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					 Technology for Tomorrow at Oakland County, Michigan
               Phil Bertolini | Deputy County Executive and CIO | Oakland County, Michigan
                            Phone: 248.858.0815 | Email:

Cloud Computing
Providing government-to-government access to applications via the cloud

What is cloud computing?
   Quick and easy access to applications via the cloud.

Why is Oakland County, Michigan embracing cloud computing technology?
   Next evolution of shared services model used by the county for more than 35 years.
   Reduce the cost of government by providing government agencies access to applications they need at
       little or no cost.
   Spreads long-term maintenance and upgrade costs over numerous counties, which benefits everyone.
   Enables the county to offer a government-to-government solution that utilizes private partners
   Formed G2G Cloud Solutions to enable the provision of technologies outside of the county’s geographic

How has cloud computing helped local government agencies?
    Improved collaboration and workflows among participants.
    Provided a centrally managed information system that reduced redundancy.
    Improved accuracy and consistency of measurement and analysis of technology services.

What applications will Oakland County make available first?
   Online Payment Application: Allows any government agency or court to take quick and easy payments via
       the Internet.

What applications will Oakland County make available in the future?
   Health and Human Services Communication Portal (HHSCP): Addresses school-based disease
       reporting, surveillance, crisis communication, and response.
   Services Registration: Register people via the internet for mass inoculations or other similar programs.
   E-Health Foods Modules: Provides for restaurant inspections and other food related functions.

How can you find out more about Oakland County’s cloud initiative?
    Web Site:
    Email:
    Phone: 248.858.1399

Oakland County’s Effort to Create a Hybrid Cloud
      Oakland County is exploring the possibility of forming a partnership with interested qualified cloud service
       providers in order to offer cloud services to other government entities.
      The three objectives for the Request For Information (RFI) are:
           o Vendor Partnering: To confirm the level of interest of a vendor in an opportunity to partner with
               Oakland County to deliver additional cloud services to other units of government.
           o Application Partnering and Marketing: To gauge the interest of qualified cloud service providers in
               marketing and providing Oakland County-created applications to other government entities
               through the provider-owned cloud.
           o Cloud Service Offerings: To obtain information on the cloud services provided by the vendor, the
               cost factors associated with the services, the range of services provided, and the current
               availability of the services.
      On 7/1/11 the RFI was released and as of 9/27/11, 17 responses have been received.
      For more information about Oakland County’s Cloud Services and Partnership Request for Information,
       please visit
 Technology for Tomorrow at Oakland County, Michigan

Other Programs:
NetVolunteers Project
    Community outreach program to assist the county in managing its social media presence.
    Volunteers can apply to participate as a moderator, commenter, blog author, event reporter,
       or more for one of Oakland County’s social media sites.
    Web site:

    Online public forum for citizens to provide input to government leaders.
    Opportunity to engage people anywhere in the world with a connection to the Internet,
      to help us re-invent government.
    Web site:

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