                               Continental Philosophy ofPhilosophy of Science His recent publicatio
                                                                                              Continental Science provides an provides an expert th
                                Gary undergraduate students,expert guideand general at the University of Notre Dame. and continentalthe m
            graduate and advancedGutting holds the Notre Dame Chair into the majorreaders in philosophy of science expert philosophical g
244 x 172                       Marc Lange is Professor of Philosophyofstudying philosophy of science.
                                                      Assembles some the finest papers in the An Anthology assembles some of author of p
                                                                                 the University of North philosophy Chapel Hill. He is the the some
                                                                                               Science: of Science: science since 1945, showcasin
            Intermediate to advanced undergraduates, and graduatesatPhilosophy ofPhilosophyCarolina at ofAn Anthology assemblesfinestN
229 x 152                                              science and/or technology, historyTechnology: An sociology, skillfully guides readers th
                                                                               Philosophy of of New philosophy His recent publicationstechnology a
                                                                                                      for undergraduate students defining include scie
                                Val Dusek is Professor up-to-date, accessible overview of science, stheIntroductionphilosophy or history scien
            undergraduates studying philosophy ofAn of Philosophy at the University Idealthe Hampshire.of technology,in philosophy and Holi
244 x 172                                             Provides an in-depth, and general readers of Ronald an providesanalytical discussion of
                                                                               Dworkin and His Critics provides Singapore.socialin-depth, analytical
                                Justine Burley is Adjunct Associate Professor at the discussionand His of Dworkin's ethical,philosophypolitical
            graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academics analytical National University Criticsin-depth,She was formerly a Lec
                                                                                              Dworkin in political, legal and an legal and
244 x 172                                             An updated and expanded editionThis and of provides Political comprehensive in post-
                                                                               This monumental authoritative economics Theory essential texts
                                Robert E. Goodin is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy volumeSocial andthe mosttheof thein the Researchi
            students of political philosophy in departments of philosophy, political science, law, history,collection of and seminal textsand auth
                                                                                               of this comprehensive collection sociology; general re
246 x 171                                             A students of new the Universitypolitical philosophy, controversiallaw and international ju
                                                                               John Rawls is considered examinesimportanttheory of ethics, in mu
                                                                                                 essays on the most Rawls‘s last Cardiff University
                                Rex Martin is Professor of Philosophy atand stimulatingof Kansas and Honorary Professor at book, The interna
            graduate and upper level undergraduate collectionand faculty working in This volume Rawls‘s internationaltheorist of justiceLaw o
244 x 172                                             Addresses seven philosophically significantin philosophy, feminist theory, and women‘s t
                                                                               Feminist Theory: A Philosophical Anthology feminismTopics She is
                                                                                              Feminist questions regarding addresses seven philoso
                                Ann E. Cudd is Professor of Philosophy and Director of Women‘s Studies at the University of Kansas.includest
            graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academics and general readers Theory: A Philosophical Anthology addresses c
244 x 172                                             Thirty-eight newly contributed essays provide State recent a comprehensive The Pragm
                                                                               Philosophy atAphilosophy, comprehensive comprised overview of o
                                                                                                 Companion to University and Director 38
                                John R. Shook is Associate Professor of A Companion to Pragmatism provideshistory of philosophy current
            undergraduates, graduates and scholars studying pragmatism, American Oklahoma a andPragmatism, and current of andnewly co
229 x 152                       JeeLoo Liu is Assistant Professor philosophy, State University at Fullerton. In additionits different of philosoph
                                                      Elucidates the central issues and Anto Chinese Philosophy isPhilosophy unlocks the of t
                                                                             An Introduction Introduction to Chinese the and comprehensive bo
                                                                                             philosophy, World philosophy, to Chinese philosophy,
            students and scholars of Chinese philosophy, Asian at CaliforniaEastern debates in Chinesephilosophiesmost history schoolsmys
244 x 172                       Mary Louise Gill is Professor of Philosophy Companion history of early Greek provides a comprehensive and c
                                                      Offers a scholars overviewClassicsCompanion to RomanShe is the philosophya compre
                                                                             A and in ancient Brown and Ancientphilosophy provides from on
                                                                                                  Ancient University. Philosophy
            advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, and completeinterested of theAtoat Greek Philosophyand Romanauthor of Aristotleits o
246 x 171                                              Associate Professor of Greek influence by an University of Michigan. She is ethics, the o
                                                                             This Companion explores outstanding history of Western philosoph
                                                                                            Written of method, continental philosophy, of on or
                                Sara Ahbel-Rappe isA survey history of philosophy,and Latin at thethe profound international teamthe author c
            students and scholars of ancient philosophy, theexploring the profound philosophicalSocrates on theinfluence of Socratesscholars
244 x 172                                             Comprises original ofor the history of of Philosophy at Platonic the practice original cont
                                                                                 the and Platonism remain
                                                                                            This broad-ranging Companion comprises of world.Ref
                                Hugh of Plato, ancient Greek philosophyPlato Department some of the best the University of Oklahoma. He is
            Students or researchersH. Benson is Professor and Chair contributions fromphilosophy fundamental to scholars in the philosoph
229 x 152                                             A clear and classics;Retrieving thetoBoston tellsAncients previous publications Ofinfirst p
                                                                                introductionRetrieving the the general the story story first the W
                                David Roochnik is philosophy or engaging Philosophy western civilization; story of the first theof the of theArt an
            beginning students of ancient Greek Associate Professor of students of atAncientsUniversity. Histellsreadersphilosophers philoso
                                                                                                  ancient Greek philosophy.Tells
244 x 172                                             This and of Philosophy at the University Greek philosophy, consists of thirteen new the
                                                                              Republic is designed of California, Irvine. His previous thought, ess
                                                                                               Guide to help readers understand this consists of thir
                                Gerasimos Santas is Professor to Plato‘s The studying The Blackwell Guide to Plato‘s Republic foundational in
            intermediate and advanced undergraduatesguidepostgraduates Blackwellancient to Plato‘s Republic ethics, politicalpublicationsw
229 x 152                       Ryan K. Balot thoughtprovocative and wide-ranging historywide-ranging history of ancient Greek the major an
                                                      A in departments Classics athistory, of thought Greek St. Louis. He specializes in thou
                                                                               classics, Washington University in political thought.Demonstratesso
                                                                                              Greek ancient and political science; postgraduates w
            students of the history of politicalis Associate Professor ofofWhile ancientThis philosophy, is widely acknowledged as politicalGree
229 x 152                                               students, academics into at the University of Blackwell Great Minds thought-provoking
                                                                             The second antiquity‘s survey takes readers publications include M
                                                                                            This lucid most important philosophersOffers thought-p
                                Gareth B. Matthews Explores new insights and general readers interested in medieval philosophy, philosophy
            graduate and advanced undergraduateis Professor of Philosophy one ofvolume in theMassachusetts. Hison a series, Gareth B.So
244 x 172                                             Includes graduate students studying and to Descartes‘ Descartes‘Universityessays and a
                                                                             The Philosophy early translation newlyat the consists of twelve wit
                                                                                            Consisting of of Science commissioned of philosop
                                Stephen undergraduate and William Molyneux's famous the history twelveof Meditations Meditations,Sydney, e
            intermediate and advancedGaukroger is Professor of History of Blackwell Guide History ofphilosophy, especially modernalong new
246 x 171                                             An authoritative survey ofCompanion provides an authoritative survey of an survey Resea
                                                                             This the       This Companion provides an readers the whole of im
                                Graham Bird is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy whole range of of Manchester, and Honorary Senior thethe
            students and researchers of philosophy; professional philosophers at the UniversityKant‘s work.Givesauthoritativeidea of range
244 x 172                                                                    The Universityimpulse has guided contemporary by of thought fro
                                                      A wide-ranging examination of rationalist thought Irvine. Western philosophicalrationalist th
            upper level students and researchers of rationalism, modernthe rationalistthe history of ideas orHe is a leading philosophy thequa
                                                                                                 of book is a in philosophy.Written scholar of
                                Alan Nelson is Professor of Philosophy at philosophy,This California,wide-ranging examinationa superbly gre
229 x 152                                             Offers and Priscilla B. Woods Professor at survey ofUniversity. He is thought-provoking
                                                                             This lucid survey lucid readers Kant‘s philosophical thought.Provide
                                                                                               readers range takes
                                Allen undergraduate students, academics and generalthe broadStanford on a thought-provoking tour through
            graduate and advancedW. Wood is Ward W. an excellent introduction toThistakesin philosophy readers on athe author of seven
244 x 172                                             A student graduates David A Hume, of Human Nature.Provides studentsthe past presidt
                                                                                Occidental College in Empiricism, Nature is one is with Philosoph
                                                                                            This Guide of Human California. of scholarly tools
                                Saul Traiger is Professor and guide to atstudyingTreatiseTreatiseprovides students with theModern the import
            intermediate and advanced undergraduatesof Philosophy Hume‘s Hume‘s A British Los Angeles,and History Heof the mostand inte
244 x 172                                             A comprehensive Chair in Philosophy at continental philosophy; professional philosopher
                                                                             Nietzsche‘s main aspects to Nietzsche influential comprehensive g
                                                                                            A and the University mesmerizing a philosophy.Bring
                                Keith Ansell Pearson holds a Personal guide to all thephilosophy exercised aof Warwick. He co-founded the Fr
            advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of nineteenth-centuryCompanionof Nietzsche‘sprovidesinfluence on twentie
244 x 172                                              Professor of Philosophy at philosophy, continental of students political philosophythinker
                                                                             This classic introduction introduction most influential modern oraspe
                                                                                            This Hegel.Enables the to one engage with many Ge
                                Stephen Houlgate is New edition of of Europeanthe University of Warwick. He is the author most influential m
            students of nineteenth-century philosophy, the history a classic introduction to classicto one philosophy, toof theof Hegel, Nietzsch
246 x 171                                             • Brings Personal Nietzsche‘s impact on selections from cannot be overstated. Genera
                                                                                            The at the University of Warwick. He co-founded the su
                                Keith Ansell Pearson holds philosophy.Chair in Philosophy Nietzsche Reader brings together in one volume Fr
            Students and general readers in 19th-century atogether in one volume substantial modern thought the whole range of Nietzsche‘
246 x 171                                             The in philosophy, particularly those University ancient philosophy, moral John McDowel
                                                                             John at Queen‘s work has Belfast. Herdiscussion available of the on
                                                                                            The most comprehensive philosopher, philosophy, wo
                                Cynthia and researchersmost comprehensive discussion available of the work of previous publications include
            advanced undergraduates Macdonald is Professor of Philosophy McDowell‘sworking in had an immense and lasting influence ph
229 x 152                                             Evaluates Philosophy strandsvantage point of His previous publications include in philos
                                                                             From the twentieth-century evaluates Marxism,philosophy, and the
                                                                                             students studying twentieth-century Anglo-American a
                                Tom Rockmore students and beginning postgraduate In Kant‘s Wakephilosophy:the four main trends Cognitio
            mid- to upper-level undergraduate is Professor of the different at Duquesne University. a new century, twentieth-century philosoph
244 x 172                                             Presents long-awaited 1933, Wittgenstein important University, where of his
                                                                             In scholar‘s in at Georgiaout the scholarly community, Wittgenstein'
                                                                                            Long of set and 20th century 1933, Wittgenstein‘s fir
                                C. Grant Luckhardt is Professor Emeritus interested edition awaitedState material collectionhe was a member
            graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academicsof Philosophy Wittgensteinbyto dictate a from philosophy recent writin
229 x 152                                             academics of the first volume of widespreaduntil four-volume Analytical Commentary an
                                                                             Published to This is a new editionbetween 1980He is of G.P.Baker w
                                                                                            from 1967 acclaim of the 2002. and the co-author p
                                G.P. Baker was a Fellow editionin philosophy Oxford the monumentalof death in first volume 1996, the theon
            upper-level students, researchers and New of St John‘s College,of language, philosophy hismind, continental philosophy ormonu
229 x 152                                             academics of the first volume of the 1967 until four-volume Analytical 1996, the thewi
                                                                             Published to widespread acclaim between 1980 and Commentary an
                                                                                            This is a new edition of the first volume of co-author p
                                G.P.Baker was and New editionin philosophy Oxford frommonumentalof death in 2002. He is theG.P.Baker on
            upper-level students, researchers a Fellow of St John‘s College, of language, philosophyhis mind, continental philosophy ormonu
229 x 152                                             New edition of this popular selection philosophy of mind or Wittgenstein‘s represents an
                                                                             This popular collection of selection of philosophy College, Oxford b
                                                                                            This Wittgenstein‘s Master of writings the evolution
                                Sir Anthony Kenny was formerly Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Oxford University, key writings.Followskey writings has
            students of Wittgenstein, twentieth-century philosophy, analytic philosophy, ofpopularWittgenstein‘s keyBalliol of language the o
229 x 152                                             An original, theologically ground-breaking book provides a new perspective on Christian
                                Rachel of Christian theology, theological This informed work, written by a significant Quaker lay readers
                                                                              ethics or theology and communication; clergy and theologianProvide
                                                                                              of Exeter.
            students and researchers Muers is Lecturer in Theology at the UniversityThis ground-breaking book provides a new perspective
229 x 152                                             Assistant Professor In contemporary theological debate.Bridges the gapto and philosophic
                                                                              to theology, contribution Collegemetaphysics,Michigan. He is the au
                                                                                            This book makes a in Ypsilanti, and
                                Matthew Levering is academics in Christian Theology Trinitarian theology, major contribution thecontemporary
            upper-level students, researchers and A major contribution of this majorat Ave Maria to contemporary theologicalbetween scriptu philosophy of
229 x 152                                              Professor graduateAlister McGrath‘s scientific writersExploresreligion working methods
                                                                               students, and Oxford University. He and how the
                                                                                            Provocative theology project is informed, The Oxford
                                 at upper McGrath isWritten by of Historical Theology atacademicsand immensely well widely acknowledged t
            this book is aimedAlister E. level undergraduates,one of today's best-known Christian in theology earned his D.Phil. fromOrder o
229 x 152                                             A creative medieval to the recent have seen to the recent upsurge of interest in Thomas
                                                                              theology, medieval philosophy, in appropriations of Thomas Aquina
                                Mark D. Jordan is the Aquinas, response Recent yearsRespondingnumerous Aquinas.Focuses on the concept
            upper level students and researchers of Asa Griggs Candler Professor inupsurge of interestcontemporary theology, postmodern
                                                                                               the Department of Religion at Emory University. He is
244 x 172                       Gareth Jones is Professor of Christian Theology modern this volume, a team the world's leading theologians. C
                                                      An authoritative overview of and Head of the written by leading theologians provides a p
                                                                                            In team of the world's of Theology leading theologians
            undergraduate and graduate students in theology; scholarsIn this volume, atheologyDepartmentof the world's and Religious Stud
229 x 152                                             Offers a fascinating and original DesertUniversity of Glasgow, religious therole history, lite
                                                                             The Sacred at theSacred Desert of and desert on thought the edito
                                                                                            The is a fascinating the original work, founding dese
                                David Jasper religion and literature, religion and culture, mysticism, role is a reflection in theology, ofreflects o
            students of religion and the arts,is Professor of Literature and Theologyreflection on thecontemporary and wasthe whichor postmo
229 x 152                                             An analysis and critique much much-discussed idea of postliberal theology.Provides an th
                                                                             Theology discussed notion of School. His first seminaries and deve
                                                                                            The much-discussed notion theology developed from o
                                Paul J. DeHart is Associate Professor of Theof the at Vanderbilt in theological colleges, book, Beyond the Ne
            students of postliberal theology, theological methods, or twentieth-century theologyDivinity postliberal of Postliberal theologyunive
229 x 152                                             This in Christian concerned aboutThis how theology lost rethinks its role in universities.Th
                                                                             This study shows future of the university in Anglo-American culture;a
                                                                                              the imaginative of Theology the Religious Studies C
                                Gavin religion and theology; readers Theology and Head the nature ofstudy its pivotal role, along theologyat
            students and teachers ofD‘Costa is Reader thought-provoking study rethinksof Departmenttheology and and nature ofwith philoso
244 x 172                                              Gilbert and StanleyThe Blackwell Companion toat the Divinity School, Duke University, W
                                                                                 thought; researchers and influential Ethics in Christian presents N
                                                                                            The Blackwell Christian to Christian Hauerwas and
                                Stanley Hauerwas theologyT. Rowe Professor of Theological EthicsCompanioninterested in Ethicsethics arou
            students of Christian ethics, ChristianisCo-edited by ChristianHauerwas, one of the mostacademics figurespresents an innovativea
244 x 172                                                                    A Companionthe moral internationally renowned scholars, essayist,
                                                                                                the University of Chicago. resource for understanding
                                                       Professor of Theological Ethics at to Religious Ethics and practices of the world‘s Comp
            students and researchers Schweiker isA rich resource for understanding Written by teachings is a richAn award-winningthisreligion
                                William in religious ethics
229 x 152                       William and graduates studying ethics, contemporary The naturestatementin the the has of moral philosophy
                                                       Professor of Theologicalnature provocative and task of ethics subject of much essayist,
                                                                             The Ethics at the University has been modern world, philosophy m
                                                                                             Christianity, religion of the An award-winning controve
            advanced undergraduatesSchweiker isOffers an accessible, lively, and and task of ethicsof Chicago. naturebeen the subject ofof
229 x 152                                             This revolutionary book or seminaries
                                                                             Grounded in Grounded in the to Christian ordinary lives in in the nei
                                                                                             Edinburgh, and author‘s of and spent fourteen years
                                Samuel Wells was born theological collegespresents Samuel Wells‘ experienceextensive experience of parish
            students of Christian ethics at universities, in Canada, studied in Oxford, a new approach Durham, UKethics.Grounded poorerauth
229 x 152                                                                     pressing issue in and theology evidenceLecturer traditional Studie
                                                                                            through a ‗spiritual sacred
                                Paul Heelas fields of sociology of religion, religious and Linda Woodheadand culturalin which new forms of spi
            students and academics in the is Professor in Religionmost Are we living Comparing existingrevolution‘ from areinIt will alsoforms
                                                                                                                               studies. Christian be of
                                                      Addresses the and Modernity studiesthe study of theis Seniortoday: the USA and Europe
244 x 172                                             Provides a PresidentChristian spirituality introduction to Christian spirituality
                                                                               for Academic Affairs and Professor of Christian Spirituality growing)
                                Arthur Holder Christian theology or the history of Christianity; has recently emerged as a readers Offers is thor
            students of Christian spirituality, is Dean and Vice comprehensive single-volumescholars in these fields; laydistinct (and at Gradu
                                                                                            The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality a a c
244 x 172                                                                    The Modern Theologians mainhas He is theologies of numerous boo
                                                                                            This popular text Christian the author and accessible
                                                      Third edition of Divinity at introduction to Cambridge.a comprehensiveof the that it con
                                David F. Ford is Regius Professor ofthis popularthe University ofthe provides been updated to ensuretwentieth a
            students of introductory theology, modern theology or systematic theology
246 x 171                                                                     Theology at the of the Christian Theology Reader builds on the succ
                                Alister McGrath is Professor of Historical This new edition University of Oxford.
244 x 172                       Carter and eighteenth-century Church History Emeritus at Bostonof church movement which theology, the his
                                                      Provides a comprehensive introduction to the Pietist theologiansto the Pietist theologians
                                                                             Pietism is also students University School of Theology. He is the au
                                                                                              religious-theological history, of the seventeenth and
            students of seventeenth- Lindberg is Professor of thought and religion;theA comprehensive introductionhistorical formed a bridgee
140 x 216                                              Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University, and Principal of general Hall,desig
                                                                             Written by theologyWritten by one this introductory textbook is Bas
                                                                                            Accessible and leading the world‘s leading Protestant
                                Alister E. course in Christian theology; to Christians in of the world‘s lively, of theologians, Wycliffe readers. th
            Students taking a first short McGrath isA brief introductionlay Christian onestudy groups; high school students;Theology: TheOxfo
229 x 152                                             A bible A. history at universities, colleges orcommentary studentsof His other books includ
                                                                             focusing commentary Judges, best Bookthe reception hermeneu
                                                                                            This Texas Christian traces             the tale Samson
                                David M. theology, or religious Bradford This of Religion Book focuses on the known ofJudges, a fascinating
            Students of biblical studies, Gunn holds the A. commentaryChair bibleon The atbibleofseminaries;University.forliterature,of Judges t
246 x 171                       R. S. Sugirtharajah is Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics postcolonialism ofan the interaction betweeninterac
                                                      This critical theory, literary theory This extensive survey Birmingham.survey of the postco
                                                                             This wide-ranging reader provides of provides comprehensive su
                                                                                             or at the University
            students of biblical studies, cultural studies, wide-ranging Reader provides an wide-ranging readerextensive aPrior to his current a
229 x 152                                              the Old Biblical Studies bibleAmerican History at various institutions Testament times, t
                                                                              the and reception history the on Exodus, one on the graduate and
                                Scott M. Langston has taughtTestament, tracing the of This bible commentary looks atOld of the key books inth
            upper level students of biblical studies,A bible commentary Thishistorycommentary focusesExodus of JudaismExodus has influen
                                                                                             Christianity or of history from how
229 x 152                                             An Dean Ireland‘s Professor of Exegesis of ofbringsTestament theology, which writers in
                                                                             This volume This volume New together some of the of Oxford and
                                Christopher graduate students of theology and aboutbrings together Scripture at most distinguished distinguis
            advanced undergraduates andRowland is overview of discussions biblicalthe natureHoly some of the the Universitymost examines
244 x 172                                              Emeritus Professor This outstanding textbook offers an practices an original Berkeley.C
                                                                                            This experiences and original history of first century A
                                Margaret R. Miles history of Christianity of conversations, outstanding textbook offers from theChristian thoug
            students of Christian theology or the is Traces Christian ideas,Historical Theology at the Graduate Theological Union,history of th
229 x 152                       Euan the history of Christianity, the of theFor ChristianThis bookChristian doctrine or Church history; the Christ
                                                      An exploration history of Luce IIIlessons to be Reformationthe difficult history of clergy; ge
                                                                               theological Professor of learnt fromtheological lessons disagreed
                                                                                              thought, explores the      have developed, Union Theo
            students of Christianity, Cameron is Academic Dean and Henry2,000 years the Christian churchesChurch History at to be learntw
246 x 171                                             Creates a useful mixThis and methods Religious theoristsat thetheories thecontemporar
                                                                               of classic and contemporary useful of of classic and of California,
                                                                                            Matching pivotal Studies and University study along
                                Ivan Strenski is Holstein Family and Community Professor of creates studentsmix to issues intellectual of relig
            students of theology and religion, particularly those taking theoryconcise readercourses; aresponses Europeanin of religionhistory
246 x 171                       Robert religion and of adjacent disciplines, including anthropology, economics, psychology,the comparative me
                                                      Examines Theories This Companion prestigious Companion offers the most comprehen
                                                                              of Religion to Lancaster of most comprehensive survey to-date of the
                                                                                               the study University. His previous sociology, include
            Students and scholars of A. Segal is Professor ofthe main approaches atThisoffers the religion: anthropology,publications philoso
246 x 171                                             A history-based introductory textbook and flawless and of European intellectual history,
                                                                             Is the Bible unique theories and methods in divine revelation? Or is
                                                                                            Is the Religious Studies revelation? Or it California,
                                Ivan Strenski is Holstein Family and Community Professor tocourses; students flawlessUniversityof an historica
            students of theology and religion, particularly those taking theoryand methodsofBible unique divine at the the studyis ofreligion.Intro
229 x 152                                             A collection of writings this book, David book, Notre Dame of religion His previous book
                                                                             In by one theology, modern theology,foremost the theology theologi
                                                                                              Theology at one of the one of philosophical or philo
                                David Burrell is Hesburgh Professor of Philosophy of the foremost philosophersphilosophical the English-spea
            advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and scholars in systematicandIn thisBurrell,David Burrell,University.inforemost philosop
246 x 171                                             A stimulating, readable, one-volume century approaches and Culturethe Bible approach
                                                                             The Blackwell Companion to the about the Bible, century Jewish s
                                                                                            The Blackwell Companion and Bible and readers a S
                                John Sawyer was formerly Professor of Religious Studies at Newcastle Universitytwenty-firstoffersCulture prov
            Students and scholars of Religious Studies, Theology, Biblical Studies, 21streference sourceBibleto to theof Biblical andand Liter
229 x 152                                             Offers Practical Theology at issues and methodsPopularand of film studies, first books
                                                                             Understanding Theology Birmingham.and Popular Culture media of
                                                                                                                         His previous of the is one cu
                                Gordon Lynch culture, religion and popular culture, theology and film, religionstudyfilm, is one publications incl
            students of theology and popular is Lecturer inan overview of the key the University ofandTheology Culturetheology and popularstu
                                                                                            Understanding in the
229 x 152                                                                    This provocative and at the Centre contemporarytechnology are radi
                                                                                             Culture timely book argues Study Environmental Ch
                                                      in is Lecturer in Environment and This book argues thatfor thethat contemporary practice
            Academics, researchers andSzerszynski the sociology of religion, ideas and practices concerning nature andofideas andideas an
                                Bronislaw students Argues that contemporary the sociology of the environment, science and technology stud
229 x 152                                              Christology, series Theology thought, theology University of Ward and His previous of
                                                                               Christian and Ethics Ward, and Graham culture Takes as stimulatin
                                                                                            on Christ and one of the most visionary theologians b
                                Graham Ward is Professor of Contextualof reflections Graham theologian culture, Manchester.culture, starting
            advanced students and researchers ofA stimulating modernThis work by Leading at thecontemporaryreligionpresents a itsreligion
246 x 171                                             A new in theology, sociology and philosophy Theology and John Theory;The the most
                                                                             In modern masterpiece,
                                                                                            This the University of Nottingham and explain religion
                                John Milbank is Professor edition of John Milbank‘stimes, the revised edition of SocialMilbank‘s masterpiece,
            upper level students, researchers and facultyof Religion, Politics and Ethics atis asocial sciences have sought to one ofTimes Hig
229 x 152                                             Martin E. Marty is a religions, commentatorof religion, and the University of of over faith w
                                                                             Collisions of In Professor the growing threat and culture of 50 bo
                                                                                             sociology of religious at threatening conflicts
                                Martin E. contemporary M. Cone Distinguished Servicethe face on Emeritus matters, the author Chicago, whe
            general readers; students ofMarty is Fairfaxtheology, world renowned thefaiths are among the mostreligionfrom collisions around t
229 x 152                                             Associate Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University.character of as Eucharist as co
                                                                               character of ThisEucharist as communion in clergy
                                                                                             the book explores of His recent publications include
                                 and scholars of theology and liturgy; theThis book explores the characterthethe Eucharist through sacrifice.A
            graduate studentsMatthew Levering is An exploration ofmembers of the Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran and the communion in a
229 x 152                       Fiona Bowie religionOffers an updated religiousand Religious Studies atanthropology of toBristol.
                                                         Lecturer in Anthropology studies or anthropology the University religion.Discusses the
                                                                             The of this edition of this thea revised second the anthropology of
                                                                                            Now available in
            students of the anthropology of is Seniorin departments of editionsecond introduction topopular introductionof edition, this popular i
229 x 152                                                as Assistant Professor ofbecause webookAmerica, its Africantherefore I am,‖ said clerg
                                                                             ―I the Spirituality and and Church are, roots, beliefs, practices, B
                                                                                            This are; gives readers a broad Duke University the R
                                Michael Battle servedseminaries; history of am, Black Church in Black since wereligions or peace studies; andp
            students of theology in universities andExplores the students of African American studies, world Studies atunderstanding ofArchb
229 x 152                       William H. BrackneyAn inclusive ofBaptists worldwideBaptists?inProgram authority Studies at 400 andthought
                                                        and Canada; Religion and the Written by North America over Baptist Baylor though
                                                                             Who Baptist tradition          leading authority on Baptist life years.Show
            students of religion in the United Statesis Professor survey of the areDirector of the Aaleading in Baptist onthe past life andUniversi
140 x 216                                             The first the popular Theology to Alister with those is one of in world‘s leading theologi
                                                                               response first book-length response a world-renowned theologian, s
                                                                                            the acclaimed writer is to Richard work of Richard of p
                                Alister general is Professor book-length science market, andUniversity. interested Dawkins, author of manyw
            the book will find a broadMcGrathreadership in of Historical This is theat Oxford E. McGrathHeRichardthe the Dawkins, author Daw
187 x 235                                              Professor of Historical Theology The new University. He is a by by Alister McGrath.Writ
                                                                               and updated extensively and comparative theology McGrath is theo
                                                                                              edition of this popular popular Alister
                                Alister and above isA completely revisedThis popular,at Oxford edition of textbookworld-renowned theologian
            first-year undergraduatesE. McGrath studying Christianity, religious studies, theology revisedthis textbooktextbook by leadingesse
244 x 172                                             Offers religions, of Humanities and Professor ofCompanion understand resource for anyo
                                                                             The for anyone who Near to read History ideal the a reader‘s gu
                                                                                            The or wishes the Qur‘an is
                                Andrew Rippin is Dean of the Facultycomparative religion, BlackwelltoIslamicand to at the University of as a t
            students of the Qur‘an, Islamic studies, world a true companion Blackwell CompanionEastern studies the Qur‘an is Qur‘an Victor
246 x 171                                                                    reflecting the Written of trends, Duncan writerscomparativecontempo
                                                                                                world by of the Muslim Black and in the philosoph
                                Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi‛ is Professor of Islamic religion orvariety religions Contemporaryof McDonald Centre for M
            students of Islamic studies, Near Eastern studies, comparative Studies and Directorcurrentvoices, and opinionsscholars, reflects
                                                      A timely publication, The Blackwell Companion to and students Islamic Thought The Bla
140 x 216                                                                    The nature those with little College of William Islam; Islamic history
                                                                                              Islam remains an area intense and intense and rec
                                Tamara Sonn is the William and Middle East studies;accessible at theor no knowledge area oftopical most top
            beginning students of Islam, religious studies, history of Islam which is ofThe nature of Islam remains an of & Mary. Herinterest. I
                                                      A lively R. Kenan Professor of Humanities without being simplistic.Breaks all general rea
229 x 152                                             This volume scholars selection of Primo Italian literature
                                                                             From 1955
                                Primo Levi, well as students and contains of the HolocaustandLevi‘s of his suicide, Primo at once the series
            a general trade readership, asHolocaust Survivor, Writer andaScientist to 1987, the yearwritings which shows Levi wrote arange
246 x 171                       Susan teachers of is Assistant Director of Maryland in to Digital Technology in the humanities computing.Con
                                                      A complete yet concise overview ofhumanities disciplines a thorough, concise the Universi
                                                                             A Companion theCompanion offers interested in integrating comput
                                                                                            This emerging discipline of Humanities at overview of
            upper-level students and Schreibmanhumanities computing, and those Institute for Humanities provides a complete yet concise
244 x 172                                               Dean of the School A Companion to of tragedy an Westernisresource for anyone interest
                                                                              of Arts and Sciences and Western of history and culture.Broad in i
                                                                                             A Companion in essential an essential history, of an
                                Rebecca Bushnell isA wide-ranging exploration of the roleclassics, Professorcivilization, at the University forPe
            upper level students, researchers and scholars of drama, English literature, Tragedy is to Tragedy English culturalresourceor cult
244 x 172                                              * A theory, Renaissance Stephenat Harvard University, where he teaches practitioners o
                                                                              Stephen Greenblatt is onemakes available influential English. A fou
                                                                                                Greenblatt one
                                Stephen Jay Greenblatt is Cogan of writing Professor and Reader –of the most influential volume the of new
            upper level students of literary and culturalcollection Universitybystudies, This Shakespeare of the mostin onepractitioners most im
229 x 152                                                                       Chair by one of book recovers mental students in of Pennsylvania
                                                                                             This in world's upper at the University the mental map
                                                       Rodin Professor andThis book recovers places in the places mapping and researchers o
                                The author is Judith A highly and engaging workof the Department of English levelappearingof medieval and Re
            upper level students and researchers of medieval and Renaissance literaturethe English; most renowned medievalists.Recreates
246 x 171                                              An informed guide English at Rutgers of literary to the fromcriticism fro
                                                                                the book is a guide             His recent history of literary antiquity to
                                  criticism within Associate Professor of toor classicalstudies to theahistory to the publicationspresent The Earl
            students of literaryM.A.R. Habib is departments of literature This history of literary criticism from antiquitycriticismincludeday.Supp
                                                                                             This book is
244 x 172                                                                     The the shortthe 35theory Companion of theory, istheory.Compris
                                James Phelan of narrative theory, the novel, 35 original essays at Ohio Statefield CompanionTheory constitut
            students, researchers and facultyis Humanities Distinguished Professor of English in Aofessays in Ato Narrative literary theory,The
                                                                                               story, and contested University. He the editor of th
                                                       The best available introduction to Thevitaloriginal the novel, film narrative to Narrative or
244 x 172                         theory or cultural theory
                                                       A definitive collection of classic statements in criticism definitivetheoretical ofstatements in
                                                                              Literary Theory: Anteaches courses in and cutting-edge classic and
                                                                                             This Anthology classic new collection work from the
            students of literaryJulie Rivkin is Professor at Connecticut College, where sheanthology ofis a and American Literature, Contemp
246 x 171                                                                       English at An writings on the theory and Theory 1900–2000 is a com
                                                                                             The Novel:        Anthology the novel and the author of
                                Dorothy J. Hale is Associate Professor ofThe important University of California, Berkeley. She isTheory 1900–
            students of the novel or literary theory An anthology of the mostNovel: the AnthologyAn Criticism ofof Criticismfrom the twentieth c
229 x 152                                                                     Literary theory hassuccinct the University modern theories of literatur
                                                                                             This become a branch of learning in a at Irvine. and
                                                       An introduction to modern theories Literature at introduction to of Californiaown variety of
            students of literaryWolfgang Iser is Professor of English and Comparative of literature and the arts.Represents its wide right, He is
229 x 152                                              A critical summary American University. by of theknown for critical by one of the const
                                                                                the emerging summarizes of disparate leading theorists in ecocrit
                                                                                             Written environmental studies
                                Lawrence Buell is Professor literature, of Harvardliterature, orHe is best the world‘shis two previous that world
            students of ecocriticism, literary theory, Englishof English atThis manifesto disciplineone―ecocriticism‖.Written practices books on
229 x 152                                                                       Professor of of science; every at readers
                                                                                              English in general the of life critic improved if aud
                                Wayne C. Booth is Distinguished ServiceThe and social RHETORIC is a manifesto addressed to broadclaim
            students and scholars of literature, philosophy, classics, politicalRhetoric In this manifesto, corner University of WayneaBooth prev
                                                       This manifesto claims that communicationEmeritus distinguishedcan beChicago. Hiswe st
229 x 152                                                                       book for students embarking well as was the degree,France, Amer
                                                                                             Who Sussex as Deism? universities in Horse? Rev
                                Ian Littlewood has taught for many years Who was Absalom? What wasupon a atWhen was the Industrial Whe
            students about to embark on a literature degree referenceat the University ofwas Jezebel? Whatliterature Woodendesigned to h
                                                       A one-stop
244 x 172                                              A comprehensive guide Associate to the British to the British and close of World War an
                                                                              A Companion Dean Irish fiction of the last Faculty Development at
                                                                                             A and Irish novel between the years; general readers
                                Brian W. Shaffer is Professor of literary and to or Britishand of Academic Affairs for1945–2000 serves as II s
            students of the contemporary novel, contemporary English culture theBritishCompanion and Irish Novel50Irish Novel 1945-2000a
229 x 152                                                                     Written by one Rylands the English literary theorists, Defoe to prov
                                                                                             Written world‘s leading University of Manchester. the
                                                       A wide-ranging and humorous introduction toFellow at world‘s from Danielthis book His rp
            students of English literature; general readers of Cultural Theory and John of the by one of thethenovel leading literary theorists, th
                                Terry Eagleton is Professor
229 x 152                                                                     Gothic novels tell
                                Donna Heiland Gothic literature, feminism, Romanticism terrifying stories Learned Societies and was Ass
            undergraduates and graduates in is Director of Fellowship Programs at the American Council of patriarchal societies that thrive o
246 x 171                       Mary Luckhurst is Senior Lecturer in guide studies, atThis University of York. She theatreinsights into of plays
                                                       An authoritative Modern modern British and Irish drama.Analyses a studies, cultural stud
                                                                              How do post-colonial readings drama or is author of range British a
                                                                                               the wide-ranging Companion to Modern British and A
            students of nineteenth and twentieth-century British and Irish to DramaModernism, modernoffer radical new broadDramaturgy: Iris
244 x 172                                                                     Poetry in Theory: the Anthology and theoreticaland a from the twentie
                                                        the Faculty anthology Humanities at An key critical 1900–2000 brings together key critica
                                Jon Cook is Dean of literary newof                           Poetry University of East Anglia texts Senior Lecturer
            students of twentieth-century poetry or A majortheory Arts and bringing together in Theory: An Anthology 1900-2000 brings togeth
229 x 152                                                Rosenthal Professor of the English novel; general Pennsylvania. range entire range of D
                                                                                 or Life of at the University of Defoe entire He has Defoe‘s in the
                                                                                             The Defoe examines the
                                John Richetti is A.M.A critical study of theThe EnglishDanielLife of Danielreadersentire range of his work writing
            students and scholars of eighteenth-century British literaturewriting of Daniel Defoe.Examines the examines theof written extensiv
246 x 171                                              A major survey of Old Norse-Icelandic literature and culture. Comprisesand at the Univers
                                                                              This the University of Leeds. Previously he has taught culture comp
                                                                                             This of Old Norse-Icelandic literature 29 European stu
                                Rory McTurk language and literature in departments of English, survey of Old Norse-Icelandic literature and
            students of Old Norse-Icelandic is Reader in Icelandic Studies atmajor survey majorGerman, Scandinavian studies,chapters writte
229 x 152                                              An John P. English, history or medieval to at Harvard literature.Structured aroundof Lad
                                                                              This innovative and studies; general readers
                                                                                             This innovative introduction introduction to Old ‗figure
                                Daniel Donoghue is the innovative and intriguing introduction intriguingand intriguingto He is the author English
            students of Old English literature in departments ofMarquand Professor of English Old English University.Old English literature is
229 x 152                                                                     Inside Old English: Essays in Hall, Oxford, and General Linguistics,
                                John Walmsley and Inside Old Language and Literature at St EdmundHonour into the worldof Bruce Mitchell
            upper-level students, researchers studied EnglishEnglish gives EnglishliteratureOld English: Essays Bruce MitchellOld English.Co
                                                       faculty interested in Old readers a comprehensive insight of in Honour of gives readers
229 x 152                                                                     This general this essential Middle English textbook, now rangestude
                                                       New, thoroughly revised authoritative many                             textbook.Introduces of e
                                J.A. Burrow is Emeritus Professor language;edition ofreaders publications include Medieval Writers thirdlit
            beginning students of medieval English literature andat Bristol University.This textbook introduces readers to the wide in itsand th
229 x 152                       John C. Hirsh is Professor of English at Georgetown readers poems, carols, and traditional lyrical ballads writ
                                                       or poetry more broadly; general University Lyric engagingD.C. His previous poems, ca
                                                                              Medieval Lyriclyrical
                                                                                                is a lively Washington, collection of of lyrical poems,
            students of medieval English literature A lively and engaging collection ofMedieval in andis a colourful collectionBritishpublications
229 x 152                                                                     The at influential critical writing on Middle English guide to the and
                                                                                             Middle English Literature is a student of Language orde
                                  English literature A student guide English guide brings College, Oxford. He is the key critical work, inmost
            students of MiddleRoger Dalrymple is Tutorial Fellow into the mostSt Hugh‘s together a cross-section ofauthorliterature.Brings to
229 x 152                       Thorlac Turville-Petre is introduction to English literature written in the four centuriesNottingham. His previous
                                                                              Medieval English introduction provides the is a studythe Norman rea
                                                                                               Literature at the University of following of modern Co
            students of medieval English literature * AnProfessor of Medieval EnglishThis Literature: An Introductionguidance thatEnglish liter
244 x 172                                               a Reader in Medieval Literature a the University of Durham. Her previous thenotoriously
                                                                              Romance is Romance is a varied and fluid literary genre, ages.Con
                                Corinne Saunders isA groundbreaking survey of the at varied and fluid of romance throughout publications in
            students of English literature or comparative literature; general readersmany permutationsliterary genre, notoriously difficult to de
229 x 152                                                                     Literature at This concise provides a succinct introduction to and incl
                                                                                              Companion of Durham. Her previous publications to
                                Corinne Saunders is Reader in Medieval This Chaucer‘s Universitycompanion provides a succinct introductio
            students of Chaucer or Middle English;A succinct introduction to Concisethemajor works, the contexts in which he wrote,Chaucem
                                                         general readers
229 x 152                       Peter Womack           This student in English at the University students with the the Londondrama andcultureDra
                                                                              This guide provides of drama covers historical, theatrical theatrica
                                                                                             This guide to English He is the co-author provides wh
            students of Renaissance drama is Senior Lecturerguide to English Renaissance East Anglia.Renaissanceliterary of Englishstud
229 x 152                                               and Early Modern literature andEnglish generaland general readers,early modern habits
                                                                               Literature the volume offers students and of this readers.Offers
                                                                                             both students for a description the author of Elizabeth
                                Michael Hattaway is Professor of EnglishDesigned for ThisUniversity of Sheffield. He is generalintroduction to R
            students of Renaissance, Reformation An introduction to early modernatculture;literature readers
246 x 171                                              Adjunct Professor ofof literature,drama, film and Michigan and Ellis an Nelle Levitt Distin
                                                                                English the rapidly developing field of Shakespeare performance stu
                                Barbara Hodgdon is A state-of-the-art overview of at the University ofto and Performance Performance provid
            undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty in departments A Companion to ShakespeareShakespearewithandinterestain Shakes
                                                                                             A Companion media studies and provides state-of-
229 x 152                                                                                     Companion Companion Shakespeare range of is the
                                                                              This Literature at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She appro
                                                        is Associate Professor ofConcise This Concisepresents a multidisciplinary on screen.Draw
                                Diana E. Henderson A multidisciplinary Companion
            upper level students, researchers and faculty in Shakespeare studies to a vast multimedia subject, presents a multidisciplinary ra
244 x 172                                                                       general sixteenth-century English verse.Features include The Engl
            students of sixteenth-century poetry or A fully-annotated anthology of readers Virginia. His previous publications generous selectio
                                                        Renaissance poetry; the anthology    This fully-annotated anthology of sixteenth-century Clas
                                Gordon Braden is Professor of English atThis University of sixteenth-century English verse features generous
229 x 152                       Cynthia RestorationA collection of fresh perspectives This Concisepresents fresh the author of on toLiterary d
                                                        and Professor of English at the on eighteenth-century literature.Contributes eighteenth-
                                                                              This Concise Companion Companion presents fresh The current o
            upper level students of theWall is Associate eighteenth-century literatureUniversity of Virginia. She is perspectives perspectives an
244 x 172                       Paula eighteenth-century English literatureCompanion togeneral readers Eighteenth-century English Novelpr
                                                       An up-to-date resource or the novel; of theAuburn the
                                                                              A for the Scholar at eighteenth-century novel. Furnishes readers w
                                                                                             A the Eighteenth-century A former president of the f
            students and scholars ofR. Backscheider is Philpott-Stevens Eminent studyCompanion to University.English Novel and Culture Am
246 x 171                       Michael Ferber and faculty ofBritish its kind to focus on the University way worldbook of Romantic Movement
                                                       The first English and Humanities at describes theisof New Romanticism.Describes publ
                                                                              This companion the Romanticism, in which the its nineteenth-centur
                                                                                             This companion the first literature, kind to focus on t
            upper level students, researchers is Professorin book ofRomanticism, Europeanwhole of European Hampshire. His previous the w
244 x 172                                                 A fully annotated readers Poetry: An the University poetry.* Anthology generousanno
                                                                              Victorian      Victorian of Victorian of Leeds, Fellow is a fully illu
                                Francis O‘Gorman is* literature; general Victorian Literature atAnnotated Anthology isFeatures aof the andsele
            students of Victorian poetry or Victorian Senior Lecturer inand illustrated collection Poetry: An Annotated aafully annotatedRoyal H
229 x 152                                                                     This volume presents fresh of Leeds. He has written to classic Victor
                                Francis O‘Gorman isAliterature Victorian Literature tothe volume presents fresh approaches widely onup fro
            students of Victorian fiction or Victorian Lecturer in of fresh approachesatThis University approaches to classic Victorian fictionfor
                                                           collection                           classic Victorian fiction from 1830-1900.Opens Victo
229 x 152                                              An general interests in inspiring critical jargon, which challenges ways of publicationsVic
                                                                                               survey challenges conventional conventional ways s
                                Louis James‘s writing reflects hisreaders guide, free of and inspiring survey challenges conventional ways of v
            students of Victorian literature and culture;inspiring student ThisVictorian This postcolonial literature, and his main viewing theofin
244 x 172                                              This Companion of A Companion or Science Fiction general readers books on Joseph a
                                                                              English at Liverpool University. assembles essays by an internation
                                David Seed is Professor in the Schoolconveys studiesA and variety of science fiction.Shows how science byH
            students of science fiction in departments of cultural studies, filmthe scaleto literary studies;He hasFiction assembles essays fictio
                                                                                                 Companion to Science published
229 x 152                                               novel, contemporary fiction,in clear, jargon-free prose, writing inFaculty introductory text
                                                                              Written contemporary Academic Affairs for the this in charts the tw
                                                                                             Written in clear, culture or prose, second half of
                                Brian British or IrishAn engaging introduction to the English-language jargon-freeworld fictionDevelopment va
            students of the post-warW. Shaffer is Professor of English and Associate Dean of literarynovel this introductory text Englishthe at
246 x 171                                              An essential resource for students to University and Hawthornden Fellow and Tutor inreso
                                                                              A Companion andCompanion combines a Culture and essential ess
                                David Bradshaw is Reader in English and culture              The teachers of modernist broad grounding in the En
            students, researchers and faculty of modernist literatureLiterature at Oxford Modernist Literature andliteratureis an cultureBroad
229 x 152                                                Professor of English British
                                                                                 and Stephen H. Weiss Presidential studied and taught the modernau
                                                                                             Daniel first half of has Fellow century.Draws on the B
                                Daniel the modern British novel; study ofreadersfiction in the R. studied and taught the Cornell British and Iris
            students and teachers of R. Schwarz isAn insightful general Daniel R. Schwarz has Schwarzthe twentiethat modern University, wh
229 x 152                                              An introduction to modernist at a leading by awritten by a leading critic.Concentrates on A
                                                                              English American
                                Charles Altieri is Stageberg or Modernism; general readers poetryofthis invigorating introductionhe modernist w
            students of twentieth-century American poetry Professor of Written by theWritten critic, leading critic, this invigoratingto teaches twe
                                                                                               University California, Berkeley where introduction
229 x 152                                              An authoritative overview of the social,BritishCompanion to general readersoffers He auth
                                                                              twentieth-century political at the University of Pennsylvania. an is o
                                                                                             A Concise Contemporary contexts of
                                James of contemporary British fiction or of the English Department and economicBritish FictionBritish Fiction B
            students and researchersF. English is Professor and Chair A Concise Companion toliterature, and Contemporarycontemporaryth
246 x 171                                              Walt Professor broad-ranging, 35 original essays writtenUniversity of by
                                                                              Comprising Parkside Campus of one ofleading scholars, thisschola
                                                                                             Comprising 35 original by America‘s greatest Comp
                                Donald D. Kummings is a Whitman, nineteenth-century American literature theAmerican poetry leading His bo
            upper level students or researchers of An exceptionallyof English at thein-depth companion toor essays writtenWisconsin.poets.C
244 x 172                                              Provides an overview of literature and Southern studies,Essex.activities and music to So
                                                                              From Literature at slave narrativescultural frombooks society, politic
                                                                                                                           and His country from The Li
                                Richard Gray is Professor in the Department ofslave narratives University oftoAmerican history,the American
            students of American literature and American studies, Southernthe whole range ofto the Civil War,the Civil War, in include country
                                                                                             From the literary and
244 x 172                                                                     A Companion spanning War, and 1780-1865 presents the current W
                                                                                                 Companion to American Romances of the presents
                                Shirley of American A Companion to American fiction, A the Civil the period from the history declarations of st(
            students and researchersSamuels is Professor American literature beforeto American FictionAmericanearliest before the Civil na
                                                        studies, of English at Cornell University. She is the author of Fiction 1780-1865 Republic
229 x 152                                              Latin American studies, English from book introduces from topublished widely in the a
                                                                              The emergence of modern Sheffield. He has the evolution of
                                                                                               University of narrative
                                Philip Swanson is Professor of Hispanic Studies at theThis Spanish-speaking Latin America.Presents modern
            students of Spanish, Hispanic studies, An introduction to modern fictionand American studies readersSpanish-speaking Latin Am
229 x 152                                                                     ―This is no book, Who touches Weaves of The the weaves togeth
                                                                                              to Walt Whitman.· this to Walt a man,‖ Whitman with
                                Ed literature; general An innovative introductory University introductory guide touchesWhitmanWalt Whitman
            students of American Folsom is Carver·Professor of English at the guide This/of Iowa. He is the editortogetherWaltwriter‘s lifeQua
244 x 172                                              A Nichol Colonial American literatures than Glasgow University. leading scholars of this
                                                                               to the field Literature American literatures.Situates the include Note
                                                                                               Colonial culture
                                Susan Castillo and faculty in Professor of American of moreandat introduction to Colonial American literatures
            upper level students, researchersis John broad introduction Consisting of This broad 30 original essays byHer books writing in the
246 x 171                                               Associate ProfessorA Companionof Companion Fiction, of American fiction of the a Ame
                                                                                of English at Purdue University. period and of many twentieth-centu
                                                                                                  American to American Fiction, a groundbreaking c
                                Robert Paul Lamb isAn exceptionally American fiction Atothe post-civil study1865–1914 isearly articles post-civ
            students, researchers and faculty in nineteenth-century broad-ranging Companion to thewar The author the 1865-1914 ison grou
244 x 172                                                Lecturer in the Literature Faculty In MIT. The short fiction,essays,City: Companion Urban
                                                                               resource demonstrates of 35 original of poetry. works and twent
                                                                                               to series the relevance ideal this
                                Wyn Kelley is SeniorThis teaching Melville or the American novel, author is theor Melville‘sLiterary twenty-first
            upper level students, researchers, or facultycomprehensive A Companionat aHerman Melvilleof Melville‘s resource for in thedemon
246 x 171                                              One American literature, the Americanbroad-rangingwriting,Twainof isliteratures, or Amert
                                                                              Mark Twain is one ofNottingham University. in recent years.Brings T
                                                                                                        the travel Mark southern the author of The
                                Peter nineteenth-centuryof the most broad-ranging volumesnovel,best-known figures brings together respecte
            students of Mark Twain, Messent is Professor of Modern American Literature atto appear on companionHe American literature. S
244 x 172                                              An original Theatre This Companion and African American an original and authoritativeH
                                                                              Studies, drama, twentieth-century literary and cultural history; theats
                                                                                             This Companion provides Studies at Yale University.
                                David researchers instructor inand authoritative survey ofprovides an authoritative survey of studies.Compris
            upper level students andKrasner is anof twentieth-century American English,theatre studies, or American dramatwentieth-century
229 x 152                                               Professor of EnglishThis Concise This Chair at gives
                                                                                and Department Concise the Universitya and its contexts.Givespoet
                                                                                              Companion Companion of Notre Dame. He the read
                                Stephen Fredman isA wide-ranging overview of poetry; general readers readersgives readers a how is the au
            students, researchers and scholars of twentieth-century American twentieth-century American poetry rich sense of rich sense of
229 x 152                                              A theatre, drama, and performance atconcise introduction is American arts or theater Pa
                                                                              This drama intext Yale University. overview of how Americanto read
                                David Krasner students of postwar American succinct This gives readers an Hethethe author of Resistance, st
            undergraduate and postgraduate teachesconcise introduction to American departments theliterature, performing drama gives the t
                                                                                                drama from of end of to Second World War drama
229 x 152                                              A Professor in the Humanities at Columbialegends.Selected have been selected selected
                                                                              The myths myths and American Hisin
                                                                                             The and and legends previous publications both for
                                 American culture and narrative of Native American and legendsUniversity.studiesfor book have been as storie
            students of NativeKarl Kroeber is Mellon collection in departments of literaturemyths in this collectionthis their excellence include Is
229 x 152                                              An innovative introduction topoems, Thumb‘s Width for studentswriting poetry our senseG
                                John Redmond is the author                                   This innovative introduction to of creative writing the
                                                                              In How writing a Poem, poet John Redmond challenges challenges
            students of creative writing; general readers of one collection of to Write poetry designed(2001), which was longlisted forand b
229 x 152                                              Professor American Ridley Scott‘sThis Scott‘s film, Virginia, U.S.A. He the film‘s presenta
                                                                               studies, cultural is the was the first analyze on a the editor, Gladi
                                                                                               Gladiator general to epic
                                Martin M. history, film studies, of Classics at George Mason University,Gladiator.Examines isScott‘s film most
            students of classics, ancientWinkler is The first systematic analysis of Ridleystudies;first bookreaders filmRidleyRoman subject in
229 x 152                                                                                    This Christ Church, Oxford, literature history; general
                                                       A accessible one-volume survey of one-volume of Greece and ancient of Greece and Ro
                                Richard Rutherford is Tutor in Greek andThis accessibletheaccessiblesurvey of the surveyUniversity Lecturer G
                                                                               Latin Literature at literature one-volume and a of the literature of r
            students of classics, English and American literature, comparative literature, classical archaeologyand Rome.Covers the perioda
229 x 152                       Thomas Habinek is Professor of Classics ancient was This book the politicalreaders toquestions about theand
                                                       An introduction studies, communication studies or literature cultural life of the Greek Poli
                                                                              Rhetoric rhetorical tradition.Investigates He the ancient of The orig
                                                                                              central to introduces and
            students of rhetoric in departments of classics, culturalto the at the University of Southern California. key is the author rhetorical tr
229 x 152                                                                     If students history, as introduces 'reading' itEncouragesauthor of le
                                                                                             This book California, Santa to ―reading‖ it, readers m
                                                       An introduction to 'doing' at the are to ―do‖ history, as opposed Cruz. He is thethey must H
            students of ancient history W. Hedrick Jr. is Professor of HistoryancientUniversity ofopposed to students to the chief disciplines,to
244 x 172                                              A Curators‘ and Byler Professor of Companion of Ancient Epic presents for the first grou
                                                                               studies, the A Classical Studies epic traditions.Considers the Mis
                                John Miles Foley classics, Near Eastern Near Eastern, Greek, and Romanancient world: it was central oftime
            students, researchers and faculty inis theCompanion to the Epic wasEnglish literature andtheand English at the University tointerr
                                                                                             master-genre to comparative literature
229 x 152                                              Both ancient       theories at the University of Mythology guide to both and editor of a his
                                                                              Theories of Mythology provides students religion a history of theorie
                                                                                             Theories anthropology is the author
                                Eric Csapo is of classics,a history of Classics English literature,of Toronto. He and with interpreting myth.Introd
            students of myth in departmentsAssociate Professor languages, of myth and a practical ‗how-to‘provides students with both nume
244 x 172                                              A broad-ranging andsystematically literature introduction to ancient Greek translation; st
                                                                                 Ancient History and Principal of classical College, in drama.Discus
                                 literature in departments of ClassicsandThis of Englishorganised studyingOtonabee literature Trent to ancien
            students of Greek Ian C. Storey is Professorof classics; studentsBlackwell Guide provides a broad-ranging introductionUniversity
                                                                                             This Blackwell Guide introduces ancient Greek drama,
244 x 172                                              This Companion departments of and Greek Tragedy provides grounding in Greek tragedy
                                                                               Languages classics, with aat Smith College. Her with readers with a
                                                                                                 Companion fundamental readers books
                                Justina scholars Professor of Classical A Companion readers English Greek Tragedy provides a include Euri
            students, researchers andGregory isof Greek tragedy in volume provides Ato Literatures to and comparative literature fundamenta
244 x 172                                              Reader in Classical Languages literature from to Latin Literature gives century of thro
                                                                              A literature A Latin Literature gives an authoritative authoritative a
                                Stephen Harrison is An authoritative account of Latinand Companion at beginnings in the and a account of Lat
            students of classics and Latin in departments of classics and Companion toLiteratures its Oxford University thirdanFellow BCCorp
229 x 152                                                                     In Food in University of Exeter. respected a respected aapractising
                                                                                             In Food World,         He is the classicist and practising
                                John M. Wilkins is Professor of Greek Culture at the antiquity written byaarespected classicist andclassicist and
            students of classics or history; general An evocative account of foodin the Ancientin the Ancient World,author of Euripides: Herac
229 x 152                                                                                      Classics at the on an provides classics, ancient the f
                                civilization, Greek William ancient religion, and Greek Religion provides Athens inVirginia. the fundamental b
            students of Greek Jon D. Mikalson is religion, R. Kenan, Jr.,Ancientthe history of religion Religionintroduction to His previous publi
                                                                                Professor of Ancient Greek in departments of classical period.Includ
                                                       Accessible introduction to Greek religion.FocusesUniversity of the an introduction to histo
246 x 171                                                civilization of source material relating sourcebook presents Roman spectacle.Draws on
                                                                               This sourcebook to the rich tradition
                                                                                                  history; general of Arizona wealth of and light on Blo
                               Alison Futrell is Associate Professor of Roman Roman at the University readers material that material that cast
            students of the Roman games, RomanA collection and culture, or HistoryThispresents a wealth of of a in Tucsoncastsauthor ofthe
229 x 152                      Donald of Kyle is history, world Chair of Thisup-to-dateUniversity ofof ancientor and award-winning teacher tea
                                                       * A readable, illustrated, work thea discussion Texas at Arlington. An award-winning pro
                                                                                History anthropology, archaeology public, illustrated introduction to
                                                                                                    well-published scholar sport history
            general readers; students G. ancientProfessor and history, classics,at by This is a readable, up-to-date, competitive physical perf
244 x 172                                               Professor of Classics at the University of Arizona in Tucson. the previous the first comp
                               Marilyn B. Skinner is ancient comprehensive survey Greek and in GreekCulture is sexuality.Covers a wide sur
            students of classics, gender studies or The first history; general readersofSexualityGreek and Roman HerCulture is publications in
                                                                               Sexuality in ancient Roman and Roman first comprehensive ran
229 x 152                                                                      This machine introduction introduction 1575 war His bc).Focuses
                                                                                                University of Auckland, New Zealand. machine New Ki
                               Anthony J. SpalingerAn introduction Egyptology at is This book is anto the Pharaonic war machine of of New
            students and scholars of ancient EgyptianProfessor of to the warbooktheanof New Kingdom Egypt (c. to the bc–1100recent public
                                                         is history; general readers
229 x 152                                              The in Skopje, Macedonia. ruler isBojana Mojsov from the story ofhaspart in the travellersli
                                                                               Osiris, She ofa celebrated Egyptologist central worked in thefrom
                                                                                                     or of Osiris tells beginning the cult of Osiris Egypt
                               Bojana Mojsov was of religion, the history of Christianity,cultmysticism; general aand to particularly religious b
            students of ancient history, the history born first book to tell the story of thethe netherworld, played readers,end.Sketches the dev
244 x 172                      Daniel C. Snell in departments PresidentialCompanion to the Ancient Near Ancient Near readers andthe conqua
                                                       A Semrod of history, classics andA Eastern at the the East general East offers studentsr
                                                                               A Professor of Companion to pastors; theOklahoma. to general
                                                                                                    History civilization from of Bronze Age
            students of the Ancient Near Eastis L. J. comprehensive overview of Nearbiblical studies;Universityoffers studentsHis books inclu
246 x 171                      Mark W. Chavalas isAProfessor the history of Mesopotamiabook presents new translationsand ancientauthored
                                                           primary source book the University translations of Mesopotamian edited or Near E
                                                                               This book provides Wisconsin-La the primary sources for the histor
            students of the history of the ancient Near East or of History atpresentingThis ofthe reader with Crosse. He hasof Mesopotamian a
140 x 216                                              The first biography in world more This is the Babylonian University, English of He has wr
                                                                               This Near East Historystudents of biblical English general the famou
                                                                                                broadly; first biography in studies; Hammurabi (fl.
                               Marc Van Eastern history and the of Ancient book presents the first biography written inNew York. readers179
            students of the Ancient NearDe Mieroop is Professor ancientEnglish of the famous at Columbialawgiver, Kingof the famous Baby
229 x 152                                               Professor of Ancient History the University the conquest He is sources available, this
                                                                               In the 300       the Hellenistic world.Highlights the author of Historie
                               Angelos Chaniotis isAn overview general readers at in Exploiting the Heidelberg.of Alexander the Great and th
            students of ancient Greek history or military history; of war and societyyears between ofabundant primarythe interdependence ofu
140 x 216                                                                      the ancient Olympics and and modern the acclaimed ancient Olym
                                                                                                   a millennium, the ancient Olympics Written by imag
                                                       A succinct Classics For more thanclassical is their author ofresurgence.the The thea clas
            general readers; students of classicsProfessor of history of at the University ofbookcivilization, ancient sport or captured Modern O
                               David C. Young is or ancient history taking courses in This Florida a succinct history of boththe ancient Olymp
244 x 172                                              An accessible of Ancient classical Greek history.Extends from the aftermath of the Persia
                               P. Greek history in departments of account archaeology orbook gives an Durham. He is the author of many b
            students of classical J. Rhodes is Professor Emeritusclassics,of book givestheancient history; generalclassical Greek history, fro
                                                                                               This accessible account of readers
                                                                               This History at an University of accessible account of classical Gree
246 x 171                                                  Who‘s in the some 800 individuals from the reign concise the University over 800 ind
                                                                               Containing Greek and contains of Alexander the Great.Covers sign
                               Waldemar Heckel is AGreat inWho of Department of over 800 concise biographies of individuals of Calgary, th
            students and scholars of Alexander theProfessordepartments of classics This bookRoman Studies at biographies ofknown from C
                                                                                                or ancient history
244 x 172                                              A cutting-edge Companion to classical Companionclassics; general of yet accessible new
                                                                               This Companion Greek scholarly yet accessibleGreece Persian W
                                                                                                   University, or provides scholarly new
                               Konrad H. Kinzl is Professor ancient history, classicalThisprovideshistory from is aftermath of interpretation
            upper level students, researchers and faculty inof Ancient History at TrentarchaeologyCanada. Hetheeditor readerstheand the Ea
246 x 171                      David Potter is in ancient history; and Latin at the imperial historyto the He rethink what provides about Ro
                                                       Provides a guide both to Roman A Companion make Roman published extensively on w
                                                                               New discoveries constantly and us has Empire we studies.Takes
            students, researchers and facultyProfessor of Greekgeneral readers University of the field of Romanknow readers th
246 x 171                                              An authoritative and This Companion Companion provides an authoritative and up-to-da
                                                                               up-to-date overviewUniversity. Republican history Imperatores Victio
                                                                                                 State of Roman He historians of of as periods and (
                               Nathan Rosenstein of Roman History in departments Thisprovides an authoritative and other it is overviewpr
            undergraduate and graduate students is Professor of History at The Ohioof history or classics, is the authorup-to-date currentlyfiel
244 x 172                                               until his death in popular generalof Rome.Spans 1,300 years of history in a combines is
                                                                                                    1,300 years, 1,300 years, this IV.Jean-Louis of Rom
                               Marcel Le departments of history and1993, Professor Emeritus over this popular Parispopular history Voisin a
            students of Roman history inGlay was,New edition of thisclassics; historySpanning at the Sorbonne, history of Rome single volum
                                                                               Spanning over readers
229 x 152                                              An in Classics and readers
                                                                               Robin Seager traces University updated hisin He is biography of Tibe
                                                                                               Robin Seager of published the 1970s.The in 42
                               Robin the early Reader empire; edition Ancient History at the the lifehasTiberius from his birth in Romeof Pom
            scholars and students of Seager is Roman updated generalof this classic biography originallyof Liverpool.classicthe authormost reb
246 x 171                                                                                        early republican Rome in marked conflicts series of
                                                       Analyzes Rome andThe history ofpatricians and plebeianswasof History at longbetween
            upper-level students and scholars studying earlysocial conflicts between This Professor of Classics and social by aBrown Univers
                                                                                 the              the Roman republic
                               Kurt A. Raaflaub is David Herlihy University Professor and widely respected studyearly republican RomeInclu
229 x 152                      James of religious studies; Professor Roman History to He is Graeco-Roman world and Authority mainstrea
                                                       Provides a systematic introduction andbookengaging, an engaging, systematic introductio
                                                                               This book providesthe the the Roman empire.Covers both religion in
                                                                                               This an provides of Religion
            general readers; studentsB. Rives is Associatestudents of at York University. religion in authorsystematic introduction to in Roman
140 x 216                                              · general readers The Nero -- the notorious Roman Emperor who murdered his mothe
                                                                                               In emperor, Nero has gone biography Jürgen the arch
                               Jürgen Malitz history; of Ancient History at of fifth Romanthis rigorously researched down in history as Malitz in
            students of classics and ancient is Chair A succinct biography the Catholic University, Eichstätt. He is the author of numerous art
246 x 171                      Stephen Mitchell antiquity or of Ancient History at the This book presents a He ofthe author periodRoman Em
                                                       * A historical survey of the RomanUniversity of Exeter. historical survey ofAnatolia Late a
                                                                               This book presents readers Antiquity.* the Roman the from the A
                                                                                                 Empire in Late
            students of the Roman Empire, lateis Professor early medieval history; general a historical surveyis Covers theofEmpire in(1993)
244 x 172                      Timothy E. late antiquity, the Crusades, of Byzantine at concise narrative of Byzantine history historyhistory Ba
                                                       A concise narrative medieval history, Russian a concise narrative of the Great in timefro
                                                                               This book is a Ohio State University where Greece, from of Profes
                                                                                               This book the time history of he is also Adjunct the of
            students of Byzantine history, Gregory is Professor of Byzantine History history fromis history, of ConstantineByzantinethe AD 306
229 x 152                                              * This Latin at University College This the culture in the of Projectingclassics, ancient to
                                                                               Julius CaesarLondon. explores departments of of them all. He his
                                                                                                  is not only the author significance of Past: Ancient R
                               Maria faculty Professor ofinterdisciplinary reception of RomanShe is most of Julius CaesarJulius Caesar has
            upper level students andWyke isstudying Julius Caesar or thevolume exploresbooksignificancefamous Romantheto different perio
246 x 171                                              A pioneering Latin at thelandmark collection humanitiesauthor of or a books, most of view
                                                                               This University of or reception theorypresents could variety recent
                                                                                                the Bristol. He is the       plays, five
                               Charles scholars of classics, ancient history, literary theory landmark collectionrole broadlywideplay, within the
            students, researchers and Martindale is Professor ofcollection, looking atThisrolethe looks at themorereception plays, or could pl
229 x 152                                              Professor of systematically to first book Wolfgang Most recently heWolfgang Petersen‘s
                                                                               This is the examine theexamine systematically has edited the essay
                                                                                               This is to first book systematically to examine differen
                               Martin classics, archaeology, filmClassics mythology, comparative literature, American film Troy fromWolfgan
            students and teachers of M. Winkler is The first bookstudies, at George Mason University. Petersen‘s epic studies, cultural studie
229 x 152                                              The studies; generalBig Screen Rome important and of New recent films about author m
                                                                                               most the University the first systematic is the of the a
                               Monica Silveira Cyrino is Associate Professor of Classics Screen Rome ispopular Mexico. the most important
            students of film studies, classics or cultural first systematic survey of the Big atis the first systematic survey of Shesurvey Romano
229 x 152                      Heidi Harley is Assistant Professor in linguistics.
                                                       accessibly written to give studentsEnglish come is a comprehensive and together? intro
                                                                                Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona. She specialize
                                                                                                     command of basic theory, words analyzing English
            undergraduate and graduate students of languages andthe Where do newawordsWords from? How areskills in putaccessible How
244 x 172                                              DEFINITIVE - unique collection This newly-commissioned case comprehensive survey
                                                                               This director of the Utrecht Institute offers a studies, offering acces
                               Martin Everaert is students, facultyaand researchers inof 70long-awaited reference work marks the Utrecht Un
            advanced undergraduates, graduateProfessor of Linguistics andmonumental reference resourceof Linguistics OTS at culmination
                                                                                                  syntactic theory
244 x 172                      William and graduate studentsof successful graduatesyntax of Iowa of Raising andof Choctaw introduction to
                                                        Professor in syntactic theory
                                                                               Where most The Grammar and is author Control figures inAgreeme
                                                                                                course in syntax from two prominent surveys the field
            advanced undergraduatesD. Davies is Distils a very Linguistics at the Universitytexts and readers provide a broad Verb analyses
244 x 172                                              introduces syntax A well in specialists in in Minimalist Syntax at the University of Mary
                                                                               topics as in minimalist generative a straightforward and detailed ma
                               Howard Lasnik is Distinguished essentialas Coursethe Minimalist Syntax of a straightforward and detailed and d
            advanced undergraduate and graduate students inUniversity Professor in the Department is inlinguisticsis a straightforward introd
                                                                                               A Course program Linguistics
246 x 171                                              collects key syntax This book is a Syntax, the University of Connecticut. most importan
                                                                                                                               and arguably Syntax, autho
                               Ţeljko and graduate students of readings on Minimalist collectionis key readings on readings on is thethe mo
            advanced undergraduateBoškoviæ is Professor in the Department of Linguistics attheamost recent - keyMinimalistHe Minimalist S
                                                                                               This book of collection
246 x 171                                                                      Thinking Syntactically Syntactically: with member of the CNRS rese
                                                        Professor of English Linguistics at the University new approach teaching reputation.
                               Liliane Haegeman isAn introductory textbook written by an establishedof Lille and aan to Argumentation and A
            undergraduates and above studying introductory syntax within linguisticscourses takes a authorA Guide internationalintroductory
244 x 172                                              offers a new theory of the semantics ofScience at computational of Amsterdam.Fritz Ham
                                                                                               The tense Events University linguistics, cognitive scie
                               Michiel van Lambalgen is Professor of and and Cognitive semantics, theand nominalizations that to approac
            advanced undergraduates and graduate students, facultyLogicresearchers in Proper Treatment of Events offers a novelthe sema
                                                                               The Proper Treatment of aspect offers a novel approach combines f
229 x 152                                              explains the fundamental as wellWhat is ofgeneral readers
                                                                                Linguistics and Director thethe Fundamentals Program Semanticsin
                                                                                                 as some of most significant results of is a concise
                               Paul H. Portner is Associate semantics theory,is Meaning? Fundamentals of Formal Semanticsmodern sema
            undergraduate and graduate students studying Professor ofWhatideas and some Meaning?Interdisciplinary of Formal in Cognitive
244 x 172                                              Final version of the researchers of 1993time in Science Center the widely-circulated in
                                                                               Available for the first Technical Report Prince and Smolensky's Opti
                               Alan Prince is Professor of Linguistics and a memberin phonology, thewell form, that wasRutgers University19
            advanced undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and widely circulatedthebook is asbook as syntacticians and cognitive scien
                                                                                               This Cognitive final version of at the seminal work an
244 x 172                                              introduces phoneticsintroductory and mannerwritten byspeechLadefoged, ESL, and UCL
                                                                                 in an and Professor of Phonetics Petertopathology, is now how lan
                               Peter Ladefoged, UCLA Research Phonetician accessible accessible introduction phonetics describes availabl
            undergraduates, graduates, academics and researchers in This popular linguistics, phonetics, Emeritus,phonetics one of thecomm
                                                                                               This superb introduction to         was Director        worl
246 x 171                      Mehmet undergraduates and beginning graduate andApplied applied linguistics, theEnglishoffundamental asp
                                                       fulfills the Linguisticspractical students in English Phonology TESOL,thephonologypatholo
                                                                                 at Florida International University and covers for a practical and a
                                                                                                accessible source of applied need
            intermediate and advancedYavas is Professor of need for a Applied English Phonology responds tothe authorandnumerous public      speech for stu
244 x 172                      Henry Rogers is Professor in the Departments of Linguisticswritingand writing systems within Linguistic Appro
                                                       Provides detailed coverage of all of language Systems: historical orApproach significan
                                                                               Accessibly written, and Anthropology Linguistic A departments of
                                                                                               Accessibly written, Writing the University of Toronto. He
            advanced undergraduates and graduate students studying the structure major Writingsystems ofAat Systems: structuralprovides l
244 x 172                                              Fills a long-present historical literature of Indo-European studies.Designed for use in cop
                                                                               Indo-European and comparative GreekandLatin, and comparative ph
                               Benjamin W. Fortson students studyinggap in of linguistics,Latin and Culture: An Introduction provides acou
            advanced undergraduates and graduateIV is Assistant Professor theGreek LanguageLanguage, Literature, and Historical Linguis
                                                                                               Indo-European Language or Culture: An Introduction
244 x 172                      Ans van graduate students, researchers The issuesof The the atfactsUniversity Nijmegen, and iscollection o
                                                       organizes the the Department behind the the of the changing English language innova
                                                                                and faculty in the history of of the History of English of author of S
                                                                                               English History of English
            advanced undergraduates,Kemenade is Professor intheoretical Handbook of HandbookEnglish. ofis a collectionis aarticles writt
244 x 172                                                                       of Psychology examination of Speech conducted in speech over th
                                                                                               The Handbook Science and Adjunct research percep
                               David B. graduate students, researcherscomprehensive and Cognitiveof research speech science, cognitive sc
            advanced undergraduates, Pisoni is Chancellor‘s ProfessorSpeech perception has emerged asand Perception Professor of Lingu
                                                       provides a uniquely and faculty in phonetics, audiology a major field ofis a collection of f
229 x 152                      Martin J. Ball is Hawthorne/Board literature for speech-language andthe interaction of language and society,
                                                       fills gap in studying speech pathology in study of Head ofexamines how how sociolinguis
                                                                               Sociolinguistics, the departments of by addressing sociolinguistic re
                                                                                               Clinical Sociolinguistics the Department of Communica
            advanced undergraduates and graduate studentstheof Regents Endowed Professor pathologistslinguistics, psychology, and educ
229 x 152                      Walt Wolfram is William C. Friday Distinguished Professor ataNorth readablevery up-to-date American ofor co
                                                       provides very readable, up-to-date description studyingState University, and author lang
                                                                               graduate provideswho provides a subjects including English gramm
                                                                                               This       very of language variation up-to-date descript
            intermediate and advanced undergraduates andabeginning This bookstudentsbook areCarolina and readable, indescription English
229 x 152                                              Considers the perspectives of English as English-Speaking World is editor ofeducation, a
                                                                               Multilingualism the University of Reading. well as multilingualism as
                                                                                                 linguistics, applied linguistics, multicultural the the BA
                               Viv Edwards is Professor of Language anthropologicalMultilingualism language as She is the World: Pedigree
            undergraduate and graduate students in sociolinguistics, and Education at in the a globalin the English-Speakingwinner ofinterna
229 x 152                                              provides in sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, ofto Language policy of Texas at San An
                                                                               An of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies at Theory and Method and language
                                                                                               An Introduction language policy research
                               Thomas Ricento is Professor an accessible Introduction to Language Policy: the UniversityTheories and Meth
            advanced undergraduate and graduate studentsin the Division introduction to the study education, andPolicy: studiesprovides an
229 x 152                      Walt Wolfram is William C. Friday Distinguished descriptions of various Americanspeak the Bigreadable as Con
                                                       collection of short, readable Professor sociolinguistics collection linguisticsEasy? Well, tr
                                                                               Ever wanted to yak North Carolina general of short, as well is ge
                                                                                               American the Yankees or University.Ben Ward descr
            undergraduates studying the English language, dialects of American English, atwithVoices is aorStatedialects, originally published
229 x 152                      H. G. Widdowson is ExaminesProfessor at between grammar, text,and Professor Emeritus at grammar, texto
                                                       Honorary the relations researchers examination of the relationsanalyzing
                                                                               This fascinating of Viennalinguistics, discourse analysis, this literary
                                                                                               Written by a and discourse - in the field, formal prop
            advanced undergraduates and graduate students, faculty andthe Universityin applied leading researcherbetween theand fascinat         University
229 x 152                                                  personal Chair Linguistics talk at work? Are at of Wellington. Her publications includ
                                                                                one of and gender, sociolinguistics, workplace the women and and
                                                                                               Gendered Talk there distinctively communication men
                               Janet Holmes holds written accessiblyin language we field‘s foremost researchersexploreshow ways in which ge
            advanced undergraduate and graduateastudents studyingbyHow dotheat Victoria University Work examines‗feminine‘ or particula
244 x 172                                              Collects articles that describe andIntercultural Discourse communicationon severalEssen
                                                                                 Linguistics Discourse communication, discourse analysis, anthropo
                                                                                                   the University of Pittsburgh. His work in areas chann
                               Scott F. Kiesling is Assistant Professor students in intercultural and Communication: The Essential Readings
            intermediate and advanced undergraduates and graduateofIntercultural atanalyze discourse andand Communication: Thesuch a
244 x 172                      Carol Myers-Scottonprovides a studying bilingualism. Multiple Voices: Linguistics Program and a comprehe
                                                        is Carolina Distinguished overview Emerita major aspects of bilingualismexamines bilin
                                                                               Multiple Voices: An Introduction Introduction to Bilingualism provides
            advanced undergraduates and graduate students comprehensiveProfessor of all thein theAnto Bilingualism providesDepartment o
244 x 172                                              represents the studying Professor of Linguistics Emeritus Englishes isEnglish commissio
                                                                               The Handbook of Handbook of World and Jubilee Professor applied
                                                                                               The World Englishes is collection a collection Libera
                               Braj B. Kachru is Center for Advanced Study World Englishes in subfields suchaas sociolinguistics andof of new
            advanced graduate students, faculty and researchers cross-cultural and international contextualization of the of newly languagea
246 x 171                      Bas Aarts is researchers English English language core of the of English linguistics,together articles from the
                                                       brings together articles and Director Handbook of English Linguistics University phone
                                                                               The Handbook linguistics Linguistics brings including collection of a
                                                                                               The English
            graduate students, faculty and Professor of studyingLinguisticsfrom theand ofareas Survey of English Usage at is a syntax,College
229 x 152                                              A collection of writings W. Southern (1912–2001) is widelyRichard Southern.Offers a me
                                                                                               This book historian, Sir regarded as one the School
                               Sir Richard Southern was historiographyR. by the great in 1912 and educated at the writings byof the greatet
            students and scholars of medieval history or born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne medievalmakes a selection ofRoyal Grammargreatfasc
229 x 152                                              A history Dorr Griffin from book, Francis OakleyIdeas world history, religion; general read
                                                                                Professor of From despots argues that figureheads, and of most N
                                                                                                the History of late and President may be from Indu
                               Francis Oakley is the Edward of European history, comparative history or eighteenth-century onsetof thetheco
            Students of intellectual history, the history of ideas,kingship In thisthe Neolithic era to theto powerlesskingshipEmeritus theWilliams
229 x 152                      Massimo Livi-Bacci isdevelopment, a standard student University of Florence. He book the Presidentthe the In
                                                          Professor      anthropology, economic history, withrelated fields has become of stand
                                                                               Since its original publication in projections to
            students of demography, world history,New edition of Demography at the text, updated and1992, this has beenyear 2050.Includes
229 x 152                                               history or ecclesiastical history; practisingHousley, one Housley, one historians historian
                                                                               In this book Norman medieval or of the most distinguished The Ita
                                                                                               In of Leicester. His previous publications include
                               Norman Housley is An authoritative introduction to the crusades.Steers readers through the key debates in th
            Students and researchers of medievalProfessor of History at the University this book Norman ecclesiastical of the most distinguis
229 x 152                      M. T. Clanchy is Professor Emeritushistory
                                                       New edition of of Medieval History at the and its of Historical Research,itselfattractive a
                                                                               England and England this popular period of English most as an attra
                                                                                               its Rulers has established itself as the University has
            students and scholars of medieval English and Britishthe standard introduction toInstituteRulers has establishedhistory.Now of Lo
229 x 152                                              early England, the British Isles the greatest Europe; clergy; general was previously a the
                                                                               Written Fellow of Wolfson late the Oxford. He readers one of
                                                                                               Written by historian of late Patrick Wormald,
                               Before his history of A collection Wormald was aover a Western the College, the English Middle Ages, andFel
            students and scholars of the death in 2004, Patrickof studies on Bede,and 30-year period byPatrick Wormald, one of the leading
229 x 152                                              A and the Spain in the period ofThis history of ofprevious rule fifth century the the of c
                               Roger Spanish a Research Fellow at of Between between Roman rule in the earlyand the time and end Arab
            students and scholars of Collins ishistoryhistory ofhistory theEurope the end of the end Spain in the period between of the ArabR
                                                                                 University Edinburgh. His Roman publications include the Oxfor
244 x 172                                              An authoritative overview of of general readers to Prize Britain include The Reformation
                                                                                                 Roland Bainton publications provides an authoritative
                               Robert Tittler is Professor British history;Winner scholarly debates about Tudor the best reference the whole
            students, researchers and scholars of Tudor of History at Concordia University. His recentTudorfor Britain.Focuses on work in 20
                                                                                informed theA Companion
229 x 152                                               Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, or on original economic Royal from 1450–1690 the
                                                                               If taxation is the and also a history the this book marks Society,
                                                                                                 the early Tudors.Explains resources for an importa
                               Roger scholars is a An original study of taxation underBasedeconomicof research,the significancepolitical ends
            upper level students and Schofield of the constitutional history, social history mobilizationFellow of of EnglandHistoricalof the parlia
244 x 172                                                                      This influential recent work in together original and influential recen
                                                       A collection History at andhistory This reader and original of influential recent work in t
                               James B. Collins is Professor of of Europeancollection brings together Chair of and History Department.Karen
            upper level students and researchers of early modernoriginal Georgetown University,bringsthe fieldthe early modern European hi
140 x 216                      Helen Spanish is a A reassessment of thethe University Spanish Inquisition.Challenges the and modernChurc
                                                       European Spanish at history popular book challengesAmerican, British reputation Inqu
                                                                               Drawing on the of culture in departments of history and Spanish the
                                                                                               This Leicester. Her the reputation of the European sc
            students of early modernRawlings and Lecturer inhistory, religion and of the latest research byprevious publications includeoflangu
229 x 152                                                                      Florence by a distinguished historian.* Between Friends:major develo
                                                                                               In the He is the author of historian all as Discourses
                                                       * A major work of scholarship duringthis Renaissance is famously known the the centre fo
                               John M. Najemy is Professor of History at Cornell University. history of Florence,DiscussesJohn Najemy discus
            scholars of history, art history, literature and political science;
246 x 171                                              An accessible reference to nineteenth century in particular; British an editor of the Studie
                                                                                               A Companion to Swansea. He is readers
                               Chris Williams British history Welsh History at all University of Wales,Nineteenth-Century Britainessays is 33
            students and scholars of modern is Professor ofin general and thethe aspects of nineteenth-centurygeneralhistory.The book bytru
                                                                               A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain presents 33 presents e
246 x 171                                              An overview of European and Comparative European History at the University duringhist
                                                                               This            This Companion provides an overview of European the
                               Stefan Berger is Professor of Modern Germanhistory during the ―long‖ nineteenth European history of Manche
            upper level students and scholars of modern European history Companion provides an overview ofcentury, from 1789 to 1914.
244 x 172                                            A broad, History at Simonof modern relations, politicsAmong survey of modernreaders G
                                                                             This Fraser This engaging textbook 1800-2000 Providesare Nazi a
                                                                                              University, history broad his many books German
                               Martin Kitchen is Professor ofengaging surveyengaging textbook provides fromprovides a broad
            students of modern German history, modern European history, internationalGermanCanada.a or European studiessurvey of mod
244 x 172                                            An authoritative volume that surveys the American historiography Case is a groundbrea
                                                                             A Companion to American and Department departments collection
                                                                                             A Companion to American Technology Western Reser
                               Carroll Pursell is Adeline and Davee Professor and Chair of the Historytechnology groundbreaking Technolo
            undergraduate and graduate level students,Barryscholars studying the historyof history Technology is a inat of Americanof History,
244 x 172                                                                    A Companion War Civil War and Reconstruction is an extraordinary
                                                     and History of volume that surveys the history to the Civil taught of many awards inhist
                               Lacy Ford is Professor authoritative the American Civil to theand ReconstructionWar and departments ofaddr
                                                                                             A Companion He historiography the U.S. Civil Am
            advanced undergraduates, graduates, Anofscholarsat the University of South Carolina. and is the recipient inReconstructionWar a
216 x 138                       American history survey courses, and at the concise This concise historiographyhistoriographyPlain Folk and
                                                     Provides a History overview of the history of the history of is the and Socialof the Americ
                                                                             This University of New Hampshire.Civil War, author ofhistoriography
                                                                                              American South, the and history and History taug
            undergraduates inJ. William Harris is Professor of concisecourses on the overviewand overview Hetheof the American South, from
244 x 172                                            A Companion to the history ofWorld Companion to Contemporary of Edinburgh. theand th
                                                                              Second modern history outbreak of covers the World War book
                                                                                             A from the more generally and international His the
                               Paul Addison is Director British history and politics,Britain Contemporary Britainthe Second key themes tokeyde
            students and scholars of twentieth-century of the Centre forA Companion toWar Studies at the UniversityBritain covers relations;e
246 x 171                                            A cutting History at the University This volume British Columbia. Amongtwentieth-century g
                                                                                               to Europe brings together          early a readers
                               Gordon faculty of twentieth-century history, international relations,1900-1945 study atogetherhisdistinguished w
            students, researchers and Martel is Professor of edge guideA Companiondebates animating the bringsofdistinguished group of int
                                                                              to the major of Northern or European studies; generalother edited E
229 x 152                                              in departments of history, JewishThis combining primary and interdisciplinary resource.F
                               Simone Gigliotti is a An innovative Historyon Holocaust: A Reader is an innovativephilosophy, sociology, politi
            scholars and students of the Holocaustlecturer in the readerThe the Holocaust,interdisciplinary collection of New Zealand, and aed
                                                                                               studies, literature, religion, secondary sources with
                                                                                Program at Victoria University of Wellington, primary and secondar
229 x 152                                                                       relations, politics end of at end of the general WorldFellowMillenniu
                                                                                             period from the Oxford University the War the Mi
                                                     An integrated historyCovering the Covering the the studies; Secondand a to
                               Tom Buchanan is University internationalof Europe from thePoliticsperiod from World ofreaders the toWorld
            students of twentieth-century European history,Lecturer in Modern History and or EuropeanSecond the endWar upSecond of KelloW
229 x 152                                                                    This accessible survey of the main debates, tensions and contradict
                                                     Offers for the first time anbook aims to set out the key concepts, debates and controversie
246 x 171                                                                     of that of History at Morehouse College. is is the author ofcultural s
                                                                                                                          American History of Americ
                               Alton Hornsby, students E. Callaway Professor surveys African American HistoryHea studies, and collection
            undergraduate and graduate levelJr is Fullerin departments A Companion to the history of AfricanAmericancollectionis aoriginal an
                                                                                             A Companion studies, Americans and African The Bla
                                                     An authoritative volumehistory, African Americanto
246 x 171                                                                    A University. Ato American the history Immigration isin collection A
                                                     Collects original Tufts CompanionHe is the author Americanis an authoritativeunderlying o
            Undergraduate and graduate level students, scholarsat essays by first-rate Companion Immigration ofImmigrant America:United S
                                                                                                  scholars on the Postwar immigration an authoritativ
                               Reed Ueda is Professor of History and general readers interested into ofmajor topics and themes the A Socia
244 x 172                                            American Professor There is Civil War and ReconstructionShe is the anthology. WarRef
                                                                              of History at Sarah Lawrence College. on the American of The Politi
                                                                                             There is and illustrations
                               Lyde Cullen Sizer is Associate history studying thean extraordinary range of material in this author in this antho
            upper level undergraduate students of Contains an extensive selection of writingsan extraordinary range of material Civil Lincoln‘
229 x 152                                            A succinct narrative of Iranian readerssuccinct is and Cyrus the of History at Dartmouth o
                                                                             The PersiansThe    Asian Studies a succinct narrative in 560BC to time
                                Eastern history or and Raphael Bernstein generalhistory Persians narrative of Iranian history from history frC
            students of MiddleThe author is Jane Middle Eastern studies; Professor inis afrom the time of Professor Greatof Iranianthe the pr
244 x 172                                             is Senior Associate Member, St. Antony's College, theHistory of Oxford. He freshoffers a
                                Eastern history and Middle account of the Companion to the Historyto thehistory ofEast Middle a East lectured
            students of MiddleYoussef M. Choueiri A fresh Eastern studies                    A Companion of University the Middle has account
                                                                             A multifaceted and multi-layered Middle the offers East.Comprise
229 x 152                      Christopher Coker graduates of military studies, defenseat the London nightmare vision of therelations or app
                                                       Professor and controversial thesis aboutpropose a of war.Argues that future warfare:Sci
                                                                             Most Relationsthis the peace studies, Economics biotechnologyb
                                                                                             In studies, Professor Christopher Coker presents a
            general readers; undergraduates andisAn original of Internationalcommentatorsbook,futureSchool of internationaland Politicalan o
229 x 152                                            Contains in University sharp international American foreign relations of the
                                                                                authoritativeatauthoritative authoritative account foreign relations an
                                                                                                   University of Maryland American of American Seni
                               Warren I. Cohen is DistinguishedcoursesThishistory,andaccount ofrelations, and at Baltimore County andforeig
            advanced undergraduate and graduate studentsa sharp andonProfessor This sharp and account ofinternational studieslast forty y
244 x 172                                                                    First the Australian Nationalreasons
                                                                                               examines the University. He is the author of Examinin
                               Peter and prehistoryUses data from archaeology, comparative linguistics, and forof Agriculturalinterested cove
            students of archaeology Bellwood is Professor of Archaeology atFarmersFirst Farmers: the Originsnonspecialistsprimary origins o
                                                                                                                             the multiple Societies in ag
                                                       (especially those studying early agricultural societies) andbiological anthropology to offer
244 x 172                      Helaine and graduates in archaeology, especiallymostregion the provides most fascinatingofthe of the most fa
                                                       Associate Professor of Andean This book University ofarchaeology orone Inca civilizatio
                                                                             The the those focusing on Andean Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her
                                                                                              fascinating and well-known centers ancient empire
            advanced undergraduates Silverman isAn introduction to oneof Anthropology at is among the an introduction to and well-known ce
244 x 172                                                                                    of Archaeological and Torres provides an hunter-ga
                                                     cultural and social anthropology, Desertof AboriginalPerspectives Perspectives Studies, C
            students and scholars ofVeth is Director of Research at the Desert Peoples:cultural and ecological processes affectingoverview o
                                                                              Australian Institute Peoples: ArchaeologicalStrait Islander provides a
                               Peter archaeology, Provides a comparative overviewgeography                     desert ecology
229 x 152                      Lynn Meskell (Ph.D. Explores the Cambridge) that underpin materiality.Demonstrates the saliency of material
                                                      University and anthropology
                                                                             Archaeologies of of Cultural and Social Anthropology that underpins
                                                                                             Drawing on social theory and offering numerous case
            Upper-level students and scholars of archaeologyof philosophies is ProfessorMateriality explores the philosophies at Stanford Unm
246 x 171                      Jane Balme is Senior Lecturer at archaeological lab, field, Australia. Balme Guide to Archaeologicalgeograph
                                                     Written by specialists of material analyses, whose expertise representsin a variety of arch
                                                                             Archaeology in Practice: Ain Practice: A published a broadstudents c
                                                                                             Archaeology Student has Student Guide to Analyses
            students of archaeology---especially those studying the University of Westernand analytical techniques and advanced Archaeolog
246 x 189                                            The Ph.D. in field schools, collection ofFieldwork Companion Companion is 7,000-hea
                                                                             The Archaeologist‘s in practical informationauthor of the needed b
                                                                                             The Archaeologist‘s She is the and courses.
                               Barbara Ann Kipfer has studentsin Archaeology from studentsthearchaeology methodology materialthe only cu
            Professional archaeological field workers, aonly current one-volume andGreenwich University.Fieldworkis the only current collecti
229 x 152                                                                     at the Collège de continents andprehistory Hautes Études en Viole
                                                                                             the France and École des
                               Jean Guilaine is Professor of ArcheologyStretching to Stretching ofand inwar studies Theto the underpinnings
            general readers and students interested in archaeology, anthropology,acrossnature acrossthecenturies,andcenturies,of War:Scien
                                                     Written as an accessible guide military history, life continents and Origins The Origins
244 x 172                                                                    This Classical coverage of Mediterranean of Her articles have app
                                                                                             This comprehensive introduction introduction prehisto
                               Emma anthropology, and book available to in book offers a book University of Michigan.Mediterraneanto the ar
            Students in archaeology, Blake is Visiting Assistant Professoroffer generalStudies, offers a comprehensiveto the archaeology of
                                                     Only ancient history---especially those focusing on archaeology prehistoryWritten by 14 o
246 x 171                      Martin and graduate Vice together a multitude of approaches, theoretical perspectives, and heritage manage
                                                       students in historical archaeology, history, material culturefind lively current debates stud
                                                                             In Historical Archaeology, readers will current debates and case and
                                                                                             This of Historical lively studies,
            advanced undergraduateHall is DeputyBringsChancellor and former Professorvolume offersArchaeology, University of Cape Tow    geographies.Aut
244 x 172                      Timothy and graduates Associate and informative those focusing North AmericanIllinois. He has conductedarou
                                                      is in a rich Professor of Anthropology at the University of andNorth America; North res
                                                                             Lacking introduction to onoffers a rich of informative landscapes br
                                                                                             This volume archaeology alterations to introduction to
            advanced undergraduates R. PauketatOffersarchaeology especially the grand-scale, pre-Columbianarchaeology. Organized Ame
244 x 172                                             focusing on archaeology Binghamtonsocial on of the a East: scholars embeddedof back
                                                                                             Archaeologies Middle is of cultural from an innovative
                               Susan Pollock thoseWritten by some of the at of the Near East orthe the thatspecialty inprovides diverse the M
            archaeology students, especially is Professor of Anthropology top archaeologists ofpractice politicsthoroughly heritage managem
                                                                             Archaeology is a University, with Middle East archaeology in the c
244 x 172                                            Provides of Anthropology atand exciting University, to the the archaeology of Africa tha
                                                                             African those landmark on African archaeology.
                                                                                             A focusing introduction to
                               Ann Brower graduates in archaeology, especiallyBinghamton A Critical Introduction fills a crucial gap by provi
            Advanced undergraduates andStahl is Professoran unprecedented Archaeology:introduction SUNY archaeology of Africa.Challen
244 x 172                                            Comprises fifteen history by some of the world‘s to atWorld archaeologists focuses on
                                                                              the introduction to the archaeology of Asia archaeologists. Manoa.
                                                                                             This Asian and Old archaeology of Hawai‘i, historia
                               Miriam T. Stark is Associate Professor inThis Department ofintroduction foremost University of on case studies
            students of Asian archaeology, and of world archaeology,chaptersor civilization;Anthropology thetheAsia focuses Asia andSheds li
246 x 171                                            The first archaeology, Strait Islander history, theFirst Nations introduction to the of Oce
                                                                             This book is atreatment of or introduction of archaeology archae
                                                                                               state-of-the-art archaeologies Queensland. He is Pac
                               Ian Lilley is Reader in Pacifictext to Torres integratedThis book is at the University /of theAustralia and the a pa
            upper level students of Australasian andAboriginal andprovideanthropology orStudies a state-of-the-arttoindigenous studies; profe
244 x 172                                            Traces Anthropology CompanionUniversity. She issocial explores
                                                                              archaeology‘stonatural Archaeology theory.Explores the developmen
                               Lynn Meskell is Professor ofthe origins ofA at social andencounter with tofounding editor of theis the first social
            students and faculty in archaeology; theorists in the humanities,Stanford TheSocial sciences Socialbroadlythe encounter of schola
                                                                                                    Companion       more Archaeology Journal of Soci
244 x 172                                            Provides the Social The 57 articles collected inreadings of Economics and methods t
                                                                              Anthropology at especially anthropologicalTheory: Issues of Scien
                                                                                               selection of Anthropology in volume---together with
                               Henrietta L. graduates in social and cultural anthropology, 57 articles collected in this theoryoverviewin Epistem
            advanced undergraduates andMoore is Professor ofmost comprehensiveThethe London School and thoughtful and Politicalanthro
229 x 152                                               Professor of Human Paleontology the logical conclusion of a story Madrid, excavationsa
                                                                             Is or paleoanthropology; general readers long of human evolution,
                                                                                             This engaging who tells the
                               Juan Luis Arsuaga is physical anthropology modern manat Universidad Complutense de evolutionary journey?
            Students of paleontology, archaeology,Written by world-renowned paleoanthropologists book are co-directors of the Visiting Profe
244 x 172                                            Offers original writings by some ofThis book mostunprecedentedscholarsResists stale ess
                                                                              Japan and the Asian an distinguished is an unprecedented and
                                                                                               to the Michigan. Robertson collection of many articl
                               Jennifer Robertson is Professor of Anthropology, Universityfield‘sis Studies
            scholars and students of the anthropology and sociology of A Companion East ofAnthropology of Japanhas published original coll
244 x 172                                             social a ground-breaking approach to central exciting about perspective on thechapters w
                                                                             Global Assemblages presents a unique globalizationof
                                                                                             Provides those studying globalization, with Berkeley.
                               Aihwa Ong is Professor of and cultural anthropology, especiallyan debates approach to someas well most con
            undergraduates and graduates across Offers Anthropology and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, current gl     as schola
244 x 172                                             social and of the anthropology, especially and Michigan.An Anthropologicalof gender,
                                                                             Same-Sex Cultures and of sexuality the has published Reader dem
                                                                                                gender, Sexualities: the anthropology many article
                               Jennifer Robertson Demonstrates Anthropology at theThis book those studyingShe centrality of sex, behaviors
            undergraduates and graduates acrossis Professorcultural centrality of sex,Universitydemonstratesto theories of human gender &as
244 x 172                                            Draws Professor Emerita out on Social Movements: to Anthropological America, Africa
                                                                             Globalization has spurred of New York. She is protect their expands
                               June Nash is Distinguished on fieldwork carriedat the sociology, political science, and toSouth Also of interest
            students of anthropology (especially those studying social movements),City UniversitypeopleAn mobilize history. Reader lands, cu
                                                                                              four continents---North America, the author or editor o
244 x 172                      Sally Falk Moore is Professorremarkable The studyof the especially offersanthropology: overview of 2005 prese
                                                     Offers a of Anthropology, Emerita, field a cornerstone of early anthropological andHarry
                                                                              overview of law Harvard those studying is winner of the the soci
                                                                                             This Reader and a remarkable anthropology and polit
            advanced undergraduates an graduates in social and cultural anthroplogy, atwasof lawUniversity. Shelegalits development,field o
244 x 172                                            Treats and cultural Anthropologies of Modernity brings on researchersmanifestations. T
                                                                             an ethnographic object brings in the Department of Chicana/o geogra
                                                                                               cultural studies together a concrete of anthropologic
                               Jonathan Xavier Inda socialmodernity as anthropology; upper level focusing together a rangeof human Studie
            upper level students and researchers in teaches anthropology and globalThis book bystudents and its range of anthropological wr
246 x 171                                                                    This concise book Panteion practiced.Offers numerous ethnographic
                                                     A concise introduction to the of Islam, and theology, history Athens.
                               G. P. Makris religion, especially the anthropology Islamic tradition asnuanced introduction to sociology, toMiddl
                                                                                             This offers a University, nuanced Islam in the Islam
            students of the anthropology of is Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology, concise book offers aof religion,introductionpolitics,
244 x 172                                            Offers an unprecedented overview to anthropology‘s unique contribution at Colby College
                                                                             A Companion of Companion offers Politics offers an overviewof p
                                                                                             This political sociology, political geography & study of a
                               David Nugent is Associate Professor of Anthropology and the Anthropology of an unprecedentedthe political sc
            advanced undergraduates and graduates in social and cultural anthropology,Director of Latin American Studies to unprecedented
246 x 171                                              Assistant classic theoretical textsThis era of edge Studies atsociology, University.Akhil
                                                                              of Anthropology and Women‘s anthropological works.Focuses on th
                                                                                                and cultural anthropology, the spread of transnationa
                               Aradhana graduate students, and researchers of socialwith cuttingglobalization and together political econom
            upper level undergraduates, Sharma isCombines Professor The contemporaryinnovative reader bringsWesleyanclassic theoretica
246 x 171                                            Surveys the history of feminist anthropology The University
                                                                             This volume surveys the history of a fascinating
                                                                                               studies, and offers feminist anthropology, of 22 that
                               Ellen Lewin is Professor of Women‘s Studies and Anthropology,gender studies of Iowa. feminist anthropolog
            undergraduate and graduate students of feminist anthropology, women‘sThis volume surveys the history of collection a field class
246 x 171                                            A single-volume history, of the essential theoretical debates in the anthropology of art,
                               Howard Morphy is Director of art, art overviewanthology indigenous arts or material culture; practicing artists;id
                                                                             for Cross-Cultural anthology provides a single-volume overview of the
                                                                                             This Research at the Australian National University
            students and researchers of the anthropologyof the Centre This art theory, provides a single-volume overview of the essentialand
244 x 172                                                                    The late twentieth century, which witnessed the a subject ―Suffering
                               Conerly students of Provides the first Bayero overview Kano, makers and social service articleoverview ofa
            researchers, teachers and Casey is a Visiting Lecturer atdefinitiveUniversity,ofpolicyNigeria. Her award-winning providers wanting
                                                                                             This psychocultural anthropology: rapid acceleration of
                                                     psychological anthropology as well as Companion provides the first definitive that focuse
244 x 172                                            Fairbank Professor of idioman teaching and endlesslyand addresses atfor social Univers
                                                                             Food is for in the Cultural Politics of Anthropology broad themes suc
                                                                                             The and of culture Food and lens Harvard and cu
                               James L. Watson range of nonspecialists interestedimportant aboutfood, culture, and consumption
            students of anthropology and a wide is Uses food as a centralChinese SocietystudyProfessor of fascinating Eating offers an ethno
244 x 172                                            Comprised of six sections are few at Utrecht University, thedeath: conceptualizations
                                                                             There of the lifecycle, psychological of Netherlands, and anthropol
                                                                                             In Death, Mourning, and Burial, more than the to Presi
                               Antonius C. G. M. Robben is Professor of Anthropologytopics that stir the imagination an introductionstudy of d
            students and scholars of the anthropology of death, anthropologythat mirror the social trajectoryanthropology, medicalpast the an
244 x 172                                            Explores Anthropology at Hunter College and the Graduate Center newly animated by
                                                                              globalization, — Anthropology economic anthropology, and political
                                                                                              transnationalism, vision of       field the City University
                               Marc Edelman is Professor of the foundations of the anthropology of development,aabetterand for the half of th
            students and scholars of the anthropology of development, DevelopmentTheis it a powerful of Developmentoflife Globalization isth
229 x 152                                            Presents a in of Anthropology atglobalization literature.Guestsocial theorists & political sf
                                                                             A World the A World map unpacksAlso Researcherglobalization f
                                                                                              McGill University and think about the at the Institut
                               Ronald Niezen is Visiting Professoran overview ofBeyond Differenceof Difference unpacksthe literature socio
            students, scholars, and general readers interestedlively conceptual and historical Beyondhow wethe globalizationemerging and lit
229 x 152                                            Examines how various in geography, sociology, cultural with the and constructed ―illegal
                                                                             Targeting Immigrants of Chicana/o with the political science, global
                                                                                              have created knowledge about government ―illegal‖ im
                               Jonathan Xavier Inda is Assistant ProfessorauthoritiesThis book concerned Studies, government California,
            advanced undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology,the Department isis concerned studies,University ofofof ―illegal‖ S
229 x 152                                            Provides a anthropology, cultural Indiana University and biologicaland by examiningdefor
                                                                              thoughtful This book provides of anthropology of Environmental e
                                                                                             ecology, environmental studies, diversity, tropical the
                                ecological anthropology, social lively Anthropology at climate change, lossa lively Professorgeography; genera
            undergraduates inEmilio F. Moran is Rudy Professor of andEvidence ofintroduction to ecologicalalso and thoughtful introduction to
244 x 172                                            Surveys Anthropology and Director of Companion comprised at Portland State Univers
                                                                             The status of This Native American from ecological and political-econ
                                                                                                Indian anthropology: long been rooted in a view of Ind
                               Thomas Biolsi is Professor ofthe on American Indian anthropology, andishas Studies of 26 original contribution
            students of anthropology, especially those focusingfull range of AmericanAmerican Indians students and nonspecialists intereste
229 x 152                                            A fascinating perspective Folklore and Ethnomusicology,Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, North
                                                                             Shortlisted for folklore, the idea that Communication and Culture, b
                                                                                             Drawing speech Folklore Award some literary on a t
                               Richard Bauman is Distinguished Professor ofon intertextuality:on his work inwritten and spoken texts speakan
            undergraduates and graduates in linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, Katharine Briggscommunication; 2005.Drawingscholar
229 x 152                                            A coherent, comparative politics. Newcastle ain the modern account of social policy in the
                                                                               account of Written in concise and accessible style by Michael Hil
                                policy, public Emeritus Professor at the Universityof social policyupon thematic world.Takes a comparative ap
            Students of social Michael Hill is administration and thematicThis text provides a coherent,Tyne, Visiting Professor at the Universi
244 x 172                      George in sociology and the social sciences BLACKWELLmarket...
                                                                              Professor library ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIOLOGY will be publish
            Students and researchers Ritzer is Distinguished UniversityThevia the at the University of Maryland. He has a breadth of experie
229 x 152                                                                    This brilliant new book by one of Europe's leading social thinkers of
                                                     A politics, economics andglobalization
            undergraduate and graduate students of brilliant new work on global politics and nation-based real politik by Ulrich Beck, onethro
229 x 152                      William faculty in isWritten by of Sociology at the University OuthwaiteAsks answer publications leading con
                                                      Professor or cultural theory; general readers
                                                                             Is the notion of society obsolete?To if the notion ofwe still need a so
                                                                                             This important Manifesto argues that society is relevan
            students, researchers andOuthwaitesocial theory leading social theorist Williamof Sussex. His previous this question,include Hab
140 x 216                                            Presents an accessible of Science, Technology, and Society technology, and society th
                                                                             Science, to in a variety of Society: and Society: sociology and a com
                                                                                             Science, Technology A including A Approach is Appro
                               Wenda K. students taking introductory STS courses the emergent disciplines, Sociological Sociologicalcultura
            undergraduate and graduate Bauchspies is Assistant Professorguide Technology, and field of science,and Women‘s Studies in (S
246 x 189                                                                    The new edition to anyone taking an introductory sociology course,
                                                     Highly successful textbook invaluable and Hinckley College
                               Ken Browne, Lecturer in Sociology at North Warwickshireof this highly successful textbook will prove invaluab
244 x 172                                                                                        Sociological Sociological includes a wide range
                                                                             This volume This new and Methodology with the key includes of liv
                                                     Introduces innovative solutions toof in volume ofold problems Methodologyanalytic a wid
                               Ross M. Stolzenberg is a Professor of Sociology at thebothempirical Chicago.
            This book is intended for students, researchers and academics interestedUniversity of sociological research and analysis.tasks i
229 x 152                                              research students to research atResearch Methods is a Methodsis co-author of Second
                                                                             Essentials methods in State University. She with additional introduc
                                                                                               Montclair of Research concise is a concise and acces
                               Janet taking generalIntroducesmethods courses primarily in departments of sociology, and accessibleinterest
            undergraduate students M. Ruane is Associate Professor of Sociologyof Essentials clear, concise, and accessible prose.Focuses
229 x 152                                            Gathers Professor of Sociology atyears after volume andorganized andWeber
                                                                             More than 80This unique collection, interestedworld's leading broa
                               Stephen Kalberg is studying Weber in sociology departments; general readersone Weber'stopic.Rejuvenates
            undergraduate and graduate studentsAssociateWeber‘s writings in a comprehensivehis death, Max Weberbyinwritings on a Web
                                                                                                Boston University gathers of the         his sociology con
229 x 152                                                                    Social Theory of Postcommunism is a unique, well-written, and acc
            Advanced undergraduates, graduates, Analyzes the implications of the fallandcommunism on social theoryDiscusses alternative
                                                      Professor of of social at the contemporary European recent and politics
                                                                                             Social of Sussex. Postcommunism undertakes a thoro
                               William Outhwaite is and scholars Sociologytheory, University Theory andHis studies,publications include The S
244 x 172                                            Examines the relationship betweenCompanion and Political to in 33 and Society professio
                                                                             Professor of The Blackwell Companion Sciencean Amherst an stud
                                                                                                 law and social interactions Law at authoritative auth
                               Austin Sarat graduate Nelson Cromwell The law andJurisprudenceto Law and Society isoriginal essays by int
            upper level undergraduate and is William level students studyingBlackwellsociety, academics in the social sciences and isCollege
229 x 152                                            Introductory undergraduate textbook that University, Islam prominencefrom manifestatio
                                                                             The contemporary resurgence risen to in all of its Vertigans is Sen
                               Phillip Sutton is Senior Lecturer in Sociology understand how Islam has Islamic resurgencevarieda sociologica
            students across the social sciences, and for anyone seeking to at Robert Gordonexamines of Aberdeen.Stephenin local, national,
229 x 152                      Daniel courses generally called Science, Sociology at and University andintegral parts theof sociology, commu
                                                       is Professor ways that science and technology of in departmentschallenges the widely
                                                                             This thoughtfulthe Society found engaging text and areis
                                                                                                  and engaging text challenges of, widely influenced b
            undegraduate students inLee KleinmanExamines theof Rural Technology,This thoughtful areWisconsin--Madison. Heheld notion o              autho
229 x 152                                              gender Professor Gender,disciplines Class is a through is a study these three the and
                                                                             related Race, and Race, and Fordham critical gender, well-kno
                               Lynn S. Chancer is Associate a critical introduction to social inequalities at Class the University. She isof these
            researchers and students of sociology,Providesstudies andof Sociology and Anthropologycritical overview of ofoverview race auth
244 x 172                                            Collects Arizona original socialinequality, (whichCompanion tostudy ofInequalities collectio
                                                                              The essays The Blackwell Social of the Lee is gender andisgende
                                Mary Romero is Professor at first-rate,State University and the 2004 recipient Inequalitiesethnicity, Award a firs
            upper level undergraduate and graduate level students studyingBlackwell Companion to includes the race, Founders class,sexual
                                                                                             on inequalities.Emphasises Social a first-rate          given
229 x 152                                            Treats gender as courses on the Gender most important topics interactional,sociology, o
                                                                              Gender is one of the is of at the most the author of of Men &in Am
                                                                                             Sociology one of the Sociology the topics and Soci
                                Amy S. and graduate students Sociology at Washington operatingGender,She isimportantfield Working field a
            upper level undergraduateWharton is Professor of taking a multilevel system State University.individual,in of Women, in theinstitut
244 x 172                       Nancy and graduateProvost and Vice urban sociologyThis distinctive at Bridgewater State College. She is the
                                                        level together 20 of the distinctive anthologystudies classic and readings contemporar
                                                                              This most Academic Affairs anthology contains classic on first-rate
                                                                                              and urban contains
            advanced undergraduateKleniewski is Bringsstudents of President for important classic and contemporary first-rate andcities and
229 x 152                                                                                    The Sociology of workplace, clear and engaging study
                                                                              The Sociology of Education and Work is from a sociological perspe
            undergraduate and graduate courses in the sociology of work, the sociology ofthe modern Education astratificationat clear in socio
                                                     Examines links in the division of Planning, Policy and Leadership Work is taught and en
                                David B. Bills is Associate Professorbetween schooling and education, and social and Studies a the Universit
244 x 172                                                                       aimed Director the best-selling revised Centre, Lancaster Univ
                                                     Best-selling textbookThe third the introductory levelFullytextbook to cover the most cutting
                                Keith Grint, Professor of Leadership Studies and atedition of this Lancaster Leadershiphas been carefully revis
229 x 152                                                                      on book explores impact of world has publishedworld culture back
                                                                                             This book change He content, and numerous papers
                                                     Explores Professor Thisglobalization, social exploresand global Traces content, world cu
                                Frank J. Lechner is Associate the development, content, and the development,development, impact ofand impa
            students in advanced undergraduate and graduate coursesof Sociology at Emory University. theculture culture found in departme
229 x 152                       Kevin McDonald studying social movements past the Thishas witnessedmovements of therise of and global m
                                                     Examines three Sociology sociology book surveys the extraordinary last decade: anti-g
                                                                              The in significant global social an field of the author of Struggles f
                                                                                             University of Melbourne. He
            upper level undergraduate studentsis Senior Lecturer inof the mostat decade and politics departments isglobalization new social m
229 x 152                       Robert V. Andelson is a Professor Emeritus analysis, historians1979,scholars and is a in American Historya
                                                                              Since its publication in and Critics of Henry George has achieved
            historians of economics, students of modern economic welfareof Philosophy at Auburn Universityinterestedlifelong philosopher aa
229 x 152                       Robert V. Andelson is a Professor Emeritus analysis, historians1979,scholars and is a in American Historya
                                                                              Since its publication in and Critics of Henry George has achieved
            historians of economics, students of modern economic welfareof Philosophy at Auburn Universityinterestedlifelong philosopher aa
229 x 152                                            consists of original papers Fisher ThisFisher‘s St. Catharines, papers econometrics, a ra
                                                                              Irving at Brock book consists of contributions to where he holds
                                                                                              historians and scholars Yale University teacher, invent
                                Robert W. Dimand is a Professor of welfare analysis,(1867-1947),technical original Ontario,explaining Fisher‘s
            historians of economics, students of modern economicEconomicsexplainingUniversity,economist,interested in American Historya
244 x 172                                            Provides an invaluable reference resource to all interested in the of sociology; cultural stu
                                                                                Sociology atThisoriginal, state-of-the-art essays author of Screwing
                                                                                                of collection of original, state-of-the-art essays and p
                                Mark D. graduate students Professor of studying sociology of culture in departmentscultural structures intern
            upper level undergraduate,Jacobs is Associateand scholarsThis collectionGeorge Mason University. He is theby prominent by pro
244 x 172                                                                     Internationalizing Cultural studies, and unprecedented resource that
                                                                                             Internationalizing Hong Kong.John communications.
                                                     Contains forty-four contemporary essays that introduce sociology, and an unprecedented
            Advanced undergraduates and graduates in cultural studies, media studies, women‘sStudies is an Studies is Nguyetstudies Asso
                                Ackbar Abbas is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University ofCultural pluralize cultural Erni is work
244 x 172                                            Brings graduates in Cultural key areas of Studies: to culturalis a landmark Boston. He Ed
                                                                               done Linguistics at the Studies,Action studies, including globalizat
                                                                                             Cultural concern         of Massachusetts, collection of t
                                Pepi Leistyna is Associate together of Applied inStudies: From Theory From Theory Studies, is a landmark c
            lower and upper division undergraduates andProfessorworkPopular Culture, CulturalUniversityAmerican to Action Politics, and iske
244 x 172                                            Assembles a of Communication Studies Keywords: communication, Culture theory, Ameri
                                                                              Raymond Williams‘ at renowned Vocabulary of literary and Society i
                                                                                             Over 25 University of North Carolina, Chapel thinkers
                                Lawrence Grossberg is Professor communication, media studies, mass A and interdisciplinary social Hill. A Vo
            upper and lower division courses in cultural studies, stellar team of internationallyyears ago, Raymond Williams‘ Keywords: He c
229 x 152                                            A lively book which brings togetherOF University. She is author STUDIES collects a lively
                                                                              QUESTIONSQuestion of Method in Cultural Tele-Advising: Therape
                                Mimi White graduate students studying introductions tocultural studies; CULTURALofStudies sociology, med
            advanced undergraduate and is Professor of Radio/TV/Film at Northwestern METHOD INalso similar courses inbrings together
                                                                                                scholars from across the social sciences and humanit
229 x 152                                            Contains Family Professor in Literature at Pennsylvania Stateto cultural and is the deba
                                                                              The literary and analyze the role of aesthetics art theory
                                                                                                the aesthetic has returned University. He cultural Brit
                                Michael and graduates in the first-rate, original essaysThecultural of the cultural studies; in American and and
            advanced undergraduates Bérubé is the Paternofollowing areas:subject ofthatsubjecttheory;aesthetic has returned toliteraryautho
229 x 152                                            Explores the theme of of Media Popular Culturethe a key guide analysis and mediais mean
                                                                              Re-reading and Culture atstudies, textual to understanding studies,
                                                                                                              is University is Amsterdam. She recept
                                Joke Hermes is post-graduates in the following disciplines: mediaPopular Culture of an entertaining investigat
            upper division undergraduates andLecturer in the Departmentcultural citizenship by combiningcultural studies, televisionthe the a
246 x 171                                                                      Studies specifically, and in to African-American Studiesbroadly Insti
                                Lewis R. Gordon is the Laura original essays by expert to of Philosophy and Religion a groundbreaking reapp
            undergraduates and graduate studentsContains Carnell University ProfessorAfrican-American Studies is and Director of thedefin
                                                                                             A Companion race/ethnicity studies more is an exciting
                                                        in African AmericanA Companion contributors in the field of African-American Studies Cr
244 x 172                                            Contains twenty previously published Asian American Studies provides a snapshot of earl
                                 Asian Ono is Professor Ethnic Studies,A Companion toCommunications, University ofStudies Urbana-Cham
                                                                               American andCompanion tohave an
                                                                                             A essays that Asian American significance on the
            undergraduates inKent A.American Studies, of Asian American StudiesStudies, and Anthropology important Illinois, is comprisedfio
229 x 152                       Kent A. Ono is Professor of AsianoriginalAsian and related fields,After StudiesAsian American StudiesContribu
                                                      in Asian ten American Studies and Studies directions in Mass Critical Massis a Studies
                                                                               essays pointing to new including Ethnicity isof Illinois, Urbana-Cham
                                                                                             Asian American Critical After a dynamic collection th
            Undergraduate and graduate students ContainsAmerican StudiesAmerican Communications, UniversityStudies, Culturaldynamic
244 x 172                                            Collects Studies courses American Identities isand Director history, literature,of primary and po
                                                                                             Studies a American a dazzling array memoirs, docum
                                Lois P. students in American critical essays American American dazzling isof the primary documents and crit
            beginning undergraduate Rudnick is Professor of English and and documents fromIdentities array of American Studies Program
229 x 152                                            Explores American and New England Studies, University of Southern identity,People isaa
                                                                                museum America: for Visual Production of Nation and Nation
                                                                                             Looking studies
                                 American Studies, American History, andin defining 20th century American experience andMaine. She is auth
            undergraduates inArdis Cameron is Professor ofthe ―visual‖Looking forand visual TheAmerica: The Visual Production ofin a groun
229 x 152                       Arthur Asa Berger is Offers a lively, accessible, Broadcast and Sense of help mass communication courses S
                                                       Professor Emeritus Makingcommunication theory, Media is lively and accessiblemedia
                                                                              in the Sense of Media is an and readers understand mass text
                                                                                             Making Electronic Communication Arts that helps reade
            beginning undergraduates studying mass media in media studies,and concise textbook toaccessibleaintroduction Department atth
229 x 152                                            The unique in Journalism, London College fromis acomparative approach. the Arts, intro
                                                                              Comparative Media History its unique thematic textbook which Lon
                                Jane Chapman, Senior Lecturer perspective of this book comes of Communication, University of It deals with m
229 x 152                                               communications Hardt, a lively andcultural studies more broadly conceived;articles acom
                                                                                University of Iowa. lively and authorities the Myths forprovides rea
                                                                                               in engaging style, Myths style, Masses general cri
                                Hanno Hardt is Professor Emeritus at specifically, andWith a He is the author of foron the journalthe Masses
            upper division undergraduates in massWritten by Hanno theWithone of the world‘s leading engagingcountlesssubject.Offers aandp
229 x 152                                                                       and the theWomen a media workers and activists collected specifi
                                                                                               Graduate Program Mass Communication and the w
                                                     Rooted in a series ofWomen and Media is and Media iscross-cultural examination examin
            designed as a core text forM. Byerly, Ph.D., studying womeninterviews with women thoughtfulofa thoughtful cross-cultural ofMedia
                                Carolyn undergraduates is Associate Professor in media
229 x 152                                            Chronicles the way mass culture is produced, packaged and Technology, Australia. He is
            second-year undergraduates and Dean of the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of circulated in a technology-en
                                                                              Bringing together ground-breaking a daring collection of essays that
                                                                                             Creative Industries is
                                John Hartley is above studying in Mass Communications and Media Studiesessays from across the disciplinar
229 x 152                                            Outlines the cultural of Mediamedia studies, sociology, women‘s studies, within the provid
                                                                              studies, and This groundbreaking collection of of Graduate Studies
                                                                                              Cultural Studies and and about Asia and communica
                                John Nguyet Erni is Associate in new critical perspectives in media studies inoriginal essays that provide newi
            advanced undergraduate and graduate students Professor Asian Media Studies is a volume ofCoordinator original essays curren
244 x 172                                                                     A York University. Companion to Literature in Film provides An researc
                                                     Contains new and filmCompanion by expert literature and film scholars in a first-rate colle
                                Robert Stam is University Professor at exciting essaysAto Literature and Film provides state-of-the-art Introduc
            lower and upper division undergraduates in literature and New studies courses His many books include Film Theory:state-of-the-
244 x 172                                            Brings together at very latest and Film His superb collection of and Theory: An Introduc
                                                                              Literature courses
                                Robert Stam is University Professor thefilm York University. is inmany booksliteratureFilm of essays that chart
            lower and upper division undergraduates in literature and New studies scholarship a and Film is a include vibrant vibrant essays tha
                                                                                             Literature the field of cornucopia film studies, written
229 x 152                                               in literature and filmWritten courses lively and accessible textbook, written An Introduc
                                                                               studies the process and in art and literary studies, this accessible
                                Robert Stam above,Contains first-rate New York by a leading figurethe books include Film Theory:by an expert
            lower level undergraduates andis University Professor at analysis ofUniversity. His many film of literature-to-film adaptations, from
229 x 152                                            Provides on American insightfulFrom Shane theKill Bill: generalBillCinema, Theory,an or
                                                                               Louisiana State Americanto Shaneauthor of the Western is in en
                                                                                              overview of He is the to Kill readers interested and
                                Patrick McGee is Professor ofan original Original and the University. Western; Rethinking re-thinks what the Am
            undergraduate and graduate students in coursesEnglish at andFilm and compelling, FromAmerican Western genreCovers Ameri
244 x 172                                            Contains 31 original A Companion to Television topopular culture, magisterialoriginal med
                                                                              essays covering the studies, a magisterial a American collection of
                                                                                             A Companion is Television is collection Oregon. Her c
                                Janet Wasko is Professor in the School of Communication and Journalism of television studies over the essa
            advanced undergraduates and graduate students in television studies; also film development at the University of of studies,lastm
229 x 152                                             television brief, teaches at and engaging overview of courses, is history and the author
                                                                              Television in the University and Le Moyne andbrief, accessible, and
                                                                                             Television in the is an accessible, courses and straig
                                David the is a writer and editor communication departments, mass media television‘s a engaging, developme
            undergraduates studyingMarchistory of Provides ain who accessible, SyracuseAntenna Age Antenna AgeCollege. He isin English,
244 x 172                                            Senior Researcher at comprehensive cultural theorists studies, fields who are interested
                                                                              A studies and for vision of gender in allied unified and comprehens
                                                                                             A Companion to Gender Studies International Developm
                                Philomena Essed is Presents a in women‘sCompanion to Institute for Metropolitan and presents a unified and
            advanced undergraduates and graduate students unified andthe AmsterdamGender Studies presents aand its new directions, in
229 x 152                                            In-depth analysis of the political and social structures killing a
                                Nana politics, international relations, the United Economic Commission for Africa. phenomenon which is dev
            students of comparative Poku is Director of Research atandAcross Africa, HIV/AIDS is slowlybehind millions of people in the prim
229 x 152                                            An introductory guide to the of Notre Dame, and Kahanoff Chairnew 'Hot Spots' of the Is
                                                                              What explains the peculiar intensity Polity's Professor in Israeli Stud
                                Alan Dowty, Professor Emeritus at the UniversityIsraeli-Palestinian conflict in and evident intractabilityseries.Pl
229 x 152                       Kofi Oteng Kufuor is Explores particularly those interested indeveloped countriesdeveloping countries Associa
                                                      a Research Fellow in therole countries at The systems and welfare shaped byan in the G
                                                                              The School of comprehensive and of East London and system h
                                                                                             A Law policy University of in the
            academics, researchers and students of politics;how the developing of the lesshave shapedstudyhave beenGATT/WTOthe GATT
229 x 152                                            One Economist, China, for politics Chartered studies; alsoindustryexperience. saleof th
                                                                              The Chinese state is on the research of use to policy makers and
                                                                                               to evaluate Bank, privatization at speed. Head of st
                                Stephen Green is Senior of the first internationalworksDrawingwithdrawing from of ten scholars from around As
            academics, researchers and undergraduates studying book-lengthStandardand policyChina‘s Shanghai, and formerly ADraws ons
229 x 152                                                                                             Cold the conflict Resolution,
                                                      is Professor of and updated second the Centre for Conflict prevention, to conflict resolu
                                Oliver Ramsbotham Entirely revisedConflict Resolution of edition of and comprehensive guideDepartment of Pe
                                                                              Since the end at
            all students of peace and security studies, conflict management, international politics War,related disciplines conflict resolution
229 x 152                                            Argues the attacks sciences andIn this powerful and passionate critique of the 11 Afgha
                                                                              In this powerful and passionate critiqueat the University of Britishon te
                                                                                               Professor of Geography of the ―war on terror‖ in Col
                                Derek Gregory is humanities and socialon the World Trade Comparative Literature, Cultural Anthropology, C
            general readers and students in the Distinguished University Scholarespecially Center and the Pentagon on September'waractiva
244 x 172                       Philip J. and is Professor of Psychology, Understanding Biological Psychology is appreciate is an accessible a
                                                     a distinctive and student-friendly Understanding Biological an accessible central of Wale
                                                                               and           the Department of Psychology, at the University role tha
            undergraduate psychologyCorr biological psychology students Head oftextbook;helps students to Psychology the and distinctive
229 x 152                       Professor psychiatry, social work and social policy, andgeneral readers; also and theirscientist and behavior;h
                                                     An authoritative overview of at genetic revolution and London, and genes Professor Sir
                                                                              In recent years, this major newgenes eminent influencedevelopment
                                                                                             In the subject of book, implications child on human
            students of child psychology,Sir Michael Rutter trained in psychiatrythe the Maudsley Hospital, its courses in in for understandingbe
229 x 152                       Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is a Research Fellow at learning, orfromCognitive Neuroscienceleading educational t
                                                     groundbreaking psychology, the Institute groundbreakingand neuroscience; in increasingly
                                                                              Forced developmental psychology book, two at University College,
                                                                                              field of two leading infants has become an accessi
            teachers and trainee teachers; students of educational book in emergingIn this "hot-housing", ofauthorities;reviewsauthorities inps
244 x 172                                            explores three different science, or philosophy of mind studying introduction to psycholo
                                                                              CONNNECTIONISM is a architectures – distributed associative mem
                                                                                             Connectionism and the Biological Computation Project
                                Michael R. W. Dawson is a member of the Department of Psychology is a on‖ introduction to connectionist mo
            undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, cognitive types of connectionist ―hands ―hands on‖connectionism, connectio
246 x 189                                            offers a coherent and logical sequence Oatley and and updatedis the editionemphasizes
                                                                              Keith Oatley and University Jenkins‘s He or physiological psycholo
                                                                                             Keith in a advanced cognitive new author on the than
                                Keith Oatley is Director of the Cognitive Science emotion; Jennifer M.of Toronto.M. Jenkins‘s best-sellingpsych
            undergraduate and graduate students of psychology in courses on Program, some revisedJennifer best-selling book of more book
244 x 172                       Derek J. graduates, Contains Professor of byBlackwell at the University of Waterloo,Decision and trendsaand c
                                                      researchers, and academics studying judgment and decision Judgment Making is state
                                                                              The experts The various disciplines andreflect
                                                                                                Handbook of Judgment of Canada. His research int
            advanced undergraduates, Koehler is Associate contributions PsychologyfromBlackwell Handbookthatmaking current Decision Ma
229 x 152                                                                                    Memory Interdisciplinary Perspectives is co-editor of
                                                                              articles and Emotion:and Emotion: Interdisciplinary is and emotion,a
                                Bob Uttl graduate students, and original Memorythat explores cutting-edge research in memory a collection of
                                                      Excellence researchers in memory, cognitive psychology, emotion, and cognitive neuros
            advanced undergraduates,is Center of collection ofProfessor of Psychology at Tamagawa University, Japan. HePerspectives isD
229 x 152                       William M. Baum is Professor behavior at the UniversityBehaviorism explains the deals withthe basis the Univ
                                                        studying available that both
                                                                              Understanding of New Hampshire and basis of behavior analysis a
                                                                                             Understanding Behaviorism explains philosophical and
            undergraduates and graduate studentsOnly bookEmeritus analysis explains behavior analysisand has appointments at of behav
244 x 172                       Douglas graduate students, of Human and researchersof Handbook of most in Developmental currentlybring
                                                     contains accessible contributions from some of the Research MethodsHe DevelopmentalA
                                                                              The Handbook in developmental psychology, developmental scient
                                                                                             The Pennsylvania State University. in is Science an
            advanced undergraduates, M. Teti is Professor academicsDevelopment at theResearch Methodsrenownededucation, nursing, an
244 x 172                       Kathleen McCartneyA comprehensive summary of researchChildhood development from age two towith young
                                                       is Gerald S. psychology, childhood studies or education; practitionersHarvard Graduate a
                                                                              Professor of EarlyBlackwell Early Childhood Development presents
                                                                                             The into child Development at the dealing seven.Co
            upper level students and scholars of developmentalLesser The Blackwell Handbook of Handbook of Early Childhood Developme
229 x 152                                                                      Medical cognitive Council‘s book from developmental disorders exp
                                                                                             A long-awaited Cognitive book from cognitive
                                John Morton is the in developmental the This long-awaitedwhat can go wrong with early brain Unit. He is now
            upper level students and researchers former Director of psychology, Researchand ground-breakingDevelopment development, ca
                                                     A review of competing theories about psychology, neuroscience and medicine scientist
229 x 152                                             of the abnormal psychology, forensic psychology, continue neuropsychology,by media ne
                                                                              Psychopathy Psychopaths embedded and demonised cognitive fa
                                                                                             is disorder in the Mood mystique, controversy media
                                James Blair is Chief a timely and controversial new book:apsychopaths cognitivebe be Anxiety by thethe Progr
            students of developmental psychopathology, Unit on Affective Cognitive Neurosciencecontinue tointo demonisedDisorders and an
246 x 171                                            Provides readers with in the Teaching coverage as well as faculty, a state-of-the-artdec
                                                                              The Handbook of of Psychology analysis of University. In the past vo
                                                                                             The the Teaching at Auburn current trends and issues
                                William Buskist is Distinguished of Psychology courses or Handbookand of Teaching of academics, is a librar
            undergraduate and graduate students in Teaching Professor comprehensive workshops of thePsychology isPsychology and state
244 x 172                                            A Lecturer medicine or nursing Health Psychology is a to the rapidly thought-provokin
                                                                              Health Psychology provides at the Leiden University Medical Centre.
                                psychology, clinical psychology,in Psychology as applied to Medicine studentstextbook providing students with
            students of health Ad Kaptein is a Senior textbook giving a critical, thought-provoking introduction with a critical, expanding discip
229 x 152                                            Features the of Psychologyexpressingsome Psychology psychology students frustrations
                                                                               letters and Educational of some of at key figures in the history of p
                                                                                              and ideas thoughts, emotions, A&M and
                                Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. is ProfessororiginalThe private thoughts, emotions, hopes, and frustrations contained is
            undergraduate and graduate students studying the history of psychologyThe privateintroductory the Texashopes,University and in
229 x 152                                            Discusses the psychology, as Educational Psychology at Texas A&M since the and is
                                                                              No both the science and the practice of psychology
                                                                                             In as introductory psychology today more than psycholo
                                Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. is in history history of subject captures the attention of people courses Universityestabli
            undergraduate and graduate-level coursesProfessor of Psychology andwell A Brief History of Modern Psychology, Ludy Benjamin
244 x 172                       Mike Smith is based An Manchester Business or human resource is anat Work include resource on selection
                                                      at authoritative, practical text on His previous assessment.Explains psychometric testing
                                                                              Testing People at Work management; a concise and practical texta
                                                                                             Testing People authoritative, practical text Selection f
            students of occupational psychology, organisational psychology School. selection andpublicationsishuman Personnelprofessional
297 x 210                                            A self-study Society‘s Certificate in manual provides users with taking learningcourses in
                                                                              for people training forplc. Prior to Psychological Society‘s new 1998,
                                                                                               Group the British his appointment training the learni
                                Professor David Bartram is Research Director for SHLThis self-study manual provides the with SHL in Test Ad
            people wishing to train for the British Psychological manual This self-study Test Administration; people all users with allmaterials h
229 x 152                                              science, technology ―intelligence‖ What is What makes What disciplines the homo sapie
                                                                               and is intelligence? intelligence? humans Homo is
                                                                                              in a at and in State University. humans author of R
                                Paul Michael Privateer is Associate Professor society (STS)boldArizonaa variety way.Exposesincluding cultura
            students, researchers, and scholars of Charts the history of Whatof Humanitiesstudies, provocativeofmakes Hesapiens — theintel    idea of inte
229 x 152                       Robert W. students Explores not Psychology in the Department psychological research, advanced introductor
                                                       Professor methodsWhy ScienceWhy SciencePsychological Science atthe MethodsintoP
                                                                                procedural aspects ofUnderstanding the Methods also delves of
                                                                                              Matters: of Matters: Understanding Purdue Universit
            undergraduate and graduate Proctor isin researchof only theor experimental psychology courses as well as but of Psychological tR
244 x 172                       of research methods concise, straighforward and accessible introduction to for Psychology: Psychology:and
                                                     A in psychology          ExperimentalExperimental Design and design of psychology experim
                                                                                              Design and Statistics the both research methods A F
            first-year students Fabio Sani is a readerin psychology at the University of Dundee, and has taughtStatistics forA First Course iss
229 x 152                                            A valuable guide to the Warwick University. He of over evaluating Analysis illustrates th
                                                                                                of pitfalls case studies, of studies, this for researc
                                George Dunbar is Lecturer of psychologyat processesUsing a 40 involved in40 casevaluable text valuable tex
            students of research methods in departmentsin PsychologyUsing a seriesandoverseriesis the authorthisDatapsychologicalPsychol
229 x 152                                            provides concise and accessible overviews of importantHis publications include in50th of
                                                                              On the Nature of Prejudice of Prejudice commemorates thepsycholo
                                                                                             On and Connecticut. and social psychology depart
                                John F. Dovidio is Professor prejudice, stereotyping, race the Naturecommemorates the fiftieth anniversaryan
            undergraduate and graduate students studying of Psychology at the University of discrimination,topics and issues in theReducing
244 x 172                                               retired trainee teacher all students to know educational psychology andand adhering clo
                                                                              Drawing Education at the about childof or education studies Teachin
                                                                                             Drawing on University and research the psychology
                                Richard Fox recentlytells the as Senior Lecturer in on educational and psychologicalpsychological research and
            trainee and in-service teachers, including special needs teachers;they needof professional studies Exeter, and co-editedon PGC
229 x 152                                              geography, political This short introduction conveys the complexities associated with the
                                                                              geography, social short and Social conveys Amherst College. He
                                David Delaney teaches in the Department of Law, Jurisprudence introductionThought atwith the term ―territory‖
            students of human geography, cultural A clear and accessible introduction to the complexities associatedthe international relation
                                                                                             This geography, urban geography, complexities associ
229 x 152                                            Presents new development studies, NGO based economy, action research gathered
                                                                              Threads of Labour drawsLabour Manchester empirical labour studie
                                                                                             Threads of of garment workers‘ support research by
                                Angela Hale international Women Working research by aglobal politicalrich body ofglobalization, organizations
            students of human geography, is Director of relations,empirical Worldwide, an networkon a atpresents newMetropolitan University
244 x 172                                                                       This text presents a critical survey of environment and development,
                                                                                                 interdisciplinary field He is the ecology.Provides the fi
                                                       A critical survey of Geography and natural resources, the politicalauthor field of political
            students of political ecology, human ecology, Professor of the burgeoningThis text presents a critical survey of the burgeoningarti
                                Paul Robbins is Associate cultural ecology, society at Ohio State University.of the burgeoningof numerous fie
229 x 152                                              A critical the School of the economy, cultural studies, politics, government, David Harve
                                                                                David Harveyof DavidDevelopment of the world‘s most influential pre
                                                                                                 is and Harvey, one at Manchester University. Marxis
                                Noel Castree is a geography, examination of Environmentamong the most distinguished and influential His and
            students, researchers and faculty in Professor insociology, political work This book critically interrogates the work ofplanninggeo
229 x 152                                              An in
                                Noel physical geography Geography the fundamental debates HeGeography of Remaking Reality: Nature a
            students of human and Castree is Reader introduction to at Manchester University. thatis co-editorintroduces students to of the ch
                                                                                               Questioning animate geography today. Each the fund
                                                                                Questioning Geography introduces students to the fundamental deba
244 x 172                                              This text offers readers aForm Urban Form of Citiesat urban studies, considered theoreti
                                                                                The considered Development offersUniversity of designing cities.
                                Alexander R. Cuthbert is Professor of Planning and of Cities offers a introduction to the aofintroduction to the
            upper-level students of architecture, landscape architecture, cultural studies,theoretical considered readersarturban geography or
                                                                                               The urban planning, the theoretical New South Wales
229 x 152                                                                       This topical book topical book addresses contemporary concern with
                                                                                               University of London. He was editor of the the intercon
                                Roger of geographyA topical book addressing Mary, This addresses with the interconnections between geog
            all students and scholarsLee is Professor of Geography at Queencontemporary concern contemporary concern withTransactions
229 x 152                                              Responds Economic Geography After inregionalItalies develops2000 of political economy
                                                                                After the Three Italies providesof Sussex. In a new the literature me
                                                                                                at the Three           novel synthesis he economists, ge
                                Michael Dunford is faculty in economic theoretical planning,Universitystudies, regional science, the geograph
            upper level students, researchers andProfessor ofto recent geography, debatesthe economicageography, involving was elected on c
229 x 152                                                                       This groundbreaking geography, sociology and business;commercia
                                                                                               This groundbreaking book analyses of the policy mak
                                Matthew A. Zook is Visiting Research Fellow of the Public Policy Instititute of the geographyAssistant Professo
            advanced undergraduates and graduates studying the Internet in departments ofbook analyses California andthe first accurate m
                                                       Analyses the geography at            commercial Internet industry.Presents the geography of th
229 x 152                                              The first labour market and authoritative analysisfirst introduced has authored social intr
                                                                                The New local and regional of comprehensive Young has been
                                                                                                University of Southampton. Deal April 1998, around a
                                Peter Sunley is and faculty in comprehensivepolicy, the This Young theeconomics and in for and authoritative50
            upper level students, researchers Professor of Human Geography at Deal for book isPeople,the New He regeneration,People,poli
229 x 152                       David relations, political geography, human geography, developmentfocus on University. He is Third World, Ge
                                                       A novel approach Political Geography atcritical studies, US-Latin American encounters,
                                                                                 understanding contribution of relations.Reconceptualizes geopolitic
                                                                                               With a Loughborough social from the the author of Te
            students of international Slater is Professor of Social andto Highlighting theUS-Third Worldkey thinkers theory, post-colonialism, g
244 x 172                                              A portrait of studies, urban studies,Companionfeminist geography.Showsfeminist theory,
                                                                                A and at the University of Oregon, where she teaches courses brea
                                                                                               A Feminist to planning, architecture, how and on g
                                Lise Nelson is Assistant Professor of Geographysubstantive field ofGeography captures the captures thediver
            students and scholars of geography, environmentalthe vibrantCompanion todevelopment, Feminist Geography breadthfeminist g
244 x 172                                              A critical studies of Department This groundbreaking Companion offersplanning, region
                                                                                   tourism geography, recreation and leisurereaders anat Northern Ari
                                                                                               of Geography, studies.Offers studies, opportunity to
                                Alan A. Lew is Professor and Chair in andcurrent research in Companion offers readers an opportunity to rea
            upper level students and researchers in tourism overviewtheThis groundbreakingtourism Planning and Recreation readers an opp
229 x 152                                              A path-breaking in urban studies, intersections is the first book to firstand cultural2004 co
                                                                                Geography and Terrorism of war,Between science, spring studies
                                                                                                  Durham University. terrorism and critically at critica
                                Stephen graduates and researchers exploration of theCities, War and Terrorism is the look book to look thathe
            Advanced undergraduates,Graham is Professor of Human Cities, War, atsociology, geography, political1992 cities.Arguesthe way
229 x 152                                                                        social policy or is a Welfare is a unique the University socio-econom
                                                       A unique combination of of and CD-ROM examining the effects of urban planners
            students of urban Yuri Kazepov is Professor of Urban Sociologybook Compared unique combinationmakers; recent of Urbino, Ita
                                                                                               Cities of geography; policy combination of book exam
                                sociology, urban politics, urban planning, CitiesandEuropesocial Europe Systems at of book and CD-Romand C
229 x 152                                              A comparison of the Romain Université and presents in comparison of the cities. Europea
                                                                                               This book ethnicity a British the studies DPhil of ethn
                                Romain Garbaye is Maître de Conférences at studies, race Paris IV-Sorbonne. Heand French patternsin mino
            students and scholars of political science, sociology, immigrationtheGarbaye presents a comparison ofobtained hisof ethnic Polit
                                                                                 participation of ethnic minorities studies, urban politics and Includes
246 x 189                                                                                       and while explaining their
                                                       Demonstrates mathematical offers thebusiness the involved economic and business ap
                                Jean Soper is Lecturer in Economics at This texttechniquesideal approach for approach for economics and b
                                                                                in University of Leicester and is ideal economics and business stude
            undergraduates taking mathematics and statistics coursesthe economicsThis text offersdepartments in the Executive Committee
244 x 172                                              courses Distinguished Professor in the Schmid‘sethics and psychology fit and economics,
                                                                                For those institutions, how innovative text, Conflict into at Michigan
                                                                                               Allan Department of & economics; experimental econo
                                A. Allan students University on behavioral and institutional economics; lawAgricultural EconomicsCooperation
            upper-level undergraduateSchmid isin Addresses formal and informalwho wonder the impact of alternative institutions, and instit
229 x 152                                              Explores at growing range des Hautes Finance of Uncertainty Uncertainty growing the
                                Gabrielle Demange is Directoreconomics. (Ecole of economic decisions that are conducted under uncertainty—
            MBA finance students and graduate students in the EHESSThe Economics andEtudes enEconomics of explores the explores ran
                                                                                               Finance and the Sciences Sociales) and researcher at
244 x 172                       Benjamin Eden is a Professor in macroeconomics in Monetary Economics isUniversity of Haifa infoundation h
                                                       Discusses real issues with a varietymonetary economics courses.
                                                                                A Course and of modeling alternativesProvides a solid is an insigh
                                                                                               Monetary Economics an insightful introduction to the a
            Advanced undergraduate and graduate students of Economics at Vanderbilt University and theand Sequential Trade Israel. He fo
244 x 172                       E. Kwan Choi is Professor scholars studying International Trade.and the Editor of Reviewinstitutions focuses
                                                       focuses Economics This and legalUniversityof international laws and of International Eco
                                                                                 at Iowa StateThis second Handbook of International International
            Students, researchers, economists, and legalof on the economic second volume of thevolume of the Handbook of Trade as theyTi
244 x 172                       E. Kwan academics Explores the theories, policies and University andexplorationof explorationInternational Eco
                                                        in International Economics StateThis a detailed is a Editor ofReview of of policies, and
                                                                                 at Iowa           is handbook the detailed the theories, the theories,
            students, researchers, and Choi is Professor of Economics This handbookissues stemming from the field of International TradeF
246 x 171                                              Provides Economics at economics, and also in postgraduate-level courses in planning,
                                                                                                                      Advances evolving and Regional Ec
                                Richard and postgraduate of a state-of-the-art overview of this editor of constantly in Urban subject.Commun
            Upper-level undergraduateArnott is Professor students in urbanBoston Collegeis a dynamic, continually evolving subject, central t
                                                                                Urban Economics and
229 x 152                                                                       This book is historians than a subdiscipline at Virginia Tech.Djavad
                                Joseph C. Pitt is a Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department of Philosophy within the field History a
            historians of economics, students of modern economic welfare analysis,about moreand scholars interested in American of econo
244 x 172                       R. Stafford Johnson Provides a comprehensivethe Williams College andprofessionals Managementfundamen
                                                       is Professor of Finance courses, as well bond and debt management.Covers both is the a
                                                                                Bond exposition ofEvaluation, Selection, and University. synthesiz
                                                                                               Bond as finance Management
            undergraduate and graduate students in advanced investment at Evaluation, Selection,of Business, Xaviersynthesizes He the fun
246 x 189                       Geoffrey Poitras is Professor of Fixed Incomeinnovative text presents the presents thea range of ofUniversity,
                                                       Presents the theoretical foundations Business Management, and foundations approaches
                                                                                This FacultyThis securityAdministration at Investments. security a
                                                                                                of Portfolio analysisAssesses theoretical
            MBA and PhD-level courses on Security Analysis, Finance in the Securities, ofinnovative text theoretical Simon Fraserfoundations
244 x 172                       Gunter Meissner risk management. of The market for credit derivatives--financialof Outperform thefinanceC
                                                       Explains of field         at Hawaii Pacific University, studentsfirst instruments designed exp
                                                                                               Credit Derivatives is the with a background in Dow: tr
            MBA & MSc programs in finance or is Professor theFinance credit derivatives to businessand is author student-oriented text totoUs
244 x 172                       Editor in Chief: and Cooper is based this flagship University management of Organizational Psychology. He i
                                                        practitioners in the Lancaster business as management reference workComprises over
                                                                                Bringing together specially-commissioned and carefully edited entries
                                                                                               The second edition
            students, researchers, academicsCary Second edition ofat field of business and andProfessorof this flagship business and manag
246 x 189                       Robert M. Grant is Professor of Management best-selling textbusiness or entrepreneurship text.Introduces s
                                                       Thoroughly revised and updated new edition of thisstrategy texton recognition for its rigoro
                                                                                This at international has gained widespread the editorial boards of S
                                                                                               This best-selling He is also strategy
            upper level students of strategic management, corporate strategy, Georgetown University. best-selling has gained widespread re
244 x 172                                              An exploration of theAt a management, organization theory, andmore and manage the
                                                                                               In this book, leading authors strategy; managers conce
                                Haridimos Tsoukas is the George knowledge timewhich organizations can develop their ability to in which orga
            students and researchers of organizational learning, D. Mavros Research Professor of Organizationor explore waysmore organiza
                                                                                  ways in of ever-accelerating change, when Management at the Ath
229 x 152                       in strategic management bookorganization theoryin Strategic to strategic persuasively that and Department of S
                                                          the and L. Carlson Chair argues that assumptions of rationality a behavioral perspe
                                                                                This book      This book argues management of the market equilibri
            graduate courses Philip Bromiley holdsThis Curtispresents a focused approach Management and is Chairtheory.Argues that a be
244 x 172                       Amy L. Pablo is Associate Professor of in mergers and acquisitions; succeed successful pursuedcharge of m
                                                       An exploration of why mergers and acquisitions executives and based on rigorousthe Uni
                                                                                Mergers and This book the Haskayne fail, managers in by firms bu
                                                                                               acquisitions continue to be actively Business at schola
            upper level students, researchers and scholars interested Strategic Management inreviews both or School ofand unsuccessful ac
244 x 172                                              Reviews strategic management; executives reviewsManagement ‗dotcom bubble‘.Look
                                                                                The bursting of the ‗dotcom the the lessons to the Kenan-Flagler
                                                                                               This volume
                                Richard A. Bettis is faculty in Hodges Distinguished Professor of Strategicbursting of terrorist attacks of Septe
            upper level students, researchers andLuther H. lessons to be learnt about strategy frombubble‘ and the the inbe learnt about stra
244 x 172                                              An and researchers in strategic management; practising areGroup.
                                                                                  challenges that face Boston to networks, businesses barriers are c
                                                                                                 of The industries, better disrupted; old recently publ
                                René Abate is students exploration of theNew industries are emerging;Consultingunderstand haschallenges fa
            advanced undergraduates, MBA Senior Vice President in the Paris officeThis book seeks others managers He the and managem
244 x 172                                              A Cizik of reflectiveInnovating Strategy management; management consultants;of inno
                                                                                               Innovating Strategy Process presents and a of reflect
                                 of strategic management, the strategy process, or innovationTechnology and scholars of reflective Professor
            graduate studentsSteven W. Floyd is theseries Chair of Strategic Management, Process presentsManufacturinga seriesessays by
                                                                                 essays by established and emerging a series on the subject execu
244 x 172                       Robert Grosse is Professor of International Business and Director of Research the fund1987servicesAmerican
                                                       An informative and provocative exploration insurance, mutualThunderbird, The industry.G
                                                                                After stockbrokerage, stock future of at financial and 2001-2, man
                                                                                               This book explores the crises of management, investm
            MBA and executive students in commercial banking, investment,living through the of the market future of the financial services in
246 x 189                                              Demonstrates how strategic edition of the classic updated fifth edition Shows how to dev
                                                                                 Department of Marketing and text, Strategic care of this of Health
                                                                                               The revised in the strategic thinkers
                                Linda E. Swayne continuing and Chair, This fifthmanagers may becomeBelk College of Business classic text
            advanced undergraduate, graduate,is Professoreducation students and practitioners in the field of healthManagementAdministraC
244 x 172                                                                       of new developments to UK, professionals and administrators boo
                                                                                               A early classic early classic text, John Child‘s John F
                                                       A behavior account A sequel of Birmingham, his text, and other Visiting Professor andCh
            A core text for students Child is Chair of Commerce at the University to his sequelin businessOrganization,Organization, newinter
                                John of organizational revealing and strategic management, managers,Distinguished value-creating organizati
229 x 152                                              This book makes anWhy has the issuebook makesand important contribution to our safety
                                                                                 important consultants the University of Trento.
                                                                                               This of learning an knowledge practice-based under
                                Silvia Gherardi is Professor of Organization and Management atand practitioners interested in learning, been
            researchers and scholars of organizational studies and management; contribution to our understanding ofin organizations organit
246 x 171                                                                                        departments of who arts, law
                                                       An the founding CEO of handbook those readersliberalreaders who are interested nego
                                 of conflict resolution, is interdisciplinary This Herrmanallinvitesainterested in are interested in mediation, in me
                                                                                negotiation in Group, consultancy that helps people make decisions
            graduate studentsMargaret S. Herrman problem solving orHandbook for This handbook invites mediation and business schools;  conflict resolution.C
246 x 171                                               Chair management What is e-Business: How the Internet Transforms Organizations prov
                                                                                  information systems, over 10 vast range of and computing science
                                                                                               Based University years‘ experience Tyne Business Sc
                                Professor Feng Li is A coherent introduction to e-businessIntegrates the of technologyrelevant topics and issu
            Students of e-business, innovation, strategic of E-Business,Development at the oninformationNewcastle uponteaching e-Busines
246 x 171                                                Lecturer in the Department of Design and and management,retail supply chain managem
                                                                                This wide-ranging wide-ranging reader locates management; technol
                                                                                               This reader locates in the lean production and relate
                                Ed Rhodes is SeniorA wide-ranging reader that product design Innovation supplyOpen management, lean pro
            Students and practitioners in supply chain management; logistics; locates supply chaindevelopment;chainUniversity‘s Faculty of
246 x 171                                              new and thoroughly Relations andThisthe best-selling Personnel Management King‘s Col
                                 students of Human Resource Management, PersonnelManagement, Department of Management, text provid
            3rd year and MBAStephen Bach is Reader in Employment revised editionthoroughly revised edition of the edition of the best selli
                                                                                This new           Management, and Employee Relations
                                                                                                   of new and thoroughly revised best selling Personnel
246 x 171                                              Enables students and managers managers, in the ManagersHRM tostudents a wide S
                                                                                Learning Development anddevelopment enables understand man
                                                                                                Development students of (L&D)
                                for the CIPD Diploma is Personnel and Development;of learning and forSchool of Management, University ofra
            students studying Eugene Sadler-Smith in Professor of Managementand This text describes, analyses and synthesises andthe th
244 x 172                                              This Handbook Work and Organizational reviewPersonnel Selection provides abehaviour
                                                                                The a work and organizational theory, research, and professional pr
                                                                                               The Blackwell of psychology, organizational state-of-t
                                Arne Evers is Associate Professor inprovides Blackwell Handbook of Handbook of Personnel Selection provide
            upper level students, researchers and academics in occupational,state-of-the-art Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.Ne
244 x 172                                              This book looks at how to foster innovation Business thetothe critical factor in to leading
                                                                                 at the Open This book looks at how management managers creati
                                                                                               increasingly identified as and innovation in organizat
                                John Storey is students and researchers in human is Universityin organizations, foster a consultant ensuring e
            advanced undergraduates, MBA Professor of ManagementInnovationresource management,Schoolfocusing on of change, as the
244 x 172                                              A text on McGehee giving insight This the minds of CEOs of Banking and Commerce att
                                Mary Jo Hatch is C. Coleman leadership The Three Faces Research Professor readers inside the minds of CE
            students of leadership or organizational culture; executivesEminent Scholars of Leadership takeswho have insidecelebrated by C
                                                                                                into leadership text takes readers been the minds of
140 x 216                                              A reconstruction andFor managers; this series of March has made unpublished Engl
                                James G. March is or management; leaders:over 50 years, James G. lectures, previously sustained andEmeri
            students of leadership, organizations, Jack Steele Parker Professor of International Management Emeritusaand Professorininnov
                                                                                               In previously unpublished lectures by the inspirational
                                                                                  interpretation ofgeneral readers
244 x 172                       Diana and nurses; health and safety advisers; lawyers;has become needed becausesubject* as number of c
                                                       * The established worknewthe subject* as the managers onmore complex and law becom
                                                                                A on edition* personnel law becomes the in Manchester. She is
                                                                                                  The established work
            Occupational physicians Kloss is a barrister and part-time Chairman of Employment Tribunals practisingof the largethe demandsa
265 x 240                                              Covers biology, distribution, poison symptoms first treatment.Large illustrations for fast idi
                                                                                A complete science, Biology, edition containing additional text and
            practitioners, researchers and students in Pharmacy, Toxicology, plant revision of theandHorticulture, Emergency Medicine, Fore
                                                       an indispensable tool for the in: Agriculture, Agronomy, Dr control of parasitic and non-pa
                                                                                Following the worldwide success and Blancard‘s volumes on Tomat
            Growers and Crop Consultants. Scientists, instructors and students diagnosis, understandingof Biology, Horticulture, Mycology an
                                                       a systematic account ofand students pests ¨C their viticulture, regarded book gives a syst
                                                                                A fruit and revised edition of this highly agriculture, entomology, ac
            growers/farmers, scientists, instructors, advisors, consultantscompletelyhopin horticulture, recognition, biology and status;the se
234 x 156                                              The first volume to Sciences, Universityof plant pathways and the is experiencing intens
                                                                                With the overview of discovery of RNAi pathways and the epigenet
                                                                                               With of Leeds, UK
                                Professor Peter Meyer, Centre for Plantprovide andiscoverytheRNAi epigenetics, whichhistone code,histone co
234 x 156                                              A contemporary Sciences, University knowledge of the taking account of the Department
                                                                                Our of endogenous plant rhythms, circadian clock in plants has adva
                                                                                               Our the circadian clock in plants has advanced conside
                                Dr Anthony Hall, School of Biological account knowledge ofof Liverpool, UK.Dr Harriet McWatters, major advan
234 x 156                                              A of Biological Sciences,offlow is not unique to genetically modified Wilkinson, volume is
                                                                                one the major Southampton,in plant biotechnologyThe Departme
                                                                                               Gene flow issues UKDr genetically modified (GM) cro
                                Dr Guy Poppy, School broad overview of GeneUniversity ofcurrentis not unique toMichael (GM) crops, but the p
234 x 156                                              A Professor Paul Hasegawa, both decade,areaunderstanding of plant adaptation to adapt
                                                                                Over of a fashionable past that impacts understanding of plant envir
                                                                                                  Centre our decade, our directly on crop yieldChapter
                                Dr Matthew Jenks andcontemporary overview the pastOver the for Plant Environmental Stress Physiology, Pur
234 x 156                                                                       Annual a highly topicalVolume 18Since biology· The chapter author
                                                                                               Reviews, area Dundee, UK
                                                           A state-of-the-art review ofPlant Annual Plant Reviews, celltheir discovery over 100 yea
                                Dr Karl Oparka, Unit·of Cell Biology, Scottish Crop Research Institute,of plant Volume 18Since their discovery
234 x 156                       Professor Markus Riederer and Dr Caroline Müller, Universität Würzburg, Wurzburg, Germanyof clearer pictur
                                                                                Annual Plant Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 23A much is new tech
                                                                                               Reviews, Volume 23A area, in the picture
                                                       a state-of-the-art review of this important interdisciplinarymuch clearerlight the now eme
234 x 156                                                                       The ability University, metabolism and their of metabolic response m
                                                                                                primary Kingston, metabolic controlEmphasises the in
                                                       Focuses on the pathways of plant control the rates of Ontario, Canada.Dr Michael McMan
                                Dr William Plaxton, Department of Biology, Queens to The ability to control the rates processes in processesto
234 x 156                                              Introduces Stephen Plant growth is Crop Performance and Improvement Division, can be
                                                                                 Thomas, both regulated by developmental programmes programme
                                                                                               Plant growth is regulated by developmental that Rotham
                                Professor Peter Hedden and Drnew perspectives by considering hormone metabolism and signal transduction
234 x 156                                                 is at the School of Reactive oxygen species (ROS) at producedaremany UK during pla
                                                                                a rapidly andReactive oxygen species centre of produced
                                                                                                Chemical Sciences, University Exeter, aspects of th
                                Dr Nicholas SmirnoffA broad overviewof Biological expanding field that liesarethe(ROS)ofduring the interaction
                                                                                Completely revised and updated by 68 experts in the field, the new e
246 x 171                                              provides comprehensive and andThemarine sciences and oceanography comprehensive
                                                                                    researchers in Canada and respected out research on provides c
                                                                                                  in new widely the widely of biological-physical
                                Dr senior undergraduates, graduates inThe new edition of coverage of this effects respected text variousinte
            This book is aimed atKen Mann has taught at universitiesandEnglandup-to-datethisedition has carriedtext providesdepartmentsaqu
246 x 189                                              provides Fellow at the overviewconcern about of of ecologically Biological Association.
                                                                                Continuing of environmental Freshwater
                                Colin Reynolds is a Researchan up-to-date Windermerethe application thesupply and sound ecosystem susta
            aquatic ecologists, limnologists, environmental agencies, water companies,Laboratorywaterconsultants quality, approaches, met
246 x 189                                              Principal Lecturer water companies, environmental ecologically sound ecosystem susta
                                                                                 Environmental Science at the University of
                                Patrick O‘Sullivan is provides an up-to-date overview of the application of supply and quality, approaches, met
            aquatic ecologists, limnologists, environmental agencies, in Continuing concern about waterconsultants Plymouth, UK. His resear
229 x 152                                                is Emeritus Fellow earthbook chronicles natural philosophers, geologists and geomorph
                                                                                This scienceThis book chronicles Oxford
                                Dr Barbara KennedyChronicles how successive generations ofhow successive generations of Lecturer (CUF)
            undergraduates and postgraduates in physical geography, of St Hugh‘s College, University ofstudies and former natural philosop
                                                                                                and environmental how successive generations of na
246 x 189                                                                       IAS interest in river systems, fluvial processes, fluvial landforms, an
            advanced undergraduates, graduates and professionals with anSpecial Publication 35, Fluvial Sedimentology VII, comprises of a
276 x 219                                                                       Braided rivers form BirminghamJames L. Best is at Professor of Inter
                                                                                               This important pure first together a the Second allu
                                Gregory H. Sambrook Smith is a Lecturer at cutting-edge ofsome ofathe world‘spresented eighteen variedEarm
            essential reading for geomorphologists, earth together eighteenthe University research papersbringsmost dynamic and cutting-ed
                                                       Brings scientists, engineers and ecologists with book and applied interest in the study,
276 x 219                                              brought up students and work examining contemporary issues is anChange is the geo
                                                                                Glacier Science          Science and Environmental authoritative and c
                                Dr Peter postgraduate researchin Birmingham, England, and Environmental Change and glaciology at compre
            Advanced undergraduates,Knight was comprehensive reference professional researchers in geographyin glaciology andaand exp
                                                                                               Glacier educated in glaciology, geology, geography, Un
obiology                                                                        Benthic foraminifera have played a central images, including SEMs.F
                                                       Approximately 350 foram genera.1000 stunning high-resolution role in deep-sea biostratig
obiology                                                                        PaleoBase user and a unique combination digital images up-to-da
                                                                                               PaleoBase represents
                                                       Versions of Mac and PC, singleNatural History Museuma unique of up-to-date systematic
                                 Dr Norman MacLeod, Keeper for Palaeontology, The representssite licence.High-qualitycombination of of repre
 297 x 210                       Mark A. Purnell is Professor of Geology at and UniversitythePalaeontology, published by The Palaeontological
                                                       within the the nature the quality of in Leicester.Philip C.J. Donoghue is Professor ofPala
             students, academics and practitioners Discussespalaeontology field                Special Papers in Palaeontology, published researcher
                                                                                Special Papers of conodont fossil record.Brings togetherby The Ear
 246 x 189                                             Describes the diverse P. excellently preserved in Palaeontology, The theof The Palaeo
                                                                                Special Papers in Michael G. Bassett are all by published by The Pala
                                                                                                and Palaeontology, published members Botomian - A
             palaeontologists Lars E. Holmer, Leonid E. Popov, SvetlanaandKoneva Special Papersbrachiopod fauna from Palaeontological
 234 x 156                                                                                     This book provides a state-of-the-art Advanced analys
                                                                                This book use of ir a state-of-the-art review spectrochemical Scienc
                                                       A state-of-the-art review of the provides multichannel detectors inof a major recent techno
                                 Professor Rohit Bhargava is at the Department of Bioengineering and Beckman Institute forreview of a major r
 244 x 172                       Peter L. Silveston is First book to critically examine theCyclic Separating Reactors is a critical of at polymers an
                                                       Distinguished Professor Emerituspharmaceutical, engineering department the literature c
                                                                                Cyclic in the in the chemical a critical examination examination of t
                                                                                                literature surrounding Cyclically Operating Separating
             * Chemical process engineers & industrial development chemists Separating Reactors isfine & specialty chemicals, the UniversiR
 244 x 172                       Dwayne Heard analytical chemistsbring together all thegovernment authoritative guide tofor making atmosphe
                                                       * First book to in academe and inWritten asinstrumental institutions theof Leeds, Leeds,
                                                                                Almost all of invarious an of Chemistry, University techniques Pos
                                                                                                    breakthroughs in understanding the atmosphere hav
             * Atmospheric, environmental andis Professor of Atmospheric Chemistrythe the Schoolresearch techniques or programmes* of in
 244 x 172                       in the pharmaceutical, El Ashry1 detailedCarbohydrates1are chemicalsofon thisin
                                                       * agrochemicals andreview of the Department Chemistry, Faculty of Science, not ha
                                                                                   specialty organic widely distributed topic so and widely available, a
             Organic chemists Professor El Sayed H.Provides a Dr. Ahmed El Nemr 2 recent literatureindustries nature the reader does Alexan
 244 x 172                       Dr engineers Cox(Editor)VP & General Manager, Separation chiral liquid chromatography, facilitating the stra
                                                       Brings involved in discovery research development of chiral liquid the pharmaceutical an
                                                                                The speed quicklyof process
                                                                                               The and comprehensively, facilitating the rapid develo
             * Chemists, chemicalGeoffrey B and analysts non-experts up to developmentandSolutionsdevelopment inchromatography, facilit
 244 x 172                                             * Provides a thoroughin the Department hydrogen Chemistry, Okayama University, can
                                                                                   grounding in Organic Fluorine chemistry in chemists in the pharma
                                                                                               The replacement of hydrogen with fluorine in organic m
                                 Kenji Uneyama is Professor of ChemistryThe replacement of of Applied with fluorine fororganic moleculesOkay
 178 x 254                                             * president of Bioderm Technologies, techniques for technologies pharmaceutical and cos
                                                                                 focused on new Inc., a consulting firm in active agents through the
                                 John J. Wille, Ph.D is Practical referenceCurrent interest in drug delivery delivering the is exceedingly high. Sim
 244 x 172                                                                      The use of real or useful time measurement of chemical productio
                                                       * Provides analytical Foss of the moston real Spring, Maryland, techniques* Includes
                                 Dr and process engineers, and Specialist,chemists workingnearprocess development, scale-up
             * Chemists, chemicalKatherine A. BakeevProductdetailed overviewNIRSystems, SilverPAC spectroscopicUSA. and production
 244 x 172                       Professor Alex M van A chemists and technologistsChemistry, Eindhoven beyondvalue Technology a low cost,
                                                       * Herk, Laboratory of Polymer polymerisation discussion of in thepolymers in and spe
                                                                                Emulsion at graduate level and University of polymer, fine
             * Research, development and formulation clear, comprehensive and straightforward produces highemulsion polymerisation to illu
 244 x 172                       Richard Farn is a Consultant working on the development of at graduate and technology of in the in awas pre
                                                       A chemists, technologists overview of the throughout level andas surfactants. He huge ra
                                                                                Surfactants are used chemistry industry beyond surfactants, allowi
             Research, development and formulation concise, and accessible and engineersproducts formulated withcomponentspharmaceut
 244 x 172                                               Brings non-expertsModern flavours and De biotechnologists andformulated providing n
                                 Edited to the flavour*& fragrance industry up-to-speed quickly, comprehensively and economically,products, co
             * Graduate level entrants by Dr. David RoweDavid Rowe is Technical Manager atfragrances are complexLtd., Poole UK
                                                                                  (chemists, biochemists, Monchy Aromatics food scientists)* Tech
 229 x 152                        and researchers; specialists in conductive polymers has extensive as well ascontacts in latest coatings industr
                                                       *latest of materials science and (in offers practical insights into the Europe, esp. applica
                                                                                This new book academia, research electronics and developments in
             Polymer scientistsSergiy Minko is a professor developments in responsive polymers*original design, methodological, andGerman
 234 x 156                       Professor Koichi Mikami is atoverview of Green, Applied commonly used greenindustrial mediaProvides sufficie
                                                       A broad the organicthe three most Chemistry, Tokyoand reaction sectors designing of
                                                                                  chemistry inGreen, sustainable Institute of Technology, Japan
                                                                                                both chemistry involves the involves of
             Researchers and professionals working in synthetic Department of sustainablethe academic chemistrydesigningthe chemical proc
 178 x 254                                                                        the Fruit Processing has assembledcontinues respected academic
                                                                                               consultant and of fruits over editor undergo In Fruits
                                                       * Sacramento, CA is and editorial The fruits continues to undergo rapid change.rapid Dr.
                                 Y.H. Hui, Ph.D., West Handbook of FruitsThe processing ofprocessingadministrative forty tofor this project. cha
 178 x 254                       Editor: Y.H. Hui, Ph.D., West Sacramento, CA is developments Products: Scienceand technologists in the 50
                                                        quality assurance personnel and In Bakery and technological processes as theythis book
                                                                                While thousands of consultant and administrative editor food servic
                                                                                               food scientists, baking are and Technology, relate to
             baking industry professionals includingdescribes the latest scientificthe editorial books onresearchersin print aimed atfor nearly ba
 178 x 254                                                                                      Food Science and Technology of the microbiology and
                                                                                Despite the In Microbiologyand the fermented Fermented Foods,
                                 ROBERT HUTKINS the definitive textbook on food ofand professionals programs offering University offoodR
                                                         science programs, researchers many food microbiology addressing foods industry, mic
             upper level students and faculty in foodis Professor in the Departmentfermentation scienceinTechnology at thecourses in theNebr
 254 x 178                                             * presents research on major pathogenspresenting the latest Southernresearch on the ma
                                                                                While presenting Safety Research meat, poultry, Plains Agricultural
                                                                                               While latest scientific research on produce and othe
                                 Ross C. Beier is Research Chemist for the Food and Feedtheassociated withUnit, scientificthe major pathogen
 229 x 152                                                                      Extraneous foreign the processors and related professionals in Co
                                                                                               Extraneous foreign material in food products a physica
                                                       * is senior quality assurance manager offoodFoods Business Unit of Gerber Products foo
                                 DOUGLAS PEARISO Written for quality assurance, HACCP,material in food products is undeniably is undenia
 178 x 254                                                                      The food and beverage Jacobs Inc., development; students he fa
                                 Howard R. Moskowitz, Ph.D., critical researchers byof Moskowitzindustries today face an intensely competitive
                                                       presents is president and CEO sensory analysts, product developers and market andfou
             Sensory practitioners, product developers, and market issues facedin food and beverage productWhite Plains, NY, a firm resear
 246 x 189                                                                      IFIS universities, at IFISFully comprehensive, information for the w
                                                       Compiled nutritionists in has been
                                 International Food Information by the world-renowned producing quality comprehensivefood and edited and
             Food scientists, food technologists, chemists andService, Reading, UK teamresearch establishments and rigorouslypharmeceut
 229 x 152                                             Sommers, of meat, fish, benefits of vegetables; food microbiologists andtechnologist, both
                                                                                The fruits, and and Xuetong Research and Technology presents the
                                                                                               Food Irradiation Fan, a leading food radiation describ
                                 Editors: Christopher presents the research microbiologist of researchers at the public health of food irradiation
             industry food scientists involved in the processing a latest scientific findingsfood irradiation to the researchedgehave been proces
 244 x 172                       Professor Charles W.microbiologists inof Fermentation and theScience, *the book covers one processing imp
                                                          Bamforth, Head theand respected internationally libraries in of Food Scienceresearch
                                                                                    food and Brewing use of micro-organisms companies, and asp
             Food scientists, food technologists and*author is well-knownMaltingindustry and academia,Departmentfoodis food of the most Tec
 244 x 172                                              Public Health Laboratory working knowledge of alland concern over food safety, as well
                                                                                Ever-increasing public interest aspects and research institutions, p
             laboratory workers in the food industry,Provides a fully up-to-dateService, all government, academicof food microbiology with afo
 178 x 254                                             *Over Sacramento, The is the editorial consultant and administrative editor for indispensa
                                                                                 CA biochemistry industry the foundation on which the research and
                                 Editor:Y.H. Hui, PhD, West30 acclaimed academicians andof food is professionals contirbute to this this book.
 178 x 254                                              professionals, is a Melding stages of yogurt hands-on producing yogurt and fermented
                                                                                 and production personnel in fermented milks servingreceipt of 4
                                                                                               Melding experience industry companies all yogurt a
                                 Editor: dairy industrydescribes the manufacturing the dairy food science and technology,of producing sizes,raw
             dairy scientists and other Ramesh C. Chandan, Ph.D., R&Dconsultant inhands-onthe anddairy ofexperiencefrom theofmore thanlib
 254 x 178                                               Practical, fully illusrated textbook in the Department student Sciences and Industry at
                                                                                A renowned consortium of academicians and industry written for no
                                 About the Editors: J. *Scott Smith is Associate Professoron food processing*of Animalfreindly textprofessionals
 229 x 152                                                                      Following leading explains the essential food production procedures
                                                                                               The experts basic Kosher laws and increasingly imp
                                                       * considered one of the and theories*Kosher food industry has becometheory, author tec
                                 Rabbi Zushe Blech is discusses Kosher lawsworld‘san introduction toin modern Kosher food production and Ble
 229 x 152                                                                                     In Managing Food Industry Waste: Common equipmen
                                                                                How can comparable Food Science at Cornell University, Ithaca, Ne
                                 Robert R. Zall, PhD is Professor Emeritus in the Department offood-processing plants with identical Sense Me
                                                                                               FDA regulations? (Rockville, MD), a labeling? Complia
                                                        * comprehensive guide to Consulting Group, Inc.Dietary supplementfirm providing con
                                                                                Consultant and long-time FDA food and dietary supplement labeling
                                 James L. Summers is a senior consultant at AACunderstanding and complying with the dietary supplement lab
 279 x 216                                                                                     Dietary Supplement Labeling MD), a firm Review is lab
                                                       * a senior consultant at AAC Consulting Group, Inc. (Rockville, Compliance providing a c
                                                                                Consultant and long-time FDA food and dietary supplement labeling
                                 James L. Summers isa comprehensive guide to understanding and complying with the dietary supplementcon
 244 x 172                                                                      The commercial importance of wine essential information for the win
                                                       * comprehensive coverage of all aspects of wine flavour *continues to increase across the
 244 x 172                                             Essential Castle Kitchens Ltd, UK based food ofairline passengers passengers is now
                                                                                The provisionThe provisionto food a multi-billion microbiologists, so
                                                                                                of safe food manufacturer, providing bespoke meal fo
                                 Erica Sheward is a Director of information for quality companiesAirline food food to airlineis now multi-billion
             Food safety managers in airline kitchens, regulatory personnel, airlineacontrol managers, safeisscientists, fooddollaraindustryWritt
 178 x 254                       Jian Bi is a Senior progressive industrial laboratories, consultants Research analysis from a statistical methodo
                                                       *A comprehensive discussiondiscriminativediscriminative analysis forms a type ofin the typ
                                                                                Sensory Sensometrics and serious sensory professionals perspec
                                                                                               Sensory analysis forms fundamental fundamental
             Companies, research organizations, Statistician and the President of of sensory discriminative andaService, Richmond, VA. are
 234 x 156                                             A state-of-the-art molecular subject of central relevance to the food industryConsiders p
                                                                                Unlike other human senses, the exact
             Food scientists and technologists, ingredients suppliers, review of abiologists and neurobiologists. mechanisms that lead to ourth
 229 x 152                        and consultants, Ph.D. is associateexisting parametric methodology*Problems scientists;Statistics at the Univ
                                                       *Complements chemists, nutritionists andMathematics and Appliedthe food problems in
                                                                                Sensory evaluation of chemosensory considered include specializin
                                                                                               Author Rayner and his science of students the most c
             Sensory scientistsJ.C.W. RAYNER, food technologists, professor in the School is the perceptioncolleagues consider industry. Se
 178 x 254                       YOUNG W. PARK, Ph.D. is professor at the Agricultural Researchdeny andcow isCollegecow from around the
                                                       * Editors Park and Haenlein haveDairythe fact that thein thethat the of Agriculture, Home
                                                                                 developers. No manufacturers fact theexperts is the primaryspe
                                                                                               assembled Station nutrition primary dairy animal da
             Dairy scientists, food chemists, food technologists, product No one can denyone can dairy the and food processors, dairy markete
 244 x 172                                                                      brined Technology, brinedto rise in most regionsInternationally-know
                                                                                               Brined Ayr, cheeses, K.
                                                       The consumption of The consumption of Cheeses, a new including the and Halloumi che
                                 Adnan Tamime Consultant in Dairy Science andcheeses continuesScotland, U.volume inFeta Society of Dairy T
 244 x 172                       Adnan requiring an * practically-orientedThisincluding food scientists, food technologists, managers, are well
                                                       overview of the subject, practically-oriented guide provides a thorough authors of yoghu
                                                                                 and user-friendly* a Ayr, Scotland, U. K.
             Food company personnelTamime Consultant in Dairy Science and Technology, thorough yet readable manual*overviewsmall or
 244 x 172                                                                      Following significant developments in K. of understanding Society o
                                                       Internationally Science and Technology, Ayr, Scotland, U. recent the in recent understand
                                 Adnan Tamime Consultant in Dairyknown contributing Following significant developments prestigious of milk sy
                                                                                                authors and book editorPart
 234 x 156                                             Enables food manufacturers to Surrey, UK the and beverage manufacture manufacture
                                 Dr Helen Mitchell, Danisco Sweeteners Ltd, Redhill, understandfood alternative ―sweetening‖ choices from the n
                                                                                               Sugar replacement in food and beverage no longer has
                                                                                Sugar replacement in
 234 x 156                                                                       chemical groups of emulsifierStructures many industrial food recipes
                                                       Covers all the major Emulsifiers are essential components of of emulsifiers are considere
 244 x 172                                                                       on reduced-additive foods* Expert authors with commercial experien
                                                       * Only book to focus Since some food additives have been shown to be harmful to certain
 229 x 152                                             Benchmark worldwide; the technology, Products Program, Food monoxideregulationsN
                                                                                  for recent state, recent introduction of carbon pertinent retailers;
                                                                                               The and local regulatory agencies; filtered and filtered
                                 W. STEVEN OTWELL, PhD, is professorThefederal, introduction of carbon monoxide and seafoodsmokes in p
             Seafood manufacturers, processors, and suppliersresource in the Aquatic Foodcommercial practices, andScience and Humanup
 234 x 156                                                                      The bottled of the industry has become a vital and vigorous sector o
                                                       Unique in providing an overview watersscience and technology of the bottled waters indus
 234 x 156                                             provides unique overview of thisCarbonated soft Philip Ashurst, Ashurst every almost ev
                                                                                Carbonated Murcia, SpainDr drinks are widely dramatic in country in
                                                                                                important sector which has seen available Associates
                                 Dr David Steen, Consultant toathe Beverage Industry, soft drinks are widely available in almost andgrowth inter
 234 x 156                                                                                     Soft drinks and fruit a highly produced in country in th
                                                                                  and expanded second edition of juices insuccessful title.There are s
                                                       A completely revisedSoft drinks and fruit juices are producedarealmost every almost every
 229 x 152                                                                      This Packaging to all the main all the sectorThe based on a ba
                                                                                               This book major packaging
                                                       A comprehensive source of referenceTechnology, London, ofmain types Editor haspaper
                                 Mark J. Kirwan is a Consultant and Lecturer inbook discussesthisdiscussestypes UKpackaging of packaginglifet
 244 x 172                                             Author is internationally root system is a vital for his work rootsof the plant and therefore
                                                                                  known physiologists, for his of the plant and therefore understandin
                                 Professor Peter Gregory is internationallyTheplantand respectedsystem is a on scientist, ecologists and hydrol
             Plant scientists, crop and agricultural scientists, soil scientists, known and respected part workvitalon rootsFullyDirector of the Sc
                                                                                               The root environmental part and is comprehensive b
 229 x 152                                                                      The diseases that affect vegetables are of great importance to growe
 178 x 254                                               Shows the impacts internationally of U.S. Professor R&D on the andor management o
                                 Wallace E. Huffman, Ph.D., is Charles F.Science Distinguished agriculturein thorough quantitative andof Revi
             Economists and other social scientists ·in academia, government and industry engaged the firstAgriculturerest of the world.· Econ
                                                                                 Curtiss for Agriculture was in research, teaching, Professor analyti
 10 x 7                                                                         Rural residents represent cultural, make up Ruraldisadvantages and
                                                                                                face residents, who and economic Sociological Socie
                                                       * looks at how the rural of the Rural Health Interest Group of the a United States (U.S.) p
                                 Nina Glasgow, Cornell University was Chair populationRural social, a large sector of thelarge number of the po
 229 x 152                                             Culmination of years of research and testing community Deller analysis modelsProvides i
                                                                                  at responsibility for designing, C. policy is a Professor locally impo
                                 Daniel M. Otto is Professor of EconomicsTheIowa State University.Stevenplanning, and managing of Agricultur
 178 x 254
                              Tony Prato is of state/national parks andsystems perspective· Focus strict sense haswith management natur
                                                   · A of Ecological Economics, Co-Director, in any for Agricultural, Resource and Environm
                                                                          protecetd areas, federal and state agencies been upset long respo
 178 x 254 Planning and management staffProfessor multidisciplinary, The balance of natureCenter on science and knowledge-basedago…
 178 x 254                                                               Plant plant breeding and its improved the livelihoods RaymondSym
                                                                                      Plant Maize Breeding and Director of International
                                                   * assesses state Distinguished Chair inBreeding:future prospects* discusses millions.F.sB
                              Kendall Lamkey, Ph.D. is the Pioneer of the art breeding practices haveThe Arnel R. Hallauer the ofhot topicsCu
 246 x 189                                                               From enhancing the seriesBased on Blackburn's substrate Sugarca
                                                   Part of the Blackwell‘s World Agricultural flavour of food to providing a renowned for ferme
                               safety and the environment is an essential important informationtogether the mostPesticide Application Resea
                                                    Emeritus Professor Over the last Collecting for International recentwhetherhelped to all
                                                                          of Pest Management at dealing with have undoubtedly inin the area
                                                                                       five decades pesticides pesticides research research,
 244 x 172 Pesticides: health,Graham Matthews isProvides commercially purchase for all those the the agro-chemical industryAddresses inc
 229 x 152                                                               As food applied has grown at Virginia agricultural Institute and Stat
                              George W. Norton is professor of agricultural anddemand economics worldwide, Polytechnic production has in
 216 x 279                                                               For the of time in nearly 20 years, a comprehensive genus Fusariu
                                                   * comprehensive fromthe firstphotographs and descriptions in 1979. He has since bee
                              Dr. Leslie received hisaPh.D. in geneticscollection University of Wisconsin, Madisonof the fungalcollection of ph
 246 x 189                                                                this major world cropCoverage of is the main source of sugar acros
                                                                                      Sugar beet, alongside sugar cane, is the main source o
                                                   Definitive account of Sugar beet, alongside sugar cane,all aspects of successful sugar be
 246 x 189                                                               Durable commodities are the raw products from which food can and
                                                   * Major 3-volume standard work in the area* Internationally respected editorial board be m
 162 x 255                                                               This book will Forage Specialist at University the latest knowledge on
                              Craig Roberts is the lead Editor and is State Extension be an up to date compilation of of Missouri. Chuck Wes
 244 x 172                                                               In temperate areas, grasslands can occupy 50% of the agricultural a
                                                   * published by Blackwell Publishers for The Food And Agriculture Organization of the Uni
  244 x 172                                              Covers genetics, reproduction, nutrition Health Department and the welfare of pigsComp
                                                                                The science and practice of pig production has changed rapidly over
                                  Professor Ilias Kyriazakis is Head of the Animal Nutrition andand growth, housing at the Scottish Agricultural C
  244 x 172                                                                     Livestock biodiversity is integral to our biodiversity, genetics, animal
                                                         One of the first books to discuss, in the context of livestock culture, history, environment, e
  178 x 254                                                                     The are both at the Oceanic in aquaculture has long been recognize
                                  Cheng-Sheng Lee, PhD and Patricia O‘Bryen importance of copepods Institute, Waimanalo, Hawaii, and Nanc
  216 x 279                                                                                      dedicated the veterinary single aquatic resource av
                                                                                Invertebrate Invertebrate ofsingle is thecare of most comprehensive
                                  Gregory A. Lewbart M.S.,all-encompassing reference,Medicine isto Medicinemost comprehensive and of Clinic
                                                         * An V.M.D., Dipl. ACZM, Associate Professor theAquatic Medicine, Department terrestri
  178 x 254                       David Scarfe, PhD, DVM, MRSSA, American Veteirnary Medical Association‘s Aquaculture and Seafood Advi
                                                                                Published in increase success in combating AQUACULTURE SOCIE
                                                         Provides key information that will Cooperation with THE WORLD aquatic diseaseChapter
  178 x 254                                              Provides a broad base of information on aquaculture Center and Chairperson marketing
                                                                                Markets, marketing, and trade have become ever more important to
                                                                                                The diversity and idiosyncrasies of the aquaculture and
                                  Carole R. Engle, PhD., is Professor, Director of the Aquaculture/Fisheries economics, markets, andof the Dep
                                                         *an updated edition of this pioneer researchers (and students as effects V. R. libraries in
                                                                                Aquaculture and the Environment Second Edition T. of different aqu
  244 x 172 Aquaculture scientists, aquatic environmentalists and biologists, lecturers,effort to discuss environmental a reference),Pillay The
                                  Bruce Phillips personnel,information for lobster farmers and the EditorshipResearchof the Curtin University of
                                                         Key of Environmental Biology and Aquatic most commercially Phillips anbiologists anim
                                                                                Lobsters biologists, physiologists, of Bruce Unit, species by of andte
                                                                                                Under      Sciences ecologists, marine international
  246 x 189 Fisheries scientists, aquaculture Departmentaquatic and invertebrate are one ofharvestersOrganisation important groups generae
  246 x 189                                                                     With the continuing decline of the leading stocks of in the field. fish,
                                                         * key work by pioneering researchers, mainly from commerciallaboratory wild-caught * com
                                                                                Since text on the and researchers. Libraries in aquaculture has con
                                                         * the established referencethe first edition of this book, 17 years ago,universities and rese
  244 x 172 Personnel in the aquaculture industry, inclusing farm managers, practitioners subject* comprehensive coverage of a major segm
  244 x 172                                                                     The symposium, this of the World‘s fisheries continues Kitada majo
                                                         * Evolved from a second collapse Mote Marine volume takes a global look to be ofis at
                                  K M Leber is at the Center for Fisheries Enhancement,of manyeditedLaboratory, Florida, USA, fisheries st
  244 x 172                                                                       thorough coverage octopuses, which form the marine mollusc grou
                                                         *comprehensive andSquid, cuttlefish andof squids and octopuses*much new information
  244 x 172                                                                     Fascinating and instantly recognisable, flatfishes are unique in their a
                                                         Outlines of systematics, distribution, reproduction, recruitment, ecology and behaviourDes
                                  Professor Anastasios Eleftheriou is basedbroad rangeof the Marine Biology, University of Crete, Crete, to ecolo
                                                         Contributions from workers and of internationally
                                                                                   at the Institute of benthic environment are a sensitive index Greece
  244 x 172 marine and environmental scientists, ecologists, fisheries aEcosystemsoceanographers. recognised expertsNew information fo
                                  John Simmonds is the Head of Pelagic widely used book, fully revised and up-to-date*well-known andand mar
                                                         *second edition of Fisheries Research at the FRS Marine Laboratory, biologists, UKDavi
                                                                                Living resources of the population biologists, fish Aberdeen, respect
  244 x 172 Fisheries scientists, fisheries oceanographers, enviromental biologists, ecologists, sea and fresh water have long been an impor
                                                                                In and sports years since the last edition of Von Brant‘s classic work
                                                         A unique, commercial the sixteen fishermen, and students of fisheries
  246 x 189 Researchers, fisheries scientists, administrators,comprehensive survey of the evolution of fishing methods throughout the world
  244 x 172                                                                     Celebrating the centenary of the Centre for Environment stocks are s
                                                         * Chapters by internationally-respected fisheries scientists* Looks at how fish Fisheries an
  244 x 172                                                                      from all over the world* environmentally important subject areas* fish
                                                         * includes examples Fishes and Forestry Worldwide Watershed Interactions and Manage
  229 x 152                                                                     A systematic and concise guide to equine paediatric medicine coveri
                                  Eileen Fabian engineers, animal scientists guide you readerEngineering at Penn State
                                                         *practical reference will
                                                                                Whether the are a every step*answers toughest to maintain the eq
  178 x 254 equine veterinarians, agriculturalWheeler is Assistant Professor in Agricultural veterinarian consulting on how questions aboutinte
  216 x 279                                                                                     Established only twenty years ago to prevent, to contro
                                                                                The use of therapeutic and antimicrobial agents a single source all o
                                                         Easy to use, newly updated, one-of-a-kind volumeBrings together in under the auspicesth
                                  Arthur L. Craigmill, PhDToxicology SpecialistDepartment of Environmental ToxicologyUniversity of California-D
  178 x 254                                                                                     The National Shelter Outreach Program estimates Pre
                                                                                Sciences and Veterinary Advisor for the American Society therethere
                                  Lila Miller, DVM is the Director of Animal The ASPCA National Shelter Outreach Program estimates for theare
  203 x 127                                                                     The of Pharmacy Services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Han
                                                                                                The Donald Plumb‘s Veterinary Drug Handbook remain
                                                         40-50 new from Director 5th edition of 5th throughoutMore Plumb‘s Veterinary Drug Colle
                                  Donald C. Plumb is now retired monographsupdated protocols edition of Donaldon anti-cancer drugsA new ap
eneral                                                                                          The Donald Plumb‘s Veterinary Drug Handbook remain
                                                                                The of Pharmacy Services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Han
                                  Donald C. Plumb is now retired from Director 5th edition of 5th edition of Donald Plumb‘s Veterinary Drug Colle
eneral                                                                          now reissued;shows the pregnant and non-pregnant veterinary pract
                                                         long out of print and A guide to the reproductive problems facing the busy uterus;patholog
  234 x 156                                                                     Veterinary and Mark Papich, North papers) to review the past year
                                                         Veterinary College, London UKpractitioners are faced with an explosion of information in
                                  Jill Maddison, Royal Draws on the best recently published literature (over 200Carolina State University Veterin
  279 x 216                                                                     If you‘re a veterinarian in practice and you‘re interested in and surge
                                  Jan Bellows, DVM isStep-by-step instructionstwenty-five up an experience in small animal medicineincreasing
                                                           a veterinarian with over on setting years office for dental procedures;Details how to integ
  229 x 152                                                                     The thoroughly revised, updated Third with valuable best-selling quic
                                                                                                The thoroughly revised, updated of Medicine)Presiden
                                                         Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal section Edition Third treatment and d
                                  Larry P. Tilley, DVM New features and highlights include:*New Behavior Medicine (InternalthisEdition of this be
  246 x 189                                                                     Knowledge of the cat has advanced rapidly in the 9 for up-to-date sc
                                                         * New edition of a well-known reference and text.* Satisfies the demand years since the s
  7544 x 5334                                                                     and updated· Problem-oriented approach· Disease mechanisms: DA
                                                         · Completely revisedThe third edition of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Neurolo
  216 x 279                                                                     The thoroughly revised, updated Third with valuable best-selling quic
                                                                                                The thoroughly revised, updated of Medicine)Presiden
                                                         Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal section Edition Third treatment and d
                                  Larry P. Tilley, DVM New features and highlights include:*New Behavior Medicine (InternalthisEdition of this be
  216 x 279                                                                     The thoroughly revised, updated Third with valuable best-selling quic
                                                                                                The thoroughly revised, updated of Medicine)Presiden
                                                         Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal section Edition Third treatment and d
                                  Larry P. Tilley, DVM New features and highlights include:*New Behavior Medicine (InternalthisEdition of this be
  297 x 210                                              DiagnosticsProblem-orientedon theW. Simpson theat the mergency and BSAVAVeterinary
                                                                                Building and success of is previous edition, the critical Manual o
                                  Edward J. Hall is at the University of Bristol, UK.Jamessystems approachesERoyal (Dick) School of careAssis
  297 x 210                                              Completely revised and updatedHormone measurementsInvestigation of common clinica
                                  Carmel Mooney is currently Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine and Head of the Department of Small A
  297 x 210                                                                     The BSAVA Manual encountered Feline animal practice;Easy-to-fo
                                                         Focuses Referrals, Cheshire, UK.Jacqui of Canine andin smallAbdominal Surgery provide
                                  John Williams is at Oakwood on the most common conditionsNiles is at Purdue University, Indiana, USA.
  297 x 210                                              A the Royal Veterinary College, UK.David Holt is at and Veterinary on Neck and Thoracic
                                                                                The BSAVA Manual of Canine the Feline Head, diagnosis and treat
                                  Daniel Brockman is at completely new full colour manual for 2005;Detailed instructions Hospital of Pennsylvan
 - Dog & Cat                                                                      of all ENT diseases;this is an expanding subject in small animal med
                                                         a complete overviewEar, Nose, Throat and Tracheobronchial Diseases in Dogs and Cats
  297 x 210                                                                     The many commonly kept speciesBasic clinical techniquesClinical sy
                                                         Identification and husbandry of advances in psittacine medicine since the previous edition
 - Avian                                                                        Written by authors with many years of practical experience in avian m
              Veterinary practitioners and students. Professionals working with Falcons, Researchers Zoologists and Biologists.
  297 x 210                                              * a Wilkinson and Jean Meyerand Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles is an innovative and e
                                  Stuart McArthur, Roger definitive reference on tortoise and turtle medicine and surgery* includes contributions
  279 x 216                                                                     For professional students in colleges of veterinary medicine the Clinic
  178 x 254                                                                     Written Department of includes information on from around the worl
                                                                                                                                         Preventive Medic
                                                         - A completely revised and updated edition- specialists from around andworld, of M bovis
                                  Charles O. Thoen, DVM, PhD is Professor of theby tuberculosis Veterinary Microbiology the status Mycobacte
                                                                                                Written by tuberculosis specialists
  178 x 254                                                                     Department of Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine, College of Veterinary
                                  Sagar M. Goyal, DVM, PhD, Chair of the For almost 60 years, continual research on the subject of Bovine Vira
 - Cattle                                                                       This unique atlas on Bovine Anatomy combines the from specially bo
                                                         combines topographical and systems based anatomy;illustrations drawn advantages of pr
 - Sheep                                                                        The diseases many years experience in both farm animal practice
              Veterinarians in training and practice. presents all the importantauthor hasof sheep, their diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and c
 - Pigs                                                  Extensively revised and updated chapters on physical edition of thisandguide to swine dis
                                                                                The Ellis and latest edition latest examination comprehensive guide
                                                                                                The ninth and of at comprehensive diagnosis, various
                                  Barbara E. Straw, DVM, PhD, holds the Daveninth Swine ProfessorshipthisMichigan State University, where sh
  216 x 279                                              Extensively revised and updated chapters of Veterinary MedicineMichigan State Univers
                                                                                The ninth and latest edition latest examination comprehensive guide
                                                                                                The ninth and of this comprehensive diagnosis, various
                                  Barbara E. StrawDept. of Large Animal Clinical ScienceCollegeon physical edition of thisandguide to swine dis
  229 x 152                                                                     Now ACVIM Now available in easy-to-use PDA format, Veterinary C
                                  Christopher M. Brown, BVSc, PhD, Diplomate available in easy-to-use PDA format, The 5-MinuteThe 5-Minute
                                                                                This atlas is superbly illustrated with colour drawings, photographs, a
  216 x 279                                                                     The objectives contemplated for this book are to: provide a written M
                                                          author be the first complete text covering all Medicine, elephant management in any lan
                                  Murray Fowler is theThis willof the bestseller, Zoo and Wild Animal aspects of 5/e (Saunders). He hassingle so
  297 x 210                                              Completely rewritten NEW editionHusbandryDiagnostic proceduresSurgery and therapeu
Physiology                                                                      In this - combines meticulous science and superb unique blend of t
                                                         a magisterial single volumemagisterial work, the authors have created aillustrations;includ
  276 x 219                                              Completely revised second edition, of the Dog new disease descriptions;Now with colour
                                                                                Skin Diseases with many and and Consultant, IDEXX Veterinary Se
                                  Thelma Lee Gross DVM, Director, California Dematopathology Service,Cat: Clinical and Histopathologic Diagn
  246 x 189                                                                       World Congress of Veterinary papers from Vienna, Volume Ohio S
                                                         Born out of the 2004This volume presents selected Dermatology,the Fifth World Congress
                                  Andrew Hillier is Associate Professor in Veterinary Dermatology and Dermatology Service Chief, at the 5 provi
  229 x 152                       Mary Anna Thrall                                               new beautiful full-color reference on veterinary hematol
                                                                                Introducing a Introducing a new beautiful full-color reference on veter
  216 x 279                                              Equips veterinary clinicians andsmall animals with neurologic disease necessitates a fund
                                                                                Evaluating students in veterinary medicine with the basics of clinical
                                  Rodney S. Bagley, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Neurology, Internal Me
  297 x 210                                              Laboratory principles - in-house versusforms the cornerstone of veterinary internal medic
                                                                                Clinical Pathology Blackwood is at the University of Liverpool, UK
                                  Elizabeth Villiers is at the University of Cambridge, UKLauraout-of-houseBiochemistry and endocrine testsHae
  178 x 254                                                                     A common goal College and veterinary medicine the prevent and
                                  Robert H. Dunlop, DVM, PhD is Professor Emeritus in theof humanof Veterinary Medicine at is toUniversity of M
  178 x 254                                                                                     This much-anticipated third consolidates College, Unive
                                                                                This much-anticipated third edition Ontario Veterinary consolidates t
                                  Carlton L. Gyles, DVM, MSc, PhD, is Professor of veterinary microbiology at again edition again the knowledge
                                                                                The most Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, U
                                                                                                This review this comprehensive text covers the bacte
y, Infectious Diseases & Immunology C. Hirsh, DVM, PhD, is emeritus professor, recent revision of veterinary microbiology and immunology
  261 x 194 Veterinary practitioners and veterinary students.                   This comprehensive, superbly illustrated textbook is aimed at the vet
                                  C.P. Coyne DVM, PhD, laboratory a Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, at Pharmacology:Pharmacology R
                                                         Helps veterinarian toComparative Diagnostic Pharmacology: Clinical and processesIdent
                                                                                  diagnose diseaseAids in Diagnostic the Veterinary Clinical and Re
  216 x 279 Veterinary clinicians, pharmacologists andDACVIM is animalresearchers Comparativeasessment of physiologicalResearch Applic
              veterinarians in training and practice first book devoted toThere are many orthopaediccombine experience in practice and edu
thopaedics & Trauma                                                              feline orthopaedics;authors differences between cats and dogs, yet
thopaedics & Trauma                                                               new edition - 1st edition " edition of this comprehensive authors are
                                                         a completely revisedThe totally revised second an outstanding book" JSAPtheAtlas descri
  178 x 254                                                                     Unlike many new the techniques of veterinary laser surgery;Gives l
                                  Noel A. Berger, DVM, MS, dipl ABLS, Boston exclusively totechnologies, the size, reliability, and portability ofs
                                                         The only book dedicated Road Animal Clinic, Massachusetts, is a published writer on the
  276 x 219                                                                     This new edition UK.
                                                          the University of updatedsuccessful book, now in its third edition, continues to provide a c
                                  Mike Thrusfield is at Fully revised and Edinburgh, Scotland, of this major introductory text to veterinary epidemi
                                  Rudolph Hohenfellner, latest step-by-step operative textbook in Fitzpatrick,stimulating College Dublin, EireJa
                                                                                                Advanced Urology!A University operative operative at
  276 x 219 Postgraduate readership levelUrologists Urologische Universitätsklinik, MainzJohn Urologicstimulating a stimulating atlas explain
                                                         The                    Advanced Urologic Surgery is a Surgery is operative atlas which incl
                                                                             Prostate surrounding prostateof the issues surrounding health, the s
                                                                                            A continues to cancer, a highly controversial topic.Pr
  244 x 172 Postgraduate.Urologists in training andA balanced view of the issuescancer Joseph'sviewbe a major threat to men's prostate can
                                                       in practice.Oncologists
                                Winsor Bowsher (deceased), Department of Urology, St.balanced Hospital, NewportAdam Carter, Departmen
                                                      Set text for           Employees, employersa clear courses.Nine new chapters addressaw
                                                                                            Provides and the government have all become very o
  246 x 189 Students and Specialists in Occupational Health many occupational health and hygiene and concise account of the principlesre
Emergency Medicine
                                Greenhalgh Professor of Primary Health This University College care implementationBased health care imple
                                                      Highly regarded systematic a systematic regarded systematic reviewin health service prac
                                                                              health review managers on how innovations on on research fund
                                                                                            Highly review
  246 x 189 Health service researchers, clinical researchers, clinicians, Careis service on health London
  276 x 219                                                                   Department at thefor international clinicalCOPD – one COPDtopis c
                                                                                            The Queen Elizabeth the textbook for of the – 5
                                                      The only international clinical international clinical textbook fortop in Birmingham. He one
                                Professor Robert Stockley is the Head ofThe only textbook onlyCOPD – one ofHospital 5 causes of death andad
                                Peter Gibson, Respiratory Medicine Unit,Compiled by Compiled from the Cochrane Collaboration authoritative
                                                                                             adult respiratory medicineComprehensive, Airways Ma
  276 x 219 Respiratory physicians and trainees First major evidence-based text inspecialistsby specialists from the Cochrane Collaboratio
                                                                              John Hunter Hospital
                                The AuthorDr Shneerson is physiciansSecondary: the An essential, practicalsleep Support and in patientssleep
                                                      An essential, practical manual for treating patients with manual for of their sleep, with
                                                                             physician Psychiatrists, neurologists and disordersSleep research isa
                                                                                             Director of the Respiratory technicians Sleep Centre
  246 x 189 PostgraduatePrimary: General and respiratorya consultant SUBJECT: On average people spend one third treating lifetimeneurop
                                Dr. Stephen H. Sheldon, text is evidence-basedEachPediatrics, Northwestern patients evaluated and manage
                                                      The DO. Assistant Professor is case on actual cases of University Medical School. Direc
                                                                             The text of
  229 x 152 Specialists in sleep disorders, respiratory physicins and cardiologists. based is presented in detail, and contains representative p
  276 x 219                                           "the most authoritative book publishedmost authoritative book most comprehensive. "Dr R
                                                                                            "the on lung function ... the published on lung function
                                John E Cotes, Visitor, University Department of Physiological Sciences, Formerly Reader in Respiratory Physi
  178 x 254                                                                  The guide to Thefull range of new pulmonology practice 20 years
                                                                                            the first up-to-the-minute, expert reference in Center
                                                      The only comprehensive rapid Pulmonology, Universitytechniques andin Medicalinterventi
                                Dr. Daniel H. Sterman, MD. Director, Interventional progress in interventionalof Pennsylvania the lastpatterns f
                                Dr Danilo Jankovic, specialists
                                                      Contains               Regional nerve blocks are important full-colour throughout, and and
  279 x 209 Postgraduate levelAnaesthetists, pain Germany precise anatomical drawings and illustrations in procedures in anaesthesia also
                                Dr. Dean B. cardiacProvides a state of Pediatric Cardiovascular Anesthesiology, will provide state evolving
                                                       anesthesiologists Anesthesia for of the many changes occurring Children's Hospital. A
  276 x 219 pediatric anesthesiologists andAndropoulos, MD. Director, the art summaryCongenital Heart Disease Texas in thisarapidlyof the ar
                                A. John CammProfessor new benchmarkThe cardiologists ESC Textbook pediatric international societyThe ES
                                                      The of Clinical Cardiology, Stcardiovascular textbook of Cardiovascular Camm anis the fir
                                                                              for first George‘s Europe and fromUKProfessor Medicine interna
                                                                                            The surgeons London, an cardiologists
  276 x 219 Trainee and practicing cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, cardiothoracicin Hospital,andbeyondFirst textbook from graduated
                                Guido Germano, PhD, is Professorclinical evaluation of this common School of Medicine; Director, Artificial In
                                                      An up-to-date of Radiological Sciences at
                                                                             Gated single-photon emission computed tomography all the different
  216 x 279 Cardiologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and nuclear cardiologists UCLAapproach to imagingLists (SPECT) is now
                                Erling Falk, MD, PhDProfessor of Cardiovascular Research, Department to the recognition management of is
                                                                             A concise straightforward guide of Interventional Cardiology, Aarhus
            Cardiologists in training and practice. Provides an indispensable straightforward guide to the recognition and and management
                                                                             Syncope: Mechanisms syncope.International practitioners, by the sole
                                Blair P. Grubb, MD cardiac electrophysiologists, Pediatrics at on and Management is the principle text and MD
                                                      2nd revised edition of the standard book the Medical Collge of OhioBrian Olshansky, of s
                                                                                            Up-to-date physicians, general contributions legal key
  178 x 254 Cardiologists, neurologists, internists, is Professor of Medicine and emergency roomcoverage of virtually every known causeprof
                                Brooks S. Edwards, The is Medical Director, Cardiothoracic to provide clinical and pathological materialAn the
  178 x 254 Clinical cardiologists                                           Pathology of Sudden Cardiac Death provides a comprehensive atla
                                                      MD only text on sudden cardiac death Transplantation and Professor of Medicine atrevie
                                                      An informative guideHeart failure is a use of pharmacologic epidemic proportions. Physic
  178 x 254 Cardiologists and cardiology fellows; plus housestaff, students optimizing thedevastating disease of therapy for patients with hea
                                                                              to and non-cardiologists including cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologi
                                Bruce W. training, young hospital doctors, general study and treatmentnurse specialists, disease (VHD); dram
                                                      Reflects rapid advances in the physicians, cardiac USA.John heart medical students. a
                                                                             The authors aim to provide a of valvular straightforward guide to
            Cardiologists in practice andAndrus, MD, FACPDartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH,concise andC. Baldwin, MDPresidentth
                                Jeroen BaxDepartment ofand when to Leiden University radiologists use of non-invasive this Education Serie
                                                      How Cardiology, implement different imaging modalitiesPartSeries, imaging is focused
                                                                              physicians focusedthe ESC Education of NetherlandsSpecialism:
                                                                                            Part of on the
  234 x 156 Clinical cardiologists, imaging specialists, nuclear medicineThis book isandMedical Center, Leiden, Thethe ESCbookin clinical ca
                                Vasken Dilsizian, MD is Professor of andThe standard procedure for defining the anatomic extent and severity
                                                      A reference on non-invasive techniques of coronary of Maryland School of Medicine; Dire
  178 x 254 Clinical cardiologists, nuclear cardiologists, radiologists Medicine and Radiology, University artery imagingIllustrations showing a
                                                        Complete overviewTransoesophageal the perioperative (TOE) has a book impact on p
                                                                              of this technique
  297 x 210 anaesthetists, anaesthetists in training,- cardiologists, Critical Care SpecialistsinEchocardiography setting - First major in English e
                                Prof. Marek Malik, PhD, MD, DSc, FACC. Professor of Cardiac an outstanding group George's Hospital Medi
                                                                             Two well-known and respected editors have of electrophysiologists/p
  254 x 178 Cardiologists and electrophysiologists well-known and respected editorswritten byElectrophysiology, St. assembled an outstandi
                                                      Provides a comprehensive presentation including clinical and genetic scientists the a un
                                A and cardiologistsclinical and research Diagnosis and Management of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is disea
                                                                              information (edited by Dr. physicians, and basic aspects of
  229 x 153 Electrophysiologists unique, multi-authored compendium ofcardiologists, primary care Barry J. Maron) regarding the complexities
                                                                             In 1998 Professor Haïssaguerre and his colleagues made the initial i
  229 x 152 Cardiologists and electrophysiologists First textbook to provide comprehensive,SEC 2 Shih-Pai RoadTaipei, by leading experts o
                                Shih-Ann Chen, MDCardiology Vetrans General Hospital201 critical and insightful review Taiwan Michel Hais
                                Charles Antzelevitch, PhD, is Executive Director/Director oftextas a new clinical entity incriteria the Brugada syn
                                                                             Since its introduction covering the diagnostic and dealing with risk s
                                                                                            This for the Brugada syndrome 1992, for the Brugada
  178 x 254 Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists This text covering the diagnostic criteriaResearch; Gordon K. Moe Scholar; Professor of P
                                Dr. Edmund Kenneth Kerut, MD, FACC. Assistant Clinical intendededition the physician and sonographer to
                                                                             This           This second of Medicine, Louisiana Handbook of Ech
  254 x 178 Sonographers, echocardiographers, cardiologists, physicians handbook is Professorto helpof the successful State University S
                                Paul WangDr Paul JA comprehensive discussion of recent,Arrhythmiaand future a complete discussion of disc
                                                       Wang is scientists Newexecutives; TechnologiesTechnologies and clinicians,Electrophy
                                                                             and Arrhythmia Cardiac Arrhythmia Serviceprovides a complete rec
                                                                                            New emerging community; and Cardiac engineers
  178 x 254 Cardiac electrophysiologists; arrhythmia industrythe Director of the Stanford the investmentprovides arrhythmia technologiesCont
                                A.                                           In recent years there Cardiology and Head, interest in the Cardiolog
  229 x 152 Electrophysiologists John Camm, MD, FRCP, FESC, FACCProfessor of Clinical has been considerable Department of diagnosis
                                                       and heart failure specialists; general cardiologists, physicians, failure has steadily increa
                                                                             In recent decades, the CRT for heart failureCovers the unique role o
  246 x 189 Electrophysiologists, echocardiologistsAn up-to-date summary of new advances inprevalence of heart allied health professionals
  229 x 152                                                                  This concise and clinically oriented text provides an indispensable str
                                Dr. and interventional MD. Professor The rapidly growing population of adults the equipment Medicine pe
                                                      Copiously illustrated with appropriate Children's Hospital, Baylor College of and techniqu
                                                                                            Provides details of the equipment and techniques for
  216 x 279 Pediatric cardiologistsCharles E. Mullins, cardiologists. of Pediatrics, Texasclinical narrationDetails surviving with congenital hea
                                Michael geneticists Comprehensive text Congenital cardiovascular PhysiologytheNeuroscience, most commo
                                                                              on the study and care of children with & are the single of Director,
                                                                                            Comprehensive text on congenital cardiovascular malf
  276 x 219 Pediatric Cardiologists andArtman, MD, is Professor of Pediatrics, Pharmacology and malformationsstudy and careandchildren w
                                Dr. Mark A. Fogel, MD, FACC, FAAP. Assistant Professor of devoted exclusively tomonograph function exclu
                                                                             Infants, monograph adolescents with congenital heartdevoted (CHD
                                                                                            The only clinically-orientated ventricular of Cardiac b
  178 x 254 Cardiologists and general practitionersThe only clinically-orientated children andCardiology and Radiology, Directordisease andM
                                A                                            Among recent developments in FranceMichael techniques is the us
  267 x 203 Vascular Surgeons lain Branchereau - Department of Vascular Surgery, Hôpital La Timone,vascular surgicalJacobs - Departmen
                                MohlerGerhardt-HermanJaff practical diagnostic tool written by post-graduateof patients withan as well as train
                                                      The first              There is an and increasing number level physicians indispensable
                                                                                            This highly practical diagnostic tool is and cardiologist
  229 x 152 The target audience will include cardiologists, radiologists, neurologistsever other vascular medicine specialistsundiagnosed or u
  CD                            MohlerGerhardt-HermanJaff highly practical diagnostic tool allow the practical level access to both still vascu
                                                      The first              This CD ROM willfirst post-graduate diagnostic specialists by cardi
                                                                                            The written by vascular medicine tool as well as train
            The target audience will include cardiologists, radiologists, neurologists and otherhighlyuser electronicphysicianswrittenandimage
                                Alan Boyd Lumsden,healthcareis Professoryou creating of the manyof vascular disease.
                                                       MB ChB, providersIf to are in the treatment physicians from different specialty Therap
                                                                              involved one an endovascular programVery strongly patient-orienta
  229 x 152 Vascular physicians and surgeons. All A highly practical guide and Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular disciplin
                                                                              an Professor abdominal Director of authorities of the leading cause
                                                      Includes material by Rupture of an of Surgery, aortic aneurysm is one directed by Mayo Cl
  229 x 152 Interventionalists. Dr. Albert G. Hakaim, MD, FACS. Associate internationally renowned group of Endovascular Surgery, a promin
  276 x 219 Dermatologists                                                   The full colour throughout* three the Textbook of Dermatology as a
                                                                                            Rook's established new chapters; AIDS, the ultimate s
                                                      * extensively illustrated inlate Arthur RookTextbook of Dermatology remains ageing skinthe
  276 x 219                                           * Exhaustive of Pediatricmost comprehensive of the most comprehensive children, Londo
                                                                             The all childhoodedition Ormond Street Hospital for reference avail
                                                                                            New Great reference available on childhood skin disea
                                Professor John Harper, Professorreference onDermatology, skin diseases* Copiously illustrated in full colour*
  CD                            Dr D and trainees.Readership version of Rook's Textbook FRCP, bookMere of the definitive Magna, Leicester f
                                                      Electronic level: Postgraduate andreference 117 in dermatologyProvides skin disease
                                                                              the definitiveAn of Dermatology covers Wigston reference book in
            Market: Dermatologists A Burns, Emeritus Consultant, Dermatologist MBBS electronic version Road, all aspects ofall dermatologiU
  276 x 219 PostgraduateDermatologists                                       'The Pigmentary System: Pathophysiology and Physiology' gathers in
                                                      Comprehensive reference on the science of pigmentation and disorders affecting skin col
                                                      * practice             Skin lymphomas are relatively rare. They may arise in the skin itself a
  276 x 219 Dermatologists in research, training andbeautifully illustrated in full colour* includes the latest classification systems for cutaneou
  244 x 172                                           * Comprehensive Dermatology, St Thomas and Guy's Hospital, LondonDrdermatopatholo
                                                                             Dermatopathology is the microscopic study of human skin in health S
                                                                                            A on dermatopathology for the trainee Mohamed Ben
                                Dr Donald MacDonald, Department of teaching resourcecomprehensive teaching resource on dermatologist* a
                                                                             A clear straightforward introduction to light related skin diseases, the
                                Professor Charles endocrinologistsSecondary: Paediatriciansfounder andis establishedinternational editor the
                                                      The MA, MD, FRCP, FRCPCH, was the
                                                                             Clinical Pediatric definitive international clinical the London Centre fo
                                                                                             reference book in first director as the leading internat
  276 x 219 Primary: Paediatric endocrinologists, Brook definitive international clinicalThe Endocrinology the fieldTruly of reference book inand
                                Joseph E Raine is a The practical manual all pediatricians and specialist level and provide a very who works
                                                                                            may endocrinologistsProvides a very practical overview
  246 x 189 Pediatricians, Endocrinologists, Pediatric endocrinologists – for at theatrainee /newbe experts in endocrinology.Endocrinologistsov
                                                                             Pediatricians This interest in continues
                                                       Consultant Paediatrician with specialnot editiondiabetes to endocrinology practical m
                                Professor Peter KopelmanKopelman hasObesity is serious problem: respectedand conciseWilliam Dietzthe o
                                                                                Clinical Medicine at Barts in the yearco-editors:World Health Organ
  276 x 219 Specialists in endocrinology and metabolism. is Professor ofintroduced two new, highly and The London, Queen Mary‘s Schoolpr
                                                      Peter                                 Provides an informative 2000, the approach to and I
                                Professor John Pickup; specialist of Diabetes and Metabolism; Guy's, King'sfor the complex School process
                                                      Diabetes is an area with a strong very visual emphasis and a Thomas' all members of
                                                                             Diabetes educators.
            Diabetologists, endocrinologists, diabetes Professor nurses, diabetesis aeducational subject in whichSttraining ofdisease of Medic
                                Professor Pierre-Alain hepatologistsConsultant an interdisciplinary reference book for thefor sectionsand diagn
                                                      Interdisciplinary reference Professor interdisciplinary Department three the and Transpla
                                                                             This is endoscopistsHepatobiliary surgeonsInterventional radiologist
                                                                                            An and Chairman, reference book treatment including
  276 x 219 Consultant gastroenterologistsConsultantClavien MD PhD FACS, for treatment and diagnosisDivided intoof Visceral treatment an
  276 x 219                                           New edition of this unique evidence-based text discussing the best available evidence in
                                                                             There are a number of diseases, such Clinic, University of Barcelona
                                                      Four of the Editors Medicine, School of Medicine, Hospital as ascites, renal dysfunction,
                                Professor Vincente Arroyo, Professor market: Gastroenterologists, transplant physiciansDiscipline: Gastroent
  276 x 219 Primary Market: Hepatologists, nephrologistsSecondary ofare from the leading clinic in this speciality in the worldInternational tea
                                Paul G. Killenberg MD, in the care of patients before, Coversand transplant transplantation, e.g. hepatologists
                                                      Management of liver Professor of of the liver management of livertransplantationEdited b
                                                                              transplant patients - the after liver patient is exactly Duke University
                                                                                            during before, during and after transplant monitoring
  246 x 189 All members of the medical team involvedChief of Division, Medical care Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology,that:patients - be
                                                      The latest               endoscopy from latest thinking in endoscopy from THE leading inter
                                                                                            The of the world-leading title Practical Gastrointestinal E
  244 x 172 Gastroenterologists, endoscopists, pathologists. thinking inThe latest edition THE leading international namesIntegration of patie
                                J. Enrique Domínguez-Muðoz, Director of the Department ofand from pancreaticclear information regarding ge
  246 x 189 This is a book for expert Pancreatologists to practicing Gastroenterologists and Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Santiago
                                                                             Most patients suffering Surgeons
                                                      Provides practicing Gastroenterologists Surgeons. with diseases are managed by th
                                                      The leading reference text Medicine, University entirely devoted to of including this subj
                                                                             The leading reference to this increasingly significant conditionCompl
                                                                                            This leading of Kansas School this increasingly Direct
                                Prateek Sharma, MD, is Assistant including of entirely devoted textreference oncologists,devoted and signifi
  246 x 189 Gastroenterologists, including traineesEndoscopists, Professor traineesHistopathologistsMedicaltext, entirelyMedicine,totraineesS
                                Roberto deFranchis,Includes all the Hospital, latest recommendations for and management of portal ofmana
                                                       MD,                   The Milan, Italy the latest recommendations for diagnosis and porta
  234 x 156 Hepatologists, including trainees and fellowsPoliclinico latest recommendations for diagnosisdiagnosis and management hyperten
                                                                             Over the last few years there the been patients with functional our
  246 x 189 Audience:Primary:Robin Spiller, MD (Cantab) Msc (Lond) the Trainees/Fellows, GPs and havecare ofhuge advances made in GI d
                                                      Valuable guide for Professor of Gastroenterology, School of an interest Surgical Scienc
                                 Specialist GastroenterologistsSecondary: healthcare team involved in PCPs withMedical andin the subject.
                                John Furness is an expert onand basic ofnervous and clinical physiologists the structure, function, neurochem
                                                      Covers the enteric Covers system and all aspects of function, neurochemistry, the ente
                                                                               the structure, function, neurochemistry and development of relevan
                                                                                            Covers the structure,
  244 x 172 Gastroenterologists, including trainees/fellows,all aspects scientistsall aspects ofits functions and has published over 300transm
                                Professor Howard Thomas, Department of Medicine,Virologists hepatitisEntirely revised and updated to know
                                                      First comprehensiveThere has been on viral
                                                                              reference St an explosion of both the incidence and medical addr
                                                                                            First comprehensive reference book on viral hepatitis
  276 x 219 Primary market: HepatologistsSecondary market: Gastroenterologists,bookMary's Hospital Medical School, LondonProfessor Ari
                                                      Comprehensive recent information about a common disorder seen in general and special
                                                                             Fatty liver disease, especially non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH),
  246 x 189 Discipline: Gastroenterology & HepatologyPrimary market: Gastroenterologists, HepatologistsSecondary market: Diabetologistsi
  178 x 254                                                                  Agricultural employment Head for Agricultural an experienced high
                                                      Comprehensive reference on and Associate is plagued with one bythe highestof the mult
                                Kelley J. Donham, MS, DVM, DACVPM; Professoragricultural medicine issuesWritten ofMedicine; Department
                                                                                            Agricultural employment is plagued with one levels of m
dicine                                                covers testing and screening procedures used to aid diagnosis;treatment guidelines for in
                                                      A and also junior doctors, students and the use of ultrasound and how to interpret the sca
                                                                             A practical guide to to become required
  297 x 210 Emergency physicians, emergency staff, practical learning text in an area likely trainee radiologists training Specifically tailored t
  246 x 189                                           Highly respected, long-established book respected, long-established book that the medic
                                                                             Highly respected, NIH Warren Grant the "bible" Clinical Centre and
                                                                                            Highly that has become Magnuson become has becom
                                Harvey Klein is Chief, Department of Transfusion Medicine,long-established book that hasin transfusion"bible"
  276 x 219                                                                                  Haematology is a practical, readable text which reside
                                                                             PostgraduateA practical, readable text which will give trainees,will giv
                                                      - Over 200 superb colour illustrations and photomicrographs - Comprehensive coverage o
276 x 219                       Professor Christine A. Lee, Consultant inThe only up-to-date definitive for allhaemostasison hemophilia"It hemo
                                                     FEATURES:Essential, definitive referenceFree Hospital, those managing Hoots, Gulf has
                                                                             Haematology, Royal source and LondonDr as haemophilia pat
                                                                                            The only up-to-date definitive reference source on Stat
            PostgraduateHaematologists in practice and in training; specialists working in thrombosisreference sourceKeithwell as transfusio
276 x 219                                                                   Unique text providingtext providing a in haematology*Over 180 two-co
                                                                                            Unique a core biology core knowledge base little expo
                                                     *Emphasis on the clinical relevance of molecular knowledge base for those withfor those
246 x 189                                                                   Essential practical of Haematology, The John in modern transfusion
                                Michael F. Murphy, Consultant Haematologist, Deptartment manual for all those for all those working in mode
            PostgraduatePrimary: Trainee/resident*haematologists; transfusionistsSecondary: practical manualworkingstaff in haematology a
                                                                                            Essential Scientific medicine* Focuses primarily on clin
                                                       A comprehensive, user-friendly guide to transfusion and technicalRadcliffe Hospital, Oxf
246 x 189                                            Deals with practical problems a comprehensive picture of care, including diagnostic, thera
                                                                            Presents encountered in the comprehensive care in practice and he
            This is a postgraduate text, which will be invaluable to trainees and residents in haematology, haematologistsof affected individu
246 x 189                                                                   Provides Laboratory, practical Medicine, Health all haemostasis.
                                                                                            Essential in the of of thrombosis and Biological full
                                Dr Denise in training and in practice, particularly those workingSchool fieldin the field of forand guide to theScie
            PostgraduateHaematologistsO‘Shaughnessy, Director, Haematologya comprehensive yet concise and practical those working in
                                                     Essential practical management for all those workingmanagement haemostasis and throm
246 x 189                        trainee Bain is Reader Laboratory technicians for the generalCollege Barbara Bain, a leading haematologist
                                                     Essential reference volume
                                                                            This unique Imperial haematology laboratoryAn update of a succes
                                                                                            This book is extremely practical in orientation
            Haematologists & Barbarahaematologists. in Diagnostic Haematology atbook is written by Faculty of Medicine, London and Hono        is an
246 x 189   Infectious disease physicians, internal medicine physicians, surgeons
229 x 152                       Malik Peiris, Department of microbiologists, public theHongWHO global health alert for overA Clinical Guide A
                                                                             University of Severe Acute Respiratory Hospital, Hongdecade, Sever
                                                                                             first Kong, Queen Mary Syndrome: a physicians, m
            Primary: Infectious disease specialists, clinicalMicrobiology,Prompting health professionals.Secondary: RespiratoryKongLarry J p
276 x 219                                            * 28 new neurosurgeons drug monographs* Each chapter Epilepsy is a vital contribution
            neurologists, neurophysiologists, paediatricians,chapters* 9"The second edition of the treatment of opens with a summary tables
276 x 219                                                                   Blackwell‘s Neurology and Psychiatry Access Series has means eas
                                                     A rapid introduction to major neurological and psychiatric conditions* "Access"been design
                                Professor Ronald David, Children's Neurological Services,   A rapid Mary's Hospital, Richmond, VA, USA.
            Trainee neurologists, General physicians, family practitioners, Postgraduates St. introduction to major neurological and psychiatr
229 x 153   Neurologists                             this second edition updates Rileyrevised Chair addition to will library ofDirector, Parkinso
                                                                            The second An invaluable of this of the art clinical approaches to thi
                                                                                            Family current Parkinson's update any neurologist, t
                                Dr. Stewart Factor, DO. Professor of Neurology, and provideseditionin state text theDisease,and present curren
276 x 219                                                                   Blackwell‘s Neurology and Psychiatryconditions* "Access" means eas
                                Dr General physicians, family practitioners, Postgraduates School of Medicine,Access Series has been design
                                                     A Professor of Neurosciences, UCSD     A rapid and psychiatric San Diego, USA.
            Trainee neurologists,Jody Corey-Bloom, rapid introduction to major neurological introduction to major neurological and psychiatr
229 x 153   Neurologists, internists/specialists                            This book was born from to synthesis clinicians through the best de
                                                     serves to provide the most current informationthe help guide of the rapidly proliferating field
244 x 172                                                                     of Neurology at Hahnemann extremely he is also a past Clinical As
                                Professor Schwartzman the diagnosis inNeurological disorders can be University, difficult to not only the physi
            Neurologists in training and in practice Aidsis currently Chair this most difficult of medical specialtiesAddresses diagnose, perhap
228 x 152                       Dr. Raymond Sawaya, MD.Professor and Chair, Department of intracranial metastases in over 20 years with
                                                     This is the first comprehensive first comprehensive textbook on intracranial metastases
            Neurosurgeons; neurooncologists; oncologists and neurologists is the textbook on Neurosurgery, MD Anderson Medical Center,in
246 x 189                       Professor Albert Singer, Department of Women'scervixThe is, quite simply, the bible of the cervix.At overJorda
                                                     Quite simply the bible of the and This Health, Whittington Hospital, LondonMr Joe 600
                                                                            At over         Child with more than 400 reference and photographs
            Trainee and practising gynecologists, pathologists, colposcopists 600 pages,only definitive clinicalillustrationson the cervixHighl
246 x 189                                                                   Bonney‘s Gynaecological Surgery based* Unparalelled surgical illust
                                                     * The standard, classic text since 1911* Now evidence has been a firm favourite for gynae
216 x 279                                                                    the fourth edition have been made in maternal-fetal medicine14 re
                                                     new revision reflectsThe advances thatof Critical Care Obstetrics has been extensivelybra
297 x 210                                                                                   An atlas of ophthalmic ophthalmic pathology
                                in trainingStudents studying for collection This outstandingoutstanding atlas of pathology brings together the wo
                                                     First class the exit examTeachersClinical ophthalmologists
                                                                             of Eye Institute, Gartnaval InstituteAccompanying
            Ophthalmologists Weng Sahu, AustraliaWilliam Lee, Tennant slides from the Tennant Hospital, Glasgow, UK interactive CD-Ro
260 x 190                                                                   Evidence Based Pediatrics and Child Health is a ground-breaking ne
234 x 156                                            * Combines the advantages of qualifications.with detailed text* Unique range of physician
                                                                            The author-editor team General world centre of general author/ed
            Cardiologists in training and practice. Candidates for post-registration a colour atlasare from apractitioners andexcellence in teach
244 x 172                       John Griffin, LondonJohn edition of Sevenoaksindustry, of Pharmaceutical Medicine is the coursebook andthe
                                                     New the pharmaceutical Hospital.government regulatory agencies reference book forpha
                                                                            The standardNew edition of succesful standard and industry for th
            Pharmaceutical physicians, those working inO'Grady, succesful Textbook reference book for the pharmaceuticalcontract researc
276 x 219                                                                   Blackwell‘s University and Psychiatry Access Series has means Pr
                                                     A rapid Psychiatry, to major neurological and psychiatric conditions* "Access"been design
                                Eugene Rubin, Professor of introduction Washington Neurology School of to major USACharles Zorumski,eas
                                                                                            A rapid
            Trainee psychiatrists, General physicians, family practitioners, Postgraduates introductionMedicine, neurological and psychiatr
276 x 219                                            Now available in paperback* Expanded to cover trans-cultural issues, organisation of serv
                                                                                            An accurate and comprehensive account current kno
                                Professor Sir Michael Rutter, KCL Institute of Psychiatry, LondonProfessor Eric Taylor, Institute of Psychiatry,
276 x 219                                                                   Blackwell‘s Neurology and Psychiatry Access Series has means eas
                                Professor Sandra Sexson, Chief of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Medical Collegeconditions* "Access"been design
                                                     A rapid introduction to major neurological and psychiatric of Georgia, USA
                                                                                            A rapid
            Trainee psychiatrists, General physicians, family practitioners, Postgraduates introduction to major neurological and psychiatr
246 x 189                                             sports scientists, physiotherapistsEssentialSports Medicine is a multi-volume IOCthe spor
                                                                            The Encyclopaediaathletic trainers, and graduate students Encyclopa
                                                                                             and of reference and valuable new addition the IO
            Sports medicine doctors, exercise and Essential reference and valuable new addition in the IOC Medical Commission ininMedica
216 x 279                                            This 2nd edition is fully second edition of a verysignificant of of contemporary vascular
                                                                                            A includes the successful vascular surgery endovasc
                                Dr. Rodney A. White, MD. Chief, Vascular updated andcomprehensive perspectiveSurgery, Harbor-UCLA de
            Vascular surgeons, general surgeons and interventionalists. Surgery, Associate Chair, Departmentchanges related totext was M
            Vascular Surgeons                                                               Provides vascular and endovascular surgeons with the
                                                                            Despite accurate preoperative assessment and adequate preparation
279 x 216                       Enrico Ascher, Prof of Surgery, State University ofedition of the classic, Haimovici's Vascular Surgery has bee
            Vascular Surgeons/Residents                                     The fifth New York, Adjunct Prof of Medicine, Director of Vascular S
229 x 152                                                                   It is of practical experience gained in the operating room and on De
                                                     The Surgery, UniversitytheNevada School of Medicine, Las complications and to maxim
                                Alex Little: Department ofgoal of this book is to minimize the frequency of surgical Vegas, NVKevin Murray: the
            Cardiac and thoracic surgeons
297 x 210                       Edited by Lisa nurses in and Sara ListerThis new edition a The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical N
                                                     Edited and practice with contributions centre of excellence providing exceptional nursin
                                                                              nurses based nurses expert colleagues careers
            undergraduate and postgraduateDougherty clinicalwritten byand education; inoffromat all stages of theirin a variety of clinical spec
246 x 189                                            * unique and practical 'handbook' for nurses on Plastic Surgicalcare* Brockhoffplastic su
                                                                            Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing is a Jack explores Reconst
                                                                                            Reconstructive plastic surgery Nursing is a practical n
                                Jill Storch is ResearchaAssociate (nursing) and education consultant (nursing) at The practical manual for allm
229 x 152                                                                    Advanced and and Study of and Laboratory Manual of Implant inst
                                                                                            Shafie‘s Clinical Prosthodontics from the Goldman an
                                                     *Instructs clinicians in selecting Graduate Laboratory and prosthodontists; dental students
                                Dr. Hamid Shafie received certification inShafie‘s Clinicalgeneral dentists Manual of Implant OverdenturesOve
            Practicing restorative dentists who treat fully edentulous patients, including placing implant-supported overdentures*IncludesSch
246 x 189                                            · Head presented with atlas-style, surgeons & clinical bone surgeons
                                                                            This book explores the and periodontal grafting techniques Conside
                                Karl-Erik of implantology, including oral & and Professor of Oralpotential of photographic sequences· to rehab
            Dentists working in the fieldKahnberg is Richlyof Departmentmaxillofacial step-by-stepMaxillofacial Surgery at Gothenburg Unive
178 x 254                                            Includes Frequently Asked QuestionsFeatures handbook of dentists, undergraduateCent
                                                                            It assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science dent
                                 for Chairside Handbook of Temporo-mandibular Disorders comprises practicing information on temporomand
            The target market Edward F. Wright, DDS, MS, MAGD, is an is a four-color, softcover Quick Consults, Technical Tips and Focal
246 x 189                                                                   This single-source reference draws of information appearing togethe
                                                     * comprehensive and up-to-date* contains a vast wealth together the current knowledge o
244 x 172                                                                   This important in the diet* written by one of the a serious scientific a
                                                     * great and ongoing interest in beer and extremely interesting book isworld's leading exper
244 x 172                                                                    all Nutritional Trace Metals covers the roles played by many previo
                                                     * vital information forThenutritional scientists* the area has been neglected intrace metals
244 x 172                                                                   Climate change mitigation and the various state-of-the-art methods
                                                                                            This understanding and confidence needed to at mod
                                                     * provides all the specialist knowledge,is a review ofsustainable practices are nowusethe t
244 x 172                                                                   In FIEI, FIStructE, FCIArb, FIAE, MConsEI ‗Red (the fourth edition
                                                                                               1999 FIDIC introduced a new
                                                     * The new edition covers the mainInintroduced a new most widely used Book‘ for internati
                                Nael G Bunni BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng, FICE,1999 FIDIC FIDIC contract still‗Red Book‘ for international civil eng
244 x 172                                            * provides clause by The Joint Contracts on a completely new building contract* includes
            Contractors, quantity surveyors, developers, construction lawyers commentary Tribunal published a completely new standard fo
244 x 172                                              Few Chappell Consultancy Ltd, Wakefield andas the leadingbeing made* subject of clai
                                                                            This book established itself some claim work on the Claims & Ma
                                BA, MA, PhD, RIBA,*Davidbuilding contracts reach conclusion withoutProfessor of Architectural Practiceregula
244 x 172                                                                   Adjudication has as a major been the of adjudication*settling const
                                                                                            Adjudication main means main means of adjudication
                                                     * the first edition established this bookbeen the hasreference onsettling construction disput
244 x 172                                                                   The of the PhD, RIBA JCT Form as an Building in the public sinc
                                                     * Covers the new version2005 version of the has worked2005, architect Contract has intro
                                David Chappell BA(Hons Arch), MA(Arch), MA(Law),JCT Intermediate Intermediatethe first major revision and
246 x 189                                                                   This is Project onis to first and theoretical a theoretical commer
                                                                                            This commercial managementbrings together contribu
                                                     presents current state of knowledge Managementbook to establish framework offramewor
                                Dr David Lowe is Senior Lecturer in Commercialthe first book theestablish aleads the Management for Projects
244 x 172                                                                                   With theory of of established theory, how standard m
                                                                            Whole life-cycle costing (WLCC) is rapidly becoming the practice and
                                                     * providing a thorough grounding in the its mixtureWLCC* demonstrating best decision-ma
297 x 210                                                                     fiscial and planning polices whole Ulster, UKDr environmentto all pr
                                                                                            This desk-top in sustainability* ready reckoner profess
                                                     * covers all the legal, Development means University of range of built Lesley Hemphill, su
                                Alan Strong, Senior Lecture, Sustainable This Directory Group, that areference on sustainable developmentPro
244 x 172                                            * provides a Lecturer in current methods and a group of international specialists to speci
                                                                            This book brings Management, Queensland University of Technolog
                                                                                            This book brings together a group of international explo
                                The EditorsDr Jay Yang is Seniorsnapshot of Construction together technologies for developing smart and sus
297 x 210                                                                   This major of structural engineers with 11 offices in the UK. They ar
                                                     * the leading medium sized firmhandbook covers the structural use of brick and blockwor
                                Curtins Consulting Engineers is a handbook on the subject* updated with latest (2002) revisions to code of pra
 istory and legacy of Orientalist art and visual culture through its focus on the intersection between modernization, modernism and Orientalism
Wenzel discusses and demystifies Kant‘s Critique of the Power of Judgment, guiding the reader each step of the way and placing key points o
dbreaking anthology that captures the essence and the edge of the contemporary art scene.
n of the major classic and contemporary writings on the Italian Renaissance. Taking a thematic approach, the book exemplifies the traditiona
mportant primary documents and key contemporary scholarship on Asian art history.
 s a groundbreaking collection of original essays that brings together archaeologists, art historians and anthropologists to provide new perspe
  n ambitious survey covering the major works and movements, the most important theoretical developments, and the historical, social, politic
 anthology of the best art history writings of the Post-Impressionist period. Several key essays by critics including Benjamin, Greenberg and B
ch have sought to renew criticism's energies in the wake of a 'theatrical turn' in recent visual arts practice, and the emergence of a 'performa
 nfluential team of international scholars who demonstrate innovative ways to apply psychoanalytical resources in the study of international m
ng-edge scholarship devoted to the Romanesque and Gothic traditions in Northern Europe. Comprised of over thirty original theoretical, histo
 rk anthology that surveys the development of the field of architecture from its earliest days to the year 1870. The first truly comprehensive an
 750-2000 is an unprecedented teaching anthology that surveys the history of European and American architecture and design using both his
  ltidisciplinary approaches to the study of the development, roles, and significance of museums in contemporary society. It is an indispensabl
ollection of essays with a unique focus: the contested politics and ideologies of museum exhibition.
  a concise reference to the whole history of western philosophy, from ancient Greece to the present day.
  the myriad philosophical themes within the Matrix trilogy, helping them to gain a better understanding of the films and of philosophy itself.
with illustrations. The book has done comparatively very well, but even 12,600 copies in 6 years is probably underperforming for a book with
  ete guide to the work and thought of Martin Heidegger, one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century.
cid and wide-ranging introduction to the key figures and philosophical movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
ays with commentary that traces the development of conceptions of 'self' and 'subjectivity' in European and Anglo-American philosophical trad
m, neo-Kantianism, existentialism, Marxism and feminism, and provides concise biographies of the influential philosophers who shaped thes
m is a complete guide to two of the dominant movements of philosophy in the twentieth century.
  Sosa, one of the most influential contemporary epistemologists.
off on opposite sides of fundamental problems in current theories of knowledge.
  important nineteenth century philosophers, this reader on truth puts in conversation some of the main philosophical figures from the twentiet
 osure to contemporary theory of knowledge, Reading Epistemology brings together twelve important and influential writings on the subject.
 Metaphysics is about some of the most fundamental kinds of things that there are; the things that we encounter in everyday experience.
  sophy of Art features pairs of newly commissioned essays by some of the leading theorists working in the field today.
 ge of the subject, this concise anthology brings together key texts in aesthetics and the philosophy of art.
 s about film, The Philosophy of Film: Introductory Text and Readings offers an accessible and engaging overview of the discipline.
hology presents key selections from the best contemporary work in philosophy of film.
 r draw on some of the best works of fiction, playwriting, and poetry in order to shed light on the perennial questions of ethics.
 airs of newly commissioned essays by some of the leading theorists working in the field today.
 eleven pairs of newly commissioned essays by some of the leading theorists working in the field today.
  hics illuminates Aristotle‘s ethics for both academics and students new to the work, with sixteen newly commissioned essays by distinguishe
   is an ideal commentary for students on Mill‘s classic essay.
 gg, in this accessible introduction to moral thinking.
 s as whether there is such a thing as right and wrong, and whether moral laws apply universally, by introducing students to different philosop
alled scope in the literature on human rights. Mahoney traces the history of human rights ideas from antiquity to the modern human rights mo
   activists, In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave highlights the new challenges facing the animal rights movement.
  r defends the idea that parents should be allowed to enhance their children‘s characteristics
mines the present status of relations between corporate enterprise and the natural environment in the world today.
 cise introduction to issues and key problems in the area of management ethics.
  onstructive dialogue on a moral conscience for corporations. Written for educators in the field of business ethics and practicing corporate ex
    essays addressing issues both timely and age-old about the nature and ethics of war.
 s think again about some of the most important issues we ever have to face.
  a collection of twenty new essays in a cutting-edge and wide-ranging field.
bution to the debate about how to accommodate context sensitivity within a theory of human communication, investigating the effects of cont
 Philosophy of Language presents key texts in the philosophy of language together with helpful editorial guidance.
  work on Wittgenstein contains a new introduction which covers developments in Wittgenstein scholarship since the book was first published
 ed philosophers and legal theorists, The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory creates a groundbreaking student resou
at guides readers through the basic analytical and normative issues in the field, highlighting key historical and contemporary thinkers and offe
 science by means of debates on key questions.
 features fourteen new essays written by some of the most prominent philosophers working in the field.
veys and comments on recent work by philosophers of religion in the analytic tradition on the doctrines of the Christian creed.
  ert guide to the major twentieth-century French and German philosophical thinking on science.
ome of the finest papers in the philosophy of science since 1945, showcasing enduring classics alongside important and innovative recent w
d science studies, Philosophy of Technology offers an engaging and comprehensive overview of a subject vital to our time.
ytical discussion of Ronald Dworkin's moral, ethical, legal, and political philosophical writings.
 post-war political philosophy has now been updated and expanded.
 nal justice as worked out in his controversial last book, The Law of Peoples.
sses seven philosophically significant questions regarding feminism, its central concepts of sex and gender, and the project of centering wom
wly commissioned essays, provides comprehensive coverage of one of the most vibrant and exciting fields of philosophy today.
  mystery of ancient Chinese philosophy and unravels the complexity of Chinese Buddhism by placing them in the contemporary context of di
mprehensive and current overview of the history of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy from its origins until late antiquity.
holars, this Companion explores the profound influence of Socrates on the history of Western philosophy.
  contributions from leading Platonic scholars and reflects the different ways in which they are dealing with Plato‘s legacy.
hilosophers in the West.
 f thirteen new essays written by both established scholars and younger researchers with the specific aim of helping readers to understand P
   thought shows what ancient political texts might mean to citizens of the twenty-first century.
  king tour through the life and work of Augustine.
and enhanced by William Molyneux‘s famous early translation of the Meditations, this volume touches on all the major themes of one of the m
of the whole range of Kant‘s work, giving readers an idea of its immense scope, its extraordinary achievement, and its continuing ability to ge
 list thought in philosophy from ancient times to the present day.
  king tour through the life and work of Immanuel Kant.
 d interpretive tools they need to understand Hume‘s A Treatise of Human Nature and its influence on modern philosophy.
sive guide to all the main aspects of Nietzsche's philosophy, profiling the most recent research and trends in scholarship.
  ial modern thinkers, G.W.F. Hegel (1770-1831) has been made even more comprehensive through the addition of five new chapters.
me substantial selections from the entire body of Nietzsche‘s writings, together with illuminating commentary on Nietzsche‘s life and importan
he work of philosopher, John McDowell.
  hilosophy in the twentieth century — Marxism, Anglo-American analytic, American pragmatism, and continental philosophy — and argues th
 stein's so-called Big Typescript (von Wright Catalog # TS 213) is presented here in an en face English–German scholar‘s edition.
 er and P.M.S. Hacker‘s definitive reference work on Wittgenstein‘s Philosophical Investigations.
 er and P.M.S. Hacker‘s definitive reference work on Wittgenstein‘s Philosophical Investigations.
 s has now been updated to include new material relevant to recent debates about the philosopher.
 ctive on Christian practices of silence.
orary theological and philosophical debates, bridging scriptural and metaphysical approaches to the triune God.
der of Things represents a substantial and original contribution to the fields of systematic theology, historical theology, and the science and re
 omas Aquinas, this book goes straight to the heart of the contemporary debates about Thomism.
  gians provides a powerful overview of modern theology.
   desert in theology, history, literature, art and film.
   developed from the writings of two theologians at Yale University, Hans Frei and George Lindbeck.
ogy and its role in universities.
ents a comprehensive and systematic exposition of Christian ethics, seen through the lens of Christian worship.
Companion maps the moral teachings of the world‘s religions, and also charts new directions for work in the field of religious ethics.
   of much controversy in recent decades. Theological Ethics and Global Dynamics engages these debates from a distinctive and novel persp
parish ministry in poorer neighbourhoods, this book makes a bold claim for the centrality of the local church in theological reflection.
urope, with a UK-based study of religion and spirituality, this fascinating book addresses the most pressing question in the study of religion to
 s a comprehensive single-volume introduction to Christian spirituality, and represents the most significant recent developments in the field.
 it continues to provide a current and comprehensive overview of the main Christian theologies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
  success of the 2nd edition. It includes more than 310 seminal readings from the entire Christian tradition, using important sources from patr
gians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Puritan England, Pietist Europe and Colonial America.
designed for students taking a first short course in Christian theology or for lay Christians who wish to find out more about their faith.For more
ges through the ages, not only by scholars and theologians, but also by preachers, teachers, politicians, poets, essayists and artists.
  e survey of the interaction between postcolonial criticism and biblical studies.
nfluenced and has been influenced by history, religion, politics, the arts and other forms of culture over the ages.
  nguished writers in the field of New Testament studies to provide an overview of discussions about the nature of New Testament theology.
   of Christian thought, asking what it has meant over the centuries to participate in the religion of the Word made flesh.
 arnt from 2000 years of Christian Church history.
alongside cutting-edge criticism from a team of leading contemporary scholars, this vibrant collection enables students to gain a balanced un
  ehensive survey to date of the study of religion. Featuring a team of international contributors, and edited by one of the most widely respecte
 Or is it an historical human document subject to criticism? Is religious experience a link to the divine? Or is it a product of social pressure or
  osophical theologians in the English-speaking world, presents the best of his work on creation and human freedom.
   provides readers with a concise, readable and scholarly introduction to twenty-first century approaches to the Bible.
 e of the first books to give an overview of the key issues and methods in this field of study.
 ctices concerning nature and technology are radically conditioned by the religious history of the West.
ulating series of reflections on Christ and contemporary culture.
 iece, which sketches the outline of a specifically theological social theory.
 aith world-wide, this manifesto is a call to embrace religious pluralism.
as communion in and through sacrifice. It will stimulate discussion because of its controversial critique of the dominant paradigm for Eucharis
 ular introduction to the anthropology of religion combines discussion of the origin and development of debates within the field, with a look at
 the Black Church in America and a sense of its uniqueness in the wider world.
 ought, this inclusive survey traces the development of the Baptist tradition in North America over the past 400 years.
 ologians, with earned doctorates from Oxford University in both molecular biophysics and Christian theology. Richard Dawkins is one of the
g theologian, Alister E. McGrath, will be essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the dynamics of the world‘s largest religion. Fully
 r‘s guide, a true companion for anyone who wishes to read and understand the Qur‘an as a text and as a vital piece of Muslim life.
 e Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought reflects the variety of trends, voices, and opinions in the contemporary Muslim inte
d topical interest. In this brief but absorbing history, Tamara Sonn explores the key cultural, intellectual, social, and political developments of
 eries of articles that appeared in newspapers and journals. This volume contains a selection of these writings which shows at once the range
ew of the emerging field of humanities computing.
  or anyone interested in exploring the role of tragedy in Western history and culture.
 ost important writing by Stephen Greenblatt, one of the most influential practitioners of new historicism.
   mapping of medieval and Renaissance writers, from Chaucer to Aphra Behn.
 m from antiquity to the present day.
 e Theory constitute the best available introduction to this vital and contested field of humanistic enquiry.
  nts in literary theory has now been updated to include recent influential texts in the areas of Ethnic Studies, Postcolonialism and Internationa
  900–2000 is a collection of the most influential writings on the theory of the novel from the twentieth century.
erature and the arts demonstrates how each theory is built and what it can accomplish.
cocriticism, this manifesto provides a critical summary of the ecocritical movement.
   claims that communication in every corner of life can be improved if we study rhetoric closely.
   When was the Enlightenment? Who were the Luddites? And what is blank verse? The Literature Student‘s Survival Kit gives students abou
 000 serves as an extended introduction and reference guide to the British and Irish novel between the close of World War II and the turn of t
sts, this book provides a wide-ranging, accessible and humorous introduction to the English novel from Daniel Defoe to the present day.
 rive on the oppression or even outright sacrifice of women and others. Donna Heiland‘s Gothic and Gender offers a historically informed the
nd Irish Drama offers challenging analyses of a range of plays in their political contexts. It explores the cultural, social, economic and institutio
 ogether key critical and theoretical texts from the twentieth century which have animated debates about modern poetry.
e of Defoe‘s writing in the context of what is known about his life and opinions.
  and culture demonstrates the remarkable continuity of Icelandic language and culture from medieval to modern times.
 nglish literature is structured around what the author calls ‗figures‘ from Anglo-Saxon culture: the Vow, the Hall, the Miracle, the Pulpit, and th
chell gives readers a comprehensive insight into the world of Old English.
 hird edition, introduces students to the wide range of literature written in England between 1150 and 1400.
ems, carols, and traditional British ballads written between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, together with some twentieth-century Americ
most influential critical writing on the subject.
  n readers need to come to an informed appreciation of the writings of medieval England.
 ously difficult to define. This groundbreaking Companion surveys the many permutations of romance throughout the ages.
 uction to Chaucer‘s major works, the contexts in which he wrote, and to medieval thought more generally.
s students with the historical, literary and theatrical contexts they need to make sense of English Renaissance drama.
 abits of writing and reading, of publication and stage performance, and of political and religious writing.
rovides a state-of-the-art engagement with the rapidly developing field of Shakespeare performance studies.
ary range of approaches to a vast multimedia subject, Shakespeare on screen.
  English verse features generous selections from the canonical poets, alongside judicious selections from lesser-known authors.
ves on eighteenth-century literature.
ovel furnishes readers with a sophisticated vision of the eighteenth-century novel in its political, aesthetic, and moral contexts.
   on the whole of European Romanticism.
  annotated and illustrated collection of Victorian poetry.
 Victorian fiction from 1830-1900.
s of viewing the Victorian novel. The author explores the extremely varied and often experimental prose fiction of the period, paying attention
s by an international range of scholars which discuss the contexts, themes and methods used by science fiction writers.
y text charts the variety of novel writing in English in the second half of the twentieth century.
 e essential texts and contexts of the modernist movement with the unique insights of scholars whose careers have been devoted to the stud
dern British novel for decades and now brings his impressive erudition and critical acuity to this insightful study of the major authors and nove
ction to modernist American poetry conveys the excitement that can be generated by a careful reading of modernist poems.
 tion offers an authoritative overview of contemporary British fiction in its social, political, and economic contexts.
cholars, this Companion constitutes an exceptionally broad-ranging and in-depth guide to one of America‘s greatest poets.
ountry music to Southern sport, this Companion is the definitive guide to the literature and culture of the American South.
ents the current state of criticism in the field of American fiction from the earliest declarations of nationhood to secession and civil war.
 odern fiction in Spanish-speaking Latin America.
ogether the writer‘s life with an examination of his works.
 ures brings out the comparative and transatlantic nature of the writing of this period and highlights the interactions between native, non-scrib
 groundbreaking collection of essays written by leading critics for a wide audience of scholars, students, and interested general readers.
 emonstrates the relevance of Melville‘s works in the twenty-first century.
 pected American and European critics and a number of up-and-coming scholars to provide an overview of Twain, his background, his writing
 tive survey of twentieth-century American drama studies, written by some of the best scholars and critics in the field.
se of how the poetry produced in the United States during the twentieth century is connected to the country‘s intellectual life more broadly.
   readers an overview of how American drama developed from the end of the Second World War to the turn of the twenty-first century.
 ected both for their excellence as stories and because they illustrate the distinctive nature of Native American storytelling.
 nges our sense of what is possible in a poem.
Gladiator from historical, cultural, and cinematic perspectives.
e of Greece and Rome covers the period between Homer around 700 BC and Augustine around AD 410.
 cal tradition by investigating key questions about the origins, nature and importance of rhetoric.
 es, methods and sources employed in ―doing‖ ancient history, as opposed to ―reading‖ it.
  time a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of ancient Near Eastern, Greek and Roman epic. It offers a multi-disciplinary discussion of both
  a history of theories of myth and a practical ‗how-to‘ guide to interpreting myth, the most elementary form of narrative.
  ma, which flourished principally in Athens from the sixth century BC to the third century BC.
with a fundamental grounding in Greek tragedy and also introduces them to the various methodologies and the lively critical dialogue that cha
 tive account of Latin literature from its beginnings in the third century bc through to the end of the second century ad.
  t and a practising world-class chef explore a millennium of eating and drinking.
   the fundamental beliefs and practices and the major deities of Greek religion.
    casts light on the rich tradition of Roman spectacle, with special focus on gladiatorial combat and chariot racing.
 on to the history of sport and spectacle in the ancient world from the Ancient Near East through Greek and Hellenistic times and into the Rom
  omprehensive survey of ancient Greek and Roman sexuality.
  New Kingdom Egypt from c. 1575 bc–1100 bc.
 om beginning to end, sketching its development throughout 3,000 years of Egyptian history.
 ents and general readers a comprehensive overview of Near Eastern civilization from the Bronze Age to the conquests of Alexander the Gre
mian and ancient Near Eastern historiographic texts, providing the reader with the primary sources for the history of the ancient Near East.
  Babylonian lawgiver, King Hammurabi (fl. 1792 to 1750 BC), and presents a rounded view of his accomplishments based on the diplomatic c
   this book examines the diverse ways in which war shaped the Hellenistic world.
Olympics and their modern resurgence.
   Greek history, from the aftermath of the Persian Wars in 478 BC to the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC.
 0 individuals known from the literary and epigraphic sources for the age of Alexander.
  new interpretations of Greek history of the Classical period, from the aftermath of the Persian Wars in 478 B.C. to the death of Alexander the
 ers with a guide both to Roman imperial history and to the field of Roman studies, taking account of the most recent discoveries.
  o-date overview of Roman Republican history as it is currently practiced.
 Rome has now been revised to include a new survey of the sources for Roman history, updated material on the formation of Rome, and exte
 f Tiberius, which focuses on the Emperor‘s complex character as the key to understanding his reign.
ween the patrician elite and the plebeians in the first centuries of the Roman republic has now been enhanced by a new chapter on material c
 uction to religion in the Roman empire.
  itz invites readers to reconsider the reputation of the Roman Emperor Nero.
an Empire in Late Antiquity, from the accession of the emperor Diocletian in AD 284 to AD 641.
 ry from the time of Constantine the Great (ad 306) to the fall of Constantinople in 1453.
 ar to different periods, societies and people from the 50s BC through to the twenty-first century.
   viewpoints on the value and role of reception theory within the modern discipline of classics.
  lfgang Petersen‘s epic film Troy from different archaeological, literary, cultural, and cinematic perspectives.
 he most important and popular films from the past half century that reconstruct the image of Roman antiquity.
   introduction to the study of English words from a theoretically informed linguistic perspective.
nation of numerous years of research and international collaboration by the world‘s leading syntacticians. There exists no other comparable c
  yses across a range of theoretical frameworks from Rosenbaum's classic Standard Theory analysis (1967) to current proposals within the M
 and detailed introduction to essential topics in the minimalist program, designed for students and scholars alike.
alist Syntax, the most recent, and arguably most important, theoretical development within the Principles and Parameters approach to syntac
   nd Analysis is a textbook designed to teach introductory students the skills of relating data to theory and theory to data.
proach to the semantics of tense and aspect motivated by cognitive considerations.
 ntics is a concise introduction to the field of semantics as it is actually practiced. Through simple examples, pictures, and metaphors, Paul Po
ed 1993 Technical Report that introduces a conception of grammar in which well-formedness is defined as optimality with respect to a ranked
 w languages use a variety of different sounds, many of them quite unlike any that occur in well-known languages. Many of these sounds are
 l aspects of the English sound system including basic phonetic elements, phonemics, allophonic rules of English consonants and vowels, ph
  pproach provides detailed coverage of all major writing systems of historical or structural significance with thorough discussion of structure, h
  tion provides a comprehensive overview of comparative Indo-European linguistics and the branches of the Indo-European language family,
  ion of articles written by leading specialists in the field that focus on the theoretical issues behind the facts of the changing English language
 n of forward-looking articles that offer a summary of the technical and theoretical accomplishments in this vital area of research on language
  tic research paradigms can be applied to assessment, diagnosis and treatment in the clinical situation.
scription of language variation in American English, covering regional, ethnic, and gender-based differences.
digree of Nations explores the consequences of English as a global language and multilingualism as a social phenomenon. Written accessib
 Method is a collection of newly-written chapters that cover the major theories and methods currently employed by scholars active in the field.
 descriptions of various American dialects, written by top researchers in the field.
   cinating examination of the relations between grammar, text, and discourse is designed to provoke critical discussion on key issues in disco
d men negotiate their gender identities as well as their professional roles in everyday workplace communication.
  ssential Readings is a collection of articles that discuss major theoretical approaches, case studies of cultural and sub-cultural contact from
  vides a comprehensive overview of all major features of bilingualism, including grammatical, cognitive, and social aspects.
  f newly commissioned articles focusing on selected critical dimensions and case studies of the theoretical, ideological, applied and pedagog
    of articles written by leading specialists on all core areas of English linguistics that provides a state-of-the-art account of research in the field
 at medieval historian, Sir Richard Southern, available to the wider audience they deserve.
  the Neolithic era to the present, this book traces the history of kingship around the world and the tenacity of its connection with the sacred.
 standard history of world population. It examines the changing patterns of its growth, and the effects of migrations, wars, disease, technology
  nguished historians of the medieval period, provides an introduction to the complex history of crusading.
   attractive and authoritative account of English history from 1066. For this third edition, three new chapters have been added, the bibliograph
  ding authorities on Bede‘s life and work over a 30-year period, this book is a collection of studies on Bede and early English Christian society
    of Roman rule and the time of the Arab conquest challenges many traditional assumptions about the history of this period.
 ative overview of historical debates about this period, focusing on the whole British Isles.
 portant advance in our understanding not only of the fiscal resources available to the English crown but also of the broader political culture o
 recent work in the field of early modern European history.
    Inquisition as an instrument of religious persecution, torture and repression and looks at its wider role as an educative force in society.
  iscusses all the major developments in Florentine history from 1200-1575.
nts 33 essays by expert scholars on all the major aspects of the political, social, economic and cultural history of Britain during the late Georg
 n history during the ―long‖ nineteenth century, from 1789 to 1914.
   modern German history from 1800-2000, and situates Germany‘s fragmented past within its full context.
 breaking collection of original essays that analyze the hard-to-define phenomenon of ―technology‖ in America.
 addresses the key topics and themes of the Civil War era, with 23 original essays by top scholars in the field.
aphy of the American South puts the major problems and issues of that region into clear, accessible prose.
key themes and debates of twentieth-century history from the outbreak of the Second World War to the end of the century.
  of international scholars to discuss the major debates in the study of early twentieth-century Europe.
ondary readings encourages scholars and students to engage critically with current debates about the origins, implementation and postwar in
 orld War up to the Millennium, this book offers an integrated overview of the history of Europe, east and west, in the second half of the twent
 versies that marked the academic study of race in Nazi Germany. It looks in particular at the discipline of racial anthropology and its relations
ection of original and authoritative essays arranged thematically and topically, covering a wide range of subjects from the 17th century to the
  ritative collection of original essays by leading scholars on the major topics and themes underlying American immigration history.
anthology. Lincoln‘s Gettysburg address is here and so too is a contemporary account of a visit from the Ku Klux Klan. The primary sources r
ory from the time of Cyrus the Great in 560BC to the present day.
  rs a fresh account of the multifaceted and multi-layered history of this region.
s an original and controversial thesis about the future of war.
 oreign relations analyzes the last fifteen years of foreign policy in relation to the last forty years, since the end of the Cold War.
  offers readers an understanding of the origins and histories of early agricultural populations in all parts of the world.
 ost fascinating and well-known centers of ancient civilization.
  des an issues-oriented overview of hunter-gatherer societies in desert landscapes that combines archaeological and anthropological perspe
ase studies, Archaeologies of Materiality is one of the first books to explore materiality across time and space.
 eological Analyses offers students in archaeology laboratory courses a detailed and invaluable how-to manual of archaeological methods an
 nly current one-volume collection of the practical information and material needed by archaeologists doing fieldwork.
 rigins of War: Violence in Prehistory provides a fascinating examination of executions, torture, ritual sacrifices, and other acts of violence com
 he archaeology of Mediterranean prehistory and an essential reference to the most recent research and fieldwork.
  studies in historical archaeology selected from around the world, including North America, Latin America, Africa, the Pacific, and Europe.
  on to North American archaeology for all those interested in the history and culture of North American natives.
 vative introduction to the archaeology of this fascinating region and a window on both its past and present.
  a that challenges misconceptions & claims about Africa‘s past and teaches students how to evaluate these claims.
  s on case studies from the region‘s last 10,000 years of history.
  chaeology of Oceania, covering both Australia and the Pacific Islands.
  cholarly work to explore the encounter of social theory and archaeology over the past two decades.
 with the editors‘ introduction---provide an overview of the key debates in anthropological theory over the past century.
 ion, asking if man is indeed the ―chosen species‖ or merely an evolutionary accident.
al essays by some of the field‘s most distinguished scholars of Japan that, taken together, offers a comprehensive overview of the field.
 t contentious issues in discussions around globalization—bioscientific research, neoliberalism, governance—from the perspective of the anth
  er, and sexuality to theories of human behaviors and practices.
pands on standard studies of social movements by offering a collection of writings that is exclusively anthropological in nature and global in it
 eld of law and anthropology: its development, present, and potential future courses.
  al writings that are inspired by the French philosopher Michel Foucault and examine Foucault‘s contribution to current theories of modernity.
   Islam in the Middle East. It presents Islam as both a unified tradition of theological dogma and practices that transcends cultural differences
w of anthropology‘s unique contribution to the study of politics.
 retical texts and cutting-edge ethnographic analyses of specific state institutions, practices, and processes and outlines an anthropological fr
pology and offers students and scholars a fascinating collection of both classic and contemporary articles, grouped to highlight key themes fro
 of the essential theoretical debates in the anthropology of art. Drawing together significant work in the field from the second half of the twenti
ew of psychocultural anthropology: a subject that focuses on cultural, psychological, and social interrelations across cultures.
ethnographically informed perspective on the ways in which people use food to make sense of life in an increasingly interconnected world.
 he anthropology of death, provides readers with a selection of some of the finest ethnographic work on this fascinating topic.
on is a collection of readings that provides an unprecedented overview of this field from its classical origins to today‘s debates about the ―mag
 ion literature and offers a valuable critique, one that is forthright, yet balanced, and draws on the local work of ethnographers to counter relat
egal‖ immigration since the passage of the U.S. Immigration Act of 1965, exploring how certain mentalities and intellectual machineries have
  ion to ecological anthropology by examining the evolving relations between human communities and nature.
butions by leading scholars in the field and summarizes the state of anthropological knowledge of Indian peoples, as well as the history that g
 North America, Ghana, and Fiji, linguistic anthropologist and folklorist Richard Bauman presents a series of ethnographic case studies that o
 el Hill, this text provides a coherent, thematic account of social policy in the modern world.
ublished in 2006. Arranged across eleven volumes in A-Z format, it will be the reference source for students, researchers, and academics in
 s throws light on the global power games being played out between global business, nation states and movements rooted in civil society. Bec
 a concept of society in order to make sense of the forces which structure our lives.
Approach is a comprehensive guide to the emergent field of science, technology, and society (STS) studies and its implications for today‘s cu
aluable to anyone taking an introductory sociology course, especially at GCSE and related levels. Students taking AS and A-level – as well as
 a wide range of lively papers offering fresh solutions to old and new problems and challenges in sociological research.
accessible introduction to research methods in the social sciences. Written by an expert of research methods teaching, this book takes extra
  broad array of themes, from the nature of work, to the political culture of democracy, to the uniqueness of the West, to the character of the f
  horough study of the implications of post-communism for sociological theory. Written by two leading social theorists, the book discusses the
n authoritative study of the relationship between law and social interaction. Thirty-three original essays by an international group of expert sch
  stations demands the attention of social scientists. This ground-breaking book provides a unique insight into resurgent Islam from the standp
widely held notion of science as somehow outside of society, and the idea that technology proceeds automatically down a singular and inevita
hese three well-known dimensions of the social world. The study of gender, race and class as a combined topic has evolved over the years, a
 a first-rate collection of social science scholarship on inequalities, emphasizing race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, and nationality.
  eld of sociology, and as a system of social practices it inspires a multitude of theoretical approaches. The Sociology of Gender offers an intro
 -rate contemporary writings that have had a major impact on the field of urban studies. The expert and well-known scholars who have written
  d engaging study of the links between schooling and the workplace in modern society. It explains, in accessible and lively prose, how these
 revised to provide an up-to-date, indispensable introduction to the sociology of work. It not only includes clear explanations of classic theorie
  impact of world culture. Combining several of the most fruitful theoretical perspectives on world culture, including the world polity approach a
cial movements. It explores some of the most significant of these movements, including the anti-globalization and the new Islamic movement
ved an international reputation as by far the most comprehensive review and analysis of the objections leveled against Henry George's Amer
ved an international reputation as by far the most comprehensive review and analysis of the objections leveled against Henry George's Amer
sher‘s technical contributions to econometrics, a reassessment of his prescient and much neglected textbook on economics, his theories of c
 y prominent international scholars covers the most important issues comprising the sociology of culture.
 nted resource that introduces and consolidates cultural studies literature from diverse locales and intellectual traditions.
  ark collection of key works that inspires, provokes, and revitalizes conversations about issues of social and economic justice and the current
  A Vocabulary of Culture and Society set the standard for how we understand and use the language of culture and society. Now, three lumina
 ther a group of scholars from across the social sciences and humanities to consider one of the most vexing issues confronting the proverbia
al and literary debates with a vengeance. The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies is a timely and authoritative collection of essays that analyze the
stigation of the meanings and value of popular culture today. It explores the theme of cultural citizenship by combining textual analysis and m
xciting and comprehensive re-appraisal of the history and future of African American studies.
  sed of 20 previously published essays that have played an important historical role in the conceptualization of Asian American studies as a f
  amic collection that showcases the most exciting scholarship in the field from a critical and cultural studies perspective.
 ocuments and critical essays culled from American history, literature, memoir, and popular culture that explore major currents and trends in
  on and People is a groundbreaking collection that explores the ―visual‖ in defining the kaleidoscope of American experience and American id
ext that helps readers understand mass media and the texts they carry. Designed expressly for those interested in gaining a solid understand
   introduces students to the key ideas underpinning media development. It is an essential first step to a better understanding of both the medi
  ses provides a critical, interdisciplinary, and historically informed statement about communication in contemporary life.
xamination of the ways in which women have worked inside and outside mainstream media organizations since the 1970s.
  that charts the noisy revolution that is transforming the production, consumption, and understanding of culture in the all-wired era. It brings to
  rovides new perspectives in Asian media studies. The volume covers a diverse range of topics from media policy to globalization, using livel
 f-the-art research on world literature, film, and the complex theoretical relationship between them. 25 essays by international experts cover th
ys that chart the history and confluence of literature and film. It explores in detail a wide and international spectrum of novels and adaptations
 xpert in film studies, provides a fascinating introduction to the process and art of literature-to-film adaptations.
an original and compelling critical history of the American Western film.
 on of original essays that charter the field of television studies over the past century.
e, and engaging overview of the medium‘s history and development in the US. Integrating three major concerns--television as an industry, a t
d and comprehensive vision of its field, and its new directions. It is designed to demonstrate in action the rich interplay between gender and o
   prime of their lives, weakening state-structures, deepening poverty and reversing the gains in life expectancy achieved over the past century
  he Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Of all the "hot spots" in the world today, the apparently endless clash between Jews and Arabs in the Middle E
 the GATT/WTO system.
 nd the world, this volume evaluates China‘s privatization experience by investigating the efficiency and fairness of the sale process and the c
 ution, peace-keeping and peace-building have risen to the top of the international agenda. The second edition of this hugely popular text cha
  on terror' in Afghanistan and its extensions into Palestine and Iraq, Derek Gregory traces the long history of British and American involveme
  ble and distinctive new core textbook that helps students to appreciate the central role that biological processes play in psychology.
 r Sir Michael Rutter gets behind the hype of the behavioral genetics debate to provide a balanced and authoritative overview of the genetic re
 s in the field review what we really know about how and when the brain learns, and consider the implications of this knowledge for education
nectionist modeling through practical exercises in different types of connectionist architectures.
   book on the psychology of emotions is the most highly regarded and engaging text for the emotions course. While retaining its interdisciplin
 n Making is a state-of-the art overview of current topics and research in judgment and decision-making.
es is a collection of original articles by leading researchers that explores cutting-edge research in memory and emotion, discussing findings, m
  ehavior analysis and its application to human problems in a scholarly but accessible manner.
 ental Science is a collection of newly written articles that provide an overview of methods and approaches associated with the study of huma
 opment presents a comprehensive summary of research into child development from age two to seven.
s expert John Morton, Understanding Developmental Disorders: A Causal Modelling Approach makes sense of the many competing theories
dia and estimates suggest that a disturbing percentage of the population has psychopathic tendencies. This timely and controversial new boo
 state-of-the-art volume that provides readers with comprehensive coverage and analysis of current trends and issues, basic mechanics, and
s with a critical, thought-provoking introduction to this rapidly expanding discipline, covering health, illness and healthcare.
  tions contained in this collection of letters written by key figures in psychology provide rich insight into the development of the field. From Joh
 jamin, leading historian in the field, discusses the history of both the science and the practice of psychology since the establishment of the fir
 text for students taking courses in psychometric testing, and for professionals.
 earning materials they need to train for the British Psychological Society‘s new Test Administration Certificate.
sapiens – the intelligent species? Inventing Intelligence is a bold deconstruction of the history of intelligence, bringing a cultural studies appro
   of Psychological Research rises above standard research methods texts by presenting an up-to-date view of contemporary psychological sc
 : A First Course is a concise, straightforward and accessible introduction to the design of psychology experiments and the statistical tests us
  e text illustrates the processes and pitfalls involved in evaluating psychological research.
  h anniversary of the publication of Gordon Allport‘s classic work on prejudice and discrimination by examining the current state of knowledge
 h and adhering closely to QTS standards, trainee teachers will find this easy-to-read book an invaluable guide to child psychology and the ps
ssociated with the term "territory" in a clear and accessible manner. It surveys the field and brings theory to ground in the case of Palestine.
 h by a network of garment workers‘ support organizations and makes sense of global supply chains from the bottom up.
ng field of political ecology, an interdisciplinary area of research which connects politics and economy to problems of environmental control a
Harvey, one of the world‘s most influential geographers, and one of its best known Marxists.
   fundamental debates that animate geography today.
  oretical introduction to the art of designing cities.
n with the interconnections between geography and morality.
 nomy approach to the analysis of comparative regional development and the territorial division of labour and exemplifies it through an up-to-d
    of the commercial Internet industry. It presents the first accurate map of Internet domains in the world, by country, by region, by city, and for
  ive analysis of the New Deal and examines how far the programme has succeeded in responding to the diversity of conditions in local labou
 ters, the book analyses geopolitical issues from a post-colonial perspective.
   breadth and diversity of this vibrant and substantive field.
    opportunity to reassess key themes in contemporary tourism studies in the light of recent theoretical developments in tourism studies and th
critically at the ways in which warfare, terrorism and counter-terrorism policies intersect in cities in the post Cold-War period.
 nd CD-ROM examining the effects of recent socio-economic transformations on western European cities.
 f ethnic minority politics in British and French city politics.
and business students seeking to understand the mathematics relevant to them. Each chapter demonstrates basic mathematical techniques,
 ration: Institutional and Behavioral Economics, investigates "the rules of the game," how institutions--both formal and informal--affect these r
 s the growing range of economic decisions that are conducted under uncertainty both on the personal level, as well as by large firms.
nsightful introduction to the advanced topics in monetary economics. Accessible to students who have mastered the diagrammatic tools of ec
nal Trade focuses on the economic and legal analysis of international laws and institutions as they impact trade. Containing chapters written
 ries, policies, and issues stemming from the field of International Trade. Written by specialists in the field, the chapters focus on four importa
  tral to the study and practice of economics. Companion to Urban Economics provides a state-of-the-art overview of this field, communicating
  conomics---it is about a new field named ―public choice political economy‖ that gradually evolved during the 1970s and 1980s at Virginia Pol
 hesizes fundamental and advanced topics in the field, offering comprehensive coverage of bond and debt management. This text provides r
ations of security analysis and investment strategy, and explores the practical applications of these theories. After establishing an historical fo
  o explain this field to business students with a background in finance. Real-world examples are cited throughout, reinforced by end-of-chapte
  anagement reference work is divided into 12 individual subject volumes and an index and includes a brand new volume on Entrepreneurship
 ad recognition for its rigorous approach to business strategy analysis and is now available in a thoroughly revised and updated fifth edition.
    organizations can develop their ability to manage the future.
erspective offers the best foundation for strategic management scholarship.
  ul mergers and acquisitions, exploring the reasons why so many fail to live up to expectations.
    strategy from the bursting of the ‗dotcom bubble‘ and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
es facing industries, networks, businesses and management during periods of industry structuring and restructuring.
eflective essays by established and emerging scholars on the subject of innovation, considering it both as an outcome of strategy and as a p
ces industry, giving readers an idea of the kinds of institutions and services that will survive in the early twenty-first century.
    text introduces strategic thinking and planning strategies to advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as practitioners in the fi
hn Child‘s new book provides a state-of-the-art guide to organizational management in today‘s world. As in his earlier work, this authoritative
understanding of practice-based organizational learning and knowing.
 n mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution to share the perspectives of experts in the field.
 siness modules, Feng Li takes the reader through the vast range of topics and issues surrounding e-Business. This much-needed new text g
nagement, lean production and related practice within the holistic concept of total product systems.
 t selling Personnel Management text by Stephen Bach provides an authoritative analysis of the latest developments in the field for students a
 de range of contemporary issues from research and practice in the field of individual and collective workplace learning and development.
  ovides a state-of-the-art review of theory, research, and professional practice in the field of selection and assessment.
 nizations, focusing particularly on managers as the key participants in the process.
s of CEOs who have been celebrated by the Harvard Business Review over the last decade of the twentieth century.
   English, and here translated from a French reconstruction and interpretation by noted scholar Thierry Weil, leading organizational scholar Ja
becomes more complex and demands on employers increase, a well written and accessible guide has become even more necessary* essen
 and illustrative material. This book comprehensively identifies potentially dangerous plants, their level of toxicity, symptoms of poisoning and
 omato Diseases and Cucurbit Diseases, the author and his colleagues have produced a further indispensable tool for the diagnosis, underst
a systematic account of fruit and hop pests – their recognition, biology and control. The scope of the original book has been greatly expanded
 ne code, epigenetics has become a popular and fast evolving research topic. Plant science has made a number of elementary contributions
   advanced considerably in recent years and we now have a clearer view of the biochemical processes making up its mechanism. Recent wo
M) crops, but the possibility of the spread of transgenic DNA to wild and domesticated relatives raises a new set of issues for scientists and p
adaptation to environmental stress has grown considerably. This book focuses on stress caused by the inanimate components of the environ
 very over 100 years ago, plasmodesmata have been the focus of intense investigation. Plasmodesmata are unique to plants and form an int
picture is now emerging of the fine structure of the plant cuticle and its surface, the composition of cuticular waxes and the biosynthetic pathw
ses in response to changes in the internal or external environment is an indispensable attribute of living cells that must have arisen with life‘s
 mmes that can be modified by environmental cues acting through endogenous signaling molecules including plant hormones.This volume pr
 ng the interaction of metabolism with oxygen. As ROS have the potential to cause oxidative damage by reacting with biomolecules, research
 ew edition of this essential text features expanded coverage, mentioning most valid modern genera. The book is lavishly illustrated with over
des comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the effects of biological–physical interactions in the oceans from the microscopic to the globa
sustainability and restoration demands that the modern approach to the management of lakes and reservoirs should be based on a sound un
sustainability and restoration demands that the modern approach to the management of lakes and reservoirs should be based on a sound un
 of natural philosophers, geologists and geomorphologists have come to invent the view of the Earth over the past 250 years.
 s of a series of peer-reviewed papers that were initially presented at the 7th International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology, held in Linco
ng-edge research papers first presented at the Second International Conference on Braided Rivers. It includes the latest research on the dyn
omprehensive reference work examining contemporary issues in glaciology and explores the interface between glacier science and environm
 tratigraphic, paleoecological, and paleoceanographical research over the last thirty years. These single-celled marine protists are important b
  to-date systematic information on an extensive collection of fossil genera, state-of-the-art color digital photographs of representative specim
e Palaeontological Association, is a series of substantial separate works conforming to the style of the Palaeontology journal. Two issues are
e Palaeontological Association, is a series of substantial separate works conforming to the style of the Palaeontology journal. Two issues are
 ajor recent technology which has now reached a level of maturity. The editors have pioneered the development and application of these tech
n of the literature covering periodically operated separating reactors incorporating an adsorbent as well as a catalyst, aiming to establish the
   of instrumental measurement for the atmospheric scientist, research student or undergraduate, Analytical Techniques for Atmospheric Mea
 ble, and so are considered as a promising feedstock for the preparation of many organic chemical compounds. They are particularly useful i
  acilitating the straightforward separation of enantiomers, was a significant advance in chromatography, leading to widespread application in
nic molecules can profoundly influence their chemical and physical properties, leading to a range of compounds with highly desirable properti
h. Similarly, a recent upsurge in consumer awareness of the potential antiaging and antiwrinkling benefits of natural products and botanicals
duction process parameters as the basis for achieving control or optimisation of a manufacturing process has wide application in the petroche
  cost, environmentally friendly process. The drive to develop environmentally benign production methods for polymers has resulted in widesp
uge range of formulated products or as effect chemicals in the production or processing of other materials. A detailed understanding of the ba
  ts, containing blends of aroma compounds with auxiliary materials, enabling desirable flavours or fragrances to be added to a huge range of
  nts in responsive polymers, i.e., polymers engineered to alter structure and properties in response to environmental inputs. The book feature
ng of chemical processes with a view to reducing or even eliminating the use and production of hazardous materials. Recent endeavors have
d change. In Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing, Hui and his editorial team have assembled over forty respected academicians and ind
rly 50 professionals from industry, government, and academia contribute their perspectives on the state of baking today. The latest scientific
 ds, Robert Hutkins has written the first textbook on food fermentation microbiology in a generation. This authoritative volume also serves as
he major pathogens associated with meat, poultry, produce, and other foods, Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest Food Safety goes beyond other
deniably a physical hazard that must be mitigated by processors and food service establishments. Beyond this underlying threat to food safet
 etitive business environment. To the degree that the product developer and marketer – as well as general business manager – can more full
 the world‘s food science, food technology and nutrition community since its foundation in 1968 and, through its production of FSTA – Food S
 ts the latest scientific findings of researchers at the leading edge of food irradiation. In this book, experts from industry, government, and aca
 t important aspects of food processing, an industry worth billions of US dollars world-wide. From beer and wine to yoghurt and bread, it is the
   well as commercial pressure to improve food quality and extend product shelf life, have greatly increased the responsibility and accountabili
 h and development advances in food biotechnology are built. In Food Biochemistry and Food Processing, lead editor Y.H. Hui has assemble
  urt and fermented milks over four decades with the latest in scientific research in the dairy industry, editor Chandan and his associate editors
 nals from across North America has collaborated to create Food Processing: Principles and Applications. This practical, fully illustrated textb
   important in recent years with research now finding that roughly 40% of the retail food products sold in the United States today bear some ty
 e Methods for Food Processors, waste management expert Robert Zall shares his philosophy and techniques for monitoring and accounting
  mpliance? Where to begin? Consultant and long-time FDA food and dietary supplement labeling expert James Summers answers these que
  s a comprehensive guide to understanding and complying with the dietary supplement labeling requirements of the Food and Drug Administ
  s the globe, with the availability of many new wines, encompassing a remarkable and exciting range of flavours. Wine Flavour Chemistry foc
 now a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. As the aviation industry continues to grow year on year, so do passenger food service expectati
 tal type of methodology and is used widely in sensory and consumer research. Sensory Discrimination Tests and Measurements: Statistical
 our perception of flavor have not yet been elucidated. It is recognised that the process involves a wide range of stimuli, which are thought lik
ms including the most commonly occurring and important experimental designs: the one-sample, k-sample, blocked samples, samples with f
 ry dairy animal species to provide humans with nutritious dairy foods through its abundance of lacteal secretion. The goat or other minor dair
airy Technology‘s Book Series, published by Blackwell Publishing, covers all major aspects of manufacturing this range of cheeses, including
yoghurt and fermented milk making methods presented in a user-friendly and easily understandable format.Chapters include details of the cl
  standing of milk systems and an explosion in interest in the use of probiotics and prebiotics as functional foods Probiotic Dairy Products look
 ture no longer has just an economic benefit. The use of ingredients to improve the nutritional status of a food product is now one of the majo
 cipes, whether they be added for the purpose of water/oil emulsification in its simplest form, for textural and organoleptic modification, for sh
ertain individuals, a common perception now is that all food additives are potentially dangerous. This had led to a large market for products m
 tered smokes in processing of fish and the continuing controversy for utilization of reduced oxygen packaging are arguably the highest profile
ctor of the beverage world, in developed and developing countries worldwide. Since publication of the first edition in 1998, the industry has un
ost every country in the world, in a variety of flavours and packaging.This book provides an overview of the formulation and manufacture of ca
 every country in the world and their availability is remarkable. From the largest cities to some of the remotest villages, soft drinks are availabl
ng based on paper and paperboard. It considers the raw materials and manufacture of paper and paperboard, and the basic properties and f
 efore understanding roots and their functioning is key to agricultural, plant and soil scientists.In Plant Roots Professor Peter Gregory brings t
grower, shipper, marketer, and consumer. This book will be useful to a range of professionals involved in the production of vegetable crops a
nalytical treatment of the history of the U.S. agricultural research system and as such has served as the foundation for research over the 10
he population, experience social, cultural, and economic disadvantages that can increase their risks for devastating health consequences.Th
  important policies is shifting from federal to state and local governments. As this happens, there is a growing need for public servants and ot

go…The only option we have is to create a new balance objectively determined for each area in accordance with the intended use of that are
l Symposium reviews the status of the major challenges, approaches, and accomplishments of plant breeding programs from around the wo
ermentation, sugar is renowned worldwide for its importance as a commodity. For many centuries sugarcane has been cultivated and develo
  area Pesticide Safety looks at the developmental history of pesticide and how crop protection was achieved before they were in use, how pe
as intensified with a concomitant expansion in pesticide use. Concerns over pesticide-induced health and environmental problems, increase
 of photographs and descriptions of the fungal genus Fusarium is available. This laboratory manual provides an overview of the biology of Fu
rce of sugar across the world. Grown widely in Europe, North and South America, Asia and parts of North Africa, the crop is at the core of a m
 be made and are the staples on which most humans rely; with but a few exceptions they are the seeds of plants. Volume 1 of this ground-br
 ge on the genus Neotyphodium including the molecular biology, their effects on their grass hosts, invertebrate and vertebrate herbivores, an
 ral area, providing up to 75% of fodder for cattle playing an essential role in farming systems. This important book provides comprehensive d
  over recent decades; new husbandry practices, new understandings of growth, reproduction and health, new appreciations of welfare and en
 ent, economy and, most importantly, our future. Thousands of livestock breeds, from relatively small genetic pools, have evolved over time t
 gnized, especially in the larval rearing of many marine fishes.This timely publication provides a single source of information on copepod biolo
 nsive resource available today on invertebrate animal medicine. Public and private aquarists, aquaculturists, and veterinarians in zoo animal
SOCIETYAquaculture loses millions of dollars in revenue annually due to aquatic animal diseases. Disease outbreaks continue to threaten pr
    and seafood markets call for understanding information that is unique to these markets. Presenting fundamental principles of marketing and
   The continuing rapid increases in aquaculture production world-wide raise fears of further environmental degradation of the aquatic environm
 nal team of authors provide exhaustive coverage of the lobster species, stretching from growth and development to management and conse
   fish, the interest in the culture of cold-water marine fish is rapidly growing, with much ongoing research into the development of this area. Th
 s consolidated its position as an important means of producing food and as a contributor to global food security. Cage aquaculture too has c
   major concern and the enhancement of fish stocks through techniques such as ranching is of huge importance and interest across the glob
  group the cephalopods, are of great and increasing interest to marine biologists, physiologists, ecologists, environmental biologists and fishe
 heir asymmetric postlarval body form. With over 700 extant species recognised and a distribution stretching across the globe this group of fis
  ecological change, and as such demand long-term and effective monitoring. Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos provides comprehens
 mportant source of food and economic activity. With fish stocks continuing to be over-exploited, there is a clear focus on fisheries managem
 work was published, fishing and fisheries have undergone vast changes. Not only has there been great progress in the development of new
 es and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) Fisheries Research Laboratory at Lowestoft, UK, this peer-reviewed, edited tome discusses four interw
 nagement Edited by T. G. Northcote and G. F. Hartman Many species of fish occupying inland waters reside in watersheds that were or still a
 overing the aetiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnosis and management. The book is illustrated throug
  e integrity of the grain and water in the horse'e newly-built stall; or the agricultural engineer who has been asked to design a new state-of-the
 ces of the USDA, FARAD is an international venture that brings together and collates information on applications of pharmacokinetic principl
  there are at least 4000-6000 animal shelters in the U.S. This book is the first ever to involve principles of herd health management in compa
   Handbook remains the resource every veterinarian needs to keep within easy reach. Newly revised, this edition of the handbook includes m
   Handbook remains the resource every veterinarian needs to keep within easy reach. Newly revised, this edition of the handbook includes m
 practitioner in every day practice. The pregnant and non-pregnant uterus, as well as pathologic changes of the reproductive system are desc
on in many media, but the core of their professional development remains keeping up with journals in their fields. This ―Year in‖ volume exists
  sing your ability to deliver dental treatment to your patients, you will find the information in Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials, and Te
  is best-selling quick reference offers timely, authoritative answers to every common and not-so-common question concerning canine and fel
 the second edition of Feline Medicine and Therapeutics was published. The primary object of this book remains the same however - to help
 urology has been completely rewritten and restyled, reflecting the rapid and extensive advances that have taken place in this field over the la
  is best-selling quick reference offers timely, authoritative answers to every common and not-so-common question concerning canine and fel
  is best-selling quick reference offers timely, authoritative answers to every common and not-so-common question concerning canine and fel
  ual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology, 2nd edition incorporates not only the new information available since the original publication but
 inical problemsLaboratory abnormalities associated with endocrine disordersCommon endocrine disorders: clinical approach; diagnosis; trea
  ovides a ready source of practical information for veterinary surgeons, and is also beneficial for veterinary students, nurses and technicians
 acic Surgery provides a valuable source of information for general practitioners worldwide, and is also a useful addition to any student books
 Cats is the first textbook to give a complete overview of all ENT diseases, both commonly encountered and rare. There are six chapters whic
 dition was published in 1996 are reflected in this bew Manual, which has been updated and rewritten under the direction of a new editorial pa
  ian medicine this book aims to give an overview of the most important diseases in falcons and birds of prey. Chapters cover haematology, v
and exciting new reference book on the management of chelonians. Covering everything from species identification to virus isolation techniqu
 Clinical Dissection Guide for Large Animals, 2e provides the student with a self-directed and detailed guide for the anatomic dissection of the
    world, Mycobacterium Bovis Infection in Animals and Humans, Second Edition remains the most comprehensive collection of timely informa
 e Viral Diarrhea (BVD) has raised as many questions as that research has answered. This common disease continues to cause sickness, de
   of both topographical and systems based methods of anatomy. Each page of text faces a full page of realistic illustrations in colour. The top
ctice and commercial sheep farming. In this book he aims to take into account the relationship between the veterinary surgeon and the farme
 guide to swine diseases and production information features extensively revised and updated chapters on physical examination and diagnos
 guide to swine diseases and production information features extensively revised and updated chapters on physical examination and diagnos
Minute Veterinary Consult: Equine provides concise, practical, up-to-date information on almost all diseases and clinical problems in equine m
 hs, and radiographs providing the reader with detailed information on the structure, function, and clinical relevance of all equine body system
  e source for information on elephant medicine and surgery; provide the reader with sufficient biological information to establish a backgroun
 apeuticsDisorders by body systemHelpful tables of differentials for easy accessInternational authors – many in private practiceIllustrated thro
 d of text, colour photographs, imaging and diagrams describing the gross systematic and topographical anatomy of domestic mammals. Thr
 DiagnosisDiagnosis is often the most challenging part of dermatology. Diagnostic dermatology melds both clinical and histopathologic diagno
 gress of Veterinary Dermatology, Vienna, Austria, 25 – 28 August 2004. The peer reviewed and edited papers collected in this volume are w
 veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry that is comprehensive and practical. From basic principles and laboratory techniques to diagnos
a fundamental understanding of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Both clinicians and students alike can be overwhelmed by the complexi
medicine. This second edition of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Clinical Pathology builds on the strengths of the first edition and inc
  and cure disease. To reach this goal, there must be a greater investment in the pathophysiology of diseases. Simply put, reductionist metho
  tes the knowledge of more than twenty experts on pathogenesis of animal disease caused by various species or groups of bacteria. Empha
ology covers the bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogenic agents that are significant causes of animal disease. Emphasis is placed on clinical ex
 e veterinary practitioner interested in dealing with all levels of ophthalmic conditions, so that only the most complex cases need specialist ref
  d Research Applications in Living-System Models is the first evidence-based reference text devoted exclusively to the subject of applying ph
  , yet most books on the market tend to concentrate on dogs rather than cats. This book, the first of its kind, aims to provide a practical and u
 escribes and explains the uses of diagnostic radiology and provides detailed instructions on how best to apply this technique to the diagnosis
 y of laser units has improved to the point that they are both economically and practically feasible for the general and specialty veterinarian. T
de a comprehensive introduction to the role of epidemiology in veterinary medicine.Since the publication of the second edition there has been
 ve atlas which includes the latest innovations, modifications, and improvements in the field, edited by a distinguished international team.
e cancer, a highly controversial topic
ples of occupational hygiene

   one of the top 5 causes of death and disability worldwide.
oration Airways Management Group, Evidence-based Respiratory Medicine is the first major evidence-based text in adult respiratory medicin
  with sleep disorders
naged at the sleep disorders centers of the Children‘s Memorial Hospital and the University of Chicago Hospitals. Each case is presented in
ction ... the most comprehensive. "Dr Robert Crapo, Salt Lake City, USA
  ventional pulmonology - for clinicians with a solid foundation in diagnostic bronchoscopy and chest medicine needing to extend their clinical
  and pain therapy that can be employed rapidly and safely by a skilled practitioner.The book contains precise anatomical drawings and illustr
 he art summary of the many changes occurring in this rapidly evolving field over the last decade. The unique value of this book is that all cha
  he first ever cardiovascular textbook to be published in partnership with an international society and is set to become the new benchmark for
  s now one of the most common approaches to myocardial perfusion imaging and is performed in the majority of nuclear cardiology studies.
ment of ischaemic heart disease written by experts from around the world. The text is highly structured and will provide the clinically relevant i
e of syncope, integrating knowledge of pathophysiology with practical guidelines for diagnosis and management
 review of cardiovascular disorders. While sudden cardiac death could primarily be seen as an arrhythmogenic event, this actually represents
  hysicians are faced with an increasingly large choice of treatment options and questions including: how different genetic, racial and gender b
  to the recognition and management of valvular heart disease, complemented by current guidelines and abundant high quality images. This b
used on the use of non-invasive imaging in clinical cardiology. Its central theme is the use of different imaging modalities in the routine clinica
 verity of coronary artery disease is catheter-based selective coronary angiography. While there are advantages to coronary angiography, it is
 t on patient management during the perioperative period. It is an evolving tool in diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and haemodynamic ass
 tanding group of electrophysiologists/physicians to write a major work representing the field of electrocardiography as we know it today. This
  a unique, multi-authored compendium of information regarding the complexities of clinical and genetic diagnosis, natural history, and manag
  itial observation in patients that triggering foci in or around the pulmonary veins initiate some types of atrial fibrillation. Since then it has beco
ugada syndrome and dealing with risk stratification and approaches to therapy
   Echo-Doppler Interpretation is intended to help physicians and sonographers apply echo concepts and techniques daily in the echocardiogr
e discussion of recent, emerging, and future arrhythmia technologies. It details successful trials and investigates areas of research that have
nosis and understanding of ventricular repolarisation, particularly the QT interval prolongation and abnormal T and T/U wave morphology ass
  creased and can be considered a 'contemporary cardiovascular epidemic'. Therefore, treatment of heart failure is a primary focus of cardiov
  le straightforward guide to the assessment and classification of coronary lesions, percutaneous therapy of coronary disease and non-corona
  or performing safe and successful procedures, with a strong emphasis on avoiding complications
ren with congenital cardiovascular malformations
exclusively to ventricular function and blood flow as it relates to CHD
 he use of surgical strategies in which different techniques are combined. Hybrid Vascular Procedures discusses those procedures including
 able resource for both the office and the noninvasive cardiovascular laboratory
  ascular medicine specialists and cardiologists for the broader team responsible for the care of patients with peripheral vascular disease
sciplines who perform endovascular interventions then this practical reference will help you to develop your endovascular skills and encompa
causes of death. The risk of rupture has been a controversial topic for years and only recently have population-based studies provided better
  ate source of clinical information for the trainee and practising dermatologist alike.
 available on childhood skin disease.
ok in dermatology!
ers into one volume, a wealth of information about the science of pigmentation and all the common and rare clinical disorders that affect skin
 self and as a by-product of HIV infection, or may arise elsewhere as a result of Hodgkin's disease, B cell lymphomas or leukaemia. Whateve
  thology for the trainee dermatologist, including systematic, disease by disease coverage of the pathological features, normal and diseased s
  , their investigation, diagnosis and management, including the use of lasers. Each light sensitive disorder and each type of phototherapy is u
  n the field
cal overview of managing endocrine problems in children. Coverage of each disorder reflects its clinical importance. The material has been f
he problem of obesity
ocess can be illustrated in a way that makes it readily understandable to a wide audience. In addition, the clinical features of the disease and
nt and diagnosis of Gallbladder and Bile Duct diseases. Will also help all members of the team with complications of liver transplantation.
  e in both gastroenterology and hepatologyWritten by internationally famous gastroenterologists and hepatologists practising in evidence-bas
 tion, cirrhosis and hypertension where both the liver and the kidney are involved. In addition, both organs are very important in regulating ext
s - before, during and after transplantation.
   international names
by general internists, gastroenterologists and/or surgeons in non-specialized centers. Basic and clinical research in pancreatology is continuo
   subject, has been completely revised, updated and extended to include the latest research findings reflecting the increasing significance of t
management of Portal Hypertension.
n our understanding of the interactions between the brain and the gut – the enteric nervous system. This is particularly relevant in the unders
 chemistry and development of the enteric nervous system
SH), is emerging as the most common form of liver disease - affecting at least 5% of the population of western countries with increasing incid
   highest levels of mortality among occupational groups in the United States, making the health and safety of farmers, farm workers, and farm
 for initial infection and for recurrent symptoms;illustrated in full colour.
  e scans, aimed specifically at emergency physicians and staff. This is recognised as an essential skill in emergency medicine, and this book
 ecome the "bible" intransfusion medicine
 esidents and practising hematologists up-to-date knowledge of the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features and management of blood
hose with little exposure to molecular biological methods
modern transfusion medicine
 therapeutic, and psychosocial aspects. The contributors cover basic science and epidemiological aspects of the public health challenge, but
 ng in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis
 s an essential reference volume in the haematology laboratory.

uide meets the urgent need for a comprehensive, authoritative reference guide for everyone in the medical and scientific community engaged
bution to the field. The book‘s primary focus is on the medical and surgical evaluation and treatment of the disease. Experts around the globe
 hiatric conditions
gist, this book updates and presents the current state of the art clinical approaches to this subject, assisting neurologists and physicians alike
 hiatric conditions
g field of cerebrovascular disease research, excitement about effective new imaging and therapeutic strategies, and the need to timely educa
erhaps more so than in any medical specialty. As a consequence the trainee neurologist must invest a great deal of time and effort into learni
ses in over 20 years with an update on current methods for their management, including the use of newer technologies.Each of the various h
 600 pages, with more than 400 illustrations and photographs this text spans everything from embryology to the emotional trauma women un
gynaecological surgical practice since it was first published in 1911!In this new tenth edition, this classic of the medical literature has been ex
ely revised to reflect the advances that have been made in maternal-fetal medicine. This edition contains 14 brand new chapters written by th

ng new text on pediatrics and child care management, using evidence based approach. It covers all the major childhood conditions and conta
  teaching and medical and surgical practice - the Institute of Child Health at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This colour handbook combines t
 for the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical physicians!
  hiatric conditions.
  t knowledge, through the integration of empirical findings with clinical experience and practice
  hiatric conditions
he IOC Medical Commission Encyclopaedia Sports Medicine series
scular surgery and future perspectives
h the skills and techniques needed to solve unforeseen intraoperative complications
   been completely revised and updated to reflect new discoveries in the field of Vascular Surgery. This edition features 28 new chapters writte
 n the wards dealing with complications and deviations from the typical or average scenario that matures and fully develops a surgeon. The ty
cal Nursing Procedures, sixth edition, meets the high standards set by the previous editions. It presents up-to-date, evidence-based expert k
cal manual for all nurses involved in plastic surgical care. Plastic or reconstructive surgery serves to restore form and function following traum
   Overdentures instructs clinicians and laboratory technicians on the step by step utilization process of this treatment modality. This four-color
 ehabilitate the maxilla through the placement of dental implants. As implant dentistry becomes increasingly well established and sophisticate
mandibular disorders, an array of medical and dental conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), masticatory muscles, and con
dge of the vitamins‘ biological properties in the context of human nutrition. Vitamins are co-enzymes, antioxidants or precursors of hormones
 tific and authoritative overview of the implications of drinking beer as part of the human diet. Coverage includes a history of beer in the diet, a
etals in human metabolism, a relatively neglected area of human metabolism and nutrition. The book focuses its attention on the vital roles p
hods for modeling energy and fluid flow problems in buildings. It offers detailed insights into both the potential and the flows of the methods.
ernational civil engineering and large building projects, together with new Yellow, Silver and Green forms of contract for other types of project
ard form of contract in 2003, the JCT Major Project From, to meet the needs of parties in major construction projects, including funders, purc
  f claims under building contracts when it was first published in 1983. It explains the legal basis of contractor's claims under all the main build
construction disputes since it was first introduced by the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, and a substantial body of
   introduced a very different looking contract format and a number of changes to contract conditions. A completely new Intermediate Building
 ework for commercial management. It argues that managing the contractual and commercial issues of projects – from project inception to co
e and innovation Whole-life costing: risk and risk responses offers a thorough grounding in both the theory and practical application of WLCC
  nt provides essential information for all who need to be up-to-date and familiar with the implications of the legal, fiscal and planning framewo
specialists to explore the current state of the art and future potential for encouraging, developing and implementing smart and sustainable bu
 kwork. A major feature is a series of step-by-step design examples of typical elements and buildings.The book has been revised to include u
 s of discussion in the context of Kant‘s other work.

 nal concerns of the field and presents arguments in a clear, accessible way.

 pectives on the construction of knowledge concerning the antiquity of man.
 tical, and aesthetic issues in contemporary art since 1945, primarily in the Euro-American context.
d Bürger knit together primary sources and classic, ―canonical‖ criticism.
mative' arts writing over the past decade or so.
  modern art and visual representation.
storical, and historiographic essays written by renowned and emergent scholars, the volume covers the vibrancy of medieval art from both th
 anthology that brings together the classic essays in the field, the volume chronicles the major developments and trends in architecture from
historical and contemporary sources.
able reference for art historians, museum curators, and art and culture lovers.

 h such trade potential. The price has also crept up to 17.99. It still sells c. 1000 copies, and most of these are through the trade.Tony Kenny

raditions, including feminist scholarship, from Descartes to the present.
ese movements, including entries on over ninety thinkers.

 ieth century in the analytic, continental, and pragmatist traditions

 hed international scholars.

ophical approaches to ethics including virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, divine command theory, and feminist ethics.
movements, survey and critiques the philosophical accounts of their foundations, offers an original defence of human rights AND then applie

 executives, the book serves as a platform on a subject profoundly difficult and timely.

 ntext on communicative interaction and, as a corollary, what a context of utterance is and what it is to be in one.

source in critical essays on the central themes and issues of the philosophy of law today.
ffering a unified treatment of the various issues in the philosophy of law.


omen‘s experience.

 Plato‘s masterwork.

e most influential texts in the history of philosophy.
generate philosophical interest.

ance, and introductions to his major works and philosophical ideas.

 that all four evolved in reaction to Kant‘s fascinating and demanding philosophy.

    religion dialogue. Leading theologian, Alister E. McGrath explores how the working methods and assumptions of the natural sciences can b

spective, offering a wide-ranging and provocative re-thinking of the nature of theological ethics.

 today: are new forms of spirituality overtaking traditional forms of religion?

atristic, medieval, Reformation and modern periods. Each reading has been selected on the basis of meticulous reserach into classroom use

ore information about Theology: The Basics, please visit


understanding of the diverse methods, theories, and theorists involved in the historical and methodological development of the study of religio
cted scholars in the field, The Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion provides an interdisciplinary and authoritative guide to the subjec
or psychological malformation? This book tells the story of how and why classic theorists have posed such questions, and how the theories a

aristic theology, its reclamation of St Thomas Aquinas‘s theology of the Eucharist, and its response to Pope John Paul II‘s Ecclesia de Eucha
at where the subject is heading.

e bestselling popular science writers, with outspoken and controversial views on religion. This fascinating and provoking work is the first boo
ly revised to include greater coverage of the Catholic perspective, contemporary issues such as women and globalization, and non-Western

ntellectual scene.
of this fascinating religion.
nge of his interests and the skill, thoughtfulness and sensitivity he brought to his subjects, whether writing from the point of view of an eye-wit
nal Studies.

out to embark on a literature degree all the background information they need to stay afloat.
 f the millennium.

heoretical introduction to key gothic narratives from a feminist perspective.The book concentrates primarily on fiction from the 1760s through
utional agendas that readers need to engage with in order to appreciate modern theatre in all its complexity.

d the Scholar.

rican versions of them.

on to contemporary bestsellers as well as to major literary works.

udy of modernism.
vels of the first half of the twentieth century.

ribal groups, and Europeans that helped to shape early American writing.

 ngs, and his place in American literary history.

th longstanding ideas and newer perspectives.

characterize the study of Greek tragedy today.
oman Empire.


c correspondence of the time.

the Great in 323 B.C.

xtended coverage of Roman imperialism.

l culture, updates to individual chapters, an updated bibliography, and a new introduction.

e collection of research that documents the development of syntax in this way. Under the editorial direction of Martin Everaert and Henk van
 Minimalist Program, and provides readers with a critical understanding of these, helping them in the process to develop keen insights into th

actic theory.

 Portner presents the field‘s key ideas about how language works.
 ed set of universal constraints.
 re reproduced on the accompanying CD.
phonotactics, and stress and intonation.
e, history, and social context as well as important theoretical issues.
y, covering both linguistic and cultural material.

sibly, it explores the extent of diversity in ‗inner circle‘ English speaking countries (the UK, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New

course analysis which are not always clearly identified and examined.

m around the globe, issues of identity in 'bicultural' individuals, and the 'real world' implications of intercultural contact and conflict.

ogical issues related to English as it is spoken around the world.

ogy, and culture. Its underlying purpose is to explain the links between nature, culture, and population and thereby to look at ways of preventi

phy and suggested further reading sections have been fully updated, and additions and amendments have been made throughout.

 of early Tudor England.

orgian and Victorian eras.
 interpretation of the Holocaust.
entieth century.
 nship to linguistics and human biology. Christopher Hutton identifies the central figures involved in the study of race during the Nazi regime,
he present day.

 s reproduced are both visual and written, and the secondary present a remarkable breadth and quality of relevant scholarship.

 pectives and includes a wide range of regional and thematic case studies.

 and provides insight into the breadth of modern archaeology.

 ommitted in the prehistoric world.

 nthropological problems they pose; in other words, in terms of their implications for how individual and collective life is subject to technologica

n its focus thereby serving as an invaluable tool for instructors and students alike.

 es and as a dynamic tradition that is historically informed, locally shaped, and continually reinterpreted.

  framework for rethinking future study of ―the state‖.
 from the past and present.
 ntieth century, it enables readers to appreciate the art of different cultures at different times.

magic‖ of the free market.
 lativist and globalist discourses.
 ve rendered illegal immigrants as targets of government.

 t got us to this point.
 t offer a sparkling look at intertextuality as communicative practice.

 in the field. This ground-breaking project will bring together specially commissioned entries written and edited by an international team of the
Beck offers an illuminating account of the changing nature of power in the global age and assesses the influence of the ever-expanding coun

 culture and society.
 as Access, nursing, and health and social care courses – will also find the book provides an easy and fun introduction to studying sociology.

 raordinary care to focus the reader on experiences in his or her everyday life as a way of understanding and performing research methods.
e family and race relations, to the role of science and the fate of ethical action in the modern world.
he thesis that the fall of communism has decimated alternative conceptions of social organizations other than capitalism.
scholars examine a wide range of critical questions. Authors represent various theoretical, methodological, and political commitments, creatin
ndpoint of sociology. Clearly written, and jargon free, the book aims to create a more comprehensive and balanced understanding of recent I
 itable path. Through specific case studies involving contemporary debates, this book shows that science and technology are fundamentally p
s, and this concise, accessible volume shows why the subject continues to resonate both in and outside the academy.
ntroductory overview of gender theory and research, offering a unique and compelling approach.
ten these essays cover central topics that have evolved over the past 25 years.
 e links have developed over time, what broad social trends are transforming them now, and offers some empirically-based projections about
ries and evidence, but also covers the most cutting-edge research, data, and debates. In addition to being revised throughout, the book conta
h and globalization theory, the book gives a historical treatment of the development of world culture and assesses the complex impact of wor
 erican classic, Progress and Poverty. George's 19th century classic argument for land reform produced an army of critics including Alfred M
 erican classic, Progress and Poverty. George's 19th century classic argument for land reform produced an army of critics including Alfred M
of capital and interest, his debt-deflation theory of depression, the various financial devices that he developed to improve governance and pol

ent crisis in democracy.
 inaries in the field of cultural studies have assembled a volume that builds on and updates Williams‘ classic, reflecting the transformation in
bial 'anti-discipline' of cultural studies.
he role of aesthetics in American and British cultural studies, and reflect on its recuperation in the field.
  media reception theory to analyze popular culture.

a field.

 n American history from 1945 to the present.
n identity in the 20th century.
anding of the media and how they work, it is an indispensable book.
edia industry today and the way in which it evolved over time.The textbook compares developments and influences from a broad perspective

s together seminal essays written across traditional and new media, industry sectors, and national contexts to demonstrate that content still d
vely examples from various countries and media.
 r the most important topics in the study of literature and film adaptations.
  ns, bringing together the very latest scholarship in the field.

a technology, and an art—the book is a basic primer on the complex, fascinating, and often overlooked story of television and its impact on A
d other markers of social position and (dis)privilege, such as race, class, ethnicity, and nationality.
ury. Although many who study the dynamics of Africa's AIDS crisis accept that, to some degree, its entrenchment is a socially produced phen
e East seems unique in its longevity and resistance to resolution. Is this conflict really different from other ethnic and nationalist confrontation

e credibility of the government‘s ambition to create world-class state-owned conglomerates.
 harts the development of the field from its pioneers to its contemporary exponents and offers an assessment of its achievements and the ch
ments in the Middle East and shows how colonial power continues to cast long shadows over our own present.

c revolution and its implications for understanding human behavior.
onal policy and practice.

 inary breadth, historical insights, and engaging format, this new edition adds the expertise of well-respected researcher and dedicated teach

s, methodological techniques, and theoretical advances in one of the fastest-growing areas in psychology.

man development.

 es about what can go wrong with early brain development, causing a child to develop outside the normal range.
book summarizes what we already know about psychopathy and antisocial behavior and puts forward a new case for its cause - with far-reac
 nd important contextual variables related to effective teaching in psychology.

 ohn Locke writing parenting advice in 17th century Holland to Kenneth B. Clark responding to the impact of his research on the 19th century
 first experimental psychology laboratory in 1879.

proach to this fascinating subject for the first time.
 science as it is currently understood and practiced.
used to make sense of their results.

 ge in the field.
 psychology of teaching.
 and ecological change.

o-date account of Italian industrial change and regional economic performance.
for the United States, by neighborhood.
our markets across the UK.

d the social sciences, as well as dramatic changes in the operating environment for tourism.

es, while also explaining the economic analysis and business context where each is used.Now in its second edition, the text features expand
e rules, and how these rules are changed to serve competing interests. This text addresses both formal and informal institutions and the imp

  economics, it discusses real issues with a variety of modeling alternatives, allowing for a direct comparison of the implications of the differen
en by both economic and legal scholars, this volume encourages cross-discipline discussion with writing that is accessible to those approach
 rtant areas: factor proportions theory, trade policy, investment, and new trade theory. The extensive analysis covers such topics as the Heck
 ing its intellectual richness while offering a comprehensive review of the academic literature. Including a diverse portfolio of authors and topic
 olytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia. What is the field Public Choice Political Economy all about? How did it originate? Who were the m
s readers with the basics needed to understand advanced strategies, and explanations of cutting edge advanced topics. Focusing on concep
   foundation, the book examines fixed income securities, equity analysis and investment strategy. Developing an advanced treatment of the s
 pter questions, and students can take advantage of links to pricing models on the internet. This concise book is ideal for instructors seeking

 process in itself.

e field of health care.
 e new book: Organization: Contemporary Principles and Practice provides a current, comprehensive guide to organizational management in

xt gives business and technology students the integrated framework they need to interpret conflicting and rapidly changing business phenom

s and professionals.

  James March uses great works of literature to explore the problems of leadership.
 ential reference for occupational health and personnel departments* 'Essential reading... clear, straight to the point... superb value for money
nd suggested treatment. References have been brought up-to-date and there is a new glossary of botanical terms. Illustrations range from ac
rstanding and control of parasitic and non-parasitic diseases of lettuce, chicory and endive. Section One (some 200 pages) contains practica
 ed to cover pests of fruit crops in temperate and sub-tropical regions. There are over 600 colour photos from a total of 1100 new to this editi
ns to this field, and the common elements of epigenetic systems have linked research groups interested in plant, fungal and animal systems.
work provides insight into the central role played by the circadian system in the regulation of many aspects of metabolism. The multiple syste
d policymakers to consider. Unfortunately, we are still too often unable to quantify the risks of ecological damage associated with gene flow. T
 onment associated with climatic, edaphic and physiographic factors that substantially limit plant growth and survival. Categorically these are
 intercellular continuum for the transport of solutes, signals and ribonucleoprotein complexes. It is now clear that plasmodesmata formation a
 hways leading to them. Studies assessing the impact of UV radiation on plant life have emphasized the role of the cuticle and underlying epi
e‘s origin. This adaptability is necessary for conserving the stability of the intracellular environment which is, in turn, essential for maintaining
  provides an overview of the biosynthesis, catabolism, perception and signal transduction of the individual hormone classes, followed by cha
 ch on ROS has concentrated on the oxidative damage that results from exposure to environmental stresses and on the role of ROS in defen
ver 4,200 figures, illustrations, and drawings (over half of them new), and is organized by monophyletic assemblages using latest higher-grou
 bal scale.
  understanding of the application of the scientific and ecological principles that underlie freshwater processes.The Lakes Handbook provides
  understanding of the application of the scientific and ecological principles that underlie freshwater processes.The Lakes Handbook provides

coln, Nebraska on August 6-10, 2001.The 29 papers in this volume reflect the topical and geographic diversity of exciting research conducte
ynamics, deposits and ecology of these rivers.
nmental change, past, present, and future.
nt because of their geographic ubiquity, their abundance and diversity in Cretaceous to Recent deep-sea sediments, because of the relations
  mens from The Natural History Museum‘s unrivalled paleontological collections, and modern relational database technology.
 re published each year and feature high standard illustrations.
 re published each year and feature high standard illustrations.
echniques and technologies, and the chapter authors are leading practitioners in their subject areas.The volume encompasses methods and
  e magnitude of performance improvement available with this type of reactor compared to systems in which the reactor and separator are se
easurement focuses on the instruments used to make real time measurements of atmospheric gas and aerosol composition.
ul in the preparation of nitrogen heterocycles because of their related structural characteristics and easy availability.Synthesis of Naturally Oc
 in analytical chemistry. Application in preparative chromatography has been less rapid, but with the development of single enantiomer pharm
erties. These molecules are of interest across the wide spectrum of industrial and academic organic chemistry, so that organofluorine chemis
  s has spurred a revolution in the cosmetic industry for better skin care delivery technologies, both to preserve inherent activity as well as to e
chemical, food and chemical industries. Process analytical chemistry (PAC), or process analytical technology (PAT) as it has recently been c
 spread development and implementation of the emulsion polymerisation technique. In addition, when combined with novel polymerisation m
   basis of their activity is required by all those who use surfactants, yet the new graduate or postgraduate chemist or chemical engineer will ge
  of products. From the identification and synthesis of materials such as cinnamaldehyde and vanillin in the 19th Century to the current applica
ures original design, methodological, and application data.Chemists, biochemists, and electronic engineers will find here important new mate
 ve focused on limiting the use of organic solvents and replacing them with new, environmentally benign media. The chemical industry is inte
 ndustry professionals to create an indispensable resource on the scientific principles and technological methods for processing fruits of all ty
  ic developments, technological processes, and engineering principles are described as they relate to the essentials of baking. Coverage incl
as a comprehensive and contemporary reference text. A brief history and evolution of microbiology and fermented foods, an overview of micr
er professional reference books by identifying the research needed to assure food safety in the future. The editors and authors not only revie
 fety, physical contaminants can impact the element most essential to an organization‘s success – consumer confidence and trust in the prod
 ully understand the consumer and target development and marketing efforts, their business will be more successful. Sensory and Consume
   Science and Technology Abstracts®, has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence.Distilled from the extensive data held and maintaine
  cademia: 1) define the basic principles of irradiation and the public health benefits of irradiation; 2) describe advances in irradiation technolo
  he common denominator between many of our foodstuffs.In his engaging style Professor Charles Bamforth covers all known food applicatio
bility of all those involved in the microbiological examination of foods and food-related samples.In order to maintain the consistently high stan
bled over fifty acclaimed academicians and industry professionals to create this indispensable reference and text on food biochemistry and th
 ors have assembled experts worldwide to write Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks. This one-of-a-kind resource gives a complete de
  tbook examines the principles of food processing and demonstrates their application by describing the stages and operations for manufactu
e type of Kosher certification. Understanding Modern Kosher Food Production explores the intricate relationship between modern food produ
 ng for food processing wastage. The text shows food processing managers how much of the waste now being generated can become a man
questions with Dietary Supplement Labeling Compliance Review, a comprehensive guide to understanding and complying with the dietary su
 istration. Available in book or CD-ROM (searchable) formats, it is composed of three essential parts: Sections I through V consist of the intro
  ocuses on aspects of wine making procedures that are important in the development of flavour, describing some of the grapes used and the
ations, with increasing demand for wider choice and greater quality. Often neglected and under-regulated, food safety should be of paramou
al Principles, Procedures and Tables provides a comprehensive discussion of sensory discriminative analysis from a statistical perspective. A
 likely to interact in a complex way, but, since the chemical compounds and physical structures that activate the flavor sensors change as the
 h factorial structure and samples with correlation structure. Innovative new techniques are outlined and complemented with real examples. T
 airy species will never be able to compete with the cow in terms of the volume of milk production. Yet, the contribution of milks from other se
 ing the traditional and industrial methods of manufacture of Feta cheeses, Halloumi cheese, Domiati cheeses and other cheeses from the M
   classification and composition of femented milks, starter cultures, all the major stages of manufacture, production of yoghurt-related produc
  oks at advancements in the dairy industry and reviews the latest scientific developments in regard to the ‗functional‘ aspects of dairy and ferm
ajor driving forces in new product development. It is therefore important, as options for sugar replacement continue to increase, that expert k
shelf life enhancement, or as complexing or stabilising agents for other components such as starch or protein.Each chapter in this volume co
   making minimal use of additives. Tight regulatory control and labelling requirements provide further impetus for the development of these pr
  filed concerns influencing today‘s commerce and regulation of fresh and frozen fish about the world. In Modified Atmospheric Processing an
   undergone a remarkable expansion, and this has served to underline the need for an accessible source of technical guidance.This book is u
   carbonated soft drinks, for graduates in food science, chemistry or microbiology entering production, quality control, new product developme
able in a variety of flavours and packaging. The market for these products continues to show a remarkable potential for growth. The variety o
d features on which packaging made from these materials depends for its appearance and performance. The manufacture of twelve types of
s together recent developments in techniques and an improved understanding of plant and soil interactions to present a comprehensive look
s and focuses primarily on diseases that are caused by pathogens. Chapters dealing with the general principles of the causes, diagnosis and
  0 years since its publication. The benefits from public and private investment in agricultural research are immense and should be understood
The first of its kind, this book provides a comprehensive sociological treatment of trends in rural USA health and health care. The editors hav
   others responsible for shaping policy to be aware of how to deal with these new responsibilities and challenges.The authors bring a wealth o

area.‖ --Aldo Leopold, 1927, in a letter to the Superintendent of Glacier National ParkThe planning and management staff of state/national pa
world. This volume originated from the Arnel R. Hallauer International Symposium held in Mexico City in 2003, and represents contributions f
eloped, and we now have a huge range of crop varieties.Based on Blackburn‘s highly successful Sugarcane, originally published in 1984, thi
 pesticides are registered for use, what happens to pesticides in food and the environment, pesticide application, operator safety and the futu
sed pest resistance to pesticides, and continued losses due to pests, have stimulated the search for alternative pest management solutions.
Fusarium and the techniques involved in the isolation and identification of individual species. It also represents the first time morphological a
 a multi-billion dollar global industry.A. Philip Draycott has gathered 32 international experts to create this defining text, providing a comprehe
-breaking book series (details below) explains how crops should be dried, handled, protected from pests and stored by smaller holders or lar
and the plant communities in which they interact. It also includes information on the commercial uses of endophytes in livestock and turf indu
e details of 40 major grass species. For each species included, an anatomical description is given together with full colour photographs and
   environmental impact, new nutritional approaches, and modern reproductive and genetic techniques have all come into being, together with
 e to suit particular environments and farming systems. This is both the result of natural processes and of human needs for specialized livesto
ology, culture methods and practical use in marine finfish hatcheries.Originating out of a workshop held on copepods by the Oceanic Institute
mal, exotic animal and laboratory animal medicine will all find this book an irreplaceable source of information on many of the animals they ca
  profitable and viable aquaculture operations throughout the world. As a result, aquaculture biosecurity programs that address aquatic anima
and economics from a user-friendly, how-to perspective The Aquaculture Marketing Handbook provides the reader with a broad base of infor
onment. The second edition of this well-received book brings together and discusses the available information on all major environmental asp
  This important and timely book reviews the current and potential future situation concerning the major exploited marine fish species, such as
    continued to expand apace. The third edition of this important, useful and well-received book maintains the original aim of providing a thoro
 obe. This important book, which contains fully peer reviewed and carefully edited papers from the 2nd International Symposium in Stock Enh
  heries scientists.Cephalopods: ecology and fisheries is a thorough review of this most important animal group. The first introductory section
   fishes are of considerable research interest and provide a major contribution to recreational and commercial fisheries, and to aquaculture, w
  nsive information on the tools and techniques available to those working in areas where the declining health of the sea, depletion of marine r
  ment, to which acoustic methods can and do make an important contribution.The second edition of this widely used book covers the many te
 w tools, materials and techniques, but the industry has seen an increasing need to address controversial issues such as declining fish stocks
 erwoven themes:· The consequences and management of unregulated/unreported catches· Competition· External drivers and resource beh
  ll are surrounded by forests and are dependent in major ways upon such cover. The interactions between fishes and forests are complex, m
  ughout with photographs, line diagrams and radiographs.
 the-art equine shelter; or an animal scientist or horse owner who simply wants the latest, safest, and most up-to-date information on manure
  ples to drug and chemical residue avoidance—information that previously has been spread throughout the literature. Now, the Tabulation of
  panion animal species. As the United States moves to becoming a nation that is reducing the number of animals it euthanizes in its shelters,
  more than 50 new monographs with a list of synonyms at the end of each monograph, a revised insulin monograph, an expanded ophthalmo
  more than 50 new monographs with a list of synonyms at the end of each monograph, a revised insulin monograph, an expanded ophthalmo
escribed and explained. The book is superbly illustrated and covers all the important domestic large and small animals: dogs, cats, horses, c
  sts to survey the whole range of relevant small animal publications, to pick out the papers making a significant contribution, to comment on t
  Techniques: A Primer invaluable. The author has gone back to basics to fill in the gap between limited and advanced veterinary dental servi
  feline health. More than 300 top specialists provide complete coverage of over 700 specific disorders. This edition‘s brand-new behavior sec
 lp veterinary surgeons and students to practise the art and science of feline medicine. * New edition of a well-known reference and text.* Sat
    last 10 years. Accompanying chapters from neurology specialists across Europe and the USA are a set of stunning specially commissioned
  feline health. More than 300 top specialists provide complete coverage of over 700 specific disorders. This edition‘s brand-new behavior sec
  feline health. More than 300 top specialists provide complete coverage of over 700 specific disorders. This edition‘s brand-new behavior sec
 ut also additional chapters on diagnostic techniques and presenting complaints.The chapters, written by a host of international authors, all ex
 reatmentUncommon and emerging endocrine disordersInternational authors
ns as well as those working towards a specialist qualification in soft tissue surgery.The Manual concentrates on the most common soft tissue
  kshelf.The Manual provides a practical and up-to-date approach to surgery of the head, neck and thorax. The relative anatomy of the area o
  hich give key information on functional considerations, aetiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, and therapy of ENT disorders. Relevant diagnostic
 partnership. The extended use of colour photographs adds to the extra usefulness of this successor to a well loved volume.Clinical examina
    viral diseases, bacterial diseases, fungal diseases, parasitic diseases and other miscellaneous diseases. Clinical symptoms are described a
  iques, it is an indispensable source of information for veterinary practitioners treating sick or injured chelonians and all those involved in cap
 the horse and large ruminants. The guide to large animal dissection is organized as a progressive series of anatomical illustrations, accompa
 mation regarding Mycobacterium bovis in any single source. This international reference includes the most current information on mechanism
  death, abortion and fetal anomalies despite the millions of vaccination doses used each year to prevent its spread. Written by international e
 opographical treatment of parts of the body is accompanied by illustrations of the bones, joints, muscles, organs, blood vessels, nerves, and
mer by focussing on the veterinary clinical examination and inspection of husbandry practice, along with subsequent practical and cost effect
  osis, various viral and bacterial diseases (including several new disease chapters), other miscellaneous conditions and veterinary practice. N
  osis, various viral and bacterial diseases (including several new disease chapters), other miscellaneous conditions and veterinary practice. N
    medicine. Emphasis is placed on definition, pathophysiology, diagnosis/treatment of problems, and diseases likely to be encountered by eq
ems and their interaction in the live animal. An essential resource for learning and revision, this fourth edition will be a valuable reference for
 und for understanding medicine and surgery; present concepts, methods and procedures to provide for the welfare and well-being of the anim
hroughout in full colour
  hroughout the book the authors focus on anatomical relationships to clinical conditions and where appropriate, to microscopic anatomy, histo
gnosis by correlating the clinical and microscopic features of skin disease. This book is a heavily illustrated comprehensive overview of clinica
   written by internationally recognised authorities in veterinary dermatology.Advances in Veterinary Dermatology provides all veterinarians and
nostic evaluation, readers will find equally concise and clear coverage of both hematology and clinical chemistry for many domestic and exoti
exity of the nervous system and its many functions. While it is always important to have detailed knowledge of the separate elements of the n
 ncorporates new information. It answers essential questions for busy clinicians in general practice. Biochemical tests are discussed in a clini
 hodology fails to answer all of the questions. Pathophysiology represents a new approach to understanding the nature of disease processes,
hasizing pathogenic events at the molecular and cellular levels, the editors and contributors place these developments in the context of the o
   examples and the infectious aspects of veterinary medicine, including pathogenic mechanisms and processes in infectious diseases; metho
  eferral. Species coverage is mainly dog and cat with additional material on the horse and the cow.Following an outline of the basic elements
 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical agents as diagnostic probes in clinical medicine and investigative research. This unique and groundb
d user friendly guide to feline orthopaedics. The book includes highly structured fully referenced text that provides a concise, straightforward
  sis of traumatized dogs and cats, including a range of emergency cases. The main focus of the revised concept is the descriptive presentatio
    The benefits of laser surgery—less pain and faster recovery—represent the caring side of the profession. When veterinarians invest in a las
  en considerable expansion in the application of veterinary epidemiology: more quantitative methods are available, challenges such as the ep

 n detail, and will contain representative polysomnographic epochs. A comprehensive discussion of the differential diagnosis and representat

al expertise.
strations in full-colour throughout, and also provides detailed instructions on how to apply local anaesthesia.Practically oriented, the book cou
 hapters are written by leaders in the field of congenital cardiac anesthesia, who perform large numbers of cases clinically, and contribute im
for cardiologists in Europe and beyond.Follows structure of the ESC Core SyllabusCompatible with ESC Guidelines and best practiceAccom
s. This modality has allowed nuclear cardiology to expand from the assessment of myocardial perfusion alone to the routine assessment of b
nt information needed by today‘s practitioners. Firstly the disease is explored covering definition, epidemiology (prevalence, incidence, age an

nts the minority of cases. For the vast majority, there is an underlying anatomic disorder of the cardiovascular system responsible for the ultim
 r backgrounds can influence a patient‘s response; how to monitor treatment once it has begun; and what side-effects can be expected from
s book will be a valuable reference for all involved in the care of patients with valvular heart disease, including cardiologists in practice and tr
 cal problems that physicians encounter on a regular basis. Many different clinical issues are discussed, including valvular disease, coronary
 t is invasive with some risk of complications and requires a brief period of hospitalization, making it relatively expensive. Cardiac CT, PET an
assessment. The knowledge required for the examination and the practice of TOE is enormous and is continuously evolving. Consequently th
his book contains all the major subject areas within the field of electrocardiography with significant clinical and basic content to appeal to the
 agement of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)—the most common and important of the genetic cardiovascular diseases—as well as relate
come clear that atrial fibrillation and other atrial tachyarrhythmias can be initiated (and possibly maintained) by triggering foci in any of the tho

graphy laboratory. Concise and practical, this text includes tips and illustrations that serve as a guide for obtaining the most information from
ve not yet reached the trial phase
 ssociated with torsades de pointes. Advances in ion channel cloning have greatly improved our understanding of the role of ionic channels in
ovascular disease management strategies.Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy provides basic knowledge about congestive heart failure but
 nary intervention. It contains illustrations showing all aspects of adult interventional cardiology and will be useful for cardiologists in practice a

ng endovascular and open surgery, endovascular and laparoscopic surgery, robotic and laparoscopic surgery, and video-assisted procedures

pass them into daily practice.Endovascular Therapy covers everything you need to know about creating an endovascular program, such as i
er evidence for clinical management.This book includes material by an internationally renowned group of authorities directed by a prominent

kin colour. The two sections, physiology and pathophysiology, are complimentary and are annotated so that those reading one part can easil
ever the cause, they can easily be overlooked as psoriasis or dermatitis.Diagnosis of skin lymphoma is difficult and making the wrong diagno
d skin and a section on differential diagnosis
s underpinned with the principles of the underlying photophysics, chemistry and biology. Medical and nursing staff and technicians will find va

n fully revised and updated and is organised in such a way that it can be referred to at a moment's notice.

nd its complications are very visual, with, for example, striking images of retinopathy and neuropathy. The success of Pickup & Williams' Tex

 ased medicineExpanded with 8 new chapters, including obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and epidemiology of irritable bowel syndrom
extracellular fluid volume, and how they work together or don‘t work together can affect circulation and the heart. There has been very little wr

 uously leading to changes in the management of pancreatic diseases, but these advances are applied to the clinical practice almost exclusiv
of this condition.

erstanding, diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome – the most common functional disorder of the bowel. IBS has been diagn

cidence in developing economies in other continents (particularly Asia, South America and South Africa).NASH is the form of fatty liver disord
rm residents a leading priority for epidemiologists, occupational health and safety professionals, rural health providers, public health practitio

 ok will provide the means to learn it, with question led text and many illustrations of real examples. The book will include a CD Rom of video

od disorders
but maintain a focus on the day to day issues encountered in dealing with affected people.Containing clear, practical advice, this text is an es

 ed in the fight against SARS.
 be who have made seminal contributions to the treatment of epilepsy have contributed to the book, which preserves its flow and focus extrem

 ke in this difficult but increasingly common situation.

ucate clinicians about the changing playing field for a common, serious and expensive syndrome - transient ischemic attacks (TIA). TIAs can
rning the art of diagnosis. Neurological Examination is the ideal text to use.Neurological Examination is an illustrated guide to all aspects of t
s histological types of cancer metastasizing to the brain is presented separately in a detailed analysis and discussion.This volume includes a
undergo when their cervix is removed at hysterectomy.
extensively revised and expanded by three leading gynaecological oncologists. Specifically tailored for trainees in obstetrics and gynaecolog
 the field's leading physicians.Critical Care Obstetrics, 4/e, offers expanded coverage in areas vital to intensive care management, including

ntains the features of both a handbook and a reference text. Each chapter combines both advice on management and how best to practice e
s the advantages of a colour atlas with detailed text covering clinical features, epidemiology, investigations and differential diagnosis. Illustrat

  itten by leading vascular surgeons.The latest edition combines invaluable historical knowledge and perspectives of specialty together with th
e typical textbook demonstrates the ―right‖ or standard way to do things and the implicit assumption is that if these guidelines are followed the
t knowledge, enabling nurses to deliver effective patient-focused care. The book is clear, unambiguous and easy to understand.Clinical proc
uma (accidents, injuries and burns), congenital defects, or illness (cancer and neoplasms, pressure sores, and degenerative illness). Nursing
 lor handbook presents an accessible, intuitive directory for classifying attachments, a list of clinical indications and contraindications for each
ated, this book will help experienced surgeons to involve implant solutions as part of more challenging reconstructions in the upper jaw.Starti
 ontiguous structures. The book will provide evidence-based, clinically practical information that allows dentists to diagnose TMD accurately,
 es and are therefore involved in a great many biochemical and physiological processes. They play a vital role in the maintenance of health, a
 t, an overview of beer production and beer compositional analysis, the impact of raw materials, the desirable and undesirable components in
s played by the relatively small number of trace metal nutrients as components of a wide range of functional proteins. Its structure and conten
ect. However, the previous edition of the Red Book (the fourth edition) continues to be widely used and it seems likely that the 1999 edition w
  rchasers and tenants. It seems set to revolutionise the world of major projects and may well take over from the JCT Contract with Contracto
  ilding contracts and considers the practical implications. The new edition is a substantial revision and considers the latest editions of the JCT
   of case law has now built up.This book established itself as the key authority on adjudication when it was first published. It has now been rev
ng Contract with Contractor's Design has also been issued.This well established guide, which has been thoroughly updated, looks at the cha
   completion – is vital in linking operations at the project level and the multiple projects (portfolios/ programmes) level to the corporate core of
CC. It will help to improve accuracy of the assessments of long-term effectiveness of projects - now an essential tool for those performing ris
works around the global and local sustainability agenda. It is relevant to a range of organisations and individuals - from national and local aut
 built environment strategies.It covers a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from technological advancement, through the assessment of past
e updates to the code of practice BS 5628:2000-2 and the 2004 version of Part A of the Building Regulations. New information on sustainabil
thematic and sub-disciplinary perspectives.
m Vitruvius to Gottfried Semper.

ny does not want to revisit the content in any significant way. The questions really concern the followingIncluding colour plates as well as half

lies the notion thus defended to a number of key arenas. The script is wonderfully engaging and illuminating, and gently provocative. Review
n be used to inform and stimulate systematic theology.

se, and includes a detailed introduction, comments and questions.The 3rd edition of the Christian Theology Reader incorporates new materi

 gion. It can be used alongside Ivan Strenski‘s textbook, Thinking about Religion: An Historical Introduction to Theories of Religion, to offer a
s and methods of religious studies arose as attempts to answer them.


ook-length response to Dawkins‘ ideas, and offers an ideal introduction to the topical issues of science and religion.
rn Christianity, this is a truly comprehensive, lively, and jargon-free introduction to Christianity.

witness of the holocaust, of an author of novels and short stories, or of a chemist.The first part of this collection brings together Levi‘s articles
gh the 1840s, exploring the work of Horace Walpole, Clara Reeve, Sophia Lee, Matthew Lewis, Charlotte Dacre, Charles Maturin, Ann Radc
an Riemskijk, this 5 volume set comprises 70 case studies commissioned specifically for this volume. The 80 contributors are drawn from an
 the strengths and weaknesses of syntactic arguments in general.

ew Zealand) and examines language in the home, school, and the wider community.

nting future environmental collapse and human catastrophe. It is valued for its informative and accessible style, the reasoned treatment of is
e, and traces continuities and discontinuities between Nazism and the study of human diversity in the Western tradition. Whilst Nazi race the

ical, political, and ethical reflection and intervention.

he world's best scholars and teachers. It will provide:Clear, concise, expert definitions and explanations of the key conceptsAn essential refe
unter-powers.The author puts forward the provocative thesis that in an age of global crises and risks, a politics of "golden handcuffs" - the cr

gy.Thoroughly revised and fully updated, An Introduction to Sociology gives concise yet comprehensive coverage of all the topics specified by


ating the first truly global overview of the field.
 t Islamic resurgence. Amongst the many themes explored, the book brings together in a single theoretical framework debates on the diversi
 y part of society and are shaped by it.
out how these relationships are likely to develop in the future.
 ntains substantive new sections on globalisation, including global branding and slave labour, and a new chapter on the myths and realities o
world culture on people, organizations, and societies. This is a provocative, synthetic, and grounded interpretation of world culture that is esse

 Marshall, J. B. Clark, F. A. Walker and in the 20th century, Edwin Cannan, Murray Rothbard and Mark Blaug. In recent years Georgist insigh
 Marshall, J. B. Clark, F. A. Walker and in the 20th century, Edwin Cannan, Murray Rothbard and Mark Blaug. In recent years Georgist insigh
policy-making, and finally his eugenic crusades that included the prohibition of alcoholic beverages and healthy diets.

 n culture and society since its publication. New Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society is a state-of-the-art reference for stu

 ve, highlighting and contrasting different countries, industries and periods of history in order to encourage an understanding of cause and eff

 l drives a value-neutral, knowledge economy.

n American life.

henomenon, few have examined the contributions of the continent's ubiquitous poverty, the impact of the pervasive Structural Adjustment Pro
 ons, and if so, in what way?Alan Dowty demystifies the conflict by putting it in broad historical perspective, identifying its roots, and tracing its

challenges it faces in the changed security environment of the early 21st century.The book has been extensively revised and expanded. Exis

 cher Dacher Keltner.

 aching implications.

 ry Brown v. Board decision, this book illustrates the history of the psychology in a direct, engaging manner.
nded summaries of economic analysis, new sections on matrix algebra and linear programming, and additional demonstrations of economics
mpact of alternative institutions, as well as institutional change and evolution. With its broad applications and numerous practice and discussi

 ent models. The exposition is clear and logical, providing a solid foundation in monetary theory and the techniques of economic modeling. T
ching the material from any background. Central issues to those studying international trade are addressed, including labor, environmental ri
 ckscher-Ohlin Trade Model and the Stolper-Samuelson Price Link, as well as wages, antidumping, and political economics.
 pics, this text produces a set of expert, conceptually interesting, and engagingly written papers that together demonstrate the spirit of moder
e main architects and builders? What values and work habits motivated the work? Finally, how did the facts about the development of public
 epts, models, and numerical examples, readers are provided with the tools they need to select, evaluate, and manage bonds.
e subject throughout, the text remains focused on the practical concerns of security analysts. Integrating history, theory, technique, and appli
ng to supplement traditional derivatives course material, as well as those looking to enhance their own understanding of this fast-growing are

 in today‘s world, with additional teaching website supports.

omena in the e-arena.

ney' - Occupational Safety & Health
   actual size colour and black/white photos to enlarged representations of microscopically recognisable features in fruits and leaves. The new
  cal analytical text and over 500 superb colour photos and colour diagrams, and includes systematic cross-referencing between similar-lookin
dition. A major new chapter has been added on pests of sub-tropical crops (particularly citrus, fig and olive). The pests are considered in their
ms.This volume provides a comprehensive overview epigenetic mechanisms and biological processes in plants, illustrating the wider relevanc
  tems involved in photoreception have been determined, leading to an understanding of how light entrains the internal biological clock to the
w. This is due partly to the huge breadth of knowledge required to assemble a comprehensive risk assessment. For example, many scientists
 re abiotic stresses, which include drought, salinity, non-optimal temperatures and poor soil nutrition. Another stress, herbicides, is covered in
n and regulation are central to a diverse range of plant functions that include developmental programming, host-pathogen interactions and sy
epidermis as optical filters for solar radiation. The field concerned with the diffusive transport of lipophilic organic non-electrolytes across the
  g an efficient functional state. The advent of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics has revolutionised the study of plant development an
hapters on hormone distribution and transport, and the roles of hormone signaling in specific developmental processes. Particular attention is
  ence against pathogens. However, more recently, it has become apparent that ROS also have important roles as signalling molecules. A co
 oup taxonomic consenses. Other features include easy-to-use taxonomic keys to each chapter, a glossary, and organism and subject indice

 es an up-to-date overview of the application of ecologically sound approaches, methods and tools using experience gained around the world
 es an up-to-date overview of the application of ecologically sound approaches, methods and tools using experience gained around the world

cted by fluvial sedimentologists at the beginning of the 21st century. Themes represented in this volume include (a) flow, sediment transport,
 nship between occurrence of many modern species and particular water masses, and because of their utility as indicators of environmental

nd instrumentation across a range of applications. It is directed at researchers and professionals in vibrational spectroscopy, analytical chem
separate units. The adequacy of present models is considered by comparison of simulation and experimental studies, and gaps in understan

Occurring Nitrogen Heterocycles from Carbohydrates will review the recent literature dealing with use of carbohydrates as raw materials in th
 rmaceuticals its use is increasingly common in chemical synthesis at laboratory, pilot plant and even full production scale.
mistry is economically highly important.
 o enhance their benefits through novel formulation and delivery methods.With these considerations in mind, Skin Delivery Systems: Transde
   called, is now being deployed in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is seen as a technology that can help companies to improve their con
 mechanisms the process can give rise to a range of polymer products with particularly useful properties.Emulsion polymerisation is a comple
  generally have little or no experience of how and why surfactants work.Chemistry & Technology of Surfactants is aimed at new graduate or
 ication of advanced analytical techniques for identification of trace aroma compounds present in natural materials, the flavour and fragrance
aterial to understand and characterize molecular and submolecular assemblies that enable the fabrication of switch-driven polymer systems.
  terested in these cost-effective, alternative solvents and processes.This book provides a broad overview of the three most commonly used g
  types. The book describes the processing of fruits from four perspectives: scientific basis, manufacturing and engineering principles, produc
ncludes: raw materials and ingredients, from wheat flours to sweeteners, yeast, and functional additives; the principles of baking, such as mix
 icroorganisms involved in food fermentations, and their physiological and metabolic properties provide a foundation for the reader. How micr
view the current, cutting-edge literature in each of their areas, but provide insights and forward thinking into the development of new and inno
 oducer and its brand. Preventing Foreign Material Contamination of Foods describes the business implications of non-conforming products a
mer Research in Food Product Design and Development is the first book to present, from the business viewpoint, the critical issues faced by
 ned by IFIS, the dictionary is easy to use and has been rigorously edited and cross-referenced. This landmark publication features:Over 780
  logy, detection technology, and radiation dosimetry; 3) review the regulations pertaining to food irradiation and the toxicological safety data; 4
 tions of fermentation. Beginning with the science underpinning food fermentations, Professor Bamforth looks at the relevant aspects of micro
 andards of laboratory practice that are required in food microbiology, all staff must be suitably trained to understand what they are to do, how
   the ever-increasing development in the biotechnology of food processing. While biochemistry may be covered in a chapter or two in standar
   description of the manufacturing stages of yogurt and fermented milks from the receipt of raw materials to the packaging of the products.All
  turing different categories of basic food products. Ideal as an undergraduate text, Food Processing stands apart in three ways. First, the coll
 duction and related Kosher application. Following an introduction to basic Kosher laws and theory, author Rabbi Blech details the essential fo
managed resource for producing economic credits. Drawing on his forty years of experience in managing waste, Zall explains how to identify t
 supplement labeling requirements of the Food and Drug Administration. Available in book or CD-ROM (searchable) formats, Dietary Supplem
 troduction and how-to information, including the outline of a compliance review. Sections VI through IX consist of the compliance step-by-ste
 heir resulting wines. In-depth descriptions of flavour reaction pathways are given, together with cutting-edge scientific information concerning
ount importance amid this growth.In this much needed book Erica Sheward makes a compelling case for better management of food safety f
e. A wide variety of test and measurement methods, which were developed during the past decades and scattered in various statistical and n
 he food is eaten, measurements of the changes in stimuli with time are essential to an understanding of the relationship between stimuli and
 . Techniques described may be applied to data where the traditional, most frequently applied nonparametric tests, such as the Kruskal-Walli
 secondary domesticated dairy species to the survival and well-being of mankind around the world is immense and invaluable. Testament to t
  Middle East, and analogues of South American origin. The book also includes chapters on the use of brine storage in the Far East, quality o
 ucts, drinking products, buttermilk, Kefir and koumiss and other miscellaneous products.
 ermented milk products and their ingredients.
   knowledge and information in this area is readily available.Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology provides the information
  considers one of the main chemical groups of food emulsifiers. Within each group the structures of the emulsifiers are considered, together
   products. This book provides an authoritative and comprehensive review of the industrially important advances in the technology that allow f
 and Packaging of Fish: Filtered Smokes, Carbon Monoxide & Reduced Oxygen Packaging, experts from industry, academia, and agencies d
 s unique in providing an overview of the science and technology of the bottled waters industry. The second edition has been strengthened by
 ment or marketing in the beverage industry or in companies supplying ingredients or packaging materials to the beverage industry. Following
y of products and packaging types continues to expand, and among the more significant developments in recent years has been the increase
   of paper- and paperboard-based packaging is described, together with their end-use applications and the packaging machinery involved. Th
 ok at this important relationship.
 nd control of vegetable crop diseases are followed by crop-based chapters. Top quality colour photos illustrate the book throughout.
ood by every student of the agricultural science system in the United States.The second edition updates important landmarks, components, c
 ave presented both integrative reviews of theory and research on rural health issues, as well as the most up-to-date findings of empirical res
 h of knowledge and experience training state and local policy makers in understanding and using local policy models. Community Policy Ana

  parks and protected areas face a complex set of management problems and an uncertain future. Today, internal and external forces are co
 s from an international field of leading plant breeding researchers. The coverage is broad and comprehensive and provides the latest develo
 this new edition has been fully revised and expanded by an international team of widely respected sugarcane specialists. Focussing on the a
 uture of pesticides in light of the development of genetically modified crops.
 s. As a result integrated pest management (IPM) approaches have been developed and applied that rely on genetic, cultural, biological and
  and molecular approaches have been incorporated in a volume devoted to Fusarium identification. The authors include new species and th
 hensive review of the latest research in a clear and accessible form.
 arge-scale enterprises. This second volume presents a series of case studies on how durable crops are actually stored and marketed. The c
 dustries.Neotyphodium endophytes infect many species of temperate grasses and they are known as ―endophytes‖ because their entire life
 d comprehensive details concerning the ecological requirements and agronomic properties species-by-species.This book provides an invalu
 ith the emergence of new health challenges.Now in its third edition, this long established reference book on the management, breeding, feed
 stock – as our knowledge of genetics continues to increase we achieve a greater understanding of how this biodiversity evolved.This book o
ute in Hawaii, this proceedings includes review articles and papers presented by leading international experts in copepod biology and aquacu
care for or treat. Coverage includes sponges, jellyfish, anemones, corals, mollusks, starfish, sea urchins, crabs, crayfish, lobsters, shrimp, he
mal pathogens and diseases have become an important focus for the aquaculture industry. Aquaculture Biosecurity: Prevention, Control, and
  ormation regarding aquaculture economics, markets, and marketing. In addition, this volume also contains an extensive annotated bibliogra
aspects of various aquaculture systems, providing a valuable aid to the preparation of environmental impact assessments of aquaculture pro

 as cod, haddock, hake, wolf-fish, halibut, turbot and sole.The editors of Culture of Cold-Water Marine Fish have drawn together and carefull
 rough synthesis of information on cages and cage aquaculture practices with data and examples encompassing all major world regions.Fully
 nhancement and Sea Ranching is broadly divided into sections covering the following areas:The present situation of stock enhancementSee
on of the book provides coverage of cephalopod form and function, origin and evolution, Nautilus, and biodiversity and zoogeography. The fo
, worldwide.Flatfishes: Biology and exploitation is the only comprehensive and current book in the field and responds to the economic import
 e resources and the biodiversity of marine life are major concerns.In response to the need for increasingly detailed information on bottom-liv
y technological developments which have occurred since the first edition; highly sophisticated sonar and computer processing equipment off
cks, enormous quantities of bycatch and discard and the impact of towed fishing gear on the environment. Fully revised and updated to reflec
ehaviour· Ecosystems and migrationWith contributions from fisheries scientists, policy-makers and managers from more than twenty countri
  multifaceted, dynamic processes involving most inland surface waters, forests, subsurface waters, geology and soils, climate and its change

 re management - this book will fulfill your needs!This handy, user-friendly guide answers some of the toughest questions about equine shelte
  of FARAD Comparative and Veterinary Pharmacokinetic Data brings together in a single source all the most current information on chemica
 rs, access to informed medical care and sound management procedures becomes increasingly critical. In addition to issues of epidemiology
 mology section and new headings for reproductive/nursing safety.
 mology section and new headings for reproductive/nursing safety.
   cows, sheep, goats and pigs.
n these, and then to draw together the strands from a related group of papers and identify the implications for clinical practice.The Year in Sm
 rvices. This book will show you how to establish an efficient dental operatory and perform many of the day-to-day techniques required to rais
 ection is written by preeminent experts in small animal behavior and offers valuable therapeutic and drug information. More than 60 new entr
Satisfies the demand for up-to-date scientific information for the veterinary surgeon* Thoroughly revised to include all the latest developments
 ed full colour illustrations.The book is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the essentials